Media releases



19 Nov 2014

World COPD Day - Quitting Smoking is the only way for COPD sufferers to prolong their lives

29 May 2014

Capital endorses Smokefree Midland Park

05 May 2014

Māori, Proud and Smokefree

28 Feb 2014

Protect our Children from Second-hand Smoke this Children’s Day

03 Feb 2014

Former Smokers Save Over $400,000

31 Dec 2013

Tobacco Tax is Designed to Save Your Life – Quit Smoking this New Year

10 Dec 2013

Quitline celebrates monumental decline in NZ smoking population

03 Dec 2013

Quitline has launched a new, intensive service to help pregnant women quit

08 Jul 2013

Dream Team inspires Porirua's next generation of leaders

01 Jul 2013

Quitline launches new hard hitting campaign

04 Jun 2013

Getting whanau aboard the waka for a Smokefree Aotearoa 2025

29 May 2013

Quitline encourages relapsed smokers to try quitting again this World Smokefree Day

09 Jan 2013

More smokers getting support to quit

21 Dec 2012

Tobacco tax increase due on 1st January will put a squeeze on smoker’s pockets

13 Dec 2012

Good news for smokers this New Year; Research shows Quitline clients are staying smokefree

16 Nov 2012

Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi AGM and sport

13 Nov 2012

Together, the Asthma Foundation and Quitline say “It’s not too late to quit smoking”

17 Oct 2012

More calls expected to Quitline

05 Oct 2012

Quitline supports small city

13 Jun 2012

New Research Shows Significant Increase in Success Rate of People Quitting Smoking with Quitline

01 Jun 2012

Matariki - Make it Your Time to Quit

29 May 2012

Quitline Launches Facebook Page

19 Apr 2012

Nelson Ex-Smoker Cycles around South Island to Promote Quitting

19 Apr 2012

Quitline Appoints New Board Member 

10 Apr 2012

Quitline's New Advertising Campaign Will Motivate More People to Quit Smoking

28 Mar 2012

Quitline Launches Mobile Website

09 Jan 2012

Record New Years for Quitline with over 2,400 people Quitting in First Week of 2012

31 Dec 2011

Quitline Prepares for Busy New Years as Cigarette Prices Rise

08 Dec 2011

Governor-General Becomes first Quitline Patron

03 Nov 2011

Quitline releases new publication to help smokers quit

07 Jun 2011

Teenagers Unite to Issue Challenge to Smokers to Quit this Matariki

27 May 2011

Quitline Launches New Online Quit Smoking Tools on World Smokefree Day

05 Apr 2011

More New Zealanders are now free from tobacco thanks to tax increase

15 Mar 2011

Quitline celebrates Government commitment to Smokefree Aotearoa by 2025

04 Feb 2011

Quitline congratulates Ngati Kahungunu Iwi

14 Jan 2011

New Advertising campaign triggers even more calls to Quitline

07 Jan 2011

Smokers who ask for help are more likely to quit

27 Dec 2010

Quitline will make that New Years resolution stick

17 Nov 2010

New research confirms latest tobacco tax increase helped 93% more New Zealanders to quit smoking

03 Nov 2010

Quitline praises Māori Affairs Select Committee

03 Nov 2010

He whakamihi a Te Quitgroup mā te Komiti Take Māori

28 Oct 2010

Quitline welcomes funding of smoking cessation aid

14 Jun 2010

Quitline offers a challenge for Matariki

14 Jun 2010

Ko te taki tāpeka a Te Roopu Me Mutu (Te Reo Matariki release)

18 May 2010

Quitline urges Māori Affairs Select Committee: Keep your foot on the throttle!

29 Apr 2010

Quitline takes record number of calls as tobacco tax increase hits home

28 Apr 2010

Quitline prepares for influx as tobacco tax increase signalled

28 Apr 2010

Kei te takatā Quitline mā te tomonga tāngata akuanei kua whakawahangia he tāke tāpeka

01 Apr 2010

Ministry announces latest smoking figures - Quitline's response

31 Mar 2010

Proposed ban on tobacco displays - Quitline's response

10 Mar 2010

Quitline chief applauds innovative Hawke's Bay initiative

01 Feb 2010

Asian Smoking Rates

28 Jan 2010

Goodbye to Angela's ashes

28 Jan 2010

NZ Quitline's worldwide reputation confirmed as Thai experts pay tribute

31 Dec 2009

Quitting is for life... not just for New Year's!

21 Dec 2009

Cold turkey at Christmas? Not if you quit smoking with the Quitline!

15 Sep 2009

Cold turkey- cold comfort for some?

15 Sep 2009

Quitline Evaluation 2009 - General media release

24 Jul 2009

Quitline Evaluation 2009 - General media release

24 Jul 2009

Quitline Evaluation 2009 - Maori-focussed media release

01 Jul 2009

Quitline Evaluation 2009 - Information for journalists

22 Jun 2009

Pregnancy Campaign - June 2009

29 May 2009

Quitline welcomes Minister's views on tobacco control

27 May 2009

ACC director to take the reigns at Quitline

28 Jul 2008

Quitline Client Registrations Media Release

Quitline Client Registrations By DHB

31 May 2008

World Smoke Free Day

31 Jan 2008

New support for quitting smoking

03 Jul 2006

Reality TV Health Campaign

23 Jun 2006

More Maori quit smoking

23 Jun 2006

More smokers ring the Quitline

10 Jun 2006

Graphic warnings will encourage smokers to quit