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16Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 24 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 24 days
Grams NOT smoked: 240
Total savings: $280.00

Profile image fagoff7 hours ago

Whew I got through the day,without a unowot. thanx for your support today guys.
I do feel much better now especially since I didn't allow myself to dwell on the negative crap going around my head this am. Thanx nana for the kick up the bum that's just what I needed. Hopefully tomoro will be a better day,But whatever comes together we can do it eh .nighty nite .

Profile image aimee77 hours ago

That's awesome news :) nite nite

16Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

tuff day

Has been so far,with my head out of wack first thing I forgot an apt I had at 9am had to apologise profusely but hopefully will be able to see the guy again this arvo.Dont know why but today has been a struggle since I woke up.Been doing all the rite things so far and am doing ok I think.Was driving to office this am and the battery in my ecig packed up luckily I had a spare ,that brought on a few thawts of unowot. Sitting here thinking about it maybe it is that bl*&%y nicodemon trying to stir me up again.Thats what used to happen to me a lot when ive tried quiting before. I would get all stirred up then get angry and be looking for an excuse to pick up again,I was sabotaging myself ,crazy really. Not doing that today .

Profile image Nana2216 hours ago

No you are not doing that today - or anyday. We will still get the odd day that seems more of a struggle but the thing is not to let it panic you. It will pass and you will be so pleased that you didn't cave. Breathe, sip water, name a place beginning with every letter of the alphabet to get those thoughts out of your head. You are doing brilliantly and i know you will get through today. Stay strong.

Profile image Elevtheria16 hours ago

You are totally right fagoff... just old #@$ nicodemon trying to get you. It'll pass - just hang tough :)

Profile image fagoff16 hours ago

Thanx nana .good reminder for me.this addiction is insidious and powerful ,when im in this space it feels like ive always been here and wont be free of it again. What a bl*^&y liar it is eh. I have been having more good days than not over the last three weeks.
Have just got to remember its still early days for me, and take it easy.
This has been a humbling experience for me,not a bad thing really.
On a positive note ? I have found a new addiction, this blogging is very addictive. I look forward to coming on here and seeing how so and so is doing.
Before I go to bed at nite, I come on and when I go to bed, my beloved says with a smirk, How are all your wee friends doing.Shes lovely ,and has been very supportive ,and forgiving of my occasional little explosions.

Profile image aimee716 hours ago

Me too fagoff, I love this site it's a great distraction and definitely helps aye! Hang in there mate, it's great you are able to identify the problem and you're finding great ways to deal with that without having to use :) well done buddy.

Profile image PokuruGirl15 hours ago

All things shall pass fagoff, and do pass. Thing is having a tough day really makes you appreciate the good ones when they come along. Make sure you're planning and having rewards - they are crucial to getting your brain working "normally" again.

We all have things in life that stress us out and make us grumpy or sad, but drawing smoke and poisons into your lungs won't change those one little bit. We just have to learn new ways to deal. Remember, this is a big life-change and remember also to give yourself some pats on the back for your achievements.

Profile image fagoff15 hours ago

Thanx guys ,very encouraging.I am feeling much better too. Off to work shortly, if its a quiet nite may get back on here later

Profile image Ladylene13 hours ago

Hold tight Fagoff ... Sounds like the 3 week itch to me. Push through my friend ... You can do this. Remember those first 5 days? You wanna repeat them? Nah I didn't think so :) this will pass and you will be so pleased you stayed strong :)

16Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 24 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 24 days
Grams NOT smoked: 240
Total savings: $280.00

Profile image fagoff20 hours ago

After what I wrote in my blog last night ,I feel like nicodemo is trying to make a liar out of me .woke up feeling a bit ratty today, with crazy thawts goin round my head ,the stupid thing is I was liking dwelling on them, then I noticed im grumpy with my beloved. And starting to fantasize about crazy s*&t.Thawt I should get on here and get it out. I know what to do cancel the day and start again and hand over that crazy mental crap,its no good for me and only leads to regret, been there done that.Off to work in office shortly and want to be in a better space .Feel better now ,thanx guys .

Profile image Elevtheria20 hours ago

Hang in there dear. Maybe stay clear from your beloved when you feel like that. Hope your day will get better soon :)

Profile image Nana2220 hours ago

Don't go there fagoff. You need to shut those thoughts down straight away. Even if you liked them they will not help you move forward in your quit. They are the beginning of the nicodemon lies and you need to get rid of them quickly. Do not allow them to reside in your head. I think the other angry, grumpy feelings will be much less without those thoughts because they are creating an inner battle that you don't need, don't want.

Profile image Summerloving!20 hours ago

xxxx You are doing so wonderfully :) 24 days is a big feat :) Super proud of you and have a great day!!!!! x

Profile image aimee719 hours ago

Be strong fagoff, good on you for letting it out and letting go. You are doing all the right things. Well done on 24 days :)

Profile image Gilly6019 hours ago

Congratulations! It will get better and betterer now :)

15Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 23 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 23 days
Grams NOT smoked: 230
Total savings: $280.00

Profile image fagoff1 day ago

They just keep adding up pretty amazing eh. Had a good day .This time around is very different than the zillion other attempts ive had. Life stuff keeps happening just like it always does smoking or not ,but this time im making a point of practicing acceptance,no matter what happens and it has been ,if I cant fix it or do anything about it now im just handing it over and letting it go.Got told today the bathroom floor is rotting out and could cost $10000.00 to strip out and repair also the loo next door .I just went o yea will need to sort that sometime,not today .found out today the fuel sender unit I bought for my car from Aus is the wrong sort ,sent off an email to aus and move on .Focusing on doing my quit thing is all that matters at present .Funily enough everything else seems to have a way of sorting itself out.Bugger maybe all that anxiety and stress I used to put myself through and then have a smoke to fix it was a waste of time ha.Great to see you all going so well on your quit.

Profile image Genzo1 day ago

yeah that is the spirit fagoff...whatever you do with fags, the things happens in the same way, BUT...if you don't smoke maybe:
you have the money to solve it
you may have the health to avoid further problem
you may don't need to have a couple of parfume with you eheh ^^
so it seem better doing your life without fags eh? ^^

Profile image Maanu1 day ago

Handling stress better and getting less stressed overall is one of the bonus surprise benefits of quitting. It's hard at first but once you get used to not smoking life just keeps getting better and betterer. Your noticing an improvement after 23 days You will be amazed how good it gets after a few months

Profile image Ladylene21 hours ago

Yep thats the truth of it hey .. 'life still happens' regardless of smoking. And we don't need smokes to cope with it at all (in fact I think I cope much better with life as a non-smoker).

15Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 23 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 23 days
Grams NOT smoked: 230
Total savings: $280.00

Profile image fagoff1 day ago

Well phase two ,didn't happen,im still on full strength nicotine in my ecig.but I had an awareness which is probably good though. A week or so ago I had changed back to using my old ecig ,which looks like a proper smoke even glows on the tip and gives me a better hit,more regularly ,I have been using it more and more regularly .I think I will throw that one away as its too much like having a real smoke.The newer ecig is a strange looking thing its more a vaporiser and doesn't look anything like a smoke and its sort of self limiting ,if I use it too much it starts loosing its effectiveness and starts tasting yuck. Anyway onwards and upwards.

Profile image Jezzles1 day ago

I have an e cig that looks like a smoke too - though I have to say you are braver then me - contemplating throwing it away - good on you, they are almost too similar to smoking, though mine stops me smoking when I drink with my friends (all of which are smokers). Onwards and upwards indeed! Great stats - your so close to that one month mark!! Have an awesomely awesome smokefree day!

Profile image Nana221 day ago

You will get there when it's the right time for you.

Profile image aimee71 day ago

Congrats on 23 days fagoff :) it's best to be safe rather than sorry. Don't beat yourself up too much you are doing brilliant :)

Profile image sunray1 day ago

Hi fagoff, I didn't use one on this quit but I believe in whatever keeps you smokefree..well done on your 23 days keep on rocking!! ⭐

Profile image Trese1 day ago

Hi fagoff, 23 days is very cool! You gotta do what is right for you. Awesome work :-)

Profile image Elevtheria1 day ago

You'll get there... don't rush things. As long as you don't go and buy the real stuff, you'll be fine. It's a great idea though to get rid of the "too real looking one" :) xx

Profile image Saffron1 day ago

Whatever you need to do to keep off the real ones is okay, fagoff!
Doing great :)

Profile image Axl2312611 day ago

Going great guns fagoff. I'm not going to catch you, am I? Lol

14Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 22 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 22 days
Grams NOT smoked: 220
Total savings: $280.00

Profile image fagoff2 days ago

A figured it out yes.

Profile image aimee72 days ago

Yay $280.00 woohoo :)

Profile image Calmwaters1 day ago

Well done, you are doing awesome!

Profile image lemony snickets1 day ago

Great stats fagoff :)

Profile image sunray1 day ago

Awesome fagoff congratulations on 22 days smokefree..well done! ⭐

Profile image Nana221 day ago

Great going fagoff. Keep on keeping on.

14Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Nuther day off unowot

Had a nice weekend cruised up to Cheviot and back via Gore Bay,was a luvly day ,I like Spring.Tomoro is day one of phase two quitting for me.I aim too halve my nicotine intake that I have in ecig from tomoro .
I notice that I have been using it a lot lately,really .I will take some lozenges with me as well just in case, If I find Im not coping very well.
I managed a bit of a walk up the hill going out of Gore Bay its pretty steep so pleased I got some exercise in today.

Profile image aimee72 days ago

Glad you had a lovely weekend. Bet walking up the hill was easier then 22 days ago :)

14Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


how do you do that stats update thing on a blog like a lot of you do,?

Profile image Felix2 days ago

go to your page and click on blog under your stats

Profile image Bicycle2 days ago

Go to "my page", then on the right side, just under the blue "view blog", there is an "edit". Go there to update.

Profile image josienz19582 days ago

"my page" then under the blue line that says "your savings' there is a pink button that says 'blogs" - click on that and your stats will appear on your blog :-)

Profile image fagoff2 days ago

ta ill try it

14Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

22 days

Doing ok .I am planning to halve the amount of nicotine in my ecig from tomoro .I want to eventually be nicotine free and off the ecigs as well.
Will see how I go .Off for a cruise in Hq now nice day here in Chch.Have a great day all.

Profile image aimee72 days ago

We'll done fagoff that's some great stats. Have a wonderful day. It's very windy up here in Auckland. :)

Profile image Nana222 days ago

Well done fagoff. If you feel ready to start cutting down, go for it. We all plan to be "clean" at the end of the journey and everyone will have their own timeframe. Enjoy your drive.

Profile image Maanu2 days ago

22 days is oarsome it should start to get easier now have a great day quit buddy

13Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

3 weeks double wow

How did that happen,? odaat .Feelin quite positive today. And proud of myself. Still seems a bit unreal sometimes, I smoked fulltime since I was twelve for 40 years. I don't remember what its like to not smoke. I never really believed I would not smoke.So every step I take now is into the unknown really. Im still puffin on my ecig which sometimes feels like cheating maybe ,but I tried everything else and wasn't able to stay off unowot. I think ive gotta do my own journey and whatever I need to do .
My chest has cleared up so much from 3 weeks ago its so nice to be able to have a really deep breath eh,and not cough or choke.
Keep at it you newbies you've got so much too look forward to.

Profile image Nana223 days ago

Huge congratulations to you fagoff. 3 WEEKS of AWESOME! You may be stepping into the unknown (as i did too) but i tell you it's fabulous. You will find you feel so empowered. If you can do this - and you so have - you can do anything. Well done!

Profile image Winn04013 days ago

Congrats! Three weeks is a great achievement

Profile image Axl2312613 days ago

Hi mate. Me again. Well done on 3 weeks.
Still one day behind you.
I honestly won't mind being a close second in a years time
Stick with it. Be proud mate. I am.

Profile image SMILING ON THE IN...3 days ago

Your doing Fantastic ... Wow so awesome ... Your right about doing your own journey ... & that's what is great about it ... We can all know that regardless of which way we go about it , so long as it's what's right for us we still have the result we're after & that's to be smoke free .. have a great weekend & take care ..

Profile image guzzigirl3 days ago

wow go u !! hey I'm still chewin on my gum still way betta than sukin on a yukky u know what what ever it takes one day at a time:)

Profile image Ladylene3 days ago

Congrats Fagoff .. you have smoked the same amount of time as me. I still pinch myself to see if I really am a non-smoker. No-one was more surprised to find myself quit :) That lying nicodemon would have us believe we are weak but its not true hey .. we are much stronger than we think. Great job!