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21Jul2016 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 698 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 698 days
Grams NOT smoked: 6980
Total savings: $11,650.00
wow wasn't sure where I was up to ,nearly 700 days and looking down the barrel at 2 years next month ,that's awesome.hope you all doing well ,main thing is NOPE.

Profile image tawty21 July, 2016

wow fagoff (lol at the name) congrats, you must be stoked.. 2 years coming up..
love the Holden, what year is it?
again well done!!

Profile image Lwray22 July, 2016

Wow is right! Very impressive stats! Congrats on all those wonderful days of smokefree awesomeness! πŸŽ‰

Profile image nanaturtle22 July, 2016

Gd morning fagoff-bet You can't help smiling with Your stats!! Happy You've achieved this milestone -You should be Proud!! Well done 🌟

Profile image Nana2222 July, 2016

Oooh so very exciting my friend. Just 1 more sleep to go.
It is totally awesome! Try and post so we can celebrate with you.

Profile image smokefreemep22 July, 2016

So cool fagoff, fantastic. Congratulations 😊

Profile image Julia C6 days ago

Fantastic. So good to see you are still there and still smokefree.

Staying strong.

2Jul2016 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 679 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 679 days
Grams NOT smoked: 6790
Total savings: $11,350.00
Wondered how Axle got in front of me thawt I had entered an alternate universe somehow .thanx m8. (-:

Profile image smokefreemep2 July, 2016

Wonderful stats fagoff. Uncle AXL pushed in lol

Profile image AXL2 July, 2016

Haha!!! I shouldn't have told him NieceπŸ˜†

Profile image smokefreemep2 July, 2016


Profile image Nana222 July, 2016

Hahaha fagoff. Remember the early days?. I think we really were in a different world then! lol.
Fortunately we've made it back to the real world again!

Profile image Gavin2 July, 2016

wheww thats a lotta days, well done.

30Jun2016 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 674 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 674 days
Grams NOT smoked: 6740
Total savings: $9,000.00
Still nope. Getting close to 2 years. My health is way better, 40 years of regular smoking did do damage to my lungs .The doc has put me on some different medicine a puffer, Spiriva which has made a huge difference to being able to breath properly. Now I can breath in deeply and exhale for ages ,he reckons I may have to stay on it longterm which is a bugger but its great to breath properly again.I did a blood test and chest exray recently doc said to see him again in 6 weeks ,he didn't ask me to come in sooner so cant be any bad news from the tests, which is a relief. That's the trouble with tobacco the damage happens usually slowly and by the time you notice the harm your well down the track. It is good to be free of it .Its amazing how many people I see chewing on the nicotine gum years after quiting smoking, it reminds me that as long as I'm not smoking tobacco I'm doing good.Life keeps trucking on and its good to be alive and smokefree.

Profile image Thyme4me30 June, 2016

Great post fagoff and inspirational numbers. Isn't it ironic that many people mention money as a reason to give up the fags and yet very quickly as we move through our quit we appreciate the small things we hadn't noticed before like breathing deeply. I am so pleased you are enjoying your smokefree like and your post a reminder to us all

Profile image nanaturtle1 July, 2016

I agree fagoff
Its good to be alive and Smokefree
Congtats on Your achievements -Top blog
Stay strong πŸ˜ƒ πŸŒŸπŸ‘

Profile image AXL1 July, 2016

Hi mate. Great to see you're still going well in your quit. You should be on 678 days smokefree though. There was a glitch a month or so ago and some quit start dates had somehow changed. You quit the day before me which would make it 23 Aug 14. Go into "edit" on your home page and check your quit date. At the moment I'm 3 days ahead of you....you don't want that do you! You're doing great fagoff.

Profile image clarence the cat1 July, 2016

All I can say is hear hear!! So glad Spiriva is helping you. It has made my life bearable too. To be able to take a really deep breath and exhale for ages is something we all take for granted and by smoking we destroy that ability. Great blog Fagoff!

Profile image Nana221 July, 2016

You are doing good fagoff. You are doing fantastic!
Rapidly heading toward the 6 Hundy now. How cool is that!!!
Stay well and stay happy.

Profile image Nana221 July, 2016

There i go telling fibs!
Sorry mate......on your way to the 7 Hundy!!!

14Jun2016 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 658 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 658 days
Grams NOT smoked: 6580
Total savings: $8,800.00

Profile image Lwray14 June, 2016

Good to see you popping back in to share with us! You are an inspiration with your great stats! Keep on keeping on πŸ˜€

Profile image Nana2214 June, 2016

Hey my friend. Good to see the update of your fantastic stats.
Yep, yep, yep indeed!

Profile image cjtwo14 June, 2016

WooHoo well done look at your stats. great to hear from you

Profile image heironymus20 June, 2016

YEP, YEP, YEP! Closing in on that two year milestone fagoff! CONGRATS!

26May2016 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 639 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 639 days
Grams NOT smoked: 6390
Total savings: $8,520.00

Profile image smokefreemep27 May, 2016

Fantastic stats fag off 😊 good stuff

Profile image Lwray27 May, 2016

Wow Fagoff that's awesome. You are doing great!

Profile image GaGa. 6827 May, 2016

Such awesome stats fagoff :)

Profile image nanaturtle27 May, 2016

Staying steady-Awesome πŸ‘Œ
Stay strong πŸ˜ƒ

Profile image clarebear27 May, 2016

Far out!!!!

Profile image Nana2228 May, 2016

Hey mate. Good to see you still slaying the beast!
NOPE all day, every day!
Hope you're keeping well.

14May2016 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 627 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 627 days
Grams NOT smoked: 6270
Total savings: $8,360.00
nope nope nope. (-:

Profile image nanaturtle14 May, 2016

Hiya fagoff-bet THAT feels Good!
Going Great πŸ˜ƒ
Stay strong

Profile image clarence the cat14 May, 2016


Profile image Lwray14 May, 2016

Well done, that's awesome! 😎

Profile image Janet G14 May, 2016

Fantastic stats! :) Good on you!
And yep.... NOPE all the way!

Profile image Nana2217 May, 2016

Sorry i missed this fagoff. Great to see you.....fantastic to see your fantastic stats!
Totally with you on NOPE!
Hope you're well and happy.
Love & hugs.

30Apr2016 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 616 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 616 days
Grams NOT smoked: 6160
Total savings: $8,240.00
NOPEs still the word cant believe how time flies eh.

Profile image Lwray30 April, 2016

Wow great stats fagoff! Big congrats to you πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

Profile image Nana2230 April, 2016

It really does fagoff! Maybe coz we don't waste time smoking it away.
Brilliant stats my friend....and with you all the way on NOPE.
Have a great weekend.

Profile image Julia C30 April, 2016

Great stats Fagoff

Profile image clarebear30 April, 2016

Incredible. You rock.

Profile image clarence the cat30 April, 2016

Another big winner. Congratulations fagoff. Isn't it great to be SMOKEFREE!!

Profile image GaGa. 6830 April, 2016

Such inspiring stats Fagoff -NOPE works for me 😊

Profile image JohnnyRED30 April, 2016

Week off ecigs is great too!

Profile image Megs6130 April, 2016

Awesome stats...thanks for sharing

15Apr2016 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 601 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 601 days
Grams NOT smoked: 6010
Total savings: $8,040.00
Nice to see how much I've saved as opposed to ignoring how much I was wasting when smoking. (-:

Profile image Nana2215 April, 2016

You're late fagoff!!
Huge congrats on your awesome 600 (plus 1) days of smokefreedom my friend. That's a whole lot of ODAAT's eh!
Damn fine job right there! Hope you're managing to find lots of great stuff to spend your savings on.
Celebrate well fagoff. You've earned it!
Aimee and Julia can't be far off their 6 Hundy now too.

Profile image GaGa. 6815 April, 2016

Such impressive stats and savings fagoff🌟

Profile image AXL15 April, 2016

Hey mate. Still one day ahead of me! Well done fagoff.

Profile image Country_Girl15 April, 2016

Look how much youve saved1 =) Too much aiite!!! Congratz on tha quit!

Profile image clarebear15 April, 2016

Far out.

Profile image cjtwo16 April, 2016

Hey fagoff well done . Congrats

Profile image flower16 April, 2016

Fagoff look how far you have come so pleased for you keep up the good work

8Apr2016 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 594 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 594 days
Grams NOT smoked: 5940
Total savings: $7,920.00
Still doin it or should I say not doin it (smoking)

Profile image GaGa. 688 April, 2016

I think you are not doing it (smoking) because that's a mighty lot of smokefree days😊

Profile image clarence the cat8 April, 2016

Awesome Fagoff! Glad you're still doing SMOKEFREE.

Profile image Nana228 April, 2016

Hey fagoff. Doin' it( staying smokefree) - not doin' it (smoking).......it all means the same thing. You are a winner! Bet the 6 Hundy is looking pretty good about now!

Profile image Julia C8 April, 2016

Either doin or not doin as long as you ain't smokin. Well done.

27Mar2016 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 582 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 582 days
Grams NOT smoked: 5820
Total savings: $7,760.00

Profile image GaGa. 6827 March, 2016

Great stats fagoff - keep NOPING 😊

Profile image smokefreemep27 March, 2016

Cool thats the way fagoff πŸ‘Šgimme some beef

Profile image Darren31 March, 2016

Keeping noping forever mate.