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1Oct2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 39 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 39 days
Grams NOT smoked: 390
Total savings: $455.00

Profile image fagoff11 hours ago

Busy day yesterday but got through it ok .no serious cravings or thawts about unowot.
New day today ,slept ok ,got a few things on today . Feeling ok ,those days keep adding up don't they.I am grateful to be fagfrr today .I have learnt I cant take this thing for granted .Im not afraid of nicodemon but I have learnt to respect my enemy ,and deal with it ODAAT.good luck all you stoptobers.

Profile image Arria10 hours ago

Rocking along there fagoff. So true about respecting the enemy and needing to keep a watchful eye. Enjoy your day!

Profile image lemony snickets10 hours ago

That nicodemon is a sneaky wee bugger all right.

Have a great NOPE dat Fagoff :)

Profile image Nana2210 hours ago

You are so on to it fagoff, we do need to never become complacent in our resolve to remain smokefree. If old nic thinks we are weak he will try to take advantage. Our part is to send him off with a flea in his ear. You are doing a fantastic job.

30Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 38 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 38 days
Grams NOT smoked: 380
Total savings: $455.00

Profile image fagoff1 day ago

nuther day nuther dolla nuther fagfree day.

Profile image Axl2312611 day ago

Well done mate. Those days are ticking over nicely.

Profile image Elevtheria1 day ago

Well done - your stats look great :)

Profile image not4life1 day ago

Very nice fagoff! Save the lungs save the wallet. Have a great day!

Profile image aimee71 day ago

Well done fagoff you are doing so well :)

Profile image Meno Babe1 day ago

looking good FO, huh I just realized what else FO could stand for!!!!

Profile image Maanu1 day ago

Your doing great. You little ripper (-8

Profile image fagoff1 day ago

O MB I hope your not telling me to FO. ha ha ha

29Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Famous people

was watching old movies over weekend and kept seeing famous people smoking ,nicodemon whispers go on you can have one too just like them.
I went on line and found an endless list of people who died from smoking Humphrey Bogart 57 .George Harrison 58. Clarke Gable 59.Patrick Swayze 57.on and on it went, wow back then they didn't know how dangerous it was.
We are so fortunate now to know the truth.there is hope for the younger generation. That used to trigger me seeing smokers on TV ,not now the truth is out . Im 52 it aint getting me no sirree.

Profile image Banana2 days ago

Yes, it was so common wasn't it. Non smokers were such a minority even 20 years ago.

It certainly didn't do them any good, but I imagine George Harrison had his thumb in a few unhealthy pies and Patrick died of pancreatic cancer which may or may not be linked to smoking depending on which research you believe.

Profile image Elevtheria2 days ago

Wow! yep, a real eye opener if you look at it that way. Back then (black and white movies) - it was "glamorous" to smoke.... Glad these times are over. Have a lovely day. :) x

Profile image thin-barbie2 days ago

what about the Marlboro cowboy. have you googled that?

Profile image Bruce C2 days ago

I think a lot of it was product placement from the days when cigarette advertising was legal.

Of course things have turned around a lot now. Rememeber the smoking man from the X-Files?

Profile image FeFe2 days ago

At 18 my husband, sister and I smoked all the way to the uk, those poor non smokers on the plane.

Profile image lemony snickets1 day ago

If I recall the Marlboro guy dies of lung disease.....so glad times have changed for the better

29Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 37 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 37 days
Grams NOT smoked: 370
Total savings: $455.00

Profile image fagoff2 days ago

Had nice weekend .Slept good. Ready for new week .I am going to try not using egig from today and just use lozenges if I feel the need.

Profile image Axl2312612 days ago

Going well mate!

Profile image Maanu2 days ago

37 days is great. The weather will be improving this week you might get to conquer trhe port hills (-8

Profile image fagoff2 days ago

Managed two hours without the ecig and had one lozenge.The bloody mind started up again I want a smoke bla bla,even had the thought Ill just buy some fags and have couple. I raced home after my apt and got back on the ecig . feeling better now. I don't want to be stuck on this thing for the rest of my life ,feels like im cheating sometimes,but its just another way of getting nicotine into the system,have tried patches gum and lozenges they just don't seem to do it for me.O well back toODAAT.

Profile image thin-barbie2 days ago

hey fagoff I have an american friend who has been quit since 2012 and has an abundant supply of ecigs and still uses them. I did quit ecig but it comes out when I need it it is the better option for sure :)

Profile image sunray2 days ago

Hi fagoff, you are doing great..use whatever it takes to stay smokefree ..Keep rocking and taking it one day at a time is good. ⭐

Profile image Bruce C2 days ago

Disclaimer I know almost nothing about ecigs, but I'd suggest you stay on them for at least 3 months to break the cigarette habit properly. Go low nicotine if you can, but keep giving your brain the replacement stimulus. Same as I will be for Champix, side effects & all.

28Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 36 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 36 days
Grams NOT smoked: 360
Total savings: $420.00

Profile image fagoff3 days ago

Bit of a grey day in chch today weather wise .but im algood nice sleep .gota quiet day planned feet up though hope to get a walk in sometime. Hope use all have a happy fag free day.

Profile image SusyQ3 days ago

Happy fag free day back fagoff! We've got a bit of sunshine at the moment but it won't last for long! Enjoy your easy day! That's what Sundays were created for!

Profile image Axl2312613 days ago

Relax mate. You deserve it☺

Profile image fagoff3 days ago

Had a bit of a sad moment there for a bit thinking about most of my friends who still smoke, since ive quit it feels like theres a bit of a barrier between us now. They always ask how im doing, and it may just be me but I sometimes feel like they don't expect me to last at quiting . I don't judge them and when they talk about ,when im ready ill quit too, I just be supportive and agree with them, I wish they could get it too but that's their journey. Silly I know but no one else I can talk to about this stuff .

Profile image Bipolar quitter3 days ago

I can relate ive got some friends that all we used to do was smoke and talk smoke and talk i dont see them much now:(

Profile image Maanu3 days ago

By 2025 smokes wi;ll be $160 a pack . Everyone will have to quit sooner or later. If your freinds see that you have successfully quit and your doing well without them that will probably encourage them to quit

27Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 35 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 35 days
Grams NOT smoked: 350
Total savings: $420.00

Profile image fagoff4 days ago

Had a good sleep last night .Had a bit of stressful stuff happened yesterday ,wont go into that but,Im glad too say, I didn't even think about unowot ,so that's great. Not much else to report .Got my quit support group meeting this arvo ,have been enjoying that and its helping me .There will hopefully be 5 of us there today. Am hoping to start advertising it around Shirley near where I live from next week. Have a great day all you lot.

Profile image Axl2312614 days ago

Well done fagoff on 35 days mate. I'm resigned to the fact you will always be one day ahead of me. Haha.
Have a great weekend mate☺

Profile image Nana224 days ago

Congratulations on 5 WEEKS fagoff. Just brilliant. Enjoy your day.

Profile image Maanu4 days ago

Quit support group sounds cool. I might try to organise something like that in Wellington when I get to 5 weeks

26Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 34 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 34 days
Grams NOT smoked: 340
Total savings: $420.00

Profile image Dididi5 days ago

Dont you just love it when you see your days smokefree clicking over, well done

Profile image fagoff5 days ago

I think I am coping with lifes curlie things better now, since I stopped smoking, Im definitely in a better frame of mind lately. When things don't go the way I hoped I still get annoyed but seem to be able to get over it quicker.
I started some other positive changes when I quit ,I started having breakfast which ive never liked doing, I put some fruit and yoghurt in a blender and drink that.Ive never been able to eat fruit so that's got to be good,eh.The last week I have also started having berroca as well after my smoothie. And the last three weeks I have been walking up the port hills and riding my bike 2/3 times a week. Ive got all sorts of aches and pains from my waist down the poor old bods complaining a bit,but hopefully if I keep it up ill feel betther eventually. Good to see some newbies on here and all the regulars ,hope you all have a great smokefree day

Profile image aimee75 days ago

You are really putting 100% into this quit you should be so proud :) I bet your body is really thanking you. Well done!

Profile image Nana225 days ago

You are doing a fantastic job fagoff, and making so many other positive changes as well. I hope you feel very proud of the "new you"

Profile image Maanu5 days ago

Great blog. You seem to be reaping the benefits of smokefreedom. We don't realise how badly smoking effects us until we stop. You will probably get younger over the next few years

Profile image clarence the cat5 days ago

Well done!! You're making awesome progress.

Profile image sunray5 days ago

Awesome stats fagoff well done! Positive minds enforce positive outcomes ...Keep rocking you are doing great. ⭐

Profile image Dididi5 days ago

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I only got my top teeth out and an immediate denture put in,I knew it was going to be painful but not this bad, I will maybe try panadol and see how they go, Hubby got me nuromol and they are 20buks , so might even save some money!!! Have a great weekend, your doing so well!!!

25Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 33 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 33 days
Grams NOT smoked: 330
Total savings: $385.00

Profile image fagoff6 days ago

Off to start painting my car today .long as weather stays nice. Feeling positive and grateful.have a great day all.

Profile image Dididi6 days ago

awesome!!!! Just about all the threes,

Profile image sunray6 days ago

Sending lots of sunshine vibes your way fagoff..great stats keep rocking! And be super proud! ⭐

Profile image Meno Babe6 days ago

double 33's today, fantastic accomplishment :-) have a great day.

Profile image Firedragon6 days ago

33 days, awesome, you must be so proud!

Profile image Nana226 days ago

You're doing a great job fagoff, 33 days is fantastic. Hope the weather stays nice for you so you can get into your painting.

Profile image Elevtheria6 days ago

Well done fagoff! (always reminds me of face/off, the movie) hahaha

Profile image not4life6 days ago

Great going fagoff!

Profile image Axl2312616 days ago

Going great guns mate!

Profile image aimee76 days ago

Nice one fagoff. Hope the weather stayed nice for you :)

24Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Good day

ANOTHER ,fag free day.When I look at some of the blogs of people who are still struggling ,I feel for them and wish I could make it better. but all I can do is my own journey.I have been trying to quit seriously since 2010,but had attempts before that. It was Always the mental obsession which got the better of me. Things ive tried before, quit smoking books ,3 Hypnotism, 1, cold turkey heaps, champix ,2, zyban, 1 ,gum, patches and lozenges,heaps .I think other times I tried mainly because of what others said,even though it was affecting my health that wasn't enuff. I felt like I had too but didn't actually want too [The insanity of it eh]. Even though I hated what it was doing to me that wasn't enuff, I got really sick and hospitalised last December but still not enuff.

Profile image Nana226 days ago

I too have tried many, many times fagoff. My longest was 6 months and many only a few weeks. I think this time i just got so fed up with myself and felt really weak. I have felt so different this time so i think we each just get to the stage when it's do or die.

Profile image fagoff6 days ago

Then a month ago give or take ,I started getting sick again and I realised this is ridiculous, ive got the body of an unhealthy 80 year old, im only 52 I cant even play with my granddaughters without puffing and wheezing and have to stop and rest.
I decided that I don't want this anymore and its a direct result of smoking for 40 years non stop. I knew I was powerless over this addiction just as I used to be with booze and drugs. I decided no more .and surrendered, I gave up the fight or struggle more like. I havnt decided to never smoke again, I just keep thanking my HP each day for another day smokefree and ask for the help to get through another day smokefree .I have had my moments as we do ,but generally most days I am calm and contented to not be smoking. I didn't give up for anyone else I quit for me,selfish ?,maybe but iif I don't look after me no one else can,then maybe later I will be able to think of others more.

Profile image fagoff6 days ago

We had grandkids over today which made me think of all this.I was able to play more with them today, still got a bit puffed but way better than a month ago. I hope I can get more of my health back in time , but even if this is it im grateful ,For the first time in 40 years I am able to live free of the slavery that is smoking, that is worth it. Sorry for going on but that's a bit of my story .thanx for sharing yours with me ,You all give me strength and hope. I don't have the insane obsession going on in my head any more 24/7 its such a relief and peaceful.

Profile image Bruce C6 days ago

Like you I am on my own struggle & have little to help you with, except my hopes and best wishes .

Except for the lozenges I've tried everything you have and a couple of other things. The only thing that's ever really worked for me has been nicotine receptor blockers like Zyban & Champix. I'm on Champix now, it works for me, but not for others. I hope that you find your best solution this time.

Profile image Tarns496 days ago

We're all on our own journey, helps though to read others and share care. I also tried books, patches, champix and hypnotism, quits never lasting very long. Not using any nrt this time, but this site helps heaps and ODAAT.
Congrats to you on your journey so far

Profile image Maanu6 days ago

I noticed a huge improvement in my health and fitness when I don't smoke. Walking uphill used to be an arduous ordeal for me but now i can go on big hikes and actually enjoy it. You will probably get phsiologically younger now that you have stopped smoking life is better without the filthy fags

Profile image breathless 1016 days ago

keep going on your smokefree journey...been down many of those paths on my journey and this time my mental strength seems strong. keep blogging love the inspiration

Profile image Thunderbirds are go6 days ago

33 days quit today. Well done fagoff. I finally quit because I was having trouble breathing too, in fact I used to dream that I was drowning and probably would have (in phlegm) if I hadn't quit. Keep up the great work and your health will get better and better all the time. When I first quit I was always fighting with the demon, then after a few weeks someone said to ignore it, refuse to entertain those thoughts and distract yourself quickly. Then I found it much easier so I can relate to what you are saying. Be very proud of yourself fagoff - you are winning, you are free :)

Profile image Darren6 days ago

Sounds similar, I've also been trying to stop since around 2010, especially since 2011. It's scary how long it sometimes takes to finally make it but looks like you have!

Profile image Meno Babe6 days ago

What a journey F, but I think you hit the nail on the head when your said in your blog " I felt like I had too but didn't actually want too" when it came to your previous quits, unfortunately you have to really really want too otherwise failure will follow as you have to be in the right head space I think to succeed.
Good Luck on your journey this time, you certainly know what it takes.

24Sep2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 32 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 32 days
Grams NOT smoked: 320
Total savings: $385.00

Profile image Maanu24 September, 2014

Great stats fagoff. 32=100 000 in binary

Profile image fagoff24 September, 2014

Into my second month fag free. Haven't had one smoke or even one puff on a fag,thats amazing ,totally different than all the other times.
Apart from the occasional thawts and craving im feeling quite comfortable about not smoking.
I have been thinking about not continuing to us the ecig lately, im just going to sit with that for now though, dont want to do anything to endanger my quit,but I do want to eventually become completely nicotine free.
The quit programme goes for three months so maybe Id better stick with what im doing for now.Have got a bit on today but should have some room for me as well.Have a great day guys.

Profile image fagoff24 September, 2014

Meaning ?

Profile image Bruce C24 September, 2014

our normal numbers are base 10 (digits 0..9) binary = base 2 (digits =0,1).

1=1, 2=10, 3=11, 4=100, 8=1000, 10=1010, .... 31=11111, 32=100000, ...

Profile image Maanu24 September, 2014

Thanks bruce you explained that well. I didn't know what "meaning ?" meant

Profile image Nana2224 September, 2014

You guys have made my head hurt with all your numbers! LOL. You are doing so great fagoff and there's no reason you should feel pressured to give up any aids just yet. On the other hand if you feel comfortable doing it then go for it. Do what's best for you, but don't think you need to prove anything. Being into your 2nd month is fantastic. Have a good day, my friend.

Profile image sunray24 September, 2014

Lol I'm with Nana with the numbers. Well done fagoff 32 days smokefree Thats awesome.. do whatever you think is best to remain smokefree fagoff ..you really are rocking it great work be very proud of yourself and have a great day. ☺ ⭐

Profile image Calmwaters24 September, 2014

My head hurts just looking at those number thingee's but I think I worked it out, on another note, congrats, 32 days means you are into your second month now, fabulous!

Profile image aimee724 September, 2014

I am definitely not a numbers person, but I do know that 32 days smoke free is O for awesome!! Well done fagoff ⭐️

Profile image fagoff24 September, 2014

Yep those numbers don't mean much to me either,but I do like being off for 32 days.
The first real serious attempt I made in 2010 on champix I stopped using it too soon and picked up again.I have had so many goes at this I don't want to do the wrong thing ,trouble is im not sure what is right or wrong, its all new ground to me.
I have ordered some more lozenges though for backup when I do decide to stop using the ecig. Everybodys quit journey is different eh.