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31Mar2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 220 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 220 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2200
Total savings: $2,960.00
Nice round numbers, nearly cracked the $ 3000 MARK still cant affiord to unowot though ive spent twice that doing up my car, mite be able to consider it in another 7 months or so, just kidding (-: .
Had a rough morning with work and stuff ,its so different to what im used to the admin side of things , I felt a bit ovewhelmed and a bit despondent for a while ,talked to my best mate on the phone at lunchtime and was able to put it all into perspective which cheered me up .I feel a bit chucked in the deep end and am struggling to keep above water at times.I didnt really think much about unowots which is good I just started getting a bit down ,which in a way is a good thing ,because then I had to find a better way through it than what I used to do. So progress really which is good. On top of that the last few days ive been noticing the symptoms of when I had a chest infection coming back , coughing and bringing up muk,went to the chemist and got some stuff to help hopefully and the chemist thought it mite be that too,bugger,she said its really common in the first year for exsmokers too be up and down healthwise same as what my doctor said ,but she also said it will get better eventually,I do hope so I read about others gaining back wonderful health and feel a bit envious at times. ciggaretes are such dam evil things eh,there is not one good thing about them. a bit of a rant but it does help me feel better for having somewhere to do it. I sat with some workmates outside who were smoking today I didnt feel in the slightest envious or judgemental of them just glad I dont have to do that. Still NOPE and glad of it.

Profile image AXL1 day ago

Hi fagoff. Learning a new job can be quite stressful. You're managing it without the unowots so that's great. You're having bad luck with your chest infections. A mate of mine who has been smokefree for a couple of years now had a rough time healthwise in the first year. He hasn't regretted it though - he did a half marathon about a month ago. Hang in there mate☺

Profile image Kiwikid1 day ago

Hi fagoff. Congratulations on 220 days, that is awesome.

Re your health - even though you may be getting a chest infection, you probably will have got a much, much worse one if you were still smoking. You will likely recover much quicker, being a non smoker.

New jobs are always a bit stressful, aye.

So glad you are blogging.

Profile image Bub441 day ago

Proud of you fagoff well done.

Profile image Nana221 day ago

Well i think you're doing fantastic fagoff. As the others said a new job can take quite some time to settle into. Not only that, but you've also changed where you live,you are away from your wife, and you have quit smoking.
Like i said...you are doing fantastic! Congrats on 220 days smokefree.

Profile image Darren23 hours ago

Doing great, mate.

Profile image Nickers7623 hours ago

Sorry this is late Fagoff......BUT AWESOME!!!!!! Congrats :-) be proud of yourself :-)

30Mar2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

not an option

I have thought a lot about why some people succeed longterm at this quiting business,mainly because I want to be one of them.non smokers have similar things to cope with as me but they seem to just find a way to cope and get on with it,unlike me an addict who doesnt like feeling uncomfortable and usually want to pick up or use something to make me feel better even when i know it wont really help and will actually make things worse ,crazy eh. I think picking up a unowot or anything else has to become not an option,that way no matter what happens I have to feel the feelings ,not stuff them down and find better ways to cope with life.ive had plenty of reasons to pick up over the last 7 months.had the cravings and crazy thoughts ,go on just have one.you really want to, but now i take the thoughts a bit further yes id like one but i cant stop at one and i dont want to die young or have to go through all this again and the thoughts cravings pass.for me the one thing in life that matters most is NOPE everything else is secondary so everything i do has to revolve around my quit plan ,that may change down the track but i cant afford the luxury of picking up again this quit has taken too long to achieve i wont let anything get in the way of staying stopped.

Profile image Nana222 days ago

" I won't let anything get in the way of staying stopped" That is exactly why you will stay quit fagoff, coz really i think that's what it takes. For the immediate future anyway. We have to feel what we feel and stay quit anyway. For me a huge part of smoking was it's just what i did when i didn't know what else to do to make myself feel better. Sometimes i still don't know what to do...but i do know i can't do it with smokes anymore. You will be fine fagoff, because you are aware of the reasons you smoked and the pitfalls you need to watch out for. Trust yourself and you will be fine. I really believe that.

Profile image Genzo2 days ago

Fagoff, i can understand you very well. Who never smoke doesn't think at a smoke like an help...for some reason we ex-smokers do. Maybe because there are lots of things inside fags that really gives dependence, maybe the habit, maybe just something to rely on...but you know that smoking doesn't help you. You know that lighting one will only be a step further to illness. you know why you quitted and you know how to kick back that nicodemon!

Profile image AXL2 days ago

That's right fagoff. Don't let anything get in the way of your quit. Doing great mate☺

29Mar2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

been thinking

I know .my wife always says o no when I say that.
anyway I hope I never pick up a unowot again.it's just for today .but I guess If did I would want to acknowledge that somehow .if I picked up on day 219 or whatever I think I'd wait a week or so til I felt strong enough then reset my stats but in my blogs I'd start off 219 plus whatever new time I've now got up off the unowots. That way I'm acknowledging that my 219 days were a valuable achievement thats not lost or meaningless but I had a hiccup and was able to move on from it.just my 2 cents worth.

Profile image Mr Lefty .4 days ago

Nun With Ya wifes advice . Just leave the things alone , > no problem >the rest of the spiel not necessary .
Later .

Profile image Mr Lefty .4 days ago

Oops read " run" . Good effort at 219 days BTW .

Profile image AXL4 days ago

I'm not sure what you're saying fagoff. It sounds like you're doubting yourself. I might be completely on the the wrong track. I hope so mate☺

Profile image Nana224 days ago

Stop thinking about that fagoff! You don't even need to think about it coz it's not going to happen. I hope you're not spending too much time in your head my friend - i know that can lead to trouble. Enjoy the wonderful achievement of 218 days smokefree that you have worked so hard for, and be very proud of them.

Profile image fagoff4 days ago

No im not doubting myself .Not even worried about it .This is more about another way of looking at a common issue on the blogs rather than having to be black and white as some have been.. If it happened to me this is how id deal with it. Im very happy and comfortable with where im at . (-: Hope that's a bit clearer .

Profile image AXL4 days ago

Sorry mate. Your blog was a bit cryptic that's all. Sweet as☺

Profile image Nana224 days ago

Yeah i knew that! lol

Profile image Bruce C4 days ago

I've been saying to people more-or-less since I started here that one puff, one cigarette even, doesn't mean you've gone all the way back to day 1, but it does mean that you've put your quit at a terrible risk.

We're addicts, we may not have smoked for 3 weeks or 1/2 a year or a year or 10 years or more but we are still addicts. It's just not safe for us to have a single puff.

Profile image Nana224 days ago

I can confirm what Bruce said. Extremely risky!

26Mar2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 215 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 215 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2150
Total savings: $2,880.00
Had a good day tiring but good. Feeling a lot more positive .The job is great when I get to do what im trained for the other big bit ,admin and lots of complicated ( to me) computer work is not so much fun. I got my car fixed today have been dreading what it mite cost based on my Chch experiences of mechanics and parts for older cars ,I was totally impressed by the service and price they charged me, really reasonable.thats the second time ive had work done in Thames and had good service and fair charges. I was feeling a bit off this morning physically wondering if im getting a cold or another chest infection maybe.Mite seem silly but I sort of dread getting something like that after a couple of really nasty chest infections over the last 7 months. Felt better after couple of hours,so allgood. (-: and still NOPE gotta be good

Profile image AXL6 days ago

Hi fagoff. I've found that the smaller the town the better service when it comes to garage bills. Word gets round when good/bad service happens. Doing great on 215 days smokefree mate. Have your family moved up yet?☺

Profile image fagoff6 days ago

No still just me ,so feels pretty strange but hopefully in a couple of weeks wife will be able to come stay for a week or so at a time till we can find somewhere better to live than a sleepout.

Profile image AXL6 days ago

Hang in there mate☺

Profile image Bub446 days ago

Awesome fagoff i agree small town service is great you feel more like a person than just a number.

Profile image Nana226 days ago

Bring on more good days eh fagoff! Glad your wheels are all sorted - and with good service and without breaking the bank! Axl's right , i think service is better in smaller places - more personal because they live in the same community. I can understand how you feel about getting another infection...you had such a bad time of it with that one over Xmas. Take good care of yourself my friend. 215 days smokefree....Awesome! :-)

Profile image That Guy!!6 days ago

Keep it up fagoff, doing well. and yes, hang in there :)

Profile image sunray6 days ago

Wow look at those stats!!!!! Awesome stats fagoff, congratulations and well done. Please take care and go to the Dr's if you feel any worst. ⭐

24Mar2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 213 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 213 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2130
Total savings: $2,840.00
I think I must be getting better in my thinking ,because crap still happens smoking or not ,but I don't automatically think about having a unowot now at those oh crap moments, like I always used too.I drove home last night went to turn my engine off and the ignition was all locked up ,I had too stall it too stop the engine running ,bugger, drove to work this morning and turned wipers on cause its raining ,next thing the driver side wiper stops working ,double bugger. I had to stall it again then disconnect the battery to kill power to ignition. I may have said one or two nawty words ,but never even thawt about unowot, that's progress eh .7 months ago I would have been stressed to the max then anxious about how much its gonna cost to fix. I took it too a local garage and hes gona have a look tomoro . I know it will all work out and will be able to afford to pay for repairs ,so no point worrying really eh and having a unowot would only make it way worse including feeling like crap after coming so far without picking up.So actually im grateful that I can do life with everything its thrown at me the last few months smokefree.

Profile image Nana2224 March, 2015

Fantastic fagoff. It's nice to reach the point where you just know that somehow you'll cope with whatever happens without the unowots. It's kind of "smokefree confidence" and i believe you have it!! Congrats on 213 days smokefree my friend you have done - and are doing brilliantly.

Profile image Bruce C24 March, 2015

It's really good how as we normalise not smoking we stop seeing lighting up as the first thing to do when something bad happens.

Well done Fagoff

Profile image Calmwaters24 March, 2015

That's great. You have re-trained your brain. It's now habit to not smoke. Not to reach out for a unowat at every turn. Happy for you Fagoff. Hope the repair bill is minimal mate

Profile image AXL25 March, 2015

Hi fagoff. We have learnt new ways to cope with stress now. It was a case of having to I suppose. Congratulations on 7 months smokefree mate☺

21Mar2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 210 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 210 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2100
Total savings: $2,800.00
Still doing it ODAAT. Its encouraging to see this site is once again a positive place to be and feels good to come on here again. Lots of nice vibes yay

Profile image AXL21 March, 2015

Jeez mate. You're still 1 day ahead of me! I give up. I'll never catch you now lol. I agree, positivity is strong here now☺

Profile image clematis21 March, 2015

Great stats - those savings are amazing. Something to aim for, for sure. Have a good day. :)

Profile image Nana2221 March, 2015

Absolutely yay for nice vibes. I smile every time i see your wonderful stats fagoff, 210 days smokefree is just brilliant. ODAAT, OMAAT - it really doesn't matter eh - just so long as we do it.

Profile image flower21 March, 2015

Great going full steam ahead.

Profile image clarebear21 March, 2015


Profile image breathe21 March, 2015

Well done, you go forward smokefree.

Profile image Ladylene21 March, 2015

Nice stats Fagoff ..

Profile image Mr Lefty .21 March, 2015

@ clarebear > Respect . Aint that the truth !

Profile image jordy9122 March, 2015

I agree and well done on 210 days!

Profile image Darren24 March, 2015

Yes it's back to how it was, almost $3,000 savings, so much savings!!

18Mar2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

so grateful

I was in a meeting last night and the woman beside me is a smoker all the way through the meeting I could hear her chest gurgle gurgle and the dreaded smokers cough as well it sounded awful .It reminded me of myself 6 months ago I was the same and was very aware of it was always trying to hide it from others. When I breath in and out now there is none of that ,I still get a bit short breathed but way better than I was. Reminds me to be grateful .

Profile image E18 March, 2015

Lol...how great it is to be smoke free eh. Absolutely you have alot to be greatful for! Keep up the good work.

Profile image AXL19 March, 2015

That was me too mate. My breathing sounded like a death rattle☺

Profile image clarence the cat19 March, 2015

It makes you glad you've become SMOKEFREE eh?

Profile image Nana2219 March, 2015

Thank you so much for your support my friend, and the lovely words you left on my blog. You are doing sooo well and i'm sooo proud of you...and happy for you.

17Mar2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Firstly thank you for all the lovely supportive comments on my last post.
Thawt id share something about my quit that helps me. I believe that quiting something that was a huge part of my life for most of what ive lived so far anyway requires a complete lifestyle change in almost all areas.Some things ive changed are.
I give thanx every morning for being smokefree.
I drink a big fruit smoothie and yoghurt.
im excercising regularly and even though its still a struggle sometimes I always feel better afterwards.
Trying to eat more healthy beneficial food ,difficult at present as im living in a sleepout temporarily.
having berroca daily.
drinking lots more liquids.
read something positive inspirational every day.
practicing focussing on the positive in my life.
practicing being more selfless and gracious towards others.
see my doctor regularly. and do what he suggests (big for a man) (-:
use my vaper
always make sure ive got it or some lozenges at hand. no matter where I am.
apart from my smoothie and sammie at lunch and tea I don't really eat much during the day
( I lied) I eat imperial spearmints like they are going out of fashion, (-:
I believe as a result of these and other things I do daily,I am feeling so much better physically and mentally ,and my determination to remain smokefree just keeps on growing. I was a 40 year hardcore smoker I actually believed I couldn't quit.
I don't know how long it will take me to be 100 % nicotine free but actually I don't care, it doesn't matter.
Im a bit like the tortoise I plod along slowly as long as im making progress that's what counts.
I like hearing what others have done too .

Profile image clarebear17 March, 2015

Fagoff thankyou for that. It is always helpful to read what worked for others. I too believe being more selfless towards others helps. Kinda a gratitude thing for me....
Cheers mate.

Profile image AXL17 March, 2015

Hi fagoff. Don't put pressure on yourself to come of nrt if you don't feel comfortable to do so. You will know when you can mate. Trust me☺

Profile image That Guy!!17 March, 2015

Awesome blog fagoff. Your right, we are adapting to a new life change and for good reasons. I too was a heavy smoker and I don't think we will totally rid ourselves of the nicotine but hey!, gotta be positive about it.

Things are looking up for fagoff, keep doing what your doing. You have quit cause your no longer a smoker :)

Profile image Bub4417 March, 2015

Fagoff thats what i call bein positive yes i was a smoker for 40yrs i didnt for one minute i could do it either.You got it in one.

Profile image Bruce C17 March, 2015

"I don't know how long it will take me to be 100 % nicotine free but actually I don't care, it doesn't matter." Couldn't agree more. It's the smoke that does most of the harm. Anything that keeps you away from that is a bonus. Hopefully you will give up the lozenges before too long, but it's better to stay on them indefinately than to revert to smoking.

Keep leading the way for the rest of us who follow you.

Profile image Ladylene17 March, 2015

Hi Fagoff .. you have put some incredible lifestyle changes in place in the last 200 odd days .. pretty impressive and your body will definitely be noticing those changes now. Well done you. Its never to late for change hey

Profile image Mr Lefty .17 March, 2015

Gidday Fagoff , Ya got Me , Bloke ! Another one here putting his hand up , 40 Years gone , and the penny finally drops . I was skirting around the subject of giving up smoking yet not actually confronting it head on . IMPRESSIVE THREAD HERE SIR !
A quick glance and check out the long term , now ex-smokers eggingYou on .
Congratulations , there is not a name on this page I would not be VERY proud to meet in person and thank in person for their support
The tortoise won the race , I believe ! Cheers .

Profile image clarebear17 March, 2015

awww.... Im feeling the support here. So awesome.

Profile image Bub4417 March, 2015

wouldnt it be great Mr Lefty if we could all meet over coffee.

Profile image Stella17 March, 2015

Awesome blog.Cheers

Profile image Mr Lefty .17 March, 2015

Hi Bub 44 ,
Excuse Me for a Mo Fagoff dont want to hijack Your thread .
Yeah Bub I live in Jaffa town but doable for sure Your call .
Carry on , This is fagoffs moment in the sun .
Cheers Mate .

Profile image GTMI17 March, 2015

Great blog, you have made some amazing changes, keep it up :)

Profile image Nifty Fifty17 March, 2015

Your blog made my day Fagoff, you have changed your lifestyle for the better, and staying positive is the key . Dont let anything or anyone stand in your way , keep going
Hugs x

Profile image grammy17 March, 2015

Awesome way to go, just by not smoking we are kinder to everyone as they become our focus not the next cig

Profile image fagoff17 March, 2015

Wow I was blown away by all these comments.I must confess it made me smile and feel pretty special and like im a part of something pretty special too .The only thing that would make it better is to hear from our Nana .Hellooo (-:

Profile image grannyjanny18 March, 2015

Will a granny do for now?
You are amazing. I don't even know you and yet I'm so proud of you! (This from the woman who tears up even when other people's kids get certificates...)

16Mar2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 205 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 205 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2050
Total savings: $2,760.00
Im not on here so much now ,my path is a bit different from many as ive used the vaper (ecig) to break the addiction that nearly killed me, I guess im still a bit sensitive about what works for me and I cant be bothered constantly (feels like ) having to justify what works for me and many others.
I know people who quit years ago and still chew NRT gum or lozenges nicotine but apparently vapers with nicotine are bad. I smoked for 40 years and had numerous attempts and nothing worked till now.
For me I take the long picture I don't intend to ever pick up a cigarete again,I cant afford to anyway ,healthwise so if it takes me a year or two to get off the vaper then that's what it takes .My health is so much better than it was 6 months ago not perfect but noticeably better,my doctor is rapt with my progress he knows what im doing and is very supportive. Anyway as ive said before You do whatever you need to quit and stay quit and don't be swayed by others opinions its your life and your health. Do your research become factually informed then go for it.

Profile image Bruce C16 March, 2015

You need to do what's right for your quit. if that includes distancing yourself from here, then that's the right thing to do.

I've noticed some bullying behaivour in recent weeks by strident anti- campaigners. Much of it has been deleted by the moderators, but I fear too late. Interestingly enough I can't remember any of them getting anywhere near 205 days smoke-free. It seems to be the more laid-back ones (both pro- and anti- vape) who make it. I wonder which is cause & which effect.

Profile image Kuikui16 March, 2015

Nice stats fagoff, Im glad your health is better for you and thats whats important. To get that good health we must use whatever resources, tools and support to help us achieve that goal. I dont know what its like to use ecig, lozenges, gum - I have used patches in a previous attempt but my choice was to go cold turkey at first. I got to about day 5 or 6 and realised I needed more help and I came here for extra, much needed support. I did worry in the beginning if this was enough for me but so far Im doing okay. I am still definitely ODAAT. Thanks for posting fagoff and I think your stats are amazing.

Profile image Ladylene16 March, 2015

I will re-iterate what I already said Fagoff. I will support anyone in this forum, with whatever means they choose to use to quit smoking. We all do it in different ways and in different stages. I guess for me .. really I just want to see everyone free, not just of smoking, but of nicotine too. You don't need to justify the means you use or feel bad about it either. Each to their own. I am still here to support you :)

Profile image Calmwaters16 March, 2015

You don't have to feel like you need to justify your method of quitting Fagoff. You are doing great with your quit and whatever works for you then that is fantastic! I hope that I have not offended you with my perspective on the topic. I really am sorry if I have been one of the people that have made you feel this way. Quitting is a very personal and often sensitive topic. We all have to try and be as positive and supportive of all of the options other quit family take. If it works for you then that is what matters. 205 days smoke free is certainly a testament to how hard you have worked and you deserve to hold your head up high!! Well done Fagoff!!!

Profile image Ladylene17 March, 2015

Oh and congratulations on your 205 days .. fabulous and definitely something to be very proud of!

Profile image clematis17 March, 2015

It's really good when people post on here about how smoking has damaged their health or members of their family - I will try and remind myself of this when I feel myself weakening. Hope you have a great and thanks for your timely message. Clem :)

Profile image suemack17 March, 2015

I believe you should what ever works for you to quit! It's your quit, no-one else's and it's so important. It's the difference between life and death for some

Profile image grannyjanny17 March, 2015

Firstly, I love your name! Secondly, thank you for giving me pause to think about those ecigs - of course they're hands down better than the regular ones because look at what isn't in them - I wonder if the negative vibes come through because the visual reminder of ciggies might be just too much for someone struggling to be smoke free? That's their problem, not yours. And thirdly, most importantly, 205 days, wow. So good to hear that you're feeling so much better than you were. I'm a complete beginner about to start stopping, and I reckon you're a great role model. Thanks for posting.

Profile image AXL17 March, 2015

Hey mate. If e-cigs have kept you smokefree use them. ALL smoking cessation aids are better than smoking. Well done on 205 days mate☺

Profile image Gilly6017 March, 2015

205 days is great! Well done you. I have quit with the aid of an ecig. Nothing else and I only have a puff on the menthol flavour at night if I am having a drink or if I am under extreme pressure. I do not believe I would have achieved nearly a year quit (coming up) without this 'aid'. When I have quit the year I will think about no ecig if I want to. I'm glad you are feeling better - so do I!

Profile image clarence the cat17 March, 2015

Awesome Fagoff!!

Profile image Dididi17 March, 2015

Whatever works for you,Im still supporting you 100%, who wouldnt???? Great going fagoff.

11Mar2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 200 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 200 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2000
Total savings: $2,680.00
wowza where did that time go. over half a year still NOPE . I could smell someone else smoking about a mile away today (-: and just for a minute my mouth and throat got that mmm feeling ,you know, I just talked to myself na not worth it not even one puff an I was ok. Jobs going ok getting used to things slowly ,meet my first client tomoro and get to see some of scenic coromandel,what could be better eh.I think my health is getting better, breathing seemed pretty good today and I got back up the hill to where im staying with only heavy breathing not gasping Im feeling better emotionally too in a better head space so really pleased about that. Onwards to 300 now I guess just ODAAT tho easy does it.

Profile image mikeyb0711 March, 2015

woohoooooooooooo 200.AWESOME

Profile image AXL11 March, 2015

I've been waiting all day for your post mate! Keep me waiting why don't you? Lol. Congratulations fagoff. You've deserved this mate. You've kept me going. Maybe I'll catch up to you by the 300. Nah, probably not. Celebrate mate☺

Profile image Nana2211 March, 2015

YESS!!! Huge congratulations fagoff on reaching the Double Hundy! 200 days my friend, i am so very proud of you and the way you have traveled the smokefree path. You have such a lot to be proud of. That's the way, off you go now toward the 300. Have a great evening and thank you for your support, it is much appreciated..

Profile image JohnnyRED11 March, 2015

Nice one. I felt the same today. Keep it up

Profile image flower11 March, 2015

Well done.You are going full steam ahead When we were younger we had friends that lived up the top of one of those hills 100 steps to his place Thames is not a bad place to be.Keep your eyes looking ahead.

Profile image GTMI11 March, 2015

Congratulations fagoff fantastic achievement

Profile image Nifty Fifty11 March, 2015

Congrats to you fagoff, 200 days , woohoo !. I got all excited when me and Mr got to that point. now on to the 300 , hope you are enjoying your new job and town .

Big big hugs to you

Nifty x

Profile image That Guy!!11 March, 2015

Awesome fagoff, keep it up buddy. Let's now work towards that 300 mark :)

Profile image Bruce C11 March, 2015

Well done fagoff. Don't those round numbers feel great? You've earned the right to feel good.

Profile image Rozchild11 March, 2015

Fantastic you make me want to keep gong woohoo so happy for you

Profile image sunray11 March, 2015

You are doing Awesomely fagoff. So proud of you. Congratulations and a huge welcome to the 2hundy club.. Well done! ⭐

Profile image Calmwaters11 March, 2015

Congrats on 200 days smoke free!!

Profile image Arria11 March, 2015

Well done on your second hundy Fagoff! And wonderful that you are noticing improvement in your health. Enjoy the trip around the Coromandel, lovely area.

Profile image Dadoftwo11 March, 2015

Awesome achievement fagoff!!
Should be darn proud of what you have done!!!

Profile image Janet G11 March, 2015

Congratulations fagoff!! That's an awesome achievement :) :) :)
Next stop 300 days, then roll on to the first breathday :)

Profile image suemack11 March, 2015

Welcome to the Two Hundy Club Fagoff! We've been waiting for you :))

Profile image Ladylene11 March, 2015

Wahoo .. goodness I almost missed it! A huge congratulations to you Fagoff and welcome to the two Hundy Club .. Feels great hey :)

Profile image Darren12 March, 2015

Congrats on yesterday, was so great to see you make 200!!