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31Oct2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 69 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 69 days
Grams NOT smoked: 690
Total savings: $805.00

Profile image Nickers769 hours ago

YAY! Almost seventy days! Very impressive :-) Keep up the great work! have a wonderful weekend :-)

Profile image Nana229 hours ago

You have done a brilliant job of winning 69 smokefree days. 1 more sleep to meet 10 weeks!

Profile image Axl2312619 hours ago

Well done mate!☺

Profile image fagoff8 hours ago

Im having a nice quiet day. Fridays sort of my day off ,ive got things I can do, but don't have to. feeling a bit lazy really ,not bored ,but I have noticed my mind wants to go places that are not good for me ,I definitely have an addictive personality and every thing that goes with that. I never used to need an excuse to drink, drug or smoke. I would pick up something, if I was feeling down, angry sad,glad or happy or whatever. So being aware of that and not forgetting helps me keep safe no matter whats happening. Practicing living one day at a time really helps and at times its had to be one hour at a time

Profile image clarence the cat7 hours ago

10 weeks tomorrow. Whoohoo!! Bet you're feeling so good. Well done.

30Oct2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 68 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 68 days
Grams NOT smoked: 680
Total savings: $805.00

Profile image fagoff1 day ago

Got through yesterday ok was tired but felt pretty calm most of the time. Dropped my mother and hubby off to bus this am ,that was a relief ,we had a few minor moments while they were here but coped ok ,its true that saying ,you pick your friends not your family.I am just so different from my mother had too work hard in life to get where I am. Have never felt accepted by her and never good enough .But the truth is she doesn't have a clue who or what I am and doesn't seem that interested. I know and my friends respect and appreciate me that's what counts to me. sorry to burble on.

Profile image Nickers761 day ago

Glad you got through yesterday Fagoff!!! Unfortunately the saying is so true you cant pick your family and at the end of the day you are so blessed to have great friends that love and appreciate who you are for you! Have a great day today and keep smiling :-)

Profile image Nana221 day ago

Burble away fagoff. We are your friends and we totally accept you, admire you and appreciate you. You probably just feel a bit unsettled by the visit. I was very similar to you in this regard. Just accept how it is and try not to overthink things too much. At least the visit was quite short so it's a little easier to get along rather than if it was for weeks. This feeling of being unsettled will pass my friend and you can hold your head high. I am so proud of you - and your 68 days of smokefreedom. Only 2 more sleeps to 10 WEEKS. Go you.

Profile image not4life1 day ago

Chin up fagoff there are just some pple in life, family included where things will never click.
68 days down your doing fabulously. Have an awesome smokefree day(-:

Profile image PSPSP1 day ago

68 days is fantastic fagoff.

One of the great things about this site is its anonymity. It lets us be who we really are and express ourselves without being judged.

I have been following your blogs and always enjoy them and your success. What I also see from your blogs is someone who is successful, who supports others on this site and has the respect of this entire community. If your mother could read these blogs and see how high a regard you are held in, that might just open her eyes about you.

Profile image Darren1 day ago

Keep it going, you are a month now from hundy club!

Profile image clarence the cat1 day ago

There's nothing like a good burble to ease your inner turmoil. Feel free anytime fagoff!!

Profile image Maanu1 day ago

I didn't get along with my mother at all at all, not until I reached 40 then someone taught me to appreciate her for who and the way she is cos there's no way I can change her. We get along quite well now and she has stopped smoking so I am very proud of her. I bet your mother loves you and is proud of you some people just have a funny way of showing it

Profile image fagoff1 day ago

Thanx guys and gals I really appreciate your support

Profile image curlielou1 day ago

Thank you for your support...Yes coming on here every time my brain goes into over drive is helping heaps.....Wow 68 Days....Awesome......I am finding today being the first is going so slow.....just need to get thru today.......So darn hard.....

Profile image Dididi1 day ago

You are going along great guns, we all know how wonderful you are and I bet your Mum does too, some show it differently to others.Keep being the champion that you are!!!

29Oct2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 67 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 67 days
Grams NOT smoked: 670
Total savings: $805.00

Profile image fagoff2 days ago

Wow im glad yesterdays over.the old nicodemon gave me a hell of a hammering yesterday. I wouldn't last long if it was like that everyday.but fortunately I remembered what to do to get through it ,Prayed heaps,talked to beloved shared on here prayed ,kept thinking this too shall pass and absolutely NOPE.
Am feeling so much better this morning though a bit emotionally and spiritually tired,but ill be ok odaat

Profile image SusyQ2 days ago

Take care and go easy on yourself! You need to absolutely regroup after those days! They are exhausting!

Profile image Ladylene2 days ago

Those are superb coping strategies Fagoff ..well done on hanging in there. :)

Profile image Nickers762 days ago

Well done!!!! NOPE :-) you handled that exceptionally well be proud and have a great day today :-)

Profile image Nana222 days ago

Yeah, some days just need to be erased as quickly as possible. You did good work fagoff, and today is going to be much brighter for you. The basics - Nope & Odaat will ensure we get through no matter what. You have 67 days of winning to prove it! Well done fagoff.

Profile image sunray2 days ago

When having bad days going back to the basics that we learnt in the early days is what is needed. Well done fagoff be extremely proud of yourself. 67 days smokefree AWESOME! ☺ have a better day today and stand tall, proud and happy. ⭐

Profile image Axl2312612 days ago

Glad you're having a better day today mate☺

Profile image Elevtheria2 days ago

oh... now I see your numbers... it's the terrible 3 months. No wonder he tried it on... but, you did a fantastic job in fending him off. Soon the emotional and spiritual tiredness will be gone and the hidden benefits will kick in. You rock fagoff! :) xx

Profile image not4life2 days ago

Hey Fagoff those are great stats. We all have our 'moments' I feel & its important HOW we get through trying times. You handled yourself well, that is important. Take care & once again congrats & have a great smokefree day.

28Oct2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Been having an absolute crap day today ,cant seem to do anything rite locked keys in car and having sum greif with someone not too nice .am feeling a bit insane rite now just want the world to go away .havnt really thawt about smoking but I am giving my ecig a bit of a hammering.I was just talking to a m8 yesterday about how good it is to be free of the mental torment and anguish of addiction and here I am today ,with it full on aaaaaar. have got to go to work tonite really don't feel up to that rite now.
omaat. (one minute at a time)

Profile image josienz19583 days ago

Sorry, but I had to laugh at the OMAAT - just when we think there is light at the end of the tunnel, another trains come through - hang in there, brighter days ahead.

Profile image FreedomAtLast3 days ago

One minute at a time!! Great! hang in there you can do it!

Profile image Nana223 days ago

Hang in there fagoff - i've had a few days like that too and am here to tell you that no matter how horrid it is now - it will most definitely pass. When i want the world to go away i tell everyone to leave me be and i mentally retreat until i get a handle on things again. I read or walk or have a nap. Something just by myself. Unfortunately you can't do that if you have to work. Keep taking big deep breaths and telling yourself how well you are doing and what a great person you are. Because you are. I remember you giving me a lovely warm hug when i was having a real bad day and it helped immensely. Now i give you a warm hug and trust me it will not last, just tough it out my friend. (((fagoff)))

Profile image Nickers763 days ago

Hang in there!!! I hear you :-) You can do this however you need o whether it be OMAAT or ODAAT :-)

Profile image Dididi3 days ago

Take the good with the bad mate, your doing real good!!! And if it comes to OMAAT, then thats ok too, xxxx

Profile image aimee73 days ago

Yes hang in there fagoff, the day will pass and you will be better for it. Sending a better day to you for tomorrow:-)

Profile image Elevtheria3 days ago

Yep, unfortunately ol' nico tries it when the going gets tough... .you can do it dear! Kick him in the butt! Tomorrow will be another day :) xx

Profile image Axl2312613 days ago

Hang in there mate. Some days like today come and test us.get through today, you'll be stronger for it. You've come to far to blow it☺

Profile image fagoff3 days ago

I am feeling a bit better now had a stinker of a headache too doesn't help.It feels like the pressure has eased off a bit. I know ill be ok .Really appreciated the thoughtful comments ,and felt a warm fuzzy from nanas hug thanx all.

Profile image fagoff3 days ago

ive smiled and laughed a couple of times since being on here ,this is a good place. gets me outa me .

Profile image sunray3 days ago

Keep on keeping on fagoff, you've got this. (((Hugs))) yep this is the best place to get cheered up. ⭐

Profile image SusyQ3 days ago

Keep your eye on the prize! Seems like there have been a few rough days today! You are going fantastically! A new day tomorrow!

Profile image Ladylene2 days ago

Hope you are hanging in there Fagoff ... those days come (and they go too) Tomorrow will likely be an easy one. Just hold tight xxx

27Oct2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 65 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 65 days
Grams NOT smoked: 650
Total savings: $770.00
Bit of a cold wet day here ,got out for a ride yesterday so that was nice .going to show the old dears around chch today . That's the most difficult thing ive got today .Am grateful not to be obsessing about unowot.

Profile image Axl2312614 days ago

Hi mate. Just think, the old dears will be out of your hair soon. Then back to normality. You're doing great mate☺

Profile image Thunderbirds are go4 days ago

All your hard work is paying off now fagoff. Glad to hear that you're not obsessing about unowot anymore :)

Profile image flower4 days ago

65 days that is good going pleased to see that unowot is no longer a worry.Keep on up the hill one step at the time

Profile image aimee74 days ago

Fantastic news fagoff! Have a wonderful day and well done on 65 days :-)

Profile image Nana224 days ago

What a great achievement it is when unowot is one of the last things on your mind. You need never obsess about unowot ever again. You have dealt to them superbly. Proud of you.

26Oct2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 64 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 64 days
Grams NOT smoked: 640
Total savings: $770.00

Profile image fagoff5 days ago

What can I say (-:

Profile image Axl2312615 days ago

Say that you're proud of yourself mate☺

Profile image fagoff5 days ago

(-: I am m8 .

Profile image Sky Maiden5 days ago

w00t! Great results!!

Profile image sunray5 days ago

Awesome fagoff huge congratulations on your stats...Woohoo!!! ☺ ⭐

Profile image aimee75 days ago

Yip I agree with Axl. Awesome fagoff just awesome!!

Profile image Nana225 days ago

Be loud and proud fagoff, you have definitely earned the right after 64 days. Hope your weekend is going well.

25Oct2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Missing you all

Was thinking about a couple of our friends who I know are struggling out there still off and on the durries.
Keep coming on here as often as you can it does help.
I started here in 2010 but kept away from here when I picked up .
Feeling guilt and shame and trying to cope on my own .
Trouble is I only knew one way to cope and that just made me feel worse.
There is no judgement on here we love and accept you .
We are all addicts ,but by being open with each other we find together we can do what alone I cant. (-: Lots of love and hugs to you.

Profile image Nana226 days ago

Ohh, aren't you lovely. I often think of people who have started and then they just disappear. Hoping they are doing okay and if they aren't, that they can find their way back to us. We all know how tough this journey can be. We each have to do this for ourselves but we do it together - and i really like that.

Profile image Axl2312616 days ago

I couldn't have said that better myself mate. So true☺

Profile image aimee76 days ago

Well said!

Profile image SusyQ6 days ago

Here here! There's a couple I really miss too!

Profile image Thunderbirds are go6 days ago

Yep, there's no way I could have done it alone.

Profile image Nifty Fifty6 days ago

hey fagoff , i couldnt have gone this far without you all on here , I check in every single night , the support is amazing . You are doing great , keep blogging
Hugs xx

Profile image Ladylene5 days ago

Well said Fagoff :)

25Oct2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 63 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 63 days
Grams NOT smoked: 630
Total savings: $735.00

Profile image fagoff6 days ago

Am feeling better physically today and emotionally ,coping ok with my visitors so far.lovely day here today. I like sunny days seems easier to be positive .

Profile image Axl2312616 days ago

Hi mate. You have a great weekend. Sunny here in Nelson too. Congrats on 63 days. I will never catch you now lol☺

Profile image Nana226 days ago

Hey fagoff and a big congrats to you today for.....9 WEEKS. How awesome is that! Very awesome is what it is!. Yes i agree with you everything seems easier to cope with on a nice sunny day. You enjoy this one.

Profile image clarence the cat6 days ago

Woohoo. Well Done!!

Profile image aimee76 days ago

Fantastic fagoff. Doesn't our mood improve with a little bit of sunshine. Have a great long weekend :-)

Profile image SusyQ6 days ago

Beautiful day in Auckland! Sunshine definitely lifts the mood! Enjoy it!

24Oct2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 62 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 62 days
Grams NOT smoked: 620
Total savings: $735.00

Profile image fagoff24 October, 2014

The days keep adding up don't they. Have got a bit of a sore chest today hopefully its nothing serious ,I usually go through all the potential scenarios in my mind of what it could be .Not today gotta stay out of that place it doesn't help at all. Have got my mother and her new hubby coming to stay for a few days ,not really looking forward to that ,we are not close never really were ,in the past we get on ok for about one day after that, she seems to have this thing about constantly listing all my imaginary faults to any one who will listen,im usually ready to ...... either her or me. ha Any way its not worth having a unowot over .odaat for sure.

Profile image Elevtheria24 October, 2014

Hey lovely :) well done on the 62 days. Hope you'll be feeling better soon and... hope it won't be too bad with your mum. Just take deep breaths and think it won't be forever :) x

Profile image sunray24 October, 2014

62 days you are rocking along nicely fagoff, huge well done on your awesome stats. Hope your visit goes better than you think it will, 4D's and no eye rolling when in the same room lol good luck for the visit. ⭐

Profile image SusyQ24 October, 2014

Hey fagoff! Families are funny things! I can usually do around a day, maybe two, before I start to lose my mind! I have found that since I have quit I have got calmer and much better able to cope with their eccentricities (or bad behavior) :-) Good opportunity for a social experiment.

Profile image aimee724 October, 2014

Well done on 62 days fagoff and good luck with your mum! Doing well!! :-)

Profile image Nana2224 October, 2014

62 days of winning fagoff - got to love that. Hope things go okay with your Mum. Time to test patience and tolerance levels and keep reminding yourself - a few days and they'll be gone again. Good luck.!

Profile image Sky Maiden24 October, 2014

well done!!

Profile image clarence the cat24 October, 2014

9 weeks tomorrow. Well done Fagoff!! Have an awesome SMOKEFREE weekend

23Oct2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 61 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 61 days
Grams NOT smoked: 610
Total savings: $735.00

Profile image fagoff23 October, 2014

Am quite tired been doing a course last three days allgood but tiring ,my beloved is also very tired so we are both setting each other off at present ,seems whatever I say its the wrong thing,whew havnt thawt about a unowot till I wrote this so that's good.
I have been thinking off and on about knocking off using the ecig sometime as its still feeding the addiction,but don't know if im ready for that yet.

Profile image Axl23126123 October, 2014

Hi mate, use the nrt as long at you think it's necessary. I am. We've both come so far to stuff it up. Give your wife a cuddle. It works for me!☺

Profile image Nana2223 October, 2014

Hey fagoff, i'm with Axl on this. If you feel ready, then give it a go, but if i'ts impatience or you just think you "should" then i myself would wait a wee while. I have stuffed up many of my quits by thinking i should give up the nrt and i always ended up smoking again within a 2/3 weeks. I'm not saying you would as well, just be aware. Only you know when you feel ready. Iv'e just signed up with quitline for another 12 week programme so i can keep getting lozenges if i need to. Well done on your 61 days too mate.

Profile image Nana2223 October, 2014

@ Axl Does fagoff not mind you cuddling his wife?. lol

Profile image fagoff23 October, 2014

Yea thanx m8

Profile image fagoff23 October, 2014

o du, penny just dropped you b%&^$d axl so its you shes been fraternising with ill be round shortly to sort you out .some m8 you turned out to be. thanx nana hehehehehe.
im a bit slow sumtimes eh, reminded me of a rude joke mite be too rude for here tho.

Profile image Axl23126123 October, 2014

Yeah, that came out a bit wrong, didn't it Nana. Lol☺

Profile image Nana2223 October, 2014

Well i had fun anyway!

Profile image fagoff23 October, 2014

me too (-: .laughter really is the best medicine.

Profile image Axl23126123 October, 2014

Still laughing. It's made my night☺

Profile image josienz195823 October, 2014

Well done Nana22 - the patients in the waiting room are looking at me rather strangely as I sit laughing at my screen

Profile image Maanu23 October, 2014

Congrats on 2 months. Well done. Don't be in too much of a hurry to give up the e-cig they are relatively harmless and a great tool to get over the psychological dependancy