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23Nov2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 92 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 92 days
Grams NOT smoked: 920
Total savings: $1,085.00

Profile image fagoff1 day ago

Having a nice weekend so far.boy was it hot yesterday up tp 29 ,then it cooled rite down and rained.I think my cold is getting better,not so constantly drippy nose now or cough,sneezing as much . Only 8 days till I join the hundy club ,looking forward to that.
Mite hop on bike soon and go for a ride round gorges to Methven for lunch ,the café there does a lovely steak eggs onions and chips yum. (-: Hope you all havn a great unowot free day.

Profile image Axl2312611 day ago

Hey fagoff. Only 8 days to go. Save a seat for me mate, I'm right behind you. Steak, eggs, onions and chips. My mouth is watering. Enjoy it mate. You deserve it☺

Profile image fagoff1 day ago

Had a client walk into the room yesterday, obviously just had a smoke, I nearly gagged man they stink .ooo yuk that used to be me. Even my wife has said I smell quite yummy now. I used to be very sensitive about smelling and avoided getting to close to people .don't need to bother anymore.yet another great reason not too unowot .

Profile image aimee71 day ago

So close to the hundy fagoff :) well done!

Profile image Nuinui1 day ago

Fantastic on reaching 92 days

Profile image Emmy girl1 day ago

Yay for steak eggs onions and chips.. would have to be one of my favourite meals ;-)
You are doing so great!! Feels so good to know we don't smell like stale smoke.. or fresh smoke for that matter, it all stinks to a non smoker huh! Well done on your stats you are so close the the hundy club!! Keep up the good work :-)

Profile image Nana2222 hours ago

Hey fagoff. I can see you almost here when i peer out the Hundy Club door. Hope you enjoyed that breakfast. I know you need it for all the energy you use now you're a nonsmoker. Have a great day.

Profile image cjtwo20 hours ago

Well done. I can only dream of being that far at the moment Keep it up. have a great afternoon

Profile image SusyQ13 hours ago

Look at you go fagoff! It feels good not to smell like old cigarette hey?!?!?

Profile image Nickers763 hours ago

I am getting so excited for you Fagoff!!!! So so close now :-)

21Nov2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 90 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 90 days
Grams NOT smoked: 900
Total savings: $1,050.00

Profile image fagoff3 days ago

Wow seems a bit unreal really ,but il take it ,(-: double wammy today been married 22 years today so more to celebrate ,which means food mostly (-: nice and warm here lovely day .Hope yous all havn a great day too

Profile image flower3 days ago

congrats on both.way to roll

Profile image Nickers763 days ago

Congratulations on 22 years today! :-) and...90 days!!!! You are doing so well keep it up not long now......EXCITING :-)

Profile image Meno Babe3 days ago

Congrats, 22 yrs how brilliant 90 days double whammy, eat drink and be merry you so deserve it:-)

Profile image Darren3 days ago

Congrats, you made it!! Double celebration to boot, should be a good day, just don't celebrate with a unowot!!

Profile image josienz19583 days ago

90 days is SO close to the Hundy club - brilliant efforet. Congrats on 22 years marriage too - not many can say that these days.

Profile image Nana223 days ago

Exciting, fagoff, only 10 days to your hundy. Awesome, my friend. Congratulations to you and your beloved on your anniversary. I hope have something nice planned for both of your achievements.

Profile image sunray3 days ago

Wooooohoo that's awesome fagoff.....10...days until your hundy .... Happy anniversary to. Have a great day. ⭐

Profile image Maanu2 days ago

Wooohooo first quarter done and dusted well done quit buddy

Profile image Saffron2 days ago

Congratulations on both counts, fagoff. Enjoy your celebrations ☺

Profile image clarence the cat2 days ago

Well done!! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary too. Hope you have a wonderful celebration.

Profile image Ladylene2 days ago

ooh Fagoff ... getting really close now ... wahoo .. and congrats on 22 years ... thats awesome

20Nov2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 89 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 89 days
Grams NOT smoked: 890
Total savings: $1,050.00

Profile image fagoff4 days ago

Having a better day today .I think I have got a full on cold ,not very pleasant but should pass soon hopefully .Had a horrible scary dream last nite ,don't know what that's about but was glad to wake up from it . I am curious ,hope it doesn't come across as critical .
Ive noticed quite a few bloggers seem in a great hurry to get off their NRT champix ,zyban etc. Whats the rush ?,some of us have smoked for 30/40 years or more ,that's a long time . What does 3 or 6 or 12 months matter in the big scheme of things, to keep using whatever we need to remain smokefree. Particularly when we are talking about the next 10/30 or however many years we are blessed with smokefree.Prior to this quit I have done the same with champix and zyban I didn't like the side affects and stopped using them early and ended up picking up a smoke again.
Not this time ,I aim to be come nicotine free ,when I am ready ,this has to be my quit ,no one else knows whats best for me ,though I do listen and consider others ideas.
Any way just a few thawts ,no offense meant .

Profile image Darren4 days ago

One more day, yes I would have said stop the NRT, but after thinking about it, as you say if you have smoked 30-40 years, what's the rush!! :)

Profile image Nickers764 days ago

So true Fagoff, and I am super glad to hear that you are feeling somewhat better today. I do hope this cold doesn't come to more than that! You just got to take YOUR quit journey as you are comfortable taking it :-) You're doing so great and what you are doing is working so keep up the great work just as you see fit to do it :-)

Profile image Axl2312614 days ago

Well said mate. I was one of those you mentioned. I was just keen to get off nrt. I realize now that I'd rather be on nrt than to risk my quit. Cheers mate, I've seen the light☺

Profile image cjtwo4 days ago

Thanks for your blog I will stay on my champix till the end unlike last time when I stopped taking it after 6weeks. have a great day :)

Profile image flower4 days ago

so true you know when you are ready to stop taking what ever you donot need to ask other people

Profile image Nana223 days ago

Wow, 89 days fagoff. You've been adding smokefree days while i wasn't looking. Fantastic. I agree with you re nrt. So much so that i've put myself back on patches fo a while. Still better than smoking.

Profile image SusyQ3 days ago

I so hear you! I smoked 30 years, there's no way that 3 months NRT will be enough! I am on my 8 months of lozenges. I expect to be on them for a wee while yet. Whatever I can do to keep my quit safe! Well done you! Not far to the hundy club now!

19Nov2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

rough day

some days I feel like cancelling ,Was scratchy first thing, barked at the beloved. Went to the wrong place for a meeting twice ,new compressor arrived (-: something to feel good about,found its got a broken part on it )-:
has to go away to be fixed. Nor wester is blowing here and its hot. Im sneezing ,coughing and permanent runny nose. Have felt every emotion today from bad to good and back again.
But on the good side no cravings but even if I did nico&^%$# can go and get jumped on. I aint picking up. No matter what,I will get through this and feel better again. NOPE, Nope and Nope and OHAAT as well,just for today

Profile image josienz19584 days ago

It HAS to get better..............doesn't it??? Hope so, for your sake - best wishes x

Profile image Axl2312614 days ago

Hi fagoff. You get days like that. What can go wrong does go wrong. Tomorrow will be better mate☺

Profile image Thunderbirds are go4 days ago

Two blogs today, eh? You must be having a bad day. I'll give you a ((HUG)) but don't let your beloved see because it sounds like you two are annoyed with each other today. Good on ya for staying determined and always remember, the sun will come up tomorrow.

Profile image Fiona4 days ago

Well done for not smoking

Profile image sunray4 days ago

Keep on keeping on fagoff, sorry you have had a bad day..I hope tomorrow will be a better one for you. Maybe go for a nice evening walk then an early night. ⭐

Profile image Nickers764 days ago

You will get there Fagoff!!! You are right about feeling every emotion in a day I have found that the past couple of weeks that I am struggling too! I hope that you come right soon, take it easy :-)

19Nov2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 88 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 88 days
Grams NOT smoked: 880
Total savings: $1,050.00

Profile image Carats5 days ago

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO So awesome Fagoff! Keep rocking it. Yeah!

Profile image fagoff5 days ago

I must be a bit off today , got annoyed at my beloved and was a bit cross at her .Shes a list person, im a spontaneous person she loves the details I just do it, or don't. .I sometimes wonder how we ever get on ,but we do for 22 years now .We do still have our off days where we seem to clash ,but I do love her and wouldn't swap her for anything. Relationships are funny old things eh. You have to work at them and be flexible . Got some amends to make later (-: .On a good note I bought a HVLP spray gun to go with my new compressor ,which I will be using to repaint my old HQ.Thats like a big treat to celebrate quiting . Still NOPE. And grateful.

Profile image Nickers765 days ago

SO freaking exciting....sooooo close!!!!!!

Profile image Axl2312615 days ago

Only 12 more days mate! Being married is never boring, eh☺

Profile image Maanu5 days ago

I used to be a lot more spontaneous but I am slowly losing my facultys (memory) and finding I need to work from lists etc now or I forget stuff. Good idea to keep working at it that way you can have a happy and loving relationship for years to come.

Congrats On 88 days two big boned ladies (-8 They aren't fat they just have big bones

18Nov2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 87 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 87 days
Grams NOT smoked: 870
Total savings: $1,015.00

Profile image fagoff6 days ago

still plugging on one foot in front of tother ,no big dramas lately thank goodness ,have the odd thawt about unowot but nothing too difficult thankfully, and nope. (-:

Profile image josienz19586 days ago

Looking good fagoff - getting close to the Hundy club - yay

Profile image Thunderbirds are go6 days ago

Powering along there fagoff. Sounds like those unowots are resisted by your determination and great attitude. See you at the Hundy Club :)

Profile image cjtwo6 days ago

well done your going great Keep it up and you will be in the hundy club in no time

Profile image Nickers766 days ago

Yay! Keep up the great work, not too long now :-)

Profile image sunray5 days ago

That's awesome fagoff .. You are doing so great ..one day and then the next that's the way, Woohoo hundy club real soon. Be proud with every step. ☺. ⭐

Profile image Axl2312615 days ago

Doing great mate. The hundy club coming up fast now!☺

16Nov2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 85 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 85 days
Grams NOT smoked: 850
Total savings: $1,015.00

Profile image fagoff16 November, 2014

85 days and ive cracked the $1000 mark too .Blew $500 of that on Thursday on a new compressor but its something I wanted and will be able to do lots of good with .Woke up with a sore throat today and coughing up greenish stuff hopefully doesn't come to anything serious.Gota work tonight so probly have a blob day today.

Profile image Axl23126116 November, 2014

Hi mate. That compressor will last a lot longer than $500 worth of tobacco. I'm starting to cough up that stuff too. I don't mind though, it's getting rid of all that @#$& from our lungs☺

Profile image aimee716 November, 2014

Super! That's great that you got a treat for yourself. Well done on all your stats :)

Profile image fagoff16 November, 2014

Yea that's rite I never thawt of that it is a treat for me knocking off unowots and I will enjoy it too

Profile image Nana2216 November, 2014

Good for you fagoff. It's a great reward for quitting and it will be of so much use to you over a long time, unlike unowots which went so quickly and needed to be replaced every day or 2.

Profile image Genzo16 November, 2014

whatever you buy with the money spared from buying fags is like gold!!!!

Profile image cjtwo16 November, 2014

Good on you 85day I'm glad to see you spend the money on something you really wanted.

15Nov2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 84 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 84 days
Grams NOT smoked: 840
Total savings: $980.00

Profile image fagoff15 November, 2014

Twelve weeks today yay ,I feel good dodadodadoda do. (-:.Its a shame quitline didn't give me another gold cup ,this one has been much harder earned than the first one and not even one puff of unowot in all that time .YES I can do it .

Profile image sunray15 November, 2014

How about a gold star fagoff ✨ there you go buddy. Congratulations on 12 weeks smokefree YOU are doing it awesomely. Have a fantastic day. ⭐

Profile image Axl23126115 November, 2014

Well done mate. You've inspired me all the way. We've had quite a bit of fun on the way too. Congratulations fagoff. I'm out and celebrate. I won't be celebrating till tomorrow when I truly deserve that gold cup. Thank you mate. You're a legend☺

Profile image Axl23126115 November, 2014

Sorry should be GO out and celebrate. Bloody predictive text.

Profile image fagoff15 November, 2014

Na celebrate now m8 you earnt it.

Profile image cjtwo15 November, 2014

congratulations I hope to follow in your footsteps. Have an awesome weekend

Profile image Bruce C15 November, 2014

Well done on 12 weeks. Nearly at the $1,000 mark as well. You have a lot to be proud of.

Profile image jewels15 November, 2014

Yay well done

Profile image Timtam15 November, 2014

Thats moving in the right Direction

Profile image Nana2215 November, 2014

Huge congratulations, fagoff and i'm awarding you a gold cup anyway. I am so proud of you reaching this 12 week milestone, not only for being smokefree, but also for how you have travelled the road. Big congratulatory hugs to you. (((fagoff)))

Profile image Saffron15 November, 2014

Congratulations, fagoff - doing great.
I've said this before - but I just ♥LOVE♥ that dog!!

Profile image aimee715 November, 2014

Well done on 12 weeks fagoff. You have done so well! Congrats!

Profile image Fiona15 November, 2014

OMG you have done soooo awesome !!!

14Nov2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 83 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 83 days
Grams NOT smoked: 830
Total savings: $980.00

Profile image fagoff14 November, 2014

Had a good day, at work now bit of a quiet night off home soon yay,12 weeks tomoro wow where did all that time go ,odaat I guess. I am beginning to feel and think like a different man now ,and I like him too . Got rest of weekend off looking forward to that .nighty nite quit buddies.

Profile image Axl23126114 November, 2014

Doing great mate. Why is it that I'm always one day behind you? Lol. I always will be. We will remain smokefree for the rest of our lives. Eh☺

Profile image sunray14 November, 2014

Good boys nana will be proud hehehe. Yes I'm proud of you to. Well done.

83 days smokefree fagoff looking awesome! The hundy club is waiting for you not far to go now. ☺ ⭐

Profile image Timtam15 November, 2014

Gee, your getting up there now

Profile image Nana2215 November, 2014

Ticking over ever so nicely, fagoff

13Nov2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 82 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 82 days
Grams NOT smoked: 820
Total savings: $980.00

Profile image Nickers7613 November, 2014

82 Days!!! Whoop Whoop :-) doing blimmin awesome Fagoff be very proud and keep up the great work, inching closer to that almighty hundy club....EXCITING!!!!

Profile image Elevtheria13 November, 2014

Well done! getting closer and closer to that first hundy :) x

Profile image Calmwaters13 November, 2014

Fantastic stats fagoff, keep it up :)

Profile image flower13 November, 2014

going so well not long to go now.

Profile image fagoff13 November, 2014

Have been thinking about when to start getting off nicotine for good. So I have set my date at 2.12.14 ,That will be 100 days without a unowot. I think that will be a good number to have in my head to remind me I can go without unowots. So December the 2 its out with the ecig and in with the lozenges.

Profile image Nickers7613 November, 2014

YAY two celebrations in the one day :-) Well done Fagoff you are doing brilliantly!!! Keep up the great work :-)

Profile image Nana2213 November, 2014

82 fantastic days of unowotdom is fabulous fagoff, and it's good to start thinking about what comes next in this journey. Just be prepared to be a little flexible if you need to. As long as you're not unowoting, it's all good. Have a great day.

Profile image sunray13 November, 2014

Good on you fagoff, 82 days smokefree AWESOME. Be super proud of yourself you are doing brilliant. ⭐

Profile image Axl23126113 November, 2014

Great minds think alike. I was thinking the same thing about the 100 day mark being nrt free. I'll see how I go closer to the time☺