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25Apr2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 245 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 245 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2450
Total savings: $3,280.00
Also 8 calendar months today as well .Pretty pleased about that .Back in chch for weekend .Having friends over for a bit of a sendoff ,though we still havnt found a permanent place to live in thames yet. Bit of a significant weekend for me as Monday will be 25 years since I last had a drink too. Very stoked about that. I guess we can do anything if we really put our minds and whole self to it. Hope you all have a great Anzac weekend.

Profile image AXL3 days ago

Well done mate. You've beaten two demons. I congratulate you on both of them. I can remember you asking one of our bloggers if they knew who Bill W was. You're a legend mate. By the way I think you'll find you were 8 months smokefree 2 days ago. You gave up on the 23 August 2014☺

Profile image sunray3 days ago

Congratulations on your amazing stats that keep growing with you fagoff. Have a lovely time with your friends & family. ⭐

Profile image fagoff3 days ago

O bugger your rite m8 I missed my rite date ,cant celebrate now, )-: ha who cares im still pleased, I made 8 months whatever day it was ,so you must of been yesterday too congrats to you as well . (-:

Profile image AXL3 days ago

You celebrate with your wife, kids and friends mate☺

Profile image nanaturtle3 days ago

Who cares what&when-you're here now! Celebrate freedom forever-congratulations fagoff!

Profile image clarebear3 days ago

Well done you!!! On both achievements!!!

Profile image Bub443 days ago

Awesome congratulations :) :)

Profile image Nana223 days ago

Doesn't matter if you're a couple of days late fagoff. Have your double celebration and enjoy it! Awesome job on 8 months smokefree my friend and 25 years drink free.
I really want to know about Bill W!!!

20Apr2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 240 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 240 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2400
Total savings: $3,200.00
another 5 days bite the dust.pleased about that.job is better feel like I'm getting the hang of it .I it is difficult to feel positive about my living situation still stuck in a sleep out ,there are very few rentals available in thames and we haven't had much luck finding a house that we like enough to buy.just took wife to airport , don't know when we can be up here together for any length of time and miss our dog and cat too.it gets tiring trying to stay positive ,hopefully something will turn up soon.

Profile image Nana2220 April, 2015

Woohoo. 240 days of smokefreedom is awesome fagoff. Yep it is hard with your beloved and pets having to still be down south - but try and keep the big picture in your mind. I do remember what it was like when i was in rehab and hubby and son were 7/8 hours drive away with only a visit every 3/4 weeks.I hope a house with your name on it comes up soon. Keep going ODAAT my friend and trust that it will get sorted in the not too distant future.

Profile image AXL20 April, 2015

Hope something turns up soon mate. Stay strong. Doing great on 240 days smokefree☺

Profile image linanz20 April, 2015

Its amazing that in the face of adversity you have not started smoking, I think I would have, you are so strong and although you have a lot of stress you have not let that affect your goal, very awesome. I hope everything falls into place for you.

Profile image Fritzy20 April, 2015

240 days is outstanding well done fagoff.

Profile image Bruce C20 April, 2015

12 score days.
20 dozen days.

However you say it it's a big number & you deserve a big pat on the back for making it.

Profile image Bub4420 April, 2015

Hang in there Fagoff remember you will always have your quit family great stats..im proud of you :))

15Apr2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 235 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 235 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2350
Total savings: $3,160.00
another 5 days bite the dust.I'm definitely feeling a lot more positive and happier than I was 5 days ago. I know it's not all been about quitting ,but then again smoking was always about my whole life so I'm having too make changes in all areas. Smoking was always my way of coping with anything ,so in quitting I'm having to learn how to cope without uno wot , nearly said my trusty friend but that was never true they were never my friend. I still like the smell of people smoking but gag at the after smell on people.just grateful that's not me now.

Profile image AXL15 April, 2015

You're doing great mate. Smoke doesn't bother me anymore but when people come and and sit next to me after having a smoke the smell of their clothing is really putrid. Not long now to the 250 mate!☺

Profile image GTMI15 April, 2015

I agree with the smell of smoke on people after they have smoked it, is putrid it almost makes me gag, it also makes feel bad that I must have smelt like that for 30 years ewww!

Profile image Thunderbirds are go15 April, 2015

When I was a smoker I went on holiday once with newly washed clothes. Unpacked them in the motel wardrobe. Next morning I opened the doors and what a stink! It's ghastly for sure. Glad to hear you're feeling happier fagoff :)

Profile image Mumsy5915 April, 2015

Well done on the stats, Very impressive. Have to agree, love the smell of people smoking, but also hate the stale old smell, am also glad it is not me

Profile image josienz195815 April, 2015

Well done Fagoff - I still love the smell while people are smoking but the after smell is horrendous - a friend got in my car last week and I had to wind the window down cos the 'after smell' was so bad - I am SO pleased we don't smell like that now - yay us

Profile image Bub4415 April, 2015

well done Fagoff i still love the smell while people smoke i still sit out with the few smokers at morningtea otherwise im told im a snob lol but some tobacco turns my stomach as for the smell i can see now why my grandies used to tell me i stink...in a nice way.We all have to make changes but the biggest chance is becoming non smokers :)

Profile image Fritzy15 April, 2015

Great stuff fagoff :)

Profile image That Guy!!15 April, 2015

Yep, no looking back eh fagoff. Doing awesome mate. Stay strong and determined :)

Profile image sunray15 April, 2015

Wow fagoff 235 days smokefreedom! Awesome. Well done. ⭐

Profile image Nana2215 April, 2015

235 days smokefree is fantastic. You are definitely sounding a lot happier fagoff. There's only one way you're going mate......ahead. I still sometimes sneak up and stand by someone smoking but i can't stand the smell of stale smoke. Mind you i hated it even when i smoked. Keep being positive my friend, you are doing awesome!

Profile image catz15 April, 2015

Good evening fagoff...moments like these I want to sing from the roof top & celebrate with you.

You go gurl !

Profile image Bruce C16 April, 2015

If it wasn't attractive it would be easy to stay off smoking once you were over the initial withdrawl.

The hard bit is recognising the attraction and resisting it.

Stay strong

Profile image Darren16 April, 2015

As you say, smoking was a good way of coping. We now have to learn new strategies. All part of the quit process. Thanks for reminding me of that.

Profile image aimee716 April, 2015

Hang in there my friend you are doing great :)

Profile image clarence the cat16 April, 2015

You're doing famously Fagoff.

14Apr2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

good day

Yep had a good day today .I decided over weekend the next two weeks are make or break as far as this new jobs concerned.I've been asking the acting manager for help and not much action,just getting more frustrated and anxious trying to figure it out for myself,but no good.I decided to be more proactive and find help myself. Had a good session with a comp systems lady today and actually learnt some good stuff. also been practise handing it over ,not letting the small stuff bug me so much.even managed to negotiate a better time sharing arrangement with a colleague. did a good turn today was out walking at lunchtime and found a wallet with over $500 in it I took it too cops shop and later the owner rang me and was very grateful she got me some yum chocolate and a wednesday lotto ticket .feels good to be alive today and of course still nope nope nope.☺

Profile image Nana2214 April, 2015

That is a good day fagoff! Well done taking action to get things sorted - even though the manager should be more help. Wow i bet the wallet owner was soooo grateful there are still honest people in the world. That's gotta be a "feel good" moment for you too, knowing how appreciative she was. Enjoy your chocky and good luck with the lotto ticket. You never know......karma and all that.

Profile image catz14 April, 2015

Who ever thought such words as nope nope nope we some of the best words to whisper!.
Nope & Excellent in the same sentence is not typical except now.
Go gurl. Bit of a ring...I can feel a song coming on he!he!.

well wishes.

Profile image Janet G14 April, 2015

Awww that's a great day, Fagoff!!!! good on you!!!!!!

I know how hard it is to start at a new job!!! Maybe write up a list... all the good things, and all the bad things about the job. Then work out if you can fix some of the negatives, such as you have done today, to turn them into positives.
but of course, as with smoking, there's no going back in our job lives either. So you could keep your eye out for a new job..... they say it's easier to find a job when you are already employed!

Stay strong :) :)

Profile image AXL14 April, 2015

You have had a great day mate. I bet when she lost that wallet she probably thought that would be last she would see that again. She was lucky an honest bloke found it. NOPE, NOPE and NOPE. The only way to go☺

Profile image Banana14 April, 2015

Nice job on the honesty fagoff. I would have done the same. We are but our actions and that speaks a thousand words about who you are. You should feel good for it.

Profile image fagoff14 April, 2015

The lesson I remember most from growing up is ,talk is cheap our actions speak louder than our words. And if I want something I have to give it away first.

Profile image AXL14 April, 2015

You were taught well Grasshopper☺

Profile image Banana14 April, 2015

A lesson I hope I teach my daughter. I haven't heard of having to give it away first, but that makes quite a lot of sense to me.

Profile image Bub4414 April, 2015

Well done Fagoff you should feel proud :)

Profile image GTMI14 April, 2015

It's so nice to think there are honest people out there, hopefully you win something on your lotto ticket, good luck :)

Profile image Mumsy5914 April, 2015

Oh that is such a nice story, well the last bit anyway. Someone found my bag with my wallet in it and turned it in to the pharmacy I left it outside of. They called and I was able to collect it but they hadn't taken the persons name. I put an ad in the local rag but would like to have thanked the good person. Honesty does pay

Profile image Sexymwahz15 April, 2015

Reading your stat ii thought of three songs
- ii feel good
- Express yourself..
- Proud Mary
You are an inspiration.. Blessings and magical miracles

10Apr2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 230 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 230 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2300
Total savings: $3,080.00
another 5 days bite the dust .glad to be smoke free. Has been tuff week though I have coped fairly well mostly.this morning was especially tuff ,I wound up getting a bit over stressed mid morning felt like chucking it all in really struggled to concentrate .feeling exhausted now mentally and emotionally really glad I'm finished for the week now. My vapor (ecig) has saved my bacon this last week or so ,if I didn't have it I know I would have picked up a unowot. Had the thought a few times but just vaped away instead and kept repeating nope nope nope. I will get up again and knock the ba#@%&d off next week odaat ,the job that is but for now gona switch brain off and try to enjoy the weekend. My rant for the week.

Profile image Nana2210 April, 2015

Rant away whenever you need to fagoff. 9 times out of 10 it's better to get the thoughts out there rather than keeping them locked in your head. Yep switch the brain to "weekend" mode now and enjoy the company of your beloved for a couple of days.
230 days smokefree is brilliant. Doesn't matter how you do it...you are doing it!
Have a great weekend fagoff.

Profile image clematis10 April, 2015

Glad you got through all that without reaching for the smokes. You would be so disappointed after 230 days smokefree to wreck it all - it's such an achievement. Hope you enjoy your weekend - sounds like it couldn't be anywhere but up anyway, lol. Take care, luv clem :))

Profile image AXL10 April, 2015

Rant anytime you like mate. I used to worry about work even after I got home. It's not worth it, you can't change anything till you go back to work. You're staying tough fagoff. Keep it up mate☺

Profile image Bub4410 April, 2015

keep up the good work and you can rant away to us anytime hope you felt better after ranting.

Profile image grammy10 April, 2015

Wow what an achievement. So pat yourself on the back enter the weekend mode and have a great weekend. You deserve it

Profile image Fritzy10 April, 2015

Wicked stats fagoff. Great stuff :)

Profile image Bruce C11 April, 2015

Well done. I hope you've taken some of that $3000 & spent it on yourself.

8Apr2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Where are you guzigirl haven't seen you in a while ,hope your doing OK.

8Apr2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

another good day

its strange how much different things can seem just by changing my perspective.last week I was beginning to think I've made a huge mistake changing jobs and towns. I DI'd have some really difficult problems to cope with last week, they were becoming insurmountable, then I realized I was too focused on the problem and that's all I could see. I also realized I couldn't carry on like that.this week I've been reminding myself that yes I am faulty ,have a lot to learn and it will take a while to become competent at my job. There are things in my life that I'd prefer were different. But more importantly there is so much in my life that's great.was driving back from paeroa today and I thought wow this is awesome .I love working with people the way I do and bonus they pay me for this. I am feeling better to the chest infection seems to be getting better.I get drive the coolest car around my trusty holden And my beloved is coming up for the weekend,woo-hoo, wink wink. Well I can dream eh I have some challenging stuff to deal with but I can do that one thing at a time.and best of all I am over 7 months u no wot free. Life is pretty darn good.thanx for your support

Profile image fagoff8 April, 2015

Life and hq .gotta love predictive text eh

Profile image AXL8 April, 2015

You seem a lot more positive now mate. That's great news. There's nothing better than loving a job - they're few and far between. You're doing great mate☺

Profile image Bub448 April, 2015

doing great fagoff 7months awesome i wakeup every morning loving my job enjoy your weekend

Profile image Nana228 April, 2015

Whatever do you mean "wink, wink?" I have no idea what you're talking abou! LOL.
If you're anything like me fagoff....scenarios in my head are always a lot worse than the reality....but i'm learning to not get too stuck in my own head and these days i'm better. It's so good to see you happier. You are awesome and you're doing an awesome job.
Oh and i would never say that you are faulty....at all, ever!

Profile image Mumsy598 April, 2015

Know what you are saying Nana22, I can't even remember what "wink, wink" means. You have the right attitude, deal with one thing at a time, things can become quite insurmountable, concentrate on the positive, enjoy your beloved. I think we all have things in their life that need a bit of work, I know I do. Good luck and keep in touch

Profile image fagoff8 April, 2015

Oops sorry about that I forgot their are young impressionable types on here,its a family show eh. Remember I didn't add nudge nudge that certainly would be a bit R18 , I'm only hoping to make first base you grubby minded types are thinking home run,he he he.
Fagoff is back in da house

Profile image Thunderbirds are go8 April, 2015

Haha, good to see you've got your sense of humour back and feeling better :)

7Apr2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

better day

Today was pretty good I coped with everything and just kept reminding myself keep it simple ,do your best and bugger the rest. (- . I'm doing OK .I am a wee way from being competent at the administration organizational part of my job but I'm doing OK. Might sound silly to others but I was getting pretty stressed out which caused me to do even less well then the negative thinking was starting r to drag me even further down.that's something I can't afford as it wouldn't be long before u no wots become a viable option again.thank for your support it really helps.I don't blog every day but I usually come on for a nosey.

Profile image AXL7 April, 2015

Hey fagoff. Some facets of new jobs take time to become fully competent with. Think positive mate. It's hard to do that at times I know. Hang in there mate, you've gone through a major change in the last month or so but guess what? You're still smokefree!

Profile image Bub447 April, 2015

big pat on the back i think your coping so well.

Profile image Bruce C7 April, 2015

The important thing is not to stress about it. Just keep plodding along and do the best you can.

Profile image Nana227 April, 2015

So pleased you had a better day my friend. Try not to worry about the administration part of the job too much...you will get it. You haven't been at it very long yet. May sound weird...but that's all it is - just part of the job - and if it doesn't go well for a while - well the world will still keep turning. You are so much more than what you do for a job. I'm really proud of all that you've achieved Fagoff. Be nice to yourself.

Profile image clematis8 April, 2015

Sounds like quitting has made you think through other things better too - well done fagoff. :))

Profile image Outandabout8 April, 2015

I can relate to this too, it's a kind of possum in the headlights feeling when you get too stresses hey ? I've felt like this before too, look at it this way you can cope with quitting which is about learning new skills and a new way of life you can cope with this. You earned that job, you won it, you can do it !!

6Apr2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

positive again

Had a great weekend in chch with my wife ( best m8) was reminded that if I focus on what's not rite in life then guess what I'll only see.and it also robs me of peace and contentment .so had a bit of a boot up the backside in a nice way. There is also so much good that's happening in my life that I can forget sometimes. I'm going to have a good week and deal with the challenges one at a time and not stay focused on them. History tells me I always overcome difficulties and I don't have to do it alone either .it's great be able to ramble on here at times and I do appreciate your thought's too.
I have noticed I seem to be more prone to anxiety as I've gotten older ,l dont like it but I have to accept it and find better ways of coping with it.
I used to get away by myself when I felt it coming on and light up a u nowot.
That's not an option now . I must remember to practice deep breathing instead and talking helps too. Slept better last night and I feel better physically as well. Just gotta keep it simple and stay in the day .I can do that.hope you all have a great smoke free week.

Profile image Nana226 April, 2015

Glad you had a good weekend fagoff. Must be hard going back and forth while still working and doing what you need to do in Coromandel. Maybe you've just been having some self doubt and it is easy to lose perspective sometimes. If things stress you, do what you can to resolve it and then let them go. If you can't resolve it, try to find away to let them go. Also last week you weren't feeling the best physically and that can sure take a toll and affect how we feel and react to other things. I feel that we are quite similar in some ways fagoff and i don't mean to sound all "know it all", but this is what i too am learning. Bottom line?. Have faith in yourself and trust yourself. I hope you have a great week. Take care.

Profile image fagoff6 April, 2015

Your not know it all Nana just very perceptive.your on the money there . I will try to remember to go a bit easier on myself this week and trust myself and the process more and practice patience a bit more too . CHEERS . NITE NITE

Profile image sunray6 April, 2015

You no what fagoff sometimes we come and read the blogs and after we have read that blog, Can say thank goodness I'm not the only one going though this...thanks for sharing your thoughts tonight and thank you for reminding me that those deep breaths and looking back to see how far we each have come on our journey of smokefreedom. It is having that moment to stop and remember that yes sometimes sh#t happens but in the end it's not all bad aye. Have a great week fagoff and remember that you are awesome. ⭐

Nana - please don't put yourself down...you are one very special lady, your words and care are the best xx. ⭐

Profile image Thunderbirds are go7 April, 2015

Loved your blog fagoff, we have to face things now rather than hiding behind a unowot. So true but it makes us stronger and wiser I think. Remind yourself of all you have accomplished too :)

Profile image Bruce C7 April, 2015

To paraphrase Churchill, we have nothing to be anxious about but anxiety itself.

You can't do much about it so don't worry too much about the anxiety. Worry about the things that are under your control.

Profile image Kiwikid7 April, 2015

Great blog

Profile image josienz19587 April, 2015

Your blog struck a chord with me - thanks for sharing. If find if I focus on what is right in my life, the things that aren't right seem smaller and easier to manage - deep breathing also helps with anxiety - good luck with this quit.

5Apr2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 225 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 225 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2250
Total savings: $3,000.00
Glad to be smokefree .But over getting chest infections ,this time its probably not as bad as a few months ago but still annoying and keeps hanging on coughing up goobies short breathed and no energy ,im trying to avoid antibiotics this time as its not good having them too much, using cough lozenges ,musinex and inhallor to help breath.Dr and health pros all say it might take 12 months too come rite ,I hope it does it certainly affects all areas of my life and it does get me a bit down at times .
I don't really have serious cravings these days I sort of figure it would be like picking up a loaded gun. I do feel like ive got a lot on my plate to cope with this and new job,town ,etc so I have to take it a day at a time .Celebrate the good times and hang in there through the other times.
I am certainly earning my stripes as far as this quit goes.I know it is worth it, just wish it was a bit easier at times.

Profile image AXL5 April, 2015

Hi fagoff. You've really copped it with your chest infections. That and your shift and new job you still remain smokefree. Well done mate, I salute you☺

Profile image Mumsy595 April, 2015

Hi fagoff, I guess the satisfaction of quitting wouldn't be as great if it was easy. You have done well. Think a lot of us think about how much we enjoyed smoking, we I did anyway. But think the benefits of quitting are so much greater that I am happy to keep struggling. Keep going, you have done so well

Profile image suemack5 April, 2015

Hang in there Fagoff! If you're still coughing up ask your doctor to get a sputum sample tested so they can target the the antibiotics to the bug. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Profile image clematis5 April, 2015

hi there, I too am having chest problems and have wondered if I might have an infection. I will go back to the doc if it doesn't clear up soon, although my budget is very tight and I've already been to the doc recently. Still, a good reason, a very good reason, not to start smoking again!!

Profile image Nana225 April, 2015

Oh damn those infections eh fagoff. I know you don't want more antibiotics but please don't let it go on too long before doing something about it. It can make you feel really down when you feel crook all the time and you deserve better. You do have a lot on your plate right now and there's no point adding extra stress if you don't need to.
Keep going on your awesome journey and be proud of your 225 days of smokefreedom.

Profile image Quitline5 April, 2015

Hi fagoff,

Thanks for your post.

Congratulations on 225 days smokefree, that's an amazing achievement, especially with the challenges you've faced.

Keep up the great work!

Quitline Online Advisor