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8Jun2011 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

day 2

Well I made it thru 1 day wasnt too bad ,still think ing about having one but keep putting it off .had my champix got my lozenges and minties so off to work now,good luck all you lot thanks for support.

Profile image heironymus8 June, 2011

Well done fagoff! Good luck for today :)

Profile image clarence the cat8 June, 2011

One Day At A Time, thats the way to go.

7Jun2011 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

almost a day

have managed to not smoke at all today,I did have bit of a craving around 2pm kept putting it off till 3pm,and sucked on a lozenge ,they last a while nearly two hours,drove home past shops and didnt stop.Im going out now to a meeting should be ok.I figure since I dont have a strong desire to quit I could just fake it till I make it.Havnt been couphing much today thats a bonus.Havnt told my wife im off yet I dont want to dissapoint her again.I know it bugs her a lot ,me smoking.Anyway felt good to be able to come on here and share my little success.

Profile image Debs :)7 June, 2011

Well Done Fagoff!!! Im day 2 myself can't wait for day 3, 4, 5 etc keep it up and i myself haven't coughed much today which is a bonus ae!!

Profile image Darja7 June, 2011

Well done! ODAAT!

Profile image Kathry7 June, 2011

Well done to get through your first day. A great achievement and now on to day 2. All he best and congratulations.

Profile image teisha7 June, 2011

Yup fake it and very very soon you will begin to believe it!!

Profile image clarence the cat7 June, 2011

Good for you!! Keep working at it and you will succeed.

Profile image Ariana017 June, 2011

Well done you and thanks for sharing, by the way your little success is huge. Every hour every day without smoking is a huge achievement keep it up.

6Jun2011 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

new start

Was gona start the other day then had a crap day and thawt stuff it.Anyway decided im gona start tomoro Tuesday ,got a couple of you no whats left will have them before bed then my plan is to not have any before work ,at work im good then after work to stay stopped.I have got the lozenges if I find cravings to hard.
I know its nuts but I dont have a great desire to stop ,but im hoping to build up my desire to enjoy life free of bl%#@%y smokes.
I dont like being a slave to anything.
Im on the champix which ruins the smoking and worked well last time,ive just gotta take the plunge ,so here goes.
see you tomoro

Profile image 1Lyn17 June, 2011

Good Luck.

Profile image clarence the cat7 June, 2011

Good for you. New day- new week- new you!!

Profile image heironymus7 June, 2011

Good luck for today!

1Jun2011 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

tryin again

Back for another go at quiting,I did manage to quit for three months last year before the Sept quake then picked up again.Ive started back on champix again and started a new job where I cant smoke for 8.5 hours while at work which is great ,but ive been struggling to not pick up a fag in the morning and again after work.I have to stop ,my health is crap .Im planning to not have a smoke tomoro before work then hopefully not after either,been saying that to myself for last few days ,thawt maybe coming on here again mite galvanise me into action.wish me luck ha

Profile image Darja1 June, 2011

Luck Fagoff!! You can do this and this is a great place to start! It really does help being here!

Profile image yas012 June, 2011

Hi fagoff, your story is the same as mine I restarted & have struggled on and off ever since the sept quake.
You can do it, youve done it before carry on and blog on here, water, patches etc if needed.
We al got your back mate :)

Profile image clarence the cat2 June, 2011

Good Luck Fagoff!! The new job, might be just the push you need to succeed. Have you got some patches or gum? They could be useful for you.

Profile image 1Lyn12 June, 2011

Welcome back and GOOD LUCK

22Oct2010 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

day 3

back again,been out there again smoked again for couple of weeks,didnt enjoy it and found it quit hard to want to stop again,but decided to do another 3 months on champix as its the only thing thats helped so far,i have slipped up loads of times but i keep learning stuff from it so eventually it must all add up and work ,its day three today in the past thats usually a tuff time cravings wise,was having a sneaky thawt before i could buy some fags have just one then put the packet away for another day,yea rite,i have realised im not very good at patting myself on the back when i achieve a milestone,so after a while all the good stuff ive acheived just adds up to ,nothing and when a trial or tuff time comes along i feel like i have nothing in the tank to deal with it,so im trying to be my own best freind and constantly thank myself whenever i acheive anything ,it does feel a bit weird but i think its a good thing to do,good to see so many familiar guys on here and all the newbies

Profile image pukeko22 October, 2010

Fagoff....look after you this time ...me I have never ever done that & smoking stops that feeling ...but when you quit in your mind for good......reward yourself coz f..k this is the hardest thing ever ever ever in your life ...but you know what fagoff....you count ...you are important...you are special...make sure for every little milestone ...you reward yourself......it can even start right here right now .....a big pat on you back & here is one big hug*****&&^&*(((*^^%%$##***** coz you have come back ....& you so deserve it !!! xx Drink lots of water today xx

Profile image fagoff22 October, 2010

thanx pukeko u made me feel all warm inside,been ok so far today had a few thawts but nothing to bad,I do feel a lot more positive now than I have for a month or so had a really busy tuff year and had a mountain of study work to get thru ,then the big whammy in oct ,think im getting a bit thicker skinned now with the ashocks and slowly making progress with my mountain its getting easier to see light at end of tunnel,I have thawt about putting off quitting till im finished studying ,but I think id rather keep at the quit thing if I can

Profile image yas0122 October, 2010

hey fagoff, you are doing the best you can. Everyone is different.
I slipped up the other night after doing so well. I know what you mean.

I like lots of others used to smoke more when stressed or upset. With all these shakes I still at times think oh go one just have one for the nerves.

You can only do what you are capable of. This isnt a easy thing to beat if it was do you think there would be so many of us on here slipping on & off.

Chin up buddy, 4ds, blogg and love yourself :)

Profile image pukeko22 October, 2010

Then I am gonna send you a hug every day fagoff ...xx...Yes you have had a hard time so remember yourself ....one little hug everyday xxoo

7Oct2010 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Hi fellow quiters havnt been on for a while been head down bum up doing my assignments for study ,I have to do an essay .so I chose quitting smoking amongst Maori ,I wondered if I could pic you guys brains for ideas ,what works ,what helps most ,if we could get to a place where we feel the most sense of wellbeing what would that look like,I have to come up with a Maori metaphor that most resembles a Maori veiw of what could be most helpful,something around whanau and maybe mokopuna ,what do you reckon,anyway back to the books

Profile image pukeko7 October, 2010

The top of that mountain is looking pretty damn fine from down here...crawling up..thinking what a great essay...think on it ...get back to you x

Profile image fagoff8 October, 2010

ta any thoughts appreciated

17Sep2010 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

feelin better

Was feelin a bit stressed before thinking how ill get through the weekend without picn up when a courier knocked on the door my e cig just arrived from USA only ordered it online on monday,so been playing with that for last hour or so,its pretty cool ive got a whole lot of non nicotine cartridges for it it will take a bit of getting used to but im happy with it so far

Profile image minty fresh17 September, 2010

Would love to know what you think of it - keep us updated. ☺

Profile image pukeko17 September, 2010

I have one too fagoff ...I have found it to be great when around other smokers also if in a smoking drinking situation..find now I chew on it more than puff...I also have a yoga puffing stick which helps to retrain your breathing ..I say whatever works for you works..keep it up you are doing great !!

Profile image lynal18 September, 2010

As long as you are happy and not on the real things then just keep in keeping on or should I say OFF

Profile image 19 September, 2010

I've been using an E-cig (Personal Vaporiser) for 3 weeks now. I buy them from the UK ( having first tried some cheap Chinese ones ). I have been totally cigarette free during that time and I also have to say that it has been so easy that I keep waiting for it to come to a sudden end. See my posts on this forum for my experience. http://www.liberty-flights.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=1978.0
Read the rest of the forums. There is a lot of help, experience and support for those who chose to go the 'vaping' route.

15Sep2010 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

day 3

third day off today had some good cravings for a while even started looking around the house for a smoke at one stage didnt find one luckily ,had a stinker of a headache again today and a bit of a gutsache part of the withdrawals i spose,I have managed to start working on one of my assignments today so thats good will try to do more tomoro and friday.I have ordered one of those E cigs from USA i think i mite need a bit of extra help, i ordered a whole bunch of non nicotine cartidges for it,I met a woman in Auckland who has been using one she let me try hers I think it could be a good back up plan

Profile image horlicks15 September, 2010

Hi fagoff, you are doing well, keep it up. I know what you mean about the headache, I am on day 38 and have got one, go figure!! Just think how much healthier we are all going to be, all these withdrawals will be worth it in the longrun, good luck on getting your assignments finished.

Profile image Captinhook15 September, 2010

Hi fagoff I also know of someone who got one of those E cigs and my partner tried it - hes an ex smoker too - and he said it really was like smoking a ciggy minus the nicodemon and all those other nasty chemicals so if it helps you through I say go for it! your doing really well keep up the good fight!

14Sep2010 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


got though yesterday ok no major cravings or thoughts,ive got to get on and make a start on my assignments for my study but so far just cant get my head to focus long enuff,I can really relate to some of the blogs of just wanting to sit around and blob out thats all I seem to want to do most of the time ive become so lazy and unmotivated,the zumba still goes on felt a good wee shake a while ago as I was reading blogs a 4.3 just a tiddler ,we are becoming so blasey about it all but you gotta get on eh,must get up and get something done see ya

Profile image Poppy14 September, 2010

Hay I know what u mean bout the studies. I cant be fricked. Just finished one assessment off yesterday, and now on to the next. Im studying financial accounting and information systems technology this term. I really wish I wasnt studying. This is my last year of study so I have to pass these papers or i dont graduate next may. SOOO much pressure.
Any way back to the books.
Have you checked out my facebook page "Quit With Me" come join up....
Keep up the good work!!! you can do it!!!

Profile image minty fresh14 September, 2010

LOL Fagoff - we are getting a bit blasé aren't we with all the wobbles. Have a strong cup of coffee, strong enough to give you the shakes....that way it may counteract any wobbles that the earth is throwing at us and we might stay 'level'. I'm gonna try it and see if it works.

Profile image fagoff14 September, 2010

Yea im the same poppy got to finish and pass everything this year to graduate next year,havnt done any study today got to get into it tomoro,I find the slightest excuse drags me away from the books

Profile image Poppy14 September, 2010

What are you studying??
Im doing a business diploma with a major in accounting

13Sep2010 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

back on the horse

I got thru the big one ok then over the next week the mental obsession to smoke just seemed to get bigger and bigger till i just thawt stuff it ive got enuff on my plate without trying to cope with nicodemon so i decided to pick up, ive smoked one 25 grm of baccy and one pac of 20,my throat feels like crap ,couphing again,yesterday i decided thats enuff ,so no smokes today got a headache but am ok ,didnt suffer any real damage here in shirley that i know of ,have had my son and his girlfreind staying with us since the bigun .we went to auckland for the weekend so feel a bit more relaxed now than i was last week.I have kind of missed coming on here your not a bad bunch really ,I hope all you other cantabs are ok.brent

Profile image pukeko13 September, 2010

You are back so it is/was so worth it anyone would have I think under the circumstances!! ...just another step on the journey...glad you & your family are safe .

Profile image horlicks13 September, 2010

Hi fagoff, welcome back, you guys have been through so much in Christchurch. Remember you are only human and it is so understandable that you started smoking again. You have made the right choice in giving up, I hope all goes well for you and everyone else down there. Good luck and enjoy being smokefree again!