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28Sep2014 By clarence the cat  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 1488 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1488 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 14880
Total savings: $8,184.00

Today is my birthday. I have reached that grand old age of 70.
Four years and 28 days ago I was in hospital feeling very sorry for myself. I had just had surgery (relatively minor) but had almost come unstuck because I failed to breathe properly in recovery. I remember the frightened looks on the faces of my daughters and the lecture I received about giving up smoking from the surgeon and deciding maybe I really should try to stop. I was scared – afraid that I would fail and make a complete fool of myself. I was already feeling bad because I knew that my 49 years of heavy smoking was the main reason I had breathing problems and I thought that if I failed I would never live it down. Also, I didn’t really want to stop my habit and abandon my “friend” of 49 years. Fortunately common sense prevailed and I decided to try. I promised myself I would never smoke again. I told no one, just got on with it.
I decided to talk to Quitline on my 12th day, just to get re-assurance if nothing else. They were amazing. I will never forget feeling at ease and being able to express my thoughts to someone who was non judgmental and willing to listen to my silly excuses for wanting to remain a smoker.
I read some of the blogs and quickly realized I was not the only person who felt the way I did. This gave me the confidence to continue my smokefree quest.
At first every day was a milestone. I would look forward to bedtime so that I could put a line through another smokefree day. I remember completing my first smokefree month and thinking I would never get to 2 months. It took a long time for me to stop wanting a cigarette, but one day it dawned on me that I had gone several days without giving smokes a thought. That was a day for celebration. Then I started to go out and meet friends and it was so nice not to have to seek an opportunity to sneak off to have a puff.
The first smokefree year was exciting, then came the second and third and on the 1st September my fourth smokefree breathday. I still occasionally have a fleeting thought that a cigarette would be “nice”, but I do not for one minute regret my decision to quit.
I have made so many friends through Quitline. It is like a big family.
I feel for each “Newbie” who struggles over the first few days and weeks. I want to reach out and do it for them, but this is a battle that must be fought alone. I love to hear news of those who were new when I joined and I really enjoy hearing from those who were “old hands” when I joined. I was so in awe of them.
I may not have a bigger bank balance than 4 years ago, but my discretional spending has improved greatly. I can afford little luxuries when I feel like them.
I certainly have a bigger waistline, but I am slowly coming to terms with that. I bought new clothes and try to exercise as much as my COPD will allow.
Although my health is not perfect I feel I can look forward to living long enough to enjoy any great grand children that will happen now that my grandchildren are adult.
Life is so good now that I am SMOKEFREE and I will never go back on my promise to myself.

Profile image Shewa28 September, 2014

Congratulations and a very Happy Birthday ;-)

Profile image Yorkshire Lass28 September, 2014

Think this should get `Blogger of the Week` if Quit Line still do this. Totally awesome Clarence. And I`ll take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you have given me. You are certainly an inspiration to us all. Well Done.xxxx

Profile image Gilly6028 September, 2014

Wonderful blog! Inspiring. Thank you! And congratulations to you! :)

Profile image Gilly6028 September, 2014

I agree Yorkshire Lass. Blogger of the Week most definitely :)

Profile image SusyQ28 September, 2014

Clarence the cat! Happy birthday and well done! And well done 4 years and a month smoke free. What a huge achievement! You are a true inspiration! That feeling of fear is so big, fear of not being able to quit, but you did it! You have blown it out of the water. I congratulate you for your amazing achievement, and I hope you have been spoilt rotten today. Happy birthday.

Profile image Sexymwahz28 September, 2014

Absolutely beautiful Clarance the Cat.. Loved your journey. Happy 70th birthday and many blessings to you on this beautiful day and Congratz on your 4th breatheday.. A miracle ii can only dream of and am continuing to pursue.
Thank you for being more than an inspiration, for you are a leader paving the way for us to follow, learn and understand that thiiz journey can be achieved.

Profile image sparke28 September, 2014

Happy birthday and we'll done :)

Profile image Axl23126128 September, 2014

Wow. What am awesome blog. Happy 70th birthday☺

Profile image Selly28 September, 2014

This was the loveliest blog:) and inspiration,c0pd is difficult to deal with but you seem to just get out there and push through life I bet your daughter is very proud, I gave up a year ago as I wTched my mother with COPD:( thanks for the inspiring words x

Profile image Cheekyhua28 September, 2014

Whoa :) Happy 70th birthday that is amazing, simply inspirational :)

Profile image Yorkshire Lass28 September, 2014

Oops, Sorry Clarence, I was so blown away by your blog I forgot to wish you a Very Happy 70th Birthday. Hope you are having a lovely day.xxxx

Profile image Elevtheria28 September, 2014

Happy birthday lovely :) what an inspirational blog! Thank you for sharing and thank you for your support. Love xxxx

Profile image Hollie28 September, 2014

What a tremendous achievement. Happy 70th birthday.
Most definitely Blog of the Week. :) :)

Profile image Saffron28 September, 2014

Adding my vote for "Blogger of the Week" - so inspirational and beautiful.
Happy, Happy 70th Birthday, clarence the cat and Many Happy Returns!
Congratulations for that and for your incredible stats!
Enjoy celebrating and thank you so much for all your support.
Take care of your lovely self ♥xx♥

Profile image sunray28 September, 2014

Wow awesome inspiring stats you have Clarence the cat. A winner of a blog for "blogger of the week". A very Happy Birthday to you. Have a lovely afternoon. ⭐

Profile image Buddy28 September, 2014

Happy Birthday Clarence the cat, Love your blog, Congrats on the 4 years smokefree :)

Profile image M-dog28 September, 2014

Happy birthday and congrats Clarence.

You have been one of my inspirations in here, so thank you - you have helped.

Profile image PokuruGirl28 September, 2014

Happy 70th birthday C the C!! One of favourite bloggers and someone I've admired greatly ever since I took my first baby steps to smoke freedom. You're celebrational, inspirational and motivational (sing it to the Muppet theme song). Hope you're having a lovely day surrounded by family and friends, good food and love.

Profile image Thunderbirds are go28 September, 2014

WHOOP WHOOP Happy Birthday Clarence the cat. 70 years is certainly something to celebrate and WOW, that 1488 days smokefree is outstanding!

Profile image aimee728 September, 2014

What a wonderful truly inspiring post. Happy happy birthday. This is the type of blog that keeps me going. Fantastic :)))

Profile image FeFe28 September, 2014

Amazing, thank you for sharing your story. My 3rd attempt and I felt stink coming back on again, I thought people would laugh at me. But quit line is amazing like you.

Profile image Arria28 September, 2014

Happy Birthday and what a great achievement ! Three score and ten and smoke free. I hope you were / are surrounded with your loving family today. You are an inspiration to all. :)

Profile image thin-barbie28 September, 2014

How beautiful Clarence I hope u have some great grands I'd love great grands too! Happy 4th smokefree birthday xoxoxoxoxoxo

Profile image mooch :)28 September, 2014

well done and happy birthday to you :)xx

Profile image josienz195828 September, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Clarence the Cat and thanks for your lovely blog - I can relate to much of what you wrote. It is never too late to quit eh? Good for you and I am sure your children are so proud of you.

Profile image nga28 September, 2014

♬∴♪★HapPy birthday to you★♪∵♬Clarence the Cat♪♬★ツツ 4 years is wicked. Takecare.

Profile image Bicycle28 September, 2014

Best post of the day (or week) !! :)

Profile image Kathry1 October, 2014

Wonderful to hear from you Clarence. Thank you for all the support you give to others and congratulations on your fantastic achievement.

Profile image Captinhook1 October, 2014

And that is how it's done! Happy birthday! Still such an inspiration for me and the rest of us! Much love to ya! X

Profile image Quitline2 October, 2014

A belated Happy Birthday Clarence! And thank you for sharing some wonderful words.

We can hardly pass up the recommendations of so many bloggers to use this as our Blog of the Week, so with your permission we'd be happy to share this on our Facebook page and our Blog of the Week page.

Cheers and congratulations on all 1488 (now 1493?) days smokefree.

Communications Advisor

Profile image maggie2 October, 2014

Happy belated birthday Clarence xxxx

Profile image Darja3 October, 2014

Star!! :-)

Profile image aufgehalten rauchen5 October, 2014

Glad I saw this well done Clarence, fantastic blog

Profile image Thunderbirds are go5 October, 2014

Congrats on getting your blog on Quitline's Facebook page :)

Profile image Ady9 October, 2014

Hi Clarence, How you doing mate, Long time no see,
Im sorry i missed your 70th birthday, WOW you are doing well.
Damn it, i also missed your 3th breathday, heres me busy doing my own thing, not even thinking about tobacco, it just doesnt enter my brain anymore thats probly why i forgot your 4th breathday.
Congratulations Clarence, that is one Fabulous Achievement, a Milestone to be proud of.
I will call in for coffee when i travel to Auckland again.
Lots of ppl look up to you for inspiration so keep up the good work Clarence.

Profile image clarence the cat12 October, 2014

Good to hear from you Ady. I would love you to call in for a coffee sometime. Seems like all is well for you. Take care!!

Profile image tina2715 October, 2014

Awwww I am also so sorry I missed your Birthday so heres wishing you a happy belated birthday sending lots of love to you..
I agree with Ady you really are an Inspiration
Kia Kaha xoxo

Profile image clarence the cat17 October, 2014

Thank you Tina27. How are you? I hope life is being kind to you.

Profile image Joybelle3 days ago

Hi there Clarence, sorry I missed your birthday & breathday. I see from all those comments from everyone what a real inspiration you are. I have not been into this web site for a few months, have been very busy which is a good thing. All is well with me I was also 70 this year so we do have a lot to celebrate. I wish you all the best.

Profile image clarence the cat3 days ago

Joybelle it is so good to hear from you. I have often wondered how you were doing.

20May2014 By clarence the cat  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


I have been trying to post a comment on Elevtheria's page, but I keep gettiing thrown out of Quitline to a page displaying "404 Page Not Found." "The page you required was not found."

It is most frustrating. Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong? I quite often make a comment on a blog and it doesn't appear, this seems to happen if I select the like button first.

Quitline can you help.

Hope everyone is having an amazing SMOKEFREE day

Profile image Midnight20 May, 2014

I have had this happen to me and it is annoying especially when you are trying to respond to some one. I could be wrong but it might be weather interference with the internet line. My partner always tells me to turn the modem off for 30 seconds and then start again and that seams to help but usually only when he is on it.
I know very little about computers and the key pad so I do hope that someone out there can help you - You have a nice smoke free day too !!!!!!!!

Profile image Saffron20 May, 2014

I've just commented on her blog with no problems, clarence.
I haven't the foggiest idea why you're having trouble, sorry.
Very frustrating, grrrrr.
But nice to hear from you ☺♥

Profile image Maanu20 May, 2014

next time you try you can save your words in case it hapopens again by doing this. Press control a (select all, your words should turn blue) press control c (copy) then try to post if it doersn't work try again and press control v(paste) all your words should reappear

Profile image clarence the cat20 May, 2014

Thank you all for your help.
Maanu. I do this with every comment I make now, just in case I have a problem, but this morning even when I tried to repost using your suggested method, it just wouldn't happen, although I could comment on other posts. It is most puzzling.

Profile image heironymus20 May, 2014

Clarence, I love seeing posts from you even if it is just because you are having trouble posting a comment lol. It's just like the old days! ☺ You know, I had that happen to me recently when I used an, erm, objectionable word that I had spelled slightly differently, took me an age to realise why it was happening because I didn't get the usual "Naughty word!" warning in red text lol. But I doubt very much that this would be the case for you, I just cannot imagine it! Perhaps you could try posting your comment against your own blog and see what happens?

Profile image Quitline20 May, 2014

Hi Clarence the Cat,

I will pass this issue onto the IT department for them to look into.

If any bloggers are having issues with the website, there is also a link at the bottom of the webpage labelled 'Email Us'. You can use this form to email the Quitline when you are having technical difficulties so that you can email through specific details that we can pass on to the IT department.

Kind regards,


Online Quit Advisor

Profile image clarence the cat20 May, 2014

Thanks Heiro. Sure I wasn't using a naughty word, but I may have misspelt something. I finally got my comment through, although it wasn't quite the same as the original one. Glad to see you're doing well these days.

Profile image PSPSP20 May, 2014

I am with Heiro. Always good to see you on here-and thanks for that nice comment on my blog yesterday

Profile image M-dog20 May, 2014

I agree!

Profile image Kathry24 May, 2014

Good to hear from you Clarence :o). I'm not sure what the problem is, but had similar issues a couple of months ago for a bit. Hope all is well, and all the best.

Profile image Saffron14 August, 2014

Thank you for your comment on my blog, Clarence the cat - I've always appreciated your support so much. I'm sad and sorry about your lung fitness not being better. I wish my healing vibes would reach you and work some magic :(
Please take care of your lovely self ♥x♥

Profile image Saffron25 August, 2014

Hello dear clarence ☺ Just saw your comment on Calmwaters' blog. I'm not too bad, thanks for asking. Tinnitus is driving me up the wall at the moment though. How are you doing? How's your breathing? I think of you often ♥

Profile image fugly20 September, 2014

Saw your name and had to look, checked out my old posts and yes there you were, thank you for your support then and yea for you keeping it up, I stuffed up and am new hhere again now. Bugger.

1Feb2014 By clarence the cat  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 1249 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1249 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 12490
Total savings: $6,875.00

Profile image Spyug1 February, 2014

Wow. Sad to say if I'd struck at it my original stats would be close to yours
Well done. You've done fantastically well !!!!!

Profile image clarence the cat1 February, 2014

Oh Darn!! One more day and it would have been a nice round number. Never mind. Have a great SMOKEFREE day everyone. Thanks to the busy number crunchers beavering away in the background.

Profile image aufgehalten rauchen1 February, 2014

Awesome Clarence, thanks for helping me get to where I am

Profile image sunray1 February, 2014

Very inspiring and awesome stats ★

Profile image NZMum2Two1 February, 2014

You are my idol. Awesome stats. Cant wait to be posting similar.

Profile image maggie1 February, 2014

Hi Clarence !!!!

Profile image cryuff1 February, 2014

Well done. Impressive stats.

Profile image DragonLips1 February, 2014

Wow awesome numbers there!

Profile image Julz19811 February, 2014

WOW. Well done to you CC.

Profile image rainbowfish1 February, 2014

Just sensational...........as are you Clarence:) xxxxxxxxxxx

Profile image Kathry1 February, 2014

Love the stats Clarence.

Profile image Ashleigh2 February, 2014

Wow - over three years smoke-free. Well done! It is inspirational to see you still affirming your quit status so everyone knows it can be done. also, since I've starting smoking again after giving up for a long time, it is really good to see you continuing to commit to being quit because that's what I'll need to do too. And thank you for the thoughtful comment you left on my blog!

Profile image aufgehalten rauchen3 February, 2014

fantastic stats

Profile image Saffron7 March, 2014

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, clarence ♥
Much appreciated.
And your stats are SO impressive! Congrats ☺

Profile image Saffron25 March, 2014

Thank you so much for your condolences to me about my Millie-cat clarence. Very thoughtful of you ♥

Profile image Saffron29 March, 2014

Sending you love, hugs and feel better vibes, ((((((((clarence the cat)))))))) x♥x♥x♥x

Profile image thin-barbie8 April, 2014

Thanks for UE comment Clarence looking at ur stats and what u said in my comment humbles me ur incredible:) xx

Profile image Mr. T9 April, 2014

Clarence, you are a legend. Your positivity helped me so much to get on with giving up the smokes. You are a great inspiration and support to everyone on this site. Well done.

Profile image turtle25 May, 2014

Hi Clarence the cat, just read your awesome stats and want to let you know you are, a great inspiration to us new comers, xxx

28Dec2013 By clarence the cat  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Happy New Year Everyone

My Stats:
1214 days SMOKEFREE
12140 cigarettes not smoked
$6677 saved

Wow! Reading those stats almost blew my socks off.
I’ll come clean now and say that the estimate of 10 per day that I was smoking when I began my quit journey was probably very light. I was cutting down and I think 10 per day would’ve been a very good day for me.
That is all in the past now and I have just read a blog which reflected all of my fears when I first began. I think my biggest fear was Failure. For this reason I chose not to tell anyone except my daughter and my boarder that I was finally, after 49and ½ years, going to quit. I could never have lived it down if I had failed.
Smoking was so much part of me, that even today, people who have known me for years find it hard to believe I am actually SMOKEFREE!!
I went cold turkey and was helped by the fact that I was in hospital for a few days. Each time I wanted a ciggy I would remind myself of the hassle involved to get myself out of bed and to a place where smoking was still permitted.
I joined this page about 12 days into my quit. I am so glad I did. The support from everyone was invaluable. It was especially good to know that I was not alone with my fears of failure.
At first I used to think I would never make my first month. When I reached that, I would look at the stats of people like Mintyfresh and Maggie and think I could never make their totals. It all seemed so daunting.
Three years and four months down the track, I very rarely think about smoking.
It is so good to be out and about without constantly wondering when I can have a smoke. My handbag has room for good things now that there are no packets of cigarettes filling it up. I know I don’t smell of stale smoke anymore. I have more money to spend each week; and I can actually save a little. Although I have COPD and my lungs don’t work well, I know that I have a better chance to live long enough to see my great grandchildren when the time comes. Sure I am carrying a bit more weight these days, but I bought some nice new clothes with the money I had saved.
I love to read the blogs and catch up with how everyone is going. It is so good to see this big family working so hard to help each other reach their SMOKEFREE goal.
Welcome all the Newbies. One Day At A Time (ODAAT) is the way to go.
Happy New Year everyone. Keep up the good work. May 2014 be a very good SMOKEFREE year

Profile image Saffron28 December, 2013

clarence the cat - you're one of my main inspirations here and I thank you very much for your support since I joined. Congratulations on your wonderful stats - such a great achievement and something to be so very proud of. Your blog is a fantastic one to read - thank you ♥☺♥ Wishing you all you wish for yourself in 2014 ♥☺♥

Profile image kyleec28 December, 2013

Wow you are amazing!Very inspiring, and there are so many benefits of quitting and no benefits of smoking:)

Profile image Yorkshire Lass28 December, 2013

Awesome blog Clarence the cat, and so inspiring. Thank you for all your support this year. It`s down to all the `lovelies` on here that I`m where I`m at with my quit journey. Happy New Year to you.xx

Profile image nanaturtle28 December, 2013

wow&i thought i was cats whiskers! may i say, u were one of my first supporters&here we are supporting th newbies. thank you clarence, inspiring! Happy New year to all!

Profile image Kathry28 December, 2013

Wonderful to hear from you Clarence and congratulations on your stats. Thank you for the part you have played in the quit stories of so many others (you were a great support for me too). Hugs and happy holidays.

Profile image Emmy girl28 December, 2013

Great blog. Amazing stats. Thanks for the reminder that everyone has to start somewhere. Happy new year to you too. ;-)

Profile image PSPSP28 December, 2013

Loving it Clarence the Cat.

What you bring to this site is fantastic. At 1214 days you are still here supporting and encouraging others. Thank you.

Profile image tina2728 December, 2013

Good hearing from you.. fantastic blog and fantastic stats. here's wishing you a fab smoke free New Year..
Kia Kaha
♥˚͜˚ ♥ xoxoxo

Profile image Proud Mumma30 December, 2013

Clarence your unwavering support has help me stay quit. Im in awe of you and your acheivment. Well done. I am so proud for you and of you. The strenght you have to quit after such a longtime is amazing. I thought 20 years a smoker was going to be hard, but you at 49 years just goes to show anyone can do it. You have proved that. I do hope you had a very merry xmas and the new year will be good to you. All my love Clarence the Cat :) xxxxxxx

Profile image Julz198130 December, 2013

Hi Clarence the Cat
Congratulations on your achievements!!
Thanks for always coming back and sharing your wisdom with us.
I love your 'can do attitude'.
You rock, happy new year to you xx

Profile image Joybelle8 January, 2014

Happy New Year to you also Clarence all the best for 2014

Profile image Shemore11 January, 2014

you inspired me Clarence and still enjoy reading your blogs when I am having a hard time like the last two weeks or so not sure why thou
well done for the status
and thanks

Profile image maggie12 January, 2014

Heres your old mate Maggie dropping in saying congrats you are still doing well and i told you it can be done xxxx

Profile image rainbowfish13 January, 2014

Happy New Year to you too Clarence:)xx Always one of my favourite people here on these blogs, I so appreciate you!

Profile image Marje15 January, 2014

Congratulations Clarence - brilliant stats - I well remember the inspirational blogs from you, as well as Mintyfresh and Maggie in the 'early' days.

Profile image heironymus15 January, 2014

I don't know if you will check back here or not but I have to thank you for your comment on my blog yesterday, and thank you for believing in the sincerity of my smokefree quest (I love how you put that). I hate to think what would happen if I had not found this page. People like you have had such an impact on me and continue to give me strength and courage. Thank you Clarence the Cat, from the bottom of my heart. ♥♥♥

1Sep2013 By clarence the cat  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Three Years today

Smokefree days: 1096 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 10960
Total savings: $6,028.00
Amazing. I have done it. This goal was beyond my dreams and here I am.
Feeling all the benfits of SMOKEFREENESS.
Free from the chains of habit.
More confident
In a word Happier.
Thanks for all the support from everyone here.
Next goal 4 years SMOKEFREE

Profile image Yorkshire Lass1 September, 2013

Wow......Congratulations and what an Inspiration. Enjoy your Sunday Clarence the Cat.

Profile image Saffron1 September, 2013

You've been such an inspiration to me, Clarence the cat and I'm delighted and happy to say, "Many, many congratulations on your three years of smokefreeness!" Such a wonderful achievement :)) ♥♥♥

Profile image Pop's1 September, 2013

Absolutely fantastic. The Cat is just "purring" along. Congratulations Clarence

Profile image Joybelle1 September, 2013

Congratulations!! Clarence you beauty my friend 3 years down wow there's no holding you back. You have been an inspiration to so many of us on our bus journey, do you think we should tell Ada to get us a double decker bus.LOL
Cheers and all the best

Profile image Joybelle1 September, 2013

sorry I meant Ady

Profile image PYTnz1 September, 2013

totally amazing stats... i will be there oneday :)

Profile image kiwimale1 September, 2013

Wow - 3 years. Thats a great effort.

Profile image bells1 September, 2013

Many happy returns for you from such an awesome achievement
May your day be very special for you
sure are amazing!
All the best for your next year too

Profile image rainbowfish1 September, 2013

I have been thinking of you today Clarence, knowing that the first day of spring signifies your breathday. Happy 3 years of smokeFREEDOM lovely lady:) xxxxx
You are proof that anything is achievable, so long as you put your mind to it and do the hard yards - you are awesome!

Profile image poppitt1 September, 2013

Wow just fantastic what a achievement

Profile image pumpkin1 September, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS.That is such an achievment. I am just a few months into quiting and I love to read what people have accomplished and it gives me something to work towards in my challenge to never smoke again.

Profile image Worker1 September, 2013

Yahoo - that's so awesome Clarence - you must be so proud. Never again will you be a slave to the cigs.

Profile image Dingdee1 September, 2013

Wow !

Profile image Proud Mumma2 September, 2013

Oh wow CC how so awesome to come on here today and see your blog. Great to see you back, havent heard form you for awhile now. great to see you doing so fantastic. huge inspiration to many of us :)

Profile image aufgehalten rauchen2 September, 2013

Fantastic, 3 years is an amazing achievement, well done and see you at four years

Profile image clematis2 September, 2013

hi clarence, so happy for you, you have showed fantastic determination, I will try and follow your good example. Have a great week :)))

Profile image Kathry3 September, 2013

Congratulations and well done ... and thank you for all the support you gave as well. You are fantastic.

Profile image tina276 September, 2013

Soooooooo sorry I missed your breathday... HAPPY belated BREATHDAY.. wooop woop go you xoxox

Profile image Captinhook8 October, 2013

Your awesome! so totally awesome!

Profile image rainbowfish25 December, 2013

Merry Christmas Clarence:) xxx

24Aug2013 By clarence the cat  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 1088 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1088 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 10880
Total savings: $5,984.00

Hello everyone.
I have been so busy lately that I hadn’t realized until today, that in one week I will have completed yet another SMOKEFREE year. I didn’t believe at first that I could quit, but I DID IT and there is NO WAY I will ever smoke again. It is very hard at the beginning and so many times I wanted to say, “ That’s it! I can’t do it”, but I had promised myself that I would Quit and do my best to make the most of my life while I could, so I stuck with it.
I used to laugh at people who tried to warn me about the harm I was doing to myself, but if only I had listened I wouldn’t be struggling for every breath after I have climbed a few stairs, or sit on the beach wishing I could scramble over the rocks without being afraid I would venture too far and have trouble getting back onto level ground. Don’t get me wrong, I am not feeling sorry for myself, and I still attempt most things and make the most of every chance for adventure that comes along, I just regret that I refused to see the pitfalls ahead.
I had other health issues, not related to smoking, and these have finally been “sorted”, so I am finally getting out and about more, hence the reason for my absence from the Blogs. I have missed you all and often think about Rainbowfish, Proud Mumma, Yorkshire Lass, Worker, Ady, Yas01, Pops, Clematis, Heiro, Joybelle and so many others, and wonder how you are all doing.
I just checked up on some of the blogs and I see Heiro has had some exciting news. Hope all is good Heiro.
I often see young people smoking and I have to bite back the urge to shout at them “Don’t do it”. It is an insidious habit,and you’re hooked before you know it and then it is such a struggle to break free.
It is good to see so many Newbies joining the blogs too.
Keep up the good work all and enjoy your SMOKEFREE weekend.

Profile image Pop's24 August, 2013

I am so pleased that you blogged. I was getting a tad concerned, but here you are and all is well.

Thankyou for asking after me. I celebrate 300 days tomorrow. This is nowhere as inpressive as your achirvement.

Well done Clarence. You must feel very proud. Congratulations & thank you for sharing your stats so others can emulate your success.

Profile image Yorkshire Lass24 August, 2013

Love your stats Clarence, and great to hear from you. It`s crazy how for years we chose to ignore all the warnings about our health in relation to smoking. One of my reasons to quit was I was sick of being out of breath walking the dog. Now its great to go for a long walk and be able to breathe deeply....no getting out of breath for me now. One of the positives I focus on when feeling tempted....
Have a lovely weekend Clarence.xx

Profile image Saffron24 August, 2013

Very lovely to hear from you clarence the cat :))
Your stats are SO impressive.
You've been one of my inspirations for quitting.
Congratulations on another year of being smokefree.
I'm really pleased that you've had other health issues sorted - that's good news.
Take care ♥

Profile image Fireman24 August, 2013

You are a rock. I think its really important that people like you that have gone a long time smokefree keep in touch to show what is possible.

Profile image BoDeanChristie24 August, 2013

wow, what a champion, 3 years is it? awesome i am looking foward to the day when i can say i have been smoke from for as long as you have, ur an inspiration!

Profile image Kathry24 August, 2013

Hi Clarence, it is great to hear from you. Congratulations on your wonderful stats and all the best.

Profile image Thunderbirds are go24 August, 2013

Absolutely amazing! Congratulations.

Profile image PokuruGirl24 August, 2013

One of my favourite muppet skits is called "The Cat Came Back", and come back you did Clarence. PSPSP and I are now 400+ days quit now and we are just so so happy to finally be free. Having got this huge monkey off my back, there is no way of this earth I will ever letit back on. Not smoking is where all the cool cats are now! LOL!

Profile image Susie24 August, 2013

Great to hear from you again and see your awesome stats.

Profile image franfree25 August, 2013

wow you are cranking along

Profile image rainbowfish26 August, 2013

Clarence!!!! Oh how I have missed you, it's so nice to see your name appear on the blogs.
Yes, you are not too far off your 3rd beathday, how exciting!
You have always been a rock for me Clarence and I hold a very special place in my heart for you. I am coming up to 18 months now, and I know that I would never gotten here without people like yourself believing in me when at the time I didn't believe in myself.
I'm glad to hear that you have been keeping busy, and that some of your health issues have been 'sorted'. Sounds like you are making the most of life and are able to enjoy it even more now that you are smokefree. Yes most of us regret not doing this sooner, but it is what it is, keep on looking forward:) xxx

Profile image aufgehalten rauchen27 August, 2013

Just a week to 3 years, fantastic, well done. Its really great seeing you back on letting us know how you are going as you are always there for everyone else.

Wll done mate

Profile image tina2728 August, 2013

Fantastic stats, great to see you back on line... I am now on count Dow till the 1000 woop woop
Kia Kaha xox

Profile image Captinhook30 August, 2013

CTC!!!! glad to see your still owning that nasty demon!!! your amazing!!!!

Profile image clematis30 August, 2013

hi clarence, so great to read your blog. Was worried about where you had disappeared to. Am pleased that your health issues have improved. Take care, clem x

31May2013 By clarence the cat  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 1003 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1003 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 10030
Total savings: $5,522.00

Hello everyone. I've been away for almost a month. Had a fabulous holiday in Australia.
If I hadn't quit when I did I would not be well enough or financial enough to afford such a luxury. I'm so glad to be SMOKEFREE. Good to see so many doing so well on their quit journeys. To all the newbies, it seems so hard at first, but stick with it, cos it is so worth while. Happy SMOKEFREE day all.

Profile image Proud Mumma31 May, 2013

Clarence to are a true legend here and seeing your name made me smile indeed. Your stats are truly inspiring to us all. I soooo happy for you that your had a great trip, how lovely and what a great way to celebrate your savings. You are amazing :)

Profile image Saffron31 May, 2013

Great to see you Clarence! I'm so glad you had a fabulous time in Australia.
Your stats are awesome - congratulations :)

Profile image Proud Mumma31 May, 2013

All is forgiven Clarence, I gracefully accepted your belated congratulations. Just happy to see you back :)

Profile image Worker31 May, 2013

Hi Clarence - so awesome to see you - ive just come back from 2 weeks in Melbourne myself and it was my non smoking money that we used to go with.

Profile image aufgehalten rauchen31 May, 2013

Great to see your post, glad you had a good break away

Profile image Marni31 May, 2013

Great to hear your positive comments Clarence - I'd noticed that you hadn't been here for a while - wonderful to hear you happy & healthy & travelling. Your stats have always inspired me - congrats to you xxx

Profile image rainbowfish31 May, 2013

Hello Clarence! So glad to hear that you had a wonderful time in Aussie:)
And WOW on your stats...oh my goodness Clarence, over a thousand days up your sleeve now, and over ten thousand not smoked - mind-blowing!!! Good on you:) xx

Profile image tina271 June, 2013

Well done... sooooo proud xoxoxox

Profile image Kathry2 June, 2013

Welcome back from your trip Clarence and congratulations on your wonderful stats. Thanks again for all the support you give. All the best.

Profile image james_free20 July, 2013

Setting my milestone at 1000 now that Ive seen this. Thanks for the inspiration. :D

Profile image Joybelle24 July, 2013

Hi Clarence, Well done!! I have been very busy myself but will get a blog done sometime. All the best Cheers xoxo

Profile image rainbowfish7 August, 2013

Hi Clarence, I have been thinking of you lately, almost at your 3rd Breathday! I hope life is treating you well lovely lady:) xxx

25Apr2013 By clarence the cat  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 967 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 967 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 9670
Total savings: $5,324.00
Hello everyone. I cant wait to get to 1000 days SMOKEFREE now.
I will be away for a fortnight. I am going to Australia to visit my girlfriend. We have been friends since our Primary Schoool days, probably around 63 years. I cant wait to see her.
It is so good to watch the newbies making such great progress. I remember when I first began my journey I used to think I would never make it past the first couple of weeks, but if you keep beavering away it is possible. The bonus for me is the extra dollars in my savings account, and my health, although still not good is much better now that I am not filling my lungs with smoke every day. Take care all. See you in a fortnight.

Profile image Saffron25 April, 2013

Your stats are just awesome, clarence. Congratulations!
Enjoy your holiday with your friend. I always quite envy people who still know school friends. I lost touch with mine when I emigrated to New Zealand. It amazing that you've been friends for all those years!
Take care and travel safely.

Profile image clematis25 April, 2013

Truly inspiring stats, clarence, and have a fantastic holiday with your friend - look forward to seeing you back here with all the news. :)

Profile image Maanu25 April, 2013

Your stats are amazing thx for sharing them with us very inspiring. Cigarettes have gone up a lot since you quit 10,000 cigarettes would cost $8,000 at todays prices

Profile image Worker25 April, 2013

Hi Clarence - so cool to see you on here. Awesome stats. Wow off to Aussie for a holiday - lol Im off there too - Melbourne - in 3 weeks. Just after my first breatheday. Cant wait for your 1000 day either cos its so exciting.

Profile image Pop's25 April, 2013

Clarence. I have been in awe of your wise suggestions since i came on board 178 days ago. Initially i thought you were a Male (Clarence), but no, i was wrong. Then i worked it out. As i am 3 years older than you, i can recall many years ago a brand of "Cancer Sticks" called Clarence & they had a Cat on them.

Have a nice time in Oz & congratulations on your impending milestone.

I still have a Male Friend. We both started School in 1947 together. We get together at least once a year. He is in Auckland & i am in Dunedin. Last saw him when i was in Tauranga. He came down especially. (Yes i am neary 71).

Profile image heironymus25 April, 2013

I hope you have a really lovely time Clarence, enjoy your holiday!
And CONGRATULATIONS on those stats, here you come, quadruple digits!
Certainly cause for a celebration ☺ xxx

Profile image rainbowfish25 April, 2013

Hi Clarence, I love the analogy of 'beavering away at it'. It really is what it's like, one day at a time. All of these one days have added up to an amazing 967 days for you, WOW only a month off 1000, how exciting!!!
Enjoy your time with your friend in Oz. An amazing lifelong friendship!!! My longest friendship is 25 years (from high school). Friendships that stand the test of time are super special!!!

Profile image Kathry26 April, 2013

Hi Clarence, it is great to hear from you and to be able to congratulate you on your fantastic stats. You have given so much support to others, and have played such an important part in the quit experiences of so many. Thank you, congratulations and enjoy your trip to Australia. All the best.

Profile image Proud Mumma26 April, 2013

Oh how awesome to see a blog from you Clarence, wow and look at your stats, phew wee super fantastic they are and so are you...
Thank you fro you amazing support of me, you are amazing..
You must be close to 3 years on non smoker, that's just wow, I cant wait to be there..
Look forward to you again in two weeks, have a good one friend :) xxxxx PM

Profile image Julz198126 April, 2013

Hi Clarence, wow, your stats are amazing, well done to you! I often go through your blogs and read them, you have been a positive influence - thank you.
Oh wow, your holiday sounds exciting, what a tight friendship you must have after 63 years!
Enjoy xx

5Feb2013 By clarence the cat  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

My Lucky Number

I was so excited about writing a blog today because 8 is my lucky number and would you believe I have been SMOKEFREE for 888 days. I figure that's 3 times lucky.
However today got so busy with other things happening I have only just sat down to write. Just a quick flick through todays blogs and blow me down who should have called in but my old mate Ady. I always miss the goodies.
I still can't believe that 2 years and 3 months ago I was just embarking on this fabulous journey. As you all know it can be a hell of a roller coaster ride. There are days when you think this is too hard and want to throw it all away. Then something simple like being able to smell the perfume from a rose wafting through the window, or going into a room with the knowledge that people see you, before they smell the odour from the cigarette you hastily stubbed out before you made your entrance, makes you decide to hang in there and stay focused on becoming SMOKEFREE.
I never thought I would have the courage to say it but I am sure now that I will never smoke again.
Every newbie who joins gets a secret pat on the back from me. It is so brave to have made the decision to quit and I wish each one the very best on their journey. I know its hard work but it is so worthwhile.
I was in awe of the "old hands" when I joined. I remember thinking "holy cow" I will never get to a month , but it happened, then it continued until here I am today with stats that would have once seemed unattainable.
I have been 888 days smokefree, and saved $4,884 by not smoking 8880 cigarettes.
I am grateful for all the support I have received from everyone along the way. This is such a great place to be.

Profile image Barbs505 February, 2013

Wow Clarence the cat that's so awesome you have done so well, thanks for all the support since I have been on this mission 135 day's :)

Profile image Kathry6 February, 2013

Hi Clarence, congratulations on your fantastic stats and achievement. A sincere thank you as well. Your encouragement, support and experience has given so many of us a helping hand. You are a special person and have played a part in helping so many to quit.

Profile image clematis6 February, 2013

Hi clarence, can't tell you how amazing you have been by being here the whole time I've been trying to quit, and that's quite some time now. And am so happy at you reaching the incredible milestone of 888 days. 8 is a lucky number to the chinese apparently. Have a great day and I hope something really great happens for you on this special day. :))

Profile image heironymus6 February, 2013

Oh my goodness Clarence, that is absolutely mind blowing, look at all those 8s, heavens above there's a whole three of them! THREE fat ladies!
HUGE congratulations to you on your triple lucky 8s. I am more grateful for your support than I can find the words to express. Love from your Heiro xxx ☺
PS - I have been meaning to ask for a very very long time and can't work out why I never have... was there ever actually a cat, called Clarence? I once had a cat called Clive ☺

Profile image Ady6 February, 2013

Hi Clarence, Its great to see a blog from you, You've been my quit buddy since week 1, & that was many many weeks ago. LoL
888 days, O M G, I think our next target is 1000 days, what you reckon, we'll be there in no time, hehehehehe
It was 2yrs & 5 months you embarked on this journey, 1st Sept 2010.
Can't forget my mates now can I.
Well as you know from my xmas visit i have a new challenge,.... Teens, Argghhhhh, This just keeps getting BETTERRRRR, hahahaha
You really have come a long way since day 1 Clarence, & you've helped & supported many a newbie along your way.
You've driven the quit bus, & taken a ride on the Quit Train, hahahaha
Weve had some fun over the last 2yrs, Now what did I do with that Quit Train anyway.?
BIG Hugs, Big Smiles & Congrats on such an Awesome 888 days Smokefree Clarence.
ps. I will have to make a 1000 day certificate for us Ae.
Cheers mate.

Profile image PokuruGirl6 February, 2013

WTG Clarence. I love number patterns. The other day it was 31.1.13 - a number palindrome, just like 888!!!

Profile image Saffron6 February, 2013

You're such an inspiration Clarence - thank you so much for blogging these amazing stats. Triple 8 is fantastic!!! Congratulations.

Profile image rainbowfish6 February, 2013

Wow Clarence, by the look of your stats, number 8 is definitely a great number - 888 days smokefree, saving $4884, and 8880 not smoked - pretty impressive!
Today my Dad came to visit and he stood outside on the deck, as close to the door as possible so he could still hear the conversation inside. Even though it has triggered some nasty cravings for me, it has also reminded me of how it use to feel like I was missing out on the action when I needed to duck out for a smoke. Not any more, I'm right amongst it, where I should be.
You're right, this IS a great place to be and I love the 'not so secret' pats on the back you give me. You've supported me from day dot and you have been one to help me to realise those 'simple' pleasures:) x

Profile image Spyug9 March, 2013

Great stats Clarence. 888 good all round numbers. Keep up the good work xx.

31Dec2012 By clarence the cat  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


I would like to wish everyone an amazing 2013 with lots of good fortune, love and laughter and above all SMOKEFREE happiness.

See you all next year xx

Profile image rainbowfish31 December, 2012

Same to you Clarence:) xx
Thank you so much for the support you have given me this year, it truly is appreciated and I feel so lucky to have people like you behind me all the way. (((Hugs)))

Profile image 31 December, 2012

Clarence, you wished what I wanted to wish you....and above all smokefree happiness.

Profile image Marni31 December, 2012

Here's to 2013 clarence - love your outlook of good fortune, love and laughter. Thank you for your ongoing SMOKEFREE support - I love your calm manner and the fact that you are such a success on this smokefree journey - you're wonderful x

Profile image maggie31 December, 2012

Happy new years Clarence xxxxxx

Profile image brite eyes31 December, 2012

Right back at ya Clarence. Hear from you next year :)

Profile image Allie31 December, 2012

Thanks Clarence and the same to you as well, see you in 2013.

Profile image Hurricane1 January, 2013

And the same for you too clarence the cat

Profile image Proud Mumma1 January, 2013

My dear firend CTC, thank you for your amazing supportin my jounrey, here;s to 2013 being a great one for us all..Happy New Year to you :)

Profile image Kathry2 January, 2013

Happy New Year to you and yours as well Clarence. All the best.

Profile image Clueless Blonde3 January, 2013

Happy new year Clarence!!!

Profile image HappyShells7 January, 2013

Happy New Year Clarence... :)