Phone Support

Call Quitline on 0800 778 778 for free advice and non-judgmental support to quit smoking.

A Quitline Advisor will help to create a quit smoking plan that works for you. The Advisor will help you understand the smoking addiction – you will identify the reasons why you smoke and come up with new ways to cope. You’ll get tips and suggestions on how to beat cravings.

Many Advisors are ex-smokers themselves and know what quitting is like. We’ll also send you a free Quit Pack with helpful info and a Quit Card. Quit Cards can be taken to your local pharmacy and redeemed to get subsidised nicotine patches, gum and lozenges. We’ll also follow up to see how you are getting on.

If you've called us before and started smoking again, feel free to call again. We're here to help no matter where you are on your journey to becoming smoke-free.

Open 24 hours a day

We know that cravings can strike at any time of the day or night, so you can contact us 24/7. If you need support during the times you normally smoke or just need help setting a plan for your quitting journey, give us a call on 0800 778 778. You can also get round the clock support from our blog community at


Quitline's Phone Service is available in 44 languages

If your first language is not English, you can use the Language Line service via Quitline to get support to quit smoking in your native tongue. Forty four languages are covered including, Samoan, Cook Island Māori, Tuvaluan, Tongan, Tokelauan, Mandarin and Hindi. This service is available from Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm.

To access the service:

  1. Call Quitline on 0800 778 778
  2. When the call is answered, clearly say “Language line” and the language you wish to speak in
  3. It may take several minutes before an interpreter is available
  4. Once the interpreter is available, the normal Quitline support call will begin
  5. All subsequent support calls will be delivered through the Language Line interpreter

For a full list of all languages available please visit -