Video diaries

Our Quit video diaries follow a number of real kiwis through their journey to become smokefree


Angela quits smoking

The video diaries featuring Angela Wallace ran from February until June 2010. The series of 11 videos follow Angela, a smoker of 25 years, as she attempts to give up for good.

Angela's diaries were unique in a number of ways. They were the first video diaries to specifically portray the role of extended family and Whānau in supporting someone to quit smoking. They also highlighted the way that smoking affected Angela's life in a range of settings, including the many traditional Māori practices which are an everyday part of life for the Wallace Whānau. As with each of the previous video diaries, Angela's story acknowledges the challenges as much as the rewards which come with quitting smoking.

IntroductionMother's ConcernFamily Honesty
Sisterly WisdomLast CigaretteDay Five
Looking GoodWhanau SupportWill It Last?
Two MonthsOutro 

Joe quits smoking

Introducing JoeReady to stopStrategies
The last cigaretteDay oneDay three
Week threeAdjustingGetting Easier
CommitmentAdding UpSix months on

Tash quits smoking

Tash is a 30-year-old Māori mother who smoked up to 15 cigarettes a day. The raw emotions of quitting are evident with Tash as she struggles to overcome her addiction to smoking.

Introduction to TashThe costThe gym
InspirationLast smokeFirst Day
First night outRelapseThree months
Final close  

Roseanne and Ieremia quit smoking

Introducing Roseanne and IeremiaReasons to quit 1Reasons to quit 2
The last cigaretteFirst dayDay four
Family timeAdding up the savingsStressful morning
Cousin FredFeeling greatFinal Close

Karen and Sean quit smoking

Introducing Karen and SeanConsequencesKaren quits smoking early
Day 5The last cigaretteHard to let go
A slip upWeek 5A high price
Final piece to camera  

Stu quits smoking

Stu is a father of two, and smoked up to 45 cigarettes a day. Follow Stu as he quits smoking which he says is an incredible waste of money.

Introduction to StuThe costThe last day
Nicotine patchesFirst dayDay three
Day fourWeek threeFour months
Final close