Helping Pacific People Quit

Kia orana - Bula vinaka - Fakaalofa lahi atu - Talofa lava - Halo oloketa - Malo ni - Malo e lelei - Fakatalofa atu

Warm Pacific greetings from Quitline - we are committed to helping you quit smoking

At the 2015 Pasifika Festival we asked Pacific people to tell us their stories on how smoking has affected them and their families. Here are six stories that we'd like to share. Click on each one to view it.


We also shared these stories in a range of radio ads and posters which you can find on our Pacific Campaign page.

Quitline speaks your language

Over 18 Pacific people work for Quitline. We are committed to helping Pacific people to quit smoking. You can also use the Language Line service to get support in languages including Samoan, Cook Island Māori, Tuvaluan, Tongan and Tokelauan. Just call us on 0800 778 778 and clearly say "Language Line" and the language you wish to speak in.

Pacific resource - Your strength lies in freedom from smoking

You can also find our popular booklet "Your strength lies in freedom from smoking" on our Info Resources page. The booklet comes in a number of Pacific languages - Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island Māori, Fijian, Tokelauan, Tuvuluan and Niuean.