Smoking and pregnancy

If you are pregnant, quitting smoking is one of the best decisions you will ever make, for you and your baby.

The effects of smoking

When you smoke, poisons enter your bloodstream, then pass through the placenta to baby. These poisons harm your baby’s health. This puts baby at risk of numerous problems including glue ear, asthma, leukemia and Sudden Unexplained Death in infancy (SUDI). Even if you have smoked for some of your pregnancy, quitting now will make baby healthier.

How Quitline can help

Quitline offers phone support specially designed to help pregnant women quit smoking. We’ll be there for you throughout your pregnancy and until baby is at least 6 weeks old. If you like, we will also talk to your partner/family about helping you to quit and making your home smoke-free. Call us - 0800 778 778.

You can use nicotine patches, gum or lozenges when you are pregnant. These will help ease the cravings and are far safer than smoking. When you call, we will send you a card to take to the pharmacy.

Staying quit

After baby is born it’s still important to stay smoke-free. The first six weeks is a time many women find challenging. Even if you don’t smoke around baby, poisons from cigarettes will stay in your clothes and hair. Baby will be exposed to these.


I Quit Smoking for Baby and Me

To find out more about the harms of smoking in pregnancy and the benefits of quitting, download this resource: I Quit Smoking for Baby and Me.

Or watch this video to see more about Quitline’s service for pregnant women.