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21Jan2017 By happyaz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Quitting again

This time no turning back,although I am hanging our for one right now because my vapor is not working dam, think I will bake a cake instead

21Jan2017 By zacl  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

First Fight!

Well I knew it had been going to good to be true! Me and my partner just had a fight we drove 2 hours to go for a bush walk - something we do often and enjoy. This was a new track through the bush, and we took a wrong turn it added an extra 45 mins. Then we finally found the walk and there was a natural fruit ice cream place. My partner said let's get one and I said we could later then we drove around trying to find a park. It was so frustrating I Sam turned back toward the ice cream place (deciding let's just have one now) my partner said why are we turning back I lost it for a moment and shouted 'to get some F##king ice cream.

Well next thing it was all over now I was getting the silent treatment we ended up arguing shortly after. I said sorry but it was not accepted and we ended up heading home. Still arguing I left and now I'm parked at the beach. I'm so tired from this quit I've been literally exhausted all the time. No matter how much sleep I get. Now I'm so tired and feel like crap because I feel like the whole thing should have gone differently.

We are both so stubborn and don't easily cool off. I just wanted a good day together. Now it's ruined.

I know it's nicotine withdrawal even with the patch. If this had of happened before we would have had a smoke before heading home(smokefree car) and while we smoked we would have talked it through and hugged it out.

Now we just exploded and couldn't talk or hug it out.

Hope this time things are better and we don't fight again. This is typical when we stop.

Anyway glad to talk it out with you guys.


21Jan2017 By Blessed  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

229 days and a new addiction!

After months of preparation, we finally rescued the most perfect older dog. She is just gorgeous, having spent most of her life chained and had no idea what toys were for.

So until school starts back and I go back to work, my life has been spent giving her tons of love and patience. It has also meant we have been clocking up at least 10km a day walking. My new addiction ;)

The awesome thing about walking fast is that sometimes I get a bit breathless on the big hills, I am rocking it. There is no way I could have done this when smoking 40 a day. I was seriously out of breath walking up my driveway!

So a win-win! Our beautiful new addition to the family is where some of my saved money goes..and she's giving me back some extra life and joy :)

Profile image Blondene39 minutes ago

Hi Blessed those are some great stats
Happy to hear of your positive new addiction positivity is contagious and you jave plenty keep going its so refreshing to read about!Well done πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

21Jan2017 By Shauntelle  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 13

Almost 2 weeks has been so hard but managing 1 day at a time will get there

Profile image Blessed1 hour ago

I have to tell won't get're there already! You're doing it. Right now! Don't wait for the realisation that you've kicked this. You have done the hard yards. Celebrate right now what an awesome achievement you've achieved.

Profile image Blondene1 hour ago

Think of how far you've come all the treats have a relax fighting the nicodemon is hard work keep up the great work you're doing awesome there will slowly become more of the good days then the bad and you will veiw your quit as the ultimate! every day being quit is a great day! 😊

21Jan2017 By Sheryl  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 6 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 6 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 12
Grams NOT smoked: 26
Total savings: $78.00

well its day 6 and things seam to be getting better for me i have started to do so much more around the house felling like i have more energy and my asthma is not playing up as much and my taste buds well i love food..
yes i have gone to eating food but i think for now im going to leave it like that because i dont want to get cancer and i want to be around for my kids (when i have some) i want to see them grow i want to be able to run around the yard with with and kick a ball with them....

my positive for the day

now im still a bit grumpy at time but im lurning how to just cope with that i might have a bad day tomorrow im having days were i hard out crave for a smoke and other days were i dont i can do this and im going to9 do this im going to beat smoking i hope everyone else is having a good day because i know im going to!!

Profile image Blondene49 minutes ago

You can always focus on the weight loss later and you'll find it so much easier having the strong mindset from quitting. Well done with your quit!😊

21Jan2017 By guihorne  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

16 days in

ok so hasnt been easy but im still on the wagon.
started getting my lungs back, was a sportsman most of my life till in my 30's when the nicotine devil embraced me.
So im biking lots last week managed 4sessions total 100km and I can regulate my breathing now.....the chest rattles and squeaks are begging to dissapear.....yay!!!
looking forward to further progression.

Profile image Woodsie6 hours ago

It might not have been easy, but it's a battle worth fighting, so big thumbs up to you. Everyday is a step closer to freedom. Keep up the good work.

Profile image Sheryl5 hours ago

that is awesome im on day 5 so fell your pain there..
Today is going to be a good day you just got to think of what you are getting out of this like being healthy again and just remember who you are doing it for
that is what helps me you can do it you have the power to overcome smoking :)
Keep up the good work!!

20Jan2017 By trouty  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

paper license

Those temp paper drivers licenses arnt worth jack s@@@@. son got his temp license last friday after having lost it for 7 months DIC. in my car gets pulled over. whose car is this they ask. my mums he says. shows the temp license and they said you are a disqualified driver. so has to park my car up in a not so good part of town and into the police car to the station to sort it out. i think as he got it on friday it wasnt in the sysrem that he had it back. it says on the paper one valid temp license. dont the bloody cops know what a temp license looks like. so he asks are you going to take me back to the car ive been fishing all day, im tired and sunburnt. they reluctently did. anyway he has the proper one now. ive been busy busy working lots, some regular and lots of last minute fill ins. allgood. i had to get some ciggies for someone today and man they have gone up about $6 more a pack. good to be out of it. now im waiting to see if i can get a brain scan. doctor wants me to have one because of my history and my loss of balance. l actually feel fine and im sure they wont find anything if i get one. rhings to do now so have a good weekend

Profile image clarebear16 hours ago

trouty your journey has been an inspiration xxx

Profile image Sammyy7 hours ago

You're doing well- wow up by $6 a pack how did we ever justify it 😲

Profile image Julia C5 hours ago

Fingers crossed for your scan. Take care.

They are getting more expensive. I'm assuming that's to stop kids buying them which would be a good thing indeed.

20Jan2017 By Gavin  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 9 days smokefree

Well, I don't know what's going on but this is seeming too easy. I get a crave, or a thought of wanting a smoke and I instantly tell myself 'no', and the crave goes away.

Starting to panic 'cos I haven't even been grumpy, mad or anything.

Matter of fact, I have probably been in a better mood than when I was smoking!

The Temple is wary.


Profile image Murphy500019 hours ago

Great, stay weary and keep cranking those kms πŸ‘ODAAT

Profile image Vie19 hours ago

I felt the same way then wham a craving hits I guess because the cravings aren't coming as often they can be a bit sneaky. It was my birthday yesterday I was feeling great ,confident then wham on the way home from work there in the passenger seat was the monster wanting to celebrate my birthday with a nicotine hit it took strength to fight him of ,but I did and here I am today feeling amazing another day clean whoop whoop

Profile image zacl19 hours ago

Well done!! That's great news your body and mind must be in line.

Profile image Rusty18 hours ago

Well done, you are going so well.
I'm the same as you, has been really easy, even with been back at work & stress of catching up on lots of paperwork hasn't wanted me to light one, it's been 17 days now, my senses are enhanced,my husband still smokes & god he smells bad lol, my skin looks really good too, not dull.

Profile image Sammyy8 hours ago

Hey gav, I've found previously that the first part of quitting was pretty easy when coming back from a relapse. They say we're creatures of habit. Perhaps your mind and body remember very well being smokefree and you've slipped back into your 'normal' of not smoking. Probably does pay to be wary as we all need to be but hey you're doing great 🌟🌟🌟

Profile image Kevz16 hours ago

Go mate you have this.

Profile image Gavin6 hours ago

You may be onto something there Sammy

Profile image Julia C5 hours ago

Whatever the cause it sounds good. Long may it last, but if it doesn't you still know how you got through on earlier quits.

Stay strong

Profile image Sheryl5 hours ago

how do you do it can i take your place im sick of these cravings i wake up every morning and crave lol but good on you im on day 6 and its hard but i always tell myself its going to be a good day
keep up the good work!!

20Jan2017 By ilovelife  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Support? Help?

O.K, so - it's been almost three weeks this Sunday. So it's been 19/20 days now that I've been using nicotine gum (4mg)

Do 'cravings' increase around three weeks? I've heard this theory...

Feel like i'm using gum all the time, but actually using less than the packet each day.

Just getting cravings coming back, maybe I'm not using enough gum, but I honestly feel like I'm using it all the time, even though it's better than smoking all the time.

Aaargh feeling so meh.

Profile image Bub4419 hours ago

You are doing just fine and those cravings will hit you enforce th 4D'S each one you resist makes you Stronger yep any of the 3s seems to hit us day 13 was my worst ever...please treat yourself and at the end of each day give yourself praise.

Profile image Blondene19 hours ago

The 3s..3 weeks 3 months it happened to me everytime push on thru this you're doing fantastic and don't be too hard on yourself if you're using more gym you're eventually going to quit that too well done!😊

Profile image Blondene19 hours ago

gum ***

Profile image Gavin19 hours ago

That's twice now Blonder lol

Profile image Gavin19 hours ago

***Blondene hahaha

Profile image zacl19 hours ago

The gum is the same as a smoke. You absorb nicotine from a smoke through your blood vessels in your lungs and then the gum is the same except through the kids vessels in your gums and it delivers nicotine in a huge dump to your brain at a similar speed to smoking. So it's very addictive. Try to stop the gum and only use in emergencys. The patch is your slow release to taper if the cravings. Switch to normal gum airwaves or something similar. Call Quitline to explain that the gum is an emergency thing. Not a substitute. You will unfortunatkey crest a high nicotine dependency using gum all day long even a few pieces as it's parked in your gum. It's sending nicotine like a puff of a smoke constantly.

Profile image zacl19 hours ago

Blood vessels* not kid vessels sorry in my phone :)

Profile image clarebear16 hours ago

You are only 9 days into your quit, and well done you! - I think the best is for you just to munch on the gum/nrt for a while yet, before getting worried. 3 months is the "average" time on NRT, and for a good reason - that being that smoking nicotine is highly addictive. A few months on gum/lozenges, in the scheme on things, is a bloody good call. xx

Profile image clarebear16 hours ago

Sorry 20 days, not 9, but same applies, IMHO

Profile image ilovelife15 hours ago

Thank you one and all, I really value your input and encouragement tonight :) Feeling better after going to the gym.

I'll keep on the gum for a while, maybe i'm just making myself nervous thinking about getting off the gum before I'm ready - smoked for 7 years, so three weeks into not smoking is pretty good for me, not even one puff!!

I'll taper off the gum in a few months or consider patches :)

Yuss we got this.

Profile image Sammyy8 hours ago

Great going πŸ‘ I've found around the three weeks mark tough before. More from a mental perspective. It passes. This all gets easier but there will still be rough patches. If you find chewing the gum helps you through then by all means, chew away. Deal with one thing at a time. I used a LOT of gum early in my quit. Now I'm three months and use it only as I need to which is a few times a week at most. I just found I didn't need it as much any more. You're doing really great keep it up 🌟🌟🌟

20Jan2017 By Bluetui  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Keeping it going and then....

Smokefree days: 19 days
Grams NOT smoked: 190
Total savings: $329.00

I've had a busy day but the moment I sit down that black devil is back in my head. dam dam dam. Haven't got any and I live 20ks from the nearest shop, so it aren't ganna happen. I look at the those numbers above and go yeah. Amount saved is equal to my new mort. per month. That is what is driving me. All that money up in smoke and nothing but a bad smell left. Any way the laugh for the day was my son and I trying to catch the pet rabbit. He now resides under the pelts in the hay barn. He comes out to eat and we had chased him round for days but he's beaten us everytime. Another day tomorrow. Cheers all

Profile image Woodsie20 hours ago

Everyday gets that little bit easier. Good work keep it going.

Profile image Vie19 hours ago

Your doing awesome stay strong together we can kill the monster

Profile image clarebear16 hours ago

bluetui You are doing so well! These crap times get less and less. So proud of you xx

Profile image ilovelife15 hours ago

We're both on the same quit day & getting these thoughts at the same time. We've almost hit three weeks, lets give it another full week and see where we are :)

Profile image Sammyy8 hours ago

Some find hitting the three week mark a bit rough- I have previously. You've done well to get to 19 days so ride it out like you did in the really early days because like those days this will pass. And this all gets a lot easier you're right it's an awful lot of money to burn. You've worked really hard for all your smokefree days. Well done 😊😊😊