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2Apr2013 By gerit  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

525 Days non-smoking and I still need to be vigilent

Wow some days it seems like a lifetime since my last smoke. Other days it feels like an hour or two.

Life is a bit stressful at the moment, and I am reminded that that fall back "i need a smoke" feeling lasts for a very long time. During the last month I have been confronted with a number of "challenges" (i fear a true description would get blocked due to excessive swearing) and that hollow feeling you get when the nicodemon is rattling around in your head has been ever present.

I have no intention of giving in, but it is really humbling to realise it's with you for a lot longer than you think and that to some extent you are always an ex-smoker.

My trick is to focus on why my lot in life is not too bad, I have a roof over my head there is food in my children's tummies and there are no debt collectors at the door. AND I HAVE MY HEALTH. all the bad stuff is just noise and it's not really that important. There are people in this world who overcome momentous hardship on a daily basis. See I feel better already.

To all the newbies fighting the battle each day, go you, you are legend. It does get better, but never be complacent. Just one will hurt, and you deserve to be free of cigerettes.

Take care all.

Profile image Saffron2 April, 2013

Many congratulations on that awesome number of day smokefree gerit.
I'm rather dismayed to hear that the "I need a smoke" thoughts still plague you.
Hopefully not very often!

Profile image rainbowfish2 April, 2013

Hey there Gerit:) All this stuff you are describing, it's stuff called life. Sometimes it really does throw lemons and we need to stay strong by not reverting back to old coping strategies. It sounds perfectly normal for those thoughts to kick back in at times like this. I accepted ages ago that Nicodemon would lurk forever, but as long as it's in the background (in the cheap seats) then that's okay.
You're doing great, wow 525 days! Keep focusing on what's good in life:)

Profile image Upthetree2 April, 2013


Profile image jellyfish2 April, 2013

LOVE IT!!! Such wise words, thank you for sharing them, I'm only at day 1 well actually come 5pm I won't have smoked since about 10.00pm last night....I'm just a baby in comparison but I'm learning and taking everything you guys are saying, in!

Profile image clarence the cat2 April, 2013

Awesome Gerit. I just had my Respiratory assessment today. Not a pretty picture and you know that old Demon tapped me on the shoulder as I left the clinic and told me "a smoke would go well" I told him to go to (rhymes with well). Keep up the good work.

13Dec2012 By gerit  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Is it christmas yet?????

I don't know about everyone else but I am so ready for holidays. I droped my daughter off for her last morning of school today and all I wanted to do was go home take the corporate uniform off banish the makeup and enjoy a smoke free summer.

Sadly I had to drive to work, say bye bye to the sun and go pretend I'm doing something important at my desk. I so want to bunk today.

Well it's been a big year and the stresses have been fairly constant. But I am proud to say the nicodemon has failed to tempt me.

I still have moments. I've been injured and unable to run, which has left me feeling a bit twitchy. And there have definately been nights when a puff has seemed apealing- more due to boredom and stress. But everytime I go out my back door and smell the nico-cloud coming over the fence from the neighbours (bless them not) I remember how I so don't want to go there anymore.

To all the newbies, go you, it might seem like a hard time to stay smokefree with all the socialising but embrace the sunshine and relish the freedom of not being chained to a habit. And when it gets hard Blog away. Those of us how have been at it for a while still use the blog space, it never looses it's benefit. When I am having a moment I always come to read, to be reminded that I am not alone and that together we can do anything.

Merry Christmas to you all....................is it home time yet?

Profile image yas0113 December, 2012

Great blog Gerit!
I here you re needing a break. My son finishes tomorrow then hes at hol programme next week. I finish next friday.

Well done for not inviting the demon in yes it can be hard. You have worked so so hard and look at you now.

I hear you re injuries I have had my fair share of injuries due to running and its hard I find I get so grumpy being unable to run or exercise.

Hang in there not long till the break :)

Profile image Mitchee13 December, 2012

Lmao no its not home time yet sweety☺
I too have a inside desk job which sucks poohs big time especially on fab days of summer!!! hey ho....only 11 more sleeps till christmas & 10 more sleeps till I'm finished work for 2012!!! yee-yah!!!!

Great the nico-demon hasn't sucked you in & the cravings are only eeny weeny niggles which don't hang around - congratulations!! Hopefully whatever is injured preventing you from running heals soon *****MERRY CHRISTMAS****

Profile image trouty13 December, 2012

im stuck inside too and only have xmas day off. its the only day our store is closed, so on boxing day they will be flooding in as if we had been shut for weeksl lol . thats locals for ya. nice sunny day so far.

Profile image PokuruGirl13 December, 2012

I have wrangled tomorrow off and will be attending PSPSP's Christmas function, which is a day at the races. So, that's a nice day off. But it might be raining in the Bay of Plenty - or at least it was this morning. Still, the worst day at the races is still better than the best day working!

Profile image rainbowfish13 December, 2012

From what I saw at the stores today...........yep, it's definitely Xmas!!!
Absolutely bring on the holidays:)

Profile image Saffron13 December, 2012

Not long now gerit!

Profile image heironymus13 December, 2012

Hey you! Stink about your injury - hope it's nothing too serious that will keep you off your toes for very long? I know how running became your new/replacement nico-hit! Get yourself one of those event calendars where you get to eat a piece of chocolate every day in the lead up to Christmas/banishment of make up and corporateness - put a little sweetness in your day while you wait for that much deserved break☺
Great to hear from you Gerit, Merry Christmas to you and yours x ♥

Profile image FeFe13 December, 2012

we all deserve a holiday this time of year, everyone starts to get cranky and not jolly at all for xmas. I want to start running, I envy you. Hope you are running again soon. :)

Profile image Denerau13 December, 2012

Oh that was just what I needed to hear! Hope you are running again soon, I'm just getting back in to it again after a break and it's the best feeling when you get back.....can't believe I would still be red faced and gasping on a fag, now I feel like I'm really getting the benefits.

Profile image Powertous13 December, 2012

From a newbie 22 days. When you wrote about not enjoying going outside because of the neighbours smoke drifting over. I used to be 'that' neighbour and I started to feel really bad about it. It was one of the reason of why I stopped. Now I can make my neighbours and myself happy by being smoke free and we can all have fresh air. ! I wish you speedy healing, it's i bummer not to be able to get the endorfins doing.

25Oct2012 By gerit  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Happy Smoke free day to me....Happy smoke free day to me............

Aren't you so please that blogs don't come with sound!!

I have to say I am so very very proud of myself for being here. A year ago this seemed like an impossible challenge. And yet after the first few weeks it really did get easier.

I still have my moments, they virutally always come from stress and are all about habit rather than nicotene.

I've also learnt a lot about myself along the way, I can do virtually anything, I don't need smoking to make me feel more confident - in fact it does the reverse, and most importantly I deserve to be treated well. I can't expect others to treat me well if I don't treat myself kindly.

My reward is I am off to run a Half in the Auckland Marathon. When I bought the ticket this seemed like an amazing reward to someone who couldn't run to the end of the drive (and it was a very short drive). Today less than 72 hours out it seems like an act of shear madness, but oh well if I can not smoke for a year 21 silly little km's should be a piece of cake!!!!!

To all those new to the journey good luck, and remember it is a journey - no two days are the same, and that's life whether you smoke or not. Might as well give up the nicotene and live long enough to absorb the scenery.

Profile image Julz198125 October, 2012

Hi Gerit
Congratulations to you!!!!!!!!! Happy smoke free YEAR! I loved reading this blog! Ha, isn't it funny when we stop, we realise just how capable of things that seemed out of reach when we were smoking actually can come true! I too have turned to exercise it is amazing. Becoming a non smoker is so much more than stopping smoking; it's a journey of self discovery! Thanks for sharing and thanks for giving me hope :)

Profile image PokuruGirl25 October, 2012

Happy smoke free birthday Gerit. Each to their own, but I can assure that my reward will not involve running anywhere, it will involve a tropical beach, white sands, a gentle breeze and a tropical cocktail or two. Bliss. Enjoy your half marathon though, you will feel such a sense of achievement once you've crossed that finish line.

Profile image Northland Nana25 October, 2012

Oh my goodness, good for you.

Profile image yas0125 October, 2012

Hi Gerit
Huge congrats to you!
What a great blog. Good on you re 1/2 marathon good luck for that.
Thanks for sharing and well done!!

Profile image rainbowfish25 October, 2012

I don't know Gerit, I think sound on the blogs would be awesome!
Super Super Congrats on your 1st year - you are just amazing!!! If we knew then what we know now, things may have been a lot different. Blogs like yours just help to reinforce why we are on this journey - thank you:)
I have turned to exercise as well (no Marathons mind you!). When I first started on my crosstrainer I'd be lucky to go 2 mins before needing to rest, and now I can do the full 30 min programme without stopping (with energy and air in my lungs to keep going too). What an awesome reward you have set to mark this milestone. It is far more than just doing the marathon,it is the fact that you CAN do it and you WANT to do it - that's so cool Gerit!!!

Profile image Shazza12325 October, 2012

SWonderful what a milestone, I hope you are going to do something special to celebrate, you deserve it :)

Profile image Corubagal25 October, 2012

That is so cool...wow a whole year...huge congrats!!

Profile image clarence the cat25 October, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS Gerit. Glad you got to join us up here on the mountain. Well done.

Profile image heironymus8 November, 2012

Can't say your reward would keep me going but love how awesome you sound (in my head lol). One thing about being here for so long (forgetting about all my unsuccesses) is that I've had the pleasure of seeing people like you succeed, and the benefits that have been reaped - not just health or money, but self discovery and loving onself. Inspiring! CONGRATULATIONS Gerit!!!

3Oct2012 By gerit  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

344 days and I am reminded it's a journey

Well coming up to the one year landmark and what can I say. I think I always thought if I get to a year then all the hard work is done. What i am realising is that is only half true.

I don't mean to scare new quitters because it is way way easier but when the proverbial hits the fan i am surprised to find the occasional niggle. I guess to be fair I had been cultivating this habit for 20 + years and it was probably a bit silly to think it was just going to "go away" but hell it would have been nice.

Life is always stressful and I know a cigerette will not take away the stress (particularly as withdrawl cannot be blamed for any of it) but some days my mind still plays that trick of chasing some ellusive release from the tension. Intellectually I know smoking never did that but then habits aren't rational.

On these rare bad days I remind myself that nothing worthwhile is easy (groan that is sooooo cheesy but true nonetheless), and that at least my demon is nicotene. I remind myself that while the journey seems a tough one at times it is a far easier journey than many face, i know where my children are, I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and I have the love of my family. All I have to do is stay alive and not smoke. It's a pretty good deal.

Profile image 2ndtimer3 October, 2012

Dont know you but what a great blog!!!!! your last paragraph is so so so true, we do worry about such trivia sometimes eh.... I only a month in and still have that thought a smoke would be nice for so many reasons????!!!!!!

Profile image Klingaling3 October, 2012

What an inspirational blog to read Permalink! Congrats to making it nearly a year smokefree that's a huge goal to accomplish and you should be proud. I definitely know what you mean when you say that its not easy, I know for myself that even though I'm still in the early days, that having an "end goal" where I will never crave another cigarette again is nonsense and even 20 years from now we will still probably get the odd niggle, I know this because I have spoken to alot of ex-smokers who still get the odd craving 20 years down the track!

You are right, appreciating the things we do have and that are worthwhile is a little reminder as to why we chose to be smokefree, its definitely something that is helping me and will be something I will continue to do as it is a pretty good deal :-)

Profile image yas013 October, 2012

Gerit a wonderful blog!
Wow time has flown for you not far at all till your 1st breathday.
Love the last paragraph of your blog so so true.

Profile image Shazza1233 October, 2012

Well said, I think it will always be there somewhere in ours minds our smoking memories but they will be few and far between as time goes on, I work with a man who gave up 10 years ago & went to raro for a holiday this yr and felt liek a smoke cause everyone else around him was drinking & smoking...he didn't luckily but I think you alwas have to be a bit on guard for the rest of your life when it comes to smoking. Well done on those amazing stats, 1st year almost done that is an achievement :)

Profile image Saffron3 October, 2012

I appreciate your honesty, gerit. Congratulations on 344 days - that's utterly brilliant!!

Profile image Corubagal3 October, 2012

I loved reading your blog permalink...very inspirational and honest...thank you!

Profile image waggy3 October, 2012

Wow..thats so so cool gerit....well done and thanks for the insights...

8Aug2012 By gerit  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

288 Days wow if feels like a lifetime................... in a good way

Oh My goodness, I can't believe how the number is climbing. It's so sureal to see those stats.

Last night I went for my first group run, you know where you pay money to run all over town with a group of "runners" and learn how to run better and get faster. ME a runner LOL there must be pigs flying somewhere in the world. I kept expected someone to tap me on the shoulder and say " oi you smoker out of here".

I have agreed to run a half marathon (worse I'm making my friend and my sister join me). ME run a half marathon, 288 days ago i couldn't have run to the end of the drive (and it was a short drive) what was I thinking..................

I was thinking I want to live, I don't want to be scared everytime my throat hurts or my chest gets weezy. I was thinking I owe it to my kids to live, to be physically present in their lives. I was thinking I'm a smart woman so why am i being so stupid. I was thinking life is too short to miss the good bits because I was out having a puff.

The joy I get from being able to do things that smoking stoped me from in the past, is beyond priceless. Don't get me wrong I still get the niggles from time to time. But I'm not a smoker anymore, I was for 22 years and it took me a lot of attempts to get here. But for those struggling it is worth it, all the bad moods and the my head is going to explode moments are worth the joy that the freedom from smoking brings.

Take care and blog blog blog

Profile image rainbowfish8 August, 2012

Very cool blog Gerit - wow 288 days, nice one!!!
I have learnt that the benefits to quitting far surpass any expectations that I had. You are doing amazingly:)

Profile image Happy Gemini8 August, 2012

I got tears in my eyes reading your post what an inspiration you are thanks for giving me the extra boost I needed to get thru another day.

Profile image clarence the cat8 August, 2012

Awesome Gerit!! Well Done!!

Profile image mrs potter8 August, 2012

that is so great congrats

Profile image Julz19818 August, 2012

Hi Gerit
Love your blog, thanks for sharing your story! The benefits you have shared are amazing, I have noticed them too and I totally understand what you said about doing things you would never do when you were smoking! It is more than just a physical and mental chain, it stops us doing anything! Glad your dreams are coming true x

Profile image heironymus8 August, 2012

In addition to 'bloggers I support', I want a 'favourite blogs' option... because every time I read a blog from you, I get something from it. I often refer back to things you've written. Thank you for blogging, thank you for continuing to share your story, your journey, with us. It helps, it really does. You are just amazing Gerit, and such an inspiration.
Huge congratulations to you!!! xox

23Jul2012 By gerit  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

272 days and I can't imagine being a smoker......

Now that's not to say that I don't have my twinge moments, "ah a smoke and a bear (very unladylike) sounds like bliss", but when I try to imagine being a smoker the brain just can't fathom it.............. Weird because I was for 22 years.

I watched the bit on TV about smoking and measures being taken to stop it in NZ. And apart from the hipocrasy (spellcheck on this blog wouldn't go amiss) of talking about banning all smoking while deriving GDP from Tobacco exports!!!!!! the thing that struck me the most was when the reporter confronted one of the tobacco execs (while out having a puff) about how they felt about the fact that their customers were dying.

Part of me wondered if it was compulsory to smoke if you worked for big tobacco.....................but mostly I could not get over his response that "that's a rather inflamitory statement..........."

Ah No not really they are literally dying in large numbers. A fact no matter how unpleasant is still a fact nontheless.

He just looked sad and tragic. He seemed to have a grey haze to him and I thought that must be a awful job, lying to people and knowing you are being paid to do it. Must rot the soul. That's like being the guy telling people the platonium we just buried in you back yard wont be that bad for you................

Go all you quitters it is worth all the moments. blog blog blog and if at first you don't succeed come back and try again

Profile image Gletea23 July, 2012

Kia Ora to that gerit !!!!!

Profile image looloo23 July, 2012

And as the woman in the story said, if any other company sold a product that killed so many people, that product would be withdrawn and off the market and I hadn't thought of it like that!
Quite true!

Profile image Corubagal23 July, 2012

Like:) Congrats on 272 days that is just awesome!!

Profile image yas0123 July, 2012

272 days amazing work well done.
I didnt see the news damm it may be on the late news hopefully

Profile image heironymus24 July, 2012

Great blog Gerit.
Congratulations on your 273 days smokefree, and, more importantly - the progress you have made... what it must feel like to be unable to imagine yourself smoking. AWESOME!

Profile image rainbowfish24 July, 2012

Congrats on 272 days Gerit:)
I saw that segment on TV as well. He looked really uncomfortable and was grasping for words!

10Jul2012 By gerit  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

What a day yesterday

259 Days and I think if I had had ready access to cigerettes yesterday I would have been in trouble. Just goes to show you are never completely "safe" and should never be complacent.

I had one of those days where so much went wrong that I know exactly how the possum in the headlights feels. It's all bad no matter what you do..............

Stress that's my killer. Long term i still have to deal with my stress and ways to release the pressure. Running works but being a solo it's not always possible. I suffer from a requirement to make too many decisions, maybe it's time to reassess my priorities.

I need a blog space for solo parents, cause I love my girls but on your own is hard, so very very hard. It's not even like i sweat the small stuff, I gave that up years ago. No one to share the blame or the triumphs.

Sorry that's my winge for the day.

Stay strong everyone that Nicodemon pops up when you least expect it.

Profile image looloo10 July, 2012

My kids have grown up, and I wasn't a solo mum, so I can't help on that side of things, but like you huge stresses were always my trigger. But I now realise that what others were telling me were right, smoking didn't change the stresses, I was just using it as an excuse. But I felt it was justified. I've just got to find another way of coping in the future too. Stay strong, you are doing an amazing job, I know, it was hard enough bringing up kids with support. :)

Profile image Quitline10 July, 2012

Good morning gerit

Wow, 259 days! Not far from a whole year. Congratulations on your time and effort being smokefree.

Good on you for not giving in when things get rough. You're right the smoking thoughts and memories can catch up with us when we least expect it. What's great though is that you've been able to recognise it and kept moving forward. As most of us know it's so easy to fall back into old habits. We're happy for you!

Thank you for your blog and have a great day.

Online Team

Profile image Wahine10 July, 2012

Well I think you are amazing!!! I also know what you are saying re: stress I have always used smokes as a de-stressor as well. I even believed I worked harder and smarter smoking ...you know the fag hanging out the mouth with a cup of coffee...and out came my work!

I don't have kids...but have lots of neices etc....and so am sure there are times when you feel a smoke will just relax you!....and that no one to talk to...I live on my own...but ..in some ways that has been good...no one to take my irratability out on. ..Stay strong...I would love to get to 259 days woo hoo!

Profile image MJnelson10 July, 2012

Sounds like things are pretty hard for you *cyber hug*
I'm newly into this journey, but when I've had a craving, I've started to recognised that I don't actually miss inhaling choking smoke - I miss the nicotine. So I have a bit of gum and tell myself I'm getting the bit I crave without the stink.

Have you considered joining another community for solo parent quitters, as well as this one? I'm sure there 'll be one on the almight interwebs somewhere. You're doing the right thing by staying strong though!

Profile image SmokePuncher10 July, 2012

I always have a soft spot for single parents, though I am not a parent, I know some really great ones and have absolute respect for what they do. As much as stress as life can throw at you, remember that what you are doing now will colour the future, your children will remember this I'm sure. You should be absolutely proud of reaching 259 days. 259! That really is not long from a whole year! Well done Gerit!

Profile image Mitchee10 July, 2012

Hi gerit....from one solo parent to another....you can win this battle....you didn't reach 259 days smokefree by just merely cruising, you worked at it, remember your original reasons why you chose to make this journey. Big ups to you for not giving in to the craving when you were thrown a curve ball ☺☺

Your absolutely on the ball - you can never be complacent in this journey - always keep your guard up ☺ You know what you have to do to lessen your burden of stress - without knowing you I encourage you to do so, as unless you look after yourself first & foremost you are no good to anyone else i.e. your children. If by giving up something that you are going to gain something positive from, by all means to do it - as we all know sometimes our journey to happiness is about sacrifice ☺

Sending positive vibes to you....Stay strong & I wish you good luck ☺♥

Profile image yas0110 July, 2012

Hi Gerit
Im not a solo mum but I can sympathise as my partner is away alot.
In regards to stress I know that I smoked more when stressed it was my time out. Try finding new ways to deal with stress. Stress ball, yoga, deep breathing, dancing.
You are doing great on your journey and as a mum :)

Profile image blue lady10 July, 2012

hi gerit,i can relate...youve done amazingly well on your smokefree journey,so for that be proud of yourself!as for being partnerless.i really do think i makes us stronger as women,to have learnt not to sweat the small stuff,and to tackle the bigger stresses in life on our own,and for that we need to hold our heads up high,also dont forget to have a laugh at our stuffups on the way!ive got two older married children and a fifteen year old at home now,gee sumtimes arrgh...anyway keep msmiling!

Profile image rainbowfish10 July, 2012

Hi Gerit, I have the hugest respect for those parents doing it on their own. You are doing an amazing job raising your gorgeous girls!
I reckon that stress has to be one of the biggest triggers and it takes a lot of learning to deal with it in a way differently to how we have in the past. I hope today has been a better day for you:)

6Jul2012 By gerit  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

255 Days and I really can't imagine myself smoking

I have "given up" so many times I honestly couldn't put a number on it. For me this time the difference is i "quit". This time I never saw it as denying myself something but as refusing to subject myself to the addiction.

It's had it's moments but not once have i thought about buying a packet or begging one off a smoker. That doesn't make me amazing i truely believe i was just ready and doing it for the right reasons.

For me I instantly latched on to something that I know I can't do if I smoke - I run. I have never been a runner and my family still find it hard to take on board that I actually run. Now don't get me wrong there are no world records in my future, i'm not a late entrant for the olympics. But I love that I can do something that smoking made impossible. Last night I ran my fastest 7km and no cigerette has ever made me feel that good.

I love that my growing girls who have a mum who would rather go to bootcamp or run in a race (i have finally taught them not to expect mummy to win) than plant them in front of the TV so I can go outside for a puff.

I love that I don't spend my time trying to find ways to be away my children because I never smoked around them.

I love that I am actually more confident socially than before because I don't spend all my time worrying about when my next opportunity to smoke might be.

So to all of you early on the road, it's not easy. The hard days sometimes come completely out of the blue. For me I accept that I am addicted to nicotene, I accept that there is no such thing as one puff. when it all gets to hard I blogged or if I couldn't do that I came here to read. It works because you are all inspiring people and it helps not to be alone.

Profile image JazzieAngel6 July, 2012

Congratulations on 255 days. What a positive and and inspiring blog. It gives me hope and confidence that I also can beat this. I am at day 22 and have had tough days but they have made me stronger and more determined to keep going. I am so glad I came on here this morning (while at work) your blog has given me the inspiration I needed today. Thank so you much xx

Profile image Corubagal6 July, 2012

I agree with Jazzie, incredibly inspiring, it is blogs like your that keep you going, so thank you, you are amazing!

Profile image looloo6 July, 2012

Thankyou for your wonderful blog :)

Profile image aufgehalten rauchen6 July, 2012

Cool blog and so true, as long as everyone knows its not easy, actually helps as you are prepared for those days out of the blue.

Profile image yoda676 July, 2012

Thanks for the inspirational blog. Well done on your fantastic work.

21May2012 By gerit  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

209 Days Woo Hooo

I can't remember if I have ever given up for this long before. It feels like a lifetime since I last had a smoke!!!!

Not to say that the old niggle doesn't happen from time to time. I still have those "right when I've done that I can go have a smoke...........oh no wait I don't do that any more..........." moments. I still find the stressful moments the ones when the thought slips in, but I send it packing right smart.

I know I go on a bit about it (as my team "so gently" point out - I have no life (harsh little so and so's may never get a pay increase)) but my savior is running. I need something to burn off the jitters. I have now taken this to the level of stupidity and have committed to the Auckland Half. This seemed like a great idea at the time but on Saturday morning as I stood at the bottom of Portland road hill ( a hill of legendary proportions) I thought that a smoke might be a better life choice. Sigh, then I took my harden up pill and plodded on.

In my smoking days i would have needed the ambulance after the first 100m. I'd rather be alive and stuffed than dead and rested.

To me success has been about celebrating the things that smoke free brings you. The sweet smells, not having to smell smoke on your children, being able to be active and not cough up a lung, money, not having to huddle in the cold to have a fix............... Its a long list, mentally write one every time it seems too hard.

Profile image Zebulun21 May, 2012

gerit thats a cool blog, good luck on the 1/2M

Profile image Ginnypops21 May, 2012

Good on you I cant wait to be where you are.

Profile image REBEL1121 May, 2012

Excellent! well done 209 days is an awesome achievement!

Profile image Jassie21 May, 2012

Hey Gerit - fantastic on the 209 days and the half marathon. Legend. Love your list of positives. Go you.

Profile image yas0121 May, 2012

Fantastic stuff!!!

Profile image clarence the cat21 May, 2012

Awesome Gerit!! Good luck with the 1/2 marathon.

Profile image rainbowfish21 May, 2012

Way to go Gerit - wow 209 days is fantastic. All the best for the Auckland 1/2:)

Profile image 4kRicher21 May, 2012

Great blog, thank you for inspiring us all :)

Profile image heironymus22 May, 2012

Awesome Gerit, as always it's so good to hear from you! Love your blogs.
Congratulations on your 210 days and congratulations on making it to the top of that hill... the mountain top isn't too far away now either :)

Profile image Ady22 May, 2012

Well done on 209 days gerit, I have to admit the exercise does help in several ways, I may not be able to run 10km non-stop yet & have to jog/walk/jog, but just like you, I'll get there.
Good on you for pushing yourself to achieve yet another goal, a half marathon, now that is what i call 'doing the best you can'
Keep up that brilliant effort Gerit, top marks buddy.

8May2012 By gerit  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

196 Days Smoke free

Well i'm pretty sure this is the longest I have ever quit for so I am feeling pretty impressed with myself. The niggle is still there though so it's a battle that continues.

I have just had my job change at work, and it's a bit like out of the pan into the fire kind of change. Hugely rewarding and hugely terrifying. There have been those who have suggested my non-smoking days may be in danger. And they are right in so much as the stress levels (normally fairly high) have gone up a level, but i have no great desire to smoke, I know that smoking wont change my stress level, just add another layer.

I had my greatest reward on Sunday. I have been doing a bit of running (or running like motion) and have signed on for a series of 10k runs around auckland. In my smoking state I couldn't run to the end of the drive. So sunday was race two and it had one of those "hills" that keep on giving in it, and still I made it. I ran across that finish line (admitedly way way back in the field) like I had won gold. I was so stoked to have finished and finished faster than the last one.

I am alive, i am getting stronger, and I am setting the best example I know how for my two wee women in the making.

I read somewhere that the biggest influence on a child for the health choices they make is the choices they see their mothers make. It's not that Dad's are less important (far from it, my Dad is my world), I think it's just we always expect our Mums to be the sensible ones. So when we see Mum eating well, or excercising or NOT SMOKING we really take that on board. Lord I hope so it would break my heart to see my girls smoke.

There was a moment last week though when I had the worst run and as I am slogging along a king sized bar of cadbury and a smoke seemed like way more fun. Sigh.

Profile image annie28 May, 2012

Way to go gerit!! Well done!!

Profile image Jassie8 May, 2012

Hey Gerit - awesome. 196 days and you are sounding fantastic girl. Great stuff on the running, that really is a great reward. Really well done - great to hear from you.

Profile image Ady8 May, 2012

Way to go Gerit, Congrats on 196 days, that's FAB.
You do 10k runs, Oh, i dunno if i can run that far, i might try tonight in the rain, see how i go.
You're doing really well, you got me thinking now.... can i do 10k run.
will it take me all night.!
The challenge is on, will report back much later tonight after i recover from the collapse I'm about to have, hahahaha
Good on ya Gerit, keep going.

Profile image yas018 May, 2012

Awesome. Well done you.
196days and 10k runs, oh my lord!

Profile image Julz19818 May, 2012

Hi Gerit
I loved reading your blog, thanks so much for sharing! Wow, from not being able to run to the driveway to what you are doing now is amazing! You should be so proud of you! Brings back the reality of what smoking does to our bodies; I can also relate, my fitness is so good now compared to when I smoked! Keep doing what you are doing, amazing!

Profile image Gletea8 May, 2012

Fantastic 196 days...YES your alive and getting stronger. Those words stand out !!!! I have been a smoker for 30 yrs and neither of my children have taken it up !!! Soo hear what your saying there.

Profile image rainbowfish8 May, 2012

Hey Gerit, congrats on your 196 days - fantastic!!!
Being a positive influence on your children is a great feeling. As parents sometimes we can doubt some things that we do, but quitting smoking is definitely not one of them.

Profile image M-dog8 May, 2012

Well done, on both giving up, and the races!
It sounds like you are certainly going to be inspirational to your daughters - Good work!!!

Profile image heironymus9 May, 2012

Impressive Gerit. All of it! Amazing! You are an inspiration :)
Hey - do ya reckon that stuff about Mums counts if you've got boys? Hmmm... worrisome - here I was thinking I was off the hook!
Congratulations :)

Profile image Ady10 May, 2012

Well, I didn't go for that run the other night, it was raining hard & i thought why make it harder than it needs to be,... so i went last night instead, Nope, i cant run 10k non-stop, I have to jog/walk/jog/walk All the way.
I was absolutely stuffed when i got home & can feel my legs today, guess i need to step up my jogs huh, i hate running but love the MP3's while doing it & need the exercise anyway.
Oh well, all in good time i suppose. You're fitter than me Gerit, keep it up buddy.

Profile image gerit10 May, 2012

I also wimped on running in the rain that night, which was particularly bad as I had made my seven year old go to her running class that afternoon. Trust me it took a fair while to get to the 10km mark and some days it's a hell of a challange ----------in an act of shear lunacy I have signed on to do the Half for Auckland. 21 freaking kms. I am assured that you are in too much agony to be terribly impressed about running over the bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also need the music to keep going.