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29Apr2017 By Tropicanna  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I thought about smoking tonight

I thought about going outside for a smoke, just one of those thoughts that come from habit and from it being Friday night. When I realized what I was thinking about, I put a lozenger in my mouth and grabbed some knitting and put my favourite comedy on the TV. I didn't really think about it again until now, another late night, I feel the need to blog. I'm learning with this quitting as I go. In general, its a simple concept NOPE. Its all very well for me to quit, In the first days, I feel terrible, I know whats going on, withdrawal, healing, very good stuff happening but I can FEEL it. Right now, i'm doing quite well, I'm almost functioning properly again. This stage here where I am feeling pretty good, why is it now that I thought about having a smoke.The physical fight was uncomfortable but i'm struggling to discribe my worry about what happens when the kids go back to school on Monday. My biggest threat, in the past has been complete freedom. When its just me at home. I have to find a way to do this for myself as well as my family reasons to stay quit. I really really want to stay quit. I'm completely open to suggestions, advice and stories . sleep well smokefree family.

Profile image Blondene1 day ago

my advice to you is you have to want to quit...really and truly I failed with my prior quit because I was still wanting to smoke..as soon as I took that smoke I realised I didn't want to smoke...you have the want to quit use that to help you thru as long as realising there's no such thing as one smoke. A really good website to read is whyquit.com it goes into detail of every aspect on quitting and you can apply the resources to your quit. You can and will nail this quit!😆💪💪

Profile image Nana221 day ago

I think a lot of us get the collywobbles early in our quits when our routine changes. The kids going back to school will be different to what your days have been like up to now. Remember that all the strategies you've used so far will still work.
Good on you for recognising that being on your own is a big trigger for you. That means you're able to put strategies in place ahead of time.
Maybe you could make a list of all the jobs you've been meaning to get done and haven't.
Or get out for the day......window shopping, catching up with a friend, going to the park with a nice coffee. Anything that keeps you busy and distracted.
Also plan some treats for yourself, and decide when you will have each one.
Try not to freak out Tropicanna. You can so do this! ODAAT.

Profile image Tropicanna1 day ago

Thank you.

Profile image Julia C8 hours ago

The important things are that you recognised the risk, you had no cigarettes & didn't attempt to get any. Yes you are fighting desire for your "old friend" who you haven't seen for 14 days.

Even after well over 900 days I sometimes go and stand outside the back door where I used to go to smoke, on very rare occasions I feel like a smoke, it goes nowhere and goes away. You can win.

Keep up the good fight and be aware that it will diminish over time.

Stay strong,

28Apr2017 By Tropicanna  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

12th day

Hello everyone, Isn't it great to be smokefree?

We went to a carnival today.actually we went twice. The first time, I noticed how much fun it was not having to leave to have a smoke. The second time, one of my children said with pleasure, "Hey! We don't have to wait for Mum to have a smoke". The comment made me feel really good.
My 12yr old who has been complaining about me smoking for years has been getting cuddly again. ( bless him ) I love cuddles.
All my boys have been out-spoken about the need and their desire for me to quit and I'm proud of the statistics and reasons and proof they have used.
I'm almost 2hrs into my 12th day, I have to focus on eating regular meals, drinking loads of water. And putting the patch on, first thing in the morning and remembering to have a lozenger when water doesn't take away the irritability. And remember NOPE (not one puff ever)
Thanks for reading. Have a nice smokefree day everyone .

Profile image smokefreemep2 days ago

Hi Tropicana what an awesome blog. Doesnt it make it all worth while when your loved ones make comments like that!! Naww your doing fantastic on your 12th day wow.. your absolutely AMAZING 💕💞

Profile image nanaturtle2 days ago

Fills You with Pride & You're showing the way 😊
Sons cuddles are almost as good as Grandsons cuddles!
You too have a great Smokefree Friday
Doing Great 👍🌸

Profile image sez1232 days ago

Feels great when your kids are proud of you, mine are quietly proud too and it makes this journey totally worth it. You should be really proud of yourself because it takes more than the love of the people around us to kick this addiction to the curb.

Profile image Sammyy2 days ago

Oh that's so nice. Feeling like a good mum is one of the best things about quitting smoking. It will only get better when the savings mount up and you can spend more on the kids. It's a great feeling. Oh and don't kids hate smoking. We are setting an example an hopefully it will keep them away from smoking as teenagers and adults. You're doing great. I really admire you for coming back and giving quitting another go. You're a star 🌟🌟🌟

Profile image Blondene2 days ago

that is so nice to hear...I quit for my son too and I love cuddles too...much more being smokefree cuddles...enjoy your children you're rocking this quit!😆😊💪💪

Profile image Nana222 days ago

Sounds like you are getting into the groove now Tropicanna - and almost at 2 weeks.
Keep looking after yourself as you are, and be very proud.
Great job!

Profile image Tropicanna1 day ago

Thank you so much everyone, I really needed that. :)

26Apr2017 By Tropicanna  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

10th day smokefree

I thought it was my 11th day,feeling a little cheated ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
I'm so proud of myself and grateful to everyone who has and is supporting me.
Have a nice smokefree day. drink plenty of water.

Profile image smokefreemep4 days ago

Im proud of you too.. well done on your days Tropicana 🖒💕🍾

Profile image GTMI4 days ago

So awesome, double digits is fantastic, I'm proud of you to Tropicanna 😃

Profile image Tropicanna4 days ago

Thanks so much, Smokefreemep and GTMI

Profile image Leisaclare4 days ago

Yay 10 days. What a cool achievement. I am happy that you are doing it.

Profile image nana g4 days ago

Well done Tropicanna 10 days is a great achievement.

Profile image Lizzy3 days ago

Well done on double digits, keep your guard up and next is 2 weeks 👍

Profile image Maanu3 days ago

Good on ya troppo. Double digits woohooo !!!

Profile image Sammyy3 days ago

Well done keep taking it one day at a time each day is an achievement to be proud of 🌟🌟🌟

23Apr2017 By Tropicanna  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

struggling a bit.

Yesterday was amazing, I should have blogged then.I didn't

Today I feel well lots of things, so thirsty and naturally I'm needing the bathroom a lot.Not so much fun in a five person/1 toilet house.
The desire for water is desperate, like a past hangover experience I suppose. The water soothes me like a painkiller, takes away the headache. I'm attached to my bottle like a baby.
When I say I'm struggling, I mean I'm uncomfortable physically from time to time today. I need to distract myself.
Its easy to distract myself with tv and movies combined with knitting.Then I really don't have to think.I can sleep during the day but that would leave me awake at night.
Unfortunately in a house of five,we can't only watch what I want. I need to be respectful of my family and what they want to watch.
My gums ache.That of course is healing! Blogging is so good for helping work things out. Thanks for being there. Have a nice smokefree night everyone.

Profile image Nana226 days ago

It really is a rollercoaster ride isn't it. Keep chugging away on the water Tropicanna,. It does help to flush the system. Be gentle with yourself and just do what you need to do. There are so many more amazing days to come. Unfortunately there will be some more manky days to come too. Those are the days to be kind to yourself, and have a treat or two.
Soon there will be many more great days - and far fewer horrible ones.
Stay strong, stay quit.

Profile image Julia C6 days ago

Water is good. Can you satisfy the craving by reducing the amount you get in each mouthful? I reuse a "Pump" bottle with 1/2 ice 1/2 water & take a small sip when I feel thirsty. Does me, perhaps it will work for you too.

21Apr2017 By Tropicanna  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

fifth day , phew!

7:56pm Friday on the fifth day of my quit.
I went nicotine free until I just, well got irritable, angry, uncomfortable, grumpy, and in general , just not nice!
So my husband suggested that I put a patch on when he got home. It was actually a very good idea. Then after a while, I added a lozenger , I'm almost calm again. actually, I'm calm enough to know i'm back on top of being smokefree.
I'm so grateful to hubby for letting me be angry and not taking it personally. I have apoligised and I have thanked him for suggesting the patch.
And being able to blog helps so much. Sharing with others who have been here too, really helps. and I actually know I won't smoke today now that I have spent this time blogging. thank you to all that read this. Have a calm smokefree evening friends.

Profile image GTMI21 April, 2017

5days is great Tropicanna, I'm pleased your feeling better now with a patch on, there is no rush to becoming nicotine free, baby steps, stay strong NOPE 😀

Profile image Lizzy21 April, 2017

Hi Tropicana, I can so understand where you are coming from with the emotions and this seems to be quite normal for many of us. I used the lozenges for about 6 weeks but only when I felt the need, some days only one or two and on others more. However I slapped a patch on every morning for 100 days and even kept a spare in my handbag. There is no rush to be nicotine free in the early days so take your time and give yourself the best chance to stay quit. I'm almost at 300 days now after 35 + years of smoking. You CAN do this too ODAAT or hour or minute 😊

Profile image clarebear21 April, 2017

Yup, ; whatever works. NRT rocks I reckon. Keep up the good work, ODAAT

Profile image donosti21 April, 2017

Do not rush it... i used lozenges around 10 weeks at the begining, just had my first breathday last month, worth the wait

Profile image Tropicanna21 April, 2017

Thanks quit-friends, thanks for the supportive information. every bit helps.

Profile image Julia C22 April, 2017

Stay on the NRT for a few months if you need it. It's bad, but nowhere near as bad as smoking is for you.

We see a lot of people here who quit the smoking then get nervous about the nicotine (patches, lozenges, gum) and try to quit that too early. Then they go quiet until a few days or weeks later when they reset to day zero.

Profile image Enya122 April, 2017

Hi, four days today for me. I'm too scared to not use patches though, and sometimes gum. Let's support each other...

Profile image Blondene22 April, 2017

Hubby are great that way very understanding and what a great idea to put a patch on...there's no shame when dealing with this addiction...keep on going it does get easier but even now I can still have the odd craving can't really expect them to go away straight away when were dealing with the issue that we used to take in smokes and nicotine every hour...keep going its worth it!😊😆💪💪

Profile image Nana2222 April, 2017

6th day today Tropicanna! Fantastic. 1 more sleep to your first week.
I agree with Julia. If the patches help - don't be in a hurry to stop them. It is very early days, and they will help take the edge off while you work on making new habits and build confidence. If they work for you, there's no sense shooting yourself in the foot.
You're doing great Tropicanna. Stay strong and keep going.

20Apr2017 By Tropicanna  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Rang Quitline

I rang Quitline to get some patches and lozenges and found out I needed to start a new programme.I had a very good experience and found out that Quitline is now available 24hrs a day. Now that is awesome.
I feel better after talking to Quitline.
Also my son has offered to cook dinner, which is the best.
Me I'm trying to stay awake by knitting socks for my Hubby. I enjoy knitting, it means I'm doing something useful for someone else and its quite mindful.
I don't feel myself but i guess, I didn't really expect to.
Sleeping at night seems hard, sleeping during the day is what I want to do.
But I will knit!

Profile image Nana2220 April, 2017

Good to see you back Tropicanna. It's okay that you don't quite feel like yourself. You will in time. We didn't feel like addicted smokers straight away - and the same can be said for feeling like an ex smoker.
Keep knitting, it will help. My first few weeks i knitted slippers for everyone. Nobody need ever have cold feet again! lol.
Stay strong and take it step by step. You can do this.

Profile image Tropicanna20 April, 2017

Thanks Nana22, its good to hear from you.
Step by step and stitch by stitch . :)

Profile image thin-barbie20 April, 2017

Haha knit instead of puff on filthy rotten fags! I love it! U go girl u and ur hubby gonna have nice warm tootsies this winter xx

Profile image thin-barbie20 April, 2017

Meant footsies xx

Profile image Julia C21 April, 2017

Welcome back Tropicana. We're all cheering for you.

Stay strong.

Profile image Dadoftwo21 April, 2017

Hi Tropicanna!
Good on you not quitting on the quit.
You will get there.
The busier you are.... the less likely you will remain quit.
Blog as often as you can. Find solace in friends.
And never ever ever quit on your quit!
Have a great weekend.

19Apr2017 By Tropicanna  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I told my son he can't use the oven. What?

Oh my, I'm feeling unusual thats for sure. I just put off my 19yr old son from cooking in my oven because I didn't want it to get dirty.
I should be happy and i'm loving having my son home from Uni. I just feel uncomfortable or maybe irritable. continue later

Profile image Sammyy19 April, 2017

LOL I am laughing so much right now
I do not like my oven getting dirty but also, when my mother started getting rid of her children we were grown and moving out when we came home to visit she literally did not like us touching ANYTHING including cooking in her oven. It's good to see you back 😃

Profile image Tropicanna20 April, 2017

Thanks Sammyy, that helped. :)
its good to be back to.

18Apr2017 By Tropicanna  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Fresh air

Hello Everyone, its 7:34pm on my second day smokefree.
I'm finding myself very hungry :) That works, I love to eat!
I've tried stopping without NRT, it hasn't worked. This time I have a patch and lozegers.
Now that I have made it to my second day, I have more confidence that this is possible.

Keep breathing the fresh air.

Profile image nanaturtle18 April, 2017

👋 hi Tropicana! Im glad You're back & moving along a new track 👍
Quitting is a Lifelong Journey taken ODAAT
Stay strong - supporting You 👌😃

Profile image Tropicanna18 April, 2017

Thanks nanaturtle, I sure am pleased to hear from you. Its taken me a long time to come back. How are you doing?
I'm so pleased to be back on my quit journey, I feel relief.Especially now I'm reading others blogs.

Profile image Bub4419 April, 2017

Hey nice to see you back...we can all do this together...whew some days can be hard and your doing some of the hardest days ...i know you know to give yourself wee treats...NOPE

Profile image nanaturtle19 April, 2017

😃 aiming in the right direction again
Stay strong -You CAN do this 💐

Profile image smokefreemep19 April, 2017

Nice to see you Tropicana, you can do this.. food is great eh?

Profile image Julia C19 April, 2017

Like so many others here, I tried & failed so many times to quit without medication. There is absolutely no shame in your finding and using the appropriate method for you.

What matters is quitting smoking today & worrying about NRT about the lozenges, patches, gum later.

Best wishes for your quit.

Profile image Blondene19 April, 2017

nrt is your friend...welcome back you can do it this time round!!😆😊💪💪

Profile image Tropicanna19 April, 2017

Thank you, so much everyone for your support. Support feels very good,

Profile image nanaturtle19 April, 2017

Stay strong 😃 You CAN do this 👍

16Nov2016 By Tropicanna  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 0 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 0 days
Total savings: $0.00

Yes I puffed, puffed alot actually.
Unfortunately I should have been safe, I think myself safe in the late evenings, my car currently doesn't work and my hubby was away getting my son from Uni this night. It was Friday night. I was so proud of myself for being 14days smokefree. It may have been almost 15days but I would have to check. I didn't think that I needed to be on guard. I was wrong.
I had a wave of hubbys away, I'll search the house for old smokes.unfortunately before that wave passed, I found old smokes in a handbag.I had two they were yucky. the next day, I didn't put a new patch on. By 3ish until just before I was smoking again. Not as much as before and not enjoying it. MY husband says I haven't let him down but I feel like I have. I've let my kids down. I've totally let myself down. I was so proud of myself. I've decided to put the smokes down and put the patch back on and start again.Thanks for reading. On a Positive note, I now know to make sure I have chucked out all old smoke stuff and always be on guard against this addiction. More learning! :)

Profile image nanaturtle16 November, 2016

Each time we slip, we learn Tropicana.
1st up-this is Your Quit. For this to be successful, You must Own it.
2nd-You've learned to remove ALL temptation!
Thats Awesome
Coming here&putting it out there, says You're serious about bashing this Demon into submission -Kudos to You 😃
You WILL be Proud again & Yes, You CAN do this
Stay strong

Profile image Julia C16 November, 2016

Nanaturtle said it so well. I also understand where you are coming from; fortunately for me I spent the entire first day of my quit searching for cigarettes so I know the place is clear.

Hot tip, destroy or give away all your remaining cigarettes immediately before bed on the night before your quit. That way you wake up in a smoke-free house.

Best wishes,

Profile image Sammyy16 November, 2016

I think so many of us have been where you are quite a bit. This is part of your journey, falling over and getting back up. And one day when you get up it will be for good. And like you said you have learnt something and it will help you in your quest to be smoke free forever. Good on you for picking yourself back up! You can do it ☺ keep your patches on and definitely make sure no cigs in the house. Have faith stay strong x

Profile image Naybean16 November, 2016

We have all totally been there! Good to see you got back on the band wagon and giving it another go :) You can do it!

Profile image Dioraidh4416 November, 2016

Good on you for getting back on track. In the last couple of days I have been so anxious, mainly because of the major earthquake (I'm in Wellington) and all the aftershocks, I reached for smokes a few times and felt really bad about it. I wont smoke anymore and am back on track now too. Kia Kaha all the best! I find myself looking on the blogs and this really helps me too. D : )

Profile image Lwray16 November, 2016

You fell down but you are not staying down! Good on you for your determination to keep going and getting back on track. As long as we get up one more time than we fell down, we are moving in the right direction. 😊

Profile image PokuruGirl16 November, 2016

Think of quitting as a long-distance race. If you stumble and fall, just pick yourself up and keep going. If it was a race, you wouldn't give it all up just because you tripped up. I tried so many times to stop and didn't make it stick but then that one time I did make it stick. I completely love not smoking - I don't miss it one bit. I only had one rule. Don't buy or borrow any smokes. That way, you can't smoke them.

And believe in yourself. Don't doubt that you will succeed, that it's impossible. It's not and you can.

Profile image MissKiwi16 November, 2016

No judgement here Tropicanna, just good vibes and support for your journey. Remember you are strong and can do this, just dust yourself off and start again. Be sure to call the quitline if you feel your resolve dropping or jump on here :)

Profile image Murphy500016 November, 2016

Everyone else has said it so well, it's your quit make it a sticky quit. Love pokuru girls words. So inspiring 👍

Profile image Mumsy5917 November, 2016

Everyone has said it all and you have probably said it all to yourself, it is your quit and only you are responsible for it. Good luck for this quit, Stay strong, We don't judge, we support

Profile image Maanu17 November, 2016

I had countless semi successful attempts but I kept at it and now I finally broke the habit. Was a hard fight but well worth the effort. KIA kaha sis you can do it.

When I had a setback I used the negative emotions to motivate me to do better next time.

Profile image *CaTz*18 November, 2016

Your hear telling us all of your efforts, your journey. Your hear trying again and that's what's important.
You will get succeed as long as you don't give up. This is primarily about you, don't give up because you are worried about letting others down, do it because you want a healthier life.
Keep fighting it, this addiction is real but it's an addiction that can be beat and just the fact there your hear talking about it is part of that journey out of the addiction.
I hope you can get beyond the worst stages and move forward.
Well done and I wish you all the very best.

Profile image nanaturtle26 January, 2017

Are You out there Tropicana? Thinking about You & Your struggle. New year, New beginning? Keep trying-one day it WILL stick.
Take care & Stay strong 💕

11Nov2016 By Tropicanna  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

made it through the day :)

Going to bed now. I feel strong and I feel more determined and i'm simply pleased with myself. I am really doing this! It actually isn't easy but its worth it.
My Mantra is Not One Puff Ever! N.O.P.E .
Every evening i have made it another day and every time I have passed through a difficult time and I have remained smokefree I gain strength and confidence over this addiction. Thats what I want.
Sleep well my quit friends.

Profile image Thyme4me12 November, 2016

Well done T you are rocking this quit. You are so smart to gain confidence from your day to day wins 👍👍👍👍

Profile image Sammyy12 November, 2016

You are amazing trops you're doing so well hasn't been easy but you've battled on like a trooper and now you know you can absolutely do this. I'm so happy for you and proud too x

Profile image kezz13 November, 2016

Great going, NOPE