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29Jan2011 By Ang  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

16 Days

Today started badly. Fell over on the deck - sore!

My cat had three kittens a few weeks ago and my favourite little fella was dead in his basket this morning. Double, triple ouch.

So lots of tears today, lots of feelings surfacing and there have been a lot of tears. But I recognise and accept that some days are worse than others. I'm going to embrace a good one tomorrow.

No downers people, wasn't sure if I should share but I haven't resorted to the cigs, so feeling good about that after a pretty difficult day.


Profile image Ady29 January, 2011

Hi Ang, Thats not a good start to the day is it,... chin up, you'll live.
According to what ive read in here today, Me thinks ‘Ang’ see’s what I see, in the same way clarence see’s things in a similar light to my comments, shit we’re all gonna need shades shortly, cos all this quitting stuff & positive motivation is gonna make the future sooooo bright I gotta wear shades. LoL

Profile image clarence the cat29 January, 2011

Ang. How sad for you.
Well done for not resorting to the Nicodemon for support. You have obviously learned to ignore the little so & so. You are so strong. Look for a "brighter day" tomorrow . Yes Ady we will all need shades soon

Profile image Ang29 January, 2011

I'm loving you guys - thank you more than you know.

Profile image angie3129 January, 2011

oh poor little kitty...im sorry about ur kitty cat ang and hope tomorrow is a better day for u :)

Profile image Toostie29 January, 2011

congrats on day 16!! sorry you had a crap and heres to a better day tomorrow!! You are so strong GO YOU!!! Sorry to hear about your kitten. good stuff for kicking that nicodemon up the bum. Keep up the awesome work!

Profile image Ady29 January, 2011

LoL @ Toosties "sorry you had a crap" hahahahaha

Profile image Kathry29 January, 2011

Hi Ang, what a bugger of a day. Well done on going through all that and still staying strong!

28Jan2011 By Ang  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

The fire

It's a miserable Auckland rainy night and I got wet and cold running around so we've lit the fire. I opened the door to the log burner and could instantly smell the fag butts I've deposited when I've emptied my ashtrays.

I looked at those poor little dead soldiers, the dozens of rollies all squashed up at one end where I'd stubbed them out.

I had to laugh. It looked so sad and I don't want them any more. Smoking actually felt like a thing of the past for a brief moment - a small moment and a quick smile.

Profile image Norman 53228 January, 2011

Hey Ang

thanks for the support. Your not doing to bad yourself. Keep up the good work.

Profile image Kathry29 January, 2011

Hi Ang, your blog made me smile ... it reminded me of the time got rid of the outside ashtray (a few days into my quit). I must confess that I wasn't as calm as you though, I wound up frantic for a smoke!

Profile image clarence the cat29 January, 2011

Laugh away. I still have my pathetic packet with 7 very stale smokes in it reclining in the cupboard. I refuse to throw it away. One day I will get it framed for my great-grand children - not even thought of yet. By then it could be a relic of some interest!!!

27Jan2011 By Ang  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Not smoking is...

making me feel well.

Profile image Natalya27 January, 2011

...sorry Ang...
...making me feel hungry and itchy today

Profile image Ang27 January, 2011

You will have a GOOD day, maybe even soon! I've had my hungry & itchy days, so get ready for the clouds to part and the sun to shine on you Natalya.

Profile image steve7627 January, 2011

never had the itch but ive had the last 207 hungry days

Profile image MrsSS27 January, 2011

making me feel empowered!!

Profile image Natalya27 January, 2011

ok ang, thanks, i know it is only today or only 4 next 207 days as steve76 said...
lets go back to your game -

... generally speaking makes me feel strong & proud of myself.

Profile image Ang27 January, 2011

In my world, hungry is good. Geez Steve, I can send you a food parcel?

Go Natalya. My game isn't always fun to play but today it is and I'm making the most of it. With a big fat glass of wine.

Profile image Natalya27 January, 2011

good 4 u ang, have a glass 4 me as well
i am scared to drink... tomorrow is friday.. office beer friday - may be i need to take afternoon off???

Profile image steve7627 January, 2011

Thanks ang but only if its a parcel of sausage rolls. Still finishing my book SRRT (sausage roll replacement therapy). Jokes aside, not smoking makes me feel all the great things mentioned above. Enjoy your wine, you deserve it.

Profile image Ang27 January, 2011

Sausage rolls, my specialty.
I'm pleased you're feeling good. There's gotta be something on our side on this mission. You're almost accomplished. Great going Steve.

Profile image clarence the cat27 January, 2011

Making me realize I have wasted a lot of my life

Profile image jitters327 January, 2011

Saving me a lot of money!

Profile image Kathry27 January, 2011

All of the above with mood swings. Like a roller coaster sometimes!

Profile image katmell27 January, 2011

feeling I am back on track as a non-smoker - feels great!!

Profile image angie3127 January, 2011

given me a dull headache in my temple for 18 days ... but worth it :)

Profile image njoy28 January, 2011

improving my social life :-))))))

26Jan2011 By Ang  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

When you're feeling a bit low...

This is my third day of feeling a bit low and I'm on day 13. So I thought I'd blog about a few of the GOOD things I'm feeling, to give a bit of inspiration to anyone out there who is also having a bit of a struggle street.

I can look in the mirror and honestly smile at myself for the decision I've made to stop smoking. It's a proud feeling.

I'm drinking twice as much green tea, hardly any ordinary tea (was drinking about 10 cups of tea a day) and half the amount of coffee. For no other reason than I feel like it.

I'm super skinny and need to put on weight. Already the scales are budging upwards.

I go for longer/more walks to use up time. Taking huge gulps of fresh air makes me feel like fresh air.

Seem to be achieving more in my day and thriving on cooking and food. (Think all day long about cooking delicious dinners).

Drinking lots of water might be making me have to pee more in the night but my skin is thanking me for it.

I'm going to save the money I was spending on cigs to have my teeth fixed. Loooong overdue to see the dentist.

I'm sure there are other things but I'm grateful to this site for being able to share my feelings and read other people going through their stuff. Non-smokers of NZ unite!

Profile image Chantal2126 January, 2011

Wow hun so great that you are seeing the positives , just what we need to hear. Have also had a few very hairy days but you right, we need to keep on those positives :-) Thank you

Profile image Ang26 January, 2011

You're very welcome and feel free to add any or your own.

One more thing that is making me happy - the smell of fresh washing. If everyone went and smelled fresh clean washing when they feel a bit down, I bet it will lift your spirits.

Profile image Natalya26 January, 2011

Hey Ang
I like your smell of fresh washing comment!
U know what i am looking forward to... To taste food. I am sick of putting too much salt everywhere and not being able to understand that something is wrong...

Profile image kiwinana26 January, 2011

Well done Ang,
Isn't it lovely to wear smokefree clothes. I am slowly going thru my wardrobe and washing everything...put on a top the otherday and had to take it off because it stunk of smoke!!!
I can't believe how food I have eaten for years tastes so different

Profile image Ang26 January, 2011

Isn't food great? My tastes have changed heaps, I've never eaten much pasta and now I crave the carbs. Eat, drink and be merry!

Profile image Natalya26 January, 2011

ooohhhh, guys
such a positive blog!
i wish we all quit smoking for good.
now when i think about the time when i dont smoke at all and after reading all this positive stuff, everything seems so bright and nice and cheerful and colourful.
well i guess i am moving to my next stage at the mo - euphoria, it must be lollies' effect lol, hopefully my next stage is not being grumpy...

Profile image clarence the cat26 January, 2011

So many positives. Go for it.

Profile image fagless26 January, 2011

Funny you say about the washing i washed the sheets and everything on our bed and that night (after putting it all back on) i couldnt get over how nice it smelt. I snuggled up with the blanket up to my nose and dosed off. Felt and smelt sooooo good :)

Profile image Binunny26 January, 2011

You are amazing!An inspiration to me-thank you xx

Profile image Toostie26 January, 2011

congrats on your smokefree achievement that's awesome just keep trying to think positive! Hope you get out of that downer mood soon! i actually read a book and theres a chemical in smokes that is an anti depressant so no wonder when we quit we don't feel 100% aye! keep up the great work!

Profile image Kathry26 January, 2011

Hey Ang, what a great blog. I thought it was great to list the positives, as sometimes we forget these during the hard days. Thank you.

Profile image Spyug26 January, 2011

Hey Ang- awesome and relevant to a lot of us here- well except the super skinny bit ! Day 14 was bad for me, but it passes, you keep it up girl !

24Jan2011 By Ang  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Bad day at the office

Day 11 has been a struggle. No idea why as it's all been going so well. I've had so much energy I think I ran out of steam. So I've just been for a big walk and feel much better. And not long now until the sun rises on tomorrow which will be a better day I'm sure.

Am looking forward to my two week mark then it's only two more weeks until I graduate to stage 2 patches - yeehah.

When I was walking, I realised my one month anniversary will be on Valentine's Day and I've never been one to celebrate it but this year I'm going to suggest to hubby we go to a nice restaurant. Nice to have rewards and occassions to look forward to.

Hope everyone treats each day being a non-smoker as a pat on the back and apart from all the obvious benefits, make sure you reward yourself!

Profile image Toostie24 January, 2011

what a fab idea!! book a beautiful restaurant and celebrate being a non smoker and valentines day!!! Walking helps clear the body and mind - you always feel good after it! :) congrats on day 11 and week 2 will be over in no time! keep up the awesome work! :)

Profile image Kathry24 January, 2011

Hi Ang, sorry today was a struggle, stay strong. Your night out plans sound like a great idea, and you deserve it!

Profile image Spyug25 January, 2011

You deserve these treats Ange, make the anniversary the day before and you can have 2 meals hehe !

22Jan2011 By Ang  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 9

and going well. Had my first up close and personal with three friends over last night, two of them smokers. I sort of panicked when one of them lit up but just had to take a few breaths and soon enough I actually forgot about the fact they were smoking. I even went outside and sat with them. I really didn't want to smoke (not entirely truthful, I did but there is no way).

So today I did what any self-respecting non-smoker should do. Took advantage of the sales, bought myself a bunch of new clothes, one size larger!

Never mind the rain people, stay strong whatever day you're on. Our gardens will grow more beautiful. Brightness to you all.

Profile image Toostie22 January, 2011

yaye congrats on last night and overcoming the urge of the nicodemon!! hope you enjoyed your shopping venture! they were plenty of people where i work today in the hawkes bay! :) you'll be in double digits tomorrow!! yaye keep up the awesome work! :)

Profile image clarence the cat22 January, 2011

Well done on all counts Ang!!!!
I still think that some of the most interesting people are smokers and now we have to trot outside to talk with them. But I suppose one day they too will see the light.
Keep up the good work

Profile image Kathry22 January, 2011

Love the attitude Ang and your line about the sales made me laugh! Sounds like you are doing so well! Keep it up.

Profile image Spyug22 January, 2011

Good for you Ange-great to have extra cash! Keep it up xx

21Jan2011 By Ang  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 8

I'm feeling slightly euphoric today and really feeling like I can proudly say I AM A NON-SMOKER yeeehah!

Twice in the last week I've forgotten where I parked my car and I honestly don't think I've ever done that in my life. Anyone else having fag brain?

Profile image clarence the cat21 January, 2011

Is that what it is Ang. I put it down to old age in my case.
How are you?
Good on you for reaching Day8.
You must be feeling really proud and can justly use the NON SMOKER label

Profile image Kathry21 January, 2011

Congratulations on reaching day 8 Ang. My "fag fog" continues, but oh well ... at least it's entertaining for my daughter!

Profile image Ang21 January, 2011

It's entertaining for me too! I've just given permission to hubby to tell me to shut up because another symptom is verbal diorrhea!

Thanks guys, you all help enormously. Like invisible friends.

Profile image Toostie21 January, 2011

yup i am my memory is stuffed! lol well since i gave up i been doing silly things and thinking silly things! must be the chemicals clearing out of the brain too aye! congrats on day 8! it's awesome aye i'm on day 10 and feel fab today! :) keep up the awesome work! :)

Profile image lani21 January, 2011

Congrats Ang :D yur doin so well !

Profile image Ady21 January, 2011

It wont take long for your mind to clear, That fag fog will go away & you will see things very clear again all in due time, in the meantime,...... have fun with it.
you must be feeling proud of yourself now its day 8, good on you Ang,

Profile image Quitline21 January, 2011

Been there Ang,..(lol) but 8 is GREAT - too much!!! :-)

All the best
Online Quit Advisor

Profile image Spyug21 January, 2011

Oh gosh Ange , yes. It is awful, but good to know that it will be temporary.Well done on day 8 !

19Jan2011 By Ang  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day six, Doing fine

Hi everyone, I've been away to see my in-laws and I not only survived it, I had a great time. Helps that none of them smoke. Also helped that when I told them I was on day 3 or 4, they were over the moon and made a big fuss which made me feel good. Still couldn't call myself a non-smoker though, it's weird, like I don't deserve to call myself that yet. But I'm going to!

Tomorrow I have a small operation and it's one of the reasons for quitting. I didn't want to go into hospital and have a general anaesthetic being a smoker. I'm proud of myself for being smoke-free and I'm looking forward to the op rather than dreading it.

What's helping me most is a)patches, b)taking it one day at a time - waking up in the morning and saying 'I choose not to smoke today' and c)lots of deep breathing and sipping water. Other than that it's remembering to smile and patting ourselves on the back.

On day six, I'm feeling pretty good. I think about all the reasons I'm doing this and they are all positive and my crystal ball is seeing a pretty good future!

All the very best to fellow one-weekers tomorrow and to everyone on this monumental journey. WE CAN DO IT!!!

Profile image ColdT19 January, 2011

Yay!! thats the one Ang!! sounds like you have done awesome so far we are awesome for quitting!! keep up the good work! :)

Profile image gemrat19 January, 2011

Well done. I know what you mean about calling yourself a non smoker. I still think of myself as a smoker trying to quit.

Profile image clarence the cat19 January, 2011

Great Ang. You're doing well.
I still think of me as a smoker and probably always will cos I dont think it will ever be gone from my mind. I have to be on guard for the nicodemon 24/7.
Keep up the good work and Good Luck for that surgery tomorrow.

Profile image Ang19 January, 2011

Thanks Clarence, it'll be totally fine, I know it. I reckon we actually need to claim that non-smoker title because we deserve it. I've decided that after one week (tomorrow), I'm going to call myself a non-smoker and have a big smile. We all have to be on guard for the nicodemon and it won't like us telling ourselves we're non-smokers so all the more reason. Two smiles.

Profile image Binunny19 January, 2011

Good luck for your small op Ang! And wow!You are doing really well and keep it up- you ARE a non smoker!

Profile image Spyug19 January, 2011

Hi Ang thanks for your comment. Well done you for not smoking at your in-laws, that is an achievement, as a smoker you would have found anywhere to have one and any excuse. That is awesome !!
Good luck with the op x

Profile image Kathry19 January, 2011

Well done to reach day 6 ... your first week nearly down. All the best for your surgery tomorrow.

14Jan2011 By Ang  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day one

Here I am at last! So far, so good. Patch firmly in place and my mood is just fine. Yesterday I felt really panicky about today being my quit day and last night I tried to talk myself into delaying for one more day. But I woke this morning and thought that this was my promise to myself, so I put on the patch and got on with the day. The four D's are very good practice (have been practicing that for weeks) but for me the biggest 'D' is that this is my Decision and I find that is empowering. Nobody can take that away from me. So here's to all fellow day one quitters. I wish you all sincere good health.

Profile image clarence the cat14 January, 2011

GOOD LUCK Ang. You sound so organised and ready for the big battle.

Profile image erina14 January, 2011

good luck i decided to quit on monday but my packet wasnt finished so i smoked til they were gone coz i no that if i have them in my house i will just smoke them today is day3 but ive had so many slip ups that today is going to be day one now i have a patch on, not sure about the gum tho eewwwww!!!!

Profile image Kathry14 January, 2011

Good luck Ang ... sounds like you have a great attitude and are well prepared for this. I'm looking forward to hearing how your day goes!

Profile image Ang14 January, 2011

Thanks people, this is cool! I'm even having a glass of wine (no coffee today though) and I'm feeling like I'm doing pretty well. Much, much better than I thought anyway. Each day as it comes, but determined to be a non-smoker. Proudly. Have been smoking for over thirty years and looking forward to a life free of fags and all the brilliant things associated with being smokefree. So here's to everyone's health and cheers to you all.