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26Oct2011 By Rach  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hi all - I'm kinda back!!

Hi all I see you are all doing pretty damn well!! Herinoymous Wahoo you back on the quit bus!! I'm half on half off!!! I can't believe I started again ideiot anyway heard it all before.
My Partner has decided he wants to quit I really really don't but then really do!!!!! I've still saved all the money I would've not smoking which has added up to $1881!!! But also spent more cause been smoking!!!

I've got a patch on but had one smoke this morning. My boyfriend is on day 2! I wana wait tilll after xmas new years so I"m in two minds!!

Profile image clarence the cat26 October, 2011

Hi Rach. Good to hear from you. I believe that you have to be sure about your decision to quit before you can succeed. Maybe in your heart you know that it would be better for you to wait until after Christmas. When your head is in the right space you will be SMOKEFREE again. Good Luck.

Profile image heironymus26 October, 2011

Hey been thinking of you just lately!!! Yuss – I’m back on the buss – nearly through 17 freaking days!!! SO HAPPY (well, sometimes, lol).
I know we’re supposed to encourage each other to continue on our quit journey but I honestly think that if you’re in two minds about it then you should wait. Save yourself the heartache of potential slip ups.
One thing I’m learning is you have to give this thing your absolute ALL if you’re going to get a handle on this addiction. You have to really really want it. (And in your blog you’ve got two really’s on the don’t and only one really on the do!). You have to do this for you. When you feel truly ready. And if that’s after Christmas, then you smoke away babe, and don’t feel guilty about it.
Just make sure you bloody keep in touch!

Profile image aufgehalten rauchen26 October, 2011

Hey Rach, agree with Clarence & Heironymus you need to be totally committed. I spent a year going back and forth and then 1 day decided this is it.

Profile image Rach26 October, 2011

O I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your just awesome!!! thanks guys!! I'm just not in the right space.

Heironymus I feel stink bloggin on here when I'm smoking I so get how you used to feel now ha ha ha

Profile image rainbowfish26 October, 2011

Hi Rach, yip totally agree with the others. If you are in two minds about it then it's probably not do-able. There will be those hard times and you'll have the excuse that you weren't ready for it and you should've waited until after Xmas/New Years. You have the get in the right head space first, so work on that over the next two months, set your goal and then go for it!

Profile image yas0126 October, 2011

Hi Rach
You need to be in the right head space. Its taken me 8 attempts to finally achieve this and be in the right frame of mind to really want this.
When you are ready you will know and achieve

Profile image Darja27 February, 2014

Rach!!! Where are u :-) I'm back!!!!!!!

29Sep2011 By Rach  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Yahooooooooooooo off to Fiji Tomoro & $1653 in the Bank STILLL

Hi all my quit date WAS 27th march since then I have saved everything thats listed on my quit stats and am taking my son to Gold Coast next year!!!

BUT I have been slipping and sliding and still am!!! I now have the whole duty free battle going on shall I buy some and give up once they are gone etc........!!!!!!!!!!! BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I will not I am beating this and I am going to win this battle!!!!!!!!

Seeya when I'm back ;-) Yas be kind to yourself !!! All you quitters your awesome All my SUPPORTERS your awesome!! THANkssss sooo much you've kept me going without one single doubt


Profile image haleytats29 September, 2011

Hi rach enjoy Fiji and enjoy all that sunshine.well done stay strong going through the duty free.

Profile image yas0129 September, 2011

Have an awesome time. Thanks for your thoughts.

Profile image clarence the cat29 September, 2011

Rach, have an awesome time in Fiji. Stay strong. I felt strangely proud going through customs without ciggies. Well done!!

Profile image Rach29 September, 2011

Thanks Clarence - Yas01 and Haileytats. Your all awesome!!

Profile image smells sweeter now29 September, 2011

any room in your bag for a 40 year old? lol well done well deserved :0)

Profile image Kendra2729 September, 2011

No don't buy any - have an awesome time!!!

Profile image rainbowfish29 September, 2011

Have a fabulous time Rach! And NO to the duty free cigs, they're a ripoff both cost wise and health wise. Be strong:)

Profile image heironymus30 September, 2011

Sorry I missed you Rach, I'm sure you made it through your first duty free stop without making the purchase :o) Maybe you opted for some nice perfume instead? Hope you're having a fantastic time with your wee man... you totally deserve it, regardless of the slips. Your efforts to keep going on this journey should be commended! Can't wait to hear about your trip and what you will be spending your next batch of saved dollars on!
Take care x

19Sep2011 By Rach  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

WELL DONE TO THE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ofcourse the allblacks

Thanks everyone still battling on not quite winning the war but I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love you all for your support thanks so much!!!

Profile image heironymus19 September, 2011

That's a lot of love Rach! You're still winning, just not every single battle :o) Keep going babe!

Profile image SmokePuncher19 September, 2011

Each of those O's stand for Owesome. Haha! Don't give up and you will win the war!! Keep strong and keep us updated on your progress.

Profile image rainbowfish19 September, 2011

That's a lot of O's, you even got a scroll bar! You are not giving up on your quit Rach, and we're not giving up on you either! You will get there:)

Profile image katmell19 September, 2011

Love it!! Thanks for your post!!

Profile image clarence the cat19 September, 2011

Excellent!! Stay strong. You are winning you know.

16Sep2011 By Rach  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

$1539 $$$$$$$$$ saved as for smoke free days mmmmmmm

Hi Guys I'm still slipping and sliding!!! I did soooooooo well for so long and then I decided one would be ok!!!!!!!!BIGBIGBIG HUGE HUGE STUPID STUPID MISTAKE!! ON MY Part!!! One for me is never enough!!! I am going to get there and I'm not smoking full on (ONE IS FAR FAR To many tho)))!!!!!!! One thing I have done is continued to save the $$$ and it reminds me if I keep smoking how much I will spend and I just REFUSE to give all that money away!! So I will get there I PROMISE!!!!!!

I thank you all for your amazing kind words and support and I;m with Clarence I will never be a reformed smoker moaning about it I have great pitty and feel sorry for anyone trapped in the nicotine addiction!!!

My trip is still being planned now for March as we are going with another family to the Gold Coast my son doesn't know I'm smoking I cant bear to let him down and show him I stuffed up.

I'm not a failure I tell myself I'm not well I try. Its just a glitch in my journey and I willllllllllllllll get there!!!

WELL WELL DONE to all of you smokefree You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Profile image SmokePuncher16 September, 2011

You can do it Rach! Remember, having just one is never a reward - its a punishment! You've come so far and done so well saving that much money from not smoking! Just remind yourself who wonderful that trip will be with all that money you saved. And even after you've rewarded yourself from it, set the next reward to go for!

Profile image Ady16 September, 2011

Hi Rach, $1500. says you've been doing really well, you just keep doing what your doing, you just keep striving to be totally smokefree, you're onto a winner & you know it, thats why you keep trying, this is your challenge for control over you & you've almost won it, well done.
I do think your son may either know or be curious about the odd smoke your having, remember.... he can smell it for miles & hours, & probably wont say anything unless its a strong smell.
You keep aiming for that holiday, that is so so cool, wish i could the same but i just spent heaps on a new cellphone & its keeping me busy programming it. (mini computer)
A holiday with friends is brilliant, even more fun, I just know you're going to succeed, you've got that drive in you, that enthusiasm.
Go hard Rach

Profile image clarence the cat16 September, 2011

Ditto what Ady says. Rach, you are smoking far far less than you were and if you hold it at that, you have got to be winning. I think there will come a day when you will think to yourself "I'm sick of this hassle to be able to smoke" and from that moment, you will be SMOKEFREE. My fingers are crossed for you anyway. That trip sounds awesome and it will be so much easier if youre SMOKEFREE. GOOD LUCK

Profile image rainbowfish16 September, 2011

If you believe it, then you will do it!

Profile image Darja16 September, 2011

Woop Woop Go the All Blacks and the Warriors! (Manu if you drop a ball tonight i will go nuts!!!)

You are a star Rach - even if you have slipped a little! You will be fine and you will pick yourself up and continue on your smokefree journey! I have the faith! (just like i do for the warriors lol)


Profile image yas0116 September, 2011

Hi Rach
the fact youre smoking but less than before is better than back to the old days.
When you l the time is right you will go with it all the way.

9Sep2011 By Rach  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hi guys $1463 saved!!!!! BUT been slipping and sliding!!

The best thing I did was save the money cause I GUARANTEE had I not I'd be a full blown smoker again!! I'm still slipping and sliding but I'm not beating myself up!!! FROM SUnday thats it no more but I have given myself permission to slip sat night!! Stupid I know but thats what I'm doing.

THANKSSSSSSSS GUYS YOUR AWESOME Herionymous you get back on here!!!

Profile image SmokePuncher9 September, 2011

Awesome Rach! What a great incentive to drive you on! Keep it up and stay strong! ODAAT

Profile image clarence the cat9 September, 2011

You are doing so well. What an amazing incentive!! What are you gonna do with all that money?
Keep up the good work. ODAAT

Profile image Jassie9 September, 2011

Hey Rach - I'm still slipping and sliding too - crazy - but that's me too. I've saved the money as well - yee ha - can't wait till the lid comes off that money box - sometime next year I plan. Good luck for Sunday.

Profile image heironymus9 September, 2011

Hello lovely! I'm still here, just watching is all. Don't feel I really have the right to cheer everyone on when I'm doing such a crap job on my quit myself! I admire you so much, you slip and slide but you keep going, that is real determination. Keep at it, I am sure that there will come a day when you kiss the nicodemon goodbye forever!
Have a good weekend babe x

Profile image Jassie9 September, 2011

Hey Heiro - listen to Rach - we need you. And you have every right to cheer as we will cheer for you too. You know what - you remind me of the brave person who makes sure everyone else is safely on the lifeboat before they think of saving themselves. When you feel the time is right for you, you will get in too. Sorry Rach - taking over your blog - but I know you wont mind.

Profile image Tafette9 September, 2011

Hi Rach - slipping now and then is what I did for nearly a year before lapsing. I used to tell myself that being a part time smoker was ok, but it wasn't really. But don't beat yourself up for doing that - reckon we all go through those times, especially if there is a lot of stress about. I'm saving for a big reunion next June so more money in the savings means having a better time!

30Aug2011 By Rach  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!

You guys are awesome!!!! You really really are!! I have slipped and slid and not once have I been told to leave!!!!!!

I am still slipping I slipt a little over the weekend!!! Its stupid BUT as Herinomyous pointed out I am not letting those slips give me permission to be a smoker again.

PLEASE FEEL FREE if anyone thinks I am kidding myself tell me!!! If anyone thinks I need to get off here till I stop slipping up speak up I can handle the truth.

I have no excuses not one!!! I am just really struggling!!! I still have saved $1387 since March 27th which was my original quit date.

My partner doing awesome he went 2 weeks then slipped. Then a week with none then slipped on weekend!! So I do believe he will get there.

NONE OF my slipping is his fault I take full responsibility for it all!! I will not let myself, or my son down by smoking again I will get this sorted!!!

Thanks for being there. WELLL WELL DONE to all the new comers its so awesome!!!! PLUS everyone else that not so new but still doing it!! YOur great!!!

Profile image clarence the cat30 August, 2011

You are doing really well Rach!! I notice each time you slip, you seem to get back on track a little more quickly. Its great that you and partner are doing this together. You may not have fully completed your quit yet but your commitment and determination will get you there. Stay strong. ODAAT

Profile image yas0130 August, 2011

You are doing great I was the same slip alot then back on then slip. It does get easier and having your partner going thru the same would be a great thing as you can understand and help each other. Good luck

Profile image nicbynameandbynature30 August, 2011

The idea is never stop making the effort to quit and keep in that general direction... and that is what I see you are doing, if you would like to try out something that has helped me to quit in the past take a look at my blog. I hope you find it useful, it isn't for everyone but I found it worked better than patches and chewing gum and now haven't smoked for 7 months and 'over it' lol :-)

Profile image Jassie30 August, 2011

Hi Rach - Keep plugging away - you will get there. I slipped too - and got back on - we've all been there and we all know how hard this journey is, so there is no way we would judge each other. I put a note to you in my last blog - I hope you saw it. Hang in there Bud.

Profile image Ady30 August, 2011

Hi Rach, It feels good being able to be totally honest with a group of ppl & not get a negative response doesn't it, Thats cos positive response's & positive energy is what we need to move forward, when you fell off your bike your parents didn't criticise you, they hugged you & thats what we do here, we help each other to get over the hurt & move forward.
"Did you fall off your bike Luv," hehehehe
Its all good, You got back on the quit bus quickly, You keep striving to win, you're forever aiming at your goal, it's all good Rach, you keep going.
Hold your head high & be happy in the fact 'you danced with the demon' & you still got away. LoL
Be strong Rach, you may feel like its hard for the next few days waiting for that poison to leave your system but stay strong & you can do it.

Profile image Rach30 August, 2011

Jassie I did see your comment and I really appreciated it!! That and what you said today thanks!!!

Profile image Kelsbels30 August, 2011

Rach - keep at it girl, a few slips and spills here, we're all human babe. Just jump back on the wagon! ;)

Profile image rainbowfish30 August, 2011

In my view Rach, the ticket we have on this quit bus is an open-ended one. Never give up on quitting, there will come a time when the slip ups do not happen, and before you know it, you will free from the nicodemon forever!

Profile image heironymus31 August, 2011

No-one will ever tell you that you can't or shouldn't be here Rach. Your determination is to be admired and is inspiring! When I figure out the secret to quieting that voice in your head I'll let you know!
Keep on keeping on babe, you're doing awesome!

22Aug2011 By Rach  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

hmmmmmmmmmmm not smokefree for long

Hi Guys
I am not complaining at all BUT my partner smoked again this weekend. He went 2 weeks did SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well but smoked Saturday. I'm hoping he will leave it at that he was soooo hungover yesterday that he couldn't smoke.

BUT IIIIIIIII DID!!!!!!!!! I smoked 3 fri bout 6 sat and 2 yesterday. WHAT AM I DOING!!!

I have saved $1311 in not smoking and my stats say I'm at day 147 but I'm not so I think I will start at day 1 again...... Cause mystats aren't true anymore!! suckssssssss osoooooooo bad.

Profile image Helsbels22 August, 2011

Rach, go easy on yourself! It's a slipup and no reason to reset your quit date. You've come a long way - be proud of yourself!

Profile image SmokePuncher22 August, 2011

Rach, I say don't reset your stats! It was a slip up and you don't have to reset it! Don't feel any less confident about your quitting, I fear that resetting your stats would be demoralising for no good reason. So remember, in the large scheme of things you are definitely winning this battle. 147 days in shows your real strength, slipping up a few times in between only makes you human.

Profile image clarence the cat22 August, 2011

I agree! It was a slip up and you are going to continue your quit journey as before. You have done so well Even the most perfect people have chinks in their armour. Get on with your quit and put your slip up down to a bad experience. Hope hubby feels strong enough to continue his quit too.

Profile image Ngaro22 August, 2011

I to agree with the others instead minus those days and change your quit date to 3days after your initial quit date, that way your quit days will be 144 and you will have those days as a punishment to look back on.
You have much support here don't sell yourself out for that b l o o d y nicodemon ok.

Profile image Rach22 August, 2011

You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly don't know what I would do without this blog!! thanks to all of you who have commented and to all who are on here!!!

Profile image Jassie22 August, 2011

Hi Rach - I deducted off the days I'd slipped up on - it's all good. Too many days smoke free for you to go back to the start for a couple of days. I know it sucks - don't be too hard on yourself.

Profile image heironymus22 August, 2011

Rach, where your quit date/stats are concerned, I think you should do whatever is more motivating for you - is it starting again or counting it as a slip up, deducting a day and moving on? Are you back on the patches? Why's that nicodemon getting in your ear? Need some ear plugs? xxxx

Profile image rainbowfish22 August, 2011

I agree that you have to be careful not to de-motivate yourself. At the end of the day, you are still on your journey and that's all that matters. As much as you're disappointed, put it down to experience and keep ongoing with your quit:)

Profile image Rach23 August, 2011

Hey Herionymus.... THe nicodemon is gettin in my ear cause I decdied I could have one puff and you know where that leads!!! I've decided to not reset my stats cause I am using it to save money and I'm upto $1330 saved... YES I NEED ear plugs ha ha Yes back on the patches. Today has been way way better I'm sick tho so thats someones way of helping me not want to smoke!! Great to hear from you.
Rainbowfish - I do think starting at day 1 will give me more reason to smoke just a bit longer so I'll stick to mystats not really looking at days more money saved thats keeping me going.


Profile image heironymus23 August, 2011

I think it is so admirable that you keep going with your quit, you never let him lead you back to full blown relapse. You keep on fighting the fight, you are strong Rach!!! One day you'll kick him to the kerb forever, I know it xox

18Aug2011 By Rach  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hi All been working working working

Had to go back on the patches as I just keep thinking of smoking again!! damn dam dam why did I slip up!! Still saving got $1273 in the bank!! Thats whats keeping me going and MY PARTNER has stopped THANK GOD cause I really think if he hadn't I'd be smoking with him again!!

HOPE YOU are all well you are all awesome miss you lots but just havnen't had the time to get on here.

THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to all my support ppl. THANKS to everyone that blogs it keeps me going. TAlk reeeealallllllllllll soon!!! Herinoymous YOu are awesome!!! Just keep coming back we all do and its working

Profile image rainbowfish18 August, 2011

Great that your partner has joined you in being smokefree. I agree, it is these blogs that keep me keeping on. I mean it's great to have the support of family and friends but sometimes I wonder if they really do know how I'm feeling. When they say that you just need to get over it, yes they are right, but I only wish it was that simple!

Profile image Lorel18 August, 2011

Hey Rach, awesome about your partner and the savings. I sooooooooooo know what you mean about slipping up - I haven't yet but I was hanging outside with a couple of mates. The two of them were smoking and I was the odd one out. At first it was easy but as time crept by and they were smoking one after the other and I wasn't - I started to notice that I wasn't. I just kept repeating one phrase in my head, '18th Day! 18th Day!' over and over again. Sheesh! It wasn't easy, but I pushed through. All the best and many blessings in our shared smokefree journey. xo :D

Profile image clarence the cat18 August, 2011

Rach you are doing so well!!
Thats an amazing amount you have saved. Makes it seem worthwhile doesn't it.
Glad your partner has quit too. You will both be so much better off now. SMOKEFREE is the way to be.
Take Care.

Profile image KelKel20 August, 2011

well done 4 u ;-)

12Aug2011 By Rach  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hi all Been at a Tangi - What did he die of Cancer was it smoking related?

Hey - Wow what a week I'm exhausted and pist at myself YEP I smoked BUT I'm not giving into it stuff it I am not returning to be a smoker!!!!

The Tangi was sad and I made excuses that I could smoke a few!! IDIOT!!

ANyway at work after 4 days off no time to blog but wanted to say Hi.

Hope your all great!!!

Profile image heironymus12 August, 2011

Nice to hear from you Rach. So sorry to hear of your loss! We know you're not going back babe, you're way too smart for that! Just remember that smoking messes with your head.
Take care, hope to see you back again soon!

Profile image clarence the cat12 August, 2011

Oh Darn!!
Its very hard at times like that to stick to the quit journey. I am sure you will be able to pick up where you left off.
Take Care and Be Strong. ODAAT

Profile image katmell12 August, 2011

I know what you mean - tough time - I went to a Tangi a couple of weeks ago. Brother-inlaw, him too with cancer - was also a ex-smoker. One thing though it was great to see smoking had been banned on the Marae now. Still was too many young ones still going out to the road to smoke though but atleast I didn't have to be near them to get tempted.
You will get back on track though- all the best!!

Profile image Ady13 August, 2011

It's all good Rach, you know what you're doing, it was just a slip up & you're back on the quit bus, no worry's.
Those times are tough, but you did well & its all back to normal now.
Good to hear from you again,

3Aug2011 By Rach  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

1 Year ago today my mum passed away why.... one reason only SMOKING!!

Yep if it had not been for the smoking my mum would have lived a healthy life and would more than likely be alive today. Did that stop me buying a packed and smoking half of it sat night NOPE!! am I starting from day one again NOPE sorry if you disagree but hell no am i going back to day one I haven't smoked since forgiven myself and moved on.

Sorry I've been such slack support my work is non stop at present and only time I can blog. WEll done all you non smokers your awesome!!

Smokers yahooo your on here keep going we can and will get it!!!

Profile image clarence the cat3 August, 2011

Thinking of you today Rach. Remember the lovely things about her and the day will be easier to bear.
Keep up you good work on the quit journey.

Profile image heironymus3 August, 2011

Rach, I'm thinking of you too babe. I like what clarence has said about remembering the special things, though I know not much will make today any easier for you. This month it will be 9 months since my Mum passed away, yet it still feels so fresh!
Take care of yourself lovely! xxx

Profile image muzzie3 August, 2011

Rach my thoughts go out to you today. I lost my Mum who was also my best friend, 17 years ago and even though it does get better there are still times when it is like it just happened yesterday. In the begining I wrote my Mum letters which I still have and even after all this time I still write to her when I feel the need, it can be very theraputic.
Keep thinking lovely thoughts xx

Profile image Girl263 August, 2011

Thinking of ya. Big hugs. x

Profile image Rach3 August, 2011


Profile image katmell3 August, 2011

May God Bless you
Hugs xxooxx

Profile image riggster3 August, 2011

Don't give up. You have all the support right here. Much love to you.

Profile image KelKel7 August, 2011

My heart goes out to you.....