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7Nov2011 By t0maiiz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


My stats say 565 but at 562 days smokefree I cracked! I honestly did. I had not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4 smokes in one day.

For a very long time I have been battling with a lot of things and funny enough the smoking stuff was not one of them but I just felt like I needed 1 or 2 or 3 or 4. It didn't taste nice, I choked but still smoked it. I brushed my teeth many times after and still the taste was there. It didn't do anything for me but I couldn't express myself in any other way really and that was the way I did it.

I'm not turning my clock back to 0 because that's just crazy. I haven't had any since those 4 and I don't crave them but the guilt is enough to make ya mad at yourself. I have decided to brush it off and just consider it's one of those things and move on.

Sorry to all my quit whanau for having those ciggies but really I was at a loss and really didn't know what to do. I didn't buy them I got them off a friend who was staying at my house.

I had to come on here and confess because now I feel better.


Profile image clarence the cat7 November, 2011

Don't be so hard on yourself t0maiiz!!
Years ago I used to have 3 spoons of sugar in my tea and I drank lots of tea. I went on a diet and cutting out the sugar meant the weight just fell off me. I couldn't enjoy a cup of tea though and decided after a month or so I would have a "nice" cuppa, 3 sugars and all. It tasted vile. I hated it. From that day forward I have never had sugar in my tea or any other hot drink. I had grown to dislike the sweetness.
The reason I am telling you this is that by having those smokes and not enjoying them you probably satisfied a yearning that is no longer with you.
Carry on with your quit now, knowing that you didn't enjoy that experience at all. It can only make you a stronger person. ODAAT

Profile image t0maiiz7 November, 2011

Thanks Clarence you always give me great support. I know what you mean. I had for a long time after quitting yearned to see if I still got that enjoyment that I use to from smoking but I didn't. It just made me feel YUCK! and cough and choke.

I haven't told my kids because they would be disappointed with me but they are so forgiving too even if I did tell them, they just want their mum to be happy. I am doing exactly that my friend, curiosity got the better of me and and bit me in the butt (haha a little pun) I have no intention of touching them again. I think it has made me well and truly appreciate being smokefree :)

Profile image Shazza1237 November, 2011

I wdn't turn the clock back either....so what 4 smokes in well over a year....as long as it hasn't started a full time habit agn then yr still doing great!!

Profile image smells sweeter now7 November, 2011

I really feel for you. But the good news is that you know it does nothing for you and it didnt help you so you can safely go on with your quitting :0)
good luck and odaat

Profile image rainbowfish7 November, 2011

You're so right, it really isn't all it's cracked up to be! Hopefully by sharing this you are able to move on and stop feeling guilty about it.

Profile image t0maiiz8 November, 2011

Thanks guys It really did kill my curiosity and I haven't felt like one since that dreadful day. Onwards and upwards :)
Heaps of aroha to you all x

6Sep2011 By t0maiiz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

My first sign of a cold since...

i gave up smoking 504 days ago. Got a bit of sore throat but nothing I can't handle I hope. VapoDrops seem to help.

Hope everyone is having a good day, keep up the good work everyone :)

Profile image muzzie6 September, 2011

Keep an eye on the sore throat, I had one yesterday and I woke up this morning with a chesty cough and head cold. Do not mean to be the bearer of bad news. Hope you feel ok. 504 days is fantastic, that will be me in another 499 days.

Profile image clarence the cat6 September, 2011

As Muzzie says, don't take that sore throat too lightly. There is an awful bug out there this year.
Gosh I envy you being 504 days SMOKEFREE. Well done!! I will get there one day.

Profile image yas016 September, 2011

Get onto the throat asap I have a nasty head cold I cant shake nearly a week and a half theres sme real nasties out there at the moment.
Great stats!

Profile image Captinhook6 September, 2011


Profile image dutchy6 September, 2011

504 days is awesome-through my 96 days smoke free I seem to have had regular chest infections-or maybe I have always had them and just never noticed when smoking eh

Profile image maggie6 September, 2011

Great stats !!!!

Profile image rainbowfish6 September, 2011

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery:)

Profile image heironymus7 September, 2011

Stink t0maiiz, hopefully your healthy SMOKEFREE body will chase that bug away quick smart... and spring is here, that's gotta help!!!
Congrats on your 504 days and thanks for your wisdom!

Profile image t0maiiz7 September, 2011

Naww thanks guys, yup I got on to the sore throat pretty quick with some lozenges and a couple of panadol woke up feeling pretttttttyyyyyyyy good.

Thanks for the congrats too :) You are the bomb guys and girls, keep up all your good work too.

1Sep2011 By t0maiiz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Spring is coming and tomorrow I am...

500 days smokefree. Time to pull finger and get my ar*e moving and lose some weight. I am just so lazy at the moment, recently become a single full time working Mum. The hardest thing is working an hour away from home and not getting home until 7 at night. I have had a really hard time in the last 3 months personally but I haven't picked up one smoke. That I am proud of but not with my weight.

I hope to start losing weight soon, watch this space. Keep it up everyone :)

Profile image clarence the cat1 September, 2011

Well done for battling on t0maliz!! When daylight saving comes along (at the end of the month) You will find there will be more time for activities after your working day.
Keep up the good work.

Profile image 1Lyn11 September, 2011

Well done on reaching 500 days tOmaiiz.

Profile image Ady1 September, 2011

Hi t0maiiz, don't worry about your weight, if your working fulltime i reckon alot of that will fall off on its own now,
I know what you mean about having life hard over the last 3 months, & by the time you've made dinner you're absolutely shot ready for bed.
I guess we have to adapt to the changes, it's not always easy i know but other options are there.
500 days for you tomorrow, Kool, thats awesome, heading for your 2nd year now.
If you can quit smoking, overcome the mental & physical pains of that, stay on track & being positive,... then im sure you can achieve what you've set out to do now too.
Good luck t0maiiz, stay strong.

Profile image rainbowfish1 September, 2011

Well done t0maiiz! I agree with Clarence, once daylight savings begins it will not feel like you are getting home as late. I admire your strength in remaining smokefree, even through your personal hardships:)

Profile image Kelsbels1 September, 2011

Well done! You are amazing! 500 days I can only imagine what that feels like. You should be immensely proud of yourself with all you've gone through and you've stayed strong and true and SMOKEFREE!

Profile image Marie1 September, 2011

Congrats on the statts. 500 days ...well done. You have kicked the nicodemon into touch so watch out the kilo demon!!! I'm also looking to daylight saving and the little extra daylight and the exercise pattern I want to get into. I gained 9 kilos since start date and would like to shed a few of those before Christmas. I know we can do this. Can't we?

Profile image t0maiiz7 September, 2011

Wow you guys are the bomb with your awesome advice. Yup yup kicking those kilos to the kerb when daylight savings kicks in well and truly.

Thank you all for the great support. I wish you all the best :)

1Aug2011 By t0maiiz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Having a hard time...

personally in my life right now and trying my best to stay away from temptation. 468 days but the crap I'm going through I either feel like a smoke or having a drink but I don't do either.

Profile image clarence the cat1 August, 2011

Stay strong t0maliz. It is awful when you feel almost unable to control your cravings.

Profile image reon1 August, 2011


Profile image rudytoots1 August, 2011

Don't do it...will it change anything that's happening??? I'm guessing not, other than putting your guilt and disappointment with yourself on top of what is already on your shoulders!!! Please don't do it, stay strong!!!!! :)

Profile image katmell1 August, 2011

Come on here and vent your feelings whenever you want - no one will mind - but for your sake please don't give in!! believe me it ain't worth relasping and starting day one all over again. Go back to the basics and think what got you through the rough times when you first began your journey - as you did it then - you can do it now!! 468 days stats is something to be so proud of - don't throw it away!!
Best wishes to yo!!

Profile image jayce1 August, 2011

I reckon cigarettes actually made me feel more stressed, I am way more relaxed about things now and able to handle stress, so don't have a ciggy, it will only make you feel worse, deep breathe, do some relaxation and meditation exercises, visualise being happy and it will happen :)

Profile image katmell1 August, 2011

Just had a thought for you as see you say you are going through crap right now - have you thought of talking to someone about the crap (as you call it) that you are handling right now? the Sallies are great non judgemental people to talk too if you don't have or can't think of someone to talk too. They help people in ways not everyone think of, so ay be worth a thought.

Profile image Kathry1 August, 2011

Sorry to hear you are having a hard time ... we are all here for you. Stay strong.

Profile image 1Lyn11 August, 2011

Thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way. Hang in there tOmaiiz

11Jul2011 By t0maiiz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Trying times but not tempted...

although I have thought about having a ciggie I only need to sit in the same room as my mum and thing..YUCK!

I have had huge 'whack in ya the face, slap you a bit more, now take it all in' news and I must admit the thought went through my head breifly to have a ciggie but then I thought what the hell for? It didn't do anything for me when I was a smoker so why would it do anything for me now?

The news I got was extremely trying and very upsetting that I will get over it one day but it won't be with the help of smokes.

I remain smokefree and I am proud to say I have been smokefree for 447 days.

Profile image heironymus11 July, 2011

That is *huge* t0maiiz, facing a massive hurdle and staying SMOKEFREE! Well done and congrats on your impressive 447 days of freedom!

Profile image 2pixie11 July, 2011

Wooooow!!!! That's such an achievement!!!! On day 49 now, so please keep supporting us with your blogs :):)

Profile image t0maiiz12 July, 2011

Hey guys thanks for your support. 2pixie awesome keep it up. Glad to have you both aboard the smokefree train.

13Jun2011 By t0maiiz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

How is everyone doing?

Kia ora to all my quit whanau.

How are you all doing? Just thought I would briefly make an appearance to let you know I am still smokefree 419 days.

My relationship broke up after 8 years last week and I thought I would turn back to smoking but I haven't. My friends were puffing away around me when we talking about my situation but I never asked for or actually took not one puff of a ciggie. I must be well and truly over this part of my life.

Chin up everyone, keep going as hard as it is you will all get to that stage of not thinking or even wanting a smoke.

Kia kaha koutou. Ma te wa :)

Profile image kiwichick6513 June, 2011

Wow that is amazing that is just wonderful that you managed to get through that as well.

Go and treat yourself to something just for you a massage, haircut, hair colour, pedicure or something.

Profile image Ady13 June, 2011

Hiya t0maiiz, I can see you're well & truly over the quitting stages but now you have other issues on your plate, I'am so sorry to hear about that, as you may be aware i went thru that just over 1yr ago & still recovering today. ( I've got a soft heart)
If you think quitting tobacco makes alot of changes to you, wait till you get re-settled. (approx 2 months) Don't live on your own, (it hurts too much) stay with company, stay around people.
You will need a new plan to follow, your friends will help you with that as they know you better, just keep in mind,.... Don't burn any bridge's.
Reflecting back on my own experiences, something i should'a done..... Seek help, & i could of got thru this quicker & easier.
I know everyone is different t0maiiz, so just look, listen & go with your instincts.
All the things i've learnt & things i would do different i cant post here,
Good luck. Stay strong

Profile image t0maiiz13 June, 2011

Thanks for your advice Ady it is greatly appreciated. I am trying my best to keep busy and surrounded by positive people especially so I can keep working and being a good mum to my kids. They are happy at the moment so that's a bonus. I will get stronger Ady thanks so much :)

Profile image Ady13 June, 2011

Your welcome.

Profile image Kathry13 June, 2011

Great to hear from you again, but so sorry to hear about your difficult time. Well done to get through that without a slip. I am in the same situation and wish you all the best, it is hard but it can be done. Big hugs.

Profile image heironymus13 June, 2011

Hey, awesome strength, staying smokefree through that. Look after yourself and your kids, all the best.

Profile image jellykelly13 June, 2011


Profile image teisha13 June, 2011

I'm at day 15 and quitting smoking is taking up most of my time and energy. It's xciting to know that 419 days down the track, when things get rough, lighting up is not the most IMPORTANT thing in the world. All that healthy time and energy you have can go back into your family. Well done and what an inspiration!

27May2011 By t0maiiz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Website...Love It!

Haven't had a wander around yet but will soon, I am just having a sneaky look while at work.

402 days smoke free...Yay :-)

Kia kaha everyone.

Profile image clarence the cat27 May, 2011

Great stuff t0maliz!! Have a happy day.

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Just dropped in to say hi...

Kia ora koutou. I just thought I would have a quick look at some blogs while I'm on a 5 minute break at work. Wow so many new people joining the cause, excellent good to see. I see some old hands giving great advice keep up everyone. I am still smoke free and my stats

Smoke Free Days 393 days

Grams NOT smoked 2,808

Money saved $1,938.00

Total savings $1,938.00

Not true about the money that's gone to the whanau. Kia kaha everyone :)

Profile image clarence the cat18 May, 2011

WELL DONE!! and didn't it feel good having extra money for the whanau? Bet you're so proud. Keep up the good work.

Profile image Sharkie18 May, 2011

393 days, awesome, admiration frm this one & when it comes to whanaul, especially outside our four walls we do what we can

Profile image just jag18 May, 2011

And Hi to you. Well done.

Profile image maggie18 May, 2011

Awesome ststs welldone to you !!!

Profile image horlicks19 May, 2011

Great to see you back here and well done you.

1May2011 By t0maiiz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hi Whanau

Well I am home now I got my ta moko for my one year anniversary and it turned out fantastic. Still smokefree :)

Hope everyone is well :)

Profile image clarence the cat1 May, 2011

AWESOME t0maliz.
Take Care!!

Profile image riggster1 May, 2011

1st of May and it is my 1st Breath Day today. It's a major achievement so I congratulate you too. More and more of my family are becoming smokefree which is encouraging. Too everyone struggling please continue with the efforts and don't give up. You will conquer it. Stay strong.

Profile image Ady2 May, 2011

Congratulations t0mailz, you did it, you're a winner.
Good on you.

Profile image kiwimarie14 May, 2011

Well done thats amazing, I am joining you for my 1st Breathday in a few days :-)

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50 minutes...

Until my 1st year anniversary. I was trying to wait until midnight before I posted but I am tired been busy all day and getting up at 4am to travel to the Bay of Plenty.

I most probably had my last ciggie about this time (11.10pm 19 April 2009). It has been an interesting journey that is for sure. I thought I would say a quick hello to my quit whanau and to let you know I made it, I am so proud of myself.

Take care quit whanau and have a safe and happy easter :)

Profile image t0maiiz20 April, 2011

Made it! 3:54am Happy Breath day to me :)

Profile image Truffles20 April, 2011

Congratulations & well done.You must be so proud of yourself.You are leading us all bty example.Welcome to the Bay of Plenty & good luck with your ta moko

Profile image pukako20 April, 2011


Profile image annie220 April, 2011

Congratulations! Your an inspiration for us :)

Profile image Raqwe2220 April, 2011

Well done!

Profile image clarence the cat20 April, 2011


Profile image MisterMister20 April, 2011

Huge congrats..........ai'nt it sweet on the mountain top??? Well done on reaching the top!

Profile image maggie20 April, 2011

Congratulations you have made it and its lovely at the top isnt it !!!!

Profile image Dentarthurdent25 April, 2011

Awesome stuff t0maiiz. What a great miletsone to reach, really inspirational for the rest of us.
Kia Kaha