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13Jan2017 By Dreamz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Lack of motivation

I just wanted to ask a question i quit smoking 2 weeks ago and im using a vape with nicotine in it which i must say is fantastic! But anyway so i dont get cravings etc but im finding im really unmotivated to exercise or do housework or cook etc. Im not sure why i feel so exhausted all the time now? Ive quite in the past and haven't had this feeling..

Profile image clarebear14 January, 2017

Hi Dreamz - well done you for reaching 2 weeks!! Sorry I have never vaped so have no advice for that. Keep up the awesome work - you will find your mojo I am sure.

25Mar2013 By Dreamz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

4mg gum help no fair quitline!

Picked up some more gum after running out of my old lot (from a previous quit attempt) and realised after a couple of days this lot is 4mgs! really gross and upsets my tummy but as its been less than 3 weeks quitline wont help i have to wait till i can get some more 2mgs. Not fair cravings are bad and i cant take the gum and i took myself off patches a week ago so dont want to start them again. So im left waiting a week over easter break before i can get some help with more gum unless i want too pay extra for it :( not happy!

Profile image Fireman25 March, 2013

Cut them in half and have half at a time

13Nov2012 By Dreamz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 2 for me

This is my 4th time giving up and last time too. Health and money are my motivation im 33 and its time to get serious about this. Ive done well in the past and alcohol is usually when i slip up darn it but not this time. Its so much easier being a non smoker not feeling guilty about buying cigs when money needs to go elsewhere. So im back and im here to stay smokefree for summer too yay!

Profile image Aquarius13 November, 2012

Great to see that you havn't given up on giving up. You have some great motivators there and the prospect of a smokefree summer is all good too!! Awesome!

Profile image brite eyes13 November, 2012

Hi Dreamz, Gr8 you are on day 2, well done, Yeah drink does get in the way when giving up but from :your blog you have the determination and strength to become smokefree. Good on you & welcome back, keep on blogging and stay strong. : )

Profile image Corubagal13 November, 2012

Well done on day 2..you sound really positive...good on you..you can do this :-)

Profile image Denerau13 November, 2012

Good on you for not giving up on giving up - the best choice for you - go well and remember the 4Ds they helped me so much and so do the blogs

Profile image Nessy13 November, 2012

We can do this together, as I'm day 2 as well. This is about my 3rd attempt to give up smoking.

Profile image Dreamz14 November, 2012

Thanks everyone today was a bit hard but onwards and upwards aye

17Feb2012 By Dreamz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 34

Yay havnt touched a cigarette this whole time and havnt used any patches or gum for a week either. Feeling alot better and not craving lately had a couple drinks which was fine thats always the hardest. Im so glad im not wasting my money and i dont smell anymore!

Profile image clarence the cat17 February, 2012


Profile image Sange17 February, 2012

34 days is fantstic. I remeber those days. You dont ever want to relaps and go back to the drawing board again with all those new cravings etc etc again. Its only gets easier from now on. Dont give up on it all now. You have done really really well.!!!!

15Jan2012 By Dreamz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

And again

My second time round giving up, gave up for 6months but started again!

Day one today roll on please

Profile image Xenophon15 January, 2012

Welcome aboard Dreamz! I'm on my second time round too. Very disappointed in myself for putting in all that effort, only to have to start again at square one. If it helps, I'm finding the second time a bit easier than the first. You know how to be smokefree - you've done it before, you CAN do it again. Good luck with it!!! :)

Profile image kateGo15 January, 2012

Good luck dreamz. We are all with you!

Profile image clarence the cat15 January, 2012

GOOD LUCK. We are all supporting you.

Profile image yas0115 January, 2012

good luck we all behind you :)

Profile image Cliffie15 January, 2012

Well done for getting on the train again. Good luck and hope the day has not been too stressful. Keep blogging and the support will always be there.

13Jan2011 By Dreamz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

10 Weeks

10 Weeks smokefree just wanted to say hi and it takes real commitment and a strong desire to give up and stay that way. I smoked for 15 years and wow just to be free. And the money im so much better off also i dont stink anymore! I havnt gained any weight and its much easier to exercise! Stick at it guys really the days fly by and it does get easier ♥♥ If i can do it seriously you can too i smoked loads. I used Patches and gum all the way now i use will power ♠ Keep strong ♥

Profile image Ady13 January, 2011

Hey Dreamz, How you doin, im right behind you at 68 days today. Thanx for your positive blogg, greatly appreciated.

Profile image Quitline13 January, 2011

Hi Dreamz,

Well done and congratulations on your 10 weeks smoke free!

Sounds like you are doing really well, keep up the great work.

Online Quit Advisor

Profile image donnka13 January, 2011

Yahoo that is the best news thanks for your blog we will be strong

Profile image Toostie13 January, 2011

well done i can't wait to get to where your at! i'm at day 2 and having a struggling day today but i'm on here reading the blogs and it's helping loads!! how many days after you quit did it get a little easier on those cravings? everywhere i go i get triggers i guess cause i smoked doing everything i did! is a weird feeling that's for sure! good stuff dreamz!

Profile image Dreamz13 January, 2011

Thanks guys, and toostie when you break the habbit it gets alot easier and they say it takes 3weeks to do it :) Gdluck just stick at it ♥

26Nov2010 By Dreamz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

25 Days free ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Yay 25 days smoke free but been craving hard yesterday and today and grumpy this morning that came outta nowhere!
Its weird how fast time goes! Keep up the good work everyone more money for xmas ♥

Profile image horlicks26 November, 2010

Yeap, we have all had those moments where the nicodemon pops his ugly head in!
25 days is a great achievement, not long till you hit the 4 week mark, I hope you go and reward yourself with something.

Profile image pukeko26 November, 2010

Great stuff dreamz ...that grumpy feeling ...kick it out ...GO!!! yep the extra money fantastic xx

2Nov2010 By Dreamz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

2 days starting again

Took 2 weeks to get some more patches from quitline but finally im back on board again! day 2 not easy but damm it i dont wana be a smoker anymore! Onwards and upwards :)

Profile image pukeko2 November, 2010

YAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Wecome back yep it tough ...but we all can so do this xx One Day At A Time xx

11Oct2010 By Dreamz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

And yes Im Back again

So i started smoking again for a week so bad!! Back on gum and patches again 4 days smokefree today. Did 5weeks only to relapse its the drinking and being round friends that smoke at the same time not good. But im back finding it hard too why does it have to be so hard why cant smokes be good for you haha!!

Profile image pukeko11 October, 2010

Get one of those illusion smokes ...that used to help me ...Or do not go out hahahahaha...or fiind something to play with ..stress balls ...anything ...hey a 5 day slip back on ...lesson learnt ..WELL DONE DREAMZ...remember One Day At A Time !! x

Profile image Captinhook11 October, 2010

Welcome back!!!!! High five for having the strength to jump on board!!!! if your finding it rather difficult I suggest reading Allen Carr's Easyway to quit smoking - its done wonders for me really puts things into perspective!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! We are all here for you!!!!

8Sep2010 By Dreamz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Slip up!!

Im at 41days smokefree but i had a few on Saturday nite out drinking sad but true and like polhigg have been questioning quiting, i have strong cravings and thoughts of smoking again. I hate the smell tho! and no way can i afford to even smoke anymore!! I dont want to let anyone down either. So i have picked myself back up and kept on hopefully things will ease up now.
SO aint easy wish they had never made cigs horrible tobacco people!!
And i wish they would just stop selling them ban them for good!!

Profile image pukeko8 September, 2010

Dreamz....slipped got back up....move on...(yes bloody hard ) but you realised.....the person you are letting down...is you...You know you can do it...another part of the journey.......we are alll here....keep going Be proud of yourself of how many days so far!!!!! 41 DAYS!!!! slipped but back on...you can ..xx

Profile image horlicks8 September, 2010

Hi dreamz, don`t give in now,you have come too far to throw it away now. Be proud of yourself for coming so far, yeah its bloody hard sometimes but we can all do this. Just think that smoke doesn`t control you anymore!! At least you hate the smell of smoke, I love it still, which is a real temptation when I smell it. I think we will always have our bad days along with our good. But if you can make it through one day you can do it. Good luck and stay strong!!

Profile image jaQz9 September, 2010

hi Dreamz i might b new to the family,,, but!!! what i have learnt from reading here in the blogs and what i have been trying to teach myself is that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to keep trucking on....
here is another thing i've also picked up on???
.....1 DAY @ A TIME..... ;)

Profile image pukeko9 September, 2010

In the wise words of mistermister (& HIS FOREBEARS) TOO DAMN RIGHT ....