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22Aug2014 By riggster  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

1574 days

The 1st of May 2010 seems like a lifetime ago although I remember the moment quite vividly. At 10am on that morning I made a decision to stop smoking and I haven't looked back. I was lucky that I did not need patches or gum and I believe that was because I really wanted to kick the habit. To those of you that are beginning the journey please be strong and don't give up if you falter. Start the journey again and learn if you can from the mistakes you may have made. You will see and feel the benefits eventually and that is what you are looking for. Quitline was an important part of my journey and I took inspiration from those that were experiencing the same pains and excitement that I was. God bless you all and keep up the fight against tobacco. Peace....

Profile image Nana2222 August, 2014

Oh my word, that is fantastic! Just over 4 years is it? Thank you so much for posting it always inspires me to see it can be done, and your words are so encouraging.

Profile image Lisajane22 August, 2014

Wow, amazing numbers!!!!!!

Profile image Mumsy5922 August, 2014

Gosh, really impressed, love your words of wisdom, been there done that. Peace to you also

Profile image Timtam22 August, 2014

Nice to see these stats

Profile image Hurricane23 August, 2014

I just love seen these 4 digit stats, its inspirational, thanks for the share

Profile image nanaturtle15 August, 2016

6plus years-You probably don't even think about IT anymore! Awesome 😊

30Apr2012 By riggster  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

730 Days

2 years tomorrow and it has been a wonderful journey so far. I am grateful to this site for the help it has given me and the inspiration that I have received from reading peoples experiences. Not everyone is successful the first time but the secret is not to give up and take one day at a time. Special thank you to 'Clarence the cat', you have been an inspiration to so many and this site needs more people like you. Good luck to everyone and please continue to fight for the cause. God Bless you all. Riggster...

Profile image karmc30 April, 2012

wic kid 2 yrs, so so proud of u

Profile image CiggNo30 April, 2012

riggster.... That is just so bloody AWESOME!!! **Cheering** for your 2 Years mate!! FANTASTIC!!

Profile image REBEL1130 April, 2012

my golly you are amazing! 2years tomorrow. you really are a star. good on you!

Profile image sark1m30 April, 2012

way to go riggster!

Profile image quitme30 April, 2012

OMG 2years celebrations are ON!!!! please stay posted here & share more of your great success:) Love this blog LEGEND....& BEYOUD

Profile image Ady1 May, 2012

Hiya Riggster, Congrats on your 2nd Breathday, YAYYYY.
Well done, haven't heard from you for a while, obviously been succeeding quietly in the background.
Good on you.

Profile image M-dog1 May, 2012

Wow, congrats!

Profile image GT Dave1 May, 2012

Nice one Riggster.....

Profile image rainbowfish1 May, 2012

Happy 2nd breathday Riggster - wow legend!!!!

Profile image Chillibin9 July, 2012

Legend!!! cant wait till I get to my 1 yr

Profile image stripey22 July, 2012

Well done!! You should feel very proud of yourself! Good for you!

Profile image Julz19818 February, 2013

Hi Riggster
I had to post on your blog because your name is awesome ha. In all seriousness, I have read through your blogs, what an amazing person you are! You are fast coming up to three years smoke free, well done to you! I love hearing old timers journeys, it gives me hope x

22Dec2011 By riggster  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Every day is a challenge

Greetings my friends. I regularly read the blogs but don't always give feedback which I will try to do more of going forward. Today is day 599 for me and it is still a challenge but one I know I am up to. It feels so good to know that the smoking habit is no longer in charge of my life and if I was honest about being smokefree, I would say that was the most important thing to me. It used to really hurt me when I was virtually a slave to tobacco and knowing that it had control. I was forever disrupting my days my life even to satisfy an urge that was doing me physical and financial harm. I am grateful to Quitline for the fantastic support received and everyone that is undertaking this journey, please remember one important thing. Take one day at a time. Love to you all for Xmas and wishing you all a very prosperous New Year also. 'The Riggster'

Profile image maggie22 December, 2011

599 wow going well Riggster Merry Xmas to you !!!!

Profile image riggster22 December, 2011

Maggie I hope all goes well on Xmas day and that your Husband is able to enjoy himself too. All the very best.

Profile image trudger6723 December, 2011

Well, because it is now the 23rd... HAPPY 600 DAYS! I enjoyed reading your blog, and look forward to more of your contributions.

Profile image smokefree10123 December, 2011

Happy Xmas and new year Riggster

Profile image clarence the cat23 December, 2011

Christmas greetings Riggster!!

Profile image rainbowfish23 December, 2011

Hi Riggster - Merry Xmas to you:)

Profile image dutchy24 December, 2011

Tops riggster and Merry Christmas to you-I am still coping with not being a slave to smoking-more thinking rather than the doing but I just love the clear lungs and deep breathing I can now do with out coughing

1May2011 By riggster  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

1 Year Today

Greetings to you all. 365 days and still going strong. I just wonder why it took until the age of 50 to give it away. I still get the urge occasionally but only to be sociable with people who still have the habit. It's so nice to know that I have beaten it. To all that are starting please continue with the battle. Some days are harder than others but the support you get from this site is invaluable. Pukeko if you are out there, I am thinking of you.

Profile image 1Lyn12 May, 2011

Congratulations. Totally awesome achievement.

Profile image annie22 May, 2011

Congrats, that's a super achievement and you should be extremely proud

Profile image t0maiiz2 May, 2011

Congrats Riggster that is awesome.

Profile image Ady2 May, 2011

Happy Breathe day to you.
Well done Riggs, top marks, give yourself a pat on the back & a reward.
Thats another success story for the blogs.

Profile image Joybelle2 May, 2011

That is so so awesome
congrats for 1 year well done

Profile image clarence the cat2 May, 2011

Happy Breath Day Riggster. Bet you are so proud!!
Onward now for year 2. GOOD LUCK

Profile image riggster2 May, 2011

Thank you one and all. It feels so good to get this sort of feedback and to those starting out, this is what you all deserve. So keep it up and look forward to your 1st Breath Day. Love to all.

14Apr2011 By riggster  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

349 Days

Quickly approaching 1st anniversary and I am excited. I keep popping back looking for a blog from my friend 'Pukeko' but unfortunately there has been nothing. If anyone comes across the Pukeko please say Hi from me and to everyone else who is battling away, please continue to do so and be ready to provide support for anyone that needs it. Much love to all.

Profile image Raqwe2215 April, 2011

Well done riggster! I look forward to being 349 days smoke free - got a way to go but this time next year I KNOW I will be smoke free.....

Profile image t0maiiz15 April, 2011

Awesome riggster I am approaching my 1 year anniversary as well in 5 days. I too look for blogs from Pukeko as she was a great support for me. She started her journey when I did but I haven't seen any for a while. Hoping your well Pukeko. Too much riggster you are the bomb!

Profile image clarence the cat15 April, 2011

I miss Pukeko too. She is a lively member of the group. I loved her input. Hope she's OK.
You two are Awesome!! 1st breathday celbrations coming up x2!! Whoohoo.

Profile image maggie15 April, 2011

Great stats yep i miss Pukeko too see you at the top riggster!!!

Profile image mandy6316 April, 2011

Due to your blog I went back and read all Pukeko's old blogs - and she did just suddenly stopped and said she needed time for herself. Reading these blogs do make you feel as if you know the people - I do hope she is okay - she sounds like such a lovely hardcase! Good luck with your continued journey!

Profile image katmell16 April, 2011

hi guys pukeko is still around on the page before this she has posted comments - and great stats riggster and Raqwe22 - party time soon for you both well done!!

28Mar2011 By riggster  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Nearly 1 year

I am at day 332 and some days when the chips are down I get tempted but because the number is so high I do not want to start again. It took so long to get to this stage and every day is precious. To those that are on day 1, every day is a battle and you have to be strong and ready to fight the urge. Admittedly it gets easier and I hope you are all up for the battle. Best wishes to all and keep your chin up.

Profile image clarence the cat28 March, 2011

AWESOME Riggster!! Only a month to go to your breathday. Well Done!!

Profile image Kamautewehi29 March, 2011

WOW! yes thats where I want to be hope it does get easier I am at day 48 althou the urges are as strong as when i first started well done to you riggster

Profile image Kamautewehi29 March, 2011

ooops I meant aren't as strong LOL:)

Profile image 1Lyn129 March, 2011

317 days and I have exactly the same urges. Wish they would go away. Still have to be on guard when these temptations happen especially when the "s**t hits the fan" - so to speak.

Profile image lilliebell29 March, 2011

Thank you riggstar, I am on day 5 ummm when does it get easier?

Profile image Kraut29 March, 2011

Yup, I'm on day one and I had many day One's, but this time it's the one! Good on you and keep it up.

Profile image maggie29 March, 2011

Go for it you are nearly there !!!!And yes it def gets easier as time goes on.

5Jan2011 By riggster  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Good wishes to all those keeping up the fight

I just celebrated 250 days today and although I can say I am an ex-smoker, I still feel the urge occasionally to partake. With Xmas and the New Year gone it's time to tackle another monster which I will be doing with several close friends at work. We will be holding a 'Biggest Loser' competition over a period of 6 months starting tomorrow. I have set myself a goal of 25kg and if things go well I am willing to increase that by a few more. I've been inspired by the Aussie program which I watch every morning and hopefully in 6 months I can look back and say I beat the tobacco and the weight. Good luck to all of you that are continuing to battle against the addiction. I wish you all the very best and if you happen to fall along the way, pick yourself up and try again. Hold your head high and continue the battle and stay close to this website because some of the experiences shared are truly inspirational. Love to you all.

Profile image BlueGr6 January, 2011

250 days!! wooooooow, congratulations riggster, I'm on day 6 and struggling, can only get better.
thanks for your inspirational words and sharing your thoughts...
I'm focussing on the nicotine for now, if I gain up to 5kgs I don't mind, I can shed them off easily, but good on you, all the best to you too!

Profile image pukeko6 January, 2011

Great stuff & I love the biggest loser tack !!!!!! yep I too am struggling with the weight thing hahahahaha I think I will join you when I come home from being away xx Not long till the party on the mountain!!!!!

27Oct2010 By riggster  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

180 days...

Wow it has been 180 days and the time has gone so fast. I wish I had given up years earlier now. For all of you that are struggling at the moment, please stay strong because the pain will subside and you can come thru the other side a stronger person. Love to all and keep up the fight......

Profile image pukeko28 October, 2010

Thank you riggster I love to see people like you come back on checking in ....because I remember reading your journey when I first started ....xx

Profile image rubytuesday28 October, 2010

Me too. I am 177 days and all good. At last.

19Jun2010 By riggster  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

49 Days today

7 weeks today and I don't know why but I feel a little emotional about it. It just feels like a long time since I gave it away but in reality I know it's not and whilst the craving is still there I will always have a fight on my hands that I have to deal with. Thank you all for the inspiration. Tomorrow is day 50 and another day to celebrate being a non-smoker. Peace to you all.

16Jun2010 By riggster  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hey Yoda

I just noticed that we share something in common and that is a start/finish date. (1st May 2010) I hope all is well with you. They say it gets easier as time goes by but I can't say that I feel that comfortable yet. I did not use the lozenges or gum but managed without because I was just so sick of being a slave to the smoking thing. I have put on a couple of kg's but nothing to be too concerned about at the moment. I was tidying up my garage and found 3 cuban cigars lying around which almost broke my heart. I will partake in one of them one day but it will have to be a very special occasion. I am looking forward to the day that I can comfortably say that I am a non-smoker. I get inspired reading the experiences of others and it's always a pleasure to read the advice of the 'Wise Ones'. Keep up the fight.