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14Jun2011 By sharrie53  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

375 days!!!

Well I have passed the one year mark!!!! I am so proud of myself, it has been one very hard battle but so worth it. I didn't come on here when it was my 'breathday' as, wouldn't you know it, I had the most dreadful cold and a chest infection. Now I was feeling pretty poorly but can you imagine how I would have felt if I was still puffing on those nasty fags!!
To all the newbies....keep going. I was a twenty a day girl for fourty years and had never seriously tried to pack up the demon weed. Here I am one year (and a little bit) and I am a non-smoker. Oh, just remembered I have had high blood pressure for about twenty years....guess who has perfect blood pressure now? Yes... that would be me!
Kia kaha my friends.

Profile image Ady14 June, 2011

Well done Sharrie, Great news about the blood pressure, Happy breathday & all the best for the future.

Profile image maggie14 June, 2011

wonderful yes you have every right to be proud of yourself and good news on the blood pressure makes it well worth it doesnt it ???

Profile image 1Lyn114 June, 2011

Congratulations. Well done

Profile image heironymus15 June, 2011

Lol, I just read over your blogs - it is great that you can come from Day 8, wanting to stick your husband with a knitting needle for eating an orange noisily to 375 days smoke free with perfect blood pressure :)
Congratulations on your awesome stats!

Profile image annie215 June, 2011

Awesome Sharrie, congratulations and happy breathday :-))

Profile image vaiseyangel15 June, 2011

Congrats on reaching one year. Heres to many to come.

9Feb2011 By sharrie53  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Eight months and going strong

Hi ... just thought I would drop in. Well one of the reasons I started this journey was that I was going back to the UK for Christmas and I couldn't bear the thought of standing around the airports looking like an old hag smoking desperately, standing outside everyone's house in the UK freezing cold and having to endure hours on the plane without a cigerette. I went on holiday, had a great time, met all the family and not a ciggy passed my lips...and I had a wonderful time. I am now offically eight months free and it has been worth it.

To those just starting the journey, I never thought I would be 'normal' again (it was hard, those first few months)... but here I am - a dedicated non smoker. In fact I have to say that I hate the smell of cigerettes and I have turned into one of those ' reformed non smokers'... poor hubby gets a hard time. Don't forget ..one minute, one hour, one day at a time and you will get there.

Profile image clarence the cat9 February, 2011

Thats so encouraging Carrie53. I am hoping to go overseas in June and by then I will be 8 months smokefree. I don't want to have to race through customs etc. so that I can have a quick puff before getting on the next flight etc. Bet you're glad you're smokefree.

Profile image Marie9 February, 2011

Have to admit that the trip I made to Melbourne over New Year was so much easier now I am a non smoker. i wasn't going insane looking for a window to 'puff' out of. 17 stories up and the windows don't open! Also was much happier in the departure lounge, in flight and getting thru customs. I too must be near the 8 month mark - quit on June 22. Do know that it is 33 weeks.My hubbie doesn't smoke and it was a great holidady together. He shouted me the trip as my reward. Yes I am spoilt!

Profile image 1Lyn110 February, 2011

Great to hear from you and doing so nicely. Eight months is so well done!!!It must make travelling heaps easier not having to worry about getting your next 'fix'.

Profile image Kathry10 February, 2011

8 months is fantastic! That gives me a lot of encouragement. Thanks and well done.

4Nov2010 By sharrie53  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Five months today

Well who would have ever thought that I would have got this far. The only slip up was one little puff (yuk) three weeks into the quitting.
I was a bit hacked off yesterday as I went to the doctors and my blood pressure is still high and I did think that quitting would put that right... but if I hadn't quit I would probably be heading for heart attack material right now. Something happened at work today that had me thinking, "I could do with a cigerette right now," but I got over it and smoking would not have changed a thing... in fact it would have made me feel twice as bad. That proved to me that smoking did not solve anything (I would reach for the fags the minute a little bit of stress happened).

All in all I am feeling quite chuffed that I have come this far. The cravings are so slight now that I think all I am missing is the habit ...forty years was a long time.. I love being smoke free!
Keep on going everyone and thank you to each and every one of you that posts on here - it really has made a huge difference and has helped me through this amazing journey. Here is to the next five months and for ever!

Profile image JohnnyRED4 November, 2010

Well done! I like how cigi's taste yuk now it's usually what sets people back to smoking again. The hi blood pressure is prolly due to the body needing more time to detoxify but you'll get there. Try other stuff like exercising more too. Keep up the inspiring effort.

Profile image Raxal4 November, 2010

Awesome Job Matey
Im in same boat with the one puff lol and yep it was foul.
I also have high Blood Pressure and have been using 1500ml Fish oil twice a day, drinking at least 2 litres of water and walking 30 mins everyday and mine has come down slowly and have also got rid of most of the fake/processed foods and am trying things like Lentils and stuff which have great protein with the meat factor to boost muscle which also lowers BP. There are lots of diet options which mean you don't have to live on Lettuce he he he he.
Keep up your amazing journey and will look forward to your next milestone.

Profile image pukeko4 November, 2010

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Sharrie53 AWESOME ......mmm doctors ..smoking ..........mmmmmmmmmm....let you know tomorrow ...I had never been to the doc for 12 years (since my last one was born )....the nurses have freaked.... the doc freaked which in turn I am thinking wtf why did I give up smoking hahahahahahaha....yep I do know ....IT IS STILL THE BEST DAMN decision ....just in hindsight ,.....should have done it soooner ....but learning ...LEARNT....can't go back .....SO ONWARDS & UPWARDS xx

Profile image Dentarthurdent5 November, 2010

Hey Sharrie, I was waiting for your post knowing we are only a couple of days apart. Awesome stuff with your 5 months, you must feel so proud of yourself. See you at 200 next:)
Kia Kaha

13Oct2010 By sharrie53  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

130 !!!

Hi Dentarthurdent ... congratulations fellow non smoker! I am two days behind you...130 days today!!! Well done to everyone who is making this journey. I never thought I would say it but it really does get better and better. I can not even imagine smoking now... not to say I don't get mini cravings (after dinner especially) but I pop in a lozenge and hey presto I am fine. Like you Dentarthurdent I am loving the extra money. I have bought loads of new clothes for my big trip to the UK at Christmas... now I have to exercise my ass off (literally) to make sure that I fit into them. Hey, who cares at least I can breath and what do you know... my cough has gone completely. I always had a 'little cough' that I blamed on hayfever and it has disappeared. Onwards and upwards. Keep on going everyone it is so worth it.!!

Profile image sharrie5313 October, 2010

Just a thought... has anyone seen Shane 36 lately? I hope he is still doing okay.

Profile image Lese3713 October, 2010

Wow Congratulations, 130 days - keep up the great work!

Profile image pukeko14 October, 2010

Yep well done sharrie33!!Awesome a great trip to the uk awesome ..spend lots ...coz you can !! hahahahaha.. yep often wonder where he is along with all the others...????

Profile image Dentarthurdent14 October, 2010

Awesome stuff Sharrie. Yeah, we always find an excuse for these smoking related things to try and fool ourselves into thinking we're not doing anything harmful by smoking. Strange really now that I think about it.
Great stuff on your trip to the UK. Just think of all the extra stuff you'll be able to get through duty free now you don't have to stock up on smokes. Have a look at the smoking rooms when you are at the airport, ours and overseas. I can't believe I ever rushed off the plane to stand in those filthy rooms!!
Hopefully you are as proud of yourself as everyone else is, congrats and next stop 200:)

20Sep2010 By sharrie53  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

wake up call

Hi there .. here we are 108 days in and all is going good. Last week I went to have my eyes tested and apparently I have 'slight cataracts'.... I asked the optican what that meant and he assured me that as a 'non smoker' it was nothing to worry about, HOWEVER, if I went back to smoking again then they would get worse!!

I have already decided that I will never smoke again but boy was that a wake up call. I can not imagine not being able to read a book.

Yet another reason (amongst the one hundred or so) to not smoke.

Profile image pukeko20 September, 2010

OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH you have made me be even stronger....my favourite pastime was too read....I am looking forward to that day...without a smoke.....to read I have not done that yet..............I get oh so scared to pick up my books to read(that light is slowly getting brighter)....Thank you....for reminding me what I am missing...xx

12Sep2010 By sharrie53  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Feeling tired?

Just reading through some of the blogs and I noticed that some people are saying they are feeling tired .... I was like that and for the first three weeks I was an absolute couch potato. All I could focus on was silly computer games (anything that took my mind off cigerettes) . Don't worry about it, this will pass and hey if it stops you smoking that is all that matters. Give yourself some leeway, this is a huge thing that you, your mind and body are going through. I can honestly say it does get easier .... slowly does it. Don't let that awful nicotine win!!

Profile image pukeko12 September, 2010

It is not going to win...lol...but it certainly knocks the f...k.. out of you...xx Thanks sharrie you made me really think...ohoh no wonder i am crying hahahaha...it is all that matters you are so right ...thank you

Profile image tiggie12 September, 2010

I felt tired for the first week but this week i am getting more energy, waking up easier and getting things done. Cravings are getting less frequent. I feel good and i am going to succeed in my quest. Everyone else hang in there, just think how bad u felt and smelt when u smoked, u don't realise until u quit. I smoked 35 a day and stank, i will never go back to that. If i hadn't quit i would be getting my chest cut open in the next 5 years while someone tried to start my heart amidst the stink that was coming out of my body, eewwww! Graphic i know but very true.

12Sep2010 By sharrie53  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

100 days!!!

Well I have made to the one hundred day mark and I am feeling very, very proud of my self. If I am honest with myself I never thought I would make it....but the first four weeks were so awful that once I got to that milestone I realised that I couldn't put myself through that again and I knew that I had to quit once and for all. Now I still fancy a cigerette every now and then but it passes quite quickly. I hate the smell of smoking and smokers (any one who knows me would never believe that I would say that) and I am feeling fabulous.

To all the newbies on here ....keep on going one minute, one hour and one day at a time and before you know here are just some of things you will notice ... okay here are some of the things I have noticed ...
I can blow up a balloon without falling onto the floor gasping like a fish out of water, my teeth are whiter, I can smell shampoo on my hair, I can run across the playground with the children, I can shoot hoops without turning red and being breathless, my tongue is actually a nice pink colour (haven't seen that for forty years), my ski'n is nicer and the list goes on and on and on.

One thing I do know I will never light up another cigerette again, life is so much better without them.

Profile image grandma 712 September, 2010

Hi Sharrie 53
Congratulations reaching 100 days smokefree I agree with everything you said I reached my 100th afew days ago & felt the same way & yes there is no way I could ever go back down that track first couple of weeks was pure hell but has got easier like you I cant stand the smell of people who smoke
Yes life is so much better without them in every way

Profile image horlicks12 September, 2010

Hi Sharrie53, congratulations on being 100 days smokefree, that is great!!! I just hope that I can also reach that mark along with everyone else on here. Its nice that we have each other to help along the way, we can do it!!!
Once again, congrats on your 50 days!!!

Profile image steve7612 September, 2010

Thats fantastic sharrie53. I agree with your statement about not wanting to go through those first few weeks again, I think that is one of the major things keeping me going at times too.

Profile image pukeko12 September, 2010

Fantastic news no wonder you can give so much well done 100 days ,,,...YIPPEE!!! hope you spoilt yourself rotten...so neat !! No I could never ever start again....ever hahahaha lol...we can do this so much as a team xx

Profile image poppins12 September, 2010

poppins here again and not good news.I HAVE FALLEN BY THE WAYSIDE!!!!!!!ON my 40th day!!!!After helping shift our daughter husband and 3children(Grandchildren)out of their beautiful home in Kaiapoi after earthquake i stopped on way home and bloody brought pkt tobacco and have been smoking ever since and that was on thursday night.I KNOW I Can stop and I WILL when things get better in our family.I am sooooo dissappointed in myself tho!!!!!I will be back on here the minute i restart my stop smoking journey!!!!!Hopefully SOON>Good Luck to all you wonderful non smokers.THIS SITE IS JUST TERRIFIC I WILL BE BACK ON DAY ONE POPPINS

Profile image pukeko12 September, 2010

Poppins it is all good..the stress...we cannot judge at alll..stay here for support it be ok,,,do not be disappointed ...it is a most difficult time 40 dayz awesome...you have slipped & will get back on poppins...we are here for you through the good & the bad...we are still here.....of course you can stop lol hahahaha what did you just achieve if there anything...ask...pukeko..xx

Profile image Dentarthurdent13 September, 2010

Way to go Sharrie. You have every right to feel proud of yourself and I can't wait to read your 200 day blog. I see we are only a couple of days apart so will be keeping my eye open for it.

6Aug2010 By sharrie53  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Hi Shane... there are only a few days difference between us and I know exactly how you feel. Half of me is thrilled that I have got to sixty three days and the other half is hanging out for a fag!
My other half has fallen off the wagon, he doesn't smoke near me if fact he goes down to the shed to have one, but I can smell it. The best of it is that I HATE the smell and it really does turn my stomach. I do fine all day and I do not even get cravings now during the day at work but when I get in the car I could murder a cigerette.

Hopefully this is all part of the process and we can get over this little problem. Then I have to get over the little problem off eating everything in sight.

Talking about the smell of smokes ... it is amazing just how much it does stink. I am a teacher and I know which childrens parents smoke! The dear little things smell as if they have just smoked a packet of twenty. It was quite an eye opener for me ... my children must have smelt like that.

24Jul2010 By sharrie53  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Fifty days!!!

Wow I have gone fifty days as a non smoker!!!
I think what has helped me to get this far is that from the first day I have convinced myself that I was not giving anything up.... I was a smoker then I was a non smoker. Also I thought about if I was giving anything up what was it.... and it was a smelly house, a smelly me (on my clothes, my breath, my hair) a persistant cough to name just a few things. Stuff that I would rather live without.
I was just talking to my son on Skype and he pointed out that I haven't got that 'little' cough anymore and I hadn't realised until then.
I can't remember who it wrote on the blogs that you get a 'revelation moment' and I got mine on Thursday driving to work. Suddendly it hit me like ...wow, I've done it!! I don't want a cigerette, I don't want to smoke. The feeling was so good. I still get little cravings but I just tell them to go away and I get over it.
To all the new people on here ... I was so miserable, tired, grumpy and sad the first three weeks but you have to hang in there because life is so good without cigerettes ruling your life.
List all the great things... driving to work with the heater on and the window shut, not standing out in the rain and the cold, smelling like shampoo, soap or perfume (not fags), not having brush bits of tobacco off your clothes and to be honest that stuck like s**t to a blanket... the list goes on and on. Take each hour at a time and be proud of every hour that you win and smoking loses. One more thing I did (and here I think everyone is different) I told everyone I knew that I had given up and that way it was harder for me to 'just have a sneaky one'. I didn't want to let down myself, my husband who has also become a non smoker , my kids and my grandchildren.
Keep on going... it is so worth it. Here is to the next fifty days and the rest of my life.

16Jul2010 By sharrie53  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Six weeks and one day..and hubby, me and the cats are all in one piece and life has gone on without the cigerettes.
To all the newbies, I agree with Mandykoo, one hour at a time. Six weeks ago I was pretty miserable, determined not to smoke but still pretty miserable, all I could think off was 'not' having a fag. Now I am a happy (tubby) person and I have about four mini cravings a day.... suck on a lozenge, or a toffee and get through the craving in minutes. I would not have believed six weeks ago that I would have come this far but I have and am damm proud of myself.

One thing that I have really noticed is just how much smokers stink. In the supermarket last night and I could tell you everyone that smoked just by their smell. What horrifies me is the fact that I smelt like that ...yukkk!!
Anyway... keep up the non smoking everyone out there... we can do it.