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30Aug2010 By Serena  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Thank you everyone, you really are making a difference

Hi all,

I just want to say thanks to you all. I had a bit of a bad patch there for a few days. I feel like I have been really lucky because I am at day 37 and not once have I felt like a cigarette and I am honestly telling the truth. I prepared myself to give up and had a quit date then got really sick just before my quit date so just stopped while I was ill with that nasty flu that went around, I didn't even notice the horrible first three days withdrawal because I slept most of it off.

I have however suffered herendous mood swings and have felt like if someone even looked at me the wrong way I could rip their head off...lol. I have been smoking since I was 13 years of age and have been trying to give up since I was about 15. I have had about 6 serious attempts to give up and one of those times I gave up for 4 years. I am now 36 years of age and have changed my whole mind set on smoking. I don't think I am deprived of anything, I actually think I am giving my life back to myself which I am very proud of. I never liked the smell of smoke and always felt conscious of stinking of smoke around others. Crazy that I kept smoking for so long.

Pukeko - thank you for the advise, I am currently reading the 'never take another puff' book and it's great.

smokefreedancer and Debz30 - thank you for your advise, I really have listened

mintyfresh - you're amazing, the advise you offer and the support you give to everyone is invaluable. I hope the quitline know about you and how great you are. I read on someone's blog the youtube page (that you have created or recommend, sorry I can't quite remember) and it hit a nerve or something with me. The story 'thank you tobacco, you killed my mum' is so empowering and I have sent the link to my smoking buddies. I know they have to be ready to quit but if I can help my friends along in anyway then I will. Thank you for being you.

Profile image minty fresh30 August, 2010

Serena - you've brought a smile to my (big fat) face lol. Thank you for your lovely comments - I really appreciate what you said. ♥♥♥ I'm so glad that you've popped over to my YouTube page too and have found that powerful video, Thanks Tobacco You Killed My Mom, and I'm so glad that you're sharing that video around - I know that Christine (the woman in the video) would be so pleased that she's having an impact around the globe.

The you, before you quit, sounds very much as I did before I quit - I wasn't proud to smoke and didn't smoke in public AND I hated smoking, but was hooked by the nicotine. I too almost committed murder at least 8 times a day for a while there - but thankfully the mood swings disappeared......I was a bit scared there for a while thinking "Heck maybe this is me, a grumpy old opinionated, quick tempered, battleaxe!! Is this as good as I get?" - the answer is nope, it was just a phase BUT now I'm more confident in voicing my opinions and not just agreeing for a quiet life - I trust myself more and believe that I am important - whereas before I didn't really think I matched up...because I smoked! I believed "How could anyone take me seriously when I don't take myself seriously??"

Well done on making the move to change your life for the better and increasing your choices. 37 days is fantastic and you'll be seeing the difference in your skin, breath, lungs and energy - isn't it great to know that there is so much more to you than a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. And it gets better and better as time goes on. More power to you Serena ♥☺♥

Profile image pukeko31 August, 2010

Serena thank you...I needed that this is as minty fresh says more power to you!! And I 150% plus agree with everything you have said about minty fresh........
STAND UP MINTY FRESH & TAKE A BOW!!!! THANK YOU!!hahahahaha where would we be without all you wise people who have walked the walk...........we are so incredibly lucky.......because there is no way I would be here right now...without your guys support!!

Profile image Greenslime1 September, 2010

Well done Serena. what you have said resonates so much with me too. Ive never like the smell of smoke, and i really wonder why i persisted with smoking for so long. And the fact that you gave up for 4 years should remind you that you have done it before.!

Good on you, and well done on being at day 37 (or 38 by today). Like your work!

25Aug2010 By Serena  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I'm struggling

Hi ya,

Thanks to those with advise on taking breaks and having water, lolllipops, pens or sticks. I will give it a go. However, I don't know if this is just because I'm finding it hard now - I don't want a smoke but I'm feeling really discouraged that people keep count of the days after such a long time. Is that a sense of achievement or a constant reminder of how hard it is each day. Or how I could light up a smoke at anytime. Why doesn't it go away. Do I have to live like this for the rest of my life. I just don't get it. It's a freakin smoke why does it have so much hold over me?????? I HATE THIS.

Profile image pukeko26 August, 2010

I too wondered that serena & I believe it is a sense of achievement especially for me do remember ..it is One Day At A Time.even one second some days...yes it is just the most frustrating fn thing ever but as you cross one more day off.....you slowly start to actually feel.........empowered (big word for me hahahaha) try having a read of this site...http://www.whyquit.com/joel/ntap.pdf..I know this really helped me too..........

Profile image Smokefreedancer26 August, 2010

HEY! I've tried to quit countless times but could never make it past the second or third day. Im on my fifth day and as soon as I make it through a day Im real stoked, its kinda like a wee celebration. When I have an urge to have a ciggie I think of how much better I feel physically and mentally! Good luck

Profile image Smokefreedancer26 August, 2010

You could also look at it psychologically. All it is is your body wanting a top up of Nicotine. It works and is just as effective as Heroin. Once you eradicate the Nicotine out of your system things will become easier. Take back the power from the cigarette. Think positive thoughts. Take deep breaths as craving normally last for 3 minutes, sing the alphabet, go over equations in your head eat a piece of fruit or go for a brisk walk, run, do sit ups, press ups ANYTHING TO COUNTERACT THAT CRAVING :) Good luck you can do it!

Profile image minty fresh26 August, 2010

Hi there Serena - I think the reason that us longterm quitters keep a tally of our days quit is because a) the QK quit calculator does it for you (in fact it keeps a tally for 10 years after you've quit) b) you're surprised when you take a look and want to share it, as some quitters feel motivated to see that it is possible to be quit and over smoking c) it's a great sense of achievement and as Lynal mentioned that feeling of achievement gets bigger and better as time goes on d) as a personal thing, it's great to see just how far you've come and see exactly how many cigarettes you haven't smoked since quitting.
Try downloading the QuitKeeper too as you'll see exactly what a great motivator it is as it ticks over in real time. You can find it at www.dedidicateddesigns.com/qk and we'd love to see your quit stats and share in your achievements too Serena. Don't be discouraged, you've quit smoking and are saving money and your life!! Keep it up Serena we're all in the same boat here whether we're on day 1 or day 100....we're not smoking and supporting eachother. P.S. As a side note, when you've been quit for a while it really isn't difficult to be smokefree, in fact it very rarely pops into my mind and when it does it's fleeting, because I know that smoking is not an option. Head up Serena and stick with it. ☺

Profile image minty fresh26 August, 2010

Well said Smokefreedancer - I agree that the nicotine craving/addiction can do strange things to you in the first few weeks of quitting. It's like the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. It can be a struggle to keep listening to the angel rather than the devil but if you keep positive and remind yourself that you're a non smoker you'll be moving in the right direction. Good response Smokefreedancer.

Profile image Marie26 August, 2010

I have a work mate who has been so surportive and she tells me that next week it will be 6 years since she quit. She tells me that she keeps an eye on it as she feels by counting she is adding "hours/days" into her "life back" bank balance. I count, to re-enforce the decision I made to be a quitter.
Different strokes for different folks. Take what you want out of the bloggs. keep strong for you.

Profile image Debz3026 August, 2010

Serena, everyone understands what you are going through, we have all had our emotional rollercoasters in the first few weeks, we have all yelled at our beloved partners or family members, thrown tantrums etc! I told my partner after the first 4 days to find someone else, to find a non-smoking GF cause I cant do it!! and I cried...LOL thats was gosh, 9 weeks ago...It is hard, if it was easy then there would be more people giving up. And unfortunately the nico demon tests you continuously......Smoking is a disease, it is like Alcohol..unfortunately one puff in 20 years time will set you off again...you need to stay strong and get through it. I have spoken to many people who have been given up 20+ years and they still are soooo scared to have that one puff because they know... you will be okay, this first week is very emotional, just keep busy!!! Make drinks, do some baking, play games on the computer or whatever..just keep busy :)

25Aug2010 By Serena  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Today sux!!

I haven't had a good day today. I feel like I have turned into a hermit and are trying to avoid being around anyone I know that smokes (which is most of my mates). I miss them heaps and feel like I'm being a complete idiot for staying away from them.

Smoko breaks at work was such a good catch up time, I'm not even taking breaks as to not tempt myself.

This sux.

Profile image pukeko25 August, 2010

I understand..where I work the others all smoke....but if I do not go out I do not get a break
at all...try taking a pencil..a thin stick......something to put in your hand or mouth I bought an e smoke ...at the beginning it was so tough... ..real tough!!! Now I still go out & now I think .....I AM SO HAPPY I DO NOOOOTTTT SMOKE....................it does take time....i just play with a pen...I can collect 15-20 a day now ....hahaha.. remember this is all about you ..stay strong My customers are so proud so we all yak & as each day goes by it does get easier!!!!!!!!!!!!! DRink water take a bottle everywhere!!

Profile image Greenslime25 August, 2010

On one of my previous attempts at quitting, i used to take a popsicle stick coffee stirrer out with me to the morning smoko. I then used to put it in a jar with a label on the side "Smoke free smokos" The sticks soon added up. Give it a go.

Profile image polhigg25 August, 2010

I used lollypops once as well!! buy a big bulk bag for cheap at the warehouse and have one instead of smoke. Works quite well :) x

20Aug2010 By Serena  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I'm still doing it!

Hi everyone,

This is so cool to hear how everyone's getting on. I'm on day 27. I've tried many times to give up but have never been this determined. In the past I have easily lasted to four weeks then I start to get anxious because the novelty wears off.

Please tell me this is normal.

I'm almost at 4 weeks now. I can't let all this good work go to waste. Have even organised my next 8 weeks of patches just in case.

Do you get withdrawals when you come off the patches?

Profile image sikashooter20 August, 2010

this is quiet normal. I was reading a university study that stated that 80 percent of smokers genuinualy want to quit at any time 30 percent try and it takes between 3 and 9 attempts to get there. i was at 8 weeks last year when i got confidant and then went on a bender and started smoking again. i am at 30 days today and learned a lesson from the last time. bonus as you get older or have non desirable experiences you get wiser. you are doing extreamly well past the very worst keep up the good effort.

Profile image mandykoo20 August, 2010

Because you are so aware of the dangers of failing, you won't fail, Serena.

Last year I gave up for a considerable period of time and got really complacent and smug about it all and that was where the danger lay - I got too big for my boots and ended up relapsing.

However, this time around I have been just like you - terrified of failure and of relapsing again - it's been much harder this time around because of the anxiety I've had almost every step of the way but I reckon it's that fear that has actually stopped me caving in again.

I forgot to put on my patches about 10 days ago and then decided to see how it went. I've felt no difference between when I had the patches on or now. However, I am still using the gum big time!

Profile image Lese3720 August, 2010

I came off the patches on Sunday, and I have had a hard time with it, but I came off the patches early and once I was off didn't want to go back on. I think if you stick to the plan, you'll have an easier time, I hear everyone is different, and I think things have been made worse for me by major sleep deprivation.

You are doing a really good job.

Profile image Serena23 August, 2010

Thanks so much for your supportive comments sikashooter, 30 days is definately past the worst of it, you are so right, even after the many times I have quit this times does feel different, you can do it as well sikashooter, I think you are 3 days more than me. Lets do this together.

Profile image Serena23 August, 2010

Thanks for your info mandykoo and congtrats on 100 days. You must be so proud of yourself. You even survived hanging out with an old mate that smokes. YOU ARE A NON SMOKER, wooooo hooooo, what an inspiration. Keep it up and keep those inspirational messages coming. Thanx

29Jul2010 By Serena  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I can do this

Hi everyone,

Had a call from the quitline group last night and they told me about this blog. Yay to the support.

Today is my 6th day, well actually, I set a quit date as two weeks ago and gave up from the Monday then went out for a drink on the Friday and smoked all night.

Still, I didn't smoke again after that so have officially been smoke free for 6 days today. I have tried many times to give up but am the most determined I have ever been to give up this time. I'm on the patches and reading the Alan Carr "The Only Way to Give Up Smoking Permanently" book. His book totally changes your mindset on smoking and assists in making me realise that I'm not actually missing out or depriving myself of anything, I'm actually getting my life back.

Anyways, I can do this and so can you all.

Keep up the good work everyone!!