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26Apr2011 By babyangel  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

99 Days and still on the smokefree train!!!

Hi to all my quitline friends it has been a while since my last blog.Not much to report expect my partner is now smokefree and has been for 10 days now i am so proud of him but boy oh boy does he get grumpy!!!the tables have turned.I am still on my weightloss journey.Does anyone know anything about treadmills?I am needing to get one and still haven't because i dont know what brand is best and what sort i need.I am now doing 90 sit ups a day.I need to cut down my portion sizes but it is easier said then done ahhhhhh!!!!How is everyone else out there doing let me know would love to hear from you all.Take Care and keep staying strong.YOU ARE ALL LEGENDS!!!

Profile image Ady26 April, 2011

Good to hear from you again BabyAngel, Dont worry about hubby, his moods will calm down shortly as you know.
Sorry i dont know anything about treadmills other than the conveyor belt it has.
wouldnt it be better to join a gym & use all their equipment for the same price as a treadmill, or am i way off target with that one.?
90 situps a day is GOOD, keep that up, im still smokefree as ever.
& im still stirring ppl up on the blogs, hehe.

Profile image Stokey26 April, 2011

Hi BabyAngel

Usually with treadmills sadly the more expensive the better. Aim for about $1500 and that should last forever. I live in Whakatane, and our Sportsworld has an offer - hire a machine for 6 months, lose 10kgs and keep the machine! Maybe your local does too?? Good luck and well done on your 99 days

Profile image clarence the cat26 April, 2011

CONGRATS on reaching day 100 tomorrow. Well Done!!I spoke to my GP today about trying to lose the weight I've have gained and he kindly told me the xtra weight I'm carrying is not a danger to my heart etc. and not to worry about it. I was most upset cos I don't like looking like an overweight loser!! I will just keep on counting calories and trying to get as much exercise as my lungs will let me.

Profile image pukako27 April, 2011

Clarence you could never be a loser. I had a treadmill for many years, sold it as I hurt my back. I bought mine second hand off trade me and as long as you put crc on the belt thing it should just keep going and going. The only other thing to look out for would be the wear on the rubber mat, make sure it is not tooo worn

Profile image Ady27 April, 2011

That rubber mat is called a conveyor belt, & thats what i specialise in, 22yrs of rubber fabrication has finally driven me insane.
I'll never go back to that trade again. but if anyone needs a replacement belt then goto conveyor & trans in AK.

8Apr2011 By babyangel  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Hi all well yes it is Friday and the sun is shining.I feel on a real high today for some reason.Which is a good thing.Cravings are pretty much a thing of the past.I have stopped snacking on bad foods but hey i still eat bad foods in moderation.I am just sticking to my 3 meals a day and am doing sit ups each day trying to now focus on getting rid of my mummy tummy and excess body fat.Well my friends out there on quit line hope you all have a absolutely fabulous weekend.Thanks to all for your support,guidance tips and encouragement.YOU ARE ALL LEGENDS!!!!I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU ALL.

Profile image Ady8 April, 2011

Babyangel i havent seen you for ages, No cravings is pretty kool huh.!
& now you've started working on your next desire, Good on ya babyangel, now your really winning, use the same dedication & determination & you cant help but get what you want.
good luck.

Profile image clarence the cat8 April, 2011

So good to hear from you Babyangel. You are doing so well!!
Be strong you are winning this one!!

Profile image Toostie8 April, 2011

congrats on day 81 wooohoooo! awesome achievement! do you still get cravings? i'm on day 87 and have had a couple of bad craving days where i so could have gone out and brought smokes! crazy!

1Apr2011 By babyangel  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Hi all thought i would jump on here and see how everyone is.To all out there thanks for all your kind words the other week when we lost our dog.I am slowly getting over it some days are sadder than others but on a good note he is burried up the back so is still with his family.Anyway the non smoking is still happening but i am still on the losing weight buzz but no succeeding the thing that annoys me is everyone saying it looks like you have lost weight however i look at myself and see the opposite so frustrating i tell ya.It is so good to see the amount of new quitters on here our family is growing more and more by the day.Well all have a absolutely fabulous day and have a wonderful weekend.Take Care and Stay strong.But remember still have fun!!!ANYONE OUT THERE WHO FEELS ALONE DON'T CAUSE WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER AND HERE FOR ONE ANOTHER.

Profile image clarence the cat1 April, 2011

Hi Babyangel. So good to hear from you!! You are doing so well. Life has thrown you some curly ones, but you are still going strong. You must be feeling really proud.
I am battling the weight thing too. I'm getting nowhere! I'll keep trying though.

Profile image gel011 April, 2011

Way to go on day 74! Weight thing is really coming up for me the last couple of days as i am wanting to treat myself but dont want to put weight on like i did during last quit... sounds like maybe everyone else is seeing something you cant yet - mirror vacation needed? lol (thats me talking to myself really!)
Sorry to see that you lost your dog also very sad! Nice hes nearby thou to visit.

Profile image Kathry1 April, 2011

Great to hear from you again, and well done on your stats. :)

Profile image Toostie3 April, 2011

yaye congrats keep up the great work!! :)

23Mar2011 By babyangel  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Hi all yes i know that sounds terrible and weak of me.But today is such a sad day for me our lab was hit by a car through the night and killed. He was only 18 months old.Life can be so cruel sometimes.His name was scooby to make it worse my 3 and half year old daughter does not understand that he has gone.All i want to do is cry and cry and cry which i am doing but man do i need a smoke right now how bad is that thinking a smoke will help.Well just wanted to express my thoughts cause i have no one else to talk to.Have a great day all and stay strong.God bless my dog.Curse state highway one!!!

Profile image gems123 March, 2011

Aww im sorry to hear that Babyangel! but hey! you already know, a ciggy isnt gonna help anything! it wont make you feel better! just tell yourself how discusting it will taste, how horrible you will smell and how much money you will spend on "just one" you can do this BabyAngel!!! =)

Profile image This time i hope23 March, 2011

Hi Baby, I feel for you so much right now. I have been in exactly the same position. And it takes a long time before the kids realise that the dog is not coming back.

You are right though a smoke will not help one bit so don't let the nickodemon try and kill you as well.

Stay strong and keep talking to us.

Profile image pukako23 March, 2011

babyangel my deepest sympathies to you. as gems1 says a ciggie won't bring scooby back. Be strong babyangel, our thoughts are with you!

Profile image clarence the cat23 March, 2011

I am so sorry to hear your sad news Babyangel. Losing a pet is so sad, and trying to explain to the little ones makes it much worse.
You know that a smoke wont change anything, so dont do it!! BE STRONG. Keep crying, its better for you.
We are all here for you. ODAAT

Profile image Mikkimoo27 September, 2011

How sad !! I am so sorry .... keep strong (smoking wise) and cry, cry , cry :'(

10Mar2011 By babyangel  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Good morning to all my quitline friends and how is everyone one this beautiful Thursday???I did a good thing yesterday something i never do for myself.I took my 3 and a half year old daughter and my 5 and a half month son to the base and went shopping.But it was not shopping for my kids or partner like it normally is it was shopping for me.So in the front pack went my little man and off we went.I didn't go over the top i just got a few things that i badly needed.Have realised alot of the reason that i felt i had piled on the weight was because i was still wearing all my preggie clothes.Well not anymore i got some new clothes now.I even shouted myself some sushi.I did buy my girl a dora hat a sketch book but hey she needed those.So yeah message to all go and buy yourself something cause i tell ya it makes you feel so good after all look at this good thing we are doing to our bodies.I didn't even feel guilty because i have saved all my money that i would normally spend on smokes.My birthday on sunday i can almost smell my new treadmill!!! haha I feel a million dollars and hardly am having any cravings.Talk soon all Stay strong keep up the good work and go and treat yourselves!!!

Profile image pukako10 March, 2011

Well done babyangel keep it up. you are an inspiration

Profile image clarence the cat10 March, 2011

Wonderful Babyangel!! You can't beat Retail Therapy.I could imagine you thoroughly enjoying yourself.
Congrats on 52 days all done!!!
Keep up the good work.

Profile image davidjohn20 March, 2011

You've passed your half-century BabyAngel, well done!

2Mar2011 By babyangel  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Wow 44 Days time is now going fast!!!

Hello to all.Well here i am at day 44 i have been off my zyban for over a week now and am finding it really good as far as the cravings go.They hardly come now and when they do i make sure they go twice as fast.My partner is doing good he only has between half and two smokes a day which is amazing for him considering he use to have about 15 or so a day.I have faith in him although i do tease him and tell him woman are stronger willed then men haha.But on a bad note i have put on quite a bit of weight and boy do i feel down in the dumps.Mirrors are now my new enemy.My partner said that i will be able to get my treadmill coming up so i am just waiting for that.I guess the best thing to do is focus on one thing at a time and being a non smoker is the most important thing for now.I do have an incentive to lose weight however,i am getting married in september so all in all i know i can and will do it.I have seen you are all doing so well give yourselves a pat on the back.Take care all and have a great smoke free dayxoxo

Profile image clarence the cat2 March, 2011

Thats great babyangel!! I struggle with my weight too, but it seemed to settle down after 2-3 months.

Profile image Quitline2 March, 2011

Hi Babyangel,

Congratulations on staying smokefree for 44 days, that is really good news. Those urges pass quickly if you don't take any notice of them and you are right about the weight gain while quitting... It's much more important to focus on staying smokefree and locking down those new non smoking habits, then trying to do everything and please everyone.

When you have more energy and time as a non smoker you will find it easier to lose the weight you gained during quitting so don't worry about that, You and your partner are doing so well, you are both moving forward which is the main thing so well done.

Fantastic news on getting married, you’re going to look and smell gorgeous, keep up the great work.

Online Quit Advisor

Profile image babyangel2 March, 2011

Thank you so much for that comment i really appreciate it.I now feel more confident and know that i will lose weight down the track.Cheers for your encouraging words and support.

Profile image Kathry2 March, 2011

Hi Babyangel, congratulations on reaching 44 days and all the best for September. You can do anything ... after all you have given up smoking!

Profile image Ady3 March, 2011

44 days, good work Babyangel, keep going.
its good how you now see that time is flying, it almost stood still at day 1 though didnt it.?
your on a roll now, keep it up

Profile image Natalya3 March, 2011

Very happy 4 u Babyangel - 44 days is sooo cool!!! And September is the best month 2 get married - my favourite one! Plus u still have 6 long months to loose all extra-kg. The main thing u dont smoke any more, to loose weight is less harmful. Your treadmil will fix it easily!

17Feb2011 By babyangel  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Now can anyone recommend a good brand treadmill?I am in the process of getting one possibly off trade me.I tell you what i need it i think i have put on quite a bit of weight and am not impressed lol.Would love some suggestions on what sort of treadmill to get.As far as cravings and bad moods and depression that has pretty much gone.I just keep myself busy and suck on my mints.Have a great day everyone the sun is shining here in Hamilton so i think i might have a big house clean.
Keep up the good work everyone and stay strong!!!

Profile image katmell17 February, 2011

I am thinking of upgrading my old treadmill as mine is so old and noisy but goes ok, hope we don't bid against each other on TM hee hee! no there are plenty on there. I am not eating a lot of lollies or fatty stuff but I am sure I am still gaining weight from quitting and like you not liking it one bit. Also like you other than worrying about my weight am doing well.

Profile image Kathry17 February, 2011

Hi Babyangel, congratlations on day 31, and what a great reward! You are doing so well.

Profile image clarence the cat17 February, 2011

Congratualtions Babyangel!! So thats one whole month over and done. I can't believe it has gone so quickly. How's your partner's quit effort coming along? Hope he's sticking with it.
Awesome effort. Keep up the good work!!

15Feb2011 By babyangel  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Hi all well on a real positive note my partner has finally giving up smoking to so now it will be even easier to stay smoke free.I am feeling really good but am experiencing heaps of acne.I feel like a 13 year old again.Never mind.Counting down the days until i get my treadmill it should be next month yay.Keep up the good work everyone and stay strong.

Profile image Natalya15 February, 2011

u get me worried, u r not the 1st one here mentioning acne. So when it started, just now or weeks ago? may be it is because of the weather, it was so so hot lately...u know humidity, sweating,clogged pores, etc - its all can cause acne

Profile image clarence the cat15 February, 2011

Well Done Babyangel!! I knew you would stick with it.
29 Days is so good. The support from your partner in quitting too should make you stronger as well. GOOD LUCK

Profile image babyangel15 February, 2011

Have had the acne for a couple of weeks now yeah could just be the weather i have been sweating something chronic.Thanks all for your support i must come on here more often i love it on here but my partner gets annoyed i guess he wants me running round 24/7 or giving him my attention haha males these days!!!He says i love the comp and the tele to much i dont agree however.

Profile image Natalya15 February, 2011

well - consider it as a compliment from your husband - he is worried and wants YOUR attention, thats the main thing, it is much worse when they dont really care...
i am so happy for you babyangel - day 29! so cool! plus u have a team member now! show him the blog - may be he will get addicted as well. ALL THE BEST TO BOTH OF YOU!!!

2Feb2011 By babyangel  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Hey thanks to all of you out there for all your support makes me feel like i have heaps of friends out there that i have not met.My next plan of attack is getting myself a tredmill because we live on the state highway so no where to burn off those unwanted calories.If anyone is in the Waikato and knows of one for sale let me know.My biggest problem with not smoking is my eating it makes it hard as I am a at home mum with my 4 month old boy and two days a week i have my 3and a half year old girl.I have developed such a sweet tooth am thinking of buying heaps of apples and stewing them.They will be alot healthier then biscuits and chips.Bring on any suggestions guys would really appreciate them.Have a great day and remember stay strong YOU CAN ALL DO IT!!!

Profile image gemrat2 February, 2011

How about a skipping rope?

Profile image MisterMister2 February, 2011

What about a rowing machine? I hired one (thanks to the money I saved from quitting.........good all round exercise. Helped me heaps.

Profile image babyangel2 February, 2011

No way rowing machines nearly kill me I am no good on rowers thanks for the idea though.

Profile image Natalya2 February, 2011

Hi babyangel
I d suggest swimming. If u have an hour of free time go to the pool and swim non-stop for at least 30 min, make it longer if u can, doesnt matter with what speed, just swim, i love it and look at the swimmers - they have the girls have the most beautiful legs and flat stomachs and the guys r just yummy!!! When u swim there is not so much pressure on your bones & heart as at the gym, u just enjoy, plus u can think about something nice, plus the water itself take any negative energy u build up during the day. Swim, babyangel, it helped me a lot with my loss, with my stress and with my weight and with my general well being - i met my current bf at the pool btw...
All the best!!!

Profile image Toostie2 February, 2011

yup treadmill or crosstrainer is the way to go!! good on you! both will help either way! keep up the awesome work! :)

1Feb2011 By babyangel  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Hi all am back again.I am finding each day getting easier however i have now seen how hard you have to fight the urge when you are drinking.I keep my mints handy at all times.Is there anyone else that is at day 15 and wants to work along side of me and share any tips or tricks.would love to hear from ya.I am a very good support person.Have a good day everyone and remember you are all legends and doing a wicked job.
We are the best!!!!

Profile image Toostie1 February, 2011

Awesome congrats on day 15 your in your 3rd week!! keep up the awesome work and keep staying strong! I'm on day 21 today! yaye!

Profile image 1 February, 2011

Hey there. Also on Day 15 - great getting this far, aye? Must say drinking hasn't been an issue in terms of smoking which is great . . . however, the amount I'm knocking back is concerning! Think I just want to drown out any cravings. Anyway, day nine was the worst so far. I suspect other tough challenges will follow but right now - after 28 years smoking - I couldn't be happier without the buggers.


Profile image Ady1 February, 2011

Hiya Babyangel, havent heard from you in awhile, good to see again, glad your winning.
Im sure there are other ppl around the 2 week mark here, (Determined)
Yeaaa gotta becareful when drinking for the 1st few times, untill you get the hang of it. Let someone have total authority over your smoking when drinking, meaning if they see you with a smoke they can rip it out of your mouth, tell you off in public, refuse you a light or even dunk it in your drink, this idea makes sure you don’t smoke even when rotten drunk.
For more tips & tricks, just blog it out here for all to see, don’t pick 1 person, pick ALL of us.

Profile image Kathry1 February, 2011

Hi Babyangel, good to see you back and doing so well. Stay strong.