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6Jan2011 By Rudy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


So officially, on Saturday 1 January 2011 @ 4:00pm I have been smokefree for exactly 365 days....thats a whole year!!!! And I feel so happy, joyous and proud that I have been able to accomplish this.
For one whole year I haven't smoked. Admittedly there were 2 times in the past year that I have been tempted with a cigarette and actually took a puff.
But even though those two times i wasn't able to resist temptation, I am still proud of myself.
New Years Eve (Friday December 31, 2010) I went to a friends house to see in the new year with those who are dear to me. We had a wonderful night that was alcohol infused and the whole time the thought of a cigarette never crossed my mind. We celebrated the New Year and also my anniversary....it was great!
I am proud to have had a year of so many great achievements and times...but the one achievement I am most proud is being SMOKEFREE!!!
I just want everyone out there who is either considering quitting or who IS quitting...if I can do it then so can you. Just set your mind to it and you'd be amazed at how much easier it gets.
Good luck and hope everyone has an awesome 2011!!!!!

Profile image clarence the cat6 January, 2011

AWESOME. I'm Gobsmacked. Congratulations.

Profile image ssfirefoxy6 January, 2011

Thats so great Rudy. Well done hopefully you've spent some of that saved money on something awesome for yourself.

Profile image toyatayla6 January, 2011

Well done great acheivment!! :)

Profile image tina276 January, 2011

Happy Anniversary.. WELL DONE, WOW, what an achievement Kia Kaha :)xoxox

Profile image donnka7 January, 2011

Wow congratulations that is the best
yaaaaaaaay xox

16Oct2010 By Rudy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

The cost of smoking....

So I went to the supermarket today and while I was there I got a call from my mum who wanted me to pick her up a packet of smokes...as always when she asks (which isn't very often, just once in a blue moon) I said yes. Got up to the counter and got the smokes and whollly cow...the cost of smoking is getting out of hand.
See I really haven't taken much notice of the cost of cigarettes since stopping until today. For a packet of Pall Mall 20s it cost like $11.20 (or something like that).
I don't know how anyone can afford to smoke when they cost that much!!!! I am so much more glad that I have stopped now.
Good luck everyone with your Smokefree journey!!!!

Profile image pukeko17 October, 2010

Hahahaha funny aye when you take notice ...hahahaha xx

13Oct2010 By Rudy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Rugby 7s...almost tempted me back to the 'Dark Side'

I just had a look at my Smoke Free calculator and it says that I've been smokefree for 285. Yay.
I stayed up late last night watching the Commonwealth games 7s final between NZ and Aussie...it was such a nerve wrecking game!!! That was the first time since quitting that I have wanted a smoke. But once we were on the way to winning everything calmed down the urge eased off and I was ok again.
It was weird, I wasn't about to run out and buy me a packet or anything. But I realised that it was a challenge for me and I'm so glad that I passed it!
Just wanted to share this with everyone to show that doesn't take much to tempt us to take a step backwards....but we can overcome temptation!!!!

Profile image pukeko14 October, 2010

Hahaha awesome rudy yep those little tense moments hahahahahaha...love the stats . x

10Oct2010 By Rudy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Well I'm into month number 10 of quit smoking and well, I have to say that its the best thing ever!!!!!
I love that I feel soooo good....I love that I smell so much better!!!! Its such an EPIC feeling to know that I am smokefree.
A funny story.....I have said that I have not changed a single thing about my life before being smokefree and my life after. However, it seems that now I have added a new rule to my life.....NO SMOKING IN MY CAR!!!
My mum borrowed my car the other day while her's was in the shop getting fixed or something and she is a smoker. So while she had my car she had a smoke in it....and the next day when I got in my car, I could fully smell the cigarette smell. And if I am to be BRUTALLY honest, the smell was horrible. Didn't like it one little bit, so now I've had to lay down the law when in my car....hahaha.
I never thought I'd ever say that...its weird! But I guess that I've gotta do what I gotta do!!!! None of this is not because of cravings or anything like that...just don't like the smell.
Just a little something to that was going through my mind that I thought I'd share.....
Stay strong my fellow quit smokers....and to those who are just starting out or re-starting, you can give up. All you gotta do is put your mind to it and anything is possible!!!!!

Profile image pukeko11 October, 2010

ow hahaha yep I can so relate to smelly stale smoke ...(mind you I still love the smell of a new smoke ..& think wow I used to puff away on those ) ...now just not my thing ...most of the time hahahaha Well Done You!! x

1Oct2010 By Rudy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Support Systems

First off, I just want to say Thank You to those who have read and commented on my blogs...I didn't realise anyone would take any notice of them!!!
When I first quit smoking, it was relatively easy. I quit cold-turkey (so to speak) without the aid of gum, patches or anything else. When I told all my whanau and friends that I had quit, most of them (and understandably so) thought it was a joke and laughed it off. It was the reaction that I was expecting because I have never said that I wanted to ever stop smoking.
But once they all realised that I was serious about this...they were all so very supportive!!! Now I didn't change anything that I had done before. At work during breaks and lunch, I'd still sit outside with my friends who were smokers. They were all really good about it too!!! They'd get up to move tables and I'd always tell them to stay there. At home, my house has always been smoke free so if I had visitors that smoked they would step outside...and I would too to keep the conversation going.
My friends who I socialise with were the best. Especially the ones who are smokers....if I'd ask for a ciggy they would vehemently say NO, even if all I wanted was one little drag!!!
The first step is to make the decision yourself to quit! After that, then everything will eventually fall into place. For some it will be easier than others, for some the support of family and friends helps.
Every person is different and we all find the best options to succeed in our own way. My way of quitting may not work for the next person, but there is a way to reach your goal of being completely smoke free!!!
Good luck and stay strong everyone.....

Profile image Captinhook1 October, 2010

Awesome stuff Rudy - thanks for sharing your story it does help the newbies like myself that are in the early stages of quiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Keep up the good fight!!!!

Profile image maggie1 October, 2010

Hi Rudy we all take notice i sometimes dont comment even though i am impressed with someones efforts You sound very focused and you are dead right if the decision to quit is not for you yourself but because someone thinks you should give up it will.. be harder .and we are all different in our approach to it I will be 500 days sunday and it has got easier as time goes on .

Profile image pukeko1 October, 2010

My journey was a lot like yours too ..no one thought I could do it ..I still hang out with smokers etc.....the difference in my journey was the emotions OMG the devil !!!! & everything in between... I wondered can I really do this ...my kids were ..are my backbone .......now heading towards the 100 dayz I have finally calmed down !! hahahahaha yep all on a journey THANK GOD FOR YOU GUYZ.1! x

29Sep2010 By Rudy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Still Going......

Two days ago I joined 'The Quit Group' and posted my story of how I managed to quit. Thanks to those who commented!
I'm nearly at the end of 9 months of being smokefree and I'm loving it!!! I won't say that it has been easy...because it hasn't. I'm human enough to admit that I slipped up twice and took a drag from a cigarette. Both times it tasted absolutely foul!!!!!
I no longer have urges or cravings...I think those subsided maybe after a month. I have gained a little weight...but thats not really a bother because I can still run around and have fun with my son. All in all the trade-off for giving up smoking is not so bad...lol
I just want others who are giving up to know that it does get easier and you will get through it. Just be strong and believe that you can do it....because I KNOW YOU ALL CAN DO IT!!!!

Profile image Captinhook29 September, 2010

AWESOME RUDY!!!! 9 months!!!! you go girl!!!! cant wait till I can proudly boast those numbers!!! an inspiration to us all thanks for sharing and keep up the good fight!!!

Profile image pukeko1 October, 2010

Great stuff ...love hearing from you amazing when you slip & get back on how yuk it is ...makes you even more determined.. I too love spending time with kids ...(now I am over the talking loudly stage) ahahahaha...yes as I start to see the 100 day mark...it does get easier Thank you for inspiring me xx

27Sep2010 By Rudy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Quit Smoking Story

I have been smoking for 18 years and I had never contemplated quitting ever...my mantra for smoking was "if I'm gonna die, I may as well die doing something I enjoy!" At least thats how I justified it.
But when I did quit, it wasn't because I had planned to or was consciously aware that I wanted to do it. It was a completely different reason....I got the flu and was completely bed ridden for 5 days....and by day 10 of the flu, I didn't want a smoke.
After 10 days of not smoking, had my body already adjusted to the lack of nicotine in my system? I don't know, but I knew that I didn't need to smoke anymore. And so I stopped.
I woke up sick on New Years day 2010 and haven't smoked since then. So I guess that would be day one of not smoking...but officially for me, day 1 was the 10th of Jan because that was the day I made the conscious decision that I'd had enough.
Am I glad I did it? I don't know, but my bank balance is!!! lol I guess thats because I didn't give up for health issues or because it was the something that I wanted to do...I gave up because it seemed like a good thing at the time. Ironic really because I started smoking for that very same reason!!!!

Profile image lisa227 September, 2010

wow Rudy im still so surprised about the different ways nicotine affects our Psyche some of us really struggle to come to the realization that stopping is a good thing to do...and do it, while others one day out of the blue the have a random thought to stop and thats it they stop. well done you!! if i were you id definitely be calming my quit day as new years day and tell everyone "i havent been smoking since 2009" lol have a good one.

Profile image grandma 727 September, 2010

Hi Rudy
Bet you glad now that you gave up if not the fact that you had the flu but for another good reason which you stated your bank balance
Those two reasons are enough to warrant it,I know personally what it has done for my bank balance I have been able to go out & buy things for the house eg a new TV being my biggest outlay but worth it, had I still been smoking it would have taken me two to three years to save for it
Well have a great smokefree day one & all!!!!!

Profile image pukeko27 September, 2010

MMMMMM I remember those exact words...!!!
Now never ever could I take a puff
!!!! Fantastic for you....yes love the money...just bought some brand new bed linen ...& cushions ... today.....IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!! so worth not smoking!!!