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17Jan2013 By teisha  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

5 Days

And still going strong..I prepared myself well mentally this time and all my work has paid off..I even practised not smoking around smokers to prove to myself it was NOT impossible! I love that I am at 5 days and love the benefits especially the extra cash. I have planted my vegie garden and it looks amazing..very proud of myself :) Usually I sit around feeling sorry for myself waiting to be smokefree - not this time I'm keeping busy and remind myself everyday just how wonderful it is to wake with a semi clear head and not lethagic (just feeling that now) - Wait in a week or two I'll be leaping out of bed all refreshed and free lol

Keep up the good work and keep going strong!!

Profile image foursons17 January, 2013

Well done congratulations. I am day 5 tomm and look forward to feeling the same. I am going to stay positive and make sure that happens. Thanks for the inspiration

Profile image Bonz17 January, 2013

So positive I love that, you sound like you have the makings needed to be smokefree.
Goodluck on your journey.

Profile image heironymus18 January, 2013

WOOOOOHOOOOOO Teisha!!!!!!! That is AWESOME!
I was thinking about you yesterday, wondering how you were doing! The answer, you are doing FANTASTIC! Congratulations lovely ☺

14Jan2013 By teisha  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hi All

We are back from holiday and settling well into 2013 - a fresh new year!! My quit attempt failed over the holidays, but I am off to a great start, Day 2 again for me. I'm pleasantly positive. I have read lots of info on addiction and understanding my triggers so I do feel relatively calm. I brought a push bike to help and I am thoroughly enjoying biking about. My goal for 2013 is to be fit and free.

It's great to be back and I am off to read some blogs :)

Profile image Susie14 January, 2013

Good for you getting back on board so quickly.
You should be good to go this time as it sounds like you've done a bit of homework around what triggers your smoking.

Profile image jellykelly14 January, 2013

knowledge is definatley power! great stuff for day 2!!

Profile image heironymus15 January, 2013

Welcome home Teisha!!!
AWESOME to see you back into it and on Day 2! Knowing your addiction and your triggers will serve you well, more arsenal to call upon when the nicodemon tries to con you.
Thank you so much too for your support, I can't help but feel like a huge disappointment (nothing near an inspiration) but it is the caring comments from people like you that help pick me up and fuel my determination. Onwards and upwards!
GOOD LUCK for today, Day 3 (poo), am thinking of you and sending out death daggers to the nicodemon ☺
So happy you're back ☺

23Dec2012 By teisha  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Thank you for your support on my previous blog :)

You all have such wonderful qualities that sparkle throughout the virtual world.

I'm off on holiday until 8th Jan and won't be able to blog as no internet connection :( BUT..I have downloaded the e-books from whyquit.com to keep me on track, and there is always the quit plan that I'm constantly updating!!

Take care my friends and I will meet you all back here in the New Year xx

Profile image FeFe23 December, 2012

Have a great holiday teisha. :)

Profile image Proud Mumma23 December, 2012

Have a wonderful and safe trip Teisha..
Meryy Christmas and Happy New Year :)

Profile image 23 December, 2012

I wish you a great holiday and the choice of support you taken with you is well chosen!
You too keep safe and enjoy your time away :-)

Profile image jellykelly23 December, 2012

have a great holiday teisha :)

Profile image heironymus23 December, 2012

Hey mate, you have a fantastic holiday, be kind to yourself and have fun!!! ☺
Will be sure to send "die nicodemon die" vibes your way every day until you get back!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend xxx

Profile image Saffron23 December, 2012

Have a wonderful holiday teisha. Take care. See you back here when you return :)

Profile image Worker23 December, 2012

Have an awesome holiday - look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

Profile image heironymus9 January, 2013

Hey Teisha, just popping in to say Happy New Year, hope you had a fantastic break ☺

22Dec2012 By teisha  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Back Again

Hi guys,

After yet another failed quit attempt I am back to Day One. I feel like I am on again, off again, on again, off again. But this of course has had an impact on me emotionally and physically. I am always in the beginning stages of withdrawal.

I have changed tact a little and not focusing on quitting smoking so much, but rather looking more into drug addiction and how to make that positive change in my life. By taking the emphasis off quitting it doesn’t seem so big to me.

So far I have learnt from drug related websites that:

Firstly, I need to decide to make a positive change in my life. Secondly, that recovery is a long process one that takes time, commitment, along with motivation and support.

So with that I have found a treatment toolbox to help me deal with the withdrawal and recovery.

Onwards and upwards and I am simply choosing not to smoke at this time.

Take care and thanks for all your support :)

Merry Xmas

'This old man he plays one'. . .

Profile image teisha22 December, 2012

Here is the website if anyone wants to take a look. http://www.helpguide.org/topics/addiction.htm

Profile image Marty22 December, 2012

hi Teisha, I'm only on day 21 but i must say commitment ant motivation are the main factors in the whole process of quitting smoking,
now that you have started to again just keep at it and don't give in to temptation good things will come!!!!

Profile image Ady22 December, 2012

Hi Teisha, Like learning to walk, we tend to fall down a few times before we master it, like you, we fall down sometimes too.
its a learning process, we understand how you feel & encourage you to try again, you are doing this, you are a winner, thats why you're here fighting this addiction, you've joined the winners club where we help each other as a team.
Glad to have you back Teisha, Well done on your commitment & decision to make great improvements for yourself.
Keep it up.

Profile image Powertous22 December, 2012

Teisha, great to hear from you again. I sounds as if you been spending good time looking into the nature of addiction. For me to say that I have quit (I'm on day 31) would not be good for me. Instead, like you, I choose not to smoke one day/minute at a time. Will check out the web site. Unfortunately I have deep seated addiction issues. I tend to make a big deal of things when I should just step back a bit. Sorry about my ramblings.

Hurray for Day One and the rest ;-)

Profile image Proud Mumma22 December, 2012

Well done for not quitting on quitting, all the best over Christams and new year..
It took me quite a few attempts to quit and now I'm on 211 days (i think)..That's the longest for me..
We are here for you :)

Profile image Worker22 December, 2012

Hi Teisha - nice to meet you. Welcome on board.

Profile image Saffron22 December, 2012

Welcome back teisha. Great that you done some research and have found information that's so helpful. You can do it. We're here to support you and help you through. Stay strong.

Profile image PokuruGirl22 December, 2012

Hi teisha. I love whyquit.com. There's an e-book about half way down the home page called "Freedom from Nicotine" which is really good, and it puts a lot of myths to bed, covers relapse etc in a useful way. The main idea is that once free of addiction, we can never have another puff. So, it is a simple but effective strategy. Hiero, another blogger on here, had a wonderful idea of a quit kit - she filled it with nail polish, books, magazines, scratchies, hand cream and a load of other stuff - basically a distraction kit for when the cravings hit. I thought that was a really great idea. Just have a plan, stick with it and you will become a non-smoker. It's actually nice not to smoke anymore - very freeing.

Profile image jellykelly22 December, 2012

Hey Teisha, knowledge is power and knowing your enemy is useful. I have had failed attempts and i learnt from each one. I had to learn what my personal journey was about and you will too :)

Profile image heironymus22 December, 2012

He played knick knack on my bum, oops, THUMB, with a knick knack paddy whack...

WOOHOO!!!!!! Teisha, I've been quietly looking in on your blogs, (in a totally unstalkery uncreepy kind of way) checking to see if there's any update from you! You have made my day sweetpea, I am SO happy to see you back again! You're one tough cookie ☺
Don't call them failed attempts - call them unsuccessful. Fail is such an uninspiring unmotivating word. What these unsuccessful attempts really are, are learning curves. Put it all together and you'll end up with your own equivalent my of shiny balls of steel. In sane man's terms, you'll have all the tools, knowledge and power to overcome this addiction! You're on your way babes, onward and upward!

Profile image heironymus22 December, 2012

Just had to put another YAY in here, I am so happy ☺

Profile image teisha23 December, 2012

Thank you all and heiro you always put a smile on my face. I'm very lucky to be sharing my journey with you. And regardless of my outcome I will always let you know where I am at :) Merry Xmas my friend xx

12Dec2012 By teisha  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Was hoping to post up my stats but smoked yesterday. I know what caused me to smoke it was a horrific event that does not happen everyday, so I don't need to plan for it in the near future.

Still a stressful time atm, but with my cravings not feeling to bad and much determination for my health, I feel I can pick back up again.

I will let you all know how I'm going on Friday.

Take care xx

Profile image heironymus12 December, 2012

So good to hear from you, but I am really sorry to read that you've had what sounds like a terrible time! I hope you're doing okay?
It's a good sign that you blogged, being here means you haven't given up on your goal! Keep coming back, see you Friday ☺
You take care x

Profile image teisha12 December, 2012

It's one of those things that make you realise just how short life really is. Plus I've got a 5 year old to explain to as well - new territory for me, but i got lots of great support.
I have decided to reset my day for quitting 12/12/12. Now theres a positive :)

Profile image heironymus12 December, 2012

Oh no Teisha, hugs to you and the wee one. Relieved to hear that you have support!
Love the new quit date - you didn't happen to have your last ciggie at 12:12 did you?
Good luck x

Profile image teisha12 December, 2012

lol nah last night, but that would have been a great excuse to smoke another day haha. Bumma.

Profile image Denerau12 December, 2012

Hey Teisha, glad you made it back here, heironymus is right just that you blogged is a very good sign you intend to quit - fabulous date to have as your quit date! Go for it you will do it.

Profile image brite eyes12 December, 2012

Hi Teisha, you are 1brave lady. It's tough explaining what has happened to the little one's. I always found honesty to be best, then they don't get confused, easier said than done. Your new date, well You can't get better than 12-12-12 plus i5ts sooo easy to remember. Warm fuzzies coming your way, take care :)

Profile image Powertous13 December, 2012

We are so fortunate because we can always give it another go. I like your choice of quit date 12/12/12/. Be strong and keep blogging.

9Dec2012 By teisha  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


I'm doing it. . .

Hes smoking and I am not!!

Got the rules in place :)

Sorry I havn't blogged with my support, been trying to figure this out. Will catch up with you all tonight.

Profile image heironymus9 December, 2012

You ROCK!!!! No need to apologise Teisha, you're doing loads just by blogging, it's encouraging to read how you are tackling this journey - you are inspiring others!
Have a great day ☺ x

Profile image jellykelly9 December, 2012

yeah baby!!!! You go girl!!!

Profile image Denerau9 December, 2012

That's awesome! - my husband still smokes and I've managed to turn his smoking time into a positive feeling for me, in the beginning it drove me mad as I counted each one but now I either don't notice so much or he is cutting down and planning to jump ship! Keep up your good work.

Profile image Powertous9 December, 2012

I have to laugh with you! You've obviously given it a lot of serious thought and come out on the other side. You're awesome!!!!

Profile image brite eyes9 December, 2012

Love it, Love it, Love it :)

Profile image Saffron9 December, 2012

Hurray!!! Good for you teisha :-)

Profile image rainbowfish9 December, 2012

Good on you Teisha, do this for you and you alone. This is your journey, and I'm sure you will set the thoughts in motion for him. Awesome!!!

Profile image ismay9 December, 2012

well done. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't manage to quit with another smoker around. All power to you!!!

Profile image supernan9 December, 2012

Excellant. My lovely man is still smoking, me not, it feels good.

Profile image heironymus11 December, 2012

Hey you, how are you doing? Missing you and thinking of you ☺

8Dec2012 By teisha  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

It's not handed to us on a silver platter

Hi All,

The person staying with me is my ex husband. We have been seperated for 1 and a half years now. We have 2 children and have decided after all this time give our marriage another go. Problem is he bloody smokes. At the moment I only see him in the weekends and this will be an ongoing thing. I have already bought a packet of 20s and thought maybe I could just smoke when I see him, but reality check this will not work as it's an addiction I'm dealing with not a bit of fun!

My smokes have gone now and I'm trying to strengthen my resolve. I have realised that if this is something I can't get over then I'm not going to make it and I really WANT to make it.

So back to updating the plan, along with this quote;
Nicotine addiction is powerful, and smoking cessation involves a lot of work for most people - it's not handed to us on a silver platter.

A good weekend to you all :)

Profile image teisha8 December, 2012

Also, thanks for the tips on my other blog. Gosh it all helps dosn't it!

Profile image PokuruGirl8 December, 2012

Hi teisha. You are right. We are addicts and can't smoke every now,or then, or just for fun, or just have one. It just awakens the addiction receptors in our brain, and what do they want. THEY WANT MORE, MORE, MORE! Good luck with your husband, I truly hope it works out for you both, and your children. Your quit is yours and yours alone. Quite a few people here have topped successfully with partners who continue to smoke. You just need to set the ground rules first - no smoking inside, in front of the children or whatever is important to you.

Best thing ever to get rid of the smokes. Well done you. Top notch thinking.

Profile image teisha8 December, 2012

Thanks I really needed a starting point. Set some ground rules. You're so right I need to remember this quit is mine and mine alone. It needs boundaries now.

Profile image Saffron8 December, 2012

Yes - ground rules and boundaries are the key and self-belief.
Go well with your ex husband.

Profile image Maanu8 December, 2012

Your right don't think you can have one and leave it at that or just smoke at certain times. Just one smoke leads to another and the addiction returns very quickly. Your either a smoker or a non-smoker there is no half measure. Congratulations on quitting you have done very well don't let it all go to waste. good on you for staying strong. Hopefully your hubby will join you. If you both don't smoke your children will probably never start. That should be a very good motivation for your hubby to quit

Profile image jellykelly8 December, 2012

My husband smokes and it doesn bother me (other than I care about his health of course), I resolved for myself that people smoke and this is my thing. However starting a relationship again is a very different thing. If you can do this you can do anything. Heres to new beginiings!

Profile image Powertous8 December, 2012

I like your insight that life is not delivered to us on a silver platter. Far from it. We have to earn our strengths and give in to our weaknesses. It is a choice we all have to make and it is hard when in a roller coaster. However, when I look at my Quit Plan there are so many things that helps me keep strong day by day and stay smoke free.

All the best of both your keeping your resolve not to smoke and working things out with your hubby!

Profile image brite eyes9 December, 2012

Believe in yourself cause your the only 1 on your journey. Take care of yourself, U are no1in this. You Can Do It !!!
Good luck with everything :)

Profile image heironymus9 December, 2012

You are incredible Teisha, what an awesome blog - gave me a rev up, so inspiring... and I LOVE your attitude. Massive high fives for getting rid of those smokes, that took huge strength and was absolutely the best thing you could have done. Part time smoking is even harder than quitting I think... it's agony having to go through withdrawal after each and every stint, time and time again. You never really extinguish that addiction fire because you're fanning it with every cigarette you smoke.
If you and your ex are trying to reconcile I guess the communication lines are open so just be honest with him about how you're feeling about this journey to smokefreedom - get him on your support crew... ask him to smoke at the end of the driveway and cuff yourself to the fridge if you have to! You are doing so well with this, planning and blogging for support, get some strategies in place and it won't be long before you've got these weekend trials nailed.
GOOD LUCK and have a lovely day babes ☺ x

7Dec2012 By teisha  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Other Smokers

Hi guys,
I have someone (smoker) staying with me for the weekend (totally unavoidable) and need strategies to help me deal with this, aside I must add, from super gluing my mouth shut!

Profile image Powertous7 December, 2012

What about sucking on ice cubes, buy frozen strawberries. I hope you asked the smoker to smoke outside. Just be honest and say that you are going through a tough time at the moment. Take time out - when I was younger and stressed at work, I used to go to the bathroom and let cold water run down the inside of my wrists. For some reason it was very relaxing, coupled with the 4 D's it could be very powerful. Keep strong and remember the smoker will be gone in a couple of days - you will still be here.

Profile image brite eyes7 December, 2012

Hi teisha, honesty is the best policy, you never know ur example of not smoking may get them thinking about quitting, especially if you let them know what is keeping you smokefree, but i understand that you are in a vulnerable stage of quitting, so i agree with powertous, I freeze grapes for the evening and have water as well. Maybe count to 10 if you can, pop gum or a mint in your mouth or better still if you can find a place that sells gobstoppers. When they go out for a smoke, maybe make a hot drink like hot chocolate for yourself, When you smell smoke on the personjust b4 smear a nice smell under your nostrils, i find those flavoured lip balms good for that. Plus you can always blog. The 4 D's is always real good. I used to very slowly get cold water, cup it in my hands and slowly wash my face, no scrubbing involved, perhaps have a stress ball handy, go outside and scream, punch a pillow, swear in the pillow, if you can take a short brisk walk, if possible to clear the cobwebs. You can do it. Good luck. Stand Tall and Proud!!

Profile image Tamaswife8 December, 2012

How you doing Teisha?? hope everything working out ok for you. Be strong xx

Profile image Saffron8 December, 2012

Be assertive and let this person know you're quitting and ask for support.
Stay strong.
You can do it, teisha.

6Dec2012 By teisha  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 4

I'm feeling very tired today. Cravings taking their toll. Emotionally I feel bad and very insecure. I hate this part as feel the need to fix it and make it all better, but I really don't know how?

Does that even make sense? I don't know I'm scattered and confused.

Profile image heironymus6 December, 2012

It makes perfect sense! Downright annoying isn’t it, because deep down you know that a cigarette isn’t the answer. Grrrrrr at addict brain!!!
What do you love Teisha? I’ve recently developed an infatuation with nail polish and so painting my nails (and spending silly money on lots of nail polish) is my way of ‘making it better’. When I get that bummed out, empty feeling, I paint my nails. Or I’ll buy too many nail polishes and start stalking the postie. Happiness, bottled!
Try to get lost in something... a task, a book, (but maybe not the woods), and start thinking of something really nice you can do for yourself for hitting that one week target, you’re over halfway there and it could really help to have something to look forward to.
Stay strong sweets, the tides have changed and you are in control now!!! xxx

Profile image franfree6 December, 2012

You are at the stage where daily battles with craves are exhausting but that soon gets better

Profile image PYTnz6 December, 2012

Heironymus has put it perfectly... Find something u enjoy and make yourself feel special because thats what you are :)

Profile image yas016 December, 2012

Oh Teisha, as the above advice says it does get easier. Stay strong, focus on something else. Remember the 4d's they do work. Goodluck you are doing great :)

Profile image Nola-Leigh6 December, 2012

At day 4 I was a complete mess...& same at day 8!

But when I hit day 10 I started believing that I can do this! Keep it up - you are doing soooooo well!!!!

Profile image Saffron6 December, 2012

Congratulations on day 4 teisha. Please know that it gets easier. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion.

Profile image jellykelly6 December, 2012

it will pass. be gentle with yoursef.

Profile image Powertous6 December, 2012

Yeah, the downs and tiredness is zapping. But after reading lots of blogs, these craving days never seem to last long which I find uplifting (i'm on day 15). I just roll through those days and accept them as part of breaking the back of an addiction. Bury myself in a book or talk the dog for an extra walk. If it gets too bad I pop a nico chewing gum. that seem to take the edge of things. I like Heiro's idea of developing a 'selfish' infatuation.

To quit makes sense - good not to loose sight of that - and stay strong girl:-)

Profile image ismay6 December, 2012

Boy do I know what your talking about. It is really hard work. Just keep focused on the reason you gave up in the first place, keep busy. I found and still do, even if I was tired all I needed to do was make myself start doing something and I felt so much better. Maybe that is just me though. Might be worth a try? All the best and stay positive!! well done on getting this far :)

5Dec2012 By teisha  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 3

I have done it; my head is out of the water and I can see!!

I will keep focus
I will maintain my goal
I will turn the tide and control my addiction
I am responsible, proud and free!!

Thanks for all your support the past few days it has helped me sooo much, I'm excited about the future and roll on day 7!!

xx to you all xx

Profile image Saffron5 December, 2012

Fantastic blog, teisha - and congratulations on Day 3!!!

Profile image heironymus5 December, 2012

You can pop an "I am awesome" in there too! Keep peddling sweets, keep that head above water, you are doing GREAT! Wonderful to hear you sounding so staunch ☺
And there's your "This Old Man" too... you keep repeating those powerful statements to yourself over and over and that nincompoop nicodemon will hardly even get a look in!
High-Five and xxx back at ya matey!

Profile image Barbs505 December, 2012

Oh well done keep up the great work now you have made a start feel very good about yourself. Your days will soon mount up I kept crossing them off the calendar now I'm up to 11 weeks crossed off keep it going it adds up quickly yay for you :)

Profile image PokuruGirl5 December, 2012

Yeah, Teisha. You are going to do this. Just stay focussed on the goal of freedom, and work on it day by day. When you have whole days without thinking about smoking, or you can watch someone having a smoke and think thank goodness I don't have to do that anymore, that really is freedom.

Profile image Powertous5 December, 2012

I like the "I will turn the tide...." I can feel the fresh, cleansing water. Congratulations on keeping your head out of the water!

Profile image teisha5 December, 2012

Sigh. .Loving the sound of that particular freedom PG. .or. . not having to sing "This Old Man" every minute would be a blessing. Thanks heironymus it works!

Profile image Denerau5 December, 2012

Love it! So positive - you will succeed

Profile image PokuruGirl5 December, 2012

LOL, are you getting through "with a knick knack paddy whack give the dig a bone". I got through with the help of a certain Mr Freddy Mercury. Live Aid clips on YouTube (amazing) and such rock anthems as "I Want to Break Free", (paraphrase) "I Will Rock You" and "I Am the Champion". Ironically, Freddy was a heavy smoker and AIDS cut his life short before he had to quit. I love him anyway.

Profile image FeFe5 December, 2012

Yay day 3 done and dusted. Well done you :)