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11Dec2011 By ssfirefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Wow ive saved $96! :)

Now that made me feel a bit better. Today i have a bad taste in my mouth again, im still doing the ritual of get up, put patch on, before anything else haha. Id hate to be out somewhere and suddenly realise i didnt have one on when i started getting grumpy at everyone.

So day 15 today, still struggling, god, last time i was doing quite well, this time seems to be much harder.

Didnt get to go to Santa as planned that other day, stupid friends' ex boyfriend didnt read what days santa was there, just the times, so we did this huge walk fo nothing. Its so much easier tho when you not huffing like a wolf lol.

But off to Santa today and then to my Cafe to have some Lunch :)) Have a good day people :)

Profile image Ady11 December, 2011

What,... Santa again,! Ask for lozengers this time Foxy, it'll help with that nasty taste in your mouth. LoL

Starting to see the money saved already & you dont puff'n'pant for air on long walks, cool.

Profile image trudger6711 December, 2011

That's the way, good on you, it's always good to see the benefits.

Profile image rainbowfish11 December, 2011

Hope you got to see the guy in the red suit today. Day 15 - awesome!!!

10Dec2011 By ssfirefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 14 and a nasty craving is attacking me

Forgotten to post lately, went for a huge walk with a friend yesterday to see Santa at Harvey norman, by the time i came home, fed my son and sorted my house and checked my Facebook (very important lol) i just didnt get round to blogging.

Then i log on here and check my stats and omg ive been smokefree for 14 days, so 2 weeks!!! Pretty happy with that. Id love to be like 243 days or something like that but thats still awhile away.

Anyhoo, as to the reason why im blogging arrrrg been hit with a nasty craving!! I even just had the thought cross my mind to ask my man to go get some smokes for me from the dairy, and would of come up with some lame reason as to why i need them. He does say no but sometimes i manage to convince him. I know i shouldnt, and i wont, but its just sometimes a real hard fight when you're in a craving and its taking awhile to go away.

I used to be the kind of smoker that if i got hunger cravings sometimes i would have a smoke instead of eating as it was quicker to have a smoke than to make something, then convince my toddler that it was my meal lol while serving him something similar. So instead i used to give my toddler something and have a smoke instead.

So now when i get hunger cravings sometimes i have smoke cravings kick in too. I usually have a drink but today im not in the mood for drinking lol. Sorry guys just a rant, i hope it did make sense lol. I hope im not the only one that rambles random stuff on here lol

Profile image Alexis10 December, 2011

14 days is such an awesome effort.
l am up to 12 days and think I am doing good,

Well done ignoring those cravings.

Profile image clematis10 December, 2011

I guess different people have different associations with smoking. Drinking is a common one, socialising with other smokers, etc. I used to do it when I was bored or had some time on my hands. Well done on your 2 weeks smokefree. I know it gets hard when the craving sets in. You just have to keep ignoring it pretty much, or whatever works. :)

Profile image ssfirefoxy10 December, 2011

boredom used to be a big one with me, and drinking. Luckily im not a big drinker. Im meant to be going out with a good friend of mine for new years eve, its making me very nervous as shes a smoker and it seems most of the population of whangarei.

Cravings are hitting lots today, real frustrating. I used to be such a bad addicted smoker that my reason sometimes for getting up in the mornings before i had my son was because i wanted a smoke. Luckily i do have my son now to get me up, much nicer than a smoke, but god i cant believe the second time in some ways is so much different.

Profile image clarence the cat10 December, 2011

Marvellous achievement two weeks!!

Profile image rainbowfish10 December, 2011

Hi firefoxy, well done you on getting through the first two weeks - fantastic!
Hope you are coping okay with the cravings, and that they will be kinder to you tomorrow. Your man sounds a lot like mine. If I asked him to buy me some smokes he would tell me all the reasons why I shouldn't. But in the end he was easily convinced. But then what does that all achieve, only one thing...........you're back to smoking again:(
Beautiful profile pic btw:)

Profile image ssfirefoxy10 December, 2011

aww thanks rainbow, that day it was taken my partners mum had just paid for a new jair cut and highlights

Profile image Ady11 December, 2011

Hi Firefoxy, You're doing well at 14 days, So did you get to see Santa.?
what did you ask for,... a box of patch's, hehehe
So you're in Whangarei too, Kool
Keep doing the 4 D's, use delay lots, that works good.
Stay strong.

Profile image KelKel11 December, 2011

Thanks for your great tips....I like the dancing bit!!!!!! Good luck on your journey........really feel for you with your cravings.....omg I so remember mine at that early stage....but like everyone else on here says and I honestly am only saying it coz it really is true!!!!!!!!!!! LOL ....those cravings will get less and less and every now and then pop up in stressful situations like mine.....they do that to test us.....hang in there!!! You can do it!!!!!!!!!

8Dec2011 By ssfirefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Just a quick vent!!!

Omg what is with the disgusting taste in my mouth i get on and off since quitting 10 days ago????

I thought my mouth had a bad taste when i was smoking but now it tastes just as bad, i clean my teeth and its better again for awhile but then it comes back. Still drinking lots of water too. Anyone had this?

Also a ton of headaches which are driving me slightly nutty, twitchy legs, and a blocked nose. That could just be hayfever but i wish i was feeling better lol.

I still crave the ciggies quite badly but wont give into the damn things, they make me feel like crap and I just have to keep fighting the thoughts. But OMG ITS NOT EASY!!! Im sorry for the yelling but wow some moments when a craving hits are not fun at all

Off to the xmas party in whangarei tonight but will be back on later to see how everyone has been :)

Profile image Alexis8 December, 2011

I know what you mean about still hard after 10days, I am up to 10days also, and find it hard to handle when stressed, although saying that thinking about it logically, what does smoking do for stress, probably makes it worse.
Have fun at the Xmas party and I hope there is no temptation there at all.
Hopefully a party full of non smokers.

Profile image Julesconan8 December, 2011

That taste is well remembered here also. Its your tastebuds coming back to life! Shocking what we do to ourselves aint it. Keep fighting. : )

Profile image clematis8 December, 2011

Yes, I had that bad taste in my mouth coming and going occasionally. With me it was about 2 weeks maybe less after I quit. It seems to have settled down now. :)

Profile image ssfirefoxy8 December, 2011

i didnt get to go to the xmas in the park :(( my boy came home from daycare and cried from 3pm onwards so he had to have a early night. :( oh well next year

Profile image Tafette8 December, 2011

ssfirefoxy - I ended up using one of those fresh breath sprays lol. It won't be long before you start getting to really enjoy the taste of food. Poor wee man - he must have had a hard day. Give him (and yourself) and lovely big hug from me.

Profile image katel408 December, 2011

Yeah Im on day 10 too and have the weird taste aswell, I think it is your tastebuds firing up again AND I also have mean hayfever but I'm sure it's a quitting smoking thing as well, know exactly how ya feeling! I was gunna go and have a drink with a mate tonight but cancelled coz I don't think I'm strong enough yet, maybe in a few weeks :)

Profile image rainbowfish8 December, 2011

Hi firefoxy, get excited about those twitches. They'll be all of your nerve endings healing and having a party in your legs! As for the headaches and blocked nose, sounds like hayfever. All that lovely long grass that has gone to seed, the warm weather and wind arrgghhh - pleased to say that the hay makers are out in force this week!

Profile image trudger678 December, 2011

Oh..... you poor thing... try and remember the only thing instant here is the coffee? It will get better. Do what you need to do, without smoking that is. Take some panadol... my leg twitching was actually coffee withdrawal... but if it is something that you suffer with often, then I here Magnesium is the one to take...

Profile image trudger679 December, 2011

gosh... my english is getting ssssooooooo bad... hear... it must be brain damage...

6Dec2011 By ssfirefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Grrrrr snarl omg!!!

Ahhh not a easy day today. Day 10 ive saved $63 already but im antsy, grumpy, have a headache and im always tapping my feet or fidgeting.

A couple of times ive wanted to just give in and start again but then i remember the pain i get in my back which is due to not breathing well when i smoke and it stops me. Its all in my head, thats just what I have to remember. Im not going to go mental if i dont have a cigarette. Im not going to die in my sleep from withdrawls, even though it does feel like it.

In some ways this second attempt is harder than the first one. I did get grumpy the first time i gave up. I had a real impressive argument with my partner the first time. i threw something at him lol, cant remember what and screamed at him. I dont usually scream when i argue lol.

This time i seem to be keeping it all bottled inside. But im still all twitchy and short tempered. Luckily my son isnt getting affected by it as hes a very well behaved toddler and so he doesnt try to wind me up too much. But my partner, omg he can really push me lol.

not gonna give up though god dammit. My in laws are also coming up in January, and my FIL and I dont get on very well and for him it would be a perfect "I told you so, that you couldnt quit" moment if i started again. I know im not meant to be doing it for someone else and im not, i am doing it for me, but to able to say to my father in law "nah im not smoking" will make me feel so good lol. Sorry for the ramble had to get this off my cheast. Do feel better now though

Profile image Janathene6 December, 2011

Its great getting everything out on here. Hard thing to do but I think we all can make it. Even with annoying partners (I have one of those) and I told you so people that all seem to be related to me! Good luck x

Profile image trudger677 December, 2011

Hi ssfirefoxy, sounds like you have had a bit of rough day... try to ride the wave best you can. People close to us know which buttons to push, that is for sure... 10 days is an awesome effort! To reaffirm the reasons why you are giving up may put you in a mindset of being happy about it, because I think that is the biggest beast. You are not missing out on anything at all. There was absolutely nothing to give up.

Profile image nette17 December, 2011

hang in there :) It will get easier just take it day by day Your good days will out weigh your bad days You are awesome 10 days what an achievement WOOOOO HOOOOO

"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."
~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

5Dec2011 By ssfirefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

not such an easy day today

I cant honestly say my days are boring by any means, im always quite busy with my 21month old, my dog, my cat, my business and my life but still today i managed to spend a lot of time aimlessly wandering around the house really craving a smoke. I kept myself busy by cleaning, playing with my son etc, but I think today was one of the harder days.

Also finding that i eat a lot during the day just because i dont smoke anymore. And thats terrible coz 1 it makes me feel like a bloated whale and 2 i just tend to eat junk food. also with my son i dont have a ton of time to cook myself up a healthy meal that takes ages to prepare so i just kind of eat on the go.

So yea today a lot of cleaning, aimlessly pacing wanting a ciggie and oh yea i forgot to mention, rather grumpy. Some people are really really getting on my nerves at the moment lol. Its also been raining for the past 4 days here and my son and I have been stuck inside as hes been sick. Arg!!! vent over lol thanks for listening

Profile image rainbowfish5 December, 2011

Hang in there ssfirefoxy, I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day for you:)

Profile image nette15 December, 2011

You are doing a great job keep it up :)

Profile image trudger676 December, 2011

HI ssfirefoxy! Thanks for your blog. All I think of that may be of help is to try and have a plan in place for when those times come up... I can relate to what you are saying. When I feel a little out of balance, I jump on here and blog it... even if it is a few times a day, then other times I blog only once a day... like at the end. The reason I am suggesting it is that it tends to work for me. I get to tell someone how I am feeling. The I make a point of reading where others are at too, and the responses they have got from others, plus add your own support. I have had tough moments, but not overall tough days... it does pass. I used blogging as a diversion until it does. I hope this helps, because it helps me.

Profile image Ady6 December, 2011

There will always be hard days & you're doing great, you just keep going, this weather & mood will change for you, its never boring once you quit smoking but some days are definitely harder than others.
Stay focused firefoxy, you're on the right track.

Profile image clematis6 December, 2011

You are stronger than you think. Well done on not turning to the smokes. I seem to be more hungry these days now I'm not smoking. Trying not to overeat though if I can. But take care firefoxy, you're doing well. :)

Profile image clarence the cat6 December, 2011

Your strength is shining like a beacon. You're doing great firefox!!
Hope the little guy is feeling better soon and then you can get outside and breathe some fresh air. Does wonders when you're feeling a little bit down.
Keep up the good work!!

Profile image yas016 December, 2011

hang in there you are doing great, the alwful feelings do pass.

4Dec2011 By ssfirefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

God this water thing is tough

Hi Everyone,

Well 8 days today. Ive got this new little routine in the morning that helps me get over the first craving when i get out of bed. Used to be have a ciggie and a coffee. Now i have a coffee and put a patch on lol. It kinda still makes me feel more relaxed at the fact my body has some nicotine going into it so i dont freek out lol.

Ive had a couple of days already where i have gotten out of bed and straight away had to tend to my son and forgotten to put my patch on till like midday and then suddenly im wondering why im so angry and snappy at everyone. Oops lol.

Anyway the reason for this blog......can someone please tell me how the hell Im meant to get through 8-10 glasses of water a day? I have a jug of water in the fridge and continuesly sip on a glass of it but only can seem to manage 5. I really want to get to 8-10 because it helps flush out your body of toxins.

Profile image trudger674 December, 2011

Listen to you body! If you can only manage five, then just have five. It is better than none. Personally, I struggle with the heaps of water thing even though I know I am supposed to. I just drink lots of fluids anyway... hot drinks, cold drinks... bla bla... I think you are doing good... I didn't get sober to drown in water! LOL

Profile image clarence the cat4 December, 2011

Trudgers right. If you normally drank 1 glass a day, then 3 glasses is way better. For some people 8 glasses of water is an awful lot. On a hot day you might use more. Dont worry about it too much. Your body will tell you what it needs. Good Luck.

Profile image Ady4 December, 2011

Hiya §FireFox, Don't drown with trying to consume 10 glasses of water a day, Trudger's right,.. Just drink what you're comfortable with, wait till the 'Hot' days strike, (January) you'll drink 10 a day then.
Well thats your 1st week all done so thats cool, I still drink coffee like before too, nothing wrong with that i reckon.
Don't try push yourself to any limits, just go with the flow.
Well done on your 1st week Foxy, go reward yourself not drown yourself.

Profile image ssfirefoxy4 December, 2011

thanks everyone
you are right with what you're saying. I think its just the dumb media with their YOU MUST DRINK UP TO 10 GLASSES A DAY which made me a bit obsessed lol.

Profile image trudger674 December, 2011

@ssfirefoxy... if you are anything like me, you NEVER do what you are told anyway! LOL

Profile image ssfirefoxy5 December, 2011

haha trudger. You read me like a book lol. I never do what im told. Usually quite the opposite lol

3Dec2011 By ssfirefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

The damn stress

Hi Everyone,

Dont know if any of you remember me, I quit a year ago approx and In August of this year i started smoking again from stress. In August 08 i had a very close friend of mine commit suicide and i had the anniversary of that come up and caved.

Did manage to quit again a couple of times, but everytime i got only the slightest bit of stress i immediatly went back to smoking.

This time i really really want to stay a non smoker. I need to be drinking more water, at the moment I drink about 5 glasses a day, i need to be drinking 10, and need to keep my excersise up and keep my hands busy.

Smoking is really affecting my health. Especially not being able to breathe deeply for nearly 10 years, thats how long i was smoking for. Also the other thing that used to annoy me about smoking is going to bed at night and listening to my chest rattle from all the phlegm sitting on my chest.

So been exactly a week now since I quit. And this time I really do hope its for good.

Looking foward to meeting all of you and supporting eachother :)))

Profile image clarence the cat3 December, 2011

I remember you ssfirefoxy. Good on you for tryng again. Be strong. We will support you. Good luck.

Profile image nette13 December, 2011

Good luck to you and we are here for you every step of the way :)

Profile image trudger673 December, 2011

Hi ssfirefoxy! Thank you for reminding me about the rattle on my chest! It is so easy to forget all that stuff because my smokefree days feel like weeks! Good on you for coming back... you have done it before, so you know it is possible... and you will bounce back. Good on you for having one week smoke free up! That is awesome. You have all the tools at your feet. Look forward to supporting you.

Profile image clematis4 December, 2011

Hi, I am a newbie to this blog (a couple of weeks) and I understand what you are saying about stressful moments when you just have to have a smoke. I was using that as an excuse more than anything I think because I've started a new job which has been stressful and have managed not to smoke through all that. Good luck and look forward to hearing more from you here. :)

Profile image Ady4 December, 2011

Firefox, Hello, Long time no see.
Welcome back & i see you're off to a good start with 1 week down already, well done.
You did so well earlier on, I'm so sure you'll be on top of it this time.
Keep your guard up, it's easy to slip & your support group is right here, stay strong..

11Aug2011 By ssfirefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I lost my first battle

Hi guys,

After having some rather large relationship problems i started smoking again. Been smoking since july so not super impressed even though 6 months is better than nothing I guess.

So im reordering the patches and blogging again, maybe go on the blog site longer as i left my blogging after 6 weeks when i quit the first time.

I have a anniversary of a friend who commited suicide coming up on the 16th of this month so i have decided im not going to give up till the day after the 16th because i think that would be starting my 2nd attempt already stressed.

So wish me luck...again...will be starting on the 17th!! :)

Profile image RLee411 August, 2011

You may have lost battle but the war isn't over. Good luck

Profile image smells sweeter now11 August, 2011

I wish you lots of luck .Look after yourself it sound like you have a tough time to get through right now. we will be waiting for ya on the 17th :)

Profile image muzzie11 August, 2011

Welcome back, and all the very best.

Profile image Kathry11 August, 2011

Good to hear from you again, and great to hear you are starting again. All the best :)

Profile image clarence the cat11 August, 2011

Good on you for starting again! I'm sure you will do it this time. GOOD LUCK

Profile image katmell11 August, 2011

We will all be here for you when you restart your journey and will glady cheer you along.
Take care and see you soon!!

Profile image katmell11 August, 2011

To clarence
just had to post the words to ODAAT after your comment to me below. Have told you here as they are in the hidden comments and thought you may not see them.

Profile image Girl2611 August, 2011

Good luck, wishing you the best. x

Profile image marimac11 August, 2011

Good luck for when you take the step again and kick the nicodemon out of your life again. You may have relapsed but you have not given up - you are getting back on the wagon again and that is the main thing.

Profile image rainbowfish11 August, 2011

Good on you for not quitting on quitting - see you on the 17th:)

Profile image heironymus12 August, 2011

ssfirefoxy... I have spent hours read possibly years worth of blogs, including yours, and have seen the comments you made in support of fellow quitters... it is good to have you back!!!
Very best of luck with your final journey to being smokefree!

Profile image Lighting Eyes2 September, 2011

good luck!

31Jan2011 By ssfirefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hey Everyone old and new!!!

Im celebrating a MONTH of being smoke-free today!! Im so so psyched, never thought i would get this far. I had a complete meltdown last week as had to go 2 days without patches. I ran out and forgot to get more clever me!

My partner said in those 2 days he has never seen me so angry in his life. I have a confession to make to you all the might make you laugh and not see your meltdowns when quitting as too bad.

I was really angry that second day without patches and went around the house slamming doors lol, it made me feel better and my son wasnt in the house. Well needless to say i didnt use my brain and slammed our back door that has glass in it. SHATTER!! Oops lol $80 later!

Well im ok now again lol, i have my patches and about to move on to Stage 2 with them yay!

To anyone doubting themselves, YOU CAN DO IT!! Trust me if i can you can. Use the patches or gum or whatever you have to thats available out there. Hell, ive even heard they sell herbal ciggies, Keep busy, and drink lots of water and definatly follow the motto of this site, One day at a time, some times even a minute at a time.

Breathe through the cravings, punch a pillow if you feel frustrated, go into the middle of a field and scream if that does it for you. Ive used heaps of tactics and still do to get me through.

Sorry for the novel lol, but well done everyone on here for taking the journey of being smokefree. YOU ALL CAN DO IT!

Just remember from my dumbness, slamming doors is ok, just NOT GLASS ONES lol

Profile image KIKIDI31 January, 2011

Weel done|I was wondering where you have been all this time!

Profile image Kathry31 January, 2011

Hi firefoxy, congratulations on your first month! Great to see you back, I was wondering how you were as well :)

Profile image yas0131 January, 2011

Well done, yes doubt plays a big part can I do this?? I have a new saying & thought this time round if I find myself craving big time I suck a lozenge and say to myself "you really want to inhale rat posion, floor cleaner & car fumes?" then I think h**l no.
This site is amazing support, with the 4d's, blogging, and determination we can do it.

Profile image Toostie31 January, 2011

yaye congrats on the 1 month mark!! i'm a week behind you. Keep up the awesome work and good luck for the week ahead!

Profile image kellyk31 January, 2011

that is so awesome you have made it to 1 month i cant wait To get to that stage well i cant wait to get to the end of the week lol

Profile image 1Lyn11 February, 2011

One Whole Month - Congratulations and real well done.

11Jan2011 By ssfirefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 9

Well i must say today wasnt too bad at all. Saying that though im still sleeping heaps
Quitline guys whats up with that????
I got up at 8:30am was back in bed at 11am, slept through till 1:30pm, got up to go to hte toilet, back to bed till 4:00pm. And still i go to bed at a reasonable hour not awake all night.
Ive got the patches on but take them off at night why is this happening its annoying.
Apart from that its been going ok for me, have spent my money on some more books for myself, im trying to get a library started.
I only just got on the blogs this evening, didnt read anything today and was surpirsed how much i missed you all.

You guys are all doing so so well and hiii to all the new guys joining us on this journey.
ODAAT we can do it everyone!

Profile image donnka12 January, 2011

Hi there not sure about the sleeping thing maybe cause it's hot or could be you have done too much to keep yrself busy lol, can't beleive I had one of yr days feeling good today good on you for the books I actualy did the same the other day went and bought 3 haven't started them yet haha, you are doing great my friend keep it up and ODAAT yes we can do it

Profile image Dentarthurdent12 January, 2011

Hi foxy. Some people experience different versions of the sleep thing. I was the opposite to you and spent a week or two where I would be lucky to get an hours sleep a night. This should settle down after a while but the opposite can also happen which is what you are experiencing so don't panic, it's quite normal while your body settles down after quitting.
Nice work on your day 9 too.
Kia Kaha

Profile image Chamy16 January, 2011

whoa.....are u anemic? the reason for the sleepless nights?? i know i am and im just like that - its hard coz at work i really wanna nap LOL but i wasnt like this lol

Profile image Chamy16 January, 2011

ok i must be asleep myself because i just wrote my comment wrong hahahaaha

Profile image Spyug16 January, 2011

Thanks for your support. I only just figured out how this blog thing works. Thanks again x
Congrats to you to for making ot to day 9