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3May2011 By davidjohn  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

chuggin along

Still chugin along and not smokin' / weather depressing though / seems a long time 'till next summer

Profile image Joybelle3 May, 2011

Hi davidjohn, yeap that weather is a pain. But hey good for you chugging along becomes a good habit aye LOL

Profile image 1Lyn13 May, 2011

Hang in there davidjohn. It will get easier. On winter evenings you will be able to stay inside and keep nice and warm.

Profile image clarence the cat3 May, 2011

Good on you Davidjohn. As Lyn says, you can stay inside in the warm this winter and keep nice and warm.
Because summer is so far away I am spending my money saved on a trip to the UK. I believe it is summer there in June. Take Care. GOOD LUCK

Profile image Ady4 May, 2011

Thats good to hear David, you keep on keeping on, i guess winter means more closer family time as we all stay near the fire & play games, only i havent lit the fire yet, its not cold enough in whangarei.
I think that Fatwah must be working
David, good on ya, keep going.

Profile image Kathry14 May, 2011

Hi Davidjohn, I agree, the weather is a bit offputting. At least we don't have to go and sit outside in it for a fag ... we can stay nice and toasty inside! Take care :)

16Apr2011 By davidjohn  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Confession Good for the Soul

Ummm yeah the country split bread is so yummy - over $3 a loaf though when the homebrand is under $2 ... why they make all the healthier food options more expensive in this country I will never know. I eventually went to my lecture Wed. night afterall. Decided I don't care about if the person teaching no-likes men and important thing is to go. Had a wee nicotine slip-up Thur. but back on straight and narrow path now and enjoying a relaxing Sat. morning here in Paradise City. Those crusaders won again last night and I'm winning lotto tonight so it might be an excellent weekend overall despite a little rain today. Well my soul is cleansed now I've confessed to my slip up.

Profile image clarence the cat16 April, 2011

Well Done!!
Nothing like a clean soul to start the weekend off.
Sounds as if you have it all sorted.
Enjoy your weekend in Paradise City. The sun will shine eventually!!

Profile image mandy6316 April, 2011

Glad to hear you are doing fine despite the little slip-up! Hope you are ok after our last little shake - and enjoy the big powerball windfall coming your way!

Profile image katmell16 April, 2011

Loved reading your post - had a little giggle at the Lotto win.

Profile image davidjohn17 April, 2011

Ahhh about the lotto, forgot to buy the ticket so my rich status is postponed for a week Katmell :) Mandy I recall you are somewhere in or near Paradise City - hope your place never coped it too much / mainly ok in my part of town / The good Lord must have forgotten my monotorium on earthquakes, I'll send him an email. Clarence, I think nearly everyone likes the country split bread... I see butter up in price this week- when will it all end. They can put the nasty tobacco up though if it helps people stop :)

Profile image Kathry19 April, 2011

Hi David John, I hope the weekend went well for you! Pleased to hear you got to the lecture as well.

13Apr2011 By davidjohn  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

The Country is Split

Another beautiful Wednesday in the Pounamu Paradise. Haven't made it to the Wharenui pool yet but intend to. Might have to skip my lecture this arvo and garden cause tomorrow we are getting our rain they say on metservice site. Felt like a smoke this morning but had an extra pieca toast instead. Felt like six extra toast really - I've got that 'Country Split' bread just now: expensive but tastes great and not so 'heavy' in the tummy.

Profile image clarence the cat13 April, 2011

I love that bread too Davidjohn!! This glorious weather cant last for much longer I agree. But I am soaking it up while I can.
Enjoy your day.

Profile image Ady13 April, 2011

Skip the garden, do the lecture, garden will wait for you, lecture wont.
Besides, lecture wont take all day.
well its great how your talkin about bread cos im waitin on Anjj to finish baking lunch for us, hehehehe

Profile image mandy6313 April, 2011

The voice of reason Ady! I wonder if this is the lecturer you thought Davidjohn were a man-hater? Maybe she only hates men who skip her class?

Profile image Ady13 April, 2011

Mandy, I'm not understanding you.?
I didnt think or say any such thing in what you posted.
& i have reason to think Davidjohn is a man.
We only make positive comments here mandy, this is a support site. - Thank you.

Profile image Ady13 April, 2011

Hi David, My sincere apology's if you have been offended, I had no idea any words of such was coming & will tone down my attitude if anyone is disturbed or offended by my postings.
Regards Adrian.

Profile image mandy6314 April, 2011

Sorry that I seem to have offended Ady! I was commenting on David's blog yesterday where he said he had to write and essay for a lecturer he thought hated everybody male. When he said he wanted to skip class - and you commented he should go to class - I meant you were the voice of reason - sending him to class! I then just joked and said maybe the lecturer was just hard on him because he was skipping class and not because he was male! Sorry! It was just a joke! I know he is male - the Davidjohn made it rather obvious.

Profile image Ady14 April, 2011

Ahhh, You were responding to Davids previous blog, not this one.
No wonder i was misunderstanding, you really had me puzzled,thanks for the explanation.

Profile image davidjohn16 April, 2011

No problem guys. I should have kept my thoughts about whether or not somebody likes men to myself in the first place. Yes I confirm I'm a male as indeed most David John's are as far as I know. I had a wee slip up on Friday. Oh hate to confess I had a smoke. Just couldn't sleep and it was driving me mad. Confession is good for the soul though they say :)

12Apr2011 By davidjohn  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Pounamu Paradise Lives On

It's still paradise-like here; I thought Winter was coming in a couple of weeks ago but it's autumnal-bliss at the moment. Bit of an aftershock yesterday so I've told the Lord to brush his act up. No ciggy-slipups in recent days. I hate one of my lecturers though. She seams to hate anyone male. Ah, maybe it's my fault????? I've not been driven back to the coggys though - which is what's important. I'm going to be writing a screenplay with another person from the QUIT blog, probably about 2013, so I guess the academy award won't be 'till around 2015/16. In the meantime I've another essay to do. I've decided to pull my finger out and go to the indoor pool a couple of times a week. It's a bit expensive but the water is toooooooooooo cold at the beach in te wai pounamu from April and I want to attack that wee puku i've developed. It's awful busy around this neighbourhood right now (Riccarton Upper) cause with a lot of the central city closed shoppers and pub goers are coming out this way. My neighbour has the Dixie Chicks song 'not ready to make nice' bleering out so loud i can make out every word. He's enjoying another day in Paradise toooooooooooooooo I guess.

Profile image lilliebell12 April, 2011

Love it davidjohn, where is this little paradise of yours ha ha. Well done you and remember I work for peanuts if you need some actors for your award winning screenplay.

Profile image mandy6312 April, 2011

I didn't know we had an indoor pool open in paradise yet? Which one - Jellie Park?

Profile image clarence the cat12 April, 2011

You deserve a few treats Davidjohn. Enjoy!

Profile image diya_nz12 April, 2011

Now that's an idea lilliebell! Davidjohn and I will write (with all credits going to Davidjohn, millydog, followed by BIG SPACE... me). Then we just get the quit group to play the parts :)

As for you Davidjohn, leaps and bounds I say, stuff the teacher, she probably burnt her bra in the 60's and hasn't recovered from the downfall... Onwards and upwards and keep enjoying your bit of paradise, (even if it involves the Dixie Chicks) :)

9Apr2011 By davidjohn  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

A weekend in Paradise now

It's a beautiful afternoon, and my essay is finished. Had an extra long walk with Millydog. I've decided to issue a fatwah on quakes ... it's sort of like a monotorium (no more) so as soon as the good Lord gets my email no doubt he'll put it into action --- we got off lightly compared to Japan though. Is anybody going to any rugby world cup games I wonder.

Profile image Ady9 April, 2011

Hiya Dave, we got lovely sunny days here in whangarei too.
but dont have the paradise you have.!
Fatwah, wot the hell is a Fatwah, is that your essay, a big fat wah essay, sounds islamic to me.
Yea didnt NZ get off lightly compared to japan, but then again they have more $$$ to rebuild, NZ is a more laid back country & smaller population & of course its a much nicer place to live.
Enjoy your weekend Dave.

Profile image clarence the cat9 April, 2011

Agree Dave! NZ did get off lightly compared to Japan, but hell its all relative and everyone suffers one way or another. Because NZ is not accustomed to such severe consequences it hits home savagely.
Glad you are able to enjoy the sunshine today. Take Care!!

Profile image diya_nz9 April, 2011

You sound like a well rested individual, essay finished, lovely days with the dog, the sun shining (with his hat on), surely you should be tied the computer knocking out our screenplay? unfortunately I didn't win lotto, so I figure the only way I will ever get rid of my mortgage would be to sell a block buster story.. even if you do get all the naming credits and mine is in 2 pt, bottom right for 1 second. :)
And you have the good lords email address? Wow, all I get is Russian woman looking for a husband and viagra sales....
As always, keep up the good work davidjohn, it sounds like you are doing amazing!

7Apr2011 By davidjohn  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Just another day

Another day in paradise (@ canterbury) and another day overeating but smoking NOT :)

Profile image Kathry7 April, 2011

Well done Davidjohn ... those stats must look pretty awesome now!

Profile image clarence the cat7 April, 2011

Glad to hear things are quieter in canterbury for the moment. Good on you for being so strong!!!

Profile image diya_nz7 April, 2011

yay davidjohn! Well done sir! So how is millydog the screenplay coming??
I know you have an essay to write so wont harrass you about our movie future right now. Congrats on another day down, keep up the good work!

Profile image Ady8 April, 2011

Good on you staying strong in paradise city, its all part of rebuilding your life isnt it, litteraly.
keep going Dave, this is a very positive outcome for you.
Well done.

5Apr2011 By davidjohn  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

week 12

I was able to get some new patches and gum though unfortunately the pharmacy gave me the flavour I don't like and the smaller patches. I will not be going back to that pharmacy; but on a happier note I enjoyed getting the week twelve tips, and the rain has stopped here after being very heavy overnight :)

Profile image diya_nz5 April, 2011

Hey davidjohn, glad to see it finally arrived and looking at the silver-lining and all that. Keep it up sir!

Profile image clarence the cat5 April, 2011

Gosh you have been "mucked around"!! Glad you got through till your new patches arrived.
Take care!!

Profile image Ady5 April, 2011

Great to see you're still winning David, im so glad you won over the shakey ground too, thats awesome.
Now you're in control, you've got the power, what you say is what goes, awesome stuff, keep it up m8.
You gotta be strong to still be quit & living in ch-ch, i take my hat off to you sir.!
10 points.

29Mar2011 By davidjohn  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Supplies of Patches and Gum

Please send m' order SOON quit guys 'cause i'm nearly out an freakin'

Profile image Quitline29 March, 2011

Hi David,

The quit pack we send you will take 5-7 working days to arrive. This is the standard delivery time but it may arrive sooner in some areas. If it has been longer than 7 working days since you ordered your nicotine replacement therapy via the internet or phone then please give us a call and we will find out what is going on with your quit card.

Alternatively, if they don't arrive before you run out you could pick some up from your chemist just to get you through until your quit card arrives. They are expensive to buy this way but are still a lot cheaper than all those cigarettes cost.

Online Quit Advisor

Profile image clarence the cat29 March, 2011

Hang in there davidjohn. Dont lose all the ground you have gained!!

Profile image davidjohn30 March, 2011

Jenna, thanks. It was more than 7 days by a long way since I reordered. I have 7 days of patches purchased at the chemist this morning but the $79 kinda means can't pay other things. Hopefully my order will arrive by the next 7 days.

By-the-way I can't seem to get into my hotmail (my account with Quit is under that address) If Quit want to contact me that way I'm using schu@gmx.com for everything now.

WELL DONE on your six months Clarence!

20Mar2011 By davidjohn  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Fooled Mr R

Well, the moon or something fooled Mr R 'cause we never had the biggy quake he predicted 2day. Meantime I'm keepin' on keepin' on. I was thinking of stealing a car so Millydog and I could clear off for a few days but I didn't fancy a nice policeman having to lock me up.

Profile image Toostie20 March, 2011

lol funny blog and yeah the old moon man aye pfft!! whatever no one could ever predict an earthquake! anyway hows the nonsmoking goin?? great i hope! :)

Profile image Kathry20 March, 2011

Nice one Davidjohn! I hope the week goes well for you.

Profile image clarence the cat21 March, 2011

Nice one Davidjohn!! How ya doing? You Cantabrians have my most humble admiration.
Thinking of you all everyday.
Take Care

15Mar2011 By davidjohn  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Keeping on

i'm keeping on 'keeping on' but i sware one more bad aftershock and i just don't know. oh for some sweet sleep uninterrupted.

Profile image Toostie15 March, 2011

ah poor you i feel so sorry for everyone down there. you should get away for a week somewhere would prob do you good!! keep staying strong if you can!! good luck!

Profile image babyangel15 March, 2011

Stay strong our hearts are with you all down there.Keep up the good work!!!

Profile image Ady15 March, 2011

Yea, it must be hard for you david, i do understand, but dont let ground shakes interfere with the quitting, you really need to stay focused about the quitting.
smoking wont change anything for you, the aftershocks will still happen, stay strong, dont give up now David, you have come so far.
feel free to call quitline anytime your stressed.