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5Mar2012 By MrsSS  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Hey everyone, long time no see.....
Its good to see lots of new quitters on here and some of the ppl that i started my quit journey with. It has been 420days since my last ciggie and i can sit around my smoking buddies and not crave one, i actually feel sorry for them that they are smokers. Keep up the great work everyone!!

Profile image J a r e d6 March, 2012

Congrats!! Do you feel better for not smoking? Thank you!

Profile image Kathry6 March, 2012

Hi Mrs SS. Great to hear all is still well for you!

Profile image MrsSS6 March, 2012

Hi J a r e d, i feel so much better for not smoking :) and it really does get easier, i know at the start you think otherwise, but it really does. I dont think that i would have been able to do it without great support tho, blogging on here and my family :)

Profile image Ady6 March, 2012

Hi Mrs SS, Long time no hear, you're doing great aren't you, 420 days, we missed your breathday.!
where were you.! LoL
Well.... Happy breathday for 55 days ago, sorry i'm late,... i gotta flatty.
Well done on 420 days, thats just Awesome Mrs SS.

5May2011 By MrsSS  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hi all

hey guys, long time no see!! Good to see lots of new quitters here. I found that at the start i was on here everysecond hitting the refresh button, now that i hardly want a smoke, i forget to check in! So stats are 115days !!! Woohoo havent noticed any savings tho, must be going into the car so that i can get to work everyday...
keep at it everyone, :)

Profile image Darja5 May, 2011

Congrats! You must be so proud! Yep I know all about the refresh button lol. I think if I miss a day everyone here will think I am smoking again lol

Profile image clarence the cat5 May, 2011

AWESOME Mrs SS. You must feel so proud of your achievement!! Hey thats getting close to 4 months. Well Done!!

Profile image Ady6 May, 2011

Well done Mrs SS, havent seen you on here for awhile, like you say you been keeping busy.
Dont forget to reward yourself.

Profile image Kathry14 May, 2011

Hi Mrs SS ... great to hear from you again. I remember those days (hitting the refresh button) but here we are! Keep it up.

4Mar2011 By MrsSS  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I think the lady thought i was CRAZY!!

haha, went and got my petrol this morning (how expensive is that at the moment??) with my V drink (giving up one bad habit at a time, V is next on my list) and Pack of Xtra gum, when it just rolled of my tongue "and a pack of winfield red 20s thanks! then i had a good old laugh out load, said "oh actually i dont smoke anymore, can you put those back?" hahaha, will have to look out for that trap again :)
The ladies face was priceless! it was a look of distgust, coz turning around to grab a pack of fags would have taken a lot of energy, and i think she thought that i was crazy, what non smoker asks for ciggies! Oh well.
keep going everyone !!

Profile image Captinhook4 March, 2011

LMAO!!!! Thats awesome!!!! dam I wish I was there to see that!!! high five!!!

Profile image 1Lyn14 March, 2011

I can remember doing exactly the same thing at the supermarket. The young checkout girl looked at me as if I was at nutcase. And now 292 days.

Profile image SummarDaz4 March, 2011

Lol it just shows just how of a habit smoking becomes, keep up the good work MrsSS, well done

Profile image jolene4 March, 2011

Love it! well done. Im making a conscious decision to withdraw the money I would have payed and popping it aside. Its really scary how ingrained it is

Profile image diya_nz4 March, 2011

A lot of energy - bahahahaha. EXCELLENT.

Profile image clarence the cat4 March, 2011

Ha Ha. It is so easy to do that just out of habit. But doesn't it feel good when you are able to say "I don't smoke anymore"
Well Done. Nutcase you definitely are not. Stay Strong.

Profile image Alimatt4 March, 2011

That's hilarious! It's funny how old habits sneak up on us huh! How easy would it have been to just buy the smokes though... Good on you for being strong... Keep it up!

Profile image Kathry4 March, 2011

Well done ... it must have felt great to be able to say that! The habit stays in more ways than one!

Profile image Ady4 March, 2011

Hahahahaha I bet that was funny to watch.
Just goes to show you how strong & deep some habits plant themselves into our minds doesnt it.

1Mar2011 By MrsSS  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Just thought i would come here and let you all know that i am up to day 50 today and havent even had a slip up!! So proud of myself, havent really noticed any savings tho, but the hubby said that i am buying more at the supermarket, I hadnt noticed tho. so its all good at my end, the cravings seem to come and go these days and YES they do get easier and i feel like im not grumpy all the time anymore...PHEW coz if i didnt get wrinkles from smoking i thought i was gonna get wrinkles from quitting and being grumpy all the time :)
Keep up the fab work everyone
And big hugs to all in canterbury people stay strong

Profile image Toostie1 March, 2011

yaye congrats am 1 day behind you!! :) keep up the awesome work! yaye! stay strong!

Profile image clarence the cat1 March, 2011

Wonderful MrsSS!! Bet you're really proud of that achievement!! The savings do make a difference don't they. Keep up the good work.

Profile image Kathry1 March, 2011

Hi Mrs SS ... I'm 2 days behind you! Keep going and I'll keep following :)

Profile image Ady3 March, 2011

Well thats all good news i can see Mrs SS.
more food, yea, i like that idea.
Smiles is the anti wrinkle magic, the more you smile, the more ppl wonder what you've been upto, hahahahaha
Day 50 is damn good Mrs SS, you keep going girl, keep smiling, & keep buying the good stuff in the shopping.
ps, hubby loves it too, he's just not telling you that.

20Feb2011 By MrsSS  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

day 41

Day 40 yesterday and i made it thru a hurdle!! had a wedding to attend. lots of wine and laughs and dancing with great mates.....and i didnt have a ciggie :)
I wont lie, i did think that it would be great to have a cigie and i did ask my hubbie if i could have one (weird that i feel like i have to ask??). we told me i would be dissapointed in myself and all that kinda talk...
made it thru yeehaa :)

Profile image clarence the cat20 February, 2011

Well Done for being so strong!!. Hubby was right. If you had a smoke you would have been really disappointed in yourself today and it would have spoilt the whole weekend for you. You are Awesome. Keep up the good work.

Profile image Kathry20 February, 2011

Good for you ... that sounds like a hard situation. Well done to Mr SS as well! Onwards and upwards. :)

11Feb2011 By MrsSS  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

For ange

hey ange, you asked me if i thought going without patches was easier on my last post.
For me i thought it was easier as the patches for me were VERY itchy and evey time i itched i was thinking about smoking, I didnt want tothink about smoking so eliminated the problem. I believe if you really want to quit you will. But if the patches are working for you, stay with them, everyone is different. Keep at it, you are doing great :)

Profile image Ady11 February, 2011

I Totally agree with you Mrs SS.
We must all remember that: Although we are all going thru the same thing, it is still that little bit different for each of us, thats ppl for you.
some use patch's, some dont.
Some get a rash & some dont, La La La.
I'am Unique & special,.... just like everyone else.
But theres little things i have or do that makes me different to you all, its the same with this quitting business.
Just go with what your comfortable to do.
Good Luck everyone.

10Feb2011 By MrsSS  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 31!!

wooohoo,just thought i would let you know that i have made it to day 31. I have not used any patches for about 15days, I am feeling better and better. I still have my hard days, but they are getting less and less.
Keep at it everyone!!!

Profile image neal4410 February, 2011

well dun i hope i get to 31 days its so good to share quitting with others

Profile image Kathry10 February, 2011

Fantastic news ... well done and enjoy the achievement!

Profile image Ang10 February, 2011

Well done MrsSS! Do you think going without patches is easier? I'm finding I'm a bit dependent on them and worry it's affecting me in that my head is really playing with me. Maybe I should have gone cold turkey but I'll persevere anyway.

Profile image clarence the cat10 February, 2011

Great stuff MrsSS!!! Keep up the good work.

Profile image Toostie10 February, 2011

congrats! i'm there tomorrow! :) keep up the fab work!

Profile image Sange10 February, 2011

Wow 31 days. That just seems a lifetime away for me. Im only ending day 3. I look forward to the day when i cant post a blog like yours.

Profile image Ady11 February, 2011

31 days & 15 days no patch's, good stuff SS.
No more 'have i got my patch supply'
just sheer strength & determination coupled with mind control, Oh Yes, Way to go.
Congrats Mrs SS, you are back in control now, No more nicotine in your blood, no more dependency upon Any Tobacco related substance except maybe the BLOGGS hehehehehehehe
Well done, all your friends & family will love you for it.

1Feb2011 By MrsSS  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

has anyone noticed....

how many smokers are actually out there and how ALL of them dont want to smoke.....
I do encourage, but dont want to be push too much (dont want to be that "nasty non smoker")
anyways 22 days today woohoo, and was able to sit around some smokers today without begging for one, it actually smelled yuck :)
Keep going everyone :)

Profile image Ady1 February, 2011

Yes Mrs SS, i have seen heaps, & noticed just how they have to almost hide.!!
but we can still smell them, hehehehe
if you would like to know more facts about that,.... then read my last blog called smell the rose's.
theres 650,000 of em out there.!!!

Now that equates to a lot of...... clouds.
Glad your feeling stronger around smokers, good on you.

30Jan2011 By MrsSS  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

20 days 2day

WOW how 20days has gone so fast, I am feeling great and loving this non smoking lifestyle.
I have noticed many things.
1. I notice smokers everywhere, pitty them?? maybe, watch them like a hawk.
2. My perfume is delicous without the stench of old stale ciggies.
3. My skin is looking healthy (apart from the super acne breakout, maybe all the nico toxins??)
4. Time, i have so much more time to spend with my girl! (mwahhhh) when did i have time to smoke??
5. I LOVE GUM i used to always have mints, now i love gum, new addiction maybe, but WAY cheaper and healthier then smoking :)
Hope all is well with everyone else
I am so proud of us all (mmmmmwwwwwahhhh) all this non smoking has turned me into a nice person LOL

Profile image Ady30 January, 2011

Hiya SS, good on ya for 20 days, yea all those benefits are good arent they, im glad you have yourself back & happy about it.
I use gum all the time, moreso when i go out but yea its cheap, tasty & healthier than tobacco so its all good by me.
keep it up, your doing very well for your body.

Profile image Toostie31 January, 2011

yaye i'm 20 days today!! keep up the awesome work! congrats!

Profile image Dentarthurdent31 January, 2011

Great points you make MrsSS. The positives to quitting are hard to explain and need to be experenced I guess to make them real.
I had the acne thing too, 44 years old and zit city for a couple of months after quitting.
Great work with your 20 days.
Kia Kaha

Profile image Ady31 January, 2011

Mrs SS, That nice person you mentioned,… Has always been there, you just couldn’t see it for the thick clouds of tobacco smoke giving you Fag Fog.
I bet you can find 20 more reasons to be happy about quitting.
Well done.

Profile image Kathry31 January, 2011

Hi Mrs SS. Congratulations on reaching 20 days, and I like your list! Nice thinking.

24Jan2011 By MrsSS  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Heya all!
I havent been here for a while so i thought i would up date you all. 14 days today and feeling great the last couple of days :), even after i had some drinks last night when we went out for tea :) Im thinking less and less of having a ciggie thankfully. Im still having awful vivid dreams, but im not using the patches anymore as they were leaving some nasty circle rashes on my body, they are very itchy still and havent used a patch for a week :)
I am chewing gum (normal gum) like its my new addiction and hoping that all that chewing exercise that it may help my double chin hahahha.
Talking a few of my smoking buddies into quitting. not because im now the smoking police, but when they hear that i have quit, they all want to as well, heres hoping that they do.
It does help when the weather is awfull not to want to go outside for a ciggie (i only smoked outside).
Keep up the great work everyone :)

Profile image quittingforgood24 January, 2011

good on you, keep up the hard work

Profile image Kathry24 January, 2011

Hi Mrs SS, and congratulations on reaching 2 weeks! Stay strong.

Profile image Ady25 January, 2011

Oohhhh good stuff Mrs SS, well done.
i use gum too, everyday without fail, love it.
no harm in that Eh.!
i hope your sleep settles down soon, im sure it will just keep going, your onto it now, your back in control even if it is still on your mind.
Congrats & dont forget to keep rewarding yourself, go buy all the different gum flavors, i did & its kool.

Profile image ana12325 January, 2011

Go you!! Stay strong!