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1Mar2011 By Banbet  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

i have no idea how long its been now maybe 2 weeks woop woop

I have been so busy since Matatini working kids working moving jobs moving my son and family into there own place woopeee... will miss the little people but I havent found the need to smoke and I have really started to enjoy walking I know dont get me started on the money I have saved its huge it must be nearly 3 or 400$ why did i even start this stupid habit
Im still kicking myself

Profile image Kathry1 March, 2011

Wow you have been busy! Great to see you making such great progress and well done.

Profile image clarence the cat1 March, 2011

Wonderful progress. Well Done!!
Keeping busy is a great help. ODAAT

21Feb2011 By Banbet  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Matatini O te Ra

Oh what a fantastic weekend all I can say is You had to be there.
Te Matarae i orehu were the winners and how great were they the venue the weather the workers everything just worked well
Kia ora Te Tairawhiti for an awesome job
And it was alcohol and drug free promoting no smoking all weekend if u wanted to smoke u had to go right out so people just ddnt smoke it was tino ataahua

Profile image Kathry21 February, 2011

Hi Banbet, great to hear from you, I was wondering how your weekend went. Sounds like a great one!

Profile image minty fresh22 February, 2011

I watched the coverage on TV - fantastic...volume on full blast! Loved it!

Profile image Banbet2 March, 2011

what does ODAAT mean ???????

20Feb2011 By Banbet  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Kids do the darndest thing

Hi family I am bak and what a great weekend it was do u know i had to do the D,s quite alot during the Matatini AND NO not because of the smoke it was the children they drove us batty good practice lol all the way thru everything that came out of their mouth was
Have u got
Can I have
He wont give me was quite a favourite...
I had no time to worry about not smoking the little people kept us busy all day every day dont u just love it lol and they are mokoz they,re not even mine
Heaven knows where the owners were probably under some shade away from me!!!!

Profile image getmymackon21 February, 2011

Haha nice one Banbet! I truly believe children are one of the best stress makers and if you can get one over them then you're on a winning streak lol. Good on you for staying focussed!

16Feb2011 By Banbet  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

matatini o te ra

Having a quiet day today only me home at the moment no wallet no kids no work go for a walk i think
Im going to Hakaz all this weekend and guess what it is smoke free so I will be enjoying all on show for the next few days so everyone have a great week and keep strong

Profile image katmell16 February, 2011

Sounds great - hope you have a fab time. Best wishes!

Profile image clarence the cat16 February, 2011

Enjoy!! You have earned some time out. ODAAT

Profile image Kathry16 February, 2011

Have a great time, you will be ready for a fun time! I look forward to hearing all about it.

15Feb2011 By Banbet  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

OK its a WEEK

I have got over that hurdle not to bad a couple of scrapes nothing to major i had a biggie last night at work wanted a ciggie so bad not sure what triggered that off i got one of my mates smokes and put it in my pocket i walked around with it now and then grabbing it sad i know but by 7am this morning i returned the smoke bak to the owner that was so weird i delayed and drank water lots and lots of water. mmmmm.....

Profile image clarence the cat15 February, 2011

Banbet that is amazing. Well done for not lighting up!!
The first week over,and you are well on the way to being a non smoker. GOOD LUCK

Profile image lizzy115 February, 2011

Well done Banbet, you are very strong, carrying it around and then giving it back. That's not sad, that's courage, you could so easily have lit it up. Keep up the great work !

Profile image Marie15 February, 2011

Pat yourself on the back and feel proud of your self. You didn't give in to the nicodemon. These little tests have a habit of jumping out and 'really push your button' when you least expect it. You did so well not to light that ciggie. Praise yourself for being able to delay, drink water and breath and most importantly got thru your test. That nicodemon has a lot to answer for! Smile......... you did well!

Profile image Scramble15 February, 2011

That's awesome!

Profile image Dentarthurdent16 February, 2011

I agree Banbet, you should be really proud of yourself for handling it the way you did and not smoke. It's not easy, especially early on but the good news is that it does get easier over time.
Great stuff on your week.
Kia Kaha

14Feb2011 By Banbet  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Something Funny

I guess its funny I,v been walking around without a patch on forgot to put one on so I,ll test the waters and go without today Day 6. Does anyone else feel like they get a metal taste in their mouth or am I flashing now and then I get this taste not sure wat that is?
Anyway people have a good day and to all of us Keep up the hard but good work
Happy no Smoking day

Profile image gemrat14 February, 2011

Happy non smoking day to you as well.

13Feb2011 By Banbet  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Good day all u fine people it,s Day 5.
I can breathe yes sirreeeeeee.... Im not heaving or coughing I,m just plain ole breathing and its a great day to take the mokoz to the beach (I think!!)
I feel great and my mokoz are happy that makes the world go round happy smiley moko faces.
Last night I thought about a smoke for awhile how I could just sneak out the back, but my moko he sat on me and said I didnt smell like stinky smoke and he was giving me nanny kisses it was so cute I never thought about a smoke again only of my mokoz if for nothing else quit for ur kids and grandchildren they are very important yes sirreeeeeeeeee....
Have a great people I so love this page
good luck to everyone

Profile image Banbet13 February, 2011

oops Have a great day people .....

Profile image angie3113 February, 2011

it's awesome when ur family gives u cuddles and tell u you smell nice isn't it? To know we are doing it for them too makes it all worth while. Keep up the great work banbet :)

Profile image clarence the cat13 February, 2011

Aren't kids cute? And so direct.I love the way they tell you things without beating around the bush!!
Good on you for reaching day 5. It will become easier from now on. You have to watch that nicodemon tho. He is telling you how easy it would be to have a sneaky puff. DONT LISTEN.
Good Luck Banbet.

Profile image Kathry13 February, 2011

Hi Banbet, great to earyou are doing so well, and both you and your family are noticing the benefits. Stay strong!

12Feb2011 By Banbet  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 4.

I really must listen to my support person she told me that when a patch falls off put a NEW!!! one on
Nope i found some plaster and anything that would make it stick to me on thinking that i dont want to waste a perfectly good patch she,s still got some miles in her
well its not as effective apparently so dont reuse hahaha get another one out
my day off today had 1 offer of a drink over at the neighbours no thanks they all smoke and i really cant afford to waste all this energy on 1 stupid smoke no I,ll just stay away Im not sure how Im feeling about a smoke i just know that i dont want to test the waters mmmmmm.......
Well peopz have a great weekend see u all soon

Profile image clarence the cat12 February, 2011

Keep up the good work!! Day 4 halfway gone and thats said to be one of the harder ones.
Wasting one patch is not going to cost as much as going back to smoking so your support person is right. Don't reuse them!!!
Stay strong!!! ODAAT

Profile image Kathry13 February, 2011

Well done on passing day 4 of your quit. Things will start to get easier now. Keep it up.

Profile image Quitline13 February, 2011

Kia ora Banbet,

Thanks for your post. If you find that the patches aren't staying down, try using plasters or surgical tape to hold them down. If this isn't successful, give Quitline a call, we can order some over patches for you. The over patches are designed specifically to keep the patches down.

All the best with your quitting,

Online Quit Advisor

Quitline hours:
Monday - Friday 8am - 930pm
Sunday 10am - 8pm

phone: 0800 778 778

The Quit Group website: www.quit.org.nz

11Feb2011 By Banbet  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 3.

I feel like starting with Dear Diary, hehehe,
Hi friends yesterday I went to see my support person and I told her about my patches falling off and she gave me some op site to put over the patches they are great even in the shower Warning they are dear but if u go thru a health organisation they mite give u some free. Just a thought felt good and hav really started drinking alot of water i think smoke i drink gosh my body feels so cleansed lol thank for the support guys

Profile image clarence the cat11 February, 2011

Keep up the good work Banbet!!ODAAT

Profile image Ady11 February, 2011

Hi Banbet, it is a diary, one that responds with thoughts for you.
glad you like it, the more you put into this place, the more you get out of it.
Your doing well, keep going.

9Feb2011 By Banbet  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Woe be tide me

Woohoo I am now a patched member only early dayz whanau
Day 1.
but its a start and with good peopz here to tautoko each other I,m sure I can do it
I have been smoking for 34 yrs and i am ready to quit so peopz help a girl out and send me the love cant to this on my own I know I tried..

Profile image Scramble9 February, 2011

I felt like a monster the first day. But one day at a time : )
One habit at a time because that's all smoking is, a habit. Nicotine is the addiction. Once you break the habit the addiction will be easy to forget too.
Kia kaha

Profile image Marie9 February, 2011

Congrats on being one of the 'patched'ones. Take lots of deep breaths, drink water and remember the 4 D's. Also hang onto the fact that life does get better and it is a long, bumpy, wagon ride we are all on. Keep blogging and you will feel the love and support from us all. Stay strong for you and welcome to the world of being a quitter.

Profile image clarence the cat9 February, 2011

You're so right Scramble. Breaking the habit is the hardest part. Banbet, try to stay away from situations where you would normally smoke, keep busy, start a new hobby even. All thos things help break the habit, then the addiction is no problem. GOOD LUCK

Profile image Dejahvu9 February, 2011

Good for you, follow scrambles advice its the best advice anyone can give. I stopped smoking two years ago after 25 odd years of smoking, I absolutly loved the habit unfortunately it WILL KILL you, I have fallen off the wagon a few times but no matter what happens NEVER give up trying, everytime to attempt to stop you get stronger and stronger, get active the fitter you become the better you feel the less likely you will want to spoil it with a cigarette, this is one time its ok to say "I Quit".

Profile image Banbet10 February, 2011

Day 2. All is well, I told my mates at work I am a Night shift worker and they have decided to help me on my quest. Like I don,t go outside for a break they come inside with me for one break and wen they go outside I just stay inside.
And just for a added bit of pain I have also decided to go on the biggest losers so Im just really giving my poor body the overhaul of the century lol well my body is already in denial might az well add more pain I don,t feel to bad I found a smoke in my coat pocket last nite wat to do
(well actually I wanted to take the damn patch off and hav a puff hehehe) but I didn,t I threw them in the rubbish and reached for my trusty bottle of water so my 1st temptation conquered I hope i dont have too many more episodes like that!!

Profile image Kathry10 February, 2011

All the best! It is great to her your workmates are helping. Stay strong.