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28Jul2013 By shaggy d.a  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 56 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 56 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 560
Total savings: $450.80
HOORAY :) I got a Quitline email about it being 8 weeks today and I was like 'Wow so it is' I don't think about it so much these days. I had a thought about it when I got home from groceries the other day but then realised it was just because I was exhausted and needed to sit down for a bit. YAY for not smoking it's great!!!!!

Profile image Pop's28 July, 2013

This is so good. 56 days & the future ones will be getting easier.
Yes it is good for not smoking.
Congratulations on your achievement & for being a non smoker for 8 weeks.

Profile image Worker28 July, 2013

Well done shaggy d.a 8 weeks - 56 days - totally awesome. Time for a little treat.

21Jul2013 By shaggy d.a  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 49 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 49 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 490
Total savings: $402.50
Hi everyone, hope your weekend is going well, I can't believe I'm nearly at 50 days, it has flown by :)

Profile image Saffron21 July, 2013

Yay! Nearly half a hundy, shaggy - congrats :)

8Jul2013 By shaggy d.a  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Still No Maanu?

Manu if you're reading this have a read back through all of your blogs and sink in some of your own advice, it has helped so many of us. You don't want to be smoking!

Profile image Maanu8 July, 2013

i responded to the other shout out. I had a full on weekend still recovering. got to go out do a mission to help a freind in need will write a blog when i get back

Profile image PokuruGirl8 July, 2013

Sorry Shaggy. He commented back on Elevtheira's blog a page back that he is back smoking and hoping to,give up again on Thursday. Grrrr, this is why we MUST follow the NOPE rule.

Profile image Maanu8 July, 2013

do you feel that i gave people bad advice JM? a lot of people enjoyed my blogs and comments thats why i posted them. After reading your comment i think maybe i need to wait a year before i post any blogs

Profile image Hurricane8 July, 2013


Profile image Mitchee9 July, 2013

@ JustMe06 - I hear you....less is more☺

Profile image JustMe069 July, 2013

Well I'm confused -just had a message from Quitline that my comment was deleted, yet it still seems to be here.

Profile image heironymus9 July, 2013

Perhaps it's a bit like a private blog JustMe and only you can see it now? I can't see it.

Profile image Quitline9 July, 2013

Hi Justme,

Thanks for your blog. I am sorry for any confusion. I have checked the blogs on the website and our systems the blog appears to have been removed. Perhaps try refreshing your screen or log in and out of the blogs.

If this doesn't work or if you have any further questions regarding this please email quit@quit.org.nz .

Quitline Online Advisor

6Jul2013 By shaggy d.a  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hi Pop's

Yes that is a great walk, I am off to Spa Park for a walk with my dog now. I too prune down to the first bud, was a bit unsure what to do this year as there was so much growth before i realised but Roses are very forgiving so off it all came :)

Profile image poppitt6 July, 2013

pops 250 days smokefree is just amazingly fantastic have a fab weekend

Profile image Pop's6 July, 2013

Thanks, shaggy d.a What a day, so many blogs to read and reply to.

Roses just about finished. All that's left is some Carpet Roses. I usually cut them back with the Hedge Trimmers, but i cannot start the B&^%^% Trimmer. Should have drained the Petrol when i last used them.

Enjoy your walk with the Dog on Spa Park. That Bridge at the bottom, which spans the thermal creek, can be seen across the river from my Wife's Sisters place.

Oh !!!!!!!!!! Excellent news, Nice old lady next door, said to my Wife. Have to get something for your Hubby for doing the roses. Will he drink Gin ?.

Profile image shaggy d.a6 July, 2013

Ooh wish my neighbour was so thoughtful :) What a beautiful view your wife's sister has, very serene.

5Jul2013 By shaggy d.a  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


To say that each and every one of us on here are awesome, we all have our battles to deal with but all of us are strong enough to join Quitline instead of just saying No I can't quit. So have a wonderful weekend, rest up, have fun and breathe easy :)

Profile image JustMe065 July, 2013

Thanks shaggy d.a -you have a great weekend too!

Profile image Thunderbirds are go6 July, 2013

Yeah, thanks. It's nice to be reminded of that. We are awesome! (Time to work on the fun now).
Quick notes often have the most impact.

30Jun2013 By shaggy d.a  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 28 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 28 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 280
Total savings: $221.20
Four weeks have gone so fast, those early days would be so much easier if you could know how quickly they disappear! I'm starting to lose that feeling that I am being denied something. Lots of crying though as usually instead of having a good cry about my situation I would have a smoke. I find it very calming though and loving feeling more relaxed, hope everyones weekend has been nice :)

Profile image dunqit30 June, 2013

great stats - mmmmm remember we are grieving for the loss of something we loved ......... yep we are going to have weepy days ..........

Profile image Maanu30 June, 2013

Good on ya shaggy your doing very well i'm impressed keep it up. Looks like you got the habit beat

Profile image Saffron30 June, 2013

Congratulations on 4 weeks, shaggy d.a - brilliant. It's great when the feeling of being deprived goes away. I think shedding some tears is a healthy thing to do.

Profile image JustMe0630 June, 2013

Hey that's awesome - congratulations shaggy d.a!

Profile image dogdays30 June, 2013

Awsome Shaggy d.a. I think tears are good. I didn't realise how much smoking suppressed my emotions, and in the last week I've had this awful feeling of being oppressed...that feeling of being denied something is a lie from the darkest of places! You are doing so well! Enjoy feeling relaxed, it's a real blessing.

Profile image heironymus1 July, 2013

Great blog Shaggy d.a ☺ It’s awesome that feeling of being denied something is receding, gosh it makes it so much easier! Hope you too had a good weekend ☺
I am intrigued by your wicker basket full of nailpolish, sounds like you have a great collection! Have you bought anything new lately? Nothing like a new polish to reignite the need to paint ones nails! I think my favourites at the moment are Zoya holo ones from the Ornate Collection, they sparkle like no-bodies business ☺
Congrats on your four weeks, you should totally spoil yourself for your one month milestone!
And thanks for the nice comments you've left on my blogs too ☺

23Jun2013 By shaggy d.a  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 21 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 21 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 210
Total savings: $173.80

Profile image shaggy d.a23 June, 2013

I celebrated week 3 by going for my first run in a long time, I didn't even need my inhaler, I got puffed and reveled in being able to take deep breaths, non smoking rocks :)

Profile image dunqit23 June, 2013

sure does - congrats on your stats 'shaggy d.a'

Profile image franfree23 June, 2013

Thats 3 weeks you rock. I found the first 3 the hardest and then it got much better.

Profile image Maanu23 June, 2013

fantastic acheivement shaggy. When i smoked heavy breathing was painful it felt like i was dying now i love working up a sweat to the point where my breathing is heavy. It doesn't hurt anymore it feels great.

Profile image shaggy d.a23 June, 2013

Fantastic isn't it Maanu, everytime I exercised when smoking I had an asthma attack, it was good to run this morning :)

Profile image Saffron23 June, 2013

That's fantastic, shaggy :) Keep it up and stay strong!

Profile image RobertRich23 June, 2013

Great to read shaggy :) Keep up the great work....I am on Day 18.....stay strong, as you are!!!

21Jun2013 By shaggy d.a  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Here's one for the male quitters to laugh at :)

I needed to get a warrant on my car yesterday, I knew it needed some water in the window washer so I filled it up. It still wouldn't go so I was thinking bugger it's the pump. Off I go to try and get a warrant knowing I would fail but figured I might as well find out if anything else needed doing. Well he tested the car and came back saying it passed but he had needed to fill the window washer. Thanks I said whilst thinking my god - where did I put the water. So I got home opened the bonnet and right there was a big blue cap with a windscreen symbol with water spray on it, and I swear I'm not blond :)

Profile image Thunderbirds are go21 June, 2013

I laughed and I'm not a male, but still, what with being a fake blond, I can't figure out where you did put the water. ! ?

Profile image dogdays21 June, 2013

Haha yeah, where da water go?

Profile image JustMe0621 June, 2013

Lol, well you're a few steps ahead of my mother, who can barely even fill up her own petrol tank (actually she no longer drives -is too old, but when she did drive, she would make sure she went to service stations where there was an attendant who could refill her car, as she wasn't confident to do it herself)!!

Profile image Maanu22 June, 2013

did you put the water in the radiator ? I hope so any other place would be bad

Profile image Maanu22 June, 2013

Not naughty bad... just bad for your car

Profile image shaggy d.a22 June, 2013

I put it in the little container beside the radiator, is that the anti freeze thing? Can only blame it on stress after the week i have had but it made me laugh.
And JustMe06 my Gran got her license at 80 and then drove from Cambridge to Rotorua , on arriving at my Uncles she proudly said it went so well( a Mini) that I didn't even have to change out of First :)

Profile image shaggy d.a22 June, 2013

Oh and Maanu not nearly as bad as the time I filled it with oil and kept pouring until I could see oil in there, I had a very smoky car for a week or so but it's a Honda so it survived. Something is telling me I need to take a car maintenance course :)

Profile image franfree22 June, 2013

hey trust me you do not need male genitalia to understand mechanics and you get ripped off less when you know a bit about it.

Profile image shaggy d.a22 June, 2013

That's for sure Franfree, I actually do have a basic knowledge, used to race Karts for years, it's more I do really stupid non thinking things when stressed and now that I don't take 5 to have a smoke and de stress I just rush in, This is now my Four D's- Don't Do Dumb, Disastrous things :)

Profile image Saffron22 June, 2013

Don't be hard on yourself, shaggy d.a - we all learn from our mistakes and at least you didn't cause any damage!!

Profile image Powertous22 June, 2013

Love your story...that's exactly the thing I would do when stressed....must memorise your 4 D's. Cheers.

20Jun2013 By shaggy d.a  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Was just looking at the 12 week graph and YES I AM GOING TO REACH THAT GOAL and beyond. I have had a very tough week starting with my 14 year old daughter attempting suicide on Saturday night by overdosing.It's been a long hard emotional week but I'm still smoke free, in fact it was lovely being able to be in hospital and not feel guilty about wanting to sneak outside. Onwards, upwards and smoke free!

Profile image roundhill20 June, 2013

well done, I hope your daughter is ok , times are tough when we are young, I've too lived a dark life , and wrote poems to help , I know I don't have the answers , but maybe she could relate to them, and see I am happy in life and she will be too.

Profile image RobertRich20 June, 2013

shaggy what pressure you must have felt to light up.....so sorry to hear about your teen - you are (both) in my thoughts. Keep up the great work....you are doing so very well :)

Profile image Worker20 June, 2013

Hang in shaggy d.a - its been one heck of an emotional week and to have remained smokefree is huge and youre awesome. There is nothing worse than having a child on suicide watch - believe me I know. I was lucky that someone found my son and pulled him out of the car before the fumes got him completely so I do know. You know were here for you sweets - take care. Big cyber hugs to you. Wendy.

Profile image shaggy d.a20 June, 2013

Thanks guys, she loves to write and draw, and yes Wendy it sure brings out your primal mothering instincts, I just want to wrap her up in cotton wool and keep her close and safe but realise life needs to stay as normal as possible, TGIF I really need a snuggly DVD weekend with lots of munchies :)

Profile image shaggy d.a20 June, 2013

P.S TGIF tomorrow

Profile image Maanu20 June, 2013

My son was suicidal a few weeks back. It was a big worry. Thank goodness We have managed to make life more comfortable for him and now he is doing well. I hope you manage to have similar success with your daughter. All the best. We're here for you to help out in whatever way we can, even if it's just a sympathetic ear to listen to your trials and provide moral support. Take care. Congrats on staying smoke free. Hang tuff don't puff

Profile image Denerau20 June, 2013

OMG be so proud that in this dark moment you haven't been lighting up! I feel your pain as I'm sure many other teen present and past parents do - dammed if we do and dammed if we don't - I know one thing for sure and that is not smoking will really help you to focus on what's important right now. Come back here as often as you can for support, we are all here to help.

Profile image MollyMuppet21 June, 2013

my heart goes out to you shaggy, remain strong, and yes TFIF indeed ☼

12Jun2013 By shaggy d.a  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 10 days smokefree = around 500 minutes not spent smoking in a mere 10 days. I really need to take up a more produc

Smokefree days: 10 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 100
Total savings: $79.00

Profile image shaggy d.a12 June, 2013

_ productive hobby than internet shopping to fill in my time :)

Profile image dogdays12 June, 2013

Awesome shaggy. You're doing great!

Profile image MollyMuppet12 June, 2013

a little bit of retail therapy, why not? what ever it takes for now, stats are looking good and double digits.... good on you ☺

Profile image heironymus12 June, 2013

Hahahaha! Oh gosh, with you there, I have an internet shopping addiction. So hard to shop with a toddler and preschooler so I do it online but SO easy to get carried away. Still, disagree that it's not productive ☺
Congratulations on your double figure milestone ☺

Profile image nel12 June, 2013

Way to go shaggy keep up the good work!!

Profile image Maanu12 June, 2013

Congrats on making it to double digits 10 out of 10

Profile image RobertRich14 June, 2013

Way to go Shaggy!!!

Congratulations on 10 days....one of my inspirations :)