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8Mar2013 By rudytoots  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hi I have just realised its my 2 year Breathday so decided to check out my stats!! I CANNOT believe the numbers!!!!Stats Update:

Smokefree days: 731 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 14620
Grams NOT smoked: 5222
Total savings: $11,778.00

Profile image Lit'l Bear8 March, 2013

Staggering! I hope you've put every penny of that in a jar!!!

Profile image JRB8 March, 2013


Profile image DragonLips8 March, 2013

Wicked. Thanks for posting your awesome stats. Something to aspire to for me.

Profile image henryjack8 March, 2013

great - congradulations rudytoots happy 2 year breathday

Profile image rudytoots8 March, 2013

I soooo wish Litle Bear but alas I didn't!! So take note all you quitters that is what you will save in a jar if you smoked 15 odd a day over 2 years!!

Profile image TaiTokerau8 March, 2013

OMG look at the money you have saved ... that is to good :-)

Profile image DragonLips8 March, 2013

Just trying to picture 11,778 x $1.00 coins in a very big jar...LOL

Profile image clarence the cat9 March, 2013

Awesome Roodytoots. Congratulations.
The mind boggles at the thought of all those coins in a jar.
Good to hear from you.

14Aug2012 By rudytoots  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Moving Day over....

525 days smokefree
10,500 ciggies not smoked (wow)
3750 grams
....and a grand total of $8,449.00 saved - holy smoke!!!!!

Hey All!
Well it's been a very long time since I've been on here and I cannot believe those stats...I mean 10,500 is huge!! Yaay.

WE have just this weekend moved house and it is sooooo cool!!
I'm sitting here in the sun and enjoying the 'newness'!!

So it's been 17 months and only in the last few months have I been able to say that I truly don't want another ciggie! Up until then (if I'm completely honest) there was still a very small part of me that thought another puff wouldn't really hurt!!
So for me it did take a while but as that ole ad goes "it won't happen overnight, but it will happen"!!!!

So anyway it is so cool to see all the newbies on here, and the oldies still giving wonderful support and advice, you guys rock!!!
To the newbies, listen and learn cos these guys know what they're talking about!! It does work!!
And to the oldies, thanks for your support because without you I wouldn't be posting those huge numbers up the top there!!

Thanks and stay strong to you all!!!!!

Profile image smokefree10114 August, 2012

excellent effort you are something to be proud of thk u

Profile image heironymus14 August, 2012

Oh WOW I thought looking at your stats, I remember this person. Then I look back on your blogs and see that you joined a couple of months before I did. Certainly gave me pause. Here I am on Day 13 (again) but with 400 odd days of learning under my belt.
While your journey may not have been an easy one Rudytoots, you’ve shown us that despite how long it might take, persistence really does pay off in the end. I’m so happy that you’re finally feeling some of that smoke*FREE*. Congratulations!!!

Profile image Shazza12314 August, 2012

Inspirational, well done on those amazing stats :)

Profile image Corubagal14 August, 2012

Wicked stats AMAZING!!

Profile image LainieT14 August, 2012


Profile image rainbowfish14 August, 2012

Phenomenal stats there Rudytoots - WOW!!!!!!!!
Enjoy your new house:)

Profile image Bronny14 August, 2012

your stats are really inspiring to a newbie like me :) congrats!!

Profile image rudytoots15 August, 2012

Hey Heiro thanks for that fabulous post and I remember you also!
The thing is you ARE back on the bus and you ARE back being smokefree so pat on the back for that alone!!!
It took me more than one attempt also and I know this forum helped me immensely so keep posting cos it reinforces that everything we're going through is normal!! AND it's hard!!
So stay strong lovely lady and you can do it!!
Take care

7Mar2012 By rudytoots  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Happy Breathday To Meeeeeeee

365 days not smoking
6,570 ciggies not smoked
$4,602.50 saved

Yahooo I've made it! On the 7th March 2011 at 11pm I had my last cigarette and other than 4 puffs in month 4 I haven't touched them since!
It's been a journey of many ups and downs but I made it without the crutch that we all used to use to "help" us through!!
My family have been so supportive which has helped immensely, they bought me a bracelet and I've been adding a charm as each month rolled round...and it's now full!! My husband gave up social smoking at the same time and then admitted to me that he bought a packet one weekend he was away for a friend's wedding. At first I was really angry with him, I felt betrayed but then I thought well he's a big boy, he can make his own decisions and I didn't buy the packet so it wasn't really my issue!!!
I have put on some weight but figure that's still got to be better than smoking 20 ciggies every day...and I'm not 25 any more!!
It's been a funny old year and if I'm really honest we're going through the most difficult time now as my husband is out of work and the bills are mounting, but I am still celebrating this day and my achievement because I'm happy and proud to be one year down the track!
I will NEVER smoke again, I've said it before but this just reinforces it.
So to all the people who have supported and helped me get here, a very sincere than you!!! Especially Clarence and Ady who are unwavering in their role on here....you are both very dear to me even though I have no idea who you are!!
Good luck to everyone out there, newbies or oldies, this website is the best and I can honestly say has been the difference between me achieving my smokefree goal this time. So stay tuned in and blog blog blog!!
Adieu and have a fantabulous day :)

Profile image aufgehalten rauchen7 March, 2012

Bloody awesome, congrats on a massive milestone.

Profile image Jassie7 March, 2012

Sincere Congratulations rudytoots - fantastic. The support from your family sounds awesome, what a lovely idea about the bracelet. They obviously love you very much and celebrate with you. What an amazing achievement. I'm sorry about your husbands job and am sending positive vibes that something good happens there.

I second what you say about Clarence and Ady, where would we be without them - yes - unwavering for sure. I think of them as the Ma and Pa of the group.

I hope you have an awesome day rudytoots celebrating this amazing milestone. Well done.

Profile image hell19717 March, 2012

wow thats fabulous, happy smokefree breathday to you. well done, i hope hubby gets some work soon but just think how much harder it would have been financially if you were still smoking, yay you :)

Profile image rainbowfish7 March, 2012

Congratulations Rudytoots, what an outstanding achievement!!! I love the bracelet idea and such special symbolism too. Absolutely awesome:)

Profile image yas017 March, 2012

Awesome! Congruatlations to you. What an achievement.

Profile image heironymus7 March, 2012

Happy Breathday Rudytoots! This achievement should absolutely be celebrated! Congratulations :)
Good luck to you and your hubby, I hope 2012 is a better year for you both.

Profile image Ady7 March, 2012

YAAYYY, Congratulations Rudytoots, You made it to the Top, sit down, put your feet up & admire the view, you can reflect back on how you achieved your target, what you've been thru & know that you'll never smoke again, it's just not worth it aye.
What a great idea about the bracelet, i like it.
Hopefully hubby finds some new work shortly & things will pick up again, Thank you for your comments there, I'm sure Clarence will appreciate it too.
So welcome to the 1yr milestone club,... Bring on the bubbly.

Profile image clarence the cat7 March, 2012

AWESOME Rudytoots! A very Happy first breathday to you. May this be the first of many more. I'll have a glass of something to celebrate too please.
Love that bracelet idea. So simple yet very effective and totally special to you.
Best of luck to you and your hubby. Hope you continue to enjoy a long and haooy SMOKEFREE life.

Profile image HappyShells7 March, 2012

Happy Breathday to you.... Wow a year, well done, you should be so proud of yourself. Have a fantastic day....

Profile image catt227 March, 2012

Absolutely amazing!! Thanks for sharing :)

Profile image onedayatatime7 March, 2012

Congratulations and Happy breath day.

Profile image nanaturtle7 March, 2012

Congrats rudytoots-bet that feels great!! Inspiring to all

Profile image rudytoots7 March, 2012

.....and this just reinforces what i said!!! Thanks guys, have had a lovely day Nd now relaxing with a cheeky wee red!! Chin chin!!

2Jan2012 By rudytoots  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

300 Days....Yahooo

Hi guys,
I was just reading on Stuff about all the calls that Quitline has been getting since NY and logged in to find I am 300 days smokefree today!!! That's 5400 ciggies not smoked and $3,780.00 not spent, that's just phenomenal!! That many ciggies makes me feel physically sick!
I still get the odd urge, like NY eve and at a friend's house who smokes and did have that silly thought that 'one puff won't matter". I didn't and as usual the feeling passed pretty quickly!
SO hello and welcome to all the newbies, this is the BEST place to be especially in the first days, weeks and months of your journey!
Take it slow, break it down to whatever seems manageable to you, and watch your stats grow! Enjoy it and celebrate it because you deserve it!!!
Take care :)

Profile image Ady2 January, 2012

Way to go Rudy, yea sounds like quitline are flat out, they may even be short staffed due to the holidays & that means my last posting could take ages to get an answer,... Bwwwaaaa
Wow 300 days, time just flys doesn't it.
Good on ya Rudy, best move you did in 2011 i bet.

Profile image clarence the cat2 January, 2012

Well done Rudytoots. Isn't it great to be SMOKEFREE?

Profile image SmokePuncher2 January, 2012

That is awesome Rudy! That's great that the "one smoke" urge passed quickly, way to usher in the new year! Could not agree more, this is the BEST place to be when giving up the smokes.

Profile image clematis2 January, 2012

Well done rudy. Bet you feel fabulous and thanks for the advice. :)

12Dec2011 By rudytoots  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hi There Fellow Quitters....

Greetings of the Season to you all!!
I haven't been on here for ages cos life has been kinda busy, but logged in this morning and got a pretty fabulous surprise... my stats are -
279 days not smoking
5022 ciggies not smoked
$3,517.50 not spent on the filthy rotten things!!!
Wow I am completely blown away and have absolutely NO idea when I would have had time to smoke all those!!
So it's 9 months now and I am really looking forward to summer and not having to sneak away from prying eyes for a ciggie. My husband's family used to badger me constantly about it, but this year they'll have to find something else to complain about!!
Hope you are all staying strong and hanging on to this great support and advice...it really does help!
Take care, have a restful and safe Xmas and look forward to seeing you all back here in 2012!! Also roll on my breathday!!! :)

Profile image craig197512 December, 2011

well done well done

Profile image rainbowfish12 December, 2011

Fantastic rudytoots! Haha the in-laws - you know one thing that I have found is when you smoke, every one has an opinion about it, but when you quit they don't seem to have much of an opinion on that. Have a wonderful and fun Xmas yourself:)

Profile image clarence the cat12 December, 2011

Awesome Rudytoots! Enjoy your Christmas.

Profile image yas0112 December, 2011

Well done. Great stats

Profile image Girl2612 December, 2011

Congrats, massive hugs. x

Profile image Ady13 December, 2011

Way to go Rudytoots, Awesome effort, only 3 months to your 1st breathday. Well done.
Keep going now that you find its so easy, don't ever take a single puff again & you'll never have to go thru this quitting again.

8Nov2011 By rudytoots  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

8 Months today....WAHOOOOOO

Hi there everyone, old and new!! I haven't blogged in a while but get on every so often to check on progress!!
It's a biggie for me today, 245 days, thats 4410 not smoked and $3,097.50 not spent on ciggies!!!! Yeehaa grandma I'm absolutely fizzing and feel soooo much better for being a non smoker!
Went out for drinks on Friday night with an old smoking buddy and even went outside with her while she smoked. It did cross my mind I could have a just one puff, but I didn't!!!
Went to a 40th on Sat night and could not believe how much the smokers smelled when they passed me...yuck yuck yuck and I mean it!!!
So to all and sundry, keep going, stay strong and even if you slip a little (or a lot), let it go and move forward!!! You can do it and when the time is right, you will! I had tried numerous times but this time was I had the right reasons and the right frame of mind!!
Take care to you all :)

Profile image clarence the cat8 November, 2011

Great stats Rudytoots. You're right it gets better everyday we are SMOKEFREE. One little slip does not a failure make either. If you slip, learn from the experieince then press on. The rewards are so great.

Profile image aufgehalten rauchen8 November, 2011

Hey Rudytoots, well done on 245 days you must be stoked. When you look at 4410 not smoked that is unreal.

Profile image yas018 November, 2011

Well done great stats. Ooh it can be hard I know but the benefits are so much better.
Great work :)

Profile image gemrat8 November, 2011

Congrats on being smokefree for 8 months. Wow!!!

I have been able to sit outside with my smoking friends. I think that is what has helped this time, being able to sit there and not have a smoke. Every time you do it you feel so much stronger.

Profile image Sange8 November, 2011

8 months, WOW. Good for you. Thats amazing. Im 3 1/2 months and 8 seems a million months away. I look forward to blogging those numbers.

Profile image katmell8 November, 2011

awesome work!! Well done!!

10Oct2011 By rudytoots  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

7 months .... YAAAAY

I'm so pleased to post this one!!!

I see some familiar names here from my early days, and really pleased to see they're still smokefree also!!!

To all those starting out or thinking about quitting, no-one said it would be easy, but it does definitely get easier!!!

So get that 'pack' sorted or started and begin your new phase of life!!! It feels fabulous!!!!

Good luck :)

Profile image hangin'4'it10 October, 2011

You are awesome - I cant wait to be 7 months SMOKEFREE!!! Well done and thank you for the inspiration.

Profile image clarence the cat10 October, 2011

Good for you Rudytoots!! You are making fabulous progress.
It is great to be SMOKEFREE!!

Profile image Girl2610 October, 2011

awesome, awesome & awesome! Well done. x

Profile image rainbowfish10 October, 2011

Fantastic rudytoots - woohoo 7 months!!!!!!!!

26Sep2011 By rudytoots  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Tempted after almost 7 months....

Holy moly I couldn't believe it....after almost 7 months, that's 202 days, 3636 ciggies not smoked and $2,555.00 not spent on those horrid old things!!

I was out on Saturday night, went to a friends (old smoking buddy) and took along another friend (also old smoking buddy) and the 2 of them lit up and all of a sudden I was thinking how nice it would be to just have one!!!

Eeeek NOOOOOOO I don't want it thankyou!!!

We were standing outside ready to head off to the rugby and it would have been so nice to just have a quick one to celebrate....hang on celebrate what??? Nothing to celebrate if you're back on them now is there???

So there I am having this mental dialogue with myself and kinda shocked that it can still sneak up on you and bite you big time!!

End of story, I didn't have one thankfully and was rather proud of myself for not giving in, but just goes to show that those triggers will probably always be there, with certain people or certain situations, and we just have to deal with it!!!

Anyway, happy smokefree week all :)

Profile image clarence the cat26 September, 2011

It does come as shock eh Rudytoots!! It 's just there out of the blue!
Glad you had that mental dialogue with yourself and stayed strong!! I think we have to resign ourselves to always being on guard in every situation. It is so good to be SMOKEFREE that I would hate myself if I slipped up now. Oh yes! I still sometimes think "just one" would be OK. NO WAY I shout at myself.
Well done to reach the 7 month mark. You'll be partying soon. ODAAT

Profile image rainbowfish26 September, 2011

Good for you Rudytoots - just shows that we should never let our guard down. So glad that the internal dialogue you had with yourself swayed the right way!

8Sep2011 By rudytoots  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

6 months today....wahooooo

Six months, 184 days, 3312 cigarettes and 2327.50 dollars ago I had my last ciggie!!! Over that first few weeks, I thought about it, craved it a bit and even had 2 puffs when I was into my 4th month - just to test myself!

But now I'm on my way to my next goal which is a year and I'm feeling strong and determined and convinced I will never smoke again!!!

My hubby and kids gave me a pandora-like bracelet for my birthday just before I gave up smoking and I am now collecting the charms, one for each month that I've given up. I love it and am soooo proud of it and I wear it every day to remind me how far I've come!

So to all of you out there, the oldies and the newbies, thanks so much for all your support, it has meant the world to me to know there are people out there who will cheered me on and boost me up when I needed it most!!!

Roll on 1 year :)

Profile image Helsbels8 September, 2011

Aww I like the idea of collecting the charms, such a great reminder to carry with you all the time! You must be proud every time you look at it =)

Profile image SmokePuncher8 September, 2011

Toot that horn! I think the charm bracelet idea is wicked too, an awesome reminder of what you have achieved. Roll on to one year! :D

Profile image muzzie8 September, 2011

Big High Five Rudytoots. I have got a pandora braclet as well and I am going to celebrate my first free month with a charm. They are a beautiful gift to be given and I love wearing mine as well.

Profile image rainbowfish8 September, 2011

Love the idea of the charms, an awesome visual reminder of your journey. Well done rudytoots on your fantastic stats!

Profile image clarence the cat8 September, 2011

What a delightful story Rudytoots!! Well done!! I love the charm idea. It adds to all the other rewards from being SMOKEFREE.

19Aug2011 By rudytoots  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hi there again....

I haven't been on here in a while and can't believe that my stats are:
164 smokefree days
2952 ciggies not smoked
and I've saved $2082.50!!!!!

Waaaahoooo it's amazing to see those stats and know the hard part is behind me!! I still have to be wary of those wee moments (and I do mean wee and infrequent now) that hit from out of the blue and remind me it's a journey we're on and that maybe you never stop having those!! But knowing that is huge, and knowing that you can fight it easier the further you are away from that least ciggie!

To all those who have joined recently, you are doing the best thing for yourself and family!!!! Hang in there and you too will be posting these sort of stats soon!! Stay strong :)

Profile image rainbowfish19 August, 2011

What great stats rudytoots. Yes hopefully the nicodemon will stop rearing its ugly head at some point but until then we need to stay strong and be on our guard. Keep up the great work:)

Profile image 1Lyn119 August, 2011

Going well Rudytoots. Congratulations.

Profile image clarence the cat19 August, 2011

Great stats Rudytoots. Good to hear you're still going well.

Profile image SmokePuncher19 August, 2011

Rudytoots toots his horn, and we love the sound of it! Good job I am keen to reach that point myself! Thanks for sharing this blog.

Profile image 2pixie20 August, 2011

Wow, well done!! :):)