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18May2011 By MK_3485  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

hardest day turned out to be a great day

Today its my 6th day without a single puff and it was the hardest day since i quite because it was my day-off and Entire day i been thinking to have a smoke. I am regularly using patches and gum, never had any problem in first five days but today it was driving me crazy, i almost gave-up i went to dairy bought a pack of 20, take out 1 ciggy and than............i crushed that with my own hands, throw away entire pack without using it....after 5 minutes i felt that i killed nicodemon with my own hands.........a great great feelings..........

Profile image boardy18 May, 2011

Way to go MK,bet it felt great to screw the little sods up and put them where they belong,great stuff

Profile image Ady18 May, 2011

Well done MK, stay focused & you will win, try keeping busy in your days off or practise the 4 D's when cravings kick in.

Profile image clarence the cat18 May, 2011

Days off can be a problem. Keep yourself as busy as you can. Are you able to plan to do things that take you away from where you would normally smoke?
Stay Strong!!

Profile image Parigee19 May, 2011

I like this , You have powers In you that you didnt know then but know now : ) Thumbs up

13May2011 By MK_3485  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

First Day without ciggy

Today is my first day as a non-smoker, after a long long time i dint smoke for entire day, taking patches and chewing gum though. i been feeling i couldn't stop smoking but after first day now i am confident that i can and i will. during whole day i tried to kept myself busy, Deliberately i involve myself in situation which generally remind me to smoke but i was keep telling myself that i am non-smoker and that helped me lot! I will keep doing same thing for few days and i am confident that after few days this situation will never remind me to smoke, if i am planning something wrong please someone advise me.........thanks quit group......

Profile image heironymus13 May, 2011

Hi there, sounds like you have the right attitude! Different things work for different people but you will get lots of advice and support here. Have you got a Quit Pack? There is lots of useful information in there, and also on this website – I found the quit coach quite helpful. Best of luck!!!

Profile image Darja13 May, 2011

Congrats on making the step! Read lots of blogs and blog everyday! It will help to get out what you are feeling :)

Profile image pukako13 May, 2011

Fabulous attitude and with that comes success. Keep going

Profile image Ady13 May, 2011

Congrats on quitting today MK_3485.
Welcome to the blogs, Grab a water bottle & sip water whenever the cravings kick in & breathe deep.
Yes you CAN do this, you can do anything you put your mind to.
read lots of blogs as they help too.
Good luck

Profile image wanna-b-smoke-free13 May, 2011

Congrats.....I'm sure you'll have great success. Awesome.

Profile image Rach13 May, 2011

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOu can do it!!!! Congrats on getting on the blog its awesome!!

Profile image clarence the cat13 May, 2011

Well Done!! You wont regret becoming SMOKEFREE!!
Your plan sounds good. The first week can be quite trying, but you have worked out a strategy for you so you will be a winner. GOOD LUCK

Profile image MK_348514 May, 2011

Thanks for all your advise.... feeling great to be a member of this great family