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10Jun2011 By Carly 3  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 2

wow so i got through day one pretty easy had alot of temptations but did not give in YAY

so now i am on day 2 and its alot harder the car work everything but mostly at home i havent given in though and feel so proud of myself at times i have to take each second as it comes but cant wait to get rid of my asthma and for my partner to kiss me again!!!

your guys blogs are so inspirational its all i do on my break to stop me from going out for a disgusting smoke so Thankyou all!!!

Profile image Fantail210 June, 2011

Well done you!

Profile image heironymus10 June, 2011

Awesome Carly 3, good luck for Day 2! You've got the right outlook - one day, hour, minute, second at a time.

Profile image teisha10 June, 2011

Well done to you..Keep up the great work and ur asthma will be gone in no time!

Profile image FARMBOY11 June, 2011

Carly 3 trust me when I say the kissing is SOOOOOO MUCH WORTH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are going to feel like nothing before and best of all it comes FREE !!!!!
Good luck and keep in touch, we are all in it together, I'm sure your asthma will go because my mums did (and she was bad ) love to you and keep in touch.

8Jun2011 By Carly 3  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

The Day Has Come

wow its finally here my quit date been awake for 40 minutes as i work night shifts nervous and excited trying to motivate myself to go for a run little bit scared of driving my car i smoked in it alot but thats something i am going have to face sooner rather than later i have work tonight and thats a bit scary!!! going to take my laptop (thank god we have internet!!) and read blogs on my breaks i think to keep me motivated yay So excited!!

Profile image clarence the cat8 June, 2011

You'll be fine. Grab some ordinary chewing gum and a water bottle and away you go. Keep busy and GOOD LUCK

Profile image Anjj8 June, 2011

Good idea with the laptop - water bottle with ice cold water helps too. Go for it! - good luck

Profile image heironymus8 June, 2011

Good on you - very best of luck!

Profile image teisha8 June, 2011

Good luck to you!!

Profile image 2pixie8 June, 2011

Good luck! You can do it! Hugs :)

Profile image samle8 June, 2011

Yay!!!!!! Good for you!!! You can do it!!!!!

25May2011 By Carly 3  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Finally Deciding To Quit

I am 19 years old and been smoking for at least 3 years in the last 2 years i have gone up and down from 100kgs and not being able to breathe to 85kgs and still not being able to breathe i have chosen to give up because of my asthma, the money, my partner, the smell just everything its overwhelming my quit date is the 8th of June and although its scary i cant wait to be healthy again and able to run and train to get in the police force eventually fingers crossed i can do this!!!

Profile image clarence the cat25 May, 2011

Great decision!! CONGRATULATIONS. You have taken the first positive step. GOOD LUCK. Keep reading the blogs here and Keep us posted.

Profile image rudytoots25 May, 2011

Hey Carly welcome aboard sweet pea. You're start date is my 3 month mark and I really want to be your support buddy!! I was sooo worried but also fairly committed when I quit on the 8/03 and I am now completely over smoking and can honestly say "I will never have another". Keep in touch and get on here as much as you can :)

Profile image heironymus26 May, 2011

Very, very best of luck!

Profile image Darja26 May, 2011

Congrats! And we cant wait to follow your sucessful journey!