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Try to succeed

Hi Quit Fam

I am absolutely stoked today!!
I think I mentioned a homeless man that I brought home with me last week? He has had actually quite a good stable life. He lived his whole life for his mother, he has a sister in England, spoke to her on the phone shes not a nice person at all, a horrid human being really.

Cutting the story short he spent years taking care of his mother she ended up passing away with dementia but during that time a cousin of my homeless friend took over the house all the affairs and took the lot when the old lady died, leaving him absolutely homeless!

My new friend looks like hes in his 80s but found out he is on fact 69 years old. Had a yarn to my boss yesterday at lunchtime and ended up talking about him. THE BEST NEWS EVER GUYS...Boss has asked him to start at my job today to get him on his feet!!! What... this is awesome.

My friend is OVER THE MOON.
Im tipper driving so im hardly at the yard and will only see him here n there when I go back for something but boss has got him cleaning the lunch toom, office, making tea n coffee, sweeping, cleaning the inside of trucks and small jobs in the workshop cos my friend is quite a handy man.

Twenty bucks an hour, full time 45 hours a week hes a happy man!
He said he will move out asap but iv asked him to stay, I want him well n truly on his feet before he goes. He has agreed to pay me board for his accommodation so he feels like a contributing man but I will take very minimal amount.. hes got his own space but Gran still toodles out there with hot meals and baking. I tell her to let him have his space but she cant stop herself taking food to him non stop lol, im sure hes sick of her lol. Anyway all hes doing is trying.. we all are. Just try on your quit guys, success is in the trying not the end result :)

Profile image GTMI1 day ago

Awesome SFM, lol maybe Gran has a wee crush? They say your never to old 😂

Profile image GaGa. 681 day ago

That's so fantastic - what a wonderful thing you have done SFM - you really do make the world a better place ❤️❤️❤️

Profile image smokefreemep1 day ago

Ewwwww Sybil. Eww noooo hahaaha..gag.. like the port the othet night lol. Naww thanks Gaga, thats nice to say :) xx

Profile image Blondene1 day ago

wow...that is sooo fantastic...good on you for sticking to your guns...just super Sfm!!

Profile image nanaturtle1 day ago

😇 💝 as big as the sky. Gran's having the time of her life. This chap probably feels like he's gone to Heaven. Good job SFMp...
Think You might enjoy this day 😃

Profile image smokefreemep1 day ago

Thanks nanaturtle.. he has got a big heart hes a fantastic guy, we all like him lots I think he likes us too lol. Grans ok, she cares with food thats why iv put so much weight on since shes been living with me. Koro really likes him.. Koro calls him boy LOL. I said Koro.. hes 69 years old hes not a boy! Koros in his 80s but looks in his 60s, hes in his 60s but looks in his 80s lol they get along really well. Koro had karakia with us before we left for work, Koro is such a gentleman. He said.. there has been too many work place accidents so he prayed and asked God to keep us safe.. hes the best..

Profile image Kathry20 hours ago

What a wonderful outcome after all he has been through - and what wonderful things you do for others. I feel huge admiration for you. Best wishes

Profile image sez1236 hours ago

How fantastic, your mark on this world is exceptional, I hope you never change.

Profile image Nana222 hours ago

Beautiful SFM. The world could use a few more of you!
So sorry i missed it on the day........Massive congrats on your fabulous 8th Hundy!
Love & hugs xoxo

26Jun2017 By smokefreemep  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 800 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 800 days
Grams NOT smoked: 8000
Total savings: $12,015.00

What Consumes Your Mind, Controls Your Life!

Profile image smokefreemep3 days ago

Very happy and proud of myself 😁 yayyy

Profile image GaGa. 683 days ago

Well done - such awesome stats 😊

Profile image GTMI3 days ago

Sooooo proud of you my friend, 800 days is truly Epic ❤️Xxx

Profile image Megs613 days ago

Awesome stats my friend..800 days is fanatastic 💕xx

Profile image smokefreemep3 days ago

Big smile 😊

Profile image Blondene3 days ago

Whoop whoop 800 days!! Keep going strong sis it's awesome!😊💪💕

Profile image moodz3 days ago

way to go you :)

Profile image sez1233 days ago

Well done you amazing stats!

Profile image nanaturtle2 days ago

Great work SFMp
Steadfast & Honest
Excellent!! Your shout lol!!! 🍻

Profile image smokefreemep2 days ago

😚😚 (((nanaturtle)))💕💕

Thank you very much Quit Fam xx

Profile image Kathry2 days ago

You deserve to be happy and proud - a fantastic achievement. Best wishes

Profile image jiffa2 days ago

wow, go you, Great Work

Profile image smokefreemep2 days ago

Naww thank you😚😚 (((Kathry)))😚😚 thank you (((jiffa)))💞💕
Mwahxx (((sez))) thanks moodz thanks sister blondene xx (((megs)))😚😚 Thank you Sybil xx thanks Gaga xx 😇😚 love you guys xx

Profile image Murphy50002 days ago

Well I sure hope you are celebrating these great numbers, what an awesome achievement 💪💪✔️✔️😄😄💕

Profile image Woodsie2 days ago

800 days, Is that all? lol

What a fantastic achievement. Do you reckon you can double it?

Profile image Lizzy2 days ago

Fantastic SFM :)

Profile image Sammyy2 days ago

Amazing numbers ☺

Profile image smokefreemep2 days ago

Thank you (((murphy)))😚 yep I did celebrate with a cheap $40 bottle of champagne, chicken pasta and my Great Gran lol.. good times! Thank you (((Woodsie)))💕😁 yeah thats all haha and yes definitly.. ill tripple that..😇 thank you (((Lizzy)))💞 thank you (((Sammyy)))😚😚💞💖💕love you guys xx💞💓💗💖💕