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17Feb2017 By suzieque  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 5

Hi all am on day five now and have to say today is the worst one yet but still trying to stay strong but is hard is anyone else going thro a sugar craze lol i am never really been a sweet tooth but now eating a chocolate bar every night if i keep this up will be smoke free but weigh 500 pounds had a very small appetite when i smoked seems am eating more

Profile image RCIKT17 February, 2017

Not so much just sugary treats for me.Its just food food food allll the time.I think this is normal lol.

Profile image Woodsie17 February, 2017

Same problem, but they can always paint bright colour stripes on us, and call us beach balls ; )
At the end of the day when you have the smokes out of the system,you'll breathe better and losing weight won't be a problem.

Profile image suzieque17 February, 2017

haha i like that thanks needed a chuckle lol

Profile image Sheryl17 February, 2017

yes food is amazing but one step at a time dont worry about the food eating right now give it a month and you will prob go back to normal with your eating i know i have done that im on day 33 and its been a tough run but so worth it and the food eating has slown down to keep up the good work :)

Profile image GTMI17 February, 2017

Your doing great, your sugar craving a bit because there is sugar in ciggys, eat chocolate, and walk it back off for fun lol

15Feb2017 By suzieque  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Back again

Hey guys well im back again did nearly five months a year ago then was around friends smoking and thought one wont hurt ........not so here i am again am on day three and struggling but really need to do this

Profile image Woodsie15 February, 2017

5 months is a good accomplishment, now thats the mark to beat!. Write down why you need to stop. It may help and should keep you honest. Just think if you have another smoke it could be "the" one that keeps you hooked for life. Best to not take that risk ever again. : )

Profile image GTMI15 February, 2017

We all learn from our mistakes, day 3 is great, hang in there 😃

Profile image smokefreemep15 February, 2017

Oh suzie que.. oh suzie que.. oh suzie que baby I love you.. suzie que! I like that song😊best decision you could make

Profile image nanaturtle15 February, 2017

that's a lesson learned, bet You won't make that mistake again!
Welcome back :)

23Jul2015 By suzieque  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

still getting bad days

am at 81 days now well was still having the odd puff at the beginning so would say am 2 months without any and about 3 weeks without champex or patches and still get days i could kill for a fag still having arguments with myself just go back to a couple of puffs when need i havent but it seems always in my head at the moment i started this journey with my mum but she still having the odd puff every day i dreamt last night i brought some had one then hide the rest in my draw and i mean wow was so real i had to check this morning lol seems am always eating at the moment lol which didnt have much of a appetite when smoked anyone been or going tho same any suggestions would be greatly appreciated this is the longest i have ever gone smoke free and have tried to many times to count over the years so really want to stay this way

Profile image clarence the cat23 July, 2015

Hang in there Suzieque! Sounds like the worst is almost over. If you can continue to be strong and and stick to ( NOPE)Not One Puff Ever you will be fine. Smoking dreams such as you experienced are disheartening, but I think they are a sign that your mind is coming to terms with the fact you are SMOKEFREE.

Profile image Nana2223 July, 2015

Hi suzieque and congratulations on 81 days smokefree. That mind chatter can really do your head in can't it. And it's exhausting. You have to try and deliberately change the channel in your head. As soon as you become aware of that inner argument starting...shut it down as quckly as you can. Firmly shift your focus to something else and squeeze the smoking thoughts out of your head. I found if i kept doing that, it became a little easier. It really is a rollercoaster journey, and you can still have some tougher days. You will get good days too though and slowly they become more frequent. Can't help with the eating...i've been a pig since day 1, but i guess to be sensible i would tell you just eat as healthy as you can and get some sort of exercise each day. My exercise of choice is a walk and it always makes me feel better. Hang in there suzie, you've worked too hard to go back now. Determination and bloody mindedness are 2 of your best friends. You're doing it!

Profile image suzieque23 July, 2015

thank you both and i will try all the things you suggested nana ty you are a inspiration i just read your blog from yesterday a very big Congratz reading that blog has given me alittle more fight so ty for that

Profile image Ray3523 July, 2015

Please hang in there! And congrats on all those days! I have not had too many bad cravings yet at 40 odd days but I know they still creep in from time to time. When I quit for 3 years I still was tempted to just have a few puffs. But there is no need! Breathe through it, distract yourself and add another day to your stats :)

Profile image Dadoftwo23 July, 2015

Hey you are doing really well.
You need to get into something to distract you from wanting to smoke.
Why not look at another option? Knitting or playing a sport. Going for a walk? I found that helped me :)

Profile image Bub4423 July, 2015

Those b limin mind thoughts please keep strong

Profile image nanaturtle23 July, 2015

Not One Puff Ever-get this happening&you Will succeed. Mums quit is hers. Yours is Yours. I think you may be reaching a great place about now-Stay strong :-)

Profile image Calmwaters23 July, 2015

Google Icky 3's you are entering the third and final phase and knowledge is power so its worth a read. Stay strong and NOPE and ODAAT

16Jun2015 By suzieque  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

first post

wow just looked at the amount of money i have saved already been 44 days the first 2-3 weeks were really hard had a couple of slip ups but didnt give up like i would have done in the past still get cravings some days are better than others but it is getting easier am on champex and patches abit worried about when its time to go without patches tho wondering if il get the bad cravings back again

Profile image Calmwaters16 June, 2015

Hi suzieque and welcome to the quit family. We already have a SuziQ and a SusiQ here so you will fit right in. 44 days is fabulous and shows how determined you are. I just gave up the patches about ten days back. I went from the big patches to the middle ones and then finally the smallest ones before stopping all together. That way,weaning gradually it wasnt such a shock to the system. Interestingly I feel much calmer and relaxed since stopping all NRT. Keep it up you are doing great :)

Profile image suzieque16 June, 2015

thanks for the encouragement need it some days i have tried so many times to give up and always slip then just start up again but this time am just trying to keep going even if i slip really want to succeed this time thanks again and lol seems suzie a popular name :)

Profile image AXL16 June, 2015

Hi susieque. Well done on 44 days smokefree. Awesome effort. You should visit the blogs more often. Not will get heaps of support and advice here. All the best on your quit journey ☺

Profile image suzieque16 June, 2015

thank you i will i have been visiting and reading the blogs just hadn't written any... first one the hardest lol will do more now tho :)

Profile image Gavin16 June, 2015

44 days is a great effort. Where have you been hiding then?

Profile image Bub4416 June, 2015

Well done 44days awesome i did all 3 sizes of patches coming off the NRT not a problem though i still have the odd lozegene

Profile image Ladylene16 June, 2015

HiSusieQue (there are now 3 Susie Q's in this blog (all spelled differently). Well done on your 44 days .. that awesome. You hit upon the key in your blog .. its all about perserverance. Even if you slip up ... just keep trying and eventually it sticks. Keep going .. and don't stress about the patches. I came off fine .. its certainly not like qutting cold turkey!