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Stats Update: 1 days smokefree

Fresh start on day one complete. This morning I succumbed to the empty feeling that I had no smokes. Most of my fails are in the morning and today I bought a pack. Only 8 cigarettes then I found my mojo again and I have been quit ever since. My trigger is being weak in the morning so some advice would be great.
I'm in a better head space now and I have to get rid of the smoking mentality. Ready to Let it Pass all the way to the next hour at a time. Whoa! A real work out this quitting is. It's first two hours - save $1.10 third hour save $2.20 and so on. So it really is hard work.

Smokefree days: 1 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 15
Total savings: $22.50

Profile image nanaturtle19 hours ago

😃 me again!
One thing that I did (I believe it helped me) was to alter my routine. Consciously changed as much as I could. Whatever Your normal is, switch it around. So if Your day starts:
Jug on
Back porch -light up
Make bed
Jug on
Make bed
Breakfast coffee
Sprint to car
On way to work -Praise Myself!

No smoking in car is hard one to change
Ate Tictacs like I owned the factory until 👄 mouth burned!
By then, was at work-👏 that job done!

Sounds ridiculous, eh?' Worked for me 😃
By being aware&working a new routine, it forces You to think about something else, I guess that the Distraction bit.
I also changed&downsized my handbag. No room for smokes& familiarity was altered.
(this may not work for You tho! 😜)
When I had downtime, I tried to spend it doing something different -layed on bed in spare room in sunshine (treat) reading magazines.
Think about how You can make this work for You BillabongJon. Be aware of Your normal & work to create a new one...
I also stopped partaking of social situations, until I felt Strong enough.
I managed my initial Quit with Zyban, Focus & sheer Pigheadedness-in Honour of my Father (bless him💕) & it continues with the aid of my Quit family. BJ-You're part of that-Thank you. You remind me of how far I have come & I so want this Quit for You toom...
Stay strong & NEVER give up
You CAN do this-everytime You fall down& get up again You ARE getting Stronger
Time to rethink How
Cheers Quit buddy
Stay Strong 😃

Profile image BillabongJon17 hours ago

That sounds great Nanaturtle. I was wondering how to do my morning without sparking up. It's a real head game as I forget my resolve to quit in the morning when I crave madly. I'm going over my reasons for quitting in my head trying not to forget this time as I will work at this all night if I have to.

Profile image Leisaclare8 hours ago

Just dont puff. Simple and go with the cravings. If you need to swear, swear, if you need to cry about it, cry. Just dont hit or throw things at people and you should be fine. What is the worst thing that could happen. Nothing because all is well. Its just a cigarette and smoke, nothing more and nothing less. You have a whole house to explore in, when in the moment of wanting a puff. Stay strong and handle the jandal. lol.

Profile image nanaturtle8 hours ago

All this was done on annual leave, another less familiar time. The hardest moment for me, was leaving the house for the first time without my 'companion' That happened only Once. Each was a Once, then I Believed I could do it again & again. And I didn't die! 😃
Suggestion: perhaps try setting Your alarm half hour earlier and maybe brisk walk first thing? Something totally different? then home to the new routine.
Breakfast was my new 'go to'-helped to fill in the 20mins or so, that would have been wasted smoking. And visiting the blogs to share 😃
Re-invention, if You like
Never stop trying + don't count Your relapses.
The only Quit that matters, is This one
Stay strong BJ-we're ALL on Your side 👍
One Sweet day at a Time NOPE 😯

Profile image clarence the cat5 hours ago

Nanturtle's advice is spot on. Its simple yet effective. Keep up the good effort.

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Restarting my quit today, I just can't do mornings, especially Mondays. I was being too lippy to nicobeast and he whooped me again. I only had the one rolly from some leftover butts but since 6am when I started work I've been using LIP which stands for "Let It Pass" this works for me as a kind of mantra that helps me calm down and breathe through a many cravings. It's just the mental cravings I use NOPE to reaffirm my decision to stay quit. And finally ODAAT! Because I go well for a day or two then falter so if I can learn to be consistent I'll be home and dusted.

Cheers for reading, ta-ta for now.

Smokefree days: 0 days
Total savings: $0.00

Profile image BillabongJon6 days ago

I should have put a patch on in the morning but a bit of autopiloting and there goes the quit.

Profile image Blondene6 days ago

Good on you for restarting your quit and seeing your downfall...easy fix patch on straight away that's the ticket...keep going!😊😆💪💪

Profile image Ponytail6 days ago

I like the LIP mantra. Good on you BillabongJon. Whatever works for you - positive is a lot better than a negative comment. I congratulate myself daily and say, "gosh you smell nice!! Well done... etc"
Also you stated this - "to reaffirm my decision to stay quit."
It is YOUR decision. Take charge.

Profile image nanaturtle6 days ago

OK, so it slapped You...
A: Smash it right back BJ!
It takes 72hours for nicotine to be gone from our bodies: I still find this amazing!
Thats when the head space needs adjusting!!
Push thru with LIP for 3days (tough? Heck yeah! Impossible? No)
Then You will KNOW it's nicodude & Yup, he can be beaten!
Good for You jumping straight back on!
Use Your armoury (NRT patches etc)
For now, better than a filthy fag!
Proud of You-hang tough, don't puff 👍
Stay strong 😃

Profile image GTMI5 days ago

Nanaturtle is right, it's only 72hrs out of the rest of your life, yes it's tough but if you have planned it out right you can do it, after those 72hrs it is purely mental mind games and each day just gets better and better, have faith in yourself, you can win this battle 🙂

Profile image turtle5 days ago

You can do this!

Profile image nanaturtle5 days ago

Top job BJ 🌟✔

Profile image Julia C5 days ago

Keep going

Profile image nanaturtle1 day ago

Where You? (((BJ))) support hugs
Up socks-go again You CAN do this!!

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Key of success

Well a long day at work and I start getting these lower back pains and I feel like a smoke will take care of that so what to do I wonder and I remember you bloggers saying "it shall pass" so I start singing that Beatles song:

Let it pass, let it pass!
Let it pass now let it pass,
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it pass.

I tell the demon - Sorry don't feel like a smoke now. Haha. Just having a walkabout now looking for a distraction so I came and blogged. You can beat me up all you like demon but I am going to simply let it pass.

Profile image smokefreemep22 April, 2017

Haha.. love it Bj, let it pass 🖒

Profile image Leisaclare22 April, 2017

Hello. I would try to drink some water and have a panadol for your back pain. Then at least you can relieve the pain in your back. Good luck and have a well rested night.

Profile image nanaturtle22 April, 2017

Good stuff BJ!
Recognising the demon throwing arrows& Your deflection! A warm heatpack can ease Your backpain, doing Great to use the Blogs 😃
Rest well tonight& know You are another day closer to Freedom 👍
Stay Strong -be Proud!!

Profile image Nana2223 April, 2017

Excellent progress BJ. Keep dealing with that slimey old demon like this.....and he doesn't stand a chance.
You are doing great!

Profile image nanaturtle6 days ago

Thank You BJ 😃
Kind words go a Million miles
Hey, 3days in & the nicotine from cigs is gone!!
Stay staunch Quit buddy
You're doing it!!! 🌟

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Stats Update: 1 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 10
Pipes NOT smoked: 1
Total savings: $42.50

Nicodemon king came to visit, I said I would rather eat that dead fly stuck on the wall than have a yuck, do you understand me?
He is so persistent. I've tried to be staunch tonight thanks to nana22's advice. Isn't she the best advisor here? I don't think I should listen to myself with nic demon in my head playing that same record over and over again.
I have such coy thoughts that I am in charge of my quit now nothings going to stop me now! After all my fails I'm not sure if I have proven myself just yet so I will be holding off on celebrating my victory lap but pretty darn close to it I must say.
Next I will be joining a gym as I've run out of excuses there too. So unfit I can't believe I work for a living, what do I do? Nothing I'm too unfit for work. Well not nothing, I smoke cigarettes all day long that's why I'm here.
Glad to be here with all you fellow Quit bloggers. Even Woodsie when he's not being so mean to me.


Profile image Blondene22 April, 2017

1day is fantastic...to me that one day was the hardest but your past it now to move into new milestones...it will be a week before you know if!😊😆💪💪

Profile image Nana2222 April, 2017

Great job BJ. That's exactly how to deal with nicodemon. He won't like it and will keep pestering you - but however he tries to get you smoking - you keep telling him where to go.
You have proved you can get through 1 day. Today you just do it again. Well done!

You are very kind BJ - but the credit is yours. YOU did it!
Blog whenever you need, keep distracting yourself, and keep going.

Profile image sez12322 April, 2017

Hope you made it through the day BJ. The first day is a big hurdle everything is easier after that.

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Another quit

I feel like I am about to die for a fag. How do people minimise cravings to "uncomfortable" it's a lot more than that. Severe cramps, sweats, shakes, fuzzy haywire brain, stroke like headaches, watery eyes. Just some of my symptoms which all disappear as soon as I light up!
Anyway it all surmounts to excuses why I slip up all the time when if I stuck to it I would get over it all and be much better in the end. I guess the beast can see how weak my resolve is.
I would do better in a rehab clinic where I would have a plan and medical support although maybe I would still die without a magical fag to make those symptoms die down. So I am going to stick my neck out and say cutting back should be the way to go rather than cold turkey. For me anyway.
So I am cutting back then yet people have said that doesn't work so I guess I have to figure this out myself especially as my life hangs in the balance.
I've smoked for 25 years and I want to quit every time I finish a fag but in an hour I want another and another and next week comes I'm still engrossed in this dreadful cycle.
I feel so hopeless like I should turn to those vape things but I don't want another expensive habit. I'm therefore just going to cut down for now and who knows eh? Got to have my morning coffee and fag! Right?
Smoking is all I know so I'm sorry if I sound a bit of a Nimrod but I know nothing of the smokefree life but I'd love to save thousands of dollars for other things in life yet I depend on smokes to mask the horrible depression lying beneath. I'm not trying to be offensive to all the quitters or defend my smoking as I have done for so long. I hope to quit some how if only I can escape the hellish chains of addiction.


Profile image sez12321 April, 2017

I dunno I have had a number of friends like yourself quit using the vape and they only spend $10 to $20 per week. I was smoking quite heavily and have now quit using NRT, there are other ways other than cold turkey because just in my own experience cutting down never worked. The terrible symptoms you have will pass, I keep telling myself I will never have to go through this again so long as I don't pick up and slowly but surely things are getting better. All the best for getting there in the end kia kaha.

Profile image Julia C21 April, 2017

I smoked for over 35 years. Cold turkey never worked for me. Hypnosis failed dismally. Nicotine replacement worked but not well enough. Zyban & later Champix worked but again I failed. Finally I hit on the combination of Champix, Quit-line support & these blogs; I'm now at 958 days since my quit.

Yes I know what you are going though, I've been there myself so have most of the people on here.

It is possible to quit, we are examples of that possibility, we can also tell you that it will be one of the hardest things you ever do. We can be examples, some of us have useful advice & quit-line are experts.

Best wishes for your quit.

Profile image Blondene21 April, 2017

The side effects from not having a ciggy are temporary using nrt may help eleviate these symptoms and help you thru the cravings. It could be much worse if you keep on smoking...you could end your life with a dehibilitating disease...these are reasons you should hold close when the cravings hit...remember they are only temporary and will let up for a true freedom one which is worth all the uncomfortable cravings.. stay strong as you said they only create a longing for more...you can do this!😊😆💪💪

Profile image Nana2221 April, 2017

I'm happy to see you not giving up on quitting BJ. There will absolutely be a way forward for you.
Personally cutting down for me just made it harder. Yes it relieved the withdrawls....but it also set up the beginnings of needing another fag. Having said that - Ponytail cut down, and is doing really well. It is all about working out which method serves you best. If you decide to do it that way - bear in mind that at some point you still need a quit date from which there will be no more smoking.
We need to keep it real BJ, so i have to say that whatever method you use - there are going to be some really tough days. It is just the nature of addiction.
Have you thought about giving Quitline a ring and working out a plan of action with them? They will be happy to help. Maybe NRT, or face to face support. You could also enlist the help and support of your doctor.
The one thing i want you to believe is that there are options - and one will be the right one for you.
Always remember the support here on the blogs. It doesn't matter how often you blog - everyone here wants you to succeed as much as you do yourself.
Keep working towards your smokefree goal BJ. You CAN absolutely get there.

Profile image BillabongJon21 April, 2017

Starting my quit right now 1pm.
What to do with all the ciggies lying around?
I'll update my progress in two hours if I can make it.

Profile image BillabongJon21 April, 2017

BTW thank you all for such valuable advice and positive input.

Profile image cqnz21 April, 2017

Not long ago today I burst into tears... I can't deal.. I couldn't really word it but you said it... Smoking is all I know. I totally agree about masking things... I feel like I used it to 'escape' my reality and now I don't have the escape.

Profile image cqnz21 April, 2017

Kia Kaha BJ

Profile image BillabongJon21 April, 2017

Thanks cqnz glad you understand. But hey I've just broken my hourly fix albeit with two patches and a lozenge. I'm getting ready to start a spring clean and get rid of smoking paraphernalia. The smell is such a trigger so lucky I have NRT. Gonna shower asap straight after dinner when my sense of smell comes back. Lol. Thanks to you guys I feel more confident that I will fight these cravings when they hit.

Profile image Nana2221 April, 2017

That's the spirit BJ. Just 1 craving at a time, 1 minute, 1 hour at a time.
Stay staunch - and you will beat this.

Profile image BillabongJon21 April, 2017

Decided to go fruitshop instead of the KFC smells next to it. I bought a ice green tea and apples for some reason, I thought it might help with this quit. I just can't believe I am doing it. Finally feel like I am breaking free at long last. Cheers all.

Profile image Dadoftwo21 April, 2017

Hi BJ. Mmm apples. I love me some apples.
Stay strong and really take the time to read some of these amazing replies.
You need to now focus on what you want to do.
Quit smoking.
What is your reason why? Remind yourself.
Remind it out loud. SHOUTIT out if you need too.
Urges will come and go. I swear they will. You need to know that the Nicodemon will ALWAYS lurk. Heck. He lurks around the corner for me even today!
You know what I do now?
I kick him in the knees and the head and tell him to stick it! Earlier on in my quit it was harder. But every minute. Every hour. Every day. Every month gets easier.
You got this!!
Keep blogging. Someone from this quitline family will support you!!

Profile image BillabongJon21 April, 2017

Thanks dadoftwo, I see what you mean as I was rushing to get the lawns done before it got dark and all my sweat made my two patches fall off so I took em off before showering and afterwards with no patch a huge craving hit me so I used a lozenge and stuck two more patches on before the nicodemon got me again. The lovely green ice tea helped as it tastes a little bit like a fag only revitalising as well.

Profile image BillabongJon21 April, 2017

Yeah I'm going to stay staunch as I can and stop dreaming about being quit and get on top of it. Thanks Nana 22.

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Please don't delete my post because I told the truth government lackeys


Profile image nanaturtle20 April, 2017

👋hi BJ. Hows Your Quit going?
I hope You've practised the 4D's again & managed to stayed Free. You sound angry.
This addiction IS evil - keep pushing through.
One day at a time - be kind to Yourself 😃
Stay strong NOPE

Profile image BillabongJon20 April, 2017

I'm going through my millionth quit right now I drove early this morning because I couldn't get rid of the cravings I woke to at 3am this morning I thought I had it beat yesterday. I been reading blogs at QSMB and trying one NOPE at a time. Lol

I'm just having fun with the moderators I'm not angry. Thanks for your support.

Profile image nanaturtle20 April, 2017

Grit them teeth, stamp Your feet-yell at the paper boy (maybe not that!) but anything it takes to NOPE!
Stay strong BJ-we're on Your side 👌
Hope this day is kind to You 😃

Profile image smokefreemep20 April, 2017

Kia kaha BJ.. keep on with your quit journey 😊 as our nanaturtle says "be kind to yourself and ODAAT" have a nice day 💕

Profile image Nana2220 April, 2017

Keep going BJ. It takes a while to get this beat, but with persistence and determination you CAN do it.
It only takes getting up one more time that you fall.
Take it minute, by minute, hour by hour, day by day.
NOPE & ODAAT are your tools, along with the 4D's - delay, deep breaths, drink water, & distraction. Don't be afraid to use them. They definitely help.

17Jan2017 By BillabongJon  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Praise the lord Jesus Christ.

Smokefree days: 4 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 40
Total savings: $45.00

Can someone please clarify what hurricane's comment on my previous blog means? Am I not allowed to talk about my faith that has helped me quit smoking? Am I to leave my religious beliefs at the door or something?

Profile image smokefreemep17 January, 2017

Hiya.. only Hurricane can explainHurricanes comment. Hurricane is right, the main reason for being on this site is to quit smoking. I dont think its completely fair to say you cant speak about religious beleifs, but I think Hurricane might mean just to tone it down and not bash and force those beliefs on to others. Just be thoughtful of others is all. I love the lord but I am respectful of others too, dont be offended.. Hurricane has been on here a long time and a long time supporter, just take the comment for what it is and move on, not everyone needs to agree on things. Your doing fantastic on 4 days billabong jon, and look at your savings building up. Great work keep it up my friend xx👍😙💕

Profile image nanaturtle17 January, 2017

4days Smokefree! Great work BJ!!
Sole current focus-get Quit, Stay Quit & You're doing it Awesome! 👍😃

Profile image Blondene17 January, 2017

Move forward with your quit ..just focus on what you're doing ..you're doing great!!😊😊

Profile image Calmwaters17 January, 2017

This is your quit and your blog you can talk about whatever you like if people are offended then they can scroll on. As far as I am aware there are no rules stating that you can't speak about your faith on here. Keep up the great work!

Profile image clarebear17 January, 2017

Well done on 4 days!!!

Profile image Vie17 January, 2017

Whatever it takes to get you through hang in there your on your way

Profile image Murphy500017 January, 2017

Each to their own I say as long as no preaching is involved. We are all here for a common cause, let's keep supporting each other be smoke free as that is the best outcome 😄👍

14Jan2017 By BillabongJon  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 1 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 10
Total savings: $22.50

Day one finally over and complete. TGIF was not easy to start I woke up with the usual brain fuzz and couldn't get the cravings past so I bought a pack in the wee hours and had ten before lunch with a beer. Then I started to watch firstlight and reading my Bible and then the epiphany of God and the experience of a million stop starts the last month and some bloggers blogs here I go and get a lozenge and two patches and suddenly managed to break free from the dreaded craves once again and with my faith fully restored in God I vowed to stay clean and have managed to bear all the trials and remain in Christ. It's Saturday now and I have just put my girls to bed and said our prayers. I'm dreading tomorrow as I feel God wants me to visit church and I am not sure what tomorrow will bring and how the lord will guide me but I have learned to trust in the lord. There was so much pain I had to work through to give up smoking crack, weed, tobacco, drinking, gambling and whores, hustling people, violence, wickedness, stealing, orgies, occults... To name a few, anyway the lord has revealed my sin to me and made my ways straight again or perhaps for the first time in my life where I have finally discovered the truth and been given a true purpose on earth than personal gratification and pleasure. God bless all of you and your journey to beat this crazy addiction that gets in the way of finding God. Jesus has the key to breaking free indeed.

Profile image Hurricane14 January, 2017

That's quite an unusual blog I must say, but if that works for you go for it. I wish you well.

Profile image nanaturtle14 January, 2017

Whatever it takes to be Free 👍
Stay strong 😃

Profile image smokefreemep14 January, 2017

Hi billabong jon. That's fantastic that you have turned to the lord for help, what a friend we have in Jesus! I can not agree any more with you, all you need to do is pray, ask God for help, keep your children safe and let God carry your burdens. Psalm 23 tells us that the lord is our Shepherd I shall not want. In this verse the lord is all that we need, put away the crutch of drugs, the walking stick of sex, the wheelchair of sin, trust in the lord and he will free you from your wants and addiction. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, he leadeth me beside the still waters.. in this verse we being his shep are provided with a safe place to lay, a paradise with still calming waters in the presence of God.. what more could we want? Im not going to keep bashing on and on with the bible but you just keep on the track my friend and we will support and back you up. Take care xx

Profile image Hurricane14 January, 2017

Please leave your religious beliefs at the door, this community is made up of many ethnicities and religions and atheists so don't go there. Its a quit line forum to encourage and support people to quit smoking.

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Day one again

Only have 8 smokes a day now but I really want to quit today as I'm very sick. I bought a pack last night to pay back my family of smokers for scabbing of them while I was trying not to buy a pack. The Mobil was packed with smokers getting their fixes. One guy paid 88 dollars for his rolls and the lady in front of me paid 24.60 for a pack of pall mall green. I paid 22.50 for rothmans soft pack.
Anyway the stress of promising my little girls I'd quit has made me feel like a smoke and I am trying not to slip up and waiver. I'm having a fit of craves right now and I'm not sure how to manage. Any suggestions to take the strain on my brain please? Thanks. Have a lovely day folks.

Profile image Blondene10 January, 2017

Sip some water practice the 4 ds. Go for a walk cook something yum for lunch or dinner watch a movie.. anything to distract your mind from the craving wait it out or time your cravings they only last a few minutes once you have experienced a few cravings you will feel stronger for overcoming them eventually they won't be as strong ..just a thought of I want a smoke. You can do this.😊

Profile image Sammyy10 January, 2017

Good on you... yes that's a lot of money for smokes. Good on you for quitting. Do you live with other smokers? That can be tough. If you do ask them not to offer you any and make sure you don't have any lying around yourself. It's much easier when you don't have access to smokes. The first few days can be a shock just focus on getting to the end if the day without smoking. Don't look too far ahead. Remember to keep busy, and find something to do when you get cravings, anything other than smoke maybe something to take your mind off it. I used to come and read the blogs when I got cravings. Have faith in yourself and stay strong, you can do this! 🌟🌟🌟

Profile image freedom seeker10 January, 2017

It does get better, I'm only on day 8 but it's getting easier. When I get craving I have some gum and I wear two patches as the doctor says that's o.k.what ever it takes I believe. I can breathe well and no chest pain so it has been worth it. Wishing you well with your quit. I also come here and read blog vs and focus on my reasons for quitting too. It is hard but also possible. It will be worth it I'm sure. The first few days is the hardest.
You can do it! :-)

Profile image clarebear10 January, 2017

I found that if I was obsessing with craves, what helped was to go thru these blogs and find a long-term quitter you can relate to, then go back to their very first blog and read them all, including the replies. Hang on in there, in the first few days and weeks sometimes that is all you can do.

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Stats Update: 159 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 159 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 3180
Total savings: $3,180.00

I'm so done with ecigs, they're all addictive crud designed by heartless corporations looking for nothing more than to make a profit.

Here's to the next phase of nicotine freedom. The cravings were so bad but I have learned that I can beat them even with no aids. Yay! The money I am making/saving. Yeehah! Yip it's all about money eh?

Profile image donosti2 September, 2016

money, health, FREEDOM

Profile image Mumsy593 September, 2016

And your health. But don't forget to save the money, don't let it get absorbed into your daily life. I have had a couple of holidays with my money