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20May2017 By Yibbie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Coming up to one year!!!!

I'm still smoke free and it's just about a year that I have quit. I have never ever wanted to start again. I can't believe that I have made it this far. Wippy I am so proud of myself.

Profile image nanaturtle20 May, 2017

You've justified the Ownership of Your computer!! I betcha he's as Proud of You too!!
Congratulations & Great work 👍 🌟 🎂😃🚭

Profile image Lisajane20 May, 2017

Well done!!!!!!

Profile image Heatherb20 May, 2017

Congratulations, feel proud and celebrate your breathday you deserve it

Profile image Julia C20 May, 2017

Congratulations. You have done so well.

Profile image clarence the cat6 days ago


Profile image Leisaclare6 days ago

Wow one year aye. Your awesome and its good to read that you never ever want to start up again.

Profile image Nana225 days ago

Fabulous achievement Yibbie!
Huge congrats on your upcoming first Breathday.

21Dec2016 By Yibbie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Pat myself on the back

I'm still smoke free and proud. I can't say I feel healthy, but at least I can say I don't smoke anymore. The amount of money I have saved is so amazing. WOW !!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL - KEEP SAFE AND DON"T DRINK AND DRIVE - KEEP THE LITTLE ONES SAFE OVER THE HOLIDAYS!

Profile image Nana2221 December, 2016

Merry Christmas to you too Yibbie and a well done pat on the back from me as well.

Profile image clarence the cat21 December, 2016

Well done Yibbie. Stay strong and keep those savings building. Have a wonderful SMOKEFREE Christmas.

Profile image nanaturtle22 December, 2016

Merry Christmas Yibbie-safe & happy 😃🌟🎄

Profile image smokefreemep22 December, 2016

Merry christmas yibbie xx

Profile image Lizzy22 December, 2016

I love my savings too Yibbie 👍 Merry Christmas 🎄

8Nov2016 By Yibbie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Yep still smoke free but feeling like crap. Not sure what is going on, but just had to cancel an operation at the hospital because of not feeling to good. Feel proud still, a non smoker for this long is such a good thing for me, considering I was a smoker for about 40 years.

Profile image clarence the cat8 November, 2016

Good for you. You are really doing well. Hope you can reschedule the operation for when you are feeling better.

Profile image Positive8 November, 2016

Well done, you are doing really well....hope you start to feel better soon.

Profile image Cleanair8 November, 2016

Well done, geez im on day 5 and i was hoping after a week the feeling like crap will dissappear but lets hope we get through it, better off to feel like crap now for a short while than feel like crap after being diagnosed with lung , throat or mouth cancer.
Stay strong

Profile image Dioraidh448 November, 2016

Good on you Yibbie for quitting. I hope you start to feel better soon. Its only my second day quit, I too have been smoking for years, but for me it was time to quit. I hope you feel better soon.

Profile image Sammyy8 November, 2016

Good days and bad days. I hope you get better soon and that tomorrow you don't feel crap ☺ be proud of yourself for what you've already achieved

Profile image smokefreemep8 November, 2016

Hi yibbie, well done.. your doing so well...

Profile image Lizzy8 November, 2016

Hang in there Yibbie and take extra special care of yourself, you so deserve it 💝

Profile image Tropicanna8 November, 2016

Get better soon.

Profile image Lila269 November, 2016

Great to see your still smoke free. I have been reading your blogs from Day 1 as you gave up a couple of months after me and I'm pleased to say I am also still smoke free. Arnt we fabulous lol.

24Sep2016 By Yibbie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I am a slacker

Haven't been on here for a long time. Just too lazy I guess.I haven't smoked at all and never intend on smoking. I'm not sure why I have been unwell with a cough, I thought maybe it might be just the lungs clearing out, or something like that. I haven't been to see the doctor but I think I better because I'm coughing a lot. If anyone on here has gone through the same thing during your giving up, I would love to hear about it.

Profile image Nana2224 September, 2016

Some do get the cough for a time Yibbie, but check it out with your doctor anyway. You could have an infection, that antibiotics will clear up.
Great to see you still smokefree and strong.
Is that one of your lovely creations on your profile pic? Very nice.
Keep on keeping on Yibbie.

Profile image nanaturtle24 September, 2016

Great to hear from you Yibbie. Awesome you have stayed NOPE-nasty coughs going about at the mo. Take care, stay strong 👍😃

Profile image Blessed24 September, 2016

Coughs seem the norm. Then again I was sick for 2 weeks and was coughing like I was still smoking a pack a day!

If it has been going on for awhile I would get to the Dr just to be safe.

Profile image Wenditto25 September, 2016

Sometimes I cough so much I end up vomiting. Three months smoke free now and the cough is getting less and less. Used to be everyday. Guess that's 42 years of smoking clearing out the lungs. Also had blood noses, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers. All these things are settling down now and are more of a sometimes than a all the time. Stick with it......it's sooooo worth it. x

BTW, I did go to my Dr and he said "Why don't you just start smoking again? That's the excuse most of my patients give me!".

Profile image Julia C25 September, 2016

No need to apologise. This site should be transitory, a place to be on your quit journey until you no longer need to be here.

I'd be tempted to see the Dr if I had a cough like yours.

29Aug2016 By Yibbie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


I keep smelling smoke, I don't know if its all in my head or if it's just people in the neighbourhood smoking and maybe walking past my house, but I have been smelling smoke for a few days now. It isn't making me want a smoke. I just thought I would put it out there to see if anyone else smells it while they are giving up. I'm doing good still being smoke-free.

Profile image Maanu29 August, 2016

Ghost smells or "phantosmia" can be a bad sign that something is wrong but I thin k it more likely just a quitting related phenomena. If it continues you might want to get it checked out

Profile image smokefreemep29 August, 2016

Im like a wolf.. i can smell smoke for miles. I was t the lights yesterday and i smelt smoke from the car BEHIND me! LOL.. no joke!

Profile image Thyme4me29 August, 2016

I think our sense of smell is so much better now we quit that smoke smell just stands out... I can smell a smoke a mile away and don't even start me on stale smoke!!! Brilliant work Yibbie

Profile image Uh-ohs29 August, 2016

I smell cigarette smoke all the time.

Especially because people still walk and smoke (I work in the city). It surprises me that social stigma hasn't stopped people smoking while walking to be honest.

Admittedly fresh cigarette smoke smells great lol. But stale cigarette smoke on people smells rank. Neither make me want to smoke however. :)

Profile image Julia C29 August, 2016

Your nose is more sensitive to smoke now than it was when you smoked. Unless it's phantosmia I'd just ignore it. Stay strong

Profile image kezz29 August, 2016

Yes, i smell smoke all over the place. It's very strong, also when you stand next to someone, the smell on their clothes is very strong. well done for still staying quit.

22Aug2016 By Yibbie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

More info to put out there

I forgot to mention, my brother said to me if I gave up smoking he would pay for a pre-loved computer, and he has done.. It's so good having a large screen and tons of memory to work with. He still pops in now and again to check on me and make sure I'm still not smoking....LOL

Profile image nanaturtle22 August, 2016

You rock Yibbie- my brother inspired me also! He Quit a 50+/day habit, sibling rivalry played it's part beautifully! He obviously cares about You :) Nice. Stay strong -this is a Life process.
Good going Libby 🌟🚭

Profile image nanaturtle22 August, 2016

Somehow I managed to change Your name! Clever, eh!! Apologies 😉

Profile image clarence the cat22 August, 2016

That's awesome Yibbie. You must be feeling very proud of yourself. Keep up the good work.

22Aug2016 By Yibbie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Still Not Smoking

The days are flying by so fast I haven't been on here for a while. Also I haven't had to use any patches for just over a week now So I think my body is getting used to not smoking. I am feeling a bit like I want to smoke but it only last for a few minutes and then I just go and do something, like my crafts or make a cuppa. I have been having a few feelings of depression too so this isn't helping. Besides all of that I'm smoke-free still and so really proud

Profile image nanaturtle22 August, 2016

Smokefree Pride-not much better than that!

Profile image clarence the cat22 August, 2016

Good for you!! There's no holding you back now.

Profile image smokefreemep22 August, 2016

Nice yibbie

5Aug2016 By Yibbie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

WOW 65 Days

I'm down to the 7mg patches and I'm not taking any lozenges. So I guess that is a good thing. The days are flying by so quick. I just keep busy with my crafts and think of the awesome stuff I can buy with the money I'm saving. It's so cool not smoking.

Profile image smokefreemep5 August, 2016

Morning yibbie. I get excited having a bit of extra money from not smoking too.. congratulations on 65 days of smoke freedom

Profile image Lwray5 August, 2016

Well done. That's awesome! Huge congrats on your 65 days of smoke freedom 😃

Profile image clarence the cat5 August, 2016

Well done Yibbie. You must be starting to enjoy the benefits of being SMOKEFREE especially in this cold weather. Have a wonderful SMOKEFREE weekend.

Profile image Nana225 August, 2016

Fantastic forward momentum Yibbie! You really are owning your quit!
Congrats on 65 days smokefree.

Profile image Julia C6 August, 2016

Congratulations. You are winning the fight.

Profile image Gavin6 August, 2016

The quiet achiever, well done Yibbie. That's good going.

Profile image Murphy50007 August, 2016

Great work. Keep it up 👍

30Jul2016 By Yibbie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Sweet as

On to 7mg patches now, but have no more lozenges. So I'm just going to use mints . It's been a long long time since I had a smoke. Really proud.

Profile image Nana2230 July, 2016

That's a great step forward in your quit Yibbie!
You must be coming up to 9 weeks smokefree soon? How very cool!
Always stay aware though. Sometimes nicodemon likes to sideswipe you just when you least expect it.
You've done extremely well. Keep it going.

Profile image clarence the cat30 July, 2016

Congratulations. I was sure you could do this. Well done!!

Profile image Bub4430 July, 2016

those patches are so small aye look how far you have come excellent as for gum make sure its sugarfree...never ever let your guard down :)

Profile image smokefreemep31 July, 2016

Well done yibbie your doing great

Profile image Lwray31 July, 2016

Good going Yibbie! You've got this 🤗

Profile image Murphy500031 July, 2016

Nice work 👍

Profile image Gee Gee31 July, 2016

Yippee...you so got this quit

23Jul2016 By Yibbie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Feeling GOOD!

Thought I'd change my profile picture. Feeling good still. I'm always busy thinking of different ways to create greeting cards. I guess keeping busy is a good thing when you are giving up the smoking.

Profile image Nana2223 July, 2016

Being busy is great when quitting. That old nicodemon is a lazy sod - so if you're busy in mind and body.....he can't get hold of you.
You are doing great Yibbie.
Is your new pic one of your cards? Would love to see some of your clever creations if you feel like putting them up occasionally.
Have a great smokefree weekend Yibbie.

Profile image Lwray23 July, 2016

Good for you. Distraction is really important when quitting and it sounds like you have got a great distraction with your card making. Keep up the great work!