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30Mar2017 By firefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Its been rough lately

24 days smokefree but i have a lot on my plate at the moment. Mainly my own mental health....but im so busy, so tired, just so much stuff, just want to ramble on about stuff and dont even know what haha.

Ive had a few times lately when ive really wanted a smoke, but i wont buy them, i dont physically crave, i think if i had one i would probably be sick, but the mental craving is there. Just the calmness it gives, the psychological affect...i used to use it to help me calm down and now i cant. I dont even want it, i just want one of my calming techniques.

Instead Im sitting here blogging with a giant stuffed unicorn toy from the Minions movie on my lap to make me feel better lol. No judging, im a senses person and holding something heavy and soft calmes me down, but hopefully this passes soon as not easy

Profile image Ponytail30 March, 2017

hang in there firefoxy... 24 days is an awesome effort. Keep hugging that unicorn, better than a fag!!

Profile image Janet G30 March, 2017

Congratulations on your awesome 24 days of healthy smoke freedom, Firefoxy πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
That's totally awesome!!!

I know what you mean about that mental craving. At one point, I was just about beside myself with 'thinking' I wanted/needed a smoke.
I had read a suggestion on this site about cutting a drinking straw in half (or ciggy length lol) and stuffing a bit of cotton wool in one end to resemble a filter, and then using that to deeply inhale. Haha πŸ˜‚ does that sound crazy?? Who cares! I did that. Made my straw smoke lol and it got me through that night.
I could tell you about how, after one puff, when the cotton wool went into my mouth haha πŸ˜‚ that I went and got a needle and thread and sewed that blob of cotton wool into the straw, but you know what, that doesn't even matter. Because you know what I was doing?? I was Delaying. I was Doing something else. And in actual fact (once the cotton wool didn't go into my throats lol) I was also taking Deep Breaths.

One of the things that used to amaze me was that it felt like some quitters didn't realise that the ciggy inhale, was actually in fact us taking deep breaths to calm ourselves. We unfortunately were just also inhaling nicotine and heaps of another chemicals.

So yes, other times in the early days of quitting smoking I did go sit outside on the deck, make myself sit there for 5 or 6 minutes and just Breathe, Relax, and look up at the stars.

I'm supporting you, Firefoxy, and while I don't comment much these days, I will look for your posts.

You have done the hard bit!! It's still hard, bit it won't be THAT hard again.. stay strong, and treat yourself to some thing nice. Like nice shampoo for you beautiful sweet-smelling hair πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€

Profile image smokefreemep30 March, 2017

Hi firefoxy. Oh very well done. You jist fond whatever works for you and stick with that. Im so so proud of you for trying and look at how far you have come!!! 24 days worth.. thats really good, your doing so well, this journey is NOT easy but its damned well worth fighting for. Your doing great.. carry on my friend, dont give up xxπŸ˜™

Profile image Debbie7030 March, 2017

My hardest time is when I get home from work. I used to make coffee have a smoke - and take a big long drag and exhale slowly. Never thought if it as "deep breath" but you are absolutely right Janet.

Profile image GTMI30 March, 2017

You are truly doing amazing 😊

Profile image kezz31 March, 2017

You are doing fantastic. Don'T matter what gets you through, great your using your calming techniques. You are doing so well, this too shall pass. ODAAT

Profile image Janet G7 April, 2017

Hi Firefoxy 😁 Hope all is well with you, and that you're staying strong!! N.O.P.E. πŸ‘

27Mar2017 By firefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 21 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 21 days
Grams NOT smoked: 90
Total savings: $100.00

wow im actually quite pleased with myself. Im having some rough times at the moment. My oldest is seeing a social worker for anxiety, my baby is teething his molars and very clingy, my partner is really business managing the family business and i feel like i just dont get a second to myself some days. I wonder how i fit in a smoke...i guess we just make time when you smoke. Its just a thing. Now i just do "other" things. Clean more, do more stuff with my kids etc. I find im more organised, have more lists haha. I have a few rough patches, but i look at my savings..$100, and im happy, my partner likes how i smell, my oldest says my breath doesnt stink anymore, and i feel prettier again i guess. So yes im keeping at this, and not just for now, i plan to keep at it for good

Profile image GTMI27 March, 2017

Congratulations on 3 weeks of smokefreedom, you will have the odd days that seem tough but push them, they will become less and less over time, hang In there, your doing great πŸ˜ƒ

Profile image Blondene27 March, 2017

with all these positives to quitting you begin to wonder why you had started smoking in the first place...well done 3 weeks is awesome

Profile image Redumbrella27 March, 2017

Woooooohooooo! Go, yeah, kick smoking in the butt (get it?)

Profile image Mrs s28 March, 2017

Wahoo good for you we are on a similar timeline and also pressure of life too, you are doing fantastic and although life gets busy hectic and stressful don't give in it's not going to make anything better πŸ‘Xx

Profile image smokefreemep28 March, 2017

Oh well done on your 21 days. Fantastic your doing great xxπŸ’žπŸ’Ÿ

Profile image Ponytail29 March, 2017

you are awesome firefoxy! Keep up the good work.
....If you were a student in my class, I would give you a certificate. Top marks :) :)
now I just need to sort myself out.... I will get there.

24Mar2017 By firefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

this breathing issue

god its annoying. You'd think it would be better by now right? Yup im only 18 days...yes im an asthmatic..yes i need to be patient (i dont do patience) i want to feel better now. But i smoked for nearly 18 years so there you go. Lucky i didnt end up with COPD apparently. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease for those who dont know...its caused by smoking and leads to Emphysema which usually can kill you, my Uncle has it and is dying from it. I got the test for it and luckily passed, scared me slightly though must say.

But i had this silly thought id be able to breathe better by now, i dont need to run off to the dr, i know my asthma is playing up and need to manage it better etc, ive been told by Dr, to be honest im just having a mindless vent. Im frustrated. I walk my son 5 minutes up a small hill round the corner to daycare, perfect little walk to get some fat burning in if i pushed myself, but i my lungs cant handle it. High expectations and cant meet them i know, settle down. Im trying people, trust me.

Profile image Nana2224 March, 2017

Yep unfortunately, there's not always an immediate improvement, but things will slowly be improving behind the scenes. The best thing you can do is to stay smokefree - and let time pass.
That day will come when you notice how much better you feel. Keep the faith, and be proud of 18 smokefree days.

Profile image Gavin24 March, 2017

My wife keeps telling me, "you spent 35 years putting that crap in, can't expect it all to go away in 5 minutes!", Would hate to think that she may be right.

23Mar2017 By firefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


how many of you sleep with them on? I cant sleep without them. I find i wake up and instantly turn into a cranky psycho who needs a smoke without a patch on. Id rather just deal with the funky dreams thanks. So far im on 17 days smokefree and i think ive had only 2 strange dreams, they wernt even bad dreams, just weird..saying that i am on a mental health medication that is meant to also control strange dreams...not for that reason but for a mental health illness i have.
Day 17 and im doing ok...can definitely breathe better, still struggle to breathe properly when i walk, but i guess that will take longer, dont enjoy the smell so much anymore, well i lie, i like fresh smell, i dont like stale smell, i used to like any smell. I want to buy a new dressing gown with my saved money because my old one smells of smoke as i used it in the morning when i had my morning smoke and then took it off so my kids didnt have to smell it so much.
Still definitely doing the ODAAT motto though and lots of breathe in and out lol

Profile image Gavin23 March, 2017

Pretty sure the only reason people don't sleep with them on is because of the dreams. If that doesn't bother you, go for it lol.

Profile image GTMI23 March, 2017

When I used patches I slept with them on, if it helps you then leave them on πŸ˜ƒ

Profile image Bub4424 March, 2017

for the first week i slept with the patches on i was too scared to take them off...i had very restless vivid dreams and then i read take the patch off an hour before bed...made sense i didn't smoke whilst asleep...the restlessness and vivid dreams stopped...bummer in my dreams i killed my ex three times are if only...seriously its your quit and if your happy sleeping with them do so...i only empahise that you do the full course that way you will have a better chance of quitting.

21Mar2017 By firefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I have a question about this smokers cough

Its annoying....so one of the reasons along with others, but one of my main reasons for giving up smoking is i got 4 lung infections in 3 months. I have chronic asthma too, got given antibiotics so many times, steroids, which in turn gave me thrush, it was just a lovely cycle.

Anyway, to my question, ive just finished my 4th course of antibiotics for another supposed lung infection (ugh), had steriods again, changed inhalers, and been smokefree now for 15 days...got the smokers cough i think...well im pretty sure i do...its pretty phlegmy but wont always dislodge (sorry tmi) which to me is also my asthma, so can be frustrating...my question to you guys is...how long till this smokers cough settles a bit?

Profile image blondini21 March, 2017

I'm no MD (doctor)
15 days is great. Good on you!
I would say that it's just the crap coming off yuor lungs. When I quit last time - and I'm about to try again BTW. I coughed up crap for about a week.
I have to ask though - who changed your inhaler??
Antibiotics and steroids also really stuff up your body.
Take some natural de-tox capsules or liquid from your local health shop

Profile image firefoxy22 March, 2017

blondini - my gp did, the last one just wasnt working apparently :/

Profile image Gavin22 March, 2017

Even though I was a heavy smoker, I don't consider that I had a very bad smokers cough in the scheme of things as I rode and raced bikes (push kind) so was relatively speaking quite fit. However, I have found that 2 over 2 months down the quit track I still get phlegm trying to get out after a hard ride, sometimes taking quite a while to dislodge.
So basically what I'm trying to say is, I think it could take a while but I'm not worried, one day it will finish and I will have forgotten all about it by then.
If I was you though, I would possibly get a 2nd opinion with that many infections etc.
Keep up the good smokefree work, whatever the outcome is, smoking is sure NOT going to help it!

Profile image Ponytail22 March, 2017

Hey firefoxy, I also posted a comment about smokers cough a couple of weeks ago. I went last week to a one on one counselling session and got some lozenges. I told the lady about my smokers cough and she said that was good news as it is my body dislodging and getting rid of al the c**p in my lungs. I am not proud of myself when I cough cos I know it is from smoking. I try to stifle my cough when around my partner (he is very supportive of my quit journey) and how embarrassing it is when I get a coughing fit in my class. My students say .. Ms **** , are you ok? that is a yucky sounding cough (6 and & year olds). I lie, and say it is my asthma playing up.
Many years ago there was a smokefree ad on tv and it said - it's dirty, it's dangerous and it stinks!! so true. I frequently remind myself of this saying and sometimes it will delay me smoking for awhile. I am still not smokefree at the moment but on the way to quitting. ODAAT.
Keep it up firefoxy. I know it is hard, I know it is addictive, I know it is the biggest achievement to stop. The pride in myself when I have stopped for a significant period of time is huge. The best way to stop smoking is just to not put another one in your mouth. Hey, but 15 days is unbelievably good. Well done. A sticker for you!! Hang in there.

Profile image Debbie7022 March, 2017

Hi Firefoxy I'm 33 days smokefree. Never had asthma, smoked pack a day for 30 plus yrs The first week I coughed a lot but put it down to clearing the last of a chest infection. BUT week 2&3 were even worse. Coughed until I was almost sick night &day. Cough has now gone and I'm left with a feeling like i need to clear my throat but cant. If i do clear something its still flecked with brown/grayish bits. When I had coughing "attacks" I found a steam bowl helped the most. So i think we all have similar symptoms but with ur medical history is check with your Dr if u have concerns

Profile image blondini23 March, 2017

Keep us updated Firefoxy.

21Mar2017 By firefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Another milestone i wanted to talk about

I do a lot of blogging and im sorry if it bothers people but im a very chatty person and i find this site very helpful as everyone is in the same boat and this site helps me get my thoughts out.

One of my close friends smokes. Went and saw her at work and she took her "smoko" break. She instantly asked me if she had to stand like half a street away from her, jokingly as last time i saw her about a week ago i had barked at her to stand as far away as possible or i would murder her lol. This time i asked her to only stand about a foot away and down wind from me, was even happy to give her a hug and a kiss and had no craving or anything afterwards. Didnt ask for a cheeky puff. Was really proud considering i was only at 14 days. Random proud moment, thanks for listening everyone

Profile image nana g21 March, 2017

Haha the smokers in my family thought they had to go way down the street to have a fag. It doesn't worry me now as long as like you I am downwind from it. Keep up the good work.

Profile image Nana2221 March, 2017

Crikey you just blog as often as you like firefoxy. That's what this site is for.
You have made a great step forward in your quit. Well done you!
Treasure these victories. They mean a lot in moving forward with your quit.
Well done!

Profile image Worker21 March, 2017

You know sweet when I first gave up 1774 days ago I blogged heaps and heaps and it is ok to do that - I have made some awesome friends on here that I may never ever meet but thats ok cos we will always be there for each other. Take care sweet and enjoy the support that this site gives you ad in time you may feel that you ca support others as well.

Profile image Ponytail22 March, 2017

So proud of you firefoxy. You have become my new inspiration!

Profile image nanaturtle22 March, 2017

Nice πŸ‘... Pride 🌟

20Mar2017 By firefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 14 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 14 days
Grams NOT smoked: 60
Total savings: $50.00

Yay Ive reached 2 weeks Big milestone for me. The beginning is really the hard part. The habits, the psychological part, the routines. All those parts, i still do find myself thinking oh yup smoke time, and then remember im no longer a smoker and feel proud i havent given in and refuse to.

ODAAT we can all do this. I suffer from a mental health illness and have a ton going on and have always used smoking as a form of coping so if i can do it i hope other people can too :)

Profile image Bub4421 March, 2017

I think we all used smoking as a way of coping proud to see your unchaining yourself from the smoking thoughts 2weeks thats terrific i hope your treating yourself

Profile image Beach_Lover21 March, 2017

firefoxy well done.2 weeks have passed !Celebrate by buying ourself a treat :)

Profile image smokefreemep21 March, 2017

Well done on your 2 week mark. Fantastic

Profile image Bluetui21 March, 2017

yep I used smoking as a way of coping. learning to cope in other ways now,.

Profile image Kasper21 March, 2017

Congrats :)
If you can fight the chaotic mind, you can fight the urge big ups on making the 2 week mark :D

Profile image BlueButton21 March, 2017

Two weeks is fabulous. You should be proud. Congrats on your achievement. keep at it!

Profile image Redumbrella22 March, 2017

I used smoking to cope with mental illness too and so I know how hard it is to quit. 3 days for me it's hard but worth it. 40% of people with mental illness die from smoking related causes. We're not going to be another statistic!

19Mar2017 By firefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

13 days :)

I think i can breathe better...i think lol. Im an asthmatic so sometimes its not easy, and ive only just finished battling a lung infection so that could also be a reason why i feel i can breathe better, oh so frustrating. Still nice to smell better though.

Dont always like having my smelling senses back stronger though haha. I live with 2 boys and one grown up male my partner. Gosh they leave smells as kids do...i have 2 wax warmers going, air out the house every day, tell them to take their smelly socks off as soon as they walk in the door (mean mummy haha) and still i can smell it, didnt used to when i smoked.

Heres to 2 weeks smoke free tomorrow for me, yay

Profile image nanaturtle19 March, 2017

And Lamb with Mint sauce smells like Lamb&Mint sauce!! Mmmm....
Your breathing will be easier, 13days& Your blood pressure will be levelled too. There are so many things that improve, some are in very tiny steps, but all add up to improvements.
2weeks into the New life-Excellent🌸
Be patient πŸ‘
Stay Strong πŸ˜ƒ

Profile image Gavin19 March, 2017

If it looks like a duck.........

Profile image Nana2219 March, 2017

Oh i hear you about the smells firefoxy! Hubby is an avid hunter/gatherer, and i sure knew more than usual when he came back from a few days in the bush. lol
Advice? Lovely smelling handcreams and a special perfume to reward yourself for your awesome work quitting. The whole house will smell fabulous!

17Mar2017 By firefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 11

wow the days go fast. Sometimes i get excited ive gotten this far, but i know the nico-demon can jump at anytime so will just keep blogging like some of the guys i see on here do. Theres some really high numbers on here i see. At one point i think i got up to over a year without smoking and i started again. Dumb stuff, silly stress got to me.

I bought a fidget cube online to help myself to find something to do with my hands if anyone is struggling with that problem there are some available to buy here. Just search our normal online places.

Had to turn down a party yesterday, both of my friends smoke and i just couldnt face the smoking, but they both understood so was all good.

Profile image clarebear17 March, 2017

Doing great, odaat.

Profile image Woodsie17 March, 2017

Might have to look into the fidget cube, I'm smashing pens at a great note of knots! Hey there is plenty that have fallen over (i'm in that camp) but the important things is that we climbed back on the horse. Funny how that previous experience helps us this time. Each day gets a little easier and 11 days is fantastic. : )

Profile image donosti17 March, 2017

plenty of parties later on when you are ready

13Mar2017 By firefoxy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 7 probably the hardest this far....

arg!! why are people so annoying!!! they currently annoy me when they drive wrong, they chew wrong, speak out out of order, anything...today was one of the harder days.
Ive developed an ulcer on the side of my tongue from chewing my tongue when i think theres gum there when there isnt from stress haha, How bad is that.
Spent a lot of the afternoon getting quite grumpy at my poor partner. I think i mentioned wanting a ciggie about 10 times in about an hour...didnt give in but wow how can such a little stupid stick make me feel like this. So frustrating.
I seem to vent a lot randomly about things too, its my way of dealing with inside feelings so talking heaps to keep my mouth busy lol.

Profile image nana g13 March, 2017

Keep on keeping on, well done on getting to day 7. I must confess at about day 12 of my quit I threw a flower vase out the window onto the concrete path because the stupid flowers I was trying to put in it kept falling over. Smashed it to smithereens and I didnt see the cat till the next day lol.

Profile image GTMI13 March, 2017

Be proud of what you have achieved, it takes strength to get through that first week......put some toothpaste on that ulcer, maybe try leaving some gum under your tongue, and drink lots of water.....your going to have good days and bad, tomorrow will hopefully be a good one πŸ˜ƒ

Profile image Bluetui13 March, 2017

you doing ok. Re the tension stuff I had that and let lose with a tantum or 2. i think I used to smoke when i was mad about something but didn't want to upset anyone. When I gave up i had nothing to do so vented a bit more. But I;m glad to say that has all gone and the mood swings just don't happen. Keep it up. You can do this.

Profile image Gavin14 March, 2017

one week done, it only gets easier now, keep trucking along.

Profile image Ponytail16 March, 2017

Hey firefoxy, it's ok to be angry. You are transparent with your partner and that is awesome. It so cool when we get support from our nearest and dearest. My partner is also very supportive, not judging me or hassling me, just quietly encouraging me. How lucky :)