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19May2017 By 501usa  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Worked Costs out.

Going good. No smokes since 29th March.. Not even a puff. ..but do vape at the cost of $1,25 per day.
Can live with that puppy. No problem.
Better than what we used to do with 2 cartons,plus 2 or 3 x 50 pouches a fortnight plus extras packets depending on weekend or week.
Still go out with smoker friends at work & all good. Another smoker friend a work gave the vape a go and is doing grand- no patches
Gained weight but hey pretty happy with progress.
Have had bad weather in the Deep South & even not going out & doing the vape.
No smoking in cars now which is huge for us.
Rang quit line Tonite going to try lower patches & also lower dose pills
See how we go.

Profile image nanaturtle20 May, 2017

6weeks & You sound Proud!! And You should be!! Your Enthusiasm is evident 😃
Time for a treat? Yeah-just no smoking
You're doing Great
Stay strong 👍😃

Profile image GTMI20 May, 2017

You are doing really well, 6weeks is fantastic. You have put a plan in place and it is working for you, well done keep living by NOPE 😃

Profile image clarebear20 May, 2017

Keep up the good work, and keep up your guard. You are rocking this.

24Apr2017 By 501usa  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Grin & bear it

Hi u all. Funny old day for us. We both have bleeding gums, just in last few days.
Both did have problems prior to quitting with gums. Read some sites that advise it's the blood flow coming back so will roll with that along with mouth wash & maybe a dentist visit. Had a annual leave day, took it slow but sort of had an episode. Struggled to do luxing. Dizzy, heart racing, cold, Put self to be as other 1/2 away. Slept 3hours and just feel sluggish. Other half puffed day b4. Putting it down to body adjusting. Will come right. No smokes taken. Even down on Vapor today.
We have had a chat & still strong as no point going back to smokes as would now be fat smokers and no holiday fund. All good.

Profile image BillabongJon24 April, 2017

You're not the only one with bleeding gums, mine have also receeded. I smoke too much eh. Congratulations on your progress.

Profile image nanaturtle24 April, 2017

Keep Your eyes on the Prize!!
You two sound like a Great tag team-
Great work-👏 Stay Strong 👍😃🌟🌟

Profile image clarebear25 April, 2017

Yup, sore or bleeding gums seems quite common at the beginning. Good on you for grinning and bearing it. Its just a matter of quietly waiting for the hours, days, weeks to add up. You are doin so well.

Profile image Sammyy25 April, 2017

Great work. Yes the body and mind will need time for adjusting. Even if you feel sluggish and tired and don't seem to get much done, it's time well spent investing in your quit as these early day are the hardest. Each day you are smokefree will add up to your successful quit and you can start to enjoy your new life with renewed health and happiness. Stay strong 🌟🌟🌟

22Apr2017 By 501usa  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Both of us

My husband & I after 30 plus years of smoking decided to give it up.
We are both now 3 weeks in. Using Vapor, which I think helps me at work as able to go with smokers for breaks, patches (sleeping with patch on) , sleeping well & suck on the pills when required
Going pretty good but both have had a weight gain but have decided to worry about that puppy next.
Decided to aim for something with the savings & are putting the funds that we paid fortnightly for 2 cartons plus extras & 2 or 3 50g pouches to holiday fund & plan to go to USA next year
Good to see all the positive comments. We can do this.

Profile image sez12322 April, 2017

You can do this and great that you are both quitting together. Roll on the USA!

Profile image smokefreemep22 April, 2017

Good on you both, love your great attitude RE your weight.. thats the way.. one at a time youll get there 😊

Profile image nat22 April, 2017

Im nearly 2 month smokefree and feel good

Profile image 501usa22 April, 2017

Thanks for your support. I'm a bit concerned about advice given to put patches here ther & double up etc ,I had a friend that went to stop smoking group who advise I would need 3 patches plus & put them on yr feet, who makes these rules & tells people??? it's just not right ..The cost of Vapor is too dear.its 10% of what u spend smoking or it is for us.

Profile image Heatherb22 April, 2017

Great that you have both given up the smokes together and that you have a plan for a holiday which I'm sure will be a great incentive to remain smokefree. I've never vaped so know nothing about it but I did use patches and found 1 a day was more than enough and you take them off when you go to bed. There are different strengths for the patches depending on how many you smoked a day. Contact Quitlinethey will give you the best advice. Stay strong, ODAAT and NOPE

Profile image Bub4423 April, 2017

Good morning im sure you realise its the best decision ever to quit and both of you together well done....i was a smoker for 43yrs i have been quit for 2yrs and this is my first ever quit using NRT patches and lozenges...im a tad concerned that you sleep with the patches on it is advised to take it off an hour before bed and put a fresh one on each morning are you starting with the 21mg...in my early quit i slept with them on and started having such vivid horrid dreams it wasnt till i read to take them off at night after all we dont smoke whislt ew asleep...however its your quit and i wish you well and reap those saving rewards