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Had a very tuff weekend our old dog started having epileptic fits Saturday pretty freaky, we didnt know if she was gona come out of it a couple of times, she has been unwell for a while and yesterday took her to vet and had to have her put down I thought about having a smoke a few times over weekend, then yesterday I just thought im gona have to get some fags later this feels too hard .I kept putting it off and at one point I thought dont be so bloody selfish, if I pick up a smoke now my wife is gona think the stress of our sick dog pushed me over ,if anyone had reason to need some help in the situation its her not me as the dog was more hers than mine,anyway imglad I didnt, now ive got to watch myself when im over that as I often pick when things are going well as when theyare hard

Profile image pukeko24 August, 2010

Fagoff my deepest thoughts are with you and your family....I have been there as my tears start to fall for you I am so proud of ...you! Deep breathe ..when you are able.venture out,,,...look to the moon..she is pretty damn beautiful tonight..you choose a star.......for you & that very special dog she is special........just like you! I planted a punga & a rose....they have both not stopped flowering my tears are with you>>>>>>>>>>>>> we are all here ....for you.......they are part of our family .so grieve.........that is just a little bit of you! MY thoughts are very much with you............

Profile image steve7624 August, 2010

Funny thing you say about being selfish, Ive had a drama lately with my wife too and it was harder on her than me, yet I wanted to jump over the edge. In truth mate, I think we are just good old fashioned blokes that get really stressed when things are not right with our 'Jane'. I know things get tough for all of us but I really think we have gone too far to turn back now. I dont think I could go through that first few weeks again and I guess as much as I would still love a ciggie, I think that more than anything keeps me going.

Profile image mandykoo25 August, 2010

Fagoff, my thoughts are with you. It is truly awful when a beloved pet is ill ... and you are being so strong and supportive of your wife. You are doing soooooooooo well not smoking through all of it!!!!!!!!

Profile image fagoff25 August, 2010

Thanks for your great comments guys it means a lot.Brent