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day two almost over

Hi everyone,

Hope you all have had a lovely SMOKEFREE DAY :) Weather not been so great in Chch today. Wheres that sun gone? Also felt aftershock for the first time in ages,was 4.2.

Day one done and dusted yayy!! slept really well last night was very suprised. Although did notice woke up sweating at one part (I hope its just the toxins leaving my body). Cravings haven't been bad at all, not as bad was excepting anywho so thats great.

Love coming on here reading all your inspirational post. they help HEAPS. Have spent a few hours on here already and its only day two perhaps this will be my new addiction replacing the ciggies LOL

Are you meant to do 8 or 12 weeks on the patches? just curious as when received my quipack from quitline was only for 8 weeks have four weeks supply then pick repeat up from phamacy for another 4 weeks? Will I have to order another 4 weeks though quitline when I make it to that point?

Have a lovely smokefree evening all.

No doubt i'll be back for another read before bed tonight


Profile image Quitline9 November, 2011

Hi Oaty,

It is up to you whether you use the patches for 8 weeks or 12 weeks.

It might be a good idea to think of it as an 8 week programme but if you reach the 6 or 7 week mark and feel that you might need a little bit more support then give Quitline a call on 0800 778 778 and speak with an advisor to order another 4 weeks worth of the same dose patches.

Please remember that it takes 5-7 working days for the quitcard that we send to arrive in the mail so make sure you call before you run out of patches if you plan on using them beyond 8 weeks.

Congratulations on reaching the end of day 1!

Online Quit Advisor

Profile image clarence the cat9 November, 2011

Hi Oaty. Well Done to get day 1 over and done and day 2 almost dealt with as well!!
Keep up the good work. ODAAT

Profile image rainbowfish9 November, 2011

Heya Oaty, well done on your first 2 days! The sweats, yes part of the body expelling the toxins so think of it as a good thing. These blogs are great, and addictive! My hubby has had to upgrade our broadband package because of the extra time I now spend on the computer:)

Profile image Round410 November, 2011

Great work - I have just quit too, and have been smoke free for a week now. The first week is definitely the hardest so keep up the positive attitude and say no to those cravings!!