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14Nov2011 By Oaty22  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

absouletly guttered right now

I now have a 30g in my possesion!!!!

brother in law & sister called round this arvo. brother in law was drinking..... offered me a can of burbon... start drinking it then got strong pangs,,,,I then asked him for a smoke to which he gave me one (didnt know I had given up) ,,,,so you guessed it I smoked it grrrrrr then before you know it within the short hour or 2 they was here I had 3 smokes.then after they left went and bought a 30g .......so angry with myself right now 6 and a half days down the drain :((( Shouldn't of had the burbon.

sorry guys,

keep trucking along.

Will join you all again soon

Profile image aufgehalten rauchen14 November, 2011

Hey Oaty, the only person that will be angry will be yourself, we have all been there, just get yourself prepared and we will be here for you.

Profile image gerit14 November, 2011

Ah Oaty nothing is wasted, we'll be here when your are ready to board the bus again. When you start the quit journey it's like getting a lifetime bus pass, no matter how many times you hop off you can always get back on, you just need to make the decision to do it. See you soon.

Profile image gerit14 November, 2011

Sorry meant to add the longer you are on the bus the the more you notice how nice the scenery and air is away from the exhaust fumes at the road side

Profile image craig197514 November, 2011

mate we all been there and i am still there , and honeslty embarassed to even post here , having failed to give up numerous times, but i think thats the point, it wants u to be embarassed, lie down be ashamed like your really bad. well i say no your not bad nor am I its the addcition not you, its the nicodemon telling you your not good enough, get angry sure get angry at that, dont beat yourselrf up. Be Kind to yourself - releasie that you can now start to see whats going on and not blindly follow this addiction and thats good right?

Profile image clarence the cat14 November, 2011

OK. So you slipped up. Get back on the bus now and continue your journey. Of course you have to want to do it. We are all here to support you.

Profile image rainbowfish14 November, 2011

Hi Oaty, I agree that nothing is wasted. It is all part of the journey and every time we slip it seems to reinforce our commitment to quit. You signed off your blog saying you'll join us again soon, so there you go, you're not giving up. Do what's right for you, be kind to yourself and remember that you've always got a support group here for you.

Profile image Hunnybun14 November, 2011

HI Oaty

I was into my 6th day smoke free, few stress's and family issues, I was really mad at myself as I was six days smoke free, when I feel off the bus I really cut back to 3 a day. I have had 1 smoke today and really regret it as it was still one silly smoke that means I have not been smoke free today.
give yourself time and rethink. We can not always be too hard on ourselves as we are trying to bet an addiction.

Profile image hadenuf14 November, 2011

Dont be to hard on yourself Oaty, Rome wasnt built in a day. When u are ready, you will jump back on the bus.
I havent been shy about telling my visitors about my quiting and i have found that they tend to move away to smoke, not that it matters coz I can now smell the neighbour when he lights up.
I feel if I tell my guest about my quiting, I wont dare ask for a fag.

Profile image Pamz270314 November, 2011

Hey Otay, I agree with everyone don't beat yourself up about it, it mite take 100 times to quit but keep trying you will get there

Profile image no more smokes14 November, 2011

Get back on the bus Oaty you can do it! Try again!
we all have these slips dont dwell on it to long, Rainbowfish took a we minute to think and Raaaa! shes away, im sure you can do the same if you really want this. where here to support you
Good luck