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19Jan2016 By Julia C  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 500 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 500 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 15000
Total savings: $13,450.00

Wow. I'm so glad to see those figures still there. Yesterday morning I came close to having one. I finished the coming out at work process by emailing the overseas people I work directly with to let them know I am now Julia. After sending that I stressed out and walked outside and into smoker's corner. Nicodemon was with me, and "Special circumstances, just one today can't hurt" was in my mind.

Luckily no smokers were there, I sat and thought, asking myself why, just when I've finally got my life right, do I suddenly want to return to the destructive tobacco addiction? After a while I got up and returned to the office. At lunchtime I went to The Warehouse and bought some nice summer tops in the end of season clearance sale with the money that would have bought a 30 pack of cigarettes. I'll still have the tops long after the cigarettes would have been butts in the ashtray of history.

500 days, still smoke free and still looking good.

Last night more stand-up at an open mic that is normally only to other comedians. A friend from work was there with her husband and I tried out some new material. Another comedian had some friends of hers there to and they started laughing at bits of my material where I wasn't expecting much reaction in that room. Nice to know I can hit the mark.

Afterwards, no desire for a smoke. Long may it last.

Profile image nanaturtle19 January, 2016

Congratulations Julia on many counts. You resisted the nicodemon-he may GO now!
You have completed your transition&
made the 5hundy club!!
Be Proud-you Rock
Stay strong :-)★★★

Profile image GTMI19 January, 2016

Amazing stats Julia :)

Profile image clarence the cat19 January, 2016

I so hate those "one won't hurt" moments. We all know that it would undo all our hard work and yet from time to time up pops the thought. Good on you for being so strong!! I love your numbers.

Profile image Elevtheria19 January, 2016

Hey Julia :) What can I say - you are so strong and a massive inspiration. I take my hat off at your courage and even more so for not smoking. Congratulations on your 500 days, very well done. Take care my dear friend - one of these days I definitely need to come and see you. Will message you on FB. Have a great day xxx

Profile image Darren19 January, 2016

A little scary to read that you almost had a cigarette, I always think of you when I think about my own quit and how you have done it with no fails. Congrats on the 500 days. What a milestone, go buy some more clothes to celebrate!! On a side note 15,000 cigarettes is almost unthinkable really isn't it. Imagine them all just on the ground all around you there would be piles and piles of them...

Profile image Nana2219 January, 2016

Haven't much time, but i knew this was coming up for you Julia.
A massive congrats on attaining the 5 Hundy! With all you've been coping with, you have stayed true to your quit.....and true to yourself by coming out.
There really aren't the right words to convey my admiration and pride for you.
Way to go Julia!
Have an awesome day!

Profile image PSPSP19 January, 2016

Congratulations Julia on reaching 500.

I do not think it was scary that you came close to having a cigarette. The fact is that you didn't.

Profile image Thunderbirds are go19 January, 2016

Congrats to you Julia. 500 days quit! Woohoo! A great milestone ... well, two actually. Now the work emails are completed you can celebrate 2 great achievements :))

Profile image Julia C19 January, 2016

Thanks everyone for all the kind words.

I scared myself a bit, but I'm unlikely to meet that level of stress again in the foreseeable future.

As others have pointed out I didn't smoke. Would I have actually smoked had one been to hand? We'll never know, I like tgo think I wouldn't have so we'll leave it there.

@Nana22 Glad to hear from you. Hope you're OK & just busy.

@Darren Please don't place me on a pedestal. I'm just another addict living my quit one day at a time. You will earn your own quit your way.

Profile image Bub4419 January, 2016

Congrats on your exceptional days

Profile image Captain19 January, 2016

Well done julia, 500 seems so far away for us newbie's. It's nice to have roll models on our quit journey.

Profile image Ladylene20 January, 2016

Wow thats amazing! Go you good thing ... congratulations on reaching the 500 Club!!!!

Profile image Calmwaters20 January, 2016

Congrats Julia. Exceptional looking stats, well done!!

Profile image Kathry21 January, 2016

Well done both on your stats and the way you are moving through huge change and challenge. Extra well done on the stand up and making such a connection with the audience. I also love the way you faced nicodemon down and shopped! Keep it up.