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Devilishly Good Stats: 666 days, 20,000 Cigarettes, 200 blogs

Sometime today I will hit the 20,000 cigarette mark (I was doing 30 a day at the end).

This is my 200th blog post.

Smokefree days: 666 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 19980
Total savings: $17,915.40

Back on Saturday 6th September 2014 I doubted I would last the day, by the Monday I still doubted I would last the day, Tuesday I doubted I the week.

Since then it has been one day at a time and an almost perfect NOPE. I still get cravings and temptations. I'm not proud of any of those but they have served to tell me that I have to stick to NOPE as I can not be a casual smoker ... I'd very quickly get back to 30 a day.

Profile image Bub443 July, 2016

you be proud of those devilishly good stats...you have always been a wonderful inspiration and a true supporter to me....i too still have the those smoking thoughts...keepwarm and takecare :)

Profile image Hollie3 July, 2016

Those days are very quickly stacking up but look at the number of cigs NOT smoked.
Well done, be proud and celebrate

Profile image Thyme4me3 July, 2016

Inspiring as ever Julia. Loving those devilish numbers what an achievement You have every right to be super proud I am proud of you👍

Profile image GTMI3 July, 2016

Devilishly good stats there Julia 😈

Profile image AXL3 July, 2016

Great stats Julia. You've done so well. So proud of you.

Profile image Kathry3 July, 2016

Well done. Fantastic stats.

Profile image smokefreemep3 July, 2016

Well done Julia your amazing 💕

Profile image nanaturtle3 July, 2016

Proud of You Julia-and from other Quitters,
Thank You. Your support is always encouraging. 20,000 cigarettes, I wonder how long that would be, end to end? More Devilish numbers!! ✌💓🌸

Profile image Nana223 July, 2016

Very wicked numbers Julia. I know exactly what you mean....we can NEVER take smokefreedom for granted.
Thanks so much for the support you still offer here. It is much appreciated.
Have a nicely naughty day! lol

Profile image Mr Lefty .3 July, 2016

Its an Omen ,,,,,👀 👍

Profile image Julia C3 July, 2016

Thanks everyone.

Nana22 - king size cigarettes are 84mm long, so 20,000 of them would be 1,680 metres, or a little over 1 mile

Profile image Brian Wang4 July, 2016

Nice number ~~~~ :)

Profile image Maanu4 July, 2016

Great stats devilishly good. today is day 667 and you know what 667 is don't you, yes that's right "THE NEIGHBOR OF THE BEAST"

Well done J.C. keep up the good works

Profile image SusyQ7 July, 2016

Awesome Julia! Star!