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Lightheaded and dizzyness

So Im on day 9 cold turkey.Cough is easing but noticed as I was cleaning my house I got VERY light headed,to the point I had to sid down and take deep breaths.Hard to explain the feeling exactly.I was seeing stars and finding it hard to concentrate properly.All I was doing was vacuuming which has never been a hard task for me.It took me a good 10 minutes to come right.Needless to say,I was wondering if anyone else has ever had symptoms like this.And if so do you have any remedies?My job can be physically demanding and I cant afford to be sitting down and waiting to come right every ten minutes.Thanks in advance :)

Profile image Woodsie17 February, 2017

A friend that's a nurse told me the cough was the lungs healing. Shucks ,mine must of healed a whole lot! Haven't had light headedness though. I wouldn't read too much into it as it is doubtful it is a withdrawal symptom. If it happens again it may be a trip to the doctor? Light headedness and dizziness may be a heart thing (may not either). Well done on 9 days

Profile image Sheryl17 February, 2017

i was light headed and i went cold turkey as well it really depends on how much you used to smoke but i would say it is normal i was getting this for up to 3 weeks and i went to doc about it and they just told me just to rest up and take it easy untill it dose also keep up drinking water so i found now when i start getting light headed i drink some water and it helps alot give it a go and see what happens

Profile image Kumera17 February, 2017

Hmmmm i think it may time for you to go to doctors it sounds from what you are describing you have had a massive drop in bood pressure, just go and get checked make sure every thing is still where it should be.

Profile image Kumera17 February, 2017

Better safe than sorry.

Profile image Lizzy20 February, 2017

It would be a good idea to get these symptoms checked out