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Day 5

Hi all am on day five now and have to say today is the worst one yet but still trying to stay strong but is hard is anyone else going thro a sugar craze lol i am never really been a sweet tooth but now eating a chocolate bar every night if i keep this up will be smoke free but weigh 500 pounds had a very small appetite when i smoked seems am eating more

Profile image RCIKT17 February, 2017

Not so much just sugary treats for me.Its just food food food allll the time.I think this is normal lol.

Profile image Woodsie17 February, 2017

Same problem, but they can always paint bright colour stripes on us, and call us beach balls ; )
At the end of the day when you have the smokes out of the system,you'll breathe better and losing weight won't be a problem.

Profile image suzieque17 February, 2017

haha i like that thanks needed a chuckle lol

Profile image Sheryl17 February, 2017

yes food is amazing but one step at a time dont worry about the food eating right now give it a month and you will prob go back to normal with your eating i know i have done that im on day 33 and its been a tough run but so worth it and the food eating has slown down to keep up the good work :)

Profile image GTMI17 February, 2017

Your doing great, your sugar craving a bit because there is sugar in ciggys, eat chocolate, and walk it back off for fun lol