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fifth day , phew!

7:56pm Friday on the fifth day of my quit.
I went nicotine free until I just, well got irritable, angry, uncomfortable, grumpy, and in general , just not nice!
So my husband suggested that I put a patch on when he got home. It was actually a very good idea. Then after a while, I added a lozenger , I'm almost calm again. actually, I'm calm enough to know i'm back on top of being smokefree.
I'm so grateful to hubby for letting me be angry and not taking it personally. I have apoligised and I have thanked him for suggesting the patch.
And being able to blog helps so much. Sharing with others who have been here too, really helps. and I actually know I won't smoke today now that I have spent this time blogging. thank you to all that read this. Have a calm smokefree evening friends.

Profile image GTMI21 April, 2017

5days is great Tropicanna, I'm pleased your feeling better now with a patch on, there is no rush to becoming nicotine free, baby steps, stay strong NOPE 😀

Profile image Lizzy21 April, 2017

Hi Tropicana, I can so understand where you are coming from with the emotions and this seems to be quite normal for many of us. I used the lozenges for about 6 weeks but only when I felt the need, some days only one or two and on others more. However I slapped a patch on every morning for 100 days and even kept a spare in my handbag. There is no rush to be nicotine free in the early days so take your time and give yourself the best chance to stay quit. I'm almost at 300 days now after 35 + years of smoking. You CAN do this too ODAAT or hour or minute 😊

Profile image clarebear21 April, 2017

Yup, ; whatever works. NRT rocks I reckon. Keep up the good work, ODAAT

Profile image donosti21 April, 2017

Do not rush it... i used lozenges around 10 weeks at the begining, just had my first breathday last month, worth the wait

Profile image Tropicanna21 April, 2017

Thanks quit-friends, thanks for the supportive information. every bit helps.

Profile image Julia C22 April, 2017

Stay on the NRT for a few months if you need it. It's bad, but nowhere near as bad as smoking is for you.

We see a lot of people here who quit the smoking then get nervous about the nicotine (patches, lozenges, gum) and try to quit that too early. Then they go quiet until a few days or weeks later when they reset to day zero.

Profile image Enya122 April, 2017

Hi, four days today for me. I'm too scared to not use patches though, and sometimes gum. Let's support each other...

Profile image Blondene22 April, 2017

Hubby are great that way very understanding and what a great idea to put a patch on...there's no shame when dealing with this addiction...keep on going it does get easier but even now I can still have the odd craving can't really expect them to go away straight away when were dealing with the issue that we used to take in smokes and nicotine every hour...keep going its worth it!😊😆💪💪

Profile image Nana2222 April, 2017

6th day today Tropicanna! Fantastic. 1 more sleep to your first week.
I agree with Julia. If the patches help - don't be in a hurry to stop them. It is very early days, and they will help take the edge off while you work on making new habits and build confidence. If they work for you, there's no sense shooting yourself in the foot.
You're doing great Tropicanna. Stay strong and keep going.