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Hard to kick

Update: I started smoking again. My mental health got too bad, I was really really depressed. I think I did learn from the three weeks I quit and smoking doesn't seem like a great thing now, more a curse I'm stuck with until I have the strength and love for my self to give smoke free life another go. To you out there quitting I commend you. Smoking is not great it's a crappy poisonous addiction I wish I was free from.

Profile image BillabongJon22 April, 2017

Hi, have you tried NRT? Seems to do the trick for me as we all know you can't smoke while you have the patch or you probably pass out sick.
Smoking is crazy but there is a way out. Your time will come and you'll be better off on the other end of this road to smokefreedom.

Profile image Tropicanna22 April, 2017

Stop kicking yourself while you are down. You will be ready to quit again soon. The NRT is very helpful.
your last quit was for three weeks? That is awesome. Really well done.

Profile image smokefreemep22 April, 2017

Hey Red, smoking is absolutely poison eh.. in every way. I remember being sick of smoking and thinking "imagine if I put as much dedication into my health and fitness as I do smoking id be super fit! I am super fit and Kicking Nicdemons butt is the best decision iv ever stuck with! I cant tell people there is a certain way to quit and Im still struggling myself lately after 2 years cold turkey but I guess the key to being a non smoker is NOPE. If we dont puff we are successful eh? Anyway.. wishing you all the best to get to where you want to be, all the best with your smoke free personal development xx💕

Profile image Blondene22 April, 2017

There comes a point at rock bottom with smoking that you realise the best thing is to quit...don't be too hard on yourself start again when you are ready...my quit right now came after mutiple fails at xt one point I couldn't make it thru to 3 days I felt useless but would start again the next day never knowing if that quit would be the one...you can break free!😊😆💪💪