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19May2017 By Calmwaters  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 19

Wowsers I am seriously considering stopping in at the dairy on my way home from work and buy a packet of smokes. In my wisdom I thought it prudent I blog instead. Good idea perhaps? I am strong but some of these waves of cravings are whoppers!

NOPE and ODAAT arghhhhh

Profile image Blondene19 May, 2017

do yourself a favour and forget that corner stop shop....you've come too far with this quit and you would lose too much...don't give into the crave its not worth it..remember the more you fight and resist the weaker he gets...hang in there!😊💪💪

Profile image Nana2219 May, 2017

Oh no you don't CW. Your first instinct to blog is so much better.
Those cravings might be whoppers.....but you've already proved that you are stronger, and have what it takes. Remember that first week?
You need to shut this down. Right here. Right now. Fill your head with whatever else.....but do NOT start negotiating with the nicodemon.
You drive right on past the dairy, and start planning what you're going to do this weekend.
You got this Hun. And we've got your back.
Stay strong. NOPE, ODAAT, 4D's. That's what's needed.

Profile image Leisaclare19 May, 2017

Have a coffee instead. You wont die if you dont have a smoke. Nothing bad will happen if you dont smoke.

Profile image nanaturtle19 May, 2017

Go the long way round& LAUGH out loud, at nicodemon! This is NOT an option anymore
NOPE all the time, everyday!
Stay strong Hun,
You done Good blogging 👍

Profile image clarebear19 May, 2017


Good on ya for riding the crave wave.

Profile image GTMI19 May, 2017

These guys have it covered CW, if we are ever to beat this addiction we must live by NOPE, don't waste those hard earned days, I know that you want to be smokefree.

Profile image Calmwaters19 May, 2017

Just to clarify I didn't buy any I'm still grumpy but still smokefree xx tanks for support today

Profile image GTMI19 May, 2017

Good girl ❤️ You can be as grumpy as you like so long as your smokefree xx

Profile image nanaturtle19 May, 2017

👍 be Proud!
Done Good today 😃

Profile image Ahhh that's better19 May, 2017

Y'know what really helps us - go to youtube and search for a doco ..any doco ..on " Big Tobacco " - watch one of those babies and you'll find not giving $$$ to those rsoles REALLY easy

Profile image Leisaclare20 May, 2017

Yay you did it. Well done and yep you can be grumpy just dont hit no one.

Profile image clarence the cat20 May, 2017

Well done Calmwaters. As Nanturtle says, go the long way round. Smokes are no longer an option for you.

Profile image Mr Lefty .20 May, 2017

NO ,,,,, Is a complete sentence ! 😘

Profile image nanaturtle20 May, 2017

KaPow!!! .... MR. Lefty has sent advice!!
Good Advice-Stay strong girl, Don't need them anymore!! NO!!

Profile image Julia C20 May, 2017

Congratulations on resisting.