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20May2017 By AXL  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 1000 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1000 days
Grams NOT smoked: 10000
Total savings: $18,135.26

I've finally reached the Millinium!

I can remember the first time I logged on to the Quitline blogs and was in awe of people who had quit for 10, 50, 100 days let alone 1000 days.

Seeing their stats motivated me to strive to post the same stats in the future as they had.
From day one of my quit I read and wrote blogs every day for months on end. So many inspired me (and I hope I inspired even just one) to succeed.

To list all that inspired me would be nearly an impossible task to undertake. Put it this way, if you commented on any of my posts (positive and even the occasional negative) I thank you.

There are a few special people I'd like to thank personally but in case I forget to mention anyone who deserves it I will not do so. However I'm sure you know who you are.

To all you newbies, I urge you to use this blog site often. You will get heaps of inspiration and advice here. Read blogs and write blogs. Commenting on others blogs not only inspires others but it also gives you a "feel good" feeling knowing that even just one comment you have posted may be the one that inspires and reinforces their determination to succeed.

I no longer need to be on the blogs anymore because I know for a fact that I will never smoke again however I will still be lurking though to see all your progresses and congratulating you on your major milestones. You can't get rid of AXL that easily lol.

As some of you know my mantra that I started using 1000 days ago was "I will not be beaten".

Guess what Nicodemon? After 38 years of being addicted to you I finally kicked your butt!

Take care my "quit family" and have a happy smokefree day😁😃😎


Profile image Bub4420 May, 2017

AXL your the "Man" congratulations 1000 days i remember my first ever blog you were the first to comment you have inspired me from day one .Thankyou...enjoy your day go out and treat yourself in style...

Profile image Felix20 May, 2017

Hi Axl ... I remember when you started great to see you have accomplished this stat, you have definitely conquered this and congratulate you, yes when you get up to these sort of numbers you know this addiction has been kicked in the butt, but also are ready for anything that may sway you .... Fantastic achievement .... Felixstowe 👍👏😊

Profile image Felix20 May, 2017

Damn predictive .... Meant Felix

Profile image GTMI20 May, 2017

You are absolutely amazing and I'm soooo proud of you Axl, what a momentous achievement, you were the first to ever blog on my page and believe me a connection was made straight away, great friends are made from this site and I believe you have been a friend to so many of us, have an amazing day, I hope you have something special planned for this occasion, love you lots, Sybil xx

Profile image Janet G20 May, 2017

Congratulations Axl 😁 🎉🎈🥂🎂🎈🎊👍💪
Fantastic to read your blog, and see those massive stats!! 1,000 days is awesome!!
I really hope you are giving yourself a well deserved treat for your success..

Profile image Murphy500020 May, 2017

Epic numbers Axl, a well deserved celebration in store I hope 👍🎉🎈🌻💪✔️

Profile image Nana2220 May, 2017

There is nothing that could have kept me away for this!
A massive congrats my friend on the big 1000!
I even have leaking eyes when i think of all the battles you've fought in those early, so tough days. I couldn't be more proud!
Thank you so much for the unwaivering support you have always given to me. At times it was the only thing between smoking, or not smoking, for me.
For that reason there will always be just a little part of you that i keep with me. (And i'm keeping a good part!)
Have a very awesome day quit buddy......and continue to celebrate those smokefree achievements.
Lots of love & hugs xoxo

Profile image Leisaclare20 May, 2017

Wow 1000th day and 18000 grand not spent on cigarettes. Awesomeness. You must be feeling like your on top of the world.

Profile image clarence the cat20 May, 2017

Congratulations AXL. I remember your early days and you have accomplished what you set out to do. I am so pleased to read your confident SMOKEFREE blog. Quitline sure gives us the confidence to achieve moments like yours. Enjoy your SMOKEFREE healthier life AXL. Cheers

Profile image Mr Lefty .20 May, 2017

Legend , Onya Mate 🤗 . Think Peppermints . Go well .

Profile image nanaturtle20 May, 2017

tick tick tick-What else is there? PRIDE to be Free :))
Have a great weekend AXL
P.S. Crusaders won last night-Thats all LOL!

Profile image Blondene20 May, 2017

1000 pure smokefree days...total admiration following you as usual...doing proud axl real proud!😊😆💪💪

Profile image Hollie20 May, 2017

Wow super proud of you.

Hope you having a well deserved celebration - oysters and wine.

Congratulations and best wishes from a snowy cold Dunedin.


Profile image clarebear20 May, 2017

Mate, (and you are a mate) I am so proud of you. I think I first met you when you were heading for your first year, and look at you now - 1000 days!!!!!
I really hope you do keep popping in here to QL, I know I find your steadiness and stubbornness inspiring. x

Profile image Lisajane20 May, 2017

Well done axl so proud of you

Profile image Kevz120 May, 2017

Well done there AXL, you have been a big support and inspiration to many. All the best in the future

Profile image Julia C20 May, 2017

Over the last 1,000 days so many others have fallen by the wayside but you have continued and succeeded.

Thanks for your support and for your example. Congratulations and best wishes for your future wherever it takes you.

Profile image Maanu6 days ago

Oarsome dude. Well done. Great blog. 1000 Days is fantastic.

Profile image Brian Wang6 days ago

Well done, AXL :)

Profile image smokefreemep5 days ago

Im damn proud of you Uncle 💞

Profile image Darren11 hours ago

Well done mate, nice to see you have gotten so far with no hiccups. An inspiration.