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From 1 November 2015, the Quitline smoking cessation service is going to be provided by Homecare Medical Limited as part of broader helpline services. Homecare Medical intend to continue offering the same quit smoking support through the phone, text, website and email on the same phone number and website you use now.

If you would like to know more about Homecare Medical, please visit If you would like more information about this change, please visit the Ministry of Health’s website

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Stats Update: 160 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 160 days Grams NOT smoked: 1372 Total savings: $1,988.00 Morning quit family. Well tomorrow… read more

Thu 8 October 4:53 By jakethemuss


I have tried almost 6-7 times to quit and would usually only last a few hours. Now i am proud to say… read more

Thu 8 October 1:44 By EmmJay

Me 19 Days smoke free and my Husband 2 Days smoke free.

Hi Quit line family. It's one day at a time for my husband and myself. Just want to say. We are both… read more

Wed 7 October 20:58 By Fee.Posts