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"It's such a big help being able to blog when the cravings hit, then if they hit again to go back and read all the supportive comments. That's how I got through my first week and how I will keep getting through. You can do it we are all behind you pushing you towards your goal and all around you protecting you from the nico demon."
- blogger Icemaiden

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Day 4

I made it through day 3! Which means I am halfway through my first week of quitting. I had heaps to do… read more

Sat 26 July 14:57 By nuunuu


Finally got closure with my ex. We were engaged to be married back in 2012. Slowly we drifted apart and… read more

Sat 26 July 13:48 By Maanu | 2 comments

Stats Update: 1 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1 days Cigarettes NOT smoked: 25 Total savings: $25.00 Sad but true )-8 Was smokefree… read more

Sat 26 July 12:47 By Maanu | 9 comments