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From 1 November 2015, the Quitline smoking cessation service is going to be provided by Homecare Medical Limited as part of broader helpline services. Homecare Medical intend to continue offering the same quit smoking support through the phone, text, and website on the same phone number and website you use now.

If you would like to know more about Homecare Medical, please visit If you would like more information about this change, please visit the Ministry of Health’s website

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Day 3

Still going OK, the weekend passed really fast and was occupied with the 'grandie' who by the was is… read more

Mon 30 November 18:48 By NanaB | 2 comments

Singing Lady and Gavin

Are you guys okay. Haven't seen you for a while. If you have fallen over...please don't give up on quitting.… read more

Mon 30 November 15:44 By Nana22 | 5 comments

Every Smoke Free Day is a Milestone!

60 days on and NOPE and yes, I've become "One of those non smokers". I think you have to really as its… read more

Mon 30 November 14:54 By Nosmo King | 3 comments