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"Start small, don't scare yourself or make it seem impossible, it really is possible. If you try and fail, you are not weak, just try again. To get to where I am now took about 10 failed attempts.

Remember when life seems so stressful and all you want to do is buy a pack of smokes, remember that you have one amazing accomplishment... you are smoke free!"

- Quitline blogger 'eightyeight'

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Stats Update: 14 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 14 days Grams NOT smoked: 140 Total savings: $210.00

Tue 27 January 18:22 By angie.w | 2 comments

If I had stuck to quitting here would of been my stats

Smokefree days: 885 days Grams NOT smoked: 6322 Total savings: $6,985.00

Tue 27 January 17:42 By robbie | 1 comment

156 days smokefree.

I'm feeling quite sad. My dad is 81 and had a fall about 18 months ago. He suffered a head injury and… read more

Tue 27 January 16:55 By Axl231261 | 4 comments