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Our latest advertising campaign, Crayons, was developed by Māori Television in August 2014. It targets people in high smoking prevalence populations and aims to  encourage quitting  by showing the negative impact smoking has on children. The campaign focuses on children who come from a loving, happy home in which the adults around them smoke. As a result, the children believe smoking is normal. We see them mimicking the adults smoking using crayons as they amusingly pretend to blow out smoke and light their crayons.

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Stoptober - Day 21

Only three weeks and I feel like I've honestly forgotten half the time that I even smoked! I'm getting… read more

Tue 21 October 23:11 By Unis

Just checking in

Have had a few more attempts this past week. I get to about 15-20 hours in then cave each time. I decided… read more

Tue 21 October 22:15 By Calmwaters | 4 comments

Come a long way but so much further still to go

One of the things I'm finding on Quit-line is that when I read postings by those who are just quitting… read more

Tue 21 October 21:28 By Bruce C | 8 comments