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"It's such a big help being able to blog when the cravings hit, then if they hit again to go back and read all the supportive comments. That's how I got through my first week and how I will keep getting through. You can do it we are all behind you pushing you towards your goal and all around you protecting you from the nico demon."
- blogger Icemaiden

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Movie Soundtracks..

.. Don't you just love them?? I do; I know I should be talking about smoking; but more and more I am… read more

Fri 25 July 15:59 By Blondene | 1 comment

A huge thank you ....

Yesterday was an incredibly tough day and quite possibly, the worst day of my quit so far. I didn't smoke… read more

Fri 25 July 14:31 By Angie | 6 comments

Head Noise

There is incessant chattering in my head today. Can any of you hear that racket? I'm sure you all know… read more

Fri 25 July 14:10 By Nana22 | 4 comments