TV campaigns

The Last Dance - 2013

Launched in December 2013, this television campaign is adapted from the Quit Victoria Last Dance advertising campaign and shows the harsh reality that faces many long term smokers. The video depicts a very sick man on oxygen who rises from his hospital bed to share a ‘last dance’ with his wife to the song ‘Que Sera, Sera’ as their son watches on. The main message of this campaign is encourage smokers that ‘What will be, doesn't have to be’. By calling Quitline, people who smoke can get help to quit the addiction before it's too late.

View the original Quit Victoria ad below:

The Last Dance - Quit Victoria


Did you know? Campaign - 2013

Launched on 3 November 2013, our Did You Know? campaign provides information on Quitline and the quitting process and promotes the services and support that Quitline can offer to someone who wants to stop smoking. It features a number of our Quitline Advisors talking about the various aspects of support.

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Our Services





Using Medication

 We also have videos available for local Health providers and other stakeholders to use:

Stakeholder video


Quitline Services montage


Behind the scenes
We also made a number of behind the scenes videos with our featured Advisors:

Jerri's story


Dom's Story

Dave's Story



The moment I knew...Campaign - 2013

Launched on 1 July 2013, ‘The moment I knew…’ Campaign features three real people – Sandy, Carl and Josie – who share the moments when they realised they had to quit smoking. The campaign aims to prompt smokers to find their reason to stop smoking and seek help from Quitline. The ads end with a piece to camera by Quitline CEO Paula Snowden, encouraging smokers who know it’s time to quit to contact Quitline. The end frame displays Quitline’s contact details.

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The moment I knew...

 Click here to read more about the people who feature in our ads.


Matariki 2013

Quitline featured a special television ad for Matariki 2013 which focused on quitting smoking for tamariki.



Chads Chambers' Quitting Journey

During 2012-2013 Quitline featured Chad Chambers, winner of Maori TV's Homai Te Pakipaki, in a series of TV ads on Maori TV. These ads followed Chad's journey as he quit smoking. Click here to see the campaign.


Refreshed Ads Oct-Nov 2012

Advertisements in English

Lung cancer




100 dollars




Advertisments in Maori




100 Dollars


5 times



The 'New You' Campaign 2012

Quitline’s advertising campaign the New You showed six of our clients using Quitline services (e.g. one person uses the phone, one the blogs, another QuitStats and another Txt2Quit). As each person uses the Quitline service, we see them leaving their ‘old self’ behind and transforming into their new happy smokefree self. There are both English and Maori versions of the advertisements. Messages in the core advertisements will be reinforced by a series of 15 second advertisements.

During the taping of these ads, the clients were interviewed for their story about how and why they used to smoke. To view these interviews, visit our Quit Smoking Stories page.



The New You Campaign - April 2012

Advertisements in English

Online focused advertisement


Phone focused advertisement


View our behind-the-scenes interviews with the people in these ads by visiting the our Quit Smoking Stories page.


Advertisements in Maori





Fifteen Second Advertisements about our different online tools




Quit Blogs

Quit Stats


Phone and online 

Reuse our services




Chad's challenge to become the New You

Winner of Māori TV’s talent show Homai Te Pakipaki, Chad Chambers (Ngāti Porou), stars in a campaign on Māori TV that challenges people to quit smoking with him. Much like the video diaries Quitline broadcast a few years ago, the campaign follows Chad's quitting journey as he gets help through Quitline. The campaign is currently being shown during the ad breaks of Homai Te Pakipaki.

Click here to see the Maori TV campaign



'Don't Give up, Quit.' Campaign for 2011

The 'Don't Give up, Quit.' Campaign was launched in January 2011 coinciding with both the New Year and the January tax increase on tobacco products. The campaign reinforces the fact that in 2010, 11,000 New Zealanders successfully quit smoking with help from the Quitline. The message to all smokers is that every hour a kiwi successfully quits smoking. The ads encourage everyone to make this their hour and get in touch - It's the very best way to turn that New Year's resolution into a reality.

You can view this advert by clicking the image below.

Advert 1Advert 2Advert 3

Pregnancy Campaign

The Pregnancy campaign advertisement was created for winter 2009, and features real Quitline advisors. The ad highlights the dangers of smoking while pregnant.

You can view this advert by clicking the image below.

Pregnancy Campaign

Health Warnings

The Health Warnings campaign began in June 2008, timed to coincide with the Ministry of Health's roll-out of graphic pack warnings on cigarette packets.

The second series of adverts, shown between April and June 2009, featured former smoker Keith, who suffers from emphysema. Fighting for every breath, Keith says that smoking has literally 'sucked the life' out of him.

The first series of ads showed the impact of a lifetime of smoking on Adrian Pilkington, who was diagnosed with oral cancer - cancer of the mouth, nose or throat- and has had his tongue removed. He now speaks through a 'trachy' device and cannot eat normally.

Emphysema sufferer Keith

Walking 1Oxygen 1Walking 2
PrisonSupermarketOxygen 2
Oxygen 3  


Oral cancer sufferer Adrian

 Introducing Adrian Adrian's Lunch Adrian's Mask

 Photo album Regrets Adrian's sister

Christmas Campaign

The Christmas campaign advertisements were created for the 08/09 Christmas and New Year Period. They feature real Quitline Advisors encouraging smokers to call the Quitline over the holiday period.

You can view these adverts by clicking the image below.

 Pre Christmas Post New Year Call the Quitline

Txt2Quit Campaign

The Txt2Quit campaign went online on 17th June 2008.

Advertisements for Txt2Quit feature on the Smoking Not Our Future campaign created by Auahi Kore / Smokefree and include our Txt2Quit end-frame. This can be viewed below.

Video Diaries

Video Diaries follows smokers as they make their quit attempt. These documentary style commercials feature real smokers and are unscripted.

Every series of Video Diaries is different because no quit attempt is ever the same. The raw emotions and struggle of quitting is evident with each quitter and the commercials also show the strategies each smoker uses to quit.

 Angela quits smokingJoe quits smokingRoseanne and Ieremia quit smoking
Karen and SeanTash quits smokingStu quits smoking

Every Cigarette Is Doing You Damage

The TV campaign Every cigarette is doing you damage highlights the health effects of smoking and advertises the Quitline number. It is a ‘threat-appeal’ campaign, adapted from the National Australian Tobacco Campaign.

The seven commercials - lung, brain, aorta, tumour, lung/tar, heart attack and eye - pull no punches about the devastating effects smoking has on the body. There are images of fatty aortas, rotting lungs, tumours, blind eyes and a blood-clotted brain.

The heart attack ad features a Samoan smoker and is aimed at encouraging Pacific peoples to quit smoking.