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24Apr2014 By Zebulun  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 320 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 320 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 6400
Total savings: $5,120.00

Profile image Janet G10 minutes ago

Woohoo !!!! Those stats are very awesome-sauce!!!!
Yay you, Zeb :) :)

Profile image magenta9 minutes ago


Profile image M-dog3 minutes ago

Go Zeb! Great to see you around, AB's see how well you are doing!
Thanks for your comments on my blog. I will get there mate!

24Apr2014 By trouty  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


3 days i had with my baby grandson. i got home at 6pm and hubby is nowhere to be seen. i have an idea where he is but im not going looking. i guess he will turn up soon enough. the wee man had his 5 month jabs yesterday. was not impressed and screamed for a few minutes and went to sleep in the car on the way home. i was up every morning at about 7 to change him and give him his bottle and his farex and fruit. this morning he got excited when he saw the plate with the food in it. he still likes a cuddle before sleep and i had plenty to give. he is into the face scragging now and pulling my nose. he has sharp little fingernails and its a wonder i havent got scratches all over my face but i didnt mind one bit. i dont know if hubby has got over his tanty but we will see and he seemed to be all good when i left for work on sunday. not so good at cashing up time as i think one of my tills was wrong. hope fully i added wrong or something and i wasnt going to stay there all day trying to find it. had places to be and baby to see. any way have to iron my uniform now for work in the morning. have a nice anzac day and weekend to

Profile image Supermom28 minutes ago

Wonderful to hear that you had such an awesome time with your grandson, trouty. xo

Profile image Janet G8 minutes ago

Awww sounds like you had a great time :) I hope hubby is home now and happy that you are back :)

Profile image trouty2 minutes ago

hes still not home

Profile image M-dog1 minute ago

Great that you had such a good time trouty. Time you will never get back!

24Apr2014 By PSPSP  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I see that PG has fessed up.

It was only one puff and she is still the queen of NOPE.

There was no chance of PG regressing. For the next couple of days I had her securely bound in titanium chains with duct tape over her mouth-her only sustenance by way of an intravenous drip.

We were with people who were smoking-they have tried to stop many times. I had wandered off to check out the markets (and incidentally came back with a pristine Blues Brothers vinyl-from the Belushi/Acroyd movie. One of my favourites). While self responsibility is a creed that both PG and I adopt, I was not happy that our friends did not say no to PG lighting a smoke. I didn't front them on it but...

Anyway its all good now and in solidarity with PG I am taking a day off my stats too. And she gets to keep the Blues Brothers vinyl as well. Slightly selfish motives there though. I could hardly not give it to PG as I am really really looking forward to playing and listening to it.

The one good thing that did come out of this is that PG said the taste was truly disgusting. Foul on a level that was off the scale. And a mighty effective deterrent not to have one puff-ever.

Profile image Maanu1 hour ago

Nice score I love the blues brothers movie and the various artists in it.

What's the deadline for rothy vol2. How much time do I have to write my contribution?

Profile image PSPSP1 hour ago

Thanks maanu. I did see your request. It will be another 3-4 weeks before I finish the book and your contribution would be gratefully received.

Profile image Janet G55 minutes ago

That's so nice you are taking a day off too, to match PG's :) it just wouldn't be right if you weren't matching :) :)

Profile image Saffron51 minutes ago

Aw that's what togetherness is all about PSPSP!
Love it ♥

Profile image Thunderbirds are go32 minutes ago

So cute!

24Apr2014 By Kiwi jean  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

We didn't make our quit date

Seriously, we seem to be hopeless at this.

Profile image Maanu1 hour ago

You might have to abandon the "we" Part of your quit plan and go it alone. That's what I had to do sadly. Now there is no we it's just me, and my son but he never smoked. It's nice if you can do it with a loved one but sometimes that just makes it twice as easy to fail. Maybe a competitive approach will work better? Lead by example. Give em a taste of kiwi (-8

Profile image Kiwi jean1 hour ago

No we're not. We can and WILL do this.

Profile image Kiwi jean1 hour ago

Ha ha Maanu that looked my comment was to you. We really want to do this together.

Profile image Kiwi jean1 hour ago

We do succumb at the same time though. We're partners in crime. We need to be partners in support.

Profile image PSPSP1 hour ago

Kiwijean. Keep on trying. It will happen.

24Apr2014 By Thunderbirds are go  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

A great weekend planned

before I pick up my daughter. I haven't caught up with all the blogs yet. Just got home
Midnight, I totally agree that the law should be changed.
M-dog, I got to work this morning and thought, bugger, I should have rung to see if I could get the court to force her into rehab. Too late now but I will look into the mental health aspect. That is a great idea and I'm cheered up to learn about it :) She got off pretty lightly with 7 months loss of licence and $700 reparation and court fees.
Even though I don't mention each of you individually, please know that every single one of you makes a difference. (including those that mentioned the mental health - i think that's great) xxxxxxxxxx

Why am I not surprised . . . my workplace has offered a new service, 24/7, free counselling or support for work problems. So I rang 2 days ago . . 4 phone calls later, messages left on the answer phone, nothing! Heaven help anyone who is suicidal. (not me - rest assured that I am fine)

Once I have settled back to being myself I will be laying a big complaint.
In the meantime, I am off for 4 days, excited to be going to Auckland in the morning, excited to see my family and of course SHOP! I will fill you in when I get back :)

Profile image Maanu1 hour ago

I think it would be both lucrative and humourous to set up an 0900 complaints service and people could ring up and pay me $5 a minute to complain. I would be happy to listen to any complaint for $300 an hour (-8

Profile image Thunderbirds are go1 hour ago

hahaha. Sometimes I wonder how the Fair Go team stay so positive what with everyone complaining, but hey, they get results and then get happy :)

Profile image PokuruGirl1 hour ago

We've had quite a few dealings with our mental health service, none of them I am afraid to say have been positive. But there are individuals within that system who can and will help you in a pragmatic way. You just need to keep digging until you find that one or two people who want to make a difference.

I like Elvtheira's approach of trying to find the silver lining. Life is never all remorselessly shyte, there is always beauty and laughter if we chose to find it. I hope that one day, you and your daughter can look back on these tough times and she can realise what a treasure she has in you. It's not impossible to give up any drug. People do it all the time.

Enjoy Auckland, enjoy your family and have some great shopping. And let us know how the rest of it goes.

Profile image PSPSP1 hour ago

Thunderbirds are go. There are provisions in the legislation to have people at risk put into rehab or care.

Give your lawyer a call and gee him or her to give you a name of a specialist in that area. I am not sure where you are from. I am in Tauranga and work closely with a firm that specialises in this area. I could, if you like, get the names of someone that could assist you. If you would like me to do this, flick me an email (check one of my previous blogs for a generic email address I use here-absolute discretion and confidentiality assured).

Profile image Thunderbirds are go1 hour ago

Yes PG. Over the last month, before this current drama, I had been following Elevtheria's lead, by getting up in the morning and saying to myself "I choose to be happy today" and it made a huge difference.
Thank you so much PSPSP, I will take you up on that offer. xxx

Profile image Janet G1 hour ago

Wishing you strength and luck in all your endeavours this weekend. You will be in our thoughts (((((Thunderbirds)))))

Profile image Julz19811 hour ago

I have mixed views on our client's being section (section 9, court ordered to go to rehab). Our rehab chains are the only ones that do it now, it is from the early 1900's or late 1800's. My friend was sectioned by her family last year, it did not work for her because she simply did not want to be there (it was like jail to her); she got people to throw alcohol over the fence to her until they finally discharged her.

I worked with a sectioned client, it worked for him. He was a chronic alcoholic; initially he was really angry that his sister sectioned him, when he worked through that he was able to get some sober time up and continued his journey.

For me, I went to rehab when I was 21 years old, only because I could see that I was hurting mum and had so much shame and guilt. I didn't complete the programme, I thought I was cured and drank. HOWEVER, it did introduce me to AA meetings, which I fell back on later - this worked for me.

Bottom line is, we can't make someone until they are ready. My friend who I mentioned had been sectioned has been sober for a few months now, she decided for herself it was time to grow up and change (she went to and still goes to AA).

Whatever decision you make is right. You are an excellent mother and she loves you; she is just really sick and doesn't think she can stop.


Profile image Julz19811 hour ago

Your priority is to keep yourself okay; sorry you have had a crap experience with them getting back to you.

Profile image Saffron46 minutes ago

You've had some wonderful advice - what a great place this is!
Take care and enjoy your trip, Thunderbirds!
"Go" ☺♥☺
I hope you hear from the 24/7 people soon!!
Stay safe.
You're in my thoughts.

Profile image Thunderbirds are go44 minutes ago

Thanks Julz, as you know I value your opinions. I have had a "heart to heart" about her drug taking about 6 months ago and she said to me "Mum, drugs aren't the problem, it's the alcohol." So, like you, she will have a double whammy to battle. oh, yes, like you, she can win too and become a shinig star :)) xx

Profile image Thunderbirds are go42 minutes ago

Thanks Janet and Saffron - feeling the love from you. xxx

24Apr2014 By PokuruGirl  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

To Re-Set or Not to Re-Set,? That is the question.

Smokefree days: 655 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 16375
Total savings: $13,231.00

I've been pretty quiet on these blogs for a while now - for several reasons. One, we've been having a rest from the stresses of work and having a lovely "staycation", chilling out , sleeping in, watching movies and so on and so on. The other is because on Day 651 of my quit, I lit up someone's smoke for them. Yes, me, the Queen of the NOPE did NOT NOPE. I can give out excuses like I was drunk (I was) and she didn't try to stop me in any way. That said, I was the one who had a puff. PSPSP was furious. I was ashamed and repentant. The next few days were touch and go because I had woken up those receptors in my brain. You know the ones, the ones that will always scream out for cigarettes. And I could so very easily have slipped back into full-time smoking if it hadn't been for PSPSP's encouragement and support. I have thought long and hard about resetting and have decided to take one day off my stats. I thought long and hard too about fessing up on this site, not because I have any problem with a mea culpa but because I don't want to discourage anyone in their early days. 99.9% of my time! smoking doesn't even enter into my head. This time, I put myself into a situation where I was likely to fail, and fail I did.

PS. That one drag tasted so vile, so absolutely putrid, I could seem to taste it alll the next day. And yet? My brain was saying I wouldn't mind some more of that! But, hand on heart, I don't want to be a smoker anymore and so back to the NOPE rule for me.

Profile image Saffron2 hours ago

Oh, Pokuru Girl, I'm so sorry this happened. Poor you.
Thank you for your honesty in telling us this - you could so easily have not said anything. Hurray for PSPSP in supporting you to not slip back into smoking properly again. What a relief.
I appreciate your blog because I know how easily I could slip back into the habit again and wondered if it were just me, but it's not me. Or you. It's the nasty addiction.
NOPE is the only way to be ☺♥☺
Take care of your lovely self please.
And your stats look fabulous, even with one day removed.

Profile image Kiwi jean2 hours ago

I don't know what to say. I started again after 6 years from just one puff, and you know about pops. Thanks for being honest.

Profile image Kiwi jean2 hours ago

Saffron, my stats looked fabulous after 6 years but it's now been 12 years of smoking since then. PG you'll do this just be very, very careful.

Profile image Thunderbirds are go2 hours ago

I have to admit that my eyes went googly when I read the title, they nearly splattered all over the computer screen.
Thank you for blogging this and I have faith in you that it will never happen again :) We are all human and I have learnt a lot about addiction since being on this website. We can never let our guard down (esp when pissed). xxx
In answer to your question, do not reset.

Profile image Maanu2 hours ago

When Ralph Munch asked the same question I suggested he be allowed to keep his stats on the condition he never do it again. In my veiw one drunken slip up does not make you a smoker but for many quitters it leads to a relapse. One puff can often bring back the day one cravings if you can ride them out and not do it again then I say that's just a slip up and not a return to smoking. For Ralph and many others that one slip up led to a relapse so be careful hang tuff don't puff I still haven't decided whether to reset my stats or not. I didn't want to reset them the day after I smoked cos I thought if I did that I would probably buy a whole pack and smoke them and start day one after that and I didn't want to smoke so I left them but did not puiblish my stats. Now if I reset them I will be on day 32 which will stop me from buying a pack to make the reset worthwhile if you know what I mean. I'm kind of on probation and a single puff would mean automatic reset which provides greater mindfulness and incentive to stay quit and like I said I do not publish my stats it's a grey area for me

Profile image PokuruGirl2 hours ago

Sorry guys. I feel like I've let you and myself down a wee bit. I can only go forward and stay stopped. The alternative just isn't possible for me any longer. Maanu, I totally get where you're coming from. I truly value some quitters' opinion that I should reset, but for myself, I feel that to go back to day 0 would be too disheartening, so a day off it is. Like I said, the day after that puff was touch and go at times, as those cravings picked up their chatter. They knew I was low and there was a real chance that I'd listen to their lies. Now, four days later I feel relaxed back into staying smokefree and it's no struggle. But this has given me a short, sharp shock ... I am never "safe". As addicts, there's only choosing not to use.

Profile image Kiwi jean1 hour ago

PG, I really wouldn't reset. You've gone 4 days now, I'm pretty sure you're safe. My one puff led to me buying cigs that night. You didn't do that and you won't.

Profile image Kiwi jean1 hour ago

My dad gave up at 40 and lived until he was 78. He always said he was one cigarette away from being a smoker again.

Profile image Pop's1 hour ago

You are stronger than me. You managed to resist the lies that the addiction was telling you. I was not strong enough to remain smoke free when i had my smoke. That bl**dy addiction planted such a rosy picture that i could resist it. 12 glorious years free & i let it back in. You showed it that you were the boss & i become it's slave again.

it's a reminder to all not to let our guard down. But goodness me, the devil that we tamed & thought was vanquished will never give up.

We all know that nicotine is almost the perfect drug for the money cartels. Once we let it loose it spreads it's poison everywhere.

Of course you do not reset your stats.

I explained my thoughts about resetting in a recent Blog that i addressed to Dragon Lips.

Thanks for your candid Blog. it would not have been easy to Post.

Take care & same to PSPSP.

Profile image Thunderbirds are go1 hour ago

My dad was the was same as Kiwi jean's. Also, when I was all grown up, I asked him why he only ever had just one drink and he said "Because I like it too much"

Profile image cryuff1 hour ago

Identify with your dad Thunderbird. Except I never had his self-discipline.
One drink for me and I'm away. I want the cheapest drink with the most impact. That entails draining the dye from methylated spirits with white bread.

Profile image Janet G1 hour ago

awwww PG - you absolutely should NOT reset your stats!!! That would be ridiculous, and if it was me that would make me want to smoke again!!!
655 or 656 days means everything!!!! Lighting a smoke means nothing.
You and your trusty supporter are now super on guard!!!! You know you won't be a smoker again.
Just think of that 'blip' as the reinforcement of just how much we still need to be on guard about thinking we are safe!

NO NO don't reset!!! :) :) :) xoxox

Profile image Julz198149 minutes ago


Profile image Maanu18 minutes ago

I don't think you will go back to being a smoker. Your hubby wouldn't let you. He will always support you and he has an endless supply of duct tape

24Apr2014 By Calmwaters  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 5 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 5 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 100
Total savings: $41.90

Profile image Calmwaters3 hours ago

Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient and the best things come to those who don't give up. - Zig Zigler

Profile image M-dog3 hours ago

Or in this case those who do give up!

Profile image Thunderbirds are go3 hours ago

and not forgetting that you deserve the best :) No way will you give up! (except giving up the smokes, of course)

Profile image nga2 hours ago

5 days is brilliant calmwaters well done.

Profile image Supermom18 minutes ago

Keep it up, Calmwaters, you're doing awesome. xo

24Apr2014 By fightforlife  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


withdrawal is what im worried about, but also don' want to die from something that i am doing to myself. Monday is the day i give this up for good.

Profile image Elevtheria3 hours ago

make a list of the positives and negatives....than compare. It's a no-brainer. Just stay focused. It's not easy but it'll get easier and easier :)

Profile image Calmwaters3 hours ago

It is so worth it, find ways to deal with the cravings and just take things one day at a time (ODAAT) Congrats on setting a quit date, all the best!

Profile image PYTnz3 hours ago

i found knowing my triggers and my habits then having something else planned in those moments were helpful. It does get easier with every day smoke free.

Profile image M-dog3 hours ago

If your heart is in it, you can do it.
The withdrawals don't last Kibg (each craving only lasts 20 secs or so).
Good luck, you can do this!

Profile image Mumsy592 hours ago

Withdrawal is just a word, it is how you deal with it. You can get them and then go on and on about them until you can't cope and you have a smoke. Or you can use the skills given to you, mainly by the people on these blogs (who have been a god send to me) and overcome them. Depending on your age and physical dexterity, there is walking, running, aqua fitness, aqua jogging, baths, cold water. In my first week, I would throw my grandson into the pushchair and walk the streets. sometimes 3 times a day. Whatever floats your boat, and you will deal with those withdrawals. Good luck

24Apr2014 By Gymbunny  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 654 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 654 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 8502
Total savings: $6,683.60

Profile image clarence the cat4 hours ago

Woohoo. Those are awesome stats. Well done!!

Profile image Funzee4 hours ago

Wow....what an inspiration to us all :-)

Profile image Gymbunny4 hours ago

Yeeha, still going strong. Smoking no longer rules my life!!! I am free!!! At times, I crave a cigarette but it is getting so much better. For anyone out there struggling, just keep trying to quit!!! It is so worth it to be free....

Profile image Calmwaters4 hours ago

What amazing stats, thanks for sharing!

Profile image Elevtheria3 hours ago

Wow! Awesome stats :)

Profile image sunray55 minutes ago

Well done your stats are amazing. Awesome in fact, well done. ☆

24Apr2014 By ~7Moose~  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


I thought I had posted a blog this morning but can't seem to see it... so maybe I didn't...

Anyway I have been waiting for this day for a while, and have totally aced it. I've done a lot of preparation for it and feel like I'm so ready this time. Have kept busy cleaning the house, reading with incense burning, doing some meditation and playing with my 2year old girl. I did have to have a nap this arvo because there was just no energy in me... and my head is pounding and has been all day despite all the water I've drunk... but that's ok, my body is doing what it needs to do, and my mind is staying positive. Looking forward to Day Two!

:) Peace

Profile image clarence the cat4 hours ago

Well done!! Roll on day 2.

Profile image Funzee4 hours ago

Yay! Great stuff. Keep it up, will be day 7 (and so on) before you know it :-)

Profile image sunray4 hours ago

Awesome, well done on day one...fantastic work! ☆

Profile image Calmwaters4 hours ago

Yay, well done!

Profile image cryuff3 hours ago

Peace. How you approached the day supports that.
The first day of a new life. That is awesome.

Profile image Mumsy592 hours ago

If you need more distraction you could come and clean my house, ha ha, keep up the good work

Profile image Midnight59 minutes ago

That's the attitude to have good on youj