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24Apr2014 By Artyw  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 104 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 104 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 1560
Total savings: $1,404.00

Wahoo! Haven't been on here for awhile due to a number of reasons. Hope you are all doing well.

24Apr2014 By Maanu  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

no title

Shaping up to be a good year. I'm feeling confident about staying quit (but not overconfident or complacent) Being quit leads into other life improvements and challenges. It's a little stressful which I find highly stressful but that is just because I used to be a slacker so hard work takes a bit of getting used to. Ten years ago I hardly ever worked and I didnt have kids to take care of. I spent my time smoking and drinking and farting and not doing much of value. That's what my "freinds" were like too. I have left most of them behind which is a little lonely making at times. The calibre of my freinds from those drinking days sure did make solitude a more attractive option. I have a few projects to get on with and I am focusing on them. Once I get a few ducks lined up I reckon I will make freinds with people that are very good freinds instead of putting up with false feathered freinds like I have done in the past. What I have come to realise over the last few days is that my problems are not so bad and my way ahead is clear I just need to stop feeling sorry for myself and knuckle down and get stuff sorted. Now that I have quit smoking I feel a lot more capable of doing that. I have developed will-power, discipline, emotional stability etc etc. These things will help me build a better life. Life is better without the filthy fags and it just keeps getting better and betterer


24Apr2014 By tawty  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


I so type out this mean as blog as try to post it but its been cut and have to log on again... and its lost forever... sigh.

24Apr2014 By Carpe Diem :Sieze the Day!"  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 17 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 17 days
Grams NOT smoked: 122
Total savings: $200.00

Profile image Carpe Diem :Sieze...34 minutes ago

Hi everyone(only 4 more days till three wks) awesome YOU said I could do it.

OMG ..I feel sooo sick but(This too shall pass).

Go to go springclean now at the skool I clean at.

Have a good long weekend all:)

Profile image Calmwaters19 minutes ago

You are rockin it! Well done Carpe Diem, keep it up!

Profile image sunray14 minutes ago

You are AWESOME, well done on your AWESOMELY AWESOME 17 smokefree days. ☆

Profile image flower14 minutes ago

good for you You did it just think four more days and three weeks will be done and dusted roll on the rest of your life smoke free hugs for you good going

24Apr2014 By prettybillie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Not a total fail

So I had 7 smokes yesterday and the aim was 8 or less so I'm fairly happy with that.

It would have been 6 but I was talking to a friend on the phone and just automatically light up and smoke and when I'd finished it realised what I had done. Woah that is habit!

I'm not feeling the cravings yet - well by having smokes I'm obviously getting my hit - I am definitely feeling the habit though......I get a bit fidgety at about 10am as it's time for tensies........yesterday I actually went out to the smokers area and didn't have a smoke at 10 but enjoyed being out there.

Profile image clarence the cat17 minutes ago

Well done. Cutting down is a great start. Try keeping your smokes in a place where you have to make an effort to get them That way you have to think about whether you REALLY need that smoke right then. Keep up the good work

Profile image Calmwaters16 minutes ago

If the aim was 8 or less, this sounds like success to me! Well done!

Profile image flower6 minutes ago

hi i,m with clarence the cat keep your smokes in place where it is hard to get to i put my cigs in the top cupboard being only 5foot i had to get a chair to get to the cupboard that cut my smoking back alot i also left them in the car i did not smoke in car.

24Apr2014 By Gym Junky  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 7 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 7 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 210
Total savings: $160.30

Profile image nga1 hour ago

One week is fantastic Gym Junky. Way to go.

Profile image FinleyB1 hour ago

Good stuff Gym Junky. Keep it up!

Profile image Gym Junky1 hour ago

Made it 1 week smoke free YAY.
Thanks for all the support quit family.
$160.30 saved, beat that nicodemon this week,
Feel ready to start something new this week, wander what that could be.
Have to make a plan for a new project.

Profile image Midnight51 minutes ago

You deserve to feel great about your self that's a awesome effort. Please keep it up

Profile image Calmwaters20 minutes ago

Well done, you can do anything that you put your mind to. You deserve to feel very proud about that, 1 week.... wahoo!

23Apr2014 By PSPSP  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Shinegirl, Emmygirl and Big Al...and Rothy..& Ryan Hoff-& Heiro

Wow! Tonight I got another amazing contribution to Rothy volume II, from Shinegirl, Emmygirl and Big Al. And what a contribution it was too. You will love it!

The book is progressing well-not long to completion and there is time for anyone else (Maanu?) who wants to contribute.

I have not been commenting much lately-work, busy blah blah blah.

But I always make time to come on here and read the blogs and comments. So many blogs, so much support. What a nice community.

Singling out bloggers is always fraught-I would hate to miss anyone (although Sexymwah managed it-impressive). But Heiro-you do deserve a mention. Just 'cos you do.

And our Californian trucker Ryan. Come back on here and tell us how you are going. I can sense a trucking contribution from you. But first you have to read Rothy volume I. Send me your mailing address (if you want a free copy) to and a copy will wing its way to you.

That of course goes for anyone else who wants a free copy (and postage free as well).

23Apr2014 By peterburto  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hip hip hooray

Tickets bought, jobs quit- bring on 9/6- Wellington/Auckland/Hong Kong/Doha / Athens/ Argostoli/Koukoumalata..., 55 hors then home for the winter. The village has internet access so will be able to read the blogs as I do everyday. Quitline out reach!!

Profile image Thunderbirds are go2 hours ago

How very exciting! Have a wonderful time :)

Profile image Midnight47 minutes ago

Sounds like a really good geographical trip - enjoy

Profile image Calmwaters12 minutes ago

Wow, that sounds like a great trip. Bet you're glad you are smokefree going on all those plane rides :)

Profile image Buddy3 minutes ago

Wow awesome, Have a great trip :)

23Apr2014 By Thunderbirds are go  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

A much better day today

because all your hugs warmed me up :)

More drama tonight ... I could write a soap opera out of this, or maybe it should be a horror story. Ho hum.
Anyway, daughter's boyfriend rang me and said he'd had enough and could I pick up my daughter. (he's not the only one who's had enough). Thankfully he has her at his place for now. She smashed her car into a house yesterday, thankfully nobody got hurt, she is to appear in court tomorrow and she will, of course, at least lose her licence. Car is a write off. ( the one that dummy here paid for). Not wanting her going back to the dealer's place, I agreed to pick her up on Monday and the boyfriend said he will look after her until then.
I guess she'll be sleeping on my floor, unless she goes to rehab, but I doubt it.
Now . . . what to do? . . . I seem to have lost my confidence lately. Ha ha, better find it quick!

I'm off to Auckland on Friday and will help my son move. Maybe he will have some ideas and I will visit a new friend and a sister in law too.
Oh yes, there WILL be shopping. I need some new work shoes and, shhh, some bigger pants. What a shame my brain isn't growing as fast as my butt.

Love to you all xxx

Profile image cryuff9 hours ago

My heart goes out to you Thunderbird. It's not easy at all what you are going through. That you still show the commitment and love of a mother makes the effort you are putting in so admirable. In time, your daughter will see the destruction and damage she is causing. When that is, unfortunately I can't say. There's a limit to how much a hardened drug addict can take before the desperation, tiredness and lies takes its toll. Having your family around you will help immensely, as you could strategise on whether to take a direct (confrontational intervention) or not. Your unconditional love for your daughter is an act of true beauty.

"The strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws." - Barbara Kingsolver

Profile image amyelizabeth9 hours ago

She needs rehab xoxox all my love and hugs to you

Profile image PSPSP9 hours ago

TAG-there is one thing I know about kids and that is that you never give up. You a clearly a parent that fits into that category.

I do not want to seem to be presumptuous and offer you advice. PG and I (we are a blended family) have been there and know what it takes out of you. But get your daughter into rehab if you can.

There is always hope. And what you are doing for your daughter now will have good outcomes. It may seem to be a dark place at the moment, but it will get lighter.

Hang in there-you have our support

Profile image peterburto8 hours ago

In all this drama- please look after yourself.

Profile image Thunderbirds are go2 hours ago

I agree she needs rehab, but the places I have spoken to tell me it has to be voluntary on her part and if I force her and she walks out, then she's not allowed back in. She has been a user on and off for 22 yrs.
Previously, I have spoken to a drug rehab person in Kaeo, who seemed annoyed i'd rung after hrs when it wasn't an emergency - Whangarei hospital gave me his number. Anyway, he told me not to be confrontational. So I have different "professionals" telling me different things too. I think I value your opinions more :)

Have to run, late again. x

Profile image Gym Junky1 hour ago

Good luck and be strong, main thing is look after you.

Profile image Midnight31 minutes ago

She is doing herself more harm than good - and in the process she is dragging you down with her. These comments are not easy to accept when it is about someone you love - Yes rehab is voluntary - Your situation is very interesting actually - Do people that have been put into mental institutions because they are unable to look after them selves do they go voluntary? There really does need to be a law change here, especially when you can see the damage it is doing to everyone - I SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY

Profile image clarence the cat11 minutes ago

Dear Thunderbird. I feel for you. Its an awful predicament to be in. Mother's love overrules common sense sometimes. Stay strong and trust in your instincts.

Profile image Calmwaters2 minutes ago

I know of people on drugs that have been forced into the mental health wards for 28 days under the Mental Heath Act. They call it a drug induced psychosis. I am fairly sure you have looked into all avenues but the crashing of the car could be the catalyst for them to take her on. Look after yourself, you have inspirational strength but everyone has their limits so take it easy xx

Profile image sunray38 seconds ago

More (hugs) sent your way Thunderbirds they are free and I like giving them.
Enjoy your visits and enjoyed your shopping. Look after yourself xx. ☆

23Apr2014 By ShineGirl  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Guess who's house Im at?

Hmmm? Hmmm? Yes, its one of your favorite Quit family couples.

Profile image sunray10 hours ago

Emmygirl & Big Al is my guess! He he hi to you all (HUGS) xx. ☆

Profile image Maanu10 hours ago

PG and pspsp's ?

Mr and mrs munch?

Profile image ShineGirl10 hours ago

Mwa mwa keep guessing Maanu Lol. Well done Sunray! Watch out Dunedin, we have arrived!

Profile image Maanu10 hours ago

nice guessing sunray

Profile image sunray10 hours ago

Wishing you a wonderful visit with those two wonderful people ShineGirl ♡

Profile image sunray10 hours ago

Shhh Manu I looked back on blogs and it gave it away BUT I still win he he he. ☆

Profile image Maanu10 hours ago

me too after i guessed.

One question remains. when they play tickler ticklee and holder who is going on which team? Who is getting the most tickles?

Profile image ShineGirl9 hours ago

Good research skills guys. Yes am stoked to spend time with them, opportunities are way too few and far between. Only one who will be getting tickles is their adorable baby boy, and maybe the piano.

Profile image PSPSP9 hours ago

Shinegirl-cast your eyes north and see my blog-and a big thank you for the amazing contribution from you all!

Thank you Maanu. You are too kind.