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26Oct2014 By Bruce C  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: Half a hundred days smokefree

Smokefree days: 50 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 1500
Total savings: $1,345.00

Getting there, one day at a time. I tried two days at a time once but my library books were overdue before I finished them.

Profile image Axl2312611 hour ago

Well done mate. Congrats on getting to the half hundy club. Still got your sense of humour as well. Be proud, Bruce☺

Profile image Nana2246 minutes ago

YES!!. A very well deserved 1/2 hundy to you Bruce. I am very proud of you, both for your determination and strength. Celebrate this achievement, you have fought a good fight. Onwards and upwards, my friend.

26Oct2014 By Lulu20  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Havnt seen him on here or am i missing something??

Profile image Bruce C51 minutes ago

His last public posting was on the 24th

He hasn't posted any comments I could find on anyone else's blogs since then either.

He may have just gone off-line for a while.

Profile image Nana2248 minutes ago

No, he's been awol for a couple of days now. Manu we miss you. Maybe he's away for the weekend.

26Oct2014 By steph10  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Never really had sugar cravings, but my text from Quitline explained my 8pm lolly cravings. Thought I was going crazy but have definitely needed to have the cupboard stocked with chocolate/jellybeans. Day 34, the dreams are out there too!

Profile image Mumsy591 hour ago

The dreams are very real aye, and go hard with the chocolate and jellybeans, deal with the weight later. Well done on 34 days

Profile image Nana2250 minutes ago

34 days is fantasticSteph. 1 more sleep and you'll be celebrating 5 weeks!. I agree with Mumsy. Don't worry about the goodies at the moment. Staying quit is the priority.

Profile image Axl23126144 minutes ago

Hey Steph, I'm eating a lot of peppermints. Tobacco has sugar in it so we're just replacing with sweet things☺

Profile image Bruce C18 minutes ago

I found sugarfree gum useful at the worst of the cravings. I also stocked up on almonds (salted not chocolate) as a lower fat/sugar option.

It does pass.

26Oct2014 By Carats  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

5 days...

From memory this is where it all starts. First three days is all about 'I can't possibly work with this wobbly head - I better smoke'. But I'm passed that. Yay! So now, it's the curly buggers to look out for... the false confidence and the trickster brain whispering.

And yet - I've never had a bigger incentive. So cancer, despite your ugly head... I quit when I said I would! Round one to me... it's going to be a long fight though.

Thanks for your support Quitline fellows. You probably already know how much that means...

Kia Kaha and look forward to a day off tomorrow if you get one.

Profile image steph101 hour ago

My Mum is a huge incentive of mine. We lost her to cancer in August. I know she would be proud of me being on day 34. You just need an incentive. It drives you and tells that devil on your shoulder to shut up. Stay strong!

Profile image Mumsy591 hour ago

I know you can, I know you can, I know you can, kia kaha

Profile image Nana221 hour ago

Well done on your 5 days Carats. Keep going with that strength and determination and you will do it, no worries.

Profile image Axl23126138 minutes ago

Hi Carats. Round 1 to you. Now deliver the knockout punch☺

Profile image Bruce C16 minutes ago

" now, it's the curly buggers to look out for... the false confidence and the trickster brain whispering"

Yes. At first it's very frequent so easy to be prepared for. After a while it becomes sneaky ... nothing for days and then a sudden powerful urge.

The good news is that they weaken over time

26Oct2014 By nga  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Flippin heck!! 300 Days:-)

Woop!! Woop!! Oh yeah!!!

HAPPY 300 hundy days to me!

And just a hop, skip and a jump to my breath day now, ain't that something:-)
Hope your all have a great day xxx

Profile image Mumsy591 hour ago

Happy 300 days to you, happy 300 days to you, happy 300 day dear nga, happy 300 days to you

Profile image Thunderbirds are go1 hour ago

Congratulations nga. 300 super duper days quit! Celebrate in style :)

Profile image Nana221 hour ago

Congratulations nga on you triple hundy stats. Fantastic, and you're right - very close to your breathday!.

26Oct2014 By Ladylene  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

The Chicken Coop

Smokefree days: 166 days
Grams NOT smoked: 1186
Total savings: $1,560.00

My profile pic is of the chicken coop I am building. Its smoke-free of course. I will not be allowing my chickens to smoke in there. I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself too. Heres hoping I'm still please with myself when my Dad inspects it (hes a builder).

Hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weekend and that you are all hanging in. There are so many newbies and all doing so well too. I'm cheering for you all .. stay strong .. you can do it .. you really can :)

Profile image Axl2312613 hours ago

Hi Ladylene. You have obviously got your building skills off your dad. Beautiful☺

Profile image Nana223 hours ago

Wow, Lady i am sooo impressed. I'm an old chook and i really wouldn't mind being cooped in there! I'm sure the inspection will be a "pass with honors". Loving your fabulous stats too.

Profile image Arria3 hours ago

That is one cool chicken coop there Ladylene! I am sure your dad will be impressed with your skills and effort :)

Profile image Sky Maiden3 hours ago

That is really fancy!! I'm well impressed!!

Profile image Nifty Fifty2 hours ago

You have just confirmed that "women can do anything " ladylene, love the coop ! theres going to be some very lucky chickens living in there :) Im sure dad will be very proud of you

Hugs x

Profile image PokuruGirl2 hours ago

That is the Ritz Cartlon of chicken coops!! I am thinking chicken sized deck chairs, spa days and cocktails on the deck .... geddit? LOL. I'm sure Dad will approve.

Profile image Emmy girl2 hours ago

Wow! Chicken palace. Go you!!! How many chickens are you getting or do you have some already? How exciting!
Congrats on your 166 days smokefree.. that stacked up quick eh! Good stuff xxx

Profile image Thunderbirds are go1 hour ago

Super impressive :)

Profile image suemack1 hour ago

You are going to have such happy chickies in their new smoke-free abode! Impressive building skills!!

And yep, am totally enjoying this fabulous weekend. Lots of housework and catching up round home, visiting friends and a long walk round the new Hatea walkway in town (4.3 km I think). Awesome stats LL ... you are awesome!

Profile image Mumsy591 hour ago

Totally agree, no chickies smoking in the new whare. Well done on the stats

Profile image Bruce C46 minutes ago

Mmmm. Smoked chicken. Yum.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

26Oct2014 By Poppy32  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

2 weeks down

It's been two weeks since I quit smoking. I realised the other day I had been smoking for nearly 14 years. So far it's ok. I feel ok on work days but weekends are hard. Have to keep busy. Thanks to all of those who blog on here and share their experiences. It has been really great to be able to read what everyone is going through so I can know I'm not alone and also what to expect :)

Profile image Axl2312614 hours ago

Hi Poppy. Well done on 2 weeks smokefree. You do have to keep busy for the first few weekends. It does get easier though. Keep visiting this site, you'll get plenty of advice and inspiration

Profile image Nana223 hours ago

Hi Poppy and welcome to you. Congratulations on having done 2 weeks smokefree. That's awesome. You're so right, keeping busy was essential for me in the first few weeks. I also did an awful lot of walking and drinking of water. I also couldn't have done it without the support of the wonderful people here. Visit here often and let us know how you're going and to read and make comments. Keep up your great work.

Profile image Arria3 hours ago

Hey Poppy, welcome and congrats at two weeks down already. You are certainly not alone here with people at all various stages of their quits. There are a lot of 'firsts' to manage in the first few weeks, the first weekend, the first drink, as you readjust to a lifestyle of non-smoking. Stay strong and keep blogging :)

Profile image Sky Maiden3 hours ago

Welcome and well done! The really really hard bit is already over. Now for the really hard bit, then the hard bit, then youre done! ;)

Profile image Mumsy591 hour ago

Hey there Poppy, well done on the 2 weeks, that is such a great achievement. Head down, bum up and get to 2 months, you have the power

26Oct2014 By Earth Angel  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

No patches :0)

I'm still here, still smoke free :0)
I'm into my second month now and I don't really think about it much. I went and got my repeat on my patches but that same day I had to spend the day at Medlab having blood tests every hour and I couldn't wear my patch, so I thought 'it's just a day, I think I can do it'. So I didn't wear it and I was fine. Found myself a bit grumpy the next morning so I put a patch on and then discovered that it had fallen off at some stage that morning, so it was another day with no patch. Then I was thinking..... 'well.... I've gone 2 days with no patch, I'll go for three and see what happens'. I'm still going patch free!!! Yay!! I did find them a pain and now I don't have to worry about if I have my patch on. Loving being smoke free. Also don't really feel the need to post a lot.

Keep going everyone :0)

Profile image Nana224 hours ago

Hey Earth Angel. You are doing really well, and cold turkey as well!. I bet your garden is looking great with the time and extra money you have to put into it. Keep up the great work.

Profile image Arria3 hours ago

Great stuff there Earth Angel. Sounds like that was an easy transition to being patch free too, always good to follow your body and mind and 'read' how your quit should be for you. Stay strong :)

Profile image Sky Maiden3 hours ago

Well done! Remember- it only takes 3 days to get the nicodemon ouyt of your system- youre practically there!

Profile image Mumsy591 hour ago

That is another achievement, well done on being patchfree. I remember when I ditched my lozenges, felt a real sense of freedom. Well done, albeit a mistake, but it was obviously meant to be

26Oct2014 By Xetina  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 15 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 15 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 210
Total savings: $205.20

So proud of myself done so well. Having two weeks with little money helped immensely. I'm now going strong with a few whacked cravings sent my way but feeling so much better with myself.

I tried to give up previously and that didn't work out. Even at day 1 I knew that this time was it for sure. I've actually stoped smoking!!

Profile image Nana224 hours ago

Hi Xetina. You should feel proud of yourself, 15 days is a wonderful start. Those cravings will still hang around but you now know that you can be stronger than they are. I find deep breaths and a bottle of water helps heaps. Also i walk alot and always feel better after. Keep being strong and determined and you will get this done. Good job!.

Profile image Arria3 hours ago

Hi Xetina, awesome effort ! Good when you just 'know' that this is the sticky quit. Cravings can strike when least expect but with time they are easier to manage. Stay strong :)

Profile image Sky Maiden3 hours ago

You should be VERY proud! The right mind set works wonders ;)

26Oct2014 By Craver  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 78 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 78 days
Grams NOT smoked: 335
Total savings: $420.00

Counting down to 3 months smokefree :) :) :)

Profile image Axl2312615 hours ago

Going great Craver! You should blog more often☺

Profile image Nana225 hours ago

Look how well you're doing Craver. 78 days is brilliant and cause to feel very proud of yourself, as i am proud of you. You are doing an awesome job. Keep on keeping on and the 3 months will be here before you know it.

Profile image Arria3 hours ago

Wow, not long to go now Craver and those three months will be yours!

Profile image Sky Maiden3 hours ago

Lookit that! How cool is that?

Profile image Mumsy591 hour ago

78 days is amazing, and with 3 months just around the corner, well done Craver

Profile image Craver1 hour ago

Thanks guys, i started blogging alot but i seem to be getting used to the non smoking environment and not to mention super busy at work :) But its nice to pop back now and again to see progress and catch up fellow bloggers and their journeys. I hones;ty never thought i could do it. But here i am nearly 3 months on bit more weight but hey its a small price to pay the extra few kilos ;)