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18Dec2014 By Lulu20  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Yay im so proud of myself time for a big pat on the back, hope everyone is great and all ready for Christmas hang tough everyone for the silly season stay strong and safe. Thinking of you all xx

Profile image Bruce CMoments ago

Welcome to the hundy club Lulu20, you're doing well.

18Dec2014 By gonnadothis  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 32 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 32 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 640
Grams NOT smoked: 138
Total savings: $798.80

Profile image gonnadothis17 minutes ago

Feeling really good, nearly have all the Christmas shopping done, and it has not been too much of a struggle this year but then I guess the xtra $$$$ had something to do with that. Hoping you guys are all feeling great, stay strong and be proud,

18Dec2014 By Jrod91  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 8

Well today was day 8 for me and my partner we both gave up on the 10th of December 2014. We both had a 3/4 Full packet each of 30gram Holiday left when we decided nope enough is enough (We still have these 2 packets today and haven't even touched them).

I reckon we are both going through some withdrawals as we have noticed that our tolerance is low than usual. However we both know and understand that this is just a part of giving up and its going to get more better from here. So far we both have saved over $160.00 which has been really handy with Xmas next week it has made it a lot easier and best of all we both have more than enough money in accounts till next pay day.

We are glad we have made this decision of giving up and we are in the process of helping our family give up also.

Profile image Janet G2 hours ago

Good on you both :) The best advice I can give you now is to go get that tobacco and wash it down the sink. See that waste... and be glad it's not going into your bodies.

Stay strong and have a great Christmas!

Profile image Axl2312611 hour ago

I agree with Janet. Get rid of the tobacco. No tobacco, no temptation. I wish you both the best. Support each other, encourage each other. You can do this

18Dec2014 By trouty  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

my foot is in the door

well one foot is. the job is mine. its on call casual at the moment but im hoping it will turn into permanent. im wrapt. i worked yesterday and tonight im doing the night shift. its orientation so i can learn the ropes.i can already remember most of the residents names so its just learning what to do and when etc.apparantly the nights are quite cruisy so hope i get something to keep me busy or i might get sleepy working when i am usually in bed. still no internet so i have to use sons computer at the moment. better go the little one is trying to grab it as usual

Profile image Janet G2 hours ago

Yay Trouty :) You keep that foot firmly in the doorway!! hahaha :) So happy for you :)

Profile image cjtwo1 hour ago

Wow congratulations on the new job.

Profile image suemack15 minutes ago

Well done Trouty!!

18Dec2014 By eagle  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Currently on 562 days smoke free, and on the verge of relapsing.... A week ago my marriage of 5 years fell apart, starting to hit the fan sorting the property and custody arrangements out, I can't find a house to move into that I can afford and to top it all off my old ex is being a pain with my oldest boy....

Profile image Marni2 hours ago

Oh No Eagle - I really feel for you - you are under enormous stress but to puff on a cigarette will not ease the stress or improve the situation at all - it may even add stress to you I think due to the cost involved and the disappointment after having reached such a remarkable result.
I so hope you use other methods to cope - friends and family. Exercise and don't forget the 4D's - thinking of you xx

Profile image Janet G2 hours ago

Oh Eagle :( I'm sorry to hear about the relationship end :( It is always such a sad/bad/horrible thing to get through.
My favourite memory of your quit, Eagle... was in the first few weeks.... you had carried one in your pocket... for 'just in case' ..... and then, when you did get it out.... the damn thing had broken up!!!! So, it really was the right sign that you are a non-smoker.
You are right behind me.... my stats say 564 days (it's really 565!!!!) ....
Please don't start again.... because sometimes I really want to start again :(
Maybe you could read your blogs from the beginning of your quit. Re-affirm in your mind those reasons you started on your journey to become healthy and smoke free. I’m sure at least some of those reasons were along the lines of….
1. I choose to be healthy and smoke free for my kids
2. I choose to set a good example for my kids
3. I choose to spend my money on my kids rather than cancer sticks
4. I choose to smell nice for my kids when I cuddle them
5. I choose to put my kids before smoking
6. I choose to look after my health
7. I choose to look after my money
8. I choose to look after my lifestyle
And I’m sorry to say it, but there is life after a marriage/relationship breakup. You will work it out. You need to find a positive way of communicating with the ex’es …. So that you can all make the best decisions possible at an awful time….
And come on here and share with us. No-one knows you… you can vent and ask for advice…. and know that you are not alone.
Thinking of you and sending you strength.
And if that doesn’t help…. Maybe you could get an e-Cig or some NRT patches or gum…..
PLEASE be kind to yourself and don’t have a smoke… you KNOW that can only make things worse. Get a straw and suck like mad on that…. DEEP breaths!!!

Profile image eagle2 hours ago

That's the thing, there was only two reasons for giving up smoking.... 1. My wife(now ex) didn't like it and 2. Couldn't afford to as the sole income provider for 2adults and 2kids... But it's amazing that even after nearly 600 days the nico daemon is still strong....

Profile image Janet G2 hours ago

Ahhhhhh.... well stuff her.... (sorry!) but I'm sure your kids wouldn't like you smoking either... so focus on that....
and the money thing is ever increasingly valid.... apparently smokes are going up in price on 1 jan.... at around $1 buck for one cancer stick.... how can we justify it??

I think we just (fondly) remember that it used to be a coping mechanism for us....

But in truth... it was just the time out, and the deep breaths. that we got along with the nicotine and chemical poisoning....

So go outside... shut the door, and sit there for 5 minutes taking in deeeeep breaths.... just like we did when sucking on a cancer stick...

and then go inside and eat something lol :) that always helps :)

Profile image Elevtheria40 minutes ago

Eagle...I'm very sorry you're going through this. Please be strong. You really did it for feel much better, don't you? I quit when I left my ex...after 20 years of marriage. I am a dingle mum of 4 and believe me... My life isn't exactly rosy ...but, we can do it... You know why? Because we are strong...we proved that when we quit smoking. ((((Hugs))) xx

Profile image suemack13 minutes ago

Hugs and more support coming from me Eagle!

Profile image Bruce C2 minutes ago

Hi Eagle, I'm Bruce & I'm an addict, a tobacco addict.

Not this quit, but 10 years ago I gave up courtesy of Zyban ... I only lasted a few days before becoming suddenly and unexpectedly single. I went back to smoking then and there sending myself into another 10 years destroying my health with tobacco smoke.

You've gone a year and 1/2. You CAN resist, if you CHOOSE TO RESIST.

Yes, there are a lot of reasons why you are tempted to relapse, but there are even more why you should CHOOSE TO RESIST.

Go for a walk, a bike ride, anything that doesn't involve feeding the addiction.

18Dec2014 By Youngatheart  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stressful times.

Well the year is nearly over and done with and I'm quite happy about that. It has been the year from H...!! I have survived it and hope next year will be my year and everyone and everything around me settles down. A new year and a new start. I have bloobed a few times this last week but hope to succeed into the new year. I'm going to wake up next year as a happy and healthy non smoker!!! Will be close to 3wks by then. It has been a hard road to start from day one but god loves a trier. I would be 9 mths now. Oh well can't dwell on it. It's upwards and on wards!! Hello to all my quit buddies. Hope you are all well and Santa is kind to you. ODDATT!!!

Profile image josienz19583 hours ago

That's the spirit youngatheart - such wonderful positivity!

Profile image suemack3 hours ago

It is from this day forward. The past has gone, you can't rewrite it, but you can move forward to the future and we're here to support you.

Profile image Axl2312612 hours ago

Hi Youngatheart. 2015 will be your year. Think positive, be positive. We are all here for you☺

Profile image Janet G2 hours ago

Oh YoungAtHeart :) it's so good to see you here :) I think of you often.

I hope life is much gentler on you for 2015, and that you don't have to struggle so much.

don't think about the smoking bit... just count ALL the days you were smokefree :) because they all count to your body! :)

18Dec2014 By Cath79  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Still going

Have struggled abit today. I'm not sure if it was for cigarettes or energy drinks- day 5 for both. But just spent the day thinking a smoke would be nice followed by me saying don't be silly you've done so well. Noticed my smell has improved heaps back to work tomorrow maybe that will help. Hope your All having a good day

Profile image Axl2312615 hours ago

Hey Cath. Believe it or not tobacco companies add sweeteners to cigarettes to get us more addicted. That's why you're having cravings. Try peppermints - less sugar than those energy drinks.
I wouldn't be surprised if an energy drink Quitline site opens soon lol. Keep it up Cath. Proud of you☺

Profile image Nana224 hours ago

Oooh i so remember those internal conversations going on in my head. Sometimes drove me crazy (crazier) I found the best way to shut them up was to fill my head with so much other stuff, there was no room for smoking thoughts. Doesn't matter what - nursery rhymes, songs, poems, all the kids names i could think of..... Try not to let those smoking thoughts take hold - just makes it tougher. Day 5 will soon be done and that will feel sooo good. Your'e doing really well.

Profile image Rocky19754 hours ago

Hi Cath,
The funny thing about smoking is you dont actually notice you smell. Others do. I remember being a non smoker going to the pub when you could smoke in a pub, then coming home and thinking - OMG!!!! my clothes stink. Plus smokers have the worse morning breath - ARGH!!!! I know. Ive only just started on my journey but I have already noticed I can smell a smoker when they walk past even when they are not smoking. Its really not worth it aye. Keep up the good fight. I know the struggle is so hard.... Believe me I know. But what I have learnt very recently is that all it takes is one puff and the guilt is hideous. Far worse and you know all that hard work feels like it was for nothing. So did deep. Everyone says it gets easier. I believe it will. Ive overcome some massive challenges and it was only from going one day at a time. Its worth it and you'll be so proud of yourself and you'll always smell great.

Profile image josienz19583 hours ago

You are doing so well - giving up one thing is hard enough, let alone two - it does get easier - keep up the great work.

Profile image Bruce C3 hours ago

You'll get that "Wouldn't it be nice" or variations from time to time. It's just your addiction trying to get back in.

Profile image Janet G2 hours ago

Huge congratulations Cath :) Stay strong you are doing so well!!

18Dec2014 By josienz1958  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Lookee, lookee - 21 days to go

Smokefree days: 344 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2949
Total savings: $4,158.00

SO excited now - it is finally sinking in that I have been smoke free for nearly a whole year - roll on Jan 8th - I will be celebrating big time.

Profile image Nana226 hours ago

And so you should josie! How cool that you will be celebrating your breathday at the beginning of a new year. It is so exciting! Congratulations on your 344 smokefree days today!

Profile image clarence the cat6 hours ago

Woohoo Josie!! January 8 is a very special day for me. It was Elvis Presley's birthday and I was a big fan. Now it will be your special day too.

Profile image Emmy girl6 hours ago

Hey Josie, look at your stats, just wonderful. Am so proud of us. Roll on 8th Jan, we will all be here to celebrate with you my friend! xxx

Profile image Wendles5 hours ago

Amazballz Josie well done,, Your an inspiration. Keep it up

Profile image Axl2312615 hours ago

Well done Josie. 8th of Jan is the day I go back to work. I'll be waiting for your post and congratulate you on your well deserved celebration☺

Profile image Saffron5 hours ago

That's great, Josie - congratultions ☺ hope you're enjoying planning the celebrations!

Profile image Thunderbirds are go5 hours ago

Ooo very exciting! A big celebration coming up all right and don't forget a big treat to go with it :)

Profile image sunray5 hours ago

Awesome, AWESOME, stats Josie! So exciting getting this far after not thinking we could get though the first week. Woohoo! Wicked stats at 344 days smokefree..feel very proud. ♥⭐

Profile image Janet G2 hours ago

Oh Josie :) it is so exciting .... the next few weeks will fly by!!! I can't wait for the Breathday party!!! :) :) :)

Profile image Bruce C12 minutes ago

Fantastic & well done. The glory is yours.

18Dec2014 By Nana22  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Smokefree Days: 150
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 2250
Total Savings: $2101.80


Wow, i feel like i have the best ever Christmas present. SMOKEFREEDOM. A gift to myself and for myself - the kind of gift that money can never buy, and the kind of gift that nobody else could give me, no matter how much they may have wanted to. It is a gift i am going to treasure for the rest of my days. It took me so long to get it, with so many ups, downs, insides out, tears, tantrums, laughs and giggles along the way, that all make it so much more precious to me. Each morning when i wake i still say to myself "Today i will not smoke" and each night before i sleep, i say to myself "I did good today". I will always feel so grateful to be smokefree. I will always be so grateful to Quitline and to you, my Quit Family. You guys have never, ever left me floundering and have been unwavering in your support of me. Thank you.

These have been my thoughts as today i celebrate my 150 days smokefree. I absolutely love where i am at today, on my smokefree journey.
To any body out there reading this and thinking about quitting (i read these blogs for about 3 months before joining) go on - do it. Take that leap of faith and know that you don't have to do it on your own. Come and say hi, and we will support you. You too can do it.

Stay quitsafe my friends
Love & Hugs to all xx

Profile image Axl2312617 hours ago

Aww Nana. Congratulations on 150 days smokefree. You have been, are, and always will be my (and many others) inspiration. I thank you for that. You and hubby have a great Christmas☺

Profile image Emmy girl7 hours ago

A massive well done to you Nana! You did good! Thank you for the support you provide to your fellow quitters. You are so encouraging. I like you a lot.. ;-)

Here's to the next 150 - ching! xx

Profile image Elevtheria6 hours ago

Congrats Nana! You're doing great and really love your blog - very inspiring. Have a fantastic day :) xxx

Profile image Nickers766 hours ago

CONGRATS Nana!!!!! You are such a beautiful person that continuously supports everyone on this site! I just hope we can support you as you have all of us :-) Love and (((Nana))) xx

Profile image josienz19586 hours ago

Fantastic Nana22 - I remember the early days well and the struggles and now look at you - 150 days - magic!

Profile image Hollie6 hours ago

Nana you have done so well and I am really really happy for you. I hope you plan to celebrate as you have well and truly earned one.

Have a wonderful Christmas

Profile image clarence the cat6 hours ago

Nana22. Your blog made me misty eyed. You certainly have done well. I agree that yours is the very best gift you could ever wish for yourself. I love reading your blogs and seeing your wise and helpful comments. Have a wonderful Festive Season.

Profile image flower6 hours ago

i wish you all the best that gift you gave yourself is the best gift ever have a good xmas and new year

Profile image Wendles5 hours ago

Well Nana Big Congrats on 150 days smokefree. You are an inspiration to us all. Its still a struggle but when I have those moments I jump in here and read all the fab blogs and I become re inspired. Keep up the great work

Profile image Saffron5 hours ago

Beautiful blog, Nana ☺ Your stats are just wonderful and a fantastic achievement ☺ Something to be enormously proud of yourself for ♥♥

Profile image DragonLips5 hours ago

Very Nice Nana. Congrats on your hard-earned 150 days. You always have such wise and lovely things to say on the blogs so it is us that should be thanking you!

Profile image Thunderbirds are go4 hours ago

A very Merry Christmas for sure. Congratulations Nana I'm so happy for you. xx

Profile image sunray4 hours ago

Nana, isn't it just the best present ever. Another beautiful, lovely, inspiring blog. Congratulations to you on your 150 days smokefree. I no you feel lucky to be here ..Well we are lucky to, to have you here inspiring and supporting us all with your special words ...thank you xx. ♥⭐

Profile image aimee74 hours ago

Ahhh nana this is so good to hear you deserve that serenity with your quit. Have a wonderful Christmas xx well done on the big one50!!

Profile image Nifty Fifty4 hours ago

Hey lovely lady , you are only a couple of days behind me and Mr . Gosh , you are awesome aye :) Thank you for keeping us grounded with your supportive blogs and a huge congratulations on your 150 days , You rock !!

Hugs xxx

Profile image Bruce C3 hours ago

Well done Nana. Not only was the present free, but actually made you better off as well

Profile image Cheekyhua3 hours ago

Wooohoooo so proud of you Nana :) well done lady :)

Profile image Janet G2 hours ago

Oh Nana :) I think we are all a bit teary-eyed reading your happy blog!! HUGE congratulations to you :) :)

18Dec2014 By PokuruGirl  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

FYI - test results came back negative

Smokefree days: 893 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 22325
Total savings: $18,038.60

And that's about the only time you're pleased not to pass a test. Legs are cancer free so I get to kick on for a while longer. Best Christmas present ever! Thanks for the kind thoughts fellow quitters.

Profile image Axl2312618 hours ago

That's great news PG! You have a great Christmas☺

Profile image Marni7 hours ago

Fantabulous news PG!! xxx

Profile image Emmy girl7 hours ago

Oh eff yeah that's bloody good news PG! I bet you're relieved to say the least. Now you can kick back in the grotto.. and just chillax.
I am a bit gutted you didn't come down and kick my arse, we could have had a wine and that would have been lovely xx

Profile image Emmy girl7 hours ago

P.S - $18k holy crap!! And I would have beer not wine :-)

Profile image Nana227 hours ago

Fantastic news PG. I'm really glad you flunked the test! and thanks for letting us know.

Profile image Elevtheria6 hours ago

The best news today!!! Thank you PG for letting us know. So very, very happy for you :) Have a great day xxx

Profile image Thunderbirds are go6 hours ago

Ha ha that's fantastic news PG. The only time it's positive to be negative eh. Hope you get to kick on for a very long while longer :)

Profile image Nickers766 hours ago

BEST News EVER!!!! Congrats on your stats PokuruGirl :-) Keep kicking ;-)

Profile image josienz19586 hours ago

Happy Christmas indeed! Great news.

Profile image Hollie6 hours ago

Absolutely wonderful news, just fantastic and to cap it all off you will be 900 days for Christmas, triple celebration, cancer free and 900 days each for you and PSPSP.

Have a great Christmas

Profile image clarence the cat6 hours ago

Wonderful news PG. Now you can relax and swing right into a doubly joyful Christmas.

Profile image flower6 hours ago

good news so glad all is well Hope you keep on kicking on for a long time to come

Profile image Shewa5 hours ago

Great news ;-)

Profile image Saffron5 hours ago

Brilliant news, PokuruGirl! I'm so happy to hear this and you and PSPSP & family must be very relieved! Happy kicking to you ☺☺☺

Profile image PSPSP5 hours ago

Not bad eh?

Profile image DragonLips5 hours ago

Awesome news PG, glad to hear you'll be kicking butt for a while longer :)

Profile image sunray4 hours ago

Awesome news PG congratulations on the all clear. Have a lovely Christmas. ⭐

Profile image aimee74 hours ago

I bet that is the best xmas present ever! Fantastic news :)

Profile image Bruce C3 hours ago

I can only echo what aimee says "the best xmas present ever! Fantastic news."

Profile image Janet G2 hours ago

Phhhhewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! and Thank God! and Thank Goodness!!
For you, my statistician ....1,116.25 packets of 20 smokes.... - that's over one hundred and eleven cartons of smokes not smoked..... at $1 each - which is what they really are - your life has been $22,325 richer over the last 2.44 years!
So happy for you :) :) :) :)

(Huge apologies if I worked the calculator wrong!!) :) :P