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21Aug2014 By ACraig  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 40 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 40 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 800
Total savings: $744.00

Just thought I would share my stats. Definitely stacking up now. Still have the bionic nose - ultra sensitive!

Profile image Hurricane2 hours ago

Great work, the stats are stacking up well. Your doing good.

21Aug2014 By Calmwaters  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Dry July update

For any Dry July people that donated their fundraising to my dear friend with terminal cancer to go toward some spending money at the Ronald Macdonald retreat, here is an extract from his FB post that came through tonight. Thank you once again, we were a great team!!!

It's the last night of our holiday. This week has gone by way too fast. We've done some fun stuff though and had a nice time chilling out together. We check out of the retreat at 10am tomorrow but we are planning on spending a couple more hours in Rotorua before heading back home and back to reality.

Feeling so blessed by the generosity of the Ronald McDonald House Charities and all the companies that support the Rotorua Retreat House by giving vouchers and discounts on their products. We've been swimming, mini-golfing, up the gondola, luging, exploring the geothermal valleys, and getting lost and frustrated inside a maze! It's been fun.

Thank you to everyone who has assisted us in getting to Rotorua this week. We are blessed to have you riding along with us on this journey xx

21Aug2014 By Chloebeau  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I have made it to the end of day three :)

I have now made it to then end of day three with no worries :) went on a shopping trip after work with my friend, she smokes and made me go outside with her and the smell of her smoking and then how she smelt afterwards really put me off and made me happy that I didn't smell like that! Treated myself to some skin products and and lovely smelly things from the Body Shop :) proud of myself, I didn't even want to smoke even when my friend kept asking if she could go for one :)

Profile image Hurricane2 hours ago

Good on you Chloebeau, thats the what its about rewarding yourself

21Aug2014 By Emma :)  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


feeling good right now! been listening to rain,wind and hail, and have come to the conclusion that laying on the sofa under a duvet with my puppy is way better than going outside to smoke!!

feeling warm!! :)

Profile image Maanu7 hours ago

Yep it's nice and chilly innit (-8

I was going to make a really silly comment but it was far too silly so i'll just say good on ya for quitting. Well done

Profile image Hurricane2 hours ago

Yip no longer a slave to those yukky things, great feeling aye

21Aug2014 By Kae-Marie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Making the decision to quit

Smoking has always been a big part of my life - I started when I was 10 years old... (stupid, I know.) I'm almost 23.

People always say "Oh! You wanted to be cool, right?" No.

I wanted to be like my mother.

At that time, my mum smoked, so I'd always take a couple of hers and go up the road with my older friends.

Anyway. I have always thought it was the right thing to quit, but I find myself making excuses, like:

* My job is too stressful to quit.
* I can't cope with my emotions - I do this for others!
* I've never been without smokes before - I'm scared of what might happen without them.
* Heaps of my friends smoke, I won't be able to cope in social situations with other smokers.
* I enjoy smoking - I don't want to quit.

The decision was made to quit a few weeks ago when I became extremely ill with what appeared to be some sort of flu. I couldn't breathe, I coughed constantly and it was really painful, I wheezed when I breathed, I coughed up phlegm (loads of it), my ears became infected and I have a perforated ear drum. I was in hospital over night and could barely walk!

I'd given up smoking for 13 days (the longest I'd ever been without a smoke - started to quit before I went to hospital because I literally physically could not have a smoke).

But one day I was having a really bad day at the office, and lost it.

Normally I used patches (even though they always gave me a really bad headache) but on this day I hadn't, so I lost my temper... and asked my flatmate for a smoke.

Since then I've cut down heaps although I have been smoking every day.

I really want to quit for my health, my partner's, and his children's health, and of course, my wallet's health.

Hopefully I'll be able to make a real go of it this time. Tomorrow will be my quitting day.. (I've already had 5 cigarettes today.)

Fingers crossed.

Profile image Hurricane2 hours ago

Kia Ora Kae-Marie , thanks for sharing your story, its almost a mirror copy of mine. Get your plan in place and enjoy your journey, it will get easy and the rewards are endless.

21Aug2014 By MeTee  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Blame Game

Got frustrated at my kid... had a smoke. Is she the reason I smoke? No.
Do I try to reason with myself and blame her actions for me lighting up? Yes. Is that reasonable? No.

Got frustrated at work.... wanted a smoke. Almost did. But i was already wrking out my excuse before having a puff. "If work wasnt so stressful I wouldnt have needed a smoke" Luckily a voice of reason in the form of my work mate managed to distract me.

Smell thesmoke on patner. Blame him for the temptation....

Blame blame blame..... should not be my game.

Profile image Maanu8 hours ago

You got triggered and had a smoke most of us do that in the beginning the trick is to learn from it and come up with a strategy to do better next time. as long as you keep trying you are sure to succeed

Profile image Hurricane2 hours ago

From my experiences and from others, smoking never helps with anything, its only a temporary fix which is what addiction does.

21Aug2014 By Vicky..:)  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 101 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 101 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 2020
Grams NOT smoked: 433
Total savings: $1,877.50
Tumeke me WOW 101 whole days still smokefree I am so wrapped how far I have come what ashame I couldn't have saved all the money I use to waste on Ciggys look I would have been rich but not mean't to be maybe in the near future but at this very moment I am so stoked feeling so dam proud :)

Profile image Genzo10 hours ago

yeah, you are right to be proud!!!! well done, hundy club looks nice!!!

Profile image Tarns4910 hours ago

Awesome, you should feel very proud. Don't look back at what you could have saved, look at what you have saved already and forward to what you will be saving. Congratulations, I hope to be where you are now too in another 88 days :)

Profile image nga10 hours ago

Oooh yeah!!! And welcome to the hundy club Vicky!! Very nice:-)

Profile image Nana229 hours ago

Congratulations on making it to the hundy club plus 1. I love your profile pic.

Profile image andrew8 hours ago

you are rich Vicky, strength to you

Profile image Calmwaters7 hours ago

Welcome to the hundy club Vicky, CONGRATS and WELL DONE :)

Profile image Maanu7 hours ago

Congrats on making it into the Hundy club. Cool pic. You have a very cute support crew

Profile image Hurricane2 hours ago


21Aug2014 By Genzo  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 70 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 70 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 840
Total savings: $666.40

Hello everyone!!!!! How are guy family?
these days were busy busy, and i'm really happy about that...the work is going very good, and i'm preparing a lot of things at home for the chef to taste and he likes a lot everything i'm doing...very happy!!!
my wife is a bit worried about money because we have to go back in december ( her best girls marries and we want to be there at all cost...she waited december just for us!) and it will be very expensive...something like 4.000 euros...that means something like 6,500$ and we don't have much more...but now we are both working, and slowly we are increasing the i think that she'll feel better soon enough...

Smoking...smoking is no more part of our life, even if i sometimes have some cravings that i can manage easily enough, we keep going well without it. I'm so proud of ourselves...we are smokefree from 70 and 65 month i'll hit huindy club!!! amazing happy. I breath so well now, my body works far better, my skin is far better, my lungs are far better and my health is a couple of galaxy better ^^ in italy i always got ill every couple of month, nothing happened til now!! wohooo!!! i have to say that i'm a little slowing down, but i wait next week that i'll do full time so i can arrange well my training table and do the auck tri in april!!!!
i'm so proud of myself being smokefree, something that i tought was impossible and now is reminds me of coming here...something very difficult, almost impossible, but now is ( almost ) a reality...cannot wait to apply for the visa eheh!
Good smokefree day to everyone, to beginners or veterans!!!! have a good for me and my wife eheh ^^homemade of course

Profile image Nifty Fifty10 hours ago

Congrats to you Genzo and your wife, you are both doing awesomely well :) So happy for you !

Profile image Tarns4910 hours ago

Enjoying reading these great blogs. Congratulations to you and your wife.

Profile image Nana229 hours ago

Hey Genzo, great to see you and your wife going ahead in leaps and bounds, and you should both feel very proud at how you have managed your quits.What a great reward to be able to go home for a wedding in December. Will you be there over Christmas as well? Seems everything is falling into place nicely for the both of you at work and at home. Much respect to you and glad you still pop in sometimes.

Profile image Lulu208 hours ago

YAY Genzo and your Wife are doing really well keep up the awesome work love your blogs they are so inspiring :)

Profile image Maanu7 hours ago

10 weeks is fantastic and that is a beastly amount of money you have saved

Profile image Calmwaters7 hours ago

Awesome blog, great to hear things are going so well for you and Mrs Genzo. Your trip to Italy sounds like it is going to be great fun, what an incredible incentive :) Keep up the good work :)

21Aug2014 By Blondene  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hmm... FAIL

.. well it all just got to me... and didn't make it past my relapse day... had a smoke... got another half sitting in the ashtray. Was just too stressed.. thought having one would fix it.. no such luck; will reset my stats and start over.. probably tomorrow. FAIL.. big fat FAIL!!!!!!! At least I am not gunna lie about it; and can just move on.. the hundy club never looked so far away as it does right now!

Profile image Genzo10 hours ago

owww blondene so sorry to hear about this...don't worry too much anyway, jump back on the train again...your body will thank you so much for all these days without nicodemon in you! we are here to cheer you!!! go blondene!

Profile image Luvalaugh10 hours ago

Awwww don't be too hard on yourself you can do it... Came close myself today... Thought I was going spare, it's just a small wee relapse

Profile image Nana229 hours ago

Oh Blondene my heart just aches for you. Do you need to start right back at the beginning? Can you not just take a day off your stats, after all you've only had 1 smoke, you haven't actually had a relapse - just a slip. Please put it behind you asap and carry on. You will get to that hundy club i have no doubt whatsoever. Take care and be kind to yourself. ((((Blondene)))) xx

Profile image Jacquimk9 hours ago

If it's any consolation, it took me 3 tries at keep at it

Profile image Calmwaters9 hours ago

Ohhh hun, I'm sorry to hear that, (((blondene)))

Profile image andrew8 hours ago

hey blondene, my buddie, you are a strong dynamic woman, so proud of you, chin up smoke or not doesn't matter love seeing your journey. Life is long and strength to you,

Profile image Lulu208 hours ago

Blondene there is no such word as FAIL get back up dust yourself off and start again where you left off. you will succeed dig your toes in stand tall and hold your head high you can and will break those walls down hang tough!!

Profile image Maanu7 hours ago

Two things I learnt from relapsing.
1 the quicker you get back to quitting the easier it is
2 there is no real pleasure in smoking no matter how hard you puff on them they are just foul so get back to quitting asap

Withdrawals after one smoke are mild and only last a day. I hope you leave it at that. My relapse lasted a month and I'm really paying for it

Profile image Maanu7 hours ago

And it's not a fail it's a semi-successful attempt. You had lots of smoke-free days that's not a fail

Profile image Janet G7 hours ago

Wash that half down the sink.... and just take off one day off your stats!!! And use this as the warning/knowledge that you can't have 'just one' ... Its what you do now/next that counts :)

21Aug2014 By Luvalaugh  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 17

And still growing strong! Thought about having a smoke when I was trying to tune my mum and dad's new tele to free view and can't get channel one or two! Very frustrating! But, I let it go, and yes thought, nicotine, your not going to win, I am! And I did! Yeah!!

Profile image Genzo10 hours ago

you are doing great, the third week was a real challenge for me, but it looks like you are dusting it!

Profile image Luvalaugh10 hours ago

Thanks Genzo!! Watch this space, eek!

Profile image Nana229 hours ago

Good for you, your'e th boss now!

Profile image Maanu7 hours ago

Yeehaa your winning the battle good on ya (-8