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27Apr2015 By Bub44  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 81

43 years i smoked
35 years since my husband was killed
6 years since my partner beat me
on thursday 12weeks since i quit
and i get my gold cup
This is my first quit and im in no hurry to
come off the patches,im still on the step one
going to step 2 next month
Working today may get another sweet craving :)
Have a great day
remember "We can do this"

Profile image smokefreemep1 hour ago

Good morning bub, sending you love. Arohamai. Gosh, you stop today after work and get the biggest custard square you can find. You deserve it!

Profile image nanaturtle38 minutes ago

You go girl-may this be your ONLY quit-stay strong Bub44. Enjoy your day :-)

Profile image clematis16 minutes ago

Yep, we can do this, and it's great to know you're there bub. Well done on 81 days - you rock. :)

26Apr2015 By D84  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Starting stopping.

Hi everyone im just starting this so any advice would be helpful. Im on the patch which is working well have a niggly sore throat and headache which I hope is normal.

Profile image smokefreemep8 hours ago

Hi D84. Congrats on making a start, awesome. I went cold turkey and just stopped so im not sure about patches. If you say its working thats great i think the headache is normal. Im still getting them bad. Keep trying anyway with the patches we are here as back up and will try support :)

Profile image Bub441 hour ago

Good morning D84 your symptoms are all part of the quit...drink plenty of water and if they persist talk to quitline or your doc.Please take your patch off before bed otherwise you can get vivd dreams.All the best on your quit journey.

Profile image nanaturtle24 minutes ago

First step on your smokefree life&welcome to the quit blogs. Follow the 4 D's advice, come here as often as you like/need&go ODAAT&NOPE always&your quit will be successful. (Odaat-one day at a time) at times that may need to be 1minute&(nope-not one puff ever). If you fall off(some do the 1st time) get back on&go again. There is usually someone lurking round the blogs to support you. Welcome to the quit family D84-want it &stay strong

Profile image clematis14 minutes ago

hi D84, hope your quit journey goes well - don't forget we're here :))

26Apr2015 By Jah  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I can do this

I cant wait to get my patches, an begin my new life as a smomfree wahine toa. :-)

Profile image Jah9 hours ago

Smoke free (auto correct)

Profile image Forever39 hours ago

Welcome Jah, how exciting for you ☺ Having patches will definitely help your journey. Feel free to blog as much as you like, there is unlimited supply of support and knowledge here. Congratulations on making the decision to quit, you won't regret you did ☺

Profile image Nana228 hours ago

Welcome to the quit family Jah and congratulations on deciding to quit. You're can do it, and you are sounding really positive about it which is a great start. The first week or two can be challenging, but if you are strong and push through, you will love being smokefree. It feels fantastic not to be controlled by the need to smoke. Keeping busy is a good idea in the first couple of weeks and mantras to help you are ODAAT - one day at a time, NOPE - not one puff ever and the 4D's which are delay, deep breaths, drink water & distraction. There is another D you need too and that is determination. Come here often to read the blogs and write your own and you will get heaps of support. All the best for your smokefree journey. You most definitely can do this!

Profile image smokefreemep8 hours ago

Kia ora Jah. He mate warawara kino te kai paipa, he uaua te whakamutu. Kei te pai, e marama ana matou, a kei konei matou ki te awhina, ki te tautoko i a koe. Kia kaha, ka taea tonutia e koe. You have got this, you can do this, you will be a beautiful smoke free woman he wahine :)

Profile image clematis11 minutes ago

welcome jah, can't improve on the advice above. Hope to hear more as your quit journey gets underway. :))

Profile image nanaturtle11 minutes ago

Welcome to our evergrowing whanau. I found what really helped me was making the little list of my motivation for wanting to quit. I go back to it (even now at 1201 days quit) to bring it home if Im feeling weak. Stay strong in your conviction, visit us loons often&you will win. You can do it!! Kia kaha-enjoy your day :-)

26Apr2015 By yas01  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

21 days

Hi all
well 21 days today and all good!
Went & got my prescription for more patches today, I didn't realise I was getting lozenges to OMG I have heaps.
Im not complaining cos I use the lozenges and have supplies at work, handbag etc.

Took my son to the Anzac service at school yesterday morning. Was lovely.
I was so proud of him he had asked to go.
I cried when the last post was played (I always do)
My son said just before they played don't cry Mum LOL he knew it was coming.

Chase went to puppy school this morning he socialised with the dogs well made friends with a huge dog.
We are teaching him sit & stay.
Cheese works great.
Have had 2 nights without any messes.
Hes beautiful a right wee terror!!

Last night my son slept in his own bed all night without waking.
Normally as some of you know he comes in and goes in the stretcher in my room. But not last night not even any calling out.
Fingers x he does it again tonight.
Its real windy so he may not due to the wind.

Well better go and get organised for bed tired as.
Have a great night all :)

Profile image Nana229 hours ago

Congratulations on 3 weeks smokefree Yas! Well done! Yes i'm a bit of a cry baby about Anzac Day too - but nothing wrong with that. Good to hear your son slept all night. Maybe Chase is wearing him out! Keep upi the awesome work Yas. Night, night. Sweet dreams.

Profile image smokefreemep8 hours ago

Congrats on 3 weeks yas night night

Profile image nanaturtle20 minutes ago

Good morning Yas, glad to hear things seem to be cruising slong for you.Hope today brings you joy-stay strong Yas

Profile image clematis9 minutes ago

Lots going on in the yas household as always - nice. Those 3 weeks have just flown on by. Take care, lovely. x

26Apr2015 By trouty  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Long night

That was a really long night at work. was as quiet as a graveyard and the time kind of dragged by. at 5.30 one of the younger ressies got up so i told her to have her shower. nek minit theres water flowing out towards the front door. the shower drain was blocked. the bathroom and toilet were thoroughly flooded. bucket and mop and a few towels later i mostly had it cleaned up. it sure filled in my last half hour of work. came home got to bed and had to get up twice in 4 hours for the loo. got up at lunchtime and went to sons for afternoon. they are moving out to Omokoroa. a family friend of sons has a flat so they are going there. the rent is $130 cheaper a week than what they pay now. includes power and water. its quite small and they might have to flog off some stuff but its two bedroom and theres only them and little one who will have a bigger room. i sure wont be going out there as much as i do now. too far from here. probably go once a week and stay the night. sons idea. we talked about having the little one maybe fortnightly. play that by ear. im off to bed soon as as usual not much sleep after shift so a bit tired now. have a happy week. is tomorrow a time and a half day for workers.

Profile image yas0110 hours ago

OMG Trouty you poor thing cleaning up that flood.
I remember when my laundry tub flooded what a lot of water it seemed to take forever to wipe up.
Im sure you will miss your son & family but hopefully you can organise a routinue.
My family live in Oz and I hate not being able to call over whenever.
Have a great sleep Im off to bed soon myself :)

Profile image Nana229 hours ago

Oh Trouty, a quiet night and then a full scale flood in the last 1/2 hour!
I'm sure you guys will be able to sort things out with seeing your wee man. The rents are so expensive i do understand why they'd want to move. You have a good sleep tonight Trouty. Night, night. Sweet dreams.

Profile image smokefreemep8 hours ago

Wow Trouty..have a very good sleep tonight. You deserve it :)

Profile image clematis7 minutes ago

Golly big drama at your work ay. Am sure it will seem nice and quiet after that. :))

26Apr2015 By Tropicanna  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 2

I had a smoke or a packet on the last day two so i had to start again.

I am now at the end of day two, a lesson learned. That lesson is that i'm not ready to be around smokers. 2nd lesson learned, lozengers suit me better than gum as an nrt. ( as well as patch)
I have slept most of the last 48hrs. I want to be in bed now.

Profile image Tropicanna10 hours ago

I wasn't very clear, I'm at the end of my second day smokefree now.

Profile image Nana229 hours ago

Hi Tropicanna. Don't feel discouraged, at least you are back and have learnt from last time. Most of us have several tries before we get it. Well done being on day 2 smokefree and it's almost over now. It can be so hard being around smokers at first. If you can avoid it for a little while it may be easier. If you can't avoid it have a plan in your mind about how you will handle it. Keep your lozenges with you and use them when you need to. Sip on water and take some deep breaths - remembering your reaons for wanting to quit can help too. You CAN do it Tropicanna. Stay strong and know that we are here for you.

Profile image D848 hours ago

Don't stress or pressure yourself you are only human. Ive found boredom to be the danger zone.

Profile image smokefreemep8 hours ago

People make mistakes, people dont always know they have or admit so you even learnt a lesson, thats a start. We are all here behind you we understsnd

Profile image Bub441 hour ago

well done on getting to day 2 every day i s different and sleeping is all part of the quit

Profile image clematis6 minutes ago

Good stuff that you got up and started again. Wishing you a better quit this time :))

26Apr2015 By grammy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

hello everyone

I am so amazed and happy with my quit. We have been in our place 15 years and out of all the neighbours I am the only one that ever smoked. We have new neighbours and was at the kitchen window this morning and out walks new neighbour smoke in hand. It really threw me. Didn't make me want one luckily. As I am still waiting impatiently for the health benefits of quitting to start I am not going to go back to the start. The juices and smoothies slowly got replaced in the excuse of no time and got on the scales and they show an upward trending moving right along. So grateful that I lost some at the start so not quite back to where I was. But smoothie time again. Went out all dressed up and lo and behold the weight I lost came off my feet and ended up clumping around in my now to big new shoes. Got home tried all my shoes and all to big. Do you think thick socks and stilleto heels will become a trend anytime soon lol.

Profile image Nana2210 hours ago

You are doing so well grammy and it's good that you are happy with what you're achieving. going back to the start for you. You've come too far and worked too hard! I have the opposite to you - my shoes are all too small now! So my feet have gained weight as well as the rest of me! LOL. I reckon you could start a new trend grammy, with your socks and stilletos! If you wear them with confidence...others will follow! Okay, maybe they won't. A damn good reason to go shopping though. Keep up the awesome work grammy.

Profile image Bub4410 hours ago

Your doing great Grammy i say start a new trend thick socks and stilleto heels opposite in our neighbourhood im the only exsmoker :)

Profile image Tropicanna10 hours ago

Thank you, you gave me a laugh. That would be my luck, losing weight off my feet not my tummy lol.
Keep strong :)

Profile image clematis5 minutes ago


26Apr2015 By PYTnz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 889 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 889 days
Grams NOT smoked: 6350
Total savings: $6,350.00

Still going strong... No Regrets :) Love my new smokefree life :)

Just need to get my partner to quit grrr

Profile image Nana2210 hours ago

Outstanding stats PYTnz. Congratulations and thanks for posting them.
Very inspiring!

Profile image Bub4410 hours ago

totally inspiring thanks for posting PYTnz :)

Profile image clematis2 minutes ago

hi PYTnz, you probably don't remember me but I remember you from a while back. I was one of the ones that didn't succeed, first, second or third time... this is it though, I have had health issues which I'm sure are smoking related and this is the quit I'm sticking with. Lovely to see your great stats - well deserved. :))

26Apr2015 By sucker no more  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 83 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 83 days
Grams NOT smoked: 593
Total savings: $900.00

Hi all (he he)look what l got today a gold cup. Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend and being smokefree for it :-)

Profile image turtle13 hours ago

congratulations, You really deserve that gold cup!!

Profile image AXL12 hours ago

You so deserve that shiny gold cup SNM. It's a great feeling when you see that on your stats eh? I'm so proud of you as well as your family will be. Don't forget to be proud of yourself too SNM. You have earned this☺

Profile image Nana2212 hours ago

Congratulations SNM. Your cup is so shiny and bright! Feel very proud of your cup and 83 days smokefree. Fantastic work!

Profile image Bub4412 hours ago

and so you deserve lookout im 3days behind you :)SNM congratulations

Profile image suemack12 hours ago

Looks real good on your page SNM!

Profile image clematis2 minutes ago


26Apr2015 By Muppett  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 2

After a failed attempt a few years ago, here I am again. t's the third time I've quit and I've always been adamant it's easy to do.
Not today. Getting a weird anxious feeling. Don't know if i want to scream cry or eat. E cigarette helps a little but trying not to go to it too much.
On a positive note I can already smell food more and taste better :)

Profile image AXL14 hours ago

Hi Muppett. If you're not too comfortable on using the e-cig have you thought about using patches and lozenges or gum? Ring Quitline on 0800 778778 if you do decide to. I smoked for 38 years and used nrt. I couldn't have quit without it. All the best Muppett☺

Profile image clematis14 hours ago

Sending you good vibes for a successful quit muppett - luv clem (((((:))))))

Profile image Nana2214 hours ago

Welcome to you Muppet and well done giving quitting another go. No attempt is a failure...sometimes we just have things to learn before we get it right. Quitting is not easy, but it is definitely worth it. Those emotions can be so rough for the first week or so - but it will get better. Maybe for the first few days it would be best to use your e-cig a little more while you get your head around the habits. After all with patches it is a constant low dose of nicotine that we then gradually reduce when we're ready to.
You are doing really well to be on day 2 smokefree and this day's almost over. Hang in there and use the mantras ODAAT - one day at a time, NOPE - not one puff ever and the 4D's - delay, deep breaths, drink water & distraction. I really found a few deep breaths great when feeling anxious. You will have the support of all the wonderful people here so keep blogging to let us know how it's going. All the best for your quit.

Profile image Muppett13 hours ago

Thanks folks :) Feel better after having a rant. AXL- What is NRT? I've rung quitline, i get my card for gum and patches in p to 10 working days.

Profile image AXL13 hours ago

Hi Muppett. Nrt is nicotine replacement therapy. Patches, lozenges, gum, etc. You'll find the patches and gum makes quitting so much easier to quit☺

Profile image Muppett13 hours ago

Thanks AXL and Nana22 for filling me in with the mantras :) I was wondering what all the letters meant.

Profile image Forever313 hours ago

Hi Muppet, congrats on being 2 days smoke free ✔ The early days are the hardest but stay commited and blog anytime, we're all here for you ☺

Profile image Forever313 hours ago

NRT is nicotine replacement therapy. 10 days seems a long time to get your NRT? I read in a blog you can get it faxed to your chemist.

Profile image turtle13 hours ago

Hi muppet, well done on getting this far. I have also had a few attempts at this, but have learned so much each time I have failed. This time I intend to stay off the ciggs. You can do it too, you just have to believe in yourself and remind yourself how gross smoking is. All the best.

Profile image Bub4412 hours ago

Hi Muppet congrats on your quit this is my first quit and i could not have done it without NRT i used an eciggie for the first week to help me throught the first morning crave this is an awesome site and i welcome you into our quit family with loving arms :)