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24Nov2014 By Bicycle  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

> Week 20

My journey:
Week 1 ~ 2 - all good.
From week 3 ~ - my body/mind started to realised that I wasn't joking and started to go on-strike...
From week 4 - weight gain despite exercise frequently.
From week 5 - all the above, plus, depression...
From week 6 - all the above, plus, physically sick (might due to too much exercise?)..
From week 10 - all the above, plus, more sickness (due to cold/flu?). Mood was getting better, and able to sleep better.
From week 13 - Sleep normally, mood stabilized, weight stabilised a bit but still need a lot of control (over food, not cig).
From week ..(can't remember) - All good. Except still need control over the amount of food I put in my mouth.

Craving - On and off sometime during the evening, but not a problem as it only last for no more than 2 mins.
The strongest craving I had was after a 4 hours bike race, my whole body was in pain....I was thinking I want to have not 1 cig, but 2. Not 2, but 2 packs ! Yes, 2 packs ! But as my body was so much in pain, I was unwilling to go out to buy any, also, when I thought of the cost of 2 packs (?!). No way !

Things that help me:
1. exercise.
2. knowledge.

Knowledge is power:
Over these period of time, I did (am still doing) lots of research re healthy eating, food addiction, overeating, obesity in America, food came from factory farming, different kind of diets etc etc. Knowing that cigarettes is not the only things that we need to worry about. There are more things out there that made you sick without you even knowing it.

The quote I love to use: know your enemy.
The more you know them, the more you are able to conquer them.

I would like to give Thanks to the Quitline (and government) that supported me whole-heartedly.
Also thanks for all the kind people and also various universities' who post their studies online, so that whoever keen, can learn and improve their life even at their own home - Seek and you shall find. :)

Profile image Bruce C8 minutes ago

I'm doing an hour's exercise after work each day. Walking and cycling on alternate days. I can't imagine a 4 hour ride yet and for a long while to come.

Good on you doing it even if you did want a fag afterwards.

Profile image Axl2312614 minutes ago

What an awesome blog Bicycle. My weekly progress is similar to yours. I haven't had the food cravings though. I eat the same as I did when I was smoking. Just lots of cravings for peppermints☺

24Nov2014 By JenBan  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

My 15th day...

This afternoon I really want a fag!! What the heck is that all about?! Yesterday I went to a BBQ, had a few drinks, socialised away all afternoon with only a couple of twinges - but today; today I feel a bit like chewing my arm off!
I'm not doing anything particularly triggering - my worst triggers are on the phone, in the car, after dinner; the usual...
AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!! That's me being all shouty and grumpy about not having a smoke:) I just want to sit out on the deck, have a cuppa and a fag and reflect on life for a bit. It is just that emotional craving, the physical craving is out of the system I think. The emotional demon is the one to beat though isn't it?!
An insidious demon that just creeps up and launches an attack when you least expect it. I think you know when it's going to be hard - your usual triggers, social occasions & stuff that you plan for. It's these sneaky attacks that get me every time!!
Damn you nicodemon - I wont let you beat me!!

Profile image Nana222 hours ago

These surprise attacks will happen off and on for a while JenBan. You just push through as you did in the beginning, they will pass. Stick with NOPE & the 4 d's and it will pass. You can still have a nice cuppa and sit on the deck, but take some big deep breaths instead of the smoke. If you have to chew your arm off to stay smokefree then grab some sauce and get to it! LOL. Stay strong, another day is almost done.

Profile image Axl2312612 hours ago

Hi JenBan. I had a shocker on my 13th day. You'll feel better tomorrow. Have an early night. You're doing so well JenBan. Be very proud of that☺

Profile image Bruce C1 hour ago

It's my 80th day I had one today.

I just wish they would quietly fold their rice papers & go away.

Profile image Vernz1 hour ago

I know the feeling JenBan. I too am fighting off the same demons right atm. But like you..I refusecto let them beat me. Kia kaha JenBen! You can do this too :)

24Nov2014 By Axl231261  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

92 smokefree days.

I didn't put a patch on this morning. I put one in my pocket before going to work just in case. It's still in my pocket. I've had 4 lozenges, not from cravings but because I was anxious of being patchless. I haven't had any cravings at all today so I am very happy about that. I might see if I can be totally nicotine free tomorrow. I will take a patch and lozenges anyway. I will do for weeks to come. The last thing I want is major cravings without nrt handy.

Have a great smokefree evening everyone☺☺☺

Profile image Cheekyhua2 hours ago

Axl wooohooooo 8 more days wooohoooo so proud of you.

Profile image Nana222 hours ago

Great going Axl. You have nothing to worry about because you have planned and have back up. I'm very proud of you, my friend. I see you on the road to the Hundy Club, just behind our friend fagoff. It's going to be some party!. Carry on not being beaten, and have a great evening.

Profile image fagoff1 hour ago

Glad your day went well for you m8. Do what you gotta do .

Profile image missu1 hour ago

Great going ax!! Just keep that nrt handy, cause this addiction is a mind thing as well. I look forward to getting where you are now.

Profile image Bruce C1 hour ago

13 weeks & 1 day ... good idea not to risk it on not having some NRT handy if you need it. Glad that you are doing so well.

Profile image Banana41 minutes ago

Well done. Don't be ashamed about using the patches or nicotene if you need it.

Profile image lansans girl23 minutes ago

you are doing so well, very wise keeping lozengers handy!

Profile image aimee716 minutes ago

Fantastic Axl, can you hear me cheering from Auckland!! Going great buddy :)

24Nov2014 By rtoko  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


So today is my first day to quit. I have not have one since last night, however the day is not finished. I have had a challenging day and seriously it keeps getting harder by the hour. Really trying my best to think of positive things to make this a success. Getting TEMPTED!

Profile image Nana223 hours ago

Welcome to you rtoko. You are doing great day 1 is 3/4 of the way through and you have done the very best thing by blogging so we can support you. It is really hard, but it can be done. We use the 4 d's which are delay, deep breaths, drink water & do something else. Use these to get through those cravings. Also walking or any form of exercise is great. Try to keep really busy in the first week or so. If you are idle or bored, the cravings will be worse. The other thing is, you need to be very determined to quit no matter what. You can do it, the same as all of us here. Reading through the blogs will help. you will see we all go through the same things in the beginning. I wish you well.

Profile image Cheekyhua2 hours ago

Positive things to make your quit a success... how about more money in the bank, fresh air to breathe, Ohhh and your taste buds will be loving food hehehehe :)

Profile image kbayhale2 hours ago

We all start at the same place. You are most definitely not alone. I hope all goes well on your first full day and you some how manage to find the strength to fight the urge

All the Best :-)

Profile image Marni1 hour ago

I have so much admiration for you rtoko - you will make this a success because you are already on your way - yes nicotine will make itself heard but the longer you ignore it, the stronger you will get and the weaker it will get.
Hope you have some nrt to get you through these early times, I can't describe the feeling of freedom you will feel without that addiction - stay strong! NOPE - not one puff ever x Hang tough, don't puff :)

Profile image Banana40 minutes ago

Have you called quitline to discuss options?

24Nov2014 By Ray  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 833 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 833 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 9996
Total savings: $7,500.00

Profile image Nana224 hours ago

Wow Ray, those are truly inspirational numbers you have there. Huge congratulations and thank you for posting them. Love it.

Profile image Nickers764 hours ago

WOW!!!! Fantastic stats :-) This is inspirational :-)

Profile image Janet G3 hours ago

Huge congratulations!!! What a success :)

Profile image kbayhale2 hours ago

Awesome Ray that's for the share, Gives hope to many of us still aiming for the stars :-)

Profile image Marni1 hour ago

Woohoo Ray - great to see you achieving so much x

Profile image Mumsy591 hour ago

That really is inspirational. You must be so proud of yourself, we are proud of you

Profile image clarence the cat9 minutes ago

Woohoo. Thats an awesome achievement. Well done!!

24Nov2014 By hard nut  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 36 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 36 days
Grams NOT smoked: 515
Total savings: $698.40

Profile image hard nut4 hours ago

still looking for a smoke every so often but urge not as strong, tho when stressed it comes back hard not sure how to get round that. I proud I done 36 days with only a small slip up.

Profile image Nana224 hours ago

Well done for making it to 36 days of smokefreedom hard nut. I don't think we can get around those tough times when they come, i think we have to continue to push through them, the same way we did in the beginning. ODAAT, NOPE & the 4 d's. Well that's what i do anyway, and don't forget this quit family is here for support. I think after that it's just gonna be "time smokefree". The longer we go the fewer those time will be until one day it all comes together. Stay strong, you're doing so well.

Profile image Nickers764 hours ago

Well done hard nut! 36 days is great and you will start to feel better from here on in :-) its all about re-training ourselves under different circumstances that will keep us all from relapsing :-) Good luck and keep up the ODAAT and NOPE and you will get through those tougher times!

Profile image lansans girl2 hours ago

Good work! you are doing so well

Profile image kbayhale2 hours ago

Well done, Keep up the good fight :-)

Profile image Marni1 hour ago

Over 5 tough weeks hardnut - fantastic! Stay with us and enjoy a smokefree summer x

24Nov2014 By sunray  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Almost a year & the smoke police is still here.

Hello lovely quit family!

Just taking a little break before going though more boxes to unpack, we have missed placed some car keys. There really didn't seem to be that many boxes but there does now lol.

We had a few helpers yesterday which was so appreciated two of which smoke my miss 5 went up and kindly told them there would be no smoking here as my mummy doesn't smoke now, hmmm you need to go on up over there were she can't smell it. Oh dear it's ok now miss 5 mummy wouldn't start again ..yes well you better not it's very bad for you. Lol. Love it.

Hope you all are well and being awesome ... Keep rocking .

The road up to smokefree mountain may be hard at times but it worth every step. Keep with the mantras NOPE & ODAAT using the 4D's and we will win. Have a lovely day. ⭐

Profile image Nana225 hours ago

Oh Sunray your daughter is absolutely priceless. How lucky are you to have your very own "smokefree manager". Love it. Hope you manage to find your keys again. It can be so frustrating, the moving business, but lovely to set up your new home. Good luck with the unpacking, then you can move on into the garden. Thank you so much for the awesome encouragement you give to us all here. Have a great day. Love & hugs xx

Profile image Nana225 hours ago

Sunray, i have always been curious about Smokefree Mountain. When or do we ever reach the top?.

Profile image sunray5 hours ago

I do think Nana, I am almost there and let me tell you the view is starting to look beautiful xx. ((Hugs)) ♥. ⭐

Profile image PokuruGirl5 hours ago

That's so cute that your daughter is your Smokefree Enforcement Officer, and that she's bossy enough to shuffle the adults down the section so you won't be tempted. Yes, there definitely is a top of the mountain Nana22 but the height differs for each of us - you just keep putting one foot in front of the other and sooner or later, you realise you're there. It's not a struggle anymore.

Profile image Nana225 hours ago

@ PG. & Sunray. Thanks for that. I still have a long way to go but i will get there one way or 'tother.

Profile image Haifeng5 hours ago

Haha, that's such a good thinking..........

Profile image Nickers764 hours ago

So cute when the kids say it just like it refreshing and honest :-) Hope the keys are found before every box has to be opened :-) Good luck with the rest of the unpacking Sunray!! :-)

Profile image Dididi4 hours ago

Im going to join you up that mountain one day, of that Im sure!!!

Profile image Janet G3 hours ago

Hope you found the keys!!
That is awesome what your daughter did. Raising the awareness of smoking being unacceptable is great.
Hope the move/unpacking is going okay :)

Profile image Saffron2 hours ago

Stunning profile pic, dear sunray ☺
Miss 5 is wonderful to make sure that demon doesn't get a chance to say a word, LOL. Good for her!
Hope you found those keys and that the unpacking goes well.
Make sure you have lots of rest breaks and sleep well.
Your first Breathday is nearly here, yay ☺xx♥xx☺

Profile image Axl2312612 hours ago

Hi Sunray. Smokefree mountain. A hard mountain to climb. They said Everest would never be conquered. And it was☺

Profile image aimee714 minutes ago

That is just so cute of miss 5 ;) well done on getting through a very stressful situation smokefree!!

Profile image clarence the cat8 minutes ago

Just love it!! Out of the mouths of Babes. You have a great bodyguard there.

24Nov2014 By Maanu  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Look out Orcland here I come

Smokefree days: 24 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 600
Total savings: $600.00

I'm flying up to Auckland on Thursday on my way to Awanui. My main purpose of going to Orcland is to visit my father whom I have not seen for years. It will be good to see the old fella while he is still alive. I'm not expecting him to die any day soon but people don't live forever and I don't get to Auckland very often so this might be my last chance. Many years ago he got stabbed and lost his spleen (yes they did check down the back of the couch) His doctor told him he had to stop smoking and stop drinking. He stopped smoking lol.

Ladylene said I could stop in for a coffee on my way thru. Yes Ladylene I would love to if only I knew your address. If you would like me to visit e-mail me at That goes for any Orcland quitters that would like me to visit on my way thru.

My quit is going well. cravings are virtually nil even tho I have been very busy and quite stressed. I love not spending 25$ a day on smoking. It enables me to live on a much tighter budget. I love being a lot healthier and having more energy. I am able to power on thru an arduous day I still get tired but it's a tiredness I can cope with not like the crippling lethargy I got when I smoked. Nowadays tiredness just lets me know I am putting in some effort but is mild compared to the sense of achievement and pride I get from a job well done. I could say that is what drives me but to be honest I would not be doing it if not for all the $$$ I am earning lol

Well that's my rambling blog for you all. I hope you have a good day and a good week and a great smoke-free life. Quitting is hard but it's well worth it so keep on keeping on quitters.


Profile image Nana225 hours ago

24 days and your lungs are 600 gigarettes better off!. That's awesome Manu and i'm very proud of you. You sound happy and positive. It will be lovely to see your Dad again and i hope you have a lovely visit with him.

Profile image Vernz4 hours ago

Ka rawe e Manu! Im 4 weeks smokefree too atm and loving ever bit of it. Will email you. Keep it up and well done :)

Profile image Nickers764 hours ago

Well done Manu!!! Have a fantastic trip and enjoy catching up with your Dad, it will be a special time I am sure :-) Good luck catching up with any of our 'quit family' while you are there too!

Profile image Elevtheria3 hours ago

How long will you be in Auckland dear? :) xx

Profile image yas013 hours ago

fantastic Manu!
Have a great time in Auckland.
You are doing so well!!

Profile image Maanu23 minutes ago

@Elevtheria I fly to orcland on Thursday morning and I'm getting picked up on Sunday morning at 10am Will be in North Orcland at about 11 am would you like me to stop in and see you then?

Profile image aimee711 minutes ago

Have a wonderful time in the big smoke Manu! I hope we can put some nice weather on for you? What season would you like?...we have them all in one day :)

Profile image clarence the cat7 minutes ago

Well done Maanu. Keep up the good work.

24Nov2014 By Bruce C  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Where's this coming from?

I haven't had a puff, but right now I'm feeling so much like having one it's not funny. All the imaginary symptoms are firing across my bow and the indigestion is there as well.

As I typed that a little voice said "You're suffering anyway, might as well just have one". I don't need that voice.

Damned if I can figure out why this has popped up today.

Any and all offers of spare resistance gladly accepted.

Profile image Maanu6 hours ago

I think it's quite common for cravings to pop up at odd moments. Keep doing what your doing rebuke those silly thoughts and count your blessings there are so many benefits to being quit and no good reason to smoke. You would be mad to start smoking again (been there done that) after not smoking for so long you've irradicated the addiction so there would be no pleasure in smoking it would just be foul. Take my word for it

Profile image Nana225 hours ago

Don't do it, Bruce. It can never be worth it to have to go through this again. You need to change that voice that's trying to tempt you. Shout it down with "no way, not ever". Have you or can you get some mints or something similar, and sip on water for the hand / mouth thing. That ol' nic is just trying it on now you're off the champix. You can send him on his way as you've done before. Just a random act by the addiction to test you. You Can pass with flying colours. NOPE not one puff ever.

Profile image Nickers764 hours ago

Don't do it!!! You have come way to far for any brakes to go on :-) You know the drill Bruce, deep breaths, go for a walk, sip on some water, anything that will help you :-) you have got this and you don't need the unowats! :-)

Profile image Bruce C4 hours ago

Thanks & don't worry. If I manage to type about it on a computer keyboard I'm not doing it. I only smoke outside .. this is Auckland and rain is bad for computers so I don't smoke & compute either.

Profile image Nickers764 hours ago

PHEW!!!! ;-)

Profile image Axl2312612 hours ago

The real bad cravings pop up when you least expect it. That's why they feel so bad. Hang in there Bruce☺

Profile image lansans girl2 hours ago

Its so good you recognize it for what it is, well done Bruce Be strong :)

Profile image Vernz1 hour ago

Noooo dont do it!! Rebuke that little demon of deception and try not to think about it too much. Be strong you can get beat this :)

Profile image Marni43 minutes ago

Yip Bruce - 'Where is this coming from?' happens! You're heading rapidly forwards and a puff or 'just one' would be going backwards and you're not going to do that, I know it!
I know that feeling still - we're on a tough journey but with a wonderful rainbow at the end. NOPE dear friend x

Profile image aimee78 minutes ago

Dam those random cravings are bad aye! It's so not fair. Hope they have gone now. Try get out somewhere distract your mind, I like to shop or get my nails may like to try something different lol

Profile image clarence the cat6 minutes ago

Everyone else is right. It just happens from out of nowhere. Be strong.

24Nov2014 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 93 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 93 days
Grams NOT smoked: 930
Total savings: $1,085.00

Profile image DragonLips6 hours ago

Nice Fagoff. What are you going to do with your $1000 saved? and this time next week you will be in the Hundy Club too. Great!

Profile image fagoff6 hours ago

Was feeling a bit flat so thawt id share this.22 years ago before I married my wife, I told her ,I am the way I am (a smoker ) so don't try to change me. Over the years especially the last few I have observed how self centered I was about my smoking and how terribly it was affecting her.She used to be a nurse and has seen people die horribly from smoking related causes. She always respected my rite to smoke, though now and then when my health was less good she used to sometimes say im not looking forward to living without you and I saw how upset she got watching me kill myself one smoke ata time. It mite seem crazy or still selfish but I didn't quit for her, I had too do it for me,and im glad I did because now I know that by doing my best to look after me first theres a good chance ill be around to be here for her too. Im also going for regular walks with her which she has wanted me to do for years but I just wasn't up to it healthwise. I know she is proud of me now for quiting,and I do feel proud of myself for looking after myself better than I have in years. This quiting is a huge thing really maybe the biggest thing ive ever done. There are good days and crap days still but im glad I found the opportunity before it was too late.

Profile image sunray6 hours ago

Yahooooo getting closer to that hundy club fagoff .. huge congratulations to you. Well done. ⭐

Profile image sunray6 hours ago

It is a journey of so many more journeys along the way fagoff embrace it and enjoy your smokefreedom. We really don't learn how addicted we are until we give up. Lovely blog fagoff. Have a great day. ⭐

Profile image Maanu5 hours ago

nice story thx for sharing your wife must be very happy that you have quit

Profile image Nana225 hours ago

And that is the power of this terrible addiction, fagoff. We knew we were hurting not just ourselves, but the ones who love us as well. That was the last thing we wanted to do but felt powerless to do any different. I guess that's why we have to come to the decision to quit for ourselves - it makes our quitting depend only on us and not anyone else. Not only do we reap so many benefits, but they trickle down to our loved ones as well. Only 1 week to go, my friend. I'll be waiting.

Profile image fagoff5 hours ago

nana, I guess that's why we have to come to the decision to quit for ourselves - it makes our quitting depend only on us and not anyone else. So true another benefit is I cant blame anyone else now for making me pick up a unowot . I have to choose to pick up and I wont let anyone else be my reason for falling over.

Profile image Nana225 hours ago

Exactly the same here fagoff.

Profile image Nickers764 hours ago

Hey Fagoff, please remember this;
"Make a pact with yourself today to not be defined by your past. Sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your hard work isn't what you get for it, but what you become for it." :-)
I am sure Mrs Fagoff would agree after all 22 years together is an amazing achievement in itself and that's without the 93 days of smoke-freedom already achieved! Keep going you are doing great! :-) 7 more sleeps.....

Profile image Axl2312612 hours ago

1 week to go mate!☺

Profile image aimee75 minutes ago

That is a great post Axl very moving. Nearly at the hundy mark and that is a major achievement:) well done.