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23Jul2014 By NZMum2Two  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 550 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 550 days
Grams NOT smoked: 3300
Total savings: $3,960.00

Wow 18 months and 3 days.
Life is tough but hanging in there. Had some close calls but haven't failed yet
Starting to work on the extra 15kg gained. Baby steps.

Profile image sunray6 hours ago

Awesome stats you have NZMum2Two inspiring. ((Hugs)) to you I hope things get better. ⭐

23Jul2014 By nuunuu  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Today's the day!

Well, I have actually had three cigarettes today... a lot less than the usual 10+. I have tried to quit so many times that I have lost count. I made myself some promises a couple of months ago.
I was given bad news by the doctor, after getting a routine smear I was told I had high grade cell changes and giving up smoking would be the best way to reduce my chances of developing cancer. I thought, he's a doctor, he has to say that. But I have just completed a paper at University about cell and molecular biology, and now I understand exactly why he has to say that.
The other promise I made myself was that if the price of cigarettes rose one more time - that would be it. And, about 3 weeks ago this happened. Yet I still bought numerous packets of smokes after that. I literally cannot afford to keep this habit up anyway. I am a student living on an allowance! Instead of buying food, I buy cigarettes. Terrible.
Today I realized I had broken those promises and I felt disgusting. Instead of cutting down I was smoking more! I used to smoke maybe 4 or 5 a day, now I go through a packet of 20 in less than 2 days.
I have heaps of nicotine gum, but I hate chewing gum! So I have decided to try lozenges and patches this time around. But I am still chewing the gum even though I hate it. This time, it has to be it. If my father can give up smoking, so can I!

Profile image sunray6 hours ago

Let's try that again, my first comment didn't seem to want to stay..

You can do this nuunuu. Believe in yourself, use the 4d's use your quit plan, the blogs.
Mantras that have helped myself and many others here are NOPE-not one puff ever, ODAAT-one day at a time. Being positive along with determination. Having the support of people going though the journey is a blessing, we no how hard it is, but we also no we can do it one day at a time together. Welcome to you, I wish you all the best on your journey. ⭐

23Jul2014 By Winn0401  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 200 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 200 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 4000
Total savings: $3,350.00

Well second Hundy done and dusted! Funnily enough I know that if I had a puff now I would go straight back to smoking so.......... NOPE not one puff ever!

To all my quit buddies's good here ain't it!
To the newbies.... Hang in there! Hard at first but it gets easier, honest!

Profile image Calmwaters8 hours ago

Fantastic, a double hundy, well done and CONGRATS to you :)

Profile image gokfanjay8 hours ago

excellent work, congratulations

Profile image Arria8 hours ago

woohoo, awesome work on your double hundy! and look at all that money saved!!! Huge congratulations :)

Profile image sunray6 hours ago

Hi Winn nice to see you...Congratulations on your brilliant sure is good..Awesome in fact. ⭐

Profile image Hurricane5 hours ago

Happy double hundy

23Jul2014 By trouty  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


i filled in for someone today and took the opportunity to ask if mondays is a permanent day to work. she said at the moment it is as there is no one else. that will bump my hours up a bit. so ive put my leave in for mid sept and with days off ive got about 22 days with my baby who i think could be walking by then. hes crawling forwards now and looks so cute. she went on to say when you go away and cant get back it creates problems and last time you went you didnt come back cos you had a headache. i said it wasnt that time actually it was earlier in the year. usually i just take a couple of days here and there so i decided i need to take a big chunk this time as i i have so much leave its crazy.i will have 13 actual work days and the rest is normal days off. its a fair way off yet but something to look forward to. so im on a six day stretch now and one day gone already. have a great weekend when it comes. i will be at work as usual.

Profile image Calmwaters8 hours ago

Sounds like a good break that you can really look forward to :) Hope that the next five days at work fly by for you too!!

23Jul2014 By Jaydene  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 18 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 18 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 180
Total savings: $153.00

Feeling great, don't even think about smoking anymore. Triggers are all but gone. Don't reach for the smokes when the phone rings or when I feel stressed. Don't even feel like a smoke after my evening meal any more and the was my favorite smoke. Just love not needing those stupid smokes anymore.

Profile image Mirimiria9 hours ago

Good on you Jaydene!! That's so inspirational!

Profile image Nifty Fifty9 hours ago

Im abit like that too after 16 days jaydene. You are doing great - keep going , can only get better huh :)

Profile image Calmwaters8 hours ago

Awesome Jaydene, you have the right attitude that's for sure, smokes really are so stupid, and you simply do NOT need them anymore :)

23Jul2014 By Nifty Fifty  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 16 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 16 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 320
Total savings: $272.00

Profile image Supermom10 hours ago

Awesome stats, nifty, keep it up. xo

Profile image Nifty Fifty10 hours ago

I was at work today on front reception ( health sector ) a lady came in and up to the counter with her form and handed it to me . She reaked of cigarette smoke and so did the form !! We could smell it in the reception area and the nurse was gagging in the cubicle . My nose is very sensitive these days :) to think we smelt like that makes me shudder . Hubby just cooked me pork chops with spinach and carrots bless him . We are both 16 days into this journey and loving it ,
Hugs to you all , stay warm and smokefree :) :) :)

Profile image Maggs4910 hours ago

Great going,will always be one day behind you,amazing how the days roll by.

Profile image turtle10 hours ago

well done to you!!!

Profile image Nifty Fifty10 hours ago

Hi Maggs / Turtle / Super mom - you guys keep me grounded :) Thanks for your support.xox One day behind me Maggs, meet you at the hundy club door x

Profile image Ladylene9 hours ago

Great job Nifty fifty :) and to Hubby too. I know doesn't it stink! Icantbelieve I thought I could cover that smell with pepper mints lol

Profile image Janet G9 hours ago

Oh yeah... that stink!!!!!!!!!! I'm embarrassed to think I smelt like that!!!
Well done on your stats, Nifty Fifty & Mr Nifty Fifty :)

Profile image Nifty Fifty9 hours ago

Thanks Janet :) Hope your mouth is getting better and you managed to have some dinner tonight

Profile image Calmwaters8 hours ago

Great blog Nifty Fifty! I hate to think how many people may have shuddered or gagged at the smell of me back then too ....eek!!!
Hey a huge Congrats to both you and your hubby, 16 days is a great acheivement and you should be feeling really proud of yourselves, I'm proud of yous :)

Profile image Arria8 hours ago

Excellent that you can both support each other. One of the many benefits of not smoking, not having to mask smells with perfume or showering!

Profile image sunray6 hours ago

Doing awesome Nifty Fifty you both are. So proud of you both. Pat each other on the backs, it's hard these first few weeks but differently worth it. Yum your tea sounds super yum.⭐

23Jul2014 By turtle  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 94 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 94 days
Grams NOT smoked: 672
Total savings: $924.00
Hi everyone, hope you are all having a lovely week. 6 days to go, wow I am counting down the days for the hundy club!!

Profile image Arria10 hours ago

Hey Turtle.. Thanks for your words and support. See you soon at the hundy club!!!!! Not long to go.. woohooo...:)

Profile image Supermom10 hours ago

Woo hoo, Turtle, way to go, triple digits in a few days .... awesome. xo

Profile image Ladylene9 hours ago

Woohoo Turtle ... Slow and steady wins the race ... Almost at the Hundy mark

Profile image Janet G9 hours ago

oooooohhhh :) Nearly there :)

Profile image Calmwaters8 hours ago

Sooo excited for you Turtle, wheeeeee, what a ride :)

Profile image sunray7 hours ago

Woohoo awesome..doing brilliant Turtle. ☺ ⭐

23Jul2014 By Mirimiria  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

9 Poison free days

I thought I'd give the blog a go....

I've been a smoker for 11 years and have always wanted to quit. I have tried a few times before but would always lean on the fact that both my parents are still smoking to start back up again. I kept thinking I'd give up when they give up and sometimes they'd try and I'd try, but as soon as they started again- so would I. I've tried giving up with friends too, but again when they failed, I failed. I'm now in a time in my life where the large majority of my friends are non smokers and my new boyfriend is also a non smoker. I don't live with my parents so essentially my only exposure to cigarettes was coming from me.

I read somewhere that if you quit before you are 25 your body can completely restore itself as though you never were a smoker- so on my 25th birthday I quit for good.

It's been 9 days and the first 7 were like a dream. I felt amazing, happy, proud of myself. I was using patches so I didn't crave and really felt like this was it. I was free and I was engaging with the person who I truly am- a healthy non smoker. However, the past two days have been hard. I have had this constant lingering anxiety in my stomach that feels like withdrawals. I've been short to anger and incredibly low in energy. I'm just exhausted.

I called my bestfriend who has been a nonsmoker for about 8 months now and she told me that you have good days and bad days and even still she craves. That kind of disheartened me as I don't want to feel like this forever. I want to be free. I want there to be a hump that I just have to get over and then smoking won't ever be a part of my life again. Or is that just naive. I'm an addict and I'll always be an addict- which is why I have to get through this and never have another cigarette ever again. That's the key right! That's all I'm doing right?

Thinking about what my bestfriend said, I have noticed that occasionally she'd share a bit of my cigarette or have a drag here and there and I think that's what's given her that mentality- that it never ends. I don't want to be like that. I don't ever want to have a small puff let alone a full cigarette again. I'm absolutely done.
But I would like my energy back. Any tips?

A few things that I've learned so far that have helped me are as follows:
1. Quit smoking alone. Do it for you.
2. Don't let the small things build up. Find a supportive friend who will listen to your rants and rant! Get it off your chest. Find an empathetic ear and share your story.
3. Allen Carr's Easy way to Quit smoking book. Change your perspective on smoking- this book is amazing for that.
4. Try not to say "give up smoking", instead say "quit smoking" because you haven't given up anything in fact you are gaining a whole new healthy life. You are gaining freedom.
5. Quitline's 4 Ds- Delay, drink water, deep breaths, do something else.
6. Focus on your health. I've been on a real health buzz lately, working on my eating habits and doing 15 minutes of yoga every morning.
7. Reminding yourself that that first cigarette after you quit is actually quite horrible- it burns your throat, tastes disgusting and doesn't give you that feeling of relief and satisfaction that your body is telling you that cigarette will give you. I hate that first cigarette- so I'm not gunna put myself through it.
8. Being proud of yourself. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do but if I can do it, there's hope for my parents :)

Lots of love to all of you! I'm with you brothers and sisters xo

Profile image Arria10 hours ago

Welcome Mirirmiria. What an awesome birthday present you have given yourself, the right to a full, active and healthy life. You are certainly on the right track and from your blog, it is apparent that you have planned well, thinking through all the possible hiccups and challenges. It is too easy to have the odd puff believing it will not affect you and then justify it by what you observe others doing. But one puff will only lead you back down the slippery slope to full on smoking. Has to be NOPE all the way... NOT ONE PUFF EVER. The cravings will lessen over the weeks but you will experience peaks and troughs, keep riding them out. Stay strong and when in doubt, read and re-read your quit plan and this blog, it will give you all the motivation you need to stick to your quit. Take care, YOU CAN DO THIS.

Profile image Mirimiria10 hours ago

Thank you so much for the support and the encouragement I really appreciate it :)

Profile image Supermom10 hours ago

Awesome blog, Mirimiria. Keep on keeping on. xo

Profile image Janet G9 hours ago

Hey Mirimiria :) we don't need to say anything... you have said it all :)
You are on the right track of course. It is a solitary journey that most of us have to do for ourselves. Stay strong... Not One Puff Ever, NOPE :)

Profile image Ladylene9 hours ago

Great blog Mirimiria ... You are so right in your assumption. NOPE (not one puff ever is the only way to remain smoke free. If you have even one puff, you activate the addiction and you have to go through that 72 hour detox again. I never want to go back and do that first week again!

It takes a few weeks for your body to level you out properly after you quit. Nicotine adjusts your serotonin levels up and down. You body will eventually figure it out and most of your symptoms will disappear. You are doing great :)

Profile image Mirimiria9 hours ago

That's so helpful to know! Thanks everyone. This blog and this community is really helping me :)

Profile image Calmwaters8 hours ago

Hey Mirimiria, your blog is very insightful and your determination and your strength is clearly coming through in your words. You have crossed all your t's and dotted all your i's and you appear to have a clear plan which is fabulous. The first 9 days are by far the hardest so if you keep your eyes on the prize things should get easier and easier as more time goes by. One thing that has been of massive value to me on my journey is this quitline blogging family, being able to daily bounce around thoughts and struggles with this wonderful group of people. You don't have to do this alone, we would love to support you through any hard times and to celebrate your milestones with you! I reckon that you have got what it takes, you CAN do this :) Kia kaha!

Profile image gokfanjay8 hours ago

blogging is good, it gets IT all out, quitline gives great advice along with somewhere to rant/write which uses our fingers, therefore stopping us from ......aahhhh I see what you did there quitline :)

it gets easier to not smoke believe me, I made small goals, 1 week, 10 days, 2 weeks, 20 days, 21 days lol....after awhile, few tears, few grumblings, some tiredness & general whingyness and .... huh?! and here I am almost one year and don't even think about smoking anymore and that is the honest truth, after 30years of smoking...Not One Puff Ever, keep it up you can do this :)))

Profile image sunray7 hours ago

NOPE & ODAAT- one day at a time these mantras keep us strong...You are doing awesome Mirimiria..great blog. Welcome to the quit family. I wish you the best on your journey. ☺. ⭐

23Jul2014 By Janet G  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Feeling better today after the dentist yesterday :)

My gum feels like it's healing nicely. I just had a couple of yoghurts last night. Taking the drugs he gave me... and not been tempted to play with or touch the sore gum... just leaving it alone.
The dentist even rung me this arvo to make sure I was alright lol.. :)
I think I will be able to eat some food for tea tonight.... better go find some!! :)

Profile image Arria10 hours ago

That is good to hear Janet. :)

Profile image Supermom10 hours ago

Hope you feel better soon, Janet. xo

Profile image Ladylene9 hours ago

Ouch Janet ... Here's hoping for speedy healing :) do NOT play with it. If you dislodge that clot you will get a dry socket . It's agony! How good to be without the tooth pain hey

Profile image Calmwaters8 hours ago

Good for you Janet, glad that you are feeling better, sounds sore hope you enjoyed your tea!

23Jul2014 By Ladylene  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Goodbye Boeing 747

Bought a new washing machine today. My old F&P had wrecked bearings. I tell you it sounded like a Boeing 747 taking off when it spun. But it was hard to shut the door because if I didn't watch it .. it walked across the floor and tried to escape. Sometimes it locks me out of the laundry. So I kissed it goodbye and replaced it with a shiny new Boche :) Now .. what can I wash?

Profile image Mumsy5912 hours ago

How exciting, love getting new things

Profile image Janet G11 hours ago

Ohhhh it's just sooooooo exciting buying new stuff!! Especially big stuff like a washing machine!! It will be more water and power efficient too, so now you can save more money towards your next treat!! :)

Profile image nga11 hours ago

Wow I thought for one minute you were saying goodbye to your plane!
Hope you have fun finding something to wash:-) :-)

Profile image Blondene11 hours ago

I love shiney new gadgets... unfortunatley I still haven't figured out my wash&dryer it locks me out after the dry cycle.. it has a kiddie lock; only managed to unlock it once; the other times I turn it off at the wall.. hopeless! LOL.

Profile image Arria10 hours ago

Haha sounds like my washing machine! Hopefully this one folds your washing as well! :)

Profile image Ladylene9 hours ago

Yeah I did ask if it folded and ironed ... But no not yet lol

Profile image Elevtheria9 hours ago

Lol... I would get one of those too haha. If you need clothes.... Got heaps haha xxx

Profile image Calmwaters8 hours ago

Ohhh that sounds divine. My washing machine actually shakes my house when it's on the spin cycle, it freaks out visitors, they think it's an earthquake lol
Enjoy :)