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29Aug2015 By Ruby  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Day 9 free of smoking, noticed ive started coughing up flem today, which is a good thing, my lungs are starting to clear out all the filth, I remember a while ago I started to get really bad inflamed tonsils, which was quite painful, they flared up one morning after a heavy smoking session the night before, I'm glad my immune system will get stronger from not smoking, I'm looking forward for my lungs and sinuses to clear. It will be great to get my full sense of smell and taste back as I know smoking dulls it, but I'm feeling ok today, had a few cravings wash over me which is worrying but nothing serious. At the moment I'm unwell and on antibiotics so I'm not doing things I would normally do. I would normally be in more social drinking situations around smoking friends so I'm a little sheltered at the moment from it all because I'm sick. But I'm taking this quit seriously, life goes on and I'm going to be put it situations where I would usually die for a cigarette, I'm going to take it gently if I'm tired I'm going to leave a social situation rather than get over tired and more vonrable to making stupid choices, if I get in a weird emotional state, I'm going to eat healthy food, hydrate and deal with things in a healthy way, talk to people, write, whatever to process things, not get too drunk that's a hard one, that puts you in a dangerous position, you are more likely to slip up when your drinking, so in these early days I'm going to limit my drinks.

Profile image smokefreemep5 hours ago

Hi Ruby. You have a good head on your shoulders and you know what your doing. Dont worry too much about the phlegm.. i had hesps.. congratulations on day 9 Ruby. Doing well.

Profile image Debin2 hours ago

Oh wow I am at the end of week 5. I am having the same thing! freaked out a bit then I did a little bit of research and found that it was a good thing! High 5!
Stay strong
Bless you !

Profile image aroha2 hours ago

Hi Ruby, congratulations on day 9 (probably 10 now). I've read that it is normal as your lungs are starting to work and clear themselves out now. It can last for quite awhile, but is a good thing! Also good choice on the drinking. Your doing an awesome job keep it up.

29Aug2015 By Winn0401  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 602 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 602 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 12040
Total savings: $10,050.00

Hi all you wonderful non smokers

Never thought I would get to this stage, but I have and I am very proud of myself! Intend to have a nice holiday on the money I have saved. I am also slowly losing the weight through weight watchers, so soon I will be back to my pre quit weight (and maybe a wee bit lighter).

I haven't been blogging much, but occasionally I log on to check my quit buddies are still going strong, and it is awesome to see you all still here.

Stay strong! Remember newbies -
NOPE and ODAAT and you will get through

Profile image thin-barbie6 hours ago

Winn I am so happy to see these stays congratulations Hun xo

Profile image smokefreemep5 hours ago

Congratulations on your stats winn ☺

Profile image aroha2 hours ago

Congrats Winn, very inspiring status too :-D

29Aug2015 By yas01  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

146 days today

Hi all
yippee my stats are getting up there now.
I do not miss smoking at all or even think of having a smoke at al.
There have been times when stress & upsetting things affect me but I now don't turn to the smokes.
I still use lozenges when needed most days I have a couple. Not for cravings but more so for situations that Im in and Im preparing for it.
I need to think about cutting them out at some stage.

This was my first week back at work since my trip to Oz and it was a looonng week.
But without work & money I cant afford my next trip back to see my family.

My trip went so fast but my son & I had a ball.
Was so good to see my Mum & Stepdad, it had been 8 months since I saw them last.
We had great weather between 24-26 most days. Was chilly in the mornings with dew on the grass.
Went fishing 2x and my son caught fish.
Dinosaur show (3d, interactive) was fantastic!
Walked the dog, shopped (not heaps)
And chilled.

I miss my family so much but my life is here in ChCh, work, school, friends. My partner wouldn't move so its either my relationship or Oz.

For now its a nice place to go for holidays.

Not much else to report, Im not on here often anymore but I do check up on you all LOL thru the week.
Take it slowly, 4d's, blog, this site & the people are fantastic!!!

Take care all xx

Profile image Bub447 hours ago

nice blog and great stats nothing wrong with a lozenge or two i did the same after i reached 100days im off them now.)

Profile image smokefreemep6 hours ago

Hi yas. Sounds like you had a lovely break with you son in oz. Good for you guys, it is a nice place to holiday. What a lovely blog and lol about you checking ip on us.. laugh.. you take care yas and congratulations on 146 days. Woohoo! XX

Profile image thin-barbie6 hours ago

Hun I can not begin to tell u how happy I am to log in and see this

Profile image nanaturtle4 hours ago

Hi Yas-I never once thought you wouldn't make it! I do believe this is Your 'sticky' Quit-Awesome. Great to see you so Positive ★★★ Stay strong :-) Take care

Profile image aroha2 hours ago

Lovely blog and sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday :)

29Aug2015 By JohnnyRED  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 89 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 89 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 267
Grams NOT smoked: 534
Total savings: $958.00

Ah yes 1989 a time when you could do what you want and be what you want. Also when I decided to take up smoking again after six years quit. Also the year TS was born and my favorite album of hers. Usually try not to listen to that kind of stuff but her music is so addictive you can't help but get hooked. It may take me many more years to fully recover from smoking but I will never quit quitting. I have always wanted to quit so I have run out of lame excuses so time to hit the back burner on this quit. Onwards and upwards everybody!

Profile image Bub447 hours ago

JR great stats your right onwards and upwards

Profile image smokefreemep6 hours ago

I love the attitude. Great blog JR

Profile image aroha2 hours ago

Definitely a good attitude, unfortunately I couldn't do whatever i wanted in 1989 as I was not even 1 yet. Definitly onwards and upwards - never quit quitting otherwise we are quit quitters :)

29Aug2015 By trouty  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

cant say no

tomorrow is meant to be a day off but you guessed it im working for that same girl i worked for on my last sunday off. i had a feeling she was going to ask me as the morning girls this morning told me she was going to ask me. sure enough i get a text and i said i will work. i need the money not being on the benefit anymore and living soley on what i can earn. some weeks its tough but i usually manage to struggle through somehow. i like my independance and being responsible for only myself. anyway better go now have 9pm start tonight till 7 am then back at 3 till 11 tomorrow. have a nice sunday

Profile image JohnnyRED8 hours ago

I know how hard it can be Trouty you're doing great though I would just pace myself at work and make sure you don't overexert yourself. Take care and have a good day at work.

Profile image Bub448 hours ago

Every little bit counts aye but please remember to not overdo it

Profile image smokefreemep6 hours ago

You do so well for yourself Trouty.. much respect..

Profile image aroha2 hours ago

That's a really good attitude to have when getting extra work by focusing on it as a blessing, but at the same time don't over do it :) I know what you mean by not being able to say no /-:

29Aug2015 By Dadoftwo  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 263 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 263 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 2367
Total savings: $2,023.00

Hi quit family.

Reading and posting to a couple of blogs I read that a couple of people have fallen off the wagon. These things happen. Heck. It happened to me more times than I care to remember.

What I find incredible is the fact that these same people came on here. Disappointed in themselves but defiant! As long as the quit is never quit, you will eventually succeed!!

All I can say is hang in there guys. Tough it out. See out those first few days. Then see out those first few weeks. Then see out those few months. Watch for your triggers and be focused on why you are quitting.
Reward yourself and make sure you tell EVERYONE you are quitting smoking. Get people to help you. Ask for help. Do anything but smoke. NOPE!!

And lastly. Use us..your quitline family. We are here to help. So use us. And together we can help each other remain Smokefree!!

Happy Saturday all!!

Profile image AXL10 hours ago

Very well said Dadoftwo. I can't remember how many times I attempted to quit before this one stuck. This site and the support here is unbelievable. Great stats mate!☺

Profile image Bub449 hours ago

Well said Dad so far I'm lucky this is my first quit thanks to all the support those stats be proud of each and every hard earned day:)

Profile image flower9 hours ago

well said we all have falling over.

Profile image jenstar9 hours ago

Great blog dad very well said. I'm the same I have tried so many times to quit without success. I've been a member since 2011 so that says it all lol. You're right what you've said to some of the others in that you do learn from each relapse more about yourself and your quit. quitline really is a fantastic resource.

Profile image jenstar9 hours ago

I should add - without success until now :) awesome stats btw!!

Profile image aroha9 hours ago

Awesome blog dadof2 (and stats) :-D

Profile image smokefreemep6 hours ago

What a lovely blog Dad.. loved reading this! You said it well. Loving those stats too ☺

Profile image smokefreemep5 hours ago

Iv been trying to get my brother in law to join this site.. but hes an old fashioned guy who does everything the long hard way if you know what i mean lol. He said to me.. is there all girls? Any fullas on that site? I said.. yep.. theres ummm.. Dadoftwo.. he laughed and said.. and who am I going to be,, Dadof10? Lol.. i cracked up laughing hehe

29Aug2015 By milly2  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Still going strong :)

Smokefree days: 1218 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 18270
Total savings: $12,430.40

Profile image Dadoftwo10 hours ago

Wow wow and WOW.
I often look at stats like yours and originally when I was at not many days I thought "am I ever going to get that high in numbers" and the answer I can honestly say is YES!
Thank you for popping by and showing off your extraordinary stats. Well done. Biggest congrats!!

Profile image JohnnyRED9 hours ago

Hi Milly, I really enjoyed following your blogs I recently turned 37 and I had a stroke last year where I was paralyzed down my right arm. I have nearly fully recovered but was quite a wake up call. I am so glad to hear that you have managed to stay quit for so long it gives me so much encouragement to not slip up again through this horrible addiction. Thanks to you and Maggie for blogging and sharing your storys.

Profile image Bub447 hours ago


Profile image smokefreemep6 hours ago

Wonderful stats milly2

29Aug2015 By smokefreemep  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Dedicated to weight loss and the gym freaks

Blondene and CW... and any others who are dedicating themselves to loosing weight, have started there new quit smoking journey by going to the gym etc...

About 6 -8 weeks ago my brother in law and his neighbours my 2 girl cousins stopped smoking. All 3 of them were all worried about gaining weight from quitting. My brother in law has been walking everyday before and after work and my sister told me he has lost about 3 kgs, i havent seen him yet but i thought thats awesome! The 2 cuzzies both weighed id say around 80kgs one about 100kgs cos shes slightly bigger than her sister..

OMGosh!!!! I went to the gym this morning.. and I saw my 2 girls the cuzzies... they... look... FANTASTIC!!!
The bigger cuz has lost 15kgs and her sister has lost 12kgs in 6-8weeks! Both are non smokers now and i could see it on both of them.. they are looking bloody awesome! They go to the gym 3 times a week for 1 hour and its nothing too physicsl.. just cardio... They say it helps but the big secret???

1. Ripped Freak protein formula. They tell me that this is a weightloss protein that boosts energy and you continue to lose weight while it repairs muscle.
2. L-Carnitine plus raspberry ketones. A fat burning formula that boosts thermogenesis. They tell me both of these products used together are magic! And.. i believe them because i can see the results.

I was amazed at how they look, it was visable and i noticed a massive weight loss as soon as i saw them! Dramatic! Just thought id share☺☺

Profile image Bub4414 hours ago

Wow that is impressive i bet they all feel so much better.

Profile image AXL14 hours ago

You can take the credit for their success my niece. They saw you succeed in quitting and they've followed suit. I'm so proud of you SFM☺

Profile image Calmwaters13 hours ago

Wow thats cool as, where do you get that stuff from?

Ive just polished off week 6 of 90mins gym and 30mins in the infra red suana FOUR times per week sessions and am heavier than when I started so Im very interested lol

Profile image smokefreemep13 hours ago

Hi CW. Im going to my sisters place tomorrow to babysit so ill go nextdoor and ask my cousins when im there.. ill let you know ☺

Profile image aroha12 hours ago

Awesome news and yes protein powder is amazing. We use it more out of convenience it's a lot faster to make a berry/yoghurt shake (more like icecream) for lunch or dinner than to cook a whole meal. Its amazing and definitely helps when you are combining that with exercise.

Profile image Blondene11 hours ago

Great blog Sam that's so good that they lost all that weight and are looking fab. You should take some credit for that too setting a good example. I've read about ripped freak they sell it at my gym and my trainer wrote a blog about it. I used a garcinier Cambodia tablets but I've stopped using them now I'm lighter. I don't have any extra money to buy these supplements as I think they really do help to speed up weight loss I'm just doing diet and gym and that's working. I would recommend anyone wanting to lose weight to talk to a gym professional and the rest is all you and dedication. Cw I'm worried why you're heavier ... what's your trainer saying? The weight for me came off quite fast when I was at my heaviest its definitley slowed down now I'm lighter.

Profile image Blondene10 hours ago

Sfm sorry this bloomin ph!

Profile image Dadoftwo10 hours ago

Hey SFM. I remember reading about your relatives saying how one is large and the other larger. Wow that is SOOOO get to hear.
And you really do deserves the accolades and a massive pat of the back for giving them the motivation for this to happen.
You really are downplaying what has happened here!! What an awesome person you are potentially extending life!! You go girl you little Maori Katy Perry haha

Profile image smokefreemep9 hours ago

Lol Dad.. your gonna hear me roar!

Profile image Calmwaters8 hours ago

Thanks SFM depending its cheap enough it might be handy for me :)
Blondene, I have another training session on Weds with one of the more senior trainers and have also seen my doc to check thioroid and I got a referral to a nutritionalist. I am nit giving up I will shift this weight somehow, if I can quit smoking I know I can do this lol

Profile image smokefreemep6 hours ago

Definitly blondene.. there is nothing wrong with the good ol fashioned way. A good clean diet and plenty of water and exercise. You font need all the flash dupplements but i bet they sure do help eh?

Profile image smokefreemep6 hours ago


Profile image thin-barbie5 hours ago

Wow that's so cool! I put on 10 kgs when I quit I was underweight hence the name thin barbie as my nickname was skinny barbie. I'm at a healthy weight now I quit I actually don't have any tips to weight loss since I took it too far and went nuts with it. But I do believe in what blondene says diet and exercise and I like protein powders too as I'm a vegetarian it makes it easy for me to get 50grams protein a day. I'm so stoked your cousins r making such positive changes and lost weight xx

29Aug2015 By jenstar  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 55 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 55 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 330
Total savings: $374.00

Drinks with the girls from work last night as I'm heading to another job and I'm going on gardening leave so not sure when my actual last day will be in the office. Anyway it was great fun but half the girls were smoking and for some reason later in the night after many many wines I asked if I could have a puff! I immediately had the girls all yell NO!! at me in unison so lucky they have my back. I didn't even want a puff so I don't know why I asked to begin with! Just goes to show you just can't let you're guard down really when it comes to smoking. Makes me even more proud of my 55 days today - have a good weekend everyone xx

Profile image AXL14 hours ago

Hi Jen. You had me worried there for a second. Luckily your workmates had your back. Remember NOPE. It's so important to us. 8 weeks tomorrow Jen! Well done!☺

Profile image jenstar14 hours ago

Yeah I'm not very impressed with myself to be honest but back to basics - ODAAT and NOPE

Profile image Bub4414 hours ago

It was just the wine and your mind at that time lucky your mates stopped you

Profile image aroha12 hours ago

Its good to see your coworkers had you covered :) Nearly 2 months that's awesome!

Profile image Dadoftwo10 hours ago

Hey Jen well done in remaining smokefree.
Really awesome. It is ol Nicodemon trying to win you over!!
Excellent work you so owning this quit girl!!

Profile image JohnnyRED9 hours ago

Creature of habit eh jenstar
Well done on 55 glorious days of smokefreedom

Profile image smokefreemep6 hours ago

Hey Jen.. your mind changed due to the wine. Thats all. Thats why it is dangerous to drink too early.. it jeprodises the quit. Hey congrats on 55 days.. your doing great xx

29Aug2015 By Pop's  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Blog number 98.

Smokefree days: 1034 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 15510
Total savings: $10,857.00

Candy Crush Lev. 1175.

In 6 weeks time i will be posting my stats for 3 years as a non smoker.
Alas, my Trophy Cabinet is missing the final Cup.(100 Blogs). It is my intention to post & receive the final achievement on my 3rd breathday. This is Blog 98.

Profile image AXL15 hours ago

You're an inspiration Pop's. That is some serious money saved!☺

Profile image Bub4415 hours ago

Truely inspiring

Profile image smokefreemep15 hours ago

Nice blog pops :) you are such an inspiration for 2 reasons.. first.. your stats.. woww. Second.. level 1175 on candy crush? Are you gor real?? Oh my gosh.. i thought i was Queen cand crush? Your amazing pops go you !!!!

Profile image Calmwaters13 hours ago

Wow thats awesome Pops, Im on CC level 501 I have no doubt that my smokefree days will outnumber my CC levels one day and that will probably be around about the same mark where younare now hehe

Profile image dunqit13 hours ago

I don't come on here very often now that my quit days exceed 900 but pleased I did today to add my congrats to 'Pop's, a true inspiration when I first quit with his encouragement & kind words .... as for CC way above my league, Scrabble is my online fun .....

Profile image aroha12 hours ago

That's awesome and very inspiring. I gave up on Candy Crush awhile ago :-/ Seems I just have an addictive personality because I was playing it too much.

Profile image Pop's11 hours ago

I started playing Candy Crush just after i gave the fags away.

I like crypic crosswords as well.

After a while playing CC, you begin to think like the compiler & that makes it easier.

CC currently finishes at Lev 1175 & that is where i am.

For all you recent arrivals. I gave up Smoking in October 2013. Never had a puff & did it cold turkey.
The bottom line is that you must want to be a non smoker more that you want to be a smoker. It was hard work, but absolutely worth it.

Profile image Pop's11 hours ago

Oops, Should read October 2012.

Profile image Dadoftwo10 hours ago

Wow. Well done pops!!!

Profile image Thunderbirds are go9 hours ago

haha, you definitely need that cup in your cabinet Pop's, and I shall also present you with an award for

**** Best Supporter ****

You made a world of difference for my quit x

Profile image JohnnyRED9 hours ago

Going really well pops that's great advice. I like cryptic crosswords as well not that I can do many but I do like the brain teaser.

Profile image Elevtheria2 hours ago

Great to see you Mr Pop's :) wow... So close to your 3rd breath day and your last trophy! Always an inspiration xxx