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3Sep2014 By Axl231261  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

day 10

Yahoo - double digits. Determined to have a better day than yesterday. Feeling good this morning. Had a restless night though
Have a good day everyone

3Sep2014 By MRS_B  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 14 smoke free and 3 days with no patch YAY!

Yay im so proud of myself, DAY 14. Made it this far and decided to stop using the patchs 3 days ago :)
I must admit that I have been pigging out more since quitting but i dont mind that much, Maybe ill finally grow that bum i have always wanted LOL!
And im a Tad more psycho and snappy , But hey.. i was already Semi psycho before quitting anyway hahaha, I just tell everyone when im having a bad day or cravings so They normaly understand and just laugh when im having a 'moment' ..


2Sep2014 By Hurricane  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Empty Fridges

Just watched Campbell Live, I wont get too indepth with this topic don't want to cause any issues, but the current prices of tobacco would buy a heap of good food week in week out, NOT saying all struggling parents are smokers drinkers or gamblers, but if some parents did prioritize their budgets and made certain sacrafices for their children I would like to think that hungry children going to School wouldn't be such wide spread.

2Sep2014 By Ladylene  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

New House :)

Wahoo .. I got the house and can move in on the 19th Sept. Its lovely and I can even have chooks. It sits on a hill and has panoramic rural views and so much room .. I will not have enough furniture to fill it. I'm so excited! Six months of town living was enough for me :)

Profile image sunray6 hours ago

Congratulations Ladylene great news ..a lovely new start, I am so happy for you xx. ☺. ⭐

Profile image Hurricane4 hours ago

Very happy for you Ladylene, nothing beats country living

2Sep2014 By Calmwaters  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 136 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 136 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 2720
Total savings: $1,140.00

Profile image Janet G7 hours ago

Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Well done Calmwaters :) You are such a success!!! :) :)

Profile image SusyQ6 hours ago

Hey CW! Nice numbers you got there ;-) Still going strong!

Profile image Elevtheria6 hours ago

Fantastic stats lovely :) x

Profile image Ladylene6 hours ago

Wahoo Calmwaters .. Great stats. How is your new car going?

Profile image sunray6 hours ago

Wooohooo awesome stats Calmwaters...Well done!! ⭐

Profile image happyaz5 hours ago

Good on you , bet you feel fantastic , reward yourself you deserve it .

2Sep2014 By Umesh  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

First time trying to Quit

Been Smoking since 1988 when I was 18yrs, it just happened at the new job when smokers were given smoke breaks every hour that made me start. Have never tried to stop.

But now the price is so high and it just came to me yesterday that I need to change. Today I bought new packet and only had 5 so far, was tempted to smoke more nut forced my self not to smoke.

Lets see how my 2nd day will be.

Profile image Elevtheria6 hours ago

Well done Umesh :)

Profile image sunray6 hours ago

Welcome Umesh and congratulations on wanting to be smokefree! You can do it. ⭐

Profile image Hurricane3 hours ago

Terrific news and a wise choice you have made, but there are many other reasons to quit then just the price, health for a start. remind yourself over and over why you want to remain smokefree it helps especially when craving. All the best with you journey.

2Sep2014 By Footyref  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

My crutch is gone

I just destroyed (with my husband and son's help) all my cigarettes I kept for 'an emergency' and I am feeling so nervous about how I will manage. Last time I tried to quit I panicked because I had none and went and brought more and started again. I now have the inhalater and the spray mist - they are both disgusting but I will give them a go. what have others done about times when you panic?

Profile image LuckyLady8 hours ago

I chewed the mint habitrol gum. I then got addicted to it but it worked. After a few pieces you get used to the taste and i found the gum was a life saver in times of high stress like mornings. The gum is like 'instant calm' for me.

Profile image Vicky..:)8 hours ago

I love the fact u are trying your dam best to try give up smoking and u have no need to feel nervous try to feel proud u have made a start we all know its not an easy habit to give up but believe me with the right support and advice u will reach your smoke free goals keep up the good work u are doing just fine :)

Profile image Ladylene6 hours ago

Hi Footyref .. great decision. You can do this Footyref .. as most of us in here have figured out .. you are much stronger than you think. Some things I found helpful are:

Nicotine takes 72 hours to leave your body, from the time of your last smoke. If you have even one puff .. your 72 hours starts all over again. Remind yourself that its just 72 hours compared to the rest of your life.

Know that those really intense cravings only last about 7 minutes and then they ease off again. Practice the 4 D’s (deep breathe, distract, delay and drink water) through them and remind yourself that the intensity of it will pass.

Think of the addiction as a horrid monster that you need to starve out. That monster wants a smoke .. but you do not. You are a non-smoker. If you starve him out he will die. He will whinge and whine that first few days as he gets desperate but you just don't feed him. Do anything else, but just don't feed him. Remember that you are not battling yourself .. you are battling that nicotine deprived monster.

Good luck :)

Profile image sunray5 hours ago

Have to agree with the lovely determined, be positive and most of all believe in yourself...Welcome to you Footyref.. you can do it. All the best. ⭐

2Sep2014 By LuckyLady  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 766 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 766 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 30640
Total savings: $20,682.00

Profile image LuckyLady8 hours ago

Learned something new this week. When getting off the nicotine gum, best not to swap to Xtra sugarfree as it has a laxative effect :-)

Profile image Vicky..:)8 hours ago

I love to get to where u are e hoa tumeke u offically not looking back as for an laxative effect I overdose myself with them Lorengzes while having a few cold ones and end up running to the tiolet a few hours later and I was like what the heck!! My fault I have not used nicotine Lorengzes in a long while and my body was not use to them no longer thank God I am set free I will try something different next which I usually do any way :)

Profile image LuckyLady8 hours ago

Funny Vicky! I am hopeful that somewhere out there is a substance, other than water, with no adverse side effects. Still searching. . . .

Profile image Footyref8 hours ago

WOW! That's so amazing, I am on day two and it's scary but it's a journey - well done!

Profile image LuckyLady8 hours ago

Thanks! Day 2 is hard. I remember that day! When I was quitting I found the hardest thing was to learn to trust that the bad days and super hard days would be completely gone as time passed. We don't have the ability to see ourselves down the road as non-smokers. We can hold the idea in our minds that we might not be thinking about cigarettes on day 40 or day 50 but it just happens. Life happens and as more life happens without cigarettes then we learn new ways to cope without them. Its not something you can read about. its something you have to experience to know.

Profile image Toffee Pop6 hours ago

766 days wow that's awesome. I like your life happens comment. I'm on day 9 now so you're very inspirational.

Profile image Ladylene6 hours ago

Oops LuckyLady .. be thankful you didn't take a sleeping tablet at the same time lol
Great stats :)

Profile image sunray5 hours ago

Awesome stats LuckyLady huge congratulations! Very inspiring. ⭐

2Sep2014 By Vicky..:)  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 113 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 113 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 2260
Grams NOT smoked: 485
Total savings: $2,102.50
Wow 113 days not even a single Ciggy or even a puff of a smoke but I am proud of myself I might have had a few Canterbury creams on ice with a cap of Jim Beam or two or even a few glasses of Kentucky Honey bourbon with L&P n red bull but I am proud of myself I can enjoy a few drinks with friends and family and smoking is no longer an issue for me if I can do it anyone can (Y)

Profile image Ladylene6 hours ago

Nice work Vicky :)

Profile image sunray5 hours ago

Awesome!! Well done Vicky ...and congrats on getting in the hundy club sorry that I missed your last blog.Keep on rocking! ⭐

2Sep2014 By yas01  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Old habits

They have hit me hard.
For the past 3 days I have slipped with a few a day no more than 4 but enough for me to kick myself and restart my journey yet once again.

Why?? Not sure to be honest. I dont have a reason when I had the first one on Sunday I was fighting thoughts, voices so bad and I dealt with that all day until evening then I gave in.
Then its been a couple yesterday and today.
So just had a big talk to myself and reset as of tomorrow. Would of been 6 weeks today.

Living with a smoker doesnt help but he will stop when he wants I wont & dont hassle him as Ive been there and it makes you (the smoker) more determined to carry on.
But knowing that there are always smokes around is like a toture to someone trying so damm hard to stop.

Thinking of even putting the small patches on for the next few days to help me.

See-saw again.
Over it so bad, maybe I may just be one of these people that cant quit. But then I see that statement and know thats not even an option. I can and will do this!!

Its so damm hard & so heart-wrenching.
Sorry :(

Profile image Vicky..:)8 hours ago

I know how u feel when I slip into bad habits like fatty greasy sugary n salty food and drinks especially caffeine this can cause a ripple affect making u wanting to crave for a ciggy which is no good for me and for u..Whatever it is that is helping u from craving for a smoke keep that up even if its keeping yourself busy then keep busy I needed to fit in physical activity too keep me sane and I tell u that plus plenty of water and green tea so does help and it makes u look and feel great keep up the good work :)

Profile image Janet G7 hours ago

awwwwww ((((((Yas)))))) don't be so hard on yourself.... just dust yourself off and have a good day tomorrow. Make some little changes to your routine to help you.... (new ones that you haven't done before)

I just shudder when I hear of bloggers on this site saying about their partners still smoking... oh wow.... you'd think there would be a bit more support and understanding from them.... like hiding their smokes so you couldn't get to them in a weak moment... etc...

Maybe try a new recipe :) I'm looking for a new recipe with canned chick peas in it... I have so many cans of this in the pantry!!! Sending you heaps of healthy, fresh breath, hugs xoxoxoxox

Profile image Janet G7 hours ago

and a funny thing this evening at the Indian takeaway... while I was waiting for my order, a lady came in and ordered butter chicken without the chicken :) hahaa... I laughed out loud and said that's a favourite of mine,,, and we all had a good laugh about it.... the guy in the shop said that's a favourite of lots of people.

I have a couple of good recipes for butter chicken if you want them :)

Profile image fagoff7 hours ago

Hi yas01 good to see your still around ,you were a great support for me the last time I was here trying to quit.I really came to believe that I would never be able to be free of unowot,it caused me such inner torment for so long .But here I am finally 4 years after I first found quitline ,10 days free of unowot ,no serious cravings just the odd thawt that I can cope with.I am not fighting it anymore I surrendered im over it ,im just going with the flow. I know one unowot is too much and a thousand aren't enuff.I know its only 10 days for me so far but they are the best 10 days ive lived since I can remember.You can do it Yas01 you are more than worth it .Im gonna keep pestering you so you better get used to it and don't pick up another unowot eh

Profile image suemack6 hours ago

((((hugs)))) You'll do it Yas, I believe in you! And go you for jumping right back into your quit. Put the patches on, do whatever you need to do to make this a little easier cos it is hard. I went through a rough patch with mine several months into the quit so started back on the gum to get me through. Didn't need it for long, but it made the difference for me.

Profile image Ladylene6 hours ago

Another big hug from me Yas. I too believe in you. I tried many times before this quit. The law of averages say, so long as you don't stop trying .. you will eventually succeed. So just keep trying Hun .. its that simple. I can't imagine how hard it is having your partner smoke. Us the gum .. use anything you need to until the cravings go away and life feels normal without a smoke. You show such great determination Yas that I know you are going to master the quit Hold tight :)

Profile image sunray5 hours ago

Never give up on giving up Yas heart goes out to you Yas must be so hard for you with your hubby still smoking while you keep trying ...I no that if my hubby had been a smoker it would of been so much harder for me as well .. it was hard enough having most of my friends still smoking at the start. I don't no what to say really just wanting you to stop being so hard on yourself and for you to no that I am still supporting you on your journey. Howz that boy of yours Yas? and Janet that butter chicken sounds yummy. Massive hugs to you ((((((((((((((((((((Yas)))))))))))))))))) ⭐