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4Jul2015 By Bailey  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

3 days

So stoked with myself for doing 3 days smoke free and finding it not to bad. Just a few questions is it just me or is it normal to have a foggy brain my concentration span is shocking, very restless and memory is shot! Hope this improves or I'm in trouble haha. Also I can't sleep with patches on as have wicked dreams so in the morning I wake up craving terribly. I try and put one on as soon as I get up, but was wondering how long does it take patches to start working? Thank you all my non smoking heroes :)

4Jul2015 By Hollie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs





Profile image GTMI1 hour ago

What a brilliant game, there was people jumping around my lounge so exicited about our win :):):)

Profile image PSPSP1 hour ago

I agree Hollie. As someone born in Dunedin it was a very satisfying win for me.

Profile image DragonLips30 minutes ago

Yee Haa! Well done boys! :D

4Jul2015 By Can Do Attitude  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 129

This is the first winter with no bronchitis.

Feeling Happy
Feeling Healthy
Feeling Hopeful

Keep positive everyone, you can do this

Profile image Marni1 hour ago

Brilliant Can Do - feeling the positives - Fantastic! 129 days = over 4 months - Huge congratulations x

4Jul2015 By Rodders1  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 1829 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1829 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 36580
Grams NOT smoked: 13065
Total savings: $29,429.00

Profile image Rodders14 hours ago

Havent been tempted since giving up I so enjoy life anyone reading this it can be done give up the poison theres a fantastic world out there

Profile image Nana224 hours ago

OMG. I can hardly imagine how great that must feel! Just over 5 years smokefree?
What an epic achievement. Massive congratulations to you. I wanna do that too!
Thank you for posting and inspiring us. WOW!

Profile image Bub444 hours ago

Thankyou for posting totally inspiring

Profile image trouty4 hours ago

thats a massive amount of days. i thought 1032 was good for me and it is

Profile image Rodders14 hours ago

it can be done,,, just keep at it and soon it will become the past

Profile image Ganny3 hours ago

Wow! Thank you so much for the encouragement.

Profile image Marni1 hour ago

Wow, Wow, Wow Rodders!! Bet you're feeling fantastic - a life change hey? Congratulations and thanks for the support x

Profile image DragonLips29 minutes ago


4Jul2015 By Dizzy:)  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

45 days free

I had my surgery 2 weeks ago and it looks like my recovery is on track. The best thing ever is that I am still on track with my quit progress 45 days free.

Profile image trouty4 hours ago

thats great and not smoking really speeds up recovery times. years ago mum was having a knee job and the doc told her she would heal faster if she quit. she stopped on the spot and was up and around in no time

Profile image Bub444 hours ago

Isn't it just the bestest being on track your looking and feeling great at 45 days 5 more sleeps till the half hundy club :)

Profile image Nana224 hours ago

Hi Dizzy. Great to see you and great to see that you are now 45 days smokefree. Fantastic effort! 5 more sleeps and you will hit the 1/2 hundy!
Glad your surgery went well and yes recovery will be so much better now you've quit.
Keep up the fantastic work. You are doing brilliantly. Well done!

Profile image jakethemuss3 hours ago

Dizzy awesome work on 45 days

Profile image Ganny3 hours ago

Always good to hear such great news. Inspiring indeed!

Profile image Marni1 hour ago

Thrilled for you Dizzy - 7 weeks smoke and poison free! You'll be healed in no time and no going back - Well done :)

Profile image dede52 minutes ago

So encouraging

4Jul2015 By Kuikui  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 178 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 178 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 1780
Total savings: $1,762.20

Kia ora Quit Family, hope everyone is having a great day and weekend. I don't come on here as often as I would like to but please know that I have received the best support to quit smoking for good from our family here in this space. On July 7 I will be 6 months free of this nasty, traitorous demon after being a smoker off and on (more on than off) for the last 30+ years. Tomorrow I was supposed to do a 10km fun walk/run in Wellington but I've been a bit crook so haven't been able to train as much as I want to. However, I managed to get out for a 5km run this morning which felt wonderful. Before quitting cigarettes I could barely walk 5km now I can run that distance quite easily. Im so glad I made the decision to quit smoker forever. Auahi kore for life!!

Profile image Bub444 hours ago

Best decision ever aye Kuikui and look at those days and massive savings well done you :)

Profile image Nana224 hours ago

Hello Kuikui! Wonderful stats my friend. You are roaring ahead to that 2nd Hundy now!
6 months smokefree is such an awesome milestone, and in a few days you'll be there. Make sure you plan a special treat lovely.
Sorry to hear you've been unwell Kuikui. Hopefully you are on the mend now?
I totally agree with you about being so glad we decided to quit. And to quit for life. Life is so much better now eh!
Take care of yourself my friend.
Love & nana hugs to you. (((Kuikui))) xx

4Jul2015 By Betsy102  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

smoking demon

Hi everyone this is my day seven of smoke free. I am constantly thinking of smoking today for some reason. My parther does not help as he just lights up anywhere even though he knows I am trying not to smoke again. I am good on the week days as I work and kept myself very busy but on the weekend I am with my partner who smokes and it makes it so difficult not to think about lighting up one. Anyway I am still smoke free and I will continue to fight this urge. I am hoping I can and will beat this addiction.
I feel very blotted and unconfortable but hey maybe its just part of the process.

Profile image trouty6 hours ago

he should have some consideration and take it outside. stay strong you can do this

Profile image Nana226 hours ago

Welcome to the quit family Betsy and congratulations on 7 days smokefree! (close enough). That's a whole week to be proud of. Is it possible to ask your partner to smoke outside away from you? If that won't happen, maybe you could take yourself away to another room when he's smoking. Stay strong and use the 4D's (delay, deep breaths, drink water & distraction) to keep fighting the cravings. Every one you resist makes you a little stronger to fight the next. Generally they las about 7 minutes, so focus on getting through those 7 minutes. You also might find it helps to stay busy for the first few weekends as they can be challenging early on. Boredom is no friend in the early days of quitting. You have already shown strength and determination to get through this first week, so hold tight to that and keep pushing through. You are doing great!

Profile image Ganny5 hours ago

Hi there Betsy. Well done you! Are you going cold-turkey or using NRT?

Profile image Betsy1025 hours ago

Thank you trouty and Nana2 for the advice. I will ask my partner to think of me and not light up infornt of me, or else take myself away from where he is.
Granny not I have a patch and chewing gum. but still there is an urge to go light up. I am chewing some even though I don't like them. I think they will be useful so I have them at hand.

Profile image Doll19685 hours ago

Well done Betsy. The weekend can be the worse. I feel sorry for you that your partner is not supporting you as perhaps he should. I guess I am lucky my husband is a non smoker so I have a massive amount of support but all my family smoke so it can be tough. The first couple of weeks are hard (Day 20 for me) and I constantly thought of smoking in the early days. It will pass and although there are brief moments of stupidity - they do pass and get less frequent. Jump on the blog when you can as you will learn some important tools to help you get through shared by others. NOPE is an important tool for me as I know if I don't stick by that it will all be over - NOT ONE PUFF EVER. You can do this. Stay strong you are doing so well.

Profile image Betsy1024 hours ago

Hi Doll Yes I you are right there, that weekend is worse, as I have been so good for during the week days and today I have been struggling. I am talking to my partner so he promise to hold on his smoking until I am not in sight. You are definitely lucky that your husband does not smoke which is great support, gl with giving up smoking

Profile image Bub444 hours ago

Betsy the weekends are the worst at the beginning of your quit keep yourself busy and enforce the 4 D's instead of your partner lighting up perhaps he could quit too otherwise ask him for some considerstion..your doing great being around smokers does not bother me i find myself staring at them and thinking yuck i was once like that :)

Profile image Betsy1024 hours ago

Hi Bub, yes I am finding that out now, so I may have to think of activities I need to do on the weekend. Oh I fogot about the 4 Ds but than you for reminding me, I will definitely try them. Well I am hoping that if I succeed it will make him want to quit too. I probably I am not ready to be around smokers yet, but in time I will, thank for the support

Profile image jakethemuss3 hours ago

Hey betsey102 well done on 7 days smokefree.
it must be tough when your partner lights up in front of you like that.
my wife still smokes. But smokes it out the window and i smell it but it dosent
bother me now. In the early days of my quit i took myself out of the smell of the smoke.
stay strong and remember NOPE ODAAT you can do it

Profile image Betsy1021 hour ago

Hi jakethemuss, It is definitely hard however I will now take myself out of sight when he light up, he also promise that he will not light up infront of me, but when he does forget I will scarce myself. Wow you are having it hard with your wife smoking it out the window and you can smell it. You are strong and thank you for the encouragement and support, I am staying strong, as I don't want to go back smoking. thank you again and stay strong yourself.

4Jul2015 By trouty  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

day at home

usually on a saturday after i wake up i go to my sons but i decided to stay home today. going there tomorrow for hangi. his partner won one so he invited me to go and share it with them.had a good night at work and have my long one tonight. the power of addiction is truly alive and well with some of the starts hasstling me anywhere from 4 am.she gets her first at 6. so i go out to the conseratory with her and then this other one comes down to scab her butt which she gives. we dish out her smokes as if she had them she would be smoking up a storm and giving them away. shes a nice lady who can be manipulated and taken advantage of by others. for the first time in over 1000 days i thought gee a smoke would be good. trout what are you thinking.soon passed and it wasnt a crave just a stupid thought. hasnt been much of a day so ive been snoozing on the couch and watching tv this afternoon. have an awesome sunday

Profile image trouty7 hours ago

my son tried the bambillo and didnt like it either

Profile image Bruce C6 hours ago

Ah, memories. Before she needed secure accommodation, my mother-in-law used to be in a place where they doled out the cigarettes as you described. When we visited I used to get very hungry looks from some of her fellow residents when I slipped out for a quick fag.

Glad you resisted

Profile image trouty6 hours ago

i didnt really want one. i could never just have one and be done with it.

Profile image Nana225 hours ago

That will be a lovely meal tomorrow Trouty. I love hangi food. I do feel sorry for the residents who are in places where they're not allowed to smoke. Glad your place allows them to. Those random thoughts of smoking just pop up any old time eh Trouty. Over 1000 days smokefree is amazing - bet you'll never go back to the dark side now!!!
Have a good shift Trouty and enjoy your hangi tomorrow.

Profile image Ganny5 hours ago

You totally rock Trouty. I have to keep away from smokers coz I just don't trust myself not to be swayed by ND.

Profile image Bruce C5 hours ago

"i could never just have one and be done with it." - Amen, if I could just have the occasional one I would but I know that I could never keep it to that so I dare not have even one/

Profile image trouty4 hours ago

its 10 hours tonight and i have a headache. i will never go back to the dark side. this side is much brighter and sunnier

Profile image Bub444 hours ago

"Always live on the bright side of life"aye Trouty i was asked to give one of the residents her smoke the other afternoon holding it did not phase me interesting re the pillow..have a great shift

Profile image jakethemuss3 hours ago

Nice work trouty

4Jul2015 By aimee7  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Just reading through a couple of blogs and have seen a few mentions that Axl is no longer on the blogs?? Am I mistaken? Can someone fill me in please!!

Profile image aimee79 hours ago

It's ok I have found his last post! He's lurking so I'm happy.

Profile image jakethemuss9 hours ago

Aimee7 I was wondering
as well

Profile image Nana228 hours ago

Yep, he is missed.

Profile image Kiwikid8 hours ago

Hi to Axl if you are lurking

Profile image Calmwaters8 hours ago

He always had something rational and kind to say. No matter what, no matter who. I miss him too :(

Profile image Bruce C6 hours ago

He needed distance just as you (for different reasons) needed to reduce your involvement & I am also progressively reducing the amount I read and post..

I think of it as "Graduating".

I miss him, but he has to look after himself first.

Profile image Ladylene1 hour ago

Yep I miss him too but I understand ... we all get to that stage eventually and I too have been trying to wean off being so active. Study does not allow me the same time and I have need to step back a bit. .. But like Axl I will still be lurking and commenting on odd posts .. just not every one like I used to :)

4Jul2015 By aimee7  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 300 days smokefree WOW!!

Smokefree days: 300 days
Grams NOT smoked: 1586
Total savings: $2,120.00

Hi everyone, so happy to get to 300 days!
So grateful for all you support xx

Profile image Arria9 hours ago

WOOHOOO Huge congratulations Aimee! You have aced this quit, feeling proud for you :) :) I hope you have something nice planned for today. :)

Profile image aimee79 hours ago

Hi Arria, it's nice to hear from you. I'm spending the day with the kiddies...that's my treat :) x

Profile image jakethemuss9 hours ago

Nice stats aimee

Profile image sunray8 hours ago

Welcome to the 3 hundy club aimee. Congratulations and well done. ⭐

Profile image Nana228 hours ago

YESSS! A very warm welcome to the 3 Hundy Club Aimee! You have fought well and so deserve to be here. Be very proud and happy with your wonderful achievement hun.
Next stop.....1 year. I am excited for you.
Love & hugs xx

Profile image Calmwaters8 hours ago

Wow Aimee!!!

Profile image clarence the cat6 hours ago

Well done Aimee7!! You must be feeling very proud.

Profile image Bruce C6 hours ago

Congratulations on the 300 Aimee. You are doing so well

Profile image Thunderbirds are go5 hours ago

What a fabulous sight! Many congrats on your 300 days Aimee. I'm so happy for you :))

Profile image Bub444 hours ago

Big shout out to Aimee congratulations whoop whoop awesome stats

Profile image Ladylene1 hour ago

Hi Aimee .. big congratulations on reaching the 300 Club .. go you! Next stop your breathday .. how exciting. Well done you!