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11Feb2016 By megzzz22  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Today im pretty proud to say im 14 days smokefree, while i dont crave one anymore and feel really mind is going crazy with all these feelings, i feel depressed its really driving me crazy...i wanna cry all the time...IS THIS JUST WITHDRAWLS?????? anyone else experience anything like this...i dont want to smoke and it dont bother me being around smokers..i just think my hormones are acting really strange, is it withdrawls?? Will it pass soon??? Any ideas

Profile image Ballast3 minutes ago

It's all to do with dopamine levels being lower during withdraw, it's completely normal, it will pass. It's well documented. You just need to get through it and it won't hang around long. Well done on 14 days you're doing it :-)

11Feb2016 By Fastriver  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 1 time to lock it down

Kia Ora fellow quitters,
I've been cutting down the ciggies the last couple of days quit day today and the headaches have started despite drinking plenty of fluids and taking a panadol.
Resorted to doing sit ups when I feel like a smoke which was first thing this morning when I'd normally have a smoke straight after waking with my morning coffee
I'm feeling really tired too think it's from the headache .
My motivator for quitting is our family trip to Fiji it costs about 6000 for my partner and I so something had to give !
I'm hoping my partner will give up with me, by the weekend hopefully but I didn't want to wait till then I've been wanting to stop for so long now well over a year, so cold turkey it is can't wait to get through the first three days when I know there's no nicotine in my system and its all physcological.
I'm in Aussie ATM with family helping my neicey with her depression there are 3 smokers in this house who make a good living but struggle to buy smokes a day out of the week usually before pay day and it's a lil cheaper here for smokes! I feel guilty that they were trying to supply me as well, I'm hoping to use this month to return home smoke free

So to everyone starting their journey I wish you all a smoke free life style! Kia kaha one step at a time, I'll be back same bat channel same bat time tomorrow to let loose whatever's in my head

11Feb2016 By mel24nz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Looks like an elephant and feels like a sloth

Isn't it funny the things that make us nervous or worried. Today I told my family and friends that I am actively trying to give up smoking and I know that their support with be of a huge benefit for me but still I was nervous saying it out loud to them and I'm nervous now as I sit here and type about it. A big part of my head says stop being so silly but I still have butterflies and I'm still nervous. I have been making what I thought were small changes over the past few months and yet now that I look back that are actually really huge changes. For one I seem to drink at least 2 to 3 large drink bottles of water a day where as before I was maybe drinking one small glass. Which when I look back I don’t drink soft drink or alcohol (well maybe a glass of either once every couple of weeks) so I must have been bloody dehydrated. Coffee all day does not really count as keeping the body hydrated i'm sure, so I increased my water intake. I also stopped eating as much processed foods. I cant say altogether and I never will give up everything every girl needs chocolate at that time of the month but I have definitely cut down. ALOT. Next I started regular exercise with a lovely lady who is only mildly mean to me when feel tired or unable to continue. To be honest I didn’t know exercise could be fun well let me rephrase that I had heard crazy people talk about it being fun but like I said I thought they were just crazy. Turns out I am one of those crazy people who enjoy it. My daily life now revolves around my 3 sessions a week of training as well as extra walks on other days to fill the gaps. So suprise suprise I cant really get very fit while my lungs are full of gunk. So next step has brought me here quit smoking time. Feeling scared nervous worried but also extremely excited mainly about what I will be able to achieve in a few weeks. So to keep my hands busy I thought I would start writing again and at this stage this blog is really just random thoughts that are popping into my head so apologies if the story line doesn't seem to flow.
Oh and on a side note while looking for an app to install on my phone to help with hints and tips and hopefully distractions when I'm wanting a cigarette I found one that looked pretty good (even if it was a UK version) I was intrigued on the very first pop up it says I am here to help you with your “ATTEMPT” well guess what stupid app I want this to be when I quit not just an attempt. So needless to say I didn’t use that one. But there aren’t many apps for people to use to help with giving up. At least not decent ones. Perhaps I shall design an app to do this. Bahaha not sure when I'm going to fit that it. I can barely get all my washing done each day. So as I travel on this journey im sure there will be more little things that I find I want to achieve and complete. Note to self make a list of all goals that I want to achieved before the end of the year.
So wish me luck and hopefully in a few weeks I shall be a smaller Elephant and perhaps the energy will have increased to that of a speedy turtle?
Have a good day and see you on the flip side

Profile image cath571 hour ago

Welcome and wish you well.

11Feb2016 By Kiri  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


It's been 15 days since I gave up smoking! It is getting easier every day but I do find when I get stressed or tired I realllllly want one still. If I distract myself in that moment it doesn't last long. Feeling proud of myself and doing this for my health and my family! I was feeling so guilty when I worked out how much I was spending on smokes so now I am putting that money in a saving account as an automatic payment each week and at the end of the year we are going on a family holiday! That excites me more than having another cigarette!

Profile image cath571 hour ago

A win win both ways, congrats, healthy weathy and wise, enjoy your holiday.

11Feb2016 By Club snake  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

day 7

Feeling great. I slipped up a bit on Saturday night drinking but have not had any since. The best feeling is seeing I have only spent $22 since Sunday when normally I would've spent maybe $120 by now. Also I'm not eating as much bad food and drink because when I used to by a pack I would buy a red bull and maybe a pie too. I'm feeling better than normal. More energetic and happier. The lozenges are really helping to distract me. Can't wait to see my bank account grow more and to gain. Some extra muscle from the gym :)

Profile image cath571 hour ago

Good place to be smoke free.

11Feb2016 By Age  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Maori female 39

Profile image Fastriver4 hours ago

First day today Kare? Same and using this place to keep me motivated! Kia kaha koe, Kia Maro hoki!

Profile image Korey2754 hours ago

Welcome to the Quit family Age!

Wishing you well in your quit journey, we are here to basically support each other no matter where you are in your journey, whether it be Day 1 or Day 700.

We're all in the same boat so stay strong and you will beat this.

Profile image smokefreemep4 hours ago

Kia ora age.. welcome to the Quit whanau ☺

Profile image Age4 hours ago

Thank you all. It's my 4th day. I'm still smoking about 2 smokes a day. Stressing hard with my hubby. But he's a non smoker so he is helping me so much. I'm eating more n I don't want to. I can do this is my motto.

Profile image Kiri2 hours ago

I'm snacking more too. Haven't had a smoke for 15 days and just calculated how much I'm saving OMG! I've started cutting up healthy options like carrot and celery sticks and put them in a bowl in the fridge each morning so when I feel like a smoke but don't then go for the fridge I'm eating healthy! Last thing I need is to put weight on ha!

Profile image cath571 hour ago

You will find the answer if you read, I find writing a few hints daily as to the day, I am on, works for me, giving me some realities of others experiences, actually took a little fear away, like insane thoughts, wellness, simple I cough, but no real yuk just a itch throat, others had blog about that. A bit like people teaching you how to stop. Good to know another non smoker.

11Feb2016 By Elevtheria  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 1095 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1095 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 10950
Total savings: $9,042.00

Here we are….. 3rd breathday today. Wow! When I look at the numbers and think about the last 3 years I can’t really believe it. What a journey it has been. From quitting the day I left my ex, to being able to make friends, to the first free steps at the beach….. The beach….walking there every weekend early mornings with my music in my ears, that’s how I got strength to tackle the things thrown at me.
I love my quit family… without you guys (and quitline) I wouldn’t be here. I do think though it’s time to draw a line… so, I might be lurking in the background but won’t be active (much). There are so many wonderful new quitters supporting each other that I can leave and be sure everybody will be fine.
I am still on the quittery on FB and will support from there, stay in contact with my friends (the ones that are not on FB via e-mail hehehe). I will miss you but it’s time to write a new chapter in my book.
So, thank you all for your support, your love and all the hugs over the past 3 years. It means so much more than you’ll ever know. You guys were my first friends and will always have a place in my heart.
I wish you all the best. Stay strong lovelies.

Lots of love & hugs

Profile image Nana224 hours ago

Massive congrats to you lovely on achieving your 3rd Breathday! How very awesome!
I understand that it's time for you to move on to other things....have been thinking the same actually.
I have so appreciated the wonderful support you've offered me throughout my quit, and you will be very much missed.
I have great admiration for all you've achieved. Just want to wish you all the very best for the next chapter of your book......and all the chapters to follow.
I know it will be an awesome book!!!
Lots of love & nana hugs. (((Elevtheria))) xx

Profile image smokefreemep4 hours ago

Morning E. What a lovely blog.. just want to thank you for your support, you have been a massive inspiration. Its your time to move forward.. gosh look at what you have achieved.. fantastic positivity.. we are all on journeys.. but we all need to move forward in our own time. You go girl.. could never hold you back. Big ups and congratulations on your 3rd breathday E. God bless, arohamai xx

Profile image Korey2754 hours ago

Congratulations Elevtheria! What a massive achievement!

Profile image Ladylene4 hours ago

A big congratulations to you Elevtheria .. those are some mighty fine numbers my friend. You have come such a long way and fought some huge battles since that day three years ago ... I"m so proud of you .. it takes courage and determination to survive where you have been!

I even more excited to see that things are finally falling into place in your life .. xx

I totally understand your moving on E .. those same thoughts have been going through my mind too the past 6 months. I simply don't have the time to support like I used to and you are correct ... there are some wonderful supporters here. haha .. I wonder how long we will stay 'lurkers' for? At least we are not lurking and looking through classroom windows like some people I know lol :)

It was so nice to catch up with you on the weekend .. short as it was :) I hope you have a celebration planned!

Profile image smokefreemep4 hours ago

Cracking up.. omgoshhh ...

Profile image PokuruGirl3 hours ago

Happy third smokefree birthday E. I've watched you transform your life from ugliness to beauty - and you have an inner core of strength that is quite remarkable. Like you, I "lurk" and rarely comment or blog but I also remember in my early days, it was nice to see some old-timers pop in and post some truly phenomenal stats. This made me feel like success was achievable so don,t be a stranger forever. All the best for your and your family's future and I hope it goes well with your new special someone. You deserve every bit of happiness coming your way!

Profile image Julia C3 hours ago

Fantastic effort quitting at what must have been one of your lowest points and maintaining that quit through all the tribulation and anguish of the last 3 years.

When it's time to go it's time to go, but remember you can return if you find you need to be here.

Take care & stay in touch.

Profile image Hollie42 minutes ago

Huge congratulations Elevtheria on achieving your 3rd smokefree year. You have shown tremendous strength and very determined to turn your life around.

I have only just logged in after arriving home from Wellington. We have been away for over a week to Wellington/Taupo/Napier/Wellington flying back home today. Sole purpose of trip was to attend nephew's wedding in Napier. When I logged in I thought I would have missed your big milestone and would have to scroll through the blogs but there you were today.

I understand that you feel it is time to move on. You have achieved your goal and now you have a special person in your life who is making you so happy. You deserve every happiness.

Once again congratulations and my very best wishes to you Heidi.
Also thank you for all the kind comments you have left on my blogs.
Bev xxx

11Feb2016 By 4me4eva  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

slowing down

Today is the first full day of my 'slowing down' 1 smoke every hour and its so far working. Am i the only one that thought, you smoke but hate the second hand smoking or started to feel embarrassed about smoking in-front of strangers in town, hide that you smoke? What works the best for help quitting Patches, gum or lozenges or something else?

Profile image cath575 hours ago

Keep going, stay strong.

Profile image Fastriver4 hours ago

So know what you mean Cath I hide from work mates that I smoke today I'm going cold turkey, and I've got a headache already, water ready tho and hoping today will be fast 😄
Stay hard too Cath, we got this!

Profile image JohnnyRED4 hours ago

Best way is either cold, or the patch. Those are the best two I've had success with now I use an ecig on this quit. Cold Turkey lasted me six years so if you can do it then go hard.

Profile image Fastriver4 hours ago

Hard out JohnnyRed I went cold turkey last time for 6 years WAS lol smoking for 4 years, tried the e CIG and shisha but I was kidding my self im currently away from home for a month so using this time to quit, I smoked marijuana too and now I'm 3 weeks toke free. So perfect time to throw in the ciggies too!
Good luck with your journey as well 😀

Profile image JohnnyRED4 hours ago

Wow I am three weeks toke free too, was it all the tax on weed that made you quit too? I'm anti smoke now. I'm more vaping than ecig. It's a medicine for me like an asthma pump. 163 days quit now. Kiwicig is where I order them.

Profile image smokefreemep4 hours ago

Hi Carrie.. i know how you feel. I remember hidding my smoke from people at work, parents of my sons friends, lots of people. Cold turkey was good for me.. no side effects no extra expenses.. its hard to say what works for individuals.. I have one friend who quit smoking 6 years ago by using music and colour therapy? Dont even ask lol..

11Feb2016 By GaGa. 68  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 150 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 150 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 2250
Total savings: $2,508.60

Profile image smokefreemep8 hours ago

Morning Gaga ☺ congratulations on your 150 days smoke free. Im really proud of you. You are owning your quit.. good on you. Have a fantastic day (with a treat). xx

Profile image This time please7 hours ago

Yay GaGa, 150 days smokefree, awesome!!! Can you believe how many days we have not smoked now, who'd have thought aye!!! Keep up the good work GaGa, there's a couple of us following closely in your footsteps and the grounds looking pretty solid for us all these days; Yay yay yay.

Have a lovely treat day, you deserve it :)

Profile image Ehsan84836 hours ago

Great Achievement Gaga !!!! Really appreciate your effort. I am on day 33 and truly can understand your effort to reach 150 days. Still a big milestone for me to reach your stat but is good motivation for me. Congrats and keep going .

Profile image Nana225 hours ago

Big congrats on your 150 days of smokefreedom GaGa! Totally awesome to achieve this!
Have a great smokefree day and have yourself a lovely treat!

11Feb2016 By kevint  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 108 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 108 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 3240
Total savings: $3,628.80

Profile image smokefreemep8 hours ago

Nice work kevint ..