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18Apr2014 By pandorasbox  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day Fifteen

I did it!!! Well I mean I got through my first two weeks and am now in my third. It was awesome to log in and have Quitline who asked me if I have had a relapse in the last two weeks, to which I was proudly able to check the "not one puff" option :) I am pretty stoked with myself. I feel confident and believe the patches and lozenges have made the cravings FAR less intense. Healthy eating and ten minute walks are also doing wonders for my body. I feel far more healthy overall. My dentist was so pleased that I had quit, and noted my teeth were starting to recover. She also has booked me in for a whitening session. I can finally go non-smoker white!!! I tell you it is the little things that matter too. Hope everyone else out there are having successes on their own journeys too.

Profile image Blondene1 hour ago

You certainly are onto more positive things; how exciting about your teeth whitening a new you coming right up! Keep up all the positives; quitting certainly does change your life. Well done; be proud 15 days is awesome.

Profile image sunray1 hour ago

Thats awesome pandorasbox a huge massive congratulations to you on your 15 days smoke free. Wicked. ☆

18Apr2014 By muzzie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Easter for me is a very special time. It signifies new life and a time to maybe renew some of those parts of us that we have neglected.

I have learn't to take some time for me and even though I am by no means an expert I meditate now. Just a few minutes a day deep breathing and tuning out to all the crap. Then there is the other part that just turns up the music and does some crazy lounge room dancing.

So to all of you out there that are struggling with smoking and quitting and all that it brings, just remember that there is always a place to come and get the support you need. You are not alone and if all else fails go for a long walk, or just crank up the music and dance, dance, dance.
Never quit on your quit, I didn't and after 4 attempts I have now been smokefree for just over a year. I can say with hand on my heart that smoking will never again be part of who I am.

So eat chocolate (because I am) and have a very Happy Easter. XOXO

Profile image sunray59 minutes ago

Awesome! Congratulations on your one year smoke free. Enjoy your chocolate and happy Easter. ☆

18Apr2014 By Puff n Stuff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

30 days

Well its been a month since I quit, and i can say with great joy and pleasure its been great….!!! Great to have got this far and great to feel healthy again.
Im more focused in what I'm doing and I'm doing more plus Ive got more money its definitely a win win.
I hope everyone else who is on this journey is doing well and I wish them all the best.
PnS :)

Profile image Blondene1 hour ago

Well done puff n stuff; 30 days is fantastic; glad that you are enjoying your quit.

Profile image sunray1 hour ago

Awesome puff n suff 30 days is fantastic, well done! ☆

Profile image flower1 hour ago

good going same number of as me we ars both going strong up the hill we go

Profile image muzzie1 hour ago

Well done Puff n snuff, believe me it will only get better.

18Apr2014 By Gym Junky  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 1 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 30
Total savings: $22.90

Profile image Blondene2 hours ago

Well done on 1 Day Smokefree; keep it up!

Profile image josienz19582 hours ago

Congrats on day one - one day at a time will reap rewards in the long run

Profile image clarence the cat2 hours ago

One Day At A Time. Well done!!

Profile image sunray51 minutes ago

ODAAT. You can do it believe in yourself. ☆

Profile image Worker41 minutes ago

Go you - well done. Great start. Making the decision and sticking with it is a huge first step so be proud of yourself.

18Apr2014 By Bon  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 10 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 10 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 200
Total savings: $155.00

Double digits woohooo! Thanks for the support so far :)

Profile image SusyQ2 hours ago

Nice. Double digits are awesome. Well done.

Profile image josienz19582 hours ago

It's a great feeling huh? 10 whole days done and dusted - well done

Profile image sunray57 minutes ago

Woohoo well done Don on your 10 days done. Fantastic. ☆

18Apr2014 By flower  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

good-by my friend

i am here 2 say good-by 2 my friend I know I know but it was my friend good or bad it was there in my hand from the age of 17 when i left home you were there got married there you where .Marriage went 2 hell in a hand basket youngs daughter killed there you were my friend waiting to help me 2 be fair u did not ask 2 be my friend but boy you have made it hard 2 get rid of you Freinds don't slowly kill their friends so i am here to say good-by i was happy while it lasted BUT I DON'T NEED YOU ANYMORE i know some of you will not agree with me but 4 good or bad smoking was my friend it was the one thing in my life i could count on day or night it did not ask questions pass judgment So good-by

Profile image SusyQ2 hours ago

I am hearing you. I'm feeling really sad to be losing my friend too, but they have to go. Like you say, real friends aren't slowly trying to kill you.

Profile image josienz19582 hours ago

It's tough saying goodbye, even to those things we know are not adding value to our lives but if we stand strong, something better will come along and we will wonder why we ever held on for so long - good luck

Profile image PSPSP2 hours ago

The important thing Flower is, that regardless of how we looked at cigarettes, you are giving up. And for that you have our support-our unconditional support.

With what you have gone through there will not be one person here who does not feel for and support you.

Profile image clarence the cat1 hour ago

Sometimes we have to be strong to cut the "dead wood" from our lives.You will feel so much better for it. Your friend was really determined to eventually kill you so better got rid of now.

Profile image flower1 hour ago

thank you all for ur support i did not write this so you would fell sorry 4 me i needed 2 say good-by 2 smoking I love blogsi can say what is on my mind and read what other people have 2 say

Profile image PokuruGirl1 hour ago

If I had a friend that cost me $7k a year, made me stink, robbed me of breath, controlled me, gave me wrinkles, stole my time, and had a 50% chance of killing me, I would show that "friend" the door and say hasty la vista baby. Friends don't treat you that way.

Profile image Calmwaters1 hour ago

It can be hard to say good-bye to friends, even if we know they add no value to our lives. Good on you for turning your back and saying good-bye to this one. You are right, you don't need this one anymore!

Profile image sunray1 hour ago

Agree with everyone. And you said it friends don't kill their friends. Hugs to you flower brighter days
are coming. Hang in there xx.

18Apr2014 By sunray  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Leejen ☆

Hope you are ok, please blog so we know how you are, thinking of you?☆

Profile image josienz19582 hours ago

Hi sunray - it's awful when someone disappears and we have no way of knowing until they make contact - kiwijean and ladylene are two others I haven't seen for such a long time - I hope they are ok too.

Profile image sunray1 hour ago

Yep sending each of them hugs. (Leejen) (kiwijean) (Ladylene) wishing you all a happy easter. ☆
Thanks josie xx. ☆

18Apr2014 By Calmwaters  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Calm after the storm

I have been through stormy weather the last few days. Feeling like the storm has passed now though, and there is a lovely tranquility about.

The advice of a truly amazing co-blogger has struck a chord with me, and wanting this to be a "true quit", I have re-set my stats.

So, my 1st attempt at quitting was back in 2011, lasting 10 weeks.
My 2nd attempt began at the end of last month and lasted 19 days.

3rd time is a charm, here we go!

Have a great day and remember N.O.P.E

Profile image josienz19582 hours ago

Good luck on your true quit - 3rd time lucky I hope

Profile image PSPSP2 hours ago

Good for you calmwaters. Like people have said-no quitting on quitting.

Profile image sunray55 minutes ago

Awesome, being true to yourself love it, well done. YOU CAN DO IT. ☆

18Apr2014 By Maanu  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

T.F.I.F ---Molly Muppet

T.F.I.F = Thank Fiona (or was it Fred) It's Friday. Fridays often make me think of MollyMuppet. Last time we heard from MollyMuppet the earth shook. No it really did it was back in June 2013 and we had a 6 point something earthquake. Anyhoooo thank frank it's friday (or someone starting with f I can't remember the name) Have a great lo9ng weekend non-suckers be careful on the roads. If you have been drinking don't drive. Better to be late than dead on time.

If any of you have decided to ignore my advice regarding rabbit eggs remember this. You can't polish a poo but you can roll it around in glitter. Also if it looks like a poo and smells like a poo do not taste it even if it is covered in shiny glitter.

Please excuse the silly nature of this blog. I woke up on the wrong side of my bed wearing a silly hat. o.k. thats not true I don't wear hats the problem is a few inches lower. I will right you all a less silly blog tonight entitled "From apes to angels"

Caio for now

Profile image heironymus3 hours ago

I have thought of Molly so often, would be great to hear from her. Hope she is okay.
Anyway, I loved your silly blog, LOL! Hope you have a great, SMOBER, Easter Manu x

Profile image Maanu3 hours ago

Yeah she was a sweety Perhaps if we offered her free tickles she might come back

Profile image sunray3 hours ago

LOL have a great day Manu. Even better have a lovely smoke free one! ☆

Profile image sunray3 hours ago

As long as you don't ofter her chocolate she may lol. ☆

Profile image Calmwaters3 hours ago

Lol, thanks for sharing!

Profile image SusyQ2 hours ago

Silly is good. Laughing is the best thing ever :)

Profile image josienz19581 hour ago

Oh Maanu - you have such a charming way of writing - I do not know of this MollyMuppet you speak of but the name reminds me of Molly Woppy, a book character from many many moons ago which I loved, she and a giant wouldm run across bridges

Profile image Worker38 minutes ago

Lol - its time we turned some of that crazy energy into some exercise - hows the weather in your direction? If it fines up here and the wind drops im out for a half hour walk later. And because im diabetic im only having one little chockie? Some of the kids are home for tea tho and that's going to be tricky. How bout you?

18Apr2014 By shoegal  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Smokefree days: 50 days
Grams NOT smoked: 286
Total savings: $400.00

Profile image sunray3 hours ago

Whoop whoop well done on your 50 days smoke free shoegal, you rock! ☆

Profile image amyelizabeth3 hours ago

Well done x so awesome

Profile image Midnight3 hours ago

This is fantastic welldone

Profile image heironymus3 hours ago

WOOHOO! Well done Shoegal, I am four sleeps away from this very milestone ☺

Profile image Calmwaters2 hours ago

Congrats on your half century, that's awesome!!

Profile image Blondene2 hours ago

Congrats on half a century!!

Profile image josienz19581 hour ago

Booyah indeed!! Half a hundy - you have done amazingly well and from here on in it should be so much easier to ignore craving - well done.