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31Mar2015 By AXL  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 219 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 219 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2190
Total savings: $3,301.20

I haven't been completely honest with you guys. No, I haven't smoked if that's what you're thinking.

In my blogs and comments I come across as confident and I occasionally use humour as well. Some of the time that is just me hiding the fact that I'm struggling. Not struggling with cravings (I haven't had cravings for ages), but with the psychological part of the addiction. I have constant thoughts of just one puff will be ok. I don't want to smoke so I will not cave in. Those thoughts are just #@$%ing me off, that's all.

Sorry for the rant. I just needed to put it out there.

Have a great day my "quit family"☺☺☺☺☺☺

Profile image Bub4427 minutes ago

Good morning AXL we all struggle at times and hide behind humor dont be sorry for ranting "You will not be Beaten" have an awesome day :) :)

31Mar2015 By Spyug  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 21 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 21 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 525
Total savings: $356.94
At last three weeks. Been a hard day though. Nearly caved but my knitting and my flavoured chewing gum saved me. Got a wee bit cocky thinking I'll be fine. No demons here. Ha !! Little blighters hiding away and catch you unawares. Thank goodness for will power. Have a wee bit more than I thought I had !!

Profile image AXL57 minutes ago

Well done on 3 weeks smokefree Spyug. Yes, those cravings just keep on tempting us. Well done for resisting Spyug☺

Profile image Bub4446 minutes ago

3weeks done and dusted proud of you Spyug :)

31Mar2015 By Sexymwahz  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

65 Days...

Feeling quite proud after my temperamentive weekend. Full on arguing with Mah hUn to the point which ii found myself trying to run away within the showers of the rain ii found solace and realisation and returned to my place of the heart.. I am having a very emotional week. Within the searching, investigating and connections of whakapapa.. I've been able to connect 7 Generations between my Son - Bailey Mitaiparaihe Benjahman Manawatoa-Te Muru Wiremu Brass to my great great great Grandfather - Rewiri Hongi.. Feeling the mood of unity as our Whanau are preparing for our Reunion at the end of the year..
My quote of the week - Acknowledgements to our Tipuna, may we follow in their lead.

My quote reflects on their teachings, how knowledge is passed through generation to generation.. I'm also talking about strategic planning and goals.. Acknowledging our real names and the names that we individually created for ourselves on here.. Whakawhanaungatanga - Belonging to a wonderful Whanau that understands the struggles, mistakes and behaviour of this addiction. The challenging countless relapses that take us back to that day Zero.
Today ii am proud of my 65 days and to all those that inspire mwah and soar ahead.. I am proud of them too.. To all those ii support.. I will continue to support you, encourage and praise you.. For some have taken flight with the wings beneath their wings.. We each have our own journey, we each have our own destination and we each have our own discoveries and experiences along the way.

Loads of Love and Magical Miracles

Profile image AXL1 hour ago

Hi Sexy. Gee, those 65 days flew by. Keep up the great work☺

Profile image Bub4434 minutes ago

Your doing great awesome no one really understands the journey unless its travelled..

30Mar2015 By Genzo  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Not again....

Hi quit was totally a normal day...wake up, go to legs are like concrete but walking they get a little better. At 3 pm i already was in break, catch up with my wife to fill the documents with the car rental for the stolen car and then back to work.
We weren't busy at all so at 7 pm i finished to work.
We had our bikes tied up togheter in front of were my wife work ( i work really close to her now ) so i went to take mine to came back home.

I found a surprise. The bike were messy like someone hitted them...i tought of someone walking but when i check better someone actually tried to stole them. mainly my wife's. her basket was ripped, my air pump gone and the chain deeply cut, but luckily not enough.

Whoever tried to steal them doesn't know anything about bike, so i don0t think were "professionals". I suspect were someone working with my wife because they are jeaolous for her new job.

i really cannot believe that another thing like this happened after 1 day...
maybe it is just a coincidence...maybe not. When my wife will be back we will decide if call the police or not.

We came here to start a new family because we didn't feel secure in this here? I really didn't expect anything like this...

police give me a call that they found the car but they couldn't tell ( maybe the one who called me doesn't know i think ) if my equipment was there...i really hope so...i had the running shoes that my dad gifted me so i really care...

I cycled her bike to home, took a bus back to the cbd and then cycled mine home...really a bad evening.
I am really pissed off...and i tought to smoke one to calm me down. But after 1 second i just said is useless, meaningless, and most of all hazardous for my health. Today i was watching the ironman 70.3 in taupo, i cannot start to smoke...but life is pushing hard, isn't it? ah well....i push harder

Profile image Genzo7 hours ago

ah wife is on the metro magazine for the best dish in auckland for the restaurant baduzzi. I think inside the restaurant someone is not happy about that... ( i shouldn't say this, but if you see the picture my wife is soooooooo cute!!!!!!! and no photoshop!!!!!!! i am so lucky to married her ....^^ )

Profile image DragonLips7 hours ago

Oh no Genzo! What bad luck! I hope this doesn't make you think New Zealand is a terrible place! I like your thinking though. Keep pushing back harder my friend :)

Profile image Elevtheria6 hours ago

Sending positive vibes towards you Dear Genzo. I am so dirty about this all. On the other side... You are so cute about your wife, you are a very lucky man :) abd I'm sure she is also very lucky :) xx

Profile image Sexymwahz2 hours ago

Sending magical miracles.. And congratulations to your beautiful wife and her success of serving up the best dish.. Woop Woop!! And an even greater congratz to you ehoa for claiming another successful day to add to your smokefreedomness..

Profile image AXL1 hour ago

Hi Genzo. I hope you haven't lost faith in New Zealanders. We are a caring lot but unfortunately the few bad apples among us doesn't give that impression. Great news about your wife's dish. You must be so proud of her☺

30Mar2015 By kiwigal74  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 6 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 6 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 66
Total savings: $78.00

+++++ so grateful I have made this choice for me and ultimately for my children +++++

single mama and trying to do the very best for my kids by setting an example. Full time work and smoke free life.

Profile image Forever37 hours ago

Awesome mahi, Keep up the good work :)

Profile image Genzo7 hours ago

awesome! you are doing the best for you and your family...amazing!!!!

Profile image Sexymwahz2 hours ago

You go Kiwigal74.. 6 Sensational successful days.. ~mw(",)h~

Profile image AXL1 hour ago

Way to go Kiwigal! By the time you read this it will be 1 week smokefree. Awesome stuff☺

Profile image Bub4445 minutes ago

isnt it a wonderful feeling..keep on keeping on.

30Mar2015 By Spyug  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Weepy As

Oh dear. Don't remember this happening before. Nearly three weeks in and I have been doing fine. But heavens above talk about being weepy. I'm crying for just about every reason and can't stop. Don't know why. I cry usually at weepy movies and emotional TV programmes but even music programnes I'm blubbering away. I feel sad but am happy and that's a weird emotion
Have a wee bit if a family health issue going on but I don't think its that because I'm a nurse and pretty switched on with stuff. But gosh do I feel weird. Is it the Champix. The loss of the demon fags. The menopause. Gawd nose but wish it would stop its ruining my blooming make up
Off for a wee shopping spree. I won't smoke because I know I can't and never can smoke
Have a very good sleep NZ peeps and tomorrow will be ma 3 week mark. Whoop whoop

Profile image DragonLips7 hours ago

Hi Spyug, I was the same when I first quit. Cried buckets and over silly things. Enjoy your shopping spree. You deserve it after nearly three weeks of quitting maybe it's time for a wee reward? Sorry but had to have a giggle about ruining your makeup :)

Profile image Forever37 hours ago

Awww you'll probably feel on top of the World tomorrow. Sometimes a good cry for no reason or a whole heap of reasons is what we need :) Congratulations on your 3 week mark, such a great effort.

Profile image Genzo7 hours ago

first of all congratulation for your 3rd week!
then remember the terrible 3...3rd day 3rd week 3rd overcame the second worst period. Me too was very emotional and i am never emotional...don't worry...keep go straight with the object of staying smokefree! congratulation even for the shopping spree ^^

Profile image Spyug6 hours ago

Oh of course. Three weeks. It's terrible but that hellish demon in my head. I'm so close but I just keep distracting myself. I don't think it would take much to be swayed. Been doing so well too. But Inwont let it get me. I've come too far to go backwards now. And I remember NOPEEEEEE Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever !!!!

Profile image AXL1 hour ago

Quitting can be an emotional rollercoaster Spyug. The dreaded 3rd week may be the reason. Hang in there Spyug☺

Profile image Bub4441 minutes ago

Tomorrows another day to conquer those emotions go and now and treat yourself.

30Mar2015 By grammy  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

hello everyone

I can't believe I have got this far. What a great feeling. Nicodemon still comes to visit but gets the message to leave a bit quicker each time. Still have to remember my patches,its a mind field nico demon is always trying to distract me so he can justify my having an evil stick. Hope everyone is having a God quit day

Profile image Spyug7 hours ago

Well done to you Grammy. That's great. You've done so well. Keep at it !!

Profile image Genzo7 hours ago

weel done! keep saying NOPE!

Profile image AXL1 hour ago

You're doing great Grammy. You just keep telling nicodemon to bugger off. He'll get the message eventually☺

30Mar2015 By PokuruGirl  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

For Pops

Smokefree days: 995 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 24875
Total savings: $20,099.00

You were actually pretty good at maths, Bruce and thanks for the shout out. We hit 1,000 days on Saturday. And very happy about it too. Heading down to Queenstown on Easter Tuesday for our oldest son's wedding on Saturday 11 April. Will put up a blog on Saturday. It will be my last and I'll be naming names this time on all those lovely people who helped PSPSP and I out when we were touch and go. I quit my job today so I'm super glad I don't have any expensive habits I can't afford anymore.

Profile image suemack8 hours ago

PG, you and PSPSP are my inspiration!

Profile image Nana228 hours ago

Wow!! Look forward to seeing that blog. Wow!

Profile image Shewa8 hours ago

You popped into my head on my walk today. I had a feeling that number was getting very close ;-).Best wishes.

Profile image MMB2G8 hours ago

Two winners right there PG & PSPSP. Well done and thank you for all the support you give all the people that need it. Aint it great being smoke free? God Bless

Profile image grammy8 hours ago

What a fantastic number, you should be so proud

Profile image DragonLips7 hours ago

Wow those stats are awesome. Queenstown sounds like it will be great. I'll look forward to the saturday blog when you hit that millennium of smoke free days. Your last blog??? that will be a shame (for us I mean!) and you quit your job? Hope it was for a change and not under trying circumstances. Suemack is right, you two are an inspiration :0) xx

Profile image AXL1 hour ago

Stunning stats you two. 5 more days....☺

30Mar2015 By fagoff  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

not an option

I have thought a lot about why some people succeed longterm at this quiting business,mainly because I want to be one of them.non smokers have similar things to cope with as me but they seem to just find a way to cope and get on with it,unlike me an addict who doesnt like feeling uncomfortable and usually want to pick up or use something to make me feel better even when i know it wont really help and will actually make things worse ,crazy eh. I think picking up a unowot or anything else has to become not an option,that way no matter what happens I have to feel the feelings ,not stuff them down and find better ways to cope with life.ive had plenty of reasons to pick up over the last 7 months.had the cravings and crazy thoughts ,go on just have really want to, but now i take the thoughts a bit further yes id like one but i cant stop at one and i dont want to die young or have to go through all this again and the thoughts cravings pass.for me the one thing in life that matters most is NOPE everything else is secondary so everything i do has to revolve around my quit plan ,that may change down the track but i cant afford the luxury of picking up again this quit has taken too long to achieve i wont let anything get in the way of staying stopped.

Profile image Nana228 hours ago

" I won't let anything get in the way of staying stopped" That is exactly why you will stay quit fagoff, coz really i think that's what it takes. For the immediate future anyway. We have to feel what we feel and stay quit anyway. For me a huge part of smoking was it's just what i did when i didn't know what else to do to make myself feel better. Sometimes i still don't know what to do...but i do know i can't do it with smokes anymore. You will be fine fagoff, because you are aware of the reasons you smoked and the pitfalls you need to watch out for. Trust yourself and you will be fine. I really believe that.

Profile image Genzo7 hours ago

Fagoff, i can understand you very well. Who never smoke doesn't think at a smoke like an help...for some reason we ex-smokers do. Maybe because there are lots of things inside fags that really gives dependence, maybe the habit, maybe just something to rely on...but you know that smoking doesn't help you. You know that lighting one will only be a step further to illness. you know why you quitted and you know how to kick back that nicodemon!

Profile image AXL1 hour ago

That's right fagoff. Don't let anything get in the way of your quit. Doing great mate☺

30Mar2015 By Rose4  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


Just popping in to say Hi! Hope you are all surviving I really feel for the newbies, but stick to it! It is totally worth it, I just re read through all my old posts to remind myself of how hard it was for myself to power through the first 6 weeks. I am so happy I am above the 80 day mark now. 3 months! Really happy!!

When I first came on here I was like pftt sounds stupid! NOPE (not one puff ever) and ODAAT(one day at a time). but now I love those two abbreviations, they really do make sense and work really well. I have the odd pangs some times, guessing that will just be a part of my life now, but I am not going back as do not want to relive those first weeks and I do sigh when we are in a hurry or somewhere we cant smoke and friends/partner NEEd to get that ciggy hit, poor buggers. haha

Have a good day all

Profile image Rose49 hours ago

ha meant have a good night

Profile image fagoff9 hours ago

well done rose enjoy your new freedom

Profile image Rose49 hours ago

yes you too!

Profile image Nana229 hours ago

Hey Rose. Good to see you. Massive congrats on your journey to date.....i love your shiny gold cup. You earned it Rose, you put in the hard yards and here you are reaping the rewards 3 months later. I'm so proud of you girl. You are on your way to the Hundy Club now, no going back. Keep on keeping on. Love & hugs to you.

Profile image Rose48 hours ago

Yaay yes my beautiful trophy! hahaha you are doing well yourself as well I see! good on you, could not have done this without ya!

Profile image Genzo6 hours ago

congratulation for your achievement! keep going because yes, it is totally worth!

Profile image AXL1 hour ago

You've done so well Rose. Congratulations on that shiny gold cup☺