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29May2015 By Outandabout  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Smoking smell

Yesterday I wore a jacket that I haven't had on for over six months. I was in the car when I suddenly had this horrendous thought that there was a dead animal in the footwell or some lamb chops from the supermarket I'd forgotten to unpack five days ago, the way my 'nosebuds' were going crazy. It was a truly horrible smell. So I pulled over and started searching. After thirty seconds I caught the whiff coming off my sleeve - it was from my jacket! Hadn't worn it since my quit in January!

I would burn the thing, except I like it. Might be able to revive it at the drycleaners.

I hate the feeling that I spent thirty years walking into a room smelling like that, and people were usually too polite to just say "Hey Pepe Le Pew, too much!"

29May2015 By smokefreemep  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

A few drinks

Hey everyone

I have a couple of my neighbours coming over for a few drinks tonight. I have a little knot in my throat and its a bit twisted like choking all the way down to my heart. Its my Mothers 49th birthday today. I wasnt invited. I made both my Aunties go and my Uncle (they staying with me they mums siblings from Aussie) They cant believe how mum is treating me.. i asked them not to start a fight on her birthday, just to leave it but i cant see that happening. My aunt just txted saying they wont be far away and am i ok. Thing is.. i am ok. Even though mum said she didnt want me when i was born, i am still ok. I even called mum to say happy birthday and she hung up on me lol. Not sure what to do.. feeling a bit down right now but im ok.

Profile image Ladylene43 minutes ago

Oh my SFM .. my heart goes out to you .. I know what a mothers rejection feels like .. it hurts right down into places too deep to identify. It sounds like your Mum has some quite deep issues and is unable to pull herself out of her own 'zone' to think about you might feel. But that is not a reflection of who you are SMF .. You are awesome! I'll be your Mum xxxx

Profile image smokefreemep39 minutes ago

Lol lady.. awesome. I love it. I have my nanas.. uncle axl, ladymum, brother jake and sister bub.. all you need is a gusband for me to call dad lol.

Profile image smokefreemep37 minutes ago

My aunties are saying shes jealous of my relationship with them.. i think its true cos she does act crazy to me when they around

Profile image AXL30 minutes ago

Don't feel bad about it SFM. She has the problem, not you. Try to enjoy your night☺

Profile image Boots21 minutes ago

Hey hey SFM. I too have challenges with my mum, we don't see each other or talk at all. It's a hard place to be in and I relate completely. But, I've worked out that it gives me the opportunity to choose a better relationship for me and my kids. A driving force in my parenting is that I never want my kids to feel this way and every time I know I do the complete opposite of what was done to me, then I know how much better my kids are going to be. I know how hard it is to believe this is her problem.
Know your own strength, and know how awesome your relationship is with your son. Kia kaha xx

Profile image Mumsy5919 minutes ago

Gosh, that sucks. Your mum must be a pretty sad lady. Not a good role model, so don't even go there. Have a lovely evening with your neighbours and don't dwell on the things you can't change

Profile image Nana2217 minutes ago

Yes you are okay SFM. It hurts, i know....but you are okay. Your Mum must be very sad to treat you like she does, Maybe she just can't or won't change now. You just keep being you and try not to let it get you down hun. There are many people who care deeply for you, so you concentrate on that. Sometimes we just have get on with our own lives. I don't think it really has anything to do with you. It's more about her. You just keep being the wonderful person you are.
Nana hugs for you. ((((smokefreemep)))) xx

Profile image smokefreemep1 minute ago

Hey.. yeah thanks everyone. Mums weird to me because she didnt raise me, nan and koro raised me with my aunties had close relationship. I love mum always will but she gets jealous of my aunties and me. Things worse cos my aunts are thinking of moving back here from aussie. My mum can be good and thoughtful even, but im the only one of mu sisters who fights with her or stands up to her bs. Mum also has a drinking problem she has had for years.

29May2015 By Dizzy:)  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day 9

Feeling a bit like I have been doing the junkie shuffle all day. It has been a particularly stressful day and I have just got the worst news possible. My surgery has been set back to the middle of August because my surgeon has to go for surgery, go figure. Hanging on by my finger tips.

Profile image Ladylene40 minutes ago

Congratulations on 9 awesome days Dizzy .. you are doing great ... keep holding onto your resolve. Disappointing about having your surgery put forward. Its hard enough to wait for surgery let alone have them mucking about.

I love your expression 'the junkie shuffle' .that has such a cool ring to it .. I'm sure thats gonna catch on :) Stay strong

Profile image Boots19 minutes ago

Lol junkie shuffle. We will be using that I'm sure!! Hang in there, even if it's by fingertips until you can get a stronger grip. 9 days is a great achievement. You can do this!!

Profile image Mumsy5916 minutes ago

Gosh, bit of a worry when the surgeon is having surgery, guess it is part of life though. Tough for you though. Well done on 9 days, that is so cool

Profile image Kiwikid16 minutes ago

9 days is awesome Dizzy. Be proud and hang in there

Profile image Nana2211 minutes ago

Stay strong Dizzy. You have 9 great smokefree days to feel proud of. Tomorrow you will hit double digits! It's a real disappointment about your surgery - but not enough to smoke. If you still won't get your surgery any quicker, and you will feel so disapponted in yourself. Do something nice for yourself...a soak in the bath with smellies, paint your nails, play some favourite music or read a really good book. Something that makes you feel good. Remember ODAAT - one day at a time, or 1 hour or 1 minute, NOPE - not one puff ever, and the 4D's - delay, deep breaths, drink water & distraction. You can do it Dizzy, and tonight you can go to sleep knowing that it was a tough day - but you were tougher. That will feel great!

29May2015 By sunray  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 544 days smokefree

Well here I go again! Can't really remember what I wrote in the blog that cyberspace just took.

Just an update.
It's not an easy feeling low but after not seeing any other way around the sadness that I was feeling off to the doctors I went. This has got to be the lastest thing I have had to deal with on my journey smokefree in times that had pasted before being smokefree I would of had a cigarette and then another to try and cover up the feelings I had.

I guess some of you have been wondering what has been going on with me and for those who haven't please don't leave negative comments as right now just can't handle them.

In my family which is blended, two family's together there are some that think they are needed more so for this to happen the ones that are stronger hang out on the sides looking in. Well one from the middle decided to rock the shoes (mine) and its all been a little hard to handle, extremely bad and I just don't know how to handle this. I can't talk with my mum about it as one all hell would probably break lose. But it does have a lot to do with my relationship of 21 years to my partner and a step sister causing lots of trouble.

That and having finished my night shift walking out to find my car stolen from my work place didn't add any help at all and feel terrible sending the kids off to have to catch the bus in the pouring rain just breaks my heart.

Well off to the docs I went and this was so hard to do as I no I'm not doing well, everything seems a bit of a challenge to get things done and sorting things out seems to be taking forever. The more I talked with the doctor the more I started to see that yes depression is definitely there. But in this cloud of depression it does give me a small but of happiness to think that yes I'm at my lowest I can still make a plan ...just like I did to give up smoking I will pull myself up and succeed.

Still it will feel strange taking the meds instead of giving them out.

And I will remain smokefree. ODAAT & NOPE. ⭐
Needing lots of hugs right now. Not feeling very awesome. ⭐

Smokefree days: 544 days
Grams NOT smoked: 2332
Total savings: $3,120.00

Profile image AXL57 minutes ago

Aww, Sunray. A tear (or three) is rolling down my cheek while I read this blog. You may not be feeling awesome Sunray but let me tell you that for many people (including myself) on this site you are a Sunray as your name suggests. I have never suffered depression as such so I can't offer any advice for you. All I can do is give you a big cyber hug ((((((((((Sunray))))))))))☺☺☺

Profile image nanaturtle45 minutes ago

Sending the biggest rays of sun in the universe to wrap it's warmth around you hun, protect&keep you secure. When we are small, we dont know problems of adulthood, we think the world is a beautiful place& we are in the middle of it. We do not expect to 'live/cope/deal' with strangers moving in on our turf (family) Be secure with who YOU are, a caring, loving soul.Your partner is just that-YOURS, enjoy that-be selfish&keep that yours. You know how much we value you here in our quittery, a treasured blogger. Please blog here & allow us to offer you some support if&when you need. Mean as huggles for you (((sunny sunray x))) take care of sunray xo

Profile image snail mover45 minutes ago

Hi.well your stats are incredible so that's awesome.depression suks though and it makes everything feel harder.hope you get your car bak soon before the kids suffer to much and I hope the meds your taking work want need the meds forever.good on you for going through all this and staying smokefree.

Profile image Nana2242 minutes ago

You have heaps of nana hugs Sunray. Always. I've known that you were having it rough, but didn't want to pry. Thank you for trusting us and sharing. Families all have their own unique dynamics and often there are 1 or 2 who seem to enjoy creating havoc. There is one in my family like that, and i too get down about it sometimes. At times it seems that 1 thing or 1 person destabilizes you and then things just keep building up one on top of another eh! That's so rough having your car stolen too - but Sunray, you are probably far more upset about the kids having to catch the bus in the rain, than they are. Just because you are the awesome Mum you are.
You will get through this Sunray and while you do, you lean on those who have your best interests and happiness at heart. I hope you feel you can come here to blog and vent whenever you feel like it. You have helped so many of us.....we want to give back.
You make your plan Sunray, and take this ODAAT - just like quitting. I know you will remain smokefree, because i have seen your inner strength from my first day on this site. You will come out of the funk.
Even though you don't feel very awesome at the moment....believe me you are the epitome of AWESOMENESS, and soon you will feel awesome again.
Lots of love and nana hugs for you.
((((((((((((((Sunray))))))))))) xx - and you let me know when you need more. They will come!

Profile image Ladylene28 minutes ago

Big hugs from me too Sunray. I have indeed picked up over time that depression is lurking in the background for you. Depression is a weird thing .. it often creeps up very slowly. Your joy is taken just a little at a time and so you dont' really notice it until quite late in the picture. there is even such a thing as 'hidden depression' where you get many other symptoms but not really the 'sadness' until quite late in the picture. So what you describe is normal.

Hun I wish I could say something to make it better for you .. depression is such a horrid thing it robs you of way more than you realise until you have been in it. But know that I will comit to pray for you and that I"m thinking of you. I'm assuming you are starting on an antidepressant.

Blended families ... dont' know why they use that term ... seems to me they are more like 'lumpy' families. Never seen a smooth one yet. Do whats right for you Sunray and your partner and children. Thats your first priority! I hope it all smooths out soon for you .. everything is so much harder to handle when you are feeling low hey.

Huge hugs from me .. if I lived near you I would pop in for a cuppa :)

Profile image Ladylene27 minutes ago

oh and AWESOME STATS!!!!!

Profile image Kiwikid17 minutes ago


Profile image Thunderbirds are go7 minutes ago

Aww, ((((Sunray)))). I have suspected for quite some time that all was not right in your world and this sounds like a very difficult situation. So proud of you for going to the doctor and hope that the meds help. It may seem dark and cloudy at the moment, but things can change and I hope the sun shines on you soon, just as you have brought sunshine to our lives. xxx
Try not to worry about the kids in the rain, we never once got a ride to school, snow in London (no buses) and southerlies in Wellington, and all 6 of us survived that. You concentrate on yourself at the moment.

29May2015 By Forever3  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Step 2 patches are going well

Didn't notice any difference which I'm relieved about. Drinks on for the Canes/Crusaders match tonight, so there's plenty of food to distract me if I have "a moment" lol.

Enjoy the long weekend Smokefree family and take care out there on the roads..x

Profile image Nana221 hour ago

Glad it's going well with the smaller patches Forever. You are doing awesome girl!
You enjoy the food tonight and have a happy, safe weekend too.

Profile image AXL1 hour ago

Great news about the 14mg patches Forever3. Not so great news about the Hurricanes tonight though. By beloved mighty Crusaders will be victorious tonight. That box of tissues should arrive before the match starts. I'm picking you'll need them lol☺

Profile image smokefreemep1 hour ago

Awesome forever.. glad the new patches all good.. yep got a few drinks on tonight here too .. you enjoy yr weekend :)

Profile image smokefreemep1 hour ago

Ohh forever.. thank you for asking about koro. Yes hes doing very well, they are going to monitor him this weekend (the training nurses) may be going home on Tuesday? Will see after doctors rounds :) fingers crossed x .. also he has my uncles tablet to watch the rugby.. thatl be sure to make him better lol. Thanks forever :)

Profile image Forever31 hour ago

Thanks Nana ❤ That's fantastic news SFM ❤

I'm not talking to you AXL lol

Profile image AXL55 minutes ago

That's not very nice lol☺

Profile image Forever351 minutes ago

Haha you're going to the game right? Should be awesome! If your boys win I'll send you some jaffas cause we all know you're a closet blues fan AXL

Profile image AXL42 minutes ago


Profile image Kiwikid15 minutes ago

Go Crusaders

Profile image AXL5 minutes ago

You're onto it kiwikid. Go the mighty Crusaders! Well AXL better get his a into g and get to the game. Did I say go the mighty Crusaders!☺

29May2015 By Paretutaki  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Flat out !

Well ... I've been flat out with my thesis, spending as much time as I can on it, and of course keeping up with housekeeping, and never ending errands ... but in all the excitement, I forgot about blogs. Today I went to the chemist to pick up my NRT repeats, and then realised that I hadn't been on here in a few days. So here I am, open up *My Page ... and boom, I've got another block on my week blocks up the top, Yaay 7 weeks worth, and Im 54 days smoke free ! Way past the 50 mark. I think thats a good place to be, so flat out - that Im not even thinking about ciggies on a daily basis anymore. Happy as about that.

Profile image Forever31 hour ago

Yay Pare, those blocks are quickly filling up for you, well done Chicky

Profile image Gavin1 hour ago

Well done Pare, ain't it a bonus when not watching days and they add up. Good going.

Profile image Nana221 hour ago

Hey pare, and a belated happy 1/2 hund to you. Congratulations on 54 days smokefree! Only 2 sleeps away from 8 weeks! Be very proud's a great achievement! It is great when smoking isn't in your thoughts 24/7 eh! Keep going as you are - your doing fantastic!

Profile image AXL1 hour ago

Congratulations Paretutaki on reaching the half hundy. Great news about not even thinking about smokes☺

Profile image smokefreemep1 hour ago

Happy half hundy pare :) your doing so well good on you :)

Profile image snail mover26 minutes ago

Congratulations on your half hundy.well done.

Profile image Kiwikid14 minutes ago

Awesome Pare

29May2015 By Gavin  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

I remember now....

what I was going to say yesterday.

well, as I was biking along in the middle of the country, minding my own business, breathing fresh air with clear (relatively) lungs, this car came out of a side road up ahead and I noticed that the woman driver was very attractive. I was admiring (perving more like lol) her as she drove past me and WHAM!

A bloody nose full of tobacco smoke! ewwww

Do you know how foul that is under those circumstances?

Anyway, I decided that she wasn't as attractive as first thought.

Well, bike is all ready, legs shaved up, new tyres and tubes on, chain oiled, all batteries charged up (gears and heart rate monitor and gps), haircut set for tonight, all ready for the big race this weekend. Can't wait to see how I go. It's a course that would suit me even when I was smoking so can't wait to crank it and go for gold. Cash for prizes too.

Wish me luck, chat later.

That's all.

Profile image Nana222 hours ago

Well that'll teach ya to perve! LOL but yeah.....most unattractive.
Hey in case you don't blog again tonight - all the best for the weekend Gavin. Go hard!

Profile image Gavin1 hour ago

Thanks Nana, am looking forward to the pain cave yee ha!

Profile image Ladylene1 hour ago

Haha ... Yep I can relate ... Funny how I didn't mind before but now it's a real turn-off. Wouldn't want to kiss an ashtray :)

Profile image Gavin1 hour ago

oooo just seen the race start list, think I'm in with a better than average chance in my grade. Exciting.

Profile image Nana221 hour ago

Are you going to log in here each day to let us know how it went or do we have to wait until Tuesday? I guess you're gonna be tired!

Profile image Gavin50 minutes ago

I'll keep you right up to date Nana, never fear.

Profile image Kiwikid13 minutes ago

All the best for your race Gavin

Profile image Thunderbirds are go2 minutes ago

hehe about the perving, reality can be quite a shock at times. Good luck with the racing Gavin. Have you tried waxing?

29May2015 By Boots  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hello darkness, my old friend....

Smokefree days: 21 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 420
Total savings: $476.00

It's been a dark place this last week. Very old battles have snaked up through my mind and it's been beeping hard. The flu has also taken control of me this week. I've cried buckets.

Not well enough for training, and there is the teensiest part of me that is pleased I'm not smoking right now, simply for taste and coughing.

I've managed to secure a temp role starting on Tuesday (not sure how that happened) but this darkness takes away any delight, and forces such negative comments to come. Things like - it's a crap job, crap money, crap location....... Blah blah.

Zero energy but trying so hard to change the record in my head from "The sound of silence" to "Take these broken wings..."

Profile image Gavin2 hours ago

lucky you ain't smoking if it's crap money.

Profile image Nana221 hour ago

Awww Boots, sorry you've had a rough week. Having the flu will make everything else feel worse too. You hold tight to that part that is glad to be not smoking and in a day or 2 you'll be whooping with joy that you are still smokefree. Doesn't matter if you think it's a crap job, crap money, crap location. It is a job - and a point to start from. Sometimes it's easier to get a better job when you are already working. I'm sure someone will eventually want your special talents.
I know what it's like in those dark places, so here.....take this candle and i hope it makes it not quite so dark for you. This will pass Boots, and until it does know that you're not alone.
Special nana hugs on the way.
(((((Boots)))) xx

Profile image Ladylene1 hour ago

Aw Boots ... Know what that's like. Push yourself outside each day for a walk ... It gets your endorphins working. Really does help hey, even though it's hard to get motivated. Hugs to you

Profile image AXL39 minutes ago

Hey Boots. Ladylene's right. Get outside in the fresh air even for a few minutes. You've done really well getting through the dreaded first three weeks smokefree☺

Profile image Boots11 minutes ago

Yeah Gavin - ain't that the truth of it. Already "saved" $476. And tomorrow it will be another nearly $30

Profile image Kiwikid10 minutes ago

The flu is nasty and Nicodemon will be working overtime on you Boots.
Hang in there as it will be worth it.
And congrats on the job

Profile image Boots8 minutes ago

Nana thank you so much for that candle. Actual tears at that. Hugs back to you. Thank you.

29May2015 By smokefreemep  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs


As a 6 week newbie here I feel very different today as a non smoker than how i felt 5 weeks ago as a non smoker. It is true that how i feel about wanting a smoke.. has got easier.The urge to light up now is not as strong as it used to be. I was feeling pretty confident today and very proud sitting on 6 weeks smoke free, but when I read Ladylenes blog a small part of my heart sank. Im not blaming you lady for how I felt, but in my eyes you are a very strong lady who i look up to, one of many on this site. How long does it take to be a non smoker? Will I ever be a non smoker or are we all ex smokers that will always have that threat? Someone who has never smoked doesnt get stressed and really want a smoke, they dont know what that feels like.. but will an ex smoker always feel stress and want a smoke? CAn an ex smoker have the mindset of someone who has never smoked? Hope this make sence have not so good English today to explain lol

Profile image AXL2 hours ago

I know what you're trying to say SFM. I think every quitter struggles with this dilemma. In my opinion tobacco addiction is comparable with alcohol addiction. Just one drink for an alcoholic could be disastrous as could one cigarette to a smoker. We have been non smokers since we stubbed out our last cigarette but we will always be ex smokers. That's my opinion anyway☺

Profile image sunray2 hours ago

Hmmmmmm it's a hard one SFM and I wish I didn't just loss my blog before. Because in it I was saying with just being diagnosed with mild depression ... And the stress I have been under tell you the truth a smoke is the last thing on my mind. But it would be easy to pick up the old habit of yesterday's gone by if that makes cents. I do think like Axl I have been a non smoker since the last cigarette I smoked 545 days ago. ⭐

Profile image Gavin2 hours ago

We are addicts, no sugar coating it. Nicotine is the worlds most addictive drug. Why would we try so hard to be a smoker when it tastes so crappy. So just like a heroin addict, we have to make a conscious decision every day not to take our drug of choice. Harsh reality but think about it, if it wasn't addictive, it would be easy to stop. I think it will get easier, as I'm probably finding it the easiest of everyone on here, but we need to focus on something else. Because I have my cycling goals, it's relatively easy to talk myself out of having a cig. I also look at the positive side such as how I'm free from the crap and the expense. I don't crave smokes as I don't expect cravings if you know what I mean. I don't sit back waiting for withdrawals and they don't happen. However, I am fully aware that if I have that one cigarette, I will be right back to where I was before.

Profile image Nana222 hours ago

Well i don't really know yet SFM, but i have seen others post that they no longer even think of smoking - at all. For me, i compare it to other addictions i've beaten. When the chips are down i may want to partake of the substance....but know i can't. Maybe years down the track it won't even be an issue, but even if it is....i can't go there. I have smoked 45 years so i figure if it happens that i never even think about is gonna be down the track quite a way yet. But i think it will always get easier to not act on those thoughts. Ocassionally i hang out for the substances i used to use years ago - but now it doesn't get me down like in the early years. I'm guessing it will be the same for not smoking. As Mr Lefty says...."No is a complete sentence" End of story. Plus i love being smokefree too much.

Profile image Gavin2 hours ago

Ob yeah, I forgot... we are non smokers as soon as we stub out that last cig SFM.

Profile image Nana222 hours ago

Being and remaining smokefree is a state of mind just as much as physically not smoking.
One day i will learn to finish what i want to say before posting! LOL

Profile image sunray2 hours ago

And that's lose not loss lol ⭐

Profile image Ladylene2 hours ago

Hi SFM ... I'm sorry my blog caused you to doubt yourself or discourage you ... That's the last thing I try to do on these blogs.

Firstly ... Be proud, and remain proud! Every day, in fact every moment smoke free is a huge achievement and something to be really proud. I don't think there is a 'set time' when we can say we are 'over it'. As Axl says ... We are dealing with an addiction and as such, the temptation is always there.

Yep today is tough and I'm incredibly emotional. Due in part to yesterday's news which I don't feel I can share on here. It messed with my head and my emotions badly. I guess it helps to put today back into perspective. I have been quit more than a year and today is the second time I have needed to call Quitline and about the third 'crisis' blog I have put out there. Doesn't seem a lot when you look at it like that hey.

I think, although it's generally quite easy for me after a year, there will still come triggers to work through, some of them quite powerful and today was one of those. I also don't think it is lack of triggers or temptations that make us successful in our quit either ... I think it has more to do with how we handle those triggers. Do we battle it out internally, or just give in on the spot, or do we recognise our weakness and reach out for help in order to protect our quit. Sometimes when emotions get in the way for me I have to rely on the strength of others to prop me up until I can stand up again. Today was one of those days. They don't come often SFM.

I hear others on here post two year stats and say it's a breeze now, others after only 6 months. We are all different. As I spoke with a lovely lady on Quitline she reminded me that it took a long time to set up those triggers and can take a while to get rid of them. One year is not a long time to undo 41 years of triggers and dependency.

Please don't be discouraged ... You have the same support available that I do and because of it I can say at the end of today that I am still smoke-free. That's all that counts hey :)

Profile image Gavin2 hours ago

amen nana

Profile image Mr Lefty .2 hours ago

Hi Sweet P Hard fact , This is not meant to hurt You , Just hope it helps You to Understand
Day 98 , I received some bad news I have got smoking related health problems , and like the above post Severe Depression . . Needless to say It was a bad day . Well I had 1 bourbon With a couple of My Mates .I broke down and sitting in the ashtray was a smoke .
I got an uncontrollable craving ! Picked That thing up and Yes It got to My LIPS .
I then screwed that thing up in the palm of my Hand . The thought of YOU , & Ladylene stopped Me . This is not weird I am still getting wicked cravings . I only stopped taking a drag on that thing because I do not want to come on this forum and announce that I failed .
This addiction is worse than Hard drug addiction Don't fail Sfm You are strong .

Profile image smokefreemep1 hour ago

Thanks for input smoke free family. Just wondered what all of you thought. I think these things often.

Profile image smokefreemep1 hour ago

Thank you ladylene.. i needed to hear that! Thankyou for your comment!

Profile image Nana221 hour ago

How's Koro doing SFM?

Profile image smokefreemep17 minutes ago

Oh thank you for asking nana. Koros doing very well.. they are going to monitor his heart rate and also monitor him in general over the weekend.. will see after doctors round on tuesday.. might be able to go home:)

Profile image Nana221 minute ago

Oh, so good to hear!

29May2015 By drasha  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Made the choice

to stop again. Its taken me a long time to choose a date and stick with it and I know i have done it before and survived it. I can do this again. My quit date starts this Monday and i start the course of Champex.

The idea of this terrifies me but i know thats the addiction speaking and my brain is conditioned to be a slave to it.

So fingers are crossed and no pressure!

Profile image josienz19584 hours ago

You sure can do this and will be so much better off for it - good luck - wishing you much success

Profile image Nana223 hours ago

Welcome to the quit family drasher, and good on you deciding to quit. I think most of us were scared about starting the journey, but once you get a few days behind you, you start to feel that "hey, i can do this" and you so can. You kind of have to feel the fear and do it anyway. Mantras we use to help are ODAAT - one day at a time, or 1 hour or even 1 minute, NOPE - not one puff ever, and the 4D's - delay, deep breaths, drink water & distraction. I also found lots of positive self talk really helpful - even if you don't quite believe it in the beginning. Blog and read other blogs and you'll get heaps of support. All the best for your new smokefree journey.

Profile image sunray3 hours ago

I remember thinking many times of setting a date to quit, the other times failed..or maybe just test runs as I like to think of them now. You can do this drasha and when you do you will feel awesome. All the very best on your new journey smokefree. Great comments above from Josie & Nana. ⭐

Profile image snail mover3 hours ago

Congratulations on your decision to quit.and goodluck.its scary but it can be done.

Profile image smokefreemep3 hours ago

Nice drasha.. good for you. I wont offer advice at this stage.. you know exactly what to do. You know what you want to do. How to do it. And why you feel the way you do.. so good luck hope to hear how your doing soon.

Profile image Ladylene1 hour ago

Great decision Drasha. Yep I remember that feeling of dread. Your strength will surprise you :). Don't forget the 4 d's (distract, delay, drink water and deep breathe). They really help. I sipped my water bottle a whole lot!