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5Aug2015 By Bruce C  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 333 days smokefree. 10,000 cigarettes not smoked

Smokefree days: 333 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 9990 (10,000 by this afternoon)
Total savings: $8,957.70 ($9,000 by tomorrow sometime, but that will also be 11 months smokefree)

I'm still plodding along one day at a time, some days I still want a smoke, some days I think a little about smoking. other days I don't think about smoking at all. For me, at this stage in my quit, it's about 30-60-10 but that 10% is steadily growing. It wasn't there at all about a month ago, so this is good.

It's great to see so many of my friends are still on here. Those of you who are still quit - Well done. For those who are still trying: Good on you, and keep at it. One day you will succeed.

Profile image Dadoftwo17 minutes ago

Well done bruce on them mighty fine numbers! You really are doing so well. 10k not spent on horrible smelly poison! Well done mate!

Profile image smokefreemep3 minutes ago

Hi Bruce :) 10,000 not smoked wow. $9,000 tomorrow.. my goodness.. your doing fantastic! Only a month a2ay ftom your breathday.. so impressive good stuff. Nice to see you pop in Bruce ☺

5Aug2015 By jakethemuss  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 96 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 96 days
Grams NOT smoked: 823
Total savings: $1,207.00

Morning quit family.
4 more days till the hundy club hope sis SFM
has still got her feet on the chair for me lol.
Well a good frost this morning so hope we get a good day out of it, am i able to ride after work. The legs dont feel sore today so thats good. Well i best get off to work and hope you all have a great smokefree day

Profile image Bub441 hour ago

Morning Jakey its exciting watching those days tick over don't think the suns going to shine here today...have a good one :) :)

Profile image smokefreemep1 hour ago

Morning jakey. Yep feet still on your seat! Its getting exciting now...4 more days yipee

Profile image Elevtheria21 minutes ago

Fantastic achievement Jake .. Almost at hundy line :) well done x

Profile image Dadoftwo16 minutes ago

Awesome Jake and we'll done on the stats. 4 more days till hundy club
You are owning this mate!!

4Aug2015 By itswhereimat  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

my first day not smoking starts tomorrow

hi guys I'm new here but myself and my wife have decided to quit for good!! i started smoking 13 years ago due to suffering mild anxiety and have always had a smokers cough but lately its become worse and terrified me to the point I've now developed health anxiety concerning my lungs that is so bad I've had to stop work , it started 6 months ago with mild phlegm like cough so had a copd test and a chest X-ray that came back clear but even that didn't stop me smoking i kept smoking due to the thought it was helping my anxiety which i know now is crazy!! 4 weeks ago my chesty cough has become worse coughing crap up all day and wheezing really freaking me out I've left it too late so it stops now , i will never have another , my question is have any of you guys or lades had very chesty coughs and wheezing that was nothing sinister apart from the fact you smoked too much and once you quit it eventually went away and you felt healthy again ? just need that motivation that even when i get anxious from quiting that the benefits from feeling healthy and having clear breathing will keep me focused , thanks so much any help will be great

Profile image Bub441 hour ago

Hello itswhereimat welcome you and your wife have made the best decision you will experience so many differences im not going to tell you its easy but with the help of patches gum lozenges,,,i hope you have ordered from quit line you can do it.I smoked for 43yrs could not of quit without the patches and the support here...goodluck/

Profile image smokefreemep1 hour ago

Hi itswhereimat. Welcome to the quit family. I can answer your question with confidence and say yes i had a smokers cough, sore chest etc to the point that i thought buying menthol would "be better for me". I laugh at that now, talk about brainwashed. It doesnt just go away.. took the first 6 weeks for it to leave me but even now i have a dry cough at times.. i guess it depends on a lot of factors. I will tell you this.. quitting smoking is the best decision iv ever made. Health, money, confidence, social situations etc have all improved. The truth is.. your Not.. living life until you are Not.. a slave to nicotine! How can a smoker enjoy life when all they think about is a smoke? Thats not living! When you quit itswhereimat.. then you dont just 'feel healthy' you ARE healthy. Lots of things changed for me personally. My skin is beautiful, my eyes are younger and brighter, my breath is better, my teeth are flawless but iv sleays been obsessed with my teeth, my hair has changed its much softer and fuller, i can run faster for longer, im doing vigerous exersise 7 days a week. Iv saved money.. in fact im taking my young siblings for a quick trip to the Goldcoast theme parks.. i just save my smoke money every week and then do things with it as an incentive. I gave the last money i saved to my sister with 8 kids. $1600 to pay off her van and a thousand dollars to spend on baby clothes... my older sister.. this time around my 11 yr old brother and 9 year old sister for a holiday... life is great without smoking.. id never.. coild never go back to smoking. Life is too good, we only have a short time to live and to love one another.. im going to grab that opportunity with both hands and LIVE!!!!

Profile image Dadoftwo12 minutes ago

Hi Itswhereimat.
Well done on deciding to join quitline.
Yes. I had that cough and glad to say it has since gone!!
That awful wheezing has disappeared and my fitness has drastically improved.
The facts of non smoking are incredible. After day 1 your hands have blood return to it. After a week your lungs start to repair. After a month more fixing occurs. Is an amazing thing. Stay quit and make sure you blog away. Keep in touch! !!

4Aug2015 By jakethemuss  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 95 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 95 days
Grams NOT smoked: 815
Total savings: $1,207.00

Hello quit family no bike riding tonight.
Due to the inclement weather. I was going to have the night off anyway. My legs are so sore and tight. I think I may have over Done it in the weekend. But if the legs feel OK tomorrow I be on the bike again.
Just been online shopping for cycling shorts etc. Bit of a rough day today battling the mind. Just to remind me that I am only 1 smoke away from a smoker. I don't want that but as you will all know the mind is a powerful thing. The nicodemon knows he is losing the race so will try anything to catch up. I will remain strong and keep up with the cycling and I be OK. Hope you all had a great smoke free day

Profile image smokefreemep1 hour ago

Good on you jakey nevrr let your guard down. Lol@ cycling clothes... omgosh they wear the tightest outfits. Spandex! Need i say more.. giggle* ☺

Profile image Bub441 hour ago

good luck with the online shopping yes Jakey its a battle but we are strong...

Profile image jakethemuss1 hour ago

Hahaha SFM yip I got some skins they pretty tight lol

Profile image smokefreemep1 hour ago

Like Austin Powers says.. "They are so tight, how do you get into your pants?" (Lady) you can start by buying me a drink! Yeah babyyy lol

4Aug2015 By Boots  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 88 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 88 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 1760
Total savings: $1,988.00

Well life sure has it's twists and turns.
The last few weekends have been a serious test of staying smokefree. It's the challenges that have come up for the first time since my quit that takes some learning. As hard as it's been, pretty stoked to still be smokefree.

We have had my son, his partner and the bump move in - now a house of 6 (nearly 7), husband is starting new trial procedures next week, have joined the gym after bootcamp finished.
Got my last text from quitline today, that's a cool feeling.
Hope everyone is celebrating their successes in life!!

Profile image smokefreemep1 hour ago

Gosh hi boots.. havent seen ya for a while how lovely :) gosh you sound busy with a big house full.. awesome that your still smoke free.. fantastic! Nice work boots ☺

Profile image Bub441 hour ago

Hello Boots glad you popped it been thinking of you..88days awesome.xx

Profile image Dadoftwo10 minutes ago

Hey boots. Well done and great to see you back here. You are doing such an amazing job staying quit. Them boots really are made for walking huh??
Stressful and busy time for you. Great you are still doing NOPE and ODAAT!! Great work!!

4Aug2015 By smokefreemep  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 109 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 109 days
Grams NOT smoked: 1090
Total savings: $1,624.30

Hey smoke free family,

I done a really hard crossfit class tonight, burpies are the worst lol. Heyyyy I can do chin ups now without using the elastic under my foot! I done 6 in a row without the elastic whooo!!

After I had a shower at the gym hot cop texted me to go over for dinner with him ;) havent seen him for ages.. so went over and we had beautiful soft pork meatballs with a spicy Asian sauce with yummy half cooked stir fryed veges and egg noodle .. gawsh it was lovely. Got in a few kisses and cuddles then his phone went off he had to go grrr. Lol. Just a bit of advise.. if your the clingy type never date a cop! Lucky im a happy go lucky person i tell ya...

So here I am at home, my Son is with my poser cousin P,,,rick... Gran is out of hospital.. dropped her off a bag of goodies on the way home but she was getting ready for bed so I didnt stay, shes doing well just needs rest n sleep. Its her 97th birthday in a week.. 11th August. Ill be home with my little brother and little sister from Goldcoast on Monday... Apparently going out with the whole family for dinner.. be nice if Gran is well enough.

Anyhow.. iv got some work to catch up on better get it done for tomorrow.. boss has been on my back lately grr..

Hope everyone is happy andstrong in their quit journey? Nope... and have a lovely smoke free night ☺☺

Profile image Dadoftwo13 hours ago

Burpies are horrific!! :)
Good on you doing chin ups. I can do 5 so you arw doing so well!!

Glad ya caught up with the copper. Always good to have some company, something is better than nothing huh? Yeah being clingy would be difficult. But like you said. A bit of fun here and there is always good for you!!
Wow gran is a ripe old age huh?

My great grandma was 99 when she past away. Amazing how long people can live for huh?
Great looking stats SFM, you are really nailing it. Well done chick!!

Profile image Ray3513 hours ago

Burpees are torture! Have a great night, don't work tooo hard1 :)

Profile image Bub4413 hours ago

the only burpies i do are after ive had a fizzy i did do some excerises at work today with the ressies but nothing like youve just done,,bloody hard out sis and look at those days ticking over im so proud of you. have a wonderful evening too my beautiful

Profile image Nana2212 hours ago

Hahaha Bub stole my thunder. I was going to say the only burpies i do come out of my mouth!
Good to hear Gran is home again. 97...what a grand old age. Go Gran.
Very awesome stats SFM. They just keep ticking over every single day!

Profile image jakethemuss11 hours ago

Eeeep great smokefree night here . You going well sis

Profile image nanaturtle11 hours ago

You're a Gem SFM... hope the Hot half dater can see that too. :-) Take care of SFM, good Lady ♡★♥

Profile image Maanu10 hours ago

My mother has has 2 birthdays one after the other but 97 birthdays in one week is very impressive.

Congratulations on over 100 days smokefree and your 6 chin ups in a row. Two targets for me to aim for

Profile image jenstar9 hours ago

Oh my life I hate burpies so much lol - awesome stats SFM and good to hear Gran is out of hospital x :)

4Aug2015 By Juliemarie  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 765 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 765 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 12240
Total savings: $9,792.00

Profile image Juliemarie15 hours ago

Don't know where my comment disappeared to....
I didn't think I would ever have been able to do this but thanks to this site I have so a huge thanks to quitline.

Profile image Nana2215 hours ago

Very impressive stats Juliemarie. Congratulations on 765 days smokefree. Thanks for sharing your wonderful achievement.

Profile image Dadoftwo15 hours ago

Wow look at them stats.
And to think you would have saved well over $9700 that is such a good effort. Well done Julie!!

Profile image josienz195814 hours ago

Very very nice looking stats - well done

Profile image Bub4413 hours ago

nice numbers

Profile image nanaturtle11 hours ago

Feels good, eh?!! Yeah-massive Thanks to Quitline. Awesome Juliemarie ★★★

4Aug2015 By Blondene  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Stats Update: 126 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 126 days
Grams NOT smoked: 1080
Total savings: $1,656.00

Hi hi!! Sorry I haven't posted on here I've been in my own little world. Everything's good I went to that party and remained the sober driver despite my friends protests. I actually got real bored real fast ..probably cos I was sober. And now just working out hard looking forward to workout tomorrow it's cardio day yay. So I've been really boring sober not smoking and at the gym yawn aye lol sorry for not posting ☺☺

Profile image Nana2216 hours ago

No need to apologize for not posting Blondene. Was just a little nervous about the party.
I need not have been obviously. You are way too clever to go back to the dark side! 126 awesome smokefree days says so!
Oh i know what you mean about getting bored when you're the only sober one, but i bet you were the only one without a hangover! LOL

Profile image GTMI16 hours ago

Great to see you back, I like seeing your posts everyday even if I dont get time to comment, the kids round here always have the ipads, and when I get to them they are often flat, its great to hear you where sober and smokefree, good on you for working out again today, I really need to start riding my bike again at night, but I hate going out in the cold, im getting soft in my old age :)

Profile image Dadoftwo15 hours ago

Haha at the Yawn!
You gonna turn into the terminator blondene!!
Go you!
Well done on them stats. The days really are picking up speed. Keep going and we'll done again. You should be uber proud!

Profile image josienz195814 hours ago

I constantly find it interesting how much our lives change (for the better) when we quit smoking - in ways we never thougth it would - yay you Blondene - way to go.

Profile image smokefreemep13 hours ago

Hi blondene.. good to see ya.. sounds all good ti me blondene.. dometimes its safe in uour own little world hehe. Nice blondene.. 126 days.. awesome

Profile image Bruce C13 hours ago

I find drinkers are pretty dull when I'm not drinking. This year my motto is "Whatever it takes to not smoke" so I just put up with it.

Stay strong Blondene

Profile image Bub4413 hours ago

Our lives sure do change sober is good and so is smokefree :)

Profile image jakethemuss11 hours ago

Nice work blondene

Profile image Maanu10 hours ago

That sort of boring is pretty good better than exciting drunken hysterics, holiganism or other riotious shenanagins. Sober and smokefree and working out at the gym is way cool keep up the good work

4Aug2015 By Daprof62  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Day one.....

Thanks for all the support guys'n'gals, means a great deal looking forward to my journey with you folk.....

Profile image Nana2216 hours ago

We're all in this together. Safety in numbers! LOL

Profile image Elevtheria15 hours ago

Well done on making the decision to quit. You won't regret it... it's amazing what a difference it makes... physically and mentally. :)

Profile image nanaturtle12 hours ago

Welcome, get ready fot dome ha

Profile image nanaturtle11 hours ago

Grr... hate when that happens! Stay strong Daprof62-& hang on for a bumpy ride. Freedom awaits you NOPE & ODAAT always

Profile image nanaturtle11 hours ago

Grrrr... as was saying-Welcome& be ready for some hard work. This quit WILL be diffferent. Write down your top 2-3 reasons for wanting to Quit, put them up somewhere you can readily read them. ie fridge/screen& go there if necessary. Honour those reasons.Work at identifying what allowed your slip ups/relapses, be honest& be prepared to change some life routines & maybe even some friends. Yeah-this IS hard & it IS doable & You can do this. WANT it BAD-really want it. Use whatever aids you choose or not, just use them properly. NOPE&ODAAT are legal requirements around here too-lol! This is the only way-true ☆ Come blog/ vent as often as you like-there is usually someone lurking to support. Maybe later-you can support too& encourage others. But, at this point-One Day At A Time& NOPR are all that matter. Stay strong Daprof62-you're facing the right way again. Awesome

Profile image nanaturtle11 hours ago

Me & technology are not Besties!!! Lo very L !! Haha :-)

Profile image Dadoftwo8 minutes ago

You owning it!! Stay true and stay focused on your goal ahead!!

4Aug2015 By mumoffour  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

34 days

thanku all fpr your comments not a easy day today for whatever reason funny some days ou hours i never even think about a smoke but today its just one of those days where its all i can think about bugga it. but just going for a walk now with my little mopsie doggie she loves her daily walks so today we are off again for second time it sure takes my mind off that horrible ciggie. going to buy some more barley sugars also a lot cheaper than tobacco too lol have a great smokefree day everyone

Profile image Dadoftwo16 hours ago

Hey Mum.
Remember the journey you are on and that it is certainly something that is a marathon and not a sprint. Make sure you stay true and focus on why you are doing this. You will get there. Eventually you will be never thinking about it. Till then keep breathing and NOP!!

Profile image Bub4416 hours ago

Sometimes those thoughts just keep hanging around no two days are alike by going for a walk will hel be proud of those 34days

Profile image Nana2216 hours ago

Those days where nicodemon hangs around can happen for quite some time Mumoffour. That is just the nature of the beast. Try not to give the bad days more attention than the good days. Sometimes when we're having a bad day, we forget about the good ones. There will be so many more of those coming your way. Hang in there, stay strong, take mopsie for 6 walks if it helps, and know that today will soon be yesterday.
You are doing great so be super proud of your 34 days smokefree!
1 more sleep and it will be 5 whole weeks!

Profile image josienz195814 hours ago

Those nagging thoughts are such a nuisance but you totally have the right idea and I'm sure your dog is loving the extra walkies - well done.