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20Aug2010 By steve76  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Hi All

WOW, ive been away all week and have got a bit of quitline blog site withdrawl. Came on here to catch up and had to learn how to drive the thing again.

For anyone who didnt read below, or mainly just to scream it out again, Pukeko and myself are smoke free 50 days on sunday. Cant say its been a pleasant journey but cetainly a rewarding one. To be completely honest its probably around 48 days longer than I thought i would make so pleased about that. I am also certain now that ive made it this far there can be no turning back.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and anyone having a beer, wine, whatever poison on sunday, please raise your glass for a wee toast for 50 days smoke free for Pukeko and myself.


Profile image Debz3020 August, 2010

Yup and Congrats to you!! You have done really well also! Its awesome when I for instance see the newbies on their day 1's and really freaking out just like I did, and still here saying they have accomplished 50 days or more, I love it! Shows how many of us have been so strong and have really wanted to give up and to be honest, if you can get through Giving up smoking, you can get through any hurdles that life may throw at you :)

Profile image mandykoo20 August, 2010

Well done, Steve and Pukeko. Will definitely be thinking of you both on Sunday!!!

Profile image Lese3720 August, 2010

Congrantulations - enjoy reaching your milestone. Treat yourself!

Profile image Tiwi21 August, 2010

...had a drink for each of you's lastnight; steve76 pukeko, mandykoo, 1lyn1 at least 3 rounds and there were quite a number of shots in between. You all tasted great!!

Profile image pukeko22 August, 2010

Congratulations Steve76 can't say the journey has been fun...but really proud of you!!Here is a toast to us!! YIPPEE!! To all our other non smoking buddies !!!!!!!!!!CHEERS!!