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18Feb2011 By getmymackon  |  Permalink  |  Report Support me - Follow my blogs

Good morning bloggers

is it not another fantastic Friday in this wonderful country of ours? I see there are loads of newbies on here again so welcome aboard! Your fantastic smokefree journey is about to begin and where else can you go for tips, laughter, tears and good sound advice...right here from the people who know and have been there.

Today is day 284 smokefree so I am well on my way to my breathe day (Mother's Day)...so that means loads of prezzies for moi...YAY! I think somehow he-man and the kiddliwinks need hugs and kisses as they are the one's that soldiered on with me even though they look a little worse for wear now lol. WE all hung in there and my insurance man is looking nicer as each smokefree day passes.

Some of you may not be aware that I am ticking the NO box for the question "have you smoked any substances in the last 12 months". I am tickled pink with myself over that one lol.

Okay ranting over EVERYONE have a wonderful day and awesome weekend!

Profile image MrsSS18 February, 2011

I cant wait to tick that box as well, and for insurance not to be so expensive :)
well done that you have reached one of your goals :)

Profile image minty fresh18 February, 2011

Well done for your 284 days of non smoking - here's to the next 284 and beyond !!!

Profile image KellyNoSmokes18 February, 2011

Well done! What a big breath day it'll be for you! Celebrarte like it's 1999!!!! :-)

Profile image Ang18 February, 2011

You rock, congratulations on such a fantastic achievement. You have a great weekend too.

Profile image clarence the cat18 February, 2011

That seems so far away for me!! But I'm gonna get there. Well Done!!